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Hey! Here comes the first chapter of Little Nana. Here, we see what she does
with tempting Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. And What Faye tells her about
Anime World is really a good thing. So, if you want to check it, read! Good
reading for you all

Cowboy Bebop: Little Nana Part 1 - Enter Faye
by Operandi ([email protected]) and Victor2K ([email protected])

Nana looked up at the tall figure of Faye Valentine, in her stockings and
yellow hot pants, her long, long legs and ample cleavage. Faye was the
hottest woman Nana had ever seen; so hot that Nana herself was beginning
to feel strange feelings...

"This must be how guys feel", Nana thought to herself as Faye's delicious,
spectacularly succulent boobs transfixed her. Nana's eyes travelled up and
down Faye's body, and Faye of course noticed this. Faye liked any attention,
male or female, and indeed it wasn't just Nana who was ogling. Faye was
ogling Nana just as much, enjoying her curves; the shape of her thighs, the
juiciness of her boobs. In her new anime form, Nana was a delectable, curvy
petite cutie. Faye liked what she saw, and she wanted what she saw.

Faye smiled..."Want to see my ass?"

Nana was stunned by the offer..."Y-Yes" she said shyly.

Nana's shyness could not conceal her fascination with Faye's hot anime
body...Nana had never seen an anime character for real, in living and
breathing form. Faye made Nana feel the kind of thoughts she usually
reserved for guys.

Faye turned around and bent over, touching her toes and presenting her ass to
Nana, whose eyes widened as she beheld the gorgeous anime bottom.

"Like what you see?"

"Oh yes!" Nana exclaimed, followed by astonishment at what she had just said.

Nana licked her lips as she beheld the delicious anime derriere. If she were
a guy, she would want to fuck Faye's brains out...and that was the strange
thing; Nana was beginning to think about fucking Faye, and she was feeling...
horny. In fact, she had never felt this horny before.

Faye stood up again and turned to face Nana...

Faye smiled and ran her fingers through Nana's hair...

"Feeling different, huh?"

"How do you know?"

"Ah, so you are feeling different! I bet you are feeling horny, and I bet
you're having dirty thoughts about me. I don't blame you, baby, as I am a
very hot woman, if I may say so myself."

Faye's fingers moved downwards, caressing Nana's neck and intensifying Nana's

"Why do I feel like this?"

Faye rolled her eyes and then looked straight into Nana's eyes.

"Because, my sweet little baby, in anime world sexual desire is much greater,
because the constraints and distractions of the real world are not an issue
here, and of course anime folks have more desirable bodies. We fuck a lot
more than people in the real world. You cannot repress it, Nana, give in to

"I must admit it feels good", Nana acknowledged.

Faye licked her lips and gave a wicked grin. "What is your name, little


"Nana, that's a cute name...Little Nana...yes, I will call you Little Nana.
Little Nana it will be."

Nana giggled at her term of endearment. She liked it.

Faye's eyes narrowed...

"Little Nana, I showed you my it's your turn to show me yours. Turn
around...bend over and touch your toes."

Nana was nervous at first, but sure enough she bent over and offered her ass
to Faye, after all, Faye had offered her ass, and so it was only fair for
Nana to return the favour. She felt vulnerable as she bent over, her hands
touching her toes. And the tight-fitting anime outfit did not conceal any
aspect of Nana's shape, showing all her feminine curves. She could feel
Faye's eyes on her beautiful bottom.

Then she felt Faye's delicate hands.

"Hey! I didn't touch your ass!"

"You could have, Little Nana, I didn't say you couldn't touch."

"But..." Nana complained...Faye's temper snapped.



Faye's hand spanked Nana's ass hard.



"Don't complain about your ass being groped, Little Nana. That's dishonest.
You love the feel of my feminine fingers upon your gorgeous feminine love being so vulnerable, and you love the attention."

Faye's fingers caress the recently spanked bottom, and to Faye's delight,
"Little Nana" squirms and wiggles her exposed ass.


