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Cybill: Casting Couch (Fb, oral, anal)
by Neenah

Cybill Sheridan knocked on the door of the large film set trailer. Then she adjusted her dress. The producer had told her that she'd want to wear something low cut and revealing when going to call on Jason Beatson. He had also told her that she had the part of twelve year old star's school teacher in his new comedy, "Saved by Jason" as long as Jason 'liked' her. Cybill had been in the acting business long enough to know what that meant; she had spread her legs plenty of times to get a role, especially as she was getting older and the roles of sexy twentyish girls and thirtyish women were starting to dry up. But this would be the first time she'd had the casting couch experience with someone so young.

She was just about to knock again when there was a call of "Come in." Cybill pulled her dress down a bit further, so that her bosoms were almost out, the material ending just above her nipples. She shrugged a strap of her shoulder and down her arm. She opened the door and came in. Jason Beatson was sitting on a couch, an X-box controller in his hand which he put down as she came in. He was wearing baggy shorts with bare feet and a T-shirt, with a cartoon mouse on it. His hair was tousled and his smile was cute, his freckled face plastered the walls of thousands, if not millions, of tween girls' rooms. He put the controller down and looked up at Cybill, "Hey," he said in his angelic pitched voice.

"Hello. I'm Cybill Sheridan. I'm up for the role of Mrs Thomas in your new show."

"I heard," said Jason. He patted the couch next to him and scooted along so that Cybill could sit next to him. She did so, taking hold off the controller and placing it on a table. Jason looked at her, gazing up and down. Cybill sat there letting the young star mentally undress her. After he had stared at her for a few moments he seemed satisfied and leant back against the couch-rest. "Do you know why you're here?" he asked as he put his hands behind the back of his head and relaxed.

"Yes," said Cybill.

She slid down her straps and pulled down her dress to her hips. Jason nodded in appreciation as she reached down for his shorts and pulled them down. He wasn't wearing anything beneath them, but that wasn't what made Cybill give a sharp intake of breath. She had been expecting him to have a small boy's cock, not the massive ten incher he had. It rocked up straight as she pulled down his shorts, standing as erect as a pole. Cybill looked at it, feeling herself getting wet as she thought about it. If Jason knew how to use it, she suspected this might be more fun than she had thought it would be.

"Are you going to suck it or just look at it?" asked Jason with a touch of impatience.

"I'm going to suck it, I'm definitely going to suck it," said Cybill.

She got off the couch and onto her knees before the twelve year old and took his cock in her mouth. Her lips moved down the cock, slurping at it, and then up again, leaving a trail of saliva. Down she went again, deeper this time, taking further into her mouth so that she could feel it press down on her tongue and press into her cheek. Her head moved up again and down, slowly getting used to massive meat. Jason's small hands came down on the back of her head and he pushed her down, "Suck it whore. Suck my big hard dick like a dirty slut. Suck it hard."

Cybill sucked harder, her mouth opening to take it all and her head slamming down further, gradually taking in its whole long length. She could feel the tool hitting her tonsils, making her gag white saliva down the shaft. Jason relaxed his hands and her head bobbed up. "Suck it skank," he continued, "Suck it like you're a whore. I want you to suck it good." Cybill's head went down and up, each downward thrust taking the schlong so deep that it entered her throat. The big cock filled her mouth. She sucked harder, listening to Jason's demands and orders, fulfilling them with her lips, "You whore, suck it like a pro. Slut suck it harder."

"Oh you slut," gasped Jason and blew his load into her mouth. She pulled back from his emptied dick. The spunk swilled round Cybill's mouth, she swallowed some and let the rest dribble out down over her tits.

"How was that?" she asked and gave a smile, letting more cum drip from her mouth and over her chin.

"It wasn't bad," Jason admitted, "I see you've sucked cock before."

"Lots of times," said Cybill, "I learnt its how you get ahead in this town."

Jason stood up, "I'm going to have a quick shower." He pointed to a refrigerator, "Help yourself to some juice and you can have a go on the X-box if you want; a reward for such an expert blow."

He left the room. Cybill had some juice to get rid of the salty taste of cum, but she didn't play on the X-box. She wondered if the boy was spent and whether she should pull her dress up and get dressed properly. She was hoping he wasn't, however, and she got comfortable by pulling her dress off and sitting on the couch wearing nothing but her high-heels and a smile.

