Coronation Street: The Naughty Version Part 4 -
Sarah Lou And The Truth About Bethany's Father (Mg,preg,ncon)
by Pantyboy11 ([email protected])

Bethany Platt was now nearly 3 years old, a result of her mum, Sarah's, first
sexual experience with a guy. Everyone assumed Bethany's father was a boy at
Sarah's school, and Sarah had done and said nothing to dissuade this theory.
The truth of Bethany's fathers' identity was much more sinister and

It had all began when Sarah was nearly 13 and she was looking for ways to
earn more pocket money. Times were hard for her family after Martin, her
step father, had left her mother and thus placing stress and strain on the
Platt household. Sarah knew her mother, Gail, couldn't give her the money
she needed to buy the latest fashions a teenage girl craved, therefore she
knew the only option was to get a part time job after school or a Saturday

Her mom was not too keen on Sarah taking a job too far from though and so
this reduced her options. She was then delighted when her mom agreed to Sarah
helping out in Roy's Cafe some nights after school and also for a few hours
on a Saturday. It wasn't much but every little bit helped and meant Sarah
could treat herself to some little luxuries.

Roy Cropper, owner of Roy's Cafe, was looked on as a strange but harmless
man. He was a bit of a loner and eccentric but had been brought out of his
shell by his wife, Hayley. However even that wasn't normal as Hayley was
once a man called Harold and had recently undergone a sex change operation.
Despite these strange anomalies Roy and Hayley were liked and respected
within the community.

Sarah would do the menial things in the cafe, clear the tables, wipe them
down and do the washing up. Occasionally she would wait the tables and very
rarely take money when no one else was around. It was while doing this that
Sarah got her first glimpse of all the money in the till, and wondered if
it would be possible to take some without anyone noticing. However she knew
it was wrong and quickly put these thoughts behind her.

Unknown to her throughout her working in the café, Roy had been secretly
watching her and staring at her petite little body as she walked around the
cafe. He found himself getting feelings that he never imagined and wandered
how he could control them. He would lust after her body just craving to touch
it and feel her. But he knew he couldn't. He had been abused as a child by
his father and uncle and so knew how it was wrong but the more he thought
about it the more he wanted her.

He had to have her, but how to put it into practice. It was late and he was
cashing up as Sarah cleaned the tables. Only the two of them were there. She
had on a pair of tight navy blue jeans and a white crop top t-shirt. He
spotted her bag and suddenly a plan hit him. He took a £20 note and slipped
it inside her bag and finished cashing up.

"That's odd, the till is £20 short" Roy announced. "Have you seen any money
lying around Sarah" he asked.

"No Roy, sorry" She replied.

"You haven't put it in your bag have you Sarah" he joked. "Maybe I should
look in your bag to check."

"Go ahead, I aint took it" Sarah assured him.

Roy casually walked over to where Sarah kept her bag and opened it up, he
then pulled out the £20 that he had already secretly placed in there.

"What the hell is this then Sarah" he asked sternly holding up the offending

"That's not mine, I didn't put it in there" Sarah pleaded innocently.
"Someone must be trying to set me up."

"There's no one else here Sarah, I think you took this because money is tight
in your house, why did you not just ask me for more money."

"But I haven't taken it Roy, its not mine I never put it there" Sarah again
pleaded her innocence.

"Well Sarah I don't believe you and I think we'll have to call your mom or
even the police, it's a serious offence."

Sarah began to panic and tars welled up in her eyes. She really didn't want
her mom to know or worse the police, even though she knew she had not taken
it, but who's going to believe a 12 year old girl over a grown man and owner
of the shop.

"Please Roy, don't tell anyone, I'll do anything, I'll work extra for nothing
or whatever you want, just don't get me into any trouble, I really need this
job" Sarah begged.

"Well its very serious Sarah, and I feel you should be punished as a
deterrent to stop you doing it again. Now what punishment should we give you
that's worthy of the crime" he asked.

Sarah was now confused, she hadn't expected a punishment, what did he have
in mind, extra cleaning duties ? she just could not imagine. She shrugged her
shoulders by way of response to his question and Roy took that as the answer
he was looking for.

"Well young lady, I think a spanking is in order, don't you" Roy announced
with a smirk on his face.

Sarah was horrified at this proposal and thought he must have been joking.
She looked at him for reassurance of his jesting but was alarmed when none
came and suddenly she knew he was deadly serious.

"You are kidding aren't you Roy, I mean I'm nearly 13 and you think I'm gonna
let a stranger spank me."

"You not having a choice in the matter Sarah, you have done wrong and need to
be punished, whether you like it or not. You have two choices, you either let
me spank you or I will call your mother and then the police and they can deal
with the matter."

