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This story contains lesbian activity between two thirteen year-olds.

Coronation Street: Part 1
by El Diego

"Sarah-Lou, your friend Candice is here!" Sarah's mum, Gail, called up the
stairs to her.

"Thanks mum," she called back. "Send her up!"

Candice went into Sarah-Lou's room and flopped on the bed, while she waited
for her friend to finish in the shower. In the shower, Sarah-Lou washed her
sponge over her budding breasts, and shivered. Her nipples had become much
more sensitive ever since her baby had been born, and just running her
finger over one gave her a tingling feeling down below. Then she remembered
her guest. She rinsed off, towelled herself down as best she could, and put
on a robe as she entered her bedroom.

"Hiya Candice" she said as she sat down at her mirror and bushed her hair.



"You know when you actually...did it with Bethany's father, did he actually
kiss you?"

"Yes, why?"

"Did he stick his tongue in your mouth?" Candice asked as she walked over to
her friend, and leaned over her to check her make-up in Sarah-Lou's mirror.
Sarah-Louise was suddenly very aware that her robe had flopped open, and
closed it quickly.

"No, why do you ask?"

"So no-one's put their tongue in your mouth?"

"No, but can you please get to the point!"

No sooner had those words left Sarah-Lou's mouth then her friend leaned over
in front of her and embraced her, kissing her full on the lips. Sarah-Louise
struggled a bit, then actually found herself warming to her friend's actions.
Candice re-opened Sarah-Lou's robe, and stuck a finger in her friend's pussy.
The two girls were both surprised to find it dripping wet, and Sarah-Lou
blushed deeply as Candice licked the juice off of her finger with a big grin
on her face.

"Candice, what d'ya think you're doing?" Sarah-Lou asked quizzically.

"Sarah, have you ever masturbated yourself?"

"No," she said firmly.

"So you've never had an orgasm then?"

"No, why do youuuooohhhh my God, what did you just do?"

"That was your clitoris I touched. I was reading up on sex in our Science
textbook, and I found out that the clitoris is where all the good stuff
occurs for us girls. I touched it to find out more, and I was like oh my
god, why have I missed out on all this? Eventually it all came to a peak,
and some liquid came out as well. I just *had* to tell my best friend about
this, so I came round here." While she was explaining this, Candice was
fondling her breasts and was now looking very flushed.

"Can I try what you're doing?" Sarah-Lou asked.

"Yeah, actually it might be better for you as your tits will be a lot more
sensitive after your kid" she explained, having read up on it earlier that
day. "Here, we'll lie down on your bed and do it together. Has your door
got a lock on it?" She asked.

"No, but Mum's taking David out to play football and Dad's at work, so we
shouldn't be disturbed" Sarah-Lou said as she disrobed.

"That looks like a good idea" Candice said as she saw her naked friend.
Candice proceeded to take off her vest top, and Sarah-Lou could only stand
and watch as she saw her best friend's b-cup breasts sprang into view.
Candice dispatched of her skirt and underwear in record time, and lay down
on the bed beside Sarah-Lou.

"Candice, you know when you were asking all them questions, have you ever
French-kissed someone?"

"Yes, once."

"Can you do it on me?"

Instead of answering, Candice just slid over and planted her lips on
Sarah-Lou's. Candice closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue touching
Sarah-Lou's lips, making Sarah-Lou quiver all over.

Then her mouth opened and Candice's tongue slid inside, battling with her
own tongue and mixing the girls' saliva. As she did this, Sarah-Lou slid
her hand down between the two writhing bodies, over Candice's tummy,
thinking, "I'll stop when the skin gets hairy." But suddenly her hand
slipped into a wet area, and her best friend moaned in delight. Sarah-Lou
broke off the kiss and exclaimed "What's happened to all your hair, you
know, down there?"

"I shaved it all off. You like?"

"I love it," Sarah-Lou said with a smile, and the pair resumed their
kissing. As they did that, Candice's hand made her way into Sarah-Lou's
pussy, and she, too, moaned in gratitude. Soon after Candice started
humping Sarah-Lou's hand in time with her own penetration of her friend,
and she came with a sigh. As she did so, she withdrew her hand from her
friend's pussy, which annoyed Sarah-Lou, as she was close to orgasm
herself. She told Candice as much, who apologised and redoubled her
efforts on her friend's cute little cunt. As she felt Sarah-Lou contracting
around her hand in the first stages of orgasm, she licked her index
finger on her other hand and shoved it into Sarah-Lou's arsehole, while
simultaneously biting down on her friend's right nipple.

Sarah-Lou came with a shout, and sprayed milk down Candice's throat, while
making her friend's hand very sticky.

"Oh my god Candice, can anything be better than that?" She asked, as she
came back down to earth.

"There is something, but that'll have to wait." Her friend replied with a
smirk. "Want to take another shower?"

TBC, depending on the responses.


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