"So soft and lovely"

Faye muttered praise for the ass that so delighted her.

"Little Nana, you have such a bootylicious bottom. I really must tell the
Gundam guys about it, they would love to get their hands on it. They would
absolutely love to play with you, Little Nana."

"You mean guys are hornier, too?"

Faye laughed, "Of course! Yes, it is actually possible for guys to be

Faye and Nana laughed, and Nana, in her laughter, barely noticed that Faye
had unzipped her tight-fitting pants and was now examining her little white

Faye did not have to look very closely to see the tale-tale signs of arousal.

Faye pulled the panties tight...then used them to yank Nana backwards and
forwards...back and forth, back and forth, the panty fabric rubbing against
Nana's throbbing wet pussy.


Nana could not get a word in edgeways, as Faye yanked her panties, using them
as a kind of "pussy leash", the friction making Nana lose control of herself.
Faye couldn't help but gloat at Nana's squirming, playfully slapping the
Brazilian girl's cute ass as the panty pulling became more rigorous.

"Ooh...I feel...unh...ooooh!"

" sure are getting horny, Little Nana!"

Nana could not believe the situation she was in.

She was now an anime character, in an anime world, and she was now bent over
as Faye Valentine stood behind her and tormented her juicy wet pussy. Was she
dreaming? Was this just a fantasy?

Faye pulled Nana's drenched panties aside and rudely inserted her fingers
into Nana's tight honey-pot.

Nana squealed...


"You're not the first girl I've had, Little Nana..." Faye declared firmly, as
her fingers probed the squirming, groaning, whimpering Nana.

Nana struggled to respond while being pussy-probed.

"B-but...Ooh! I thought you were...Aah! Yes! I thought you were straight...oh

Faye laughed.

"So na´ve! Well, Little Nana, all girls in Anime World are bisexual. That's
why your pussy is dripping. Anime girls love being fucked, and it does not
matter whether a man or a woman is fucking them. Because you are now an anime
girl, you now love female attentions."

Faye pumped her fingers into Nana's pussy deeply, making the aspiring
architect yelp.


"See?" Faye said with a smirk...she pushed her fingers in again.


Nana groaned and writhed on Faye's devious fingers.

Faye laughed triumphantly.

"I rest my case", she declared with a confident smile.

As Faye gave Nana the fingers, so to speak, she gave Nana a lecture...

"Ooooh...fuck...Mmmm", was Nana's contribution to conversation.

"You see, Little Nana, I am a very sexy lady, with my long legs, superb ass
and big boobs, complete with my cute sassy purple hair. I am so sexy that no
man, or woman, can resist me. Here you are, bent over and submitting to my
fingers, even though you are a feisty girl. My sexiness cannot be

Slurp, slurp!

"Ooooh...mmmm...aah...Mmmm", replied Nana.

Slurp, slurp!

"Yes, baby. I bet when you watched Cowboy Bebop on TV, you thought I was hot,
even as you fantasised about straddling Spike Spiegel and riding his big
cock...and let me assure you, Little Nana, that Spike has a cock that would
pound you into bliss. Oh, and how about Heero and Duo, I bet you've creamed
yourself while watching them on Gundam Wing, well, Little Nana, you've lusted
after them. I've fucked both, and sucked both...what cocks, what men!"

Slurp, slurp!

"Ooooh...oh wow...oh yes!"

Slurp, slurp!

"Oh, and the anime guys all have big hard cocks, and one of the differences
between anime world and this world, is that the guys cocks are hard and erect
always. You can well imagine what that means for us girls...heaven! Sometimes
a girl can spend so much time on cock she has no time for anything else ha ha
ha! Yes, the guys will like you a lot, with your magnificent, glorious boobs
and your heavenly bum. And you have a face made for cock-sucking, darling
Little Nana."

"Ooooh...oh my goodness...fuck...I...Ooooh!" Exclaimed Nana, whose excitement
seemed to stem from Faye's words as well as the merciless finger fucking.