Sarah realised it was pointless arguing, and besides how bad could it be, she
had on jeans and so it wouldn't hurt too much through those and so let him
get on with it and then she could be home. Reluctantly she nodded and gave
her approval and Roy knew at that instant he had won and would get to do
whatever he wanted to the innocent girl.

Roy went and locked the door and pulled the shutters down so no one could see
in and then told Sarah he was doing that to save her humiliation. He sat down
and called Sarah towards him. Nervously she approached until she was close
enough for him to reach out and grab her wrist. He yanked her forward off her
feet and she fell forward so she was laying face down across his lap in
perfect spanking position.

"Now how many spanks of this little bottom shall we give it, how about 20"
Roy announced.

"No, too many" Sarah protested.

"Well I think 20 is about right, one for every pound you tried to steal from

Roy looked down at the terrified young girl across his lap, he knew this was
wrong, but somehow he felt he was entitled to do this after all the physical
and mental torture he had experienced as a young boy. He gazed at Sarah's
little bum beautifully shown off by the tight hipster jeans she was wearing.
He really just wanted to feel and caress her but knew she would not let him
do that (at least not straight away anyway).

Suddenly Sarah felt a stinging pain on her bum cheeks as Roy commenced his
punishment. She bit her bottom lip, desperate not to cry and give him the
satisfaction of knowing it hurt. Slap upon slap followed, each one a little
harder than the previous.

However after 10 spanks it stopped and Sarah wondered if Roy had realised
it was wrong and would let her off with the rest of the punishment. She was

"This isn't right Sarah, it's not having the effect it should have, you need
to feel shamed and wrong at what you did but this is barely causing a ripple
of pain. I think we should spank you with your jeans down so its on your
bottom directly."

"Noooooo" Sarah screamed, "You cant do that, I wont let you."

She struggled to get up and make her escape, but she was a slight girl and
no match for a fully grown man, and Roy was determined she wasn't going

He pushed her face down onto the table and held her in place with his hand on
her back.

"Keep still you stupid little girl else you will get hurt, take your
punishment and then it will all be over" he said.

Sarah began to whimper as she resigned herself to her fate. Roy could now
indulge himself and began to grope and fondle Sarah's bum, it was so round
and tight and he felt a stiffening inside his trousers he knew he would
have to release soon.

He reached round and felt for her button to undo her jeans but he was having
trouble finding it. Both hands were now around her midriff and still he could
not release them, so he pulled her upright and spun her round and slammed her
back down onto the table. He pinned her legs against the table with his own
to stop her kicking him and now had easy access to the button and zipper.

His hands nervously fumbled for the button and was relieved when it popped
free and he stared intently at her panties coming into sight as he lowered
the zipper. Once down he again pulled her up and flipped her over back into
the original position of face down on the table.

Sarah was now crying more freely and her resistance had gone, he could do
what he liked and she wouldn't fight back. He took a firm hold of her jeans
and tugged them down exposing her little pink panties covering her tender
little cheeks of her bum. He could not resist feeling her bum again over her
panties, the delicate fabric providing little protection to her cheeks.

He resumed his spanking and slapped her cheeks five more times, this time
Sarah screaming out and crying loudly with each slap. This hurt more and
she knew she still had five more to go, was it worse that the spanking was
hurting or was she more upset that he had made her take her jeans off.

However this was to get worse as suddenly she felt his fingers inside the
waistband of her panties and without delay they were pulled down to her
knees exposing her bare cheeks and more worryingly for Sarah her little

Roy admired his handywork and began to feel the girls bum and see the red
marks that had now became visible on them. He caressed them almost as if he
was trying to rub them away for her, but that feeling soon went and he
slapped her bare bum three more times. Sarah had lost count but she thought
he had finished and so went to try to get up.

"Keep still bitch, I haven't finished yet" Roy snarled at the frightened

Two more slaps rained down on her making the full twenty in total, but he was
not done yet. He resumed his touching and fondling of her bum and as he did
so he let his fingers dip between her legs and touch her tender pussy. Sarah
let out a gasp of surprise and fear as he touched her there, but he was not
going to stop now.

Roy pushed her legs apart so he could see her pussy more clearly and let his
fingers again probe her outer pussy lips, Sarah was sobbing for him to stop,
but deep down they both knew it was a futile request.

He placed a finger at her pussy entrance and slowly guided it into her, she
struggled to escape again, but not with any conviction this time, and he was
able to carry on undeterred. His finger now down to the second knuckle as it
probed her insides. He pulled it out and raised it to his nose and inhaled
her sweet juices. His tongue darted out and licked his finger clean.

