Coronation Street: Episode 1 - Moving To The Street (MF,oral,reluc)
by JetFic

Chris was a young man, 19 years old, around 6 foot 3, average build. He lived with his parents, but not for much longer.

He and some friends, Mark and Tara had bought a flat together on Coronation Street. Today was the day that they moved in and Chris could not be happier. He packed all of his stuff into the van, which then went around to Tara's house to pick up her stuff too. After that, they met up with Mark outside the flat and started unloading everything they had.

"You think we should go introduce our selves?" Chris asked looking at Tara, who was building up quite a sweat on her chest.

"Aye, I think if we go to the pub and talk to a few people we will be fine. At least it shows that we're willing." Mark replied.

They each had a shower, got dressed and set off down the cobbles saying hello to those they passed. One older looking woman with blonde hair caught Chris' eyes as she walked on.

"Aw crap, I've got none left" Chris said holding a box of cigarettes. "Get me a pint mate." He said to Mark as he turned and headed to "the cabin." When he entered, he noticed the little man behind the counter watching him as though he was a hardened criminal. He walked up to the counter, got out a few coins and looked behind the man. "You got any packs of 10 Lambert mate?"

"Erm, no we don't have any left, which explains why you can't see any." He said sounding very pompous. "Although we have a pack of 20 or several other brands you may like to have."

"Er, no thanks. Thanks anyway mate. See you some other time." Chris laughed and left the shop looking down the street. He noticed the corner shop and headed towards it. Inside, there was a young black girl who looked about 17. There was also a gorgeous woman pricing some items to his left. He headed over to her. "You work here?" he asked trying to sound polite.

She held up the pricing gun and a four-pack of soup smiling. "Yep, thought that was obvious, Need any help love?"

Laughing, Chris shook his head. "So you still haven't started your modelling career then?"

"Well well, what a pick up line. Sorry pal but" she held up a hand "Married."

"Can't blame a man for trying." He extended his hand "I'm Chris by the way. Just moved here."

"Oh right, Nice to meet you. I'm Molly. And her over there reading that magazine is Amber."

"Thanks Molly, I'll be seeing you around." Chris said as he headed to the counter.

Amber looked up without moving her head. "One minute, just finishing this." She said slowly as she looked back at the magazine.

"Oh, okay. Well a pack of 10 Lambert when your ready thanks." Chris stared at her, noticing her cleavage. He quickly looked away as she looked up and grabbed the cigarettes. "Nice name, Amber. Always liked it. My mum had a horse and it was called Amber, never thought it suited it."

"Thanks, I think. Well that's 2.40 thanks." She said as Chris handed her the correct change.

Chris left the shop and was about to go straight to "The Rovers return" when he saw a young pregnant woman with a lot of shopping. He ran over and laughed. "You need a hand there? You shouldn't be carrying all of this." He grabbed four of the bags off her and they started walking. "I'm Chris by the way, I would shake your hand but it seems you've bought a hell of a lot."

She laughed and patted his shoulder. "I'm Maria, that's my house just there. You want to come in for a brew?"

Chris thought for a moment as they reached the door and she unlocked it. "I'm sorry but my mates are waiting for me at the pub. I should really get back there quick."

They went inside and put the bags down, one tipping over and its contents emptying all over the floor. Alongside some new pyjamas was a set of white and pink French knickers and a black bra. Maria looked at Chris, very red in the face and half laughed, half cried. "Sorry, I didn't mean for you to see them, I mean I knocked them over and I didn't think..." She was cut off

"Honestly, I'm 19, I've seen things like that before, don't worry about it, calm down." Chris laughed "It's nothing to be embarrassed about."

Maria looked at Chris, still very red in the face and then put everything back into the bag. "Well if you ever have time, feel free to come over for a brew, I'm in most of the time."

Chris thanked her and left the house, finally heading for the Rovers.

Upon opening the door, lots of noise hit Chris' ears. It was a lively pub and Chris could instantly tell that it was his kind of pub. He looked around and saw a fit young woman with blonde hair talking to a black man who Chris had seen in a taxi when unloading the van.

"Oi, mate. Over here." Mark shouted waving his hand.

Chris walked over squeezing past an older woman with long hair. She was well spoken and as her ass brushed against Chris' crotch, she gave a quiet whimper and turned quickly to him. "Ooh, I'm sorry love." She moved closer to the bar and let Chris pass her. He sat next to Tara who leant against him.

"You took bloody ages getting those tabs mate." Mark said curiously. "This is my third pint; Tara is already a bit tipsy like."

"Yeah sorry, the first shop had none, I went to another and got talking with the staff there, then I helped a pregnant lass get her shopping home and she showed me her knickers." Chris laughed.

"What!? Score mate. But with a pregnant lass?" Mark asked rather quickly.

"Ha, slow down mate. She knocked a bag over and her knickers and other stuff fell out of it." Chris explained as Tara yawned and sat back up.

3 Hours Later

Chris brought back a pint and a half of cider and a pint of lager. He put them on the table and sat down again. Mark was standing talking to another man that he was playing darts with. Tara sat with her hands on her knees and seemed to be struggling to stay sitting up.

"You're pissed aren't you?" Chris asked Tara who simply smiled back.

Chris finished off his drink and looked at his watch to see that the time was 9:23. He stood up and walked over to Mark. "Mate, you staying here or you comin' back? I'm taking Tara back now, she is absolutely pissed."

"I'm gonna stay to finish this game then I'm going into town with the lads over there." Mark said gesturing to the corner where a Ginger man who looked about 20 was leaning against a wall. "See you tomorrow mate, unless you fancy coming out with us once you've dropped Tara off at the flat."

