Cosby Show: Travels Of Joshua Long Part 7 (MFF,inter,inc)
by JH

Joshua Long sat in his wheelchair and watched the TV screen intently. Since
the last venture to the land of the Bradley sisters he had little time for
any extracurricular entertainment. His job had kept him busy and he found it
had been a number of months before he had either the time or the interest to
enter his imaginary worlds.

The TV show was one of the first seasons runs of the Cosby show. He had
become entranced by the wife, Clair and the oldest daughter, Sondra. His
mastery of the environment and the individuals was only restricted by his
imagination and the fact that none of these were real people only enhanced
his fantasies.

He connected the electrodes and sat back in the chair. Making some final
adjustments he heard the familiar hum. The world blurred.

He found himself sitting in the easily recognized living room of the Huxtable
family. Sitting on the couch next to him was Clair Huxtable. She was dressed
in a stylish navy blue business suit. Her skirt was cut right at her knees
exposing muscular calves. Her face had wide set brown eyes, classic African
American nose and full dark red lips. The smooth dark skin was framed by jet
black hair perfectly cut. Facing him he began to hear her voice.

"Everyone has gone to Hillman to see the campus, but I had to stay and
prepare a case."

He smiled at the thoughts that provoked. Reaching forward he ran his hand
along the side of her face. She closed her eyes in response and at that
moment he leaned forward and kissed her large soft lips. She pressed them
to him and opened her mouth enough to let their tongues meet. He dropped his
hand to her knees. She responded by spreading them apart and he began to
slide his hand between her nylon clad legs. He pushed the skirt up as his
hand moved higher. It reached the top of her nylons and he could feel the
garter clasp, garter strap and the warmth of her upper thigh. She moaned and
wrapped her arms around him.

Her kisses became deeper and more passionate her tongue diving into his
mouth. She had her legs spread open and her skirt pulled up exposing the
black panties across the mound of her vagina. He pressed against the smooth
slick material and rubbed it until it was soaking wet. She placed her hand
in his lap and began to rub his hardening prick through his pants. This,
obviously, did not suit her so she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants
and pulled his cock out. She stroked it with both hands then lowered her
lips to the head. Her tongue darted out and began to stab at the head and
sides until it was completely wet. She, then, sucked it slowly into her
mouth. Her soft lips wrapped around the shaft, her tongue swirled around it
as she sucked it deeper and deeper into her mouth. It was to totally buried
to her throat.

She was laying across the couch. Her skirt had pulled up to her hips exposing
the tops of the nylons held by the garter belt and the round globes of her
ass beneath the black nylon panties. He stuck a hand beneath the band and
found her cunt. He began to finger the hot wet slit. Looking down he watched
her head bob as the cock she lifted her head up and lowered it. In response
to his hand she raised her ass allowing him more access. He looked down her

She was up on her knees. Her skirt pulled above her hips. She wore dark tan
nylons held up with a black garter belt. Her round ass covered in slick black
nylon. She also wore black spiked pumps. Her mouth was sliding up and down
first engulfing his entire cock then just the head. The entire time she was
sucking him her hands were wrapped around the shaft and using her own spit
for lubrication was jacking him off. Suddenly he heard a voice.

"Wow. Is there enough for me?"

Standing over them was Clairs oldest daughter Sondra. She was lighter skinned
and smaller than her mother. Her features were finer with smaller lips but
the same wide set brown eyes. She had longer black hair, straight and below
her shoulders. Clair looked up and without stopping her cock sucking nodded.
Sondra pulled off her clothes and was completely nude. She took something out
of her purse got behind Clair and began to push her tongue deep into her ass
and cunt.

Joshua pushed Clair off his cock and he and Sondra stripped Clair down to her
bra, which was cut out exposing the dark brown nipples, garter belt, nylons
and high heels. He positioned Sondra and Clair between his legs and watched
them both begin to work on his prick. Sondra captured the head between her
lips and swirled around the head with her tongue. At the same time Clair was
lapping at all sides with the flat of her tongue. Then they would switch.
Clairs large soft lips slid over the top of his cock and Sondra licked the

He pulled Clair up and turned her around. She stood over his hips and Sondra
opened Clair's cunt lips. Clair lowered herself onto his prick until he was
completely buried in her. Sondra knelt in front of her and stuck her tongue
back into Clair's vagina rubbing her clit. Clair leaned back against Joshua
and he began to squeeze her breasts causing the nipples to harden.

"Oh, yes."

Clair was sliding up and down on the glistening shaft. Sondra, kneeling
between Joshua's legs was licking Clair's cum soaked cunt. Sondra had taken
a vibrator out of her purse and now inserted it into her own vagina. She was
licking Clair and fucking herself at the same time. Meanwhile Clair was
building to her own orgasm. She was fucking herself faster and faster on
Joshua's prick. She leaned forward and gripped Sondra's hair and pulled her
face into her cunt. Sondra drove her tongue against the clit and continued
to vibrator fuck herself. Joshua could feel himself begin to cum. He squeezed
Clair's tits as he shot deep into her. At the same time Clair and Sondra
began to orgasm. The world blurred Joshua found himself back in his own lab
covered in sweat and feeling completely satiated.

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