It was probably the right decision because a few minutes after the sound of the shower stopped Jason reappeared in the camper's main room, totally naked. He smiled as he looked at the naked Cybill, a leg over the couch's armrest and her pussy on show, "You're reading my mind."

"I'll read it a bit more," Cybill replied, "You want to fuck me."

He nodded, "I do. I can see you looking really good for the part of my teacher."

"I think I'd be the best choice," Cybill stood up and stood with her hands on hips in front of the boy. His large schlong was erect and sticking out at a right angle from his thin body. If his tween girl fans could have seen it they'd have fainted and even to Cybill, who'd seen more than her share of big dicks, it was impressive.

"Now how many lines an episode do you get?" asked Jason, smiling.

Cybill put her hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart as she turned her back to Jason. She imagined that his cock was throbbing as he contemplated her back hole being peeled apart. She turned her head over her shoulder, "I was thinking my part might be big enough to get me on the opening credits."

"I get to bang your shithole," nodded Jason, "and you'll get an opening credit."

"Sounds a deal," said Cybill, though from the size of the cock she'd have accepted a 'special guest star'. She looked at it and asked, "Have you got any lube to help it go up? Otherwise..." she stuck her tongue in the side of her cheek to suggest how she could lubricate it.

Jason nodded, "I have some lube."

He left the main room and went into a small dressing room, reappearing after a few moments with a jar filled with gel. He unscrewed the top as Cybill got on her knees in front of him "Let me help" she said.

He held the jar and she scooped a large globule out with her finger and began to rub it generously over his hard cock. It throbbed in her hand as she worked the gel all over it, from the tip right down to his balls. She took out another handful and splurged it all over his massive member, making it shine and glimmer, dripping the gel onto the floor. She continued working the gel into until his cock was slippery with it, a slimy hard muscle pumping in her hand. She looked at and then up at him, "I think that's ready," she said.

Cybill twirled round and lay down on the carpeted floor. Her hands moved to her butt and she pulled apart her buttocks again. Jason moved on top of her and the boy's super-hard schlong started to go down her poop-chute. The older blonde gave a cry of pleasure as her a-hole stretched to fit the massive hunk of meat. His hands were on either side of her and he began to pump up and down, pushing his dong deep down into her. "Oh yes," Cybill cried, "Bang my butt. Fuck it open."

"Your shitter's so tight," moaned Jason, "What a tight back hole you've got. It feels so good. I'm going to enjoy fucking your shitty ass."

The young boy moved up and down, each thrust down pushing his schlong further down Cybill's hole and making her cry with excitement. Her body rubbed against the carpet, her boobies pressing down into floor and her tummy lifting up as her body wobbled and shook. Jason's schlong slapped down her shithole and made her cum, the orgasm hitting her repeatedly, "Oh, oh, aaah, oh, oh, aaah," Cybill shrieked out, "Oh Jason fuck me, fuck my ass. I'm loving my shitty shithole getting screwed, fuck me harder, fuck me with your big dick and make me cum."

"I'm loving fucking your ass, it's so tight," said Jason in return and came down deeper, his massive member stretching her shithole until it ached. The blonde actress gasped and stretched out, her hands gripping at her butt. Suddenly Jason's cock pulled out and the young boy said, "Turn over I want to see your face as I fuck your butt."

Cybill moved onto her back and pulled her legs back as Jason found a cushion to slide under the small of her back to lift her a little. Then he pushed his slimy schlong it to her open asshole and Cybill gave another cry of pleasure, "Oh yes, oh fuck my asshole with your massive dong. I want you to fuck my butt like I'm a slut who loves big pricks up her shitter."

"You're such a whore," gasped Jason as he fucked her. His face was a mask of concentrated pleasure, though Cybill was aware that her expression must have been similar. He pushed down his hands on the back of her thighs, pressing them back to give him balance and leverage as well as easier access. Up and down he moved, pushing his dong down into her asshole.

"Oh, oh, ahhhh, oohh, aaahh," Cybill cried out as she came again, her body shaking with pleasure, "Ohhh, aaahhhh."

"I'm cumming," moaned Jason, jerking his cock out and shooting his load over her open asshole and pussy, the warm cum splattering over her.

"Oooohh," Cybill gave one last moan as she settled, letting the pools of cum seep over her.

"I better give the producer a ring and confirm you're the woman for the part," said Jason.


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