"Thanks anyway, but I'm goin' to get some sleep when I get back. I'm going to look for a job tomorrow so you know..." Chris trailed off.

Chris turned, helped Tara stand up and headed out of the Rovers. There were two people arguing right outside of the pub, so Chris headed along the tunnel next to it for a cigarette. The tunnel was very dark and Chris could barely see Tara. Suddenly, Chris felt a hand moving down his chest and figured Tara was trying to support herself. He was wrong. Her hand had reached his crotch and started unzipping his jeans. He felt the smooth skin graze against his cock and move down, gently squeezing his balls. He moved closer to kiss Tara, even though he could barely see her.

"Mmmph." she moaned as he placed his lips gently upon hers. He then forced his tongue past her lips and felt her tongue prod around his own. Tara's hand moved away from Chris' dick and he looked toward where he thought it was. Sure enough, she was pulling her top down to her abdomen and lifting up her bra. He had never seen Tara's tits before, but he could feel that they were as he had always expected them to be. Small but nice. He gave them a squeeze, gently at first, then harder and harder until she moaned loudly.

Tara's hand had returned to Chris' cock and was now rubbing it and getting it hard. Chris had one hand on her left breast and the other down the back of her pants rubbing her arse. He pushed her downwards by her shoulders, and moved her head towards his dick. He instantly felt a warm, wet feeling as she slowly and clumsily moved her head backwards and forwards. Chris grunted and thrust more of his dick into her mouth and into her throat.

"mmfff, mmmffff!" Tara coughed as she gagged on his dick. He kept it in her mouth and made her splutter. "MMFFFF!" she squealed.

Chris pulled his cock out from her throat and she coughed loudly. She didn't complain however, but just gripped his dick and started moving her hands quickly. She spat on his dick a couple of times but stood up unexpectedly. She pulled down her short skirt and left it lying on the floor after stepping out of it. She was still wearing her tights and pulled them down slightly too. Chris grabbed her arse and forced her quite hard into the wall opposite.

"Ahh." Tara moaned, sounding slightly in pain.

"Bend forward." Chris panted as he pushed her head against the wall.

Chris had gripped her around the waist and had his fingers resting at the top of her pussy, where he could feel a small amount of hair. She kept her head pressed against the wall and Chris pushed on her back. She inhaled loudly and quickly when she felt the cold wall pressing against her nipples. Chris pushed his jeans down further and found her entrance. He slowly pushed and felt her resist by moving herself up higher. This didn't work however as Chris was taller than her by several inches and had his whole dick lodged inside her.

"Oww, slow down." She muttered as Chris had started working up a pace.

Chris didn't pay attention and started thrusting into her hard and fast.

"Ahhh, ooww, ahhah." Tara started moaning louder and louder. "Slower. Slower Chris, SLOWER PLEASE!" She started screaming very loud.

Chris shoved a finger inside of her pussy alongside his dick and made her cry out. He moved the finger which was covered in her own pussy juice to her face and shoved it into her mouth, pushing down on her tongue. "Be quiet or people will see us." He whispered.

He continued to thrust into her from behind until he felt himself coming close. He turned Tara around and pushed her back down to the ground, ignoring the tears in her eyes. He pushed her mouth towards his cock again and she licked around his head, accidentally rubbing her teeth against his dick, Chris held her head against his crotch for at least ten whole seconds while she gagged again, her tonsils bouncing against his dick, her throat tightening and her mouth full of saliva.

This was it. He felt her cough just as he came, squirting into her mouth. He moved her into the light at the entrance of the tunnel. He saw her mascara running down her cheeks, her tits covered in the cum that was slowly dripping down from her mouth and finally, her pussy. He shoved two fingers inside of her and moved them around.

"There, there aaahh... AAAhhhh." Tara moaned as he worked her towards an orgasm. He pulled her pack into the dark and covered her mouth as two people walked by. He lay on the floor, laying his head on her skirt which was still on the floor, and pulled her over, making her squat right above his face.

Chris licked away at Tara's cunt, moved his hand up to her clitoris and rubbed it slowly with his thumb, getting faster and faster. He could taste her as he put his tongue inside her cunt, and then suddenly felt her starting to tense up and her pussy convulsed. A sweet liquid leaked from her pussy and coated Chris' face. They both sat for a few minutes, and then stood and Tara got dressed.

"C'mon. Let's go back to the flat." Chris said as he put his arm around her.

The Next Morning

Chris woke up lying on his mattress which was on the floor as none of them had put their beds up yet. He got up, had a shower, sat down to breakfast and checked the clock. It was 9:48. Chris heard movement coming from Tara's room and ten minutes later, she came out looking very embarrassed. She sat opposite him without talking and stared.

"Hey." Chris said casually.

"Yeah. Hey." Tara replied. "Look, last night was excellent, but I'm not sure what made me do it."

"Thanks." Chris laughed "Maybe it's my sheer sexual magnetism. Maybe I'm a nice guy?"

"Nope, none of those." She joined in laughing.

They both stared at each other for a few minutes. "I'm gonna say it's the drinks fault." Chris said more seriously.

"That is likely. I mean no offence, but I don't wanna be your girlfriend or anything like that. For me it was a one off thing."

"Don't worry, I know. Same here. I didn't plan on it or anything. So..." he said pausing. "We still good?"

"Course we are." She agreed.


Authors note: I'm going to try and write at least one of these fictions every two weeks. Feedback is appreciated. Please email to: [email protected]

Feel free to suggest characters for the next fic too. If i get a request, I will probably do that first and then continue with my storyline.


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