"Oh, and let me tell you about the girls, Little Nana. The girls here are
so juicy and hot here and I've had so many of them. I fucked Misato with a
super-strap-on and made my cumslut...fucked her over and over, in every
position. Then there was Nene from Bubblegum Crisis, who licked my pussy so
skilfully I rewarded her with a ride on "The Fucking Bronco", an anime sex
toy that makes girls cum and cum endlessly. And then there was Sammy of
Totally Spies, who tried to win a bet by resisting me, just as you tried to
do. I seduced her and made her my sex-pet, dressing her up as my "Fuck
Bunny". Sammy made a fabulously cute Fuck Bunny, let me tell you, with her
dainty tale and pretty little ears, and her pussy tasted delicious. You must
really make sure you eat Sammy's tasty pussy while you are here in Anime

Faye was now teasing Nana's clitoris.

Slurp, slurp!

"Ooooh! Fuck! Oh God!"

Nana was in sexual heaven, getting pleasured while being told of all the
perversions of Anime World...a thousand dirty thoughts raced through her
mind...this was her idea of paradise, a cartoon world where perversion ruled.

Nana came hard, her pussy fucked thoroughly by Faye. And Faye was indeed
right, orgasms were much more intense in anime world. Nana came so hard her
eyes bulged and her mouth expanded just like a cartoon character.

"Ooooh..." Nana whimpered and sighed as Faye held her, her body so exhausted
that she could no longer stand up.

Faye pulled Nana's pants back up, but took Nana's panties as a souvenir.

"I have trophies of all my bedroom walls are lined with the
panties and boxer shorts of those I have seduced...your soaked panties will
join theirs."

"That...that must be...quite a trophy display..." exclaimed Nana, still
struggling to regain her composure after Faye's masterful fingering.

"Oh, Little Nana, if you think these panties is the only ones I will take
from you, then you are much mistaken."

Nana at that moment resolved that she would have more guys and girls than
Faye. She wanted to be the hottest girl in anime.

"I'll show you the way out of the mansion into anime world, follow me",
declared Faye, who led Nana through the corridors to the exit of the mansion,
which was a cartoon mirror of the real world entrance Nana had entered the
mansion from.

Nana was astonished by the world she saw; a cell shaded, colourful world with
little in the way of texture, where everything is smooth and vibrant. It was
like the 2D images in anime, but in three dimensions. Nana's eyes drank in
the beautiful sight.

Nana turned to see Faye's Cowboy Bebop ship parked on the grass field...


"Cool, isn't it?" Faye said with a smug grin.

"Can I ride in it?" Nana asked excitedly.

"Well, there's only one seat, so you'll have to sit on my lap and be a good
little girl."

"I'll be a good girl!" Nana was as excitable as a schoolgirl, as she could
barely conceal her excitement at being able to fly in a cool spaceship.

Faye climbed into her ship and beckoned Nana to come sit on her lap.

"Sitting comfortably?" Faye asks as she starts up the ship's engines.

"Yes, thanks." Says Nana as she settles onto Faye's lap.

"Mmmm, your ass feels good, Little Nana...Nana, why are your legs closed?"

Nana looked bemused, "I...I..."

"Open wide, or no ride, understood? Spread those thighs for me." Faye's voice
was firm and demanding.

Nana hesitated at first, but soon enough Faye had Nana sitting just the way
Faye liked, and the reflection of the sprawled Nana was clearly visible on
one of the ship's dashboard screens.

Nana's eyes widened as the ship blasted off and zoomed over the vast anime
city, with it's unusually shaped buildings and surreal architecture. Nana
would love to design the architecture in anime world, that would be so much
fun! She would be able to make anything she liked, with the rules of gravity
and practicality irrelevant in anime world.

So many possibilities!

Faye landed her ship outside a nightclub in the anime city.

Nana felt Faye's fingers running through her hair, as Faye whispered in her
ear, "This place is full of hot guys and girls, lots of cock and pussy for
you! If you want to find a place to sleep, I suggest you make your way into
someone's bed!"