This was pure nectar and he wanted more, two fingers were now inserted and
motioned back and forth inside her. Sarah was terrified and yet worryingly
for her responding to his touches. Her body was betraying her and she felt
herself begin to enjoy his invasion of her body.

His two finger fucking was increasing speed and her juices were now coating
them greatly, he pulled out and again breathed in her scent and tasted her
on himself. This was driving him wild and his cock was bursting to be
released. He could stand it no longer and stood up behind Sarah. He quickly
released his belt and zipper and once free pulled out an already erect cock
of at least 8 inches. Sarah looked back and wondered why he had stopped and
was horrified to see his cock in his hand and she had a pretty good idea
here it was going.

This was her last chance to break free, she pushed herself up and attempted
to make a dash for the door, but no sooner had she got to her feet Roy was
upon her pushing her back down. She cried and sobbed feverishly as she heard
him fumbling behind her, her fears were realised when she then felt his cock
head pushing at her pussy lips.

"Nooooo Roy, please Nooooo, I wont tell anyone and you can do this again, but
please don't do this, I'm a virgin" Sarah pleaded.

This was music to Roys' ears, not only was he going to get to fuck (well rape
actually) a young girl, but she was also a virgin and he would be taking that
too. This turned him on even more. He took firm hold of his cock and pushed
into Sarah's tight pussy. My God this felt so good, the best he had ever had,
then again he hadn't had many, even Hayley his wife was a man previously.

Half of Roy's cock was now inside Sarah as he moved back and forth, pushing
her into the table with every thrust. Sarah felt violated and betrayed but
strangely turned on also by the roughness and viciousness of Roy's fucking.
Roy could push no further he had obviously come up against her hymen. He had
so looked forward to de-flowering a girl, and here he was about to do it. He
pulled back until almost all of his cock was out of Sarah, then suddenly
thrust forward, hard and fast, breaking through her virgin wall.

Sarah screamed in agony, the pain was like nothing before, she knew what it
was and knew it was gone forever. She was now a broken girl and just lay
there limply as Roy began to fuck her harder. He took firm grip of her hips
and thrust deep and long, his whole cock disappearing into her. This was
heaven and he never wanted it to end, he reached under Sarah and felt her
little tits, pulling the top over her head and ripping off her bra. Her bare
tits squashed flat against the table.

"You are a great fuck Sarah, all the boys in school will want a piece of you,
but make sure I get first use, you are my pussy girl now, you realise that"
Roy smirked.

"Did you hear me slut" he barked at her.

"Yes" she replied meekly.

Roy's cock pistoned in and out of Sarah's pussy with such force that it was
driving her forwards across the table, her nipples grazing against the wooden
surface, causing her to moan in pain again. This felt like heaven for Roy's
cock, a warm velvet home for his cock to live in, he never wanted this
feeling to end but unfortunately such was his excitement he knew he was
nearing his own orgasm.

Harder and faster he was fucking her now, Sarah's whimpering had stopped and
incredibly she was beginning to enjoy the feeling of Roy's cock slamming into
her, finally knowing what her mom had felt the many times she had listened
through the bedroom walls hearing her being fucked by her husband Martin.

Roy moaned and held the youngster in place as he filled her pussy with his
rod. Her warm welcoming home felt beautiful against his throbbing member. He
knew he could not hold back for much longer and increased his pace, sweat
dripping from his brow as he powered into her. His orgasm was building and
he could sense the cum travelling from his balls towards his cock, ready to
explode into her.

Suddenly Sarah felt Roy tense up, and grip her tightly, and she then became
aware of a hot substance flood her insides, his cum burning into her tender
pussy. Roy collapsed onto her as his whole body shook under the intense
orgasm. He held her down and pumped the last few drops of cum into the
youngster, not knowing or caring if she enjoyed it, all he was concerned
with was his own sick lust and fulfilment.

He pulled out and staggered back onto the nearest chair, then stared at the
pre-teen still slumped over the table, face down, legs spread and cum seeping
from her well fucked bloody pussy. He felt the first signs of remorse, but
only briefly, he knew he was a secret paedophile and now he had released that
demon he knew he would need regular young pussy to satisfy his lust. If Sarah
wouldn't or couldn't provide it, he would take it from others.

Sarah finally realised her ordeal was over, and raised her self up from the
table, barely able to stand under weakened legs, tears streaming down her
face. She looked around and picked up her panties, slipping them on quickly
followed by her jeans, and then her top. She grabbed her handbag and ran to
the door, opening it and sprinting all the way home.

This was not the end of the nightmare for Sarah as weeks later she discovered
she was pregnant with Roy's baby......


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