Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 13 (MMFFf,spank,inc,ws)
by Cargy1UK

Charlie Ramsden sat cross-legged as she sipped her red wine. She looked angry
as she looked over the brim of the glass at the girls. She knew about the
swinging in the street and had even become involved with Matt, but she didn't
realise it had extended to the teenagers. Gail Platt had simply asked her to
give them both a spanking!

She had found a used condom under her bed, which led her to Gail Platt's
house, where Gail told her about Candice and Jason's antics. Charlie did not
know about the teenage friends' sexual adventures and so thought nothing of
it when she asked Sarah-Louise to fetch Candice and bring her house for a
talking to. Matt stood against the kitchen doorway as the two schoolgirls
sat together on the couch looking sheepishly at one another. Both had just
finished school for the day and had turned up wearing the regulation grey
pleated mini skirts, white blouses and school ties.

"Well, I just hope he was worth it, Candice," said Charlie uncrossing her
legs allowing her short black skirt to ride higher up her thigh. "I thought
you would know better than to start a sexual relationship, especially after
what happened to Sarah-Louise..."

"But...," interrupted Candice, " wasn't a 'relationship' it was
just...." She pushed her skirt hard between her open legs. "....a fling, a
one off...." her eyes became catlike as she started gently rubbing her hand
between her thighs, "...a good hard fucking!"

"CANDICE!!" exclaimed Charlie. "That's very grown up language. I just wonder
if you were grown up enough with Jason to make it worth his while!!"

The two girls looked at one another and at Matt, who had a visible hard-on
pressing against his trousers. They knew the Ramsdens had been swinging, but
they also knew there was another surprise in store for them!!

"I've asked you here because Matt and I thought that if you want to have sex
with boy friends under our roof again...." Sarah-Louise's mouth dropped open
at this last remark and Candice grabbed her wrist in shock "...then we want
to make sure you know exactly what you are doing. First of all though, we
thought you should both be punished for abusing our trust in the first place.
I will spank you Candice while Matt spanks Sarah-Louise."

Charlie saw the girls look at each other with expressions of lust in their
faces. Sarah stood up and walked to Matt who had sat down in an easy chair.
He pulled her across his lap and pulled up her skirt to reveal a pair of
black lacy crotchless knickers. Candice needed no encouragement. She pulled
off her light blue see through thong and, pulling up her skirt, virtually
threw herself over Miss Ramsden's knee.

"Spank me Miss," she pleaded as Charlie reached under Candice's waist to hold
her with her left hand while she raised her right to bring down the first
blow. Her palm slapped Candice's right cheek hard causing her to jolt with
the stinging pain. "Oooooh Miss, harder please!" she exclaimed as a second
and third slap rained down on her pink young arse.

Across the room Sarah-Louise could feel the engorged cock of the local Doctor
pressing hard against her belly as he tentatively gave a few taps to her
bottom. As Charlie continued to spank the voracious Candice, he took the
opportunity to pull Sarah-Louise's panties down to her thighs and saw that
like her friend Candice, she had almost no hairs on her teenage cunt. He
licked his middle finger and inserted it between her pussy lips. Sarah
wriggled and moaned in pleasure as his thumb found its way into her relaxed
and willing arse. His left hand meanwhile was groping under her front in an
attempt to unbutton her blouse. As he felt her small breasts through the
material his cock stiffened further and he called out to Charlie. "OK no more
spanking, I want to fuck."

Charlie agreed and sat Candice on her knees. Candice took the teacher's hand
and slipped it inside her blouse. "Feel how hard you've made my nipples
Miss," she said as she lowered her lips to meet Charlie's. Candice unbuttoned
her teacher's red blouse to reveal no bra, just splendidly pert and stiffened
breasts. "Oh dear Miss, I seem to have turned you on. Better do something
about that eh??"

Matt watched as Sarah-Louise stripped naked for him as he undid his trousers
and removed his shirt. As soon as he was naked the sixth former pushed him
back and knelt in front of him. Wrapping her fingers round his solid shaft
she raised her eyes to his as she slowly wanked him off. She spat on the
index finger of her left hand as she rubbed his cock and slipped her finger
into his arse as he pushed his buttocks off the edge of the seat. She
expertly rubbed his peritoneum as she leaned forward and lowered her young
mouth over his dick.

Meanwhile Charlie had removed the remainder of Candice's clothes and hitched
her own skirt up to reveal a tiny g-string that Candice had pulled aside. "My
my, Miss Ramsden, you need to shave more. That's the hairiest cunt I've ever
seen," she said as she parted the hairy lips and leaned forward probing with
her tongue. Her tongue would flick over Charlie's arsehole then back to her
pussy where she had to hold those hairy lips apart to reveal her teachers
swollen clit. Charlie had opened her blouse and was not just playing with her
tits but squeezing them painfully, nipping and pulling her already fiery red
nipples and yelling in ecstatic pain as Candice's young tongue lapped her

Candice stopped licking Charlie and said to Matt and Sarah-Louise, "C'mon,
lets have a daisy chain."

"You really are more worldly wise than you look," said Matt as they pushed
the coffee table back and lay on the floor. Candice continued to lick
Charlie's pussy, who licked Sarah-Louise's pussy, who sucked Matt's cock,
who lapped at Candice's cunt. The four bodies were writhing in ecstasy on
the floor when the front door opened and Gail walked in with Richard.

Completely unfazed, Gail said to Richard, "I told you about our unusual sex
lives. Now its time for your initiation. Watch." Richard stood in amazement,
his cock hardening painfully against his restraining trousers.

Gail remained dressed but pulled her skirt up around her waist. She wore no
knickers and her cunt was shaved smooth. She crouched over her daughters face
who was still sucking Matt's cock and let her piss flow over Sarah-Louise's
cheeks and Matt's cock. Matt let out a yell of unbridled sexual fulfilment as
his cock exploded into and all over Sarah-Louise's mouth. Gail repositioned
herself over Charlie's mouth and asked her to stop licking Sarah-Louise's
cunt for a moment and clean her own pussy up. Charlie gladly obliged and
licked the few remaining drops of urine from Gails cunt and arse.

"Candice," said Gail, "Could you stop that for a moment, I think Richard
would like to show you something.

"Nnnno, no, I can't," stuttered Richard, but before he could argue, Gail had
unzipped his cock and begun rubbing it furiously. Candice bent forward over
the chair arm and Gail guided his now rock solid cock into her arse. Candice
screamed as it forced its way in deeper and further than she'd had any cock
before and then moaned in pleasure as Gail spat on Richards cock to make it
slide in easier.

Richard could not believe this was happening. The group on the floor had
moved and now Sarah-Louise and Charlie were in a 69 on the floor under
Candice and Gail was licking Matt's spent cock clean.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" yelled Richard as he bucked and jerked his
cock in the teenager's anus. As he withdrew his spunk began dripping from
her arse to her pussy lips. Sarah-Louise immediately came to the rescue and
licked and sucked at her friends arse and cunt until there was no more spunk
in sight. Richard removed the rest of his clothing and lay back on the floor
as Gail stripped off and joined her daughter and the others in an orgy of
lust pussy juice and spunk. He particularly enjoyed Gail tongue fucking her
own daughter as he was sucked to attention by his step-daughter in waiting!!


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