Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 2 (MMFF,fist,ws)
by Anonymous

The street was damp and a light drizzle continued to add to its sheen. A
puddle had formed in the gutter at the front of the Rovers, slowly engulfing
the polished cobbles. A track-shoed foot splashed through the pool spreading
the waters over the curb only to be disturbed again by another pair of worn
old training shoes following the first. Maria had passed through the puddle
first followed by Tyrone. What Tyrone hadn't seen however, was Jason
Grimshaw, who had beaten them both to Jack and Vera's door by several
minutes, embrace Maria in congratulations and slyly slip his hand over her
tight young buttocks. She flicked her tongue swiftly over his lips and
whispered "Later." He nodded and left the doorstep just as Tyrone thundered
past the pub.

"Oh fuck, Oh fuck, I'm knackered," he puffed as he grabbed Maria's shoulders
to steady himself. "I need a drink, come on" he said as he threw open the

"Get me one an' all ... I need to go for a pee," shouted Maria as she ran

Tyrone flung himself onto the couch in the living room causing Vera to turn
from the cooker.

"Oh my god," she said, "Look at you, you look like you've been swimming not
running. Here let me dry you off." She brought across a towel from the
kitchenette and sat beside Tyrone on the couch and began patting the towel
on his head. Tyrone sat back to enjoy the feeling of this mother figure
treating him like her own son and he was soon relaxed.

Meanwhile Maria pushed open the door of the toilet whilst quickly pulling off
her shorts and knickers and sat sweating on the toilet seat as the first warm
spurt of urine slipped past her pussy lips and splashed into the bowl. It was
only then that she noticed Jack lying in the bath staring at her in shock.

"Oh I'm sorry Jack, I didn't now you were in here. I was bursting for a
pee and ... well ... you know I just oooo this is awful," she whimpered,
but her mood changed as she caught sight of Jack's cock. It was fully
erect but at 4" had it was no monster. Still, Maria could not believe
she had been responsible for giving Jack an erection. "I'm sorry Jack ...
was that watching me that did it?"

"Aye lass," he replied gruffly but with a wry smile on his face, "I spied
your shaved cunt and me todger sprang into action just like the old days.
Only problem is, it's been so long since Vera and me fucked I think I'm
going to artex the ceiling if I so much as touch it!!" Maria stood up
wiped her bare pussy lips and pulled off her sweaty top.

"You know, I could do with a bath an' all, I feel so grotty," she said as
she unclasped her white sports bra and let it fall on the floor her small
pert breasts stood firm from her young chest and Jack saw they were adorned
with the most beautiful long nipples he'd ever seen. They were unusually
long and he now knew he was about to have the chance to suck them.

Downstairs, Vera had noticed Tyrone's shorts had begun to move. She was on
her knees in front of him dabbing his legs dry and saw the tip of his pink
cock emerge from the hem. Tyrone was so relaxed he had closed his eyes and
was unaware the effect Vera's attentions were having on him. Driven by raw
lust, unfulfilled for many years, Vera leaned forward and placed her
lipsticked lips over the helmet of his knob and began flicking her tongue
over his Jap's eye. Tyrone suddenly awoke.

"Wha' wha' what are ye doin' Mrs D?" he nervously whispered, fearful that
Maria would walk in on them, but unaware of the fun she was now having. "Oh
god that feels good, but what if Maria should..."

Vera stopped sucking him, gave him a friendly slap and said, "Stop yer
mithering. I haven't had it for years but I've had to listen to you two go
at it hammer and tongs ever since ye moved in, well ... now its my turn,"
and she pulled of his shorts with one swift movement. Tyrone was much bigger
than she'd expected, a full 9" if she wasn't mistaken so she told herself
she would make this last.

"Get up and untie me pinnie," she ordered. "And I want you to take off all
the rest of me clothes as well our Tyrone, a'right?"

" Vera ... ooo fuck if Maria finds out."

"Stop yer whittering and just enjoy what mummy Vera's going to do to her
surrogate son," she replied in a tone of voice Tyrone had never heard her use
before but which aroused him further. As he untied her pinnie, unbuttoned her
blouse and saw for the first time Vera's magnificent wrinkled breasts, he
gasped. Before her blouse had hit the floor he had pulled the shoulder straps
of her bra down over her shoulders and released those old tits. He marvelled
at the size and was amazed to find that, as a young lad used to only Maria's
pert little tits, he found these sagging monsters a real turn on. He rubbed
each in turn, lifting them from her belly and slavering all over each nipple
like a hungry dog.

Back upstairs, Maria had lowered herself onto Jack's little cock but her
tight cunt was able to apply muscle pressure as she sprang lithely up and

"Go easy go easy," moaned Jack, "or you'll bring on another heart attack."