And with that, Faye ushered Nana out of her ship, "Be seeing you, babe!" Faye
shouted as the engines roared.

Nana watched as Faye's ship zoomed off and dwindled into the distance.

She was now standing outside a nightclub called "Perverse Palace". She was
now alone in a world that was completely new to her.

"Awesome..." Nana muttered to herself.

A handsome guy, in leather jacket and dark glasses, of slender build,
strolled past Nana and slapped her butt as he passed. She heard him mutter
"Nice ass."

"Hey!" Squealed Nana, to which the guy responded by turning around and
kissing her. "You're a hot little cutie, want to come into the Perverse
Palace with me?"

"I...I've never been in the Perverse Palace...what is it?"

"A Palace of Perversion, of course!"

Nana giggled, "I've never been there before."

The guy smiled, "Well come with me then, come with me and I will show you
things you have never seen's something every cute girl should

Nana's eyes travelled down to the huge bulge in the guy's pants. "Oh my gosh,
Faye was right" she thought to herself, as she struggled to take her eyes off
the mesmerising bulge.

He took her hand and led her into the "Palace", through a dark red corridor.

As Nana travelled along the corridor, she began to hear noises, which grew
louder and louder. She recognised these sounds, because she herself had been
making those sounds very recently, when Faye was fucking her. The melodious
sound of girls groaning and squealing of sexual delight.

Nana's eyes widened as she saw a woman leading two teenage girls on leashes
down the corridor, the two "bitches" licked their lips as they looked at the
mysterious guy and Nana, and the woman holding the leashes ogled Nana

Nana thought to herself that she would like to have her own pair of pretty
bitches to use as she pleased, Mmmm she pondered, perhaps a guy and a girl,
and she'd have them entertain her by fucking each other in all kinds of
depraved ways, and of course she would sit on their faces and order them to

Nana was shocked by just how dirty her mind was becoming. Anime World was
quickly turning her into a pervert...and what surprised her even more, was
that she relished being a dirty-minded bad girl.

Then Nana's mind started to wander, thinking in the possibilities that she
would get being at Anime World. In her head, she pictured several naughty
scenes, featuring her favourite anime heroes, first her anime sweethearts
Heero and Duo, which she pictured doing dirty and nasty fucking with her.
Also it came Yusuke Urameshi and Kurama, from Yuyu Hakusho. She thought
about him having a tempting threesome, both craving her with cock. And lots
of toon boys, and even girls came to her mind.

Girls like Relena from Gundam Wing. Even if Nana didn't like pretty much her
(she in the anime loves Heero, and Nana didn't admitted that), she thought
about it, like being her mistress and punishing her for "stealing" her man.
Also Clover from Totally Spies, Kaoru of Rurounin Kenshin and Sango from
Inuyasha appeared in her brain, doing with her the nastiest girl/girl love
scenes, as various other anime ladies were at her brain attention

Nana wouldn't lose the opportunity to having them all for herself.

The groans and grunts grew louder.

The guy turned to Nana, who had been staring at his bulge again, "This is
gonna blow your pretty little mind, babe!"

After what had happened today, and what Nana had seen, what could possibly
surpass it? Nana's mind raced, as she struggled to comprehend what could be
more amazing than what she had seen and experienced today. What could it
possibly be that lurked beyond that door? Nana had of course had deduced that
the female groans and male grunts were sexual, and that doubtless something
of a very perverse nature waited.

Nana could feel her body becoming excited, as her brain filled with cocks
and pussies, and her eyes struggled to look away from the mysterious guy's
fabulous bulge. For a girl there are few sights more pleasing than a nice
bulge in a male's trousers!

The door opened at the end of the corridor into a huge hall, which presented
Nana with perhaps the most astonishing sight she had ever witnessed in her

"HOLY FUCK!" Nana squealed in astonishment...

End of Chapter One...

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