"Sorry Jack," said Maria slowing down to pump his cock with long rhythmic
motions. She leaned forward to allow his old lips to encircle her nipples and
suck them deeply into his mouth. They must have been about an inch and a half
long thought Jack as his hands squeezed her bum cheeks as her arse wobbled on
his cock.

Vera pushed Tyrone back and slipped off her skirt and corset to reveal the
hairiest fanny Tyrone was ever likely to see. She grabbed his hand and pushed
it against her cunt lips while pulling his head onto her nipples again. She
was enjoying this, her head flung back in ecstasy as Tyrone managed to get
all four of his fingers into her old cunt and hand fucked her roughly.

"Harder harder," she yelled as he fisted her. "My Terry used to do this for
me when Jack was too pissed but I need to feel it hard Tyrone!"

"What was that?" said Maria stopping abruptly, "I just heard Vera shouting

"What's sauce for the goose eh?" smiled Jack as the realisation dawned on
Maria's face.

"Well, why don't we join them?" she smiled back.

"Why not indeed."

Vera was bent over the kitchen table with Tyrone's fists now buried, one in
her arse, the other wrist deep in her cunt. Maria sidled up to Tyrone without
telling him she was there and reached around from behind to grab his rock
hard cock and start wanking it. Jack meanwhile moved to the other side of the
table and slipped his cock into Vera's willing mouth.

"Suck it Vee me little swamp duck, suck it like you've never sucked it

Vera said nothing but stopped briefly to remove her false teeth to suck him
the way he liked it. He had always enjoyed a gammy, her bare saliva soaked
gums were like fucking the tightest muscled pussy you could imagine. He
fucked her mouth whilst gripping her hair tightly, ramming his short cock
in as deep as it would go.

Tyrone pulled his fists from Vera's orifices and asked Maria if she was all
right with the situation.

"Of course Tyrone. I just realised how brilliant life is when you involve
others in our sex life."

"Yeeesss!!!" exclaimed Tyrone as he fondled Maria's wet shaved cunt. "How
about giving Vera a good licking then."

"I've never done it with a woman..." started Maria when Vera suddenly pulled
her head from Jack's cock and said coolly, "Don't just talk about it then,
fucking get your tongue in there!" and she resumed sucking Jack's cock.

Maria knelt behind Vera's arse and pulled the hairy lips apart before she
tentatively let her tongue glide over Vera's pussy entrance. It was the
first time she'd tasted another woman's fanny. She'd often frigged herself
to orgasm and licked her own juice from her fingers but had never tasted the
sweet flavour of another. Her tongue found Vera's enlarged clit, which she
gently nibbled and sucked. Vera moaned softly as she sucked Jack.

Tyrone sat down on the couch to watch the spectacle before him. He ran his
hand up and down his long dick, slowly at first but getting faster as the
trio before him became more and more excited and seemed ready to cum.

"Aagghh fuck. I'm going to cum!" he shouted.

The trio broke up and in a flash both Maria and Vera had their heads in front
of his cock as he felt the spunk gush forth. The mother and daughter figures
before him only increased his orgasm and wad after wad of hot sticky semen
sprayed the ladies faces. Vera was open mouthed accepting every drop she
could while Maria licked up as much as she could from Tyrone's stomach,
Vera's face, and her own arms.

As he was still hard when he'd finished, Vera climbed aboard his cock to
relieve her own pent up needs, and Jack took the opportunity to enter her
arse as Tyrone fucked her cunt. This old woman could fuck for Great Britain.
She gasped, moaned and let out little yelps as the two cocks hammered into
her. Maria climbed onto the couch and stood, legs apart above Tyron's head,
whereby he was able to lick her arse and Vera could tongue her bald lips and
clit. She grabbed Vera's head and pushed her cunt into her face as her first
orgasm swept through her body. Tyrone was kneading Vera's tits when Maria's
cunt suddenly seemed to open wider as a torrent of love juice and piss
streaked forth onto all their bodies. Again Vera open mouthed, accepted as
much of the stream as she could while Tyrone ran his finger through the warm

Vera felt a shudder go through her body as she too came and Jack yelled out
in ecstasy as he released his long locked away cream into her arsehole. They
broke up and Maria, seeing Jack's spunk oozing from Vera's anus, grabbed the
woman's buttocks and rammed her tongue into her hole to clean up all that
delicious musty fluid.

Pretty soon they were all exhausted lying in a heap on the couch. Tyrone was
knackered. Maria looked at him and said, "No wonder Jason thinks he's in with
a chance when you're such an unfit lump."

"Leave the lad alone," said Jack, "With a cock like that on 'im I don't think
he needs to be fit to get the birds, am I right son," and he winked at the

"Right Jack," replied Tyrone.

Tyrone started upstairs to get washed when he heard Maria and Vera's voices
in unison... "Tyro-one. We're ready again!!"

Tyrone wiped the sweat from his brow and with a tired, "Oh for fuck's sake,"
he started back down stairs again.


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