Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 10 (MFF,fist,ws)
by Cargy1UK

Shelly stared into the bottom of the empty glass. It was Monday night and the
Rovers was deserted. Dougie had left her in charge and she'd only had Toyah
for company. Toyah was having a lie down in the back room to try to sleep
away a particularly nasty headache and so now Shelly stood behind the bar at
10:30pm wistfully examining the empty glass.

"You won't find the answers to your problems in there love" said a voice,
which snapped her out of her daydream. It was Steve McDonald who had
surprised her.

"Steve, you startled me. This place has been dead all night. I've even been
able to let Toyah have a nap in't backroom," said Shelly, "What can I get

"I'll have a pint please Shelly."

And Shelly like all good soap barmaids knew exactly which drink he had
failed to specify! She poured his ale into a pint tumbler and made small
talk as she did so. Steve examined her carefully as she poured his drink.
She was one well-built woman he thought to himself staring at her
voluminous 40DD breasts. Her overweight, but perfectly proportioned body,
was encased in a silver/grey knee length dress, which clung to every inch
of her skin. Her tits poured out from the low cut top revealing a fantastic
cleavage, which Steve imagined himself fondling and caressing. The dress
was so skin-tight he couldn't help wondering if she had any knickers on.

"Karen not coming in tonight then?" asked Shelly passing his pint to him.

"She is presently lying on our bed, legs apart being licked out by an old
girlfriend of hers!"

"STEVE!! You can't say something like that, that's terrible."

"Its TRUE!" said Steve "We have an open relationship and both love swinging
and fucking other people but this old bird doesn't like me to join them so I
got kicked out!"

"You're not kidding are you?" asked Shelly, shocked and open mouthed.

"No, I thought you would have heard about this street by now Shelly. You've
been here for nearly 6 months and no ones invited you to a swinging night!!
I can hardly believe that with this street's reputation."

"Believe me Steve I didn't know anything about all that but if you like, - "
Shelly smiled lasciviously " - you can invite me to the next one. I love
nothing better than two cocks at once."

"Look did you say Toyah's in the backroom and this place is dead. Why not
lock up for the night and we could go through and er, "discuss your invite
with Toyah." smiled Steve.

Shelly opened the bar gate and walked to the door of the pub. She looked
outside in case anyone was just about to come in then she closed and secured
the doors. Sensing what was to come Steve downed his pint and stood back from
the bar as Shelly approached him.

"By the way Steve, to answer the question you were obviously dying to ask
earlier,-" she grabbed his right hand and pulled it up the dress to her
pussy, forcing her wet quim down on to his fingers "- no I'm not wearing

She threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply as he fingered her moist
pussy lips. She unzipped his fly and now started rubbing her hand over the
bulge in his pants.

"Lets go see Toyah" said Steve, and they both walked towards the bar gate,
but before they could get there Toyah appeared behind the bar stark naked and

"Nothing like a good frig to get rid of a headache" she said while standing
with her hands on her hips and legs apart. Her cunt was bald save for a small
patch of trimmed pubic hair, which had been cut in the shape of a heart.
"Only trouble is I'm now bursting for a pee. - Shelly, lie on the floor, I'm
gonna piss all over you baby" she said in a very dominating voice.

"I should have said" whispered Steve to Shelly "Toyah likes to be in charge."

"OK" said Shelly beginning to remove her dress.

"NO. Keep it on. I want to see you wet and smelling of my piss when I tongue
fuck your arse."

"Oh Christ that sounds fucking great" said Steve as he watched Shell lie back
on the floor and Toyah stood over her. Toyah grabbed Steve's cock, which he
had pulled through his fly and began tossing him off as they stood next to
the prostrate Shelly who was writhing on the floor in anticipation. Then a
small trickle of golden urine splashed onto the top of her dress as Toyah
pulled open her cunt with her right hand and wanked off Steve with her left.
The piss soaked through quickly to reveal the shape of Shelly's nipples under
her bra. They were surrounded by the largest darkest aureoles Steve had ever
seen. The piss continued to trickle rivulets of golden liquid over the dress
until Toyah could hold back no longer and the trickle became a torrent of
piss completely soaking Shelly. Shelly had pulled up her dress and was
fingering her doubly wet cunt as the golden rain poured. Steve fell to his
knees pulling his cock from Toyah's grip and began licking Shelly's exposed
cleavage and felt the warm sensation of hot pee on the back of his neck as
he did so.

"Oh you fuckin dirty cunt" said Shelly as she pulled herself and Steve to
their feet. Her face was wet with piss as she pulled the naked Toyah to her
and forced her tongue into her mouth. Toyah fell back against the bar, legs
wide apart to accommodate Shelly's fingers which delved between the piss
soaked lips of her crack. As Shelly kissed down Toyah's neck towards her
small rounded tits to kiss each nipple, she felt the zip of her dress being
pulled down and the arms being slipped off her shoulders. The dress was
tight to her body and required all of Steve's strength to pull the soaked
material from her skin. Finally he was kneeling behind her as he pulled the
dress away from her feet. She was now bent right over as she flicked her
tongue over the swollen clit at the entrance to Toyah's soaked cunt. Steve's
face was inches from Shelly's puckered arsehole and the swollen pussy lips
which protruded underneath. He gripped her from behind and slipped his wet
silky tongue into her arse, spitting on it first to moisten it. His fingers
pushed their way into her pussy as she opened her legs wider.

Meanwhile Toyah had grabbed Shelly's long blonde hair and was forcing her
cunt forward onto Shelly's mouth. Shelly frantically licked and probed and
sucked with her tongue and could taste the increasing amount of pussy juice
building up in Toyah's cunt.

Finally Toyah shuddered, pushed Shelly away and rubbed her own clit as she
directed her cunt towards Shelly's face. BANG, her cunt exploded wads of her
cream towards and into Shelly's face. Steve stood up and watched as shot
after shot of hot cream splashed across the bar onto Shelly and over his now
exposed chest. He removed his trousers and pants and grabbed Toyah, throwing
her over a table.

"Now lie there and watch!" he told her. He pulled Shelly to him and undid
her bra letting it fall to the floor. He kissed her face and licked all of
the thick cunt cream from her cheeks and lips before guiding her to the table
where Toyah lay open legged. Steve directed Shelly's hand to Toyah's open
cunt and whispered "Fist fuck the bitch, she loves it." Shelly pushed two,
three and then four fingers into Toyah's pussy and Steve grabbed her still
exposed thumb and pushed it in with the rest.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" screamed Toyah as Shelly bagan fisting her first slowly
then increasingly quickly as Toyah pushed her hips against Shelly's forearm.

Steve stood behind Shelly, his 9" dick very erect in his hand. He spat once
more on her arse before pushing his length into her waiting arse. She moaned
in ecstasy as he pumped her from behind and she in turn fucked Toyah. As
Steve reached round to play with Shelly's tits while he fucked her he
realised that Toyah had the same idea. Both began fondling Shelly's massive
tits, first gently then getting rougher. Squeezing tight as his cock rammed
her arse, pinching the long brown nipples hard to her squeals of ecstasy and
pain, finally Steve knew he was about to cum.

"I'm cumming I'm cumming" he yelled as he pulled out and moved to the top of
the table. He wanked his length. He was beside Toyah who knew exactly what
he needed. She placed her mouth over his cock just as the first dribble of
precum issued forth and she stuck a finger into his arse which was the
catalyst for an almighty ejaculation into the back of her throat. She gagged
as wad after wad of spunk hit her mouth and she swallowed as fast as the
spunk came. The taste was enough to make her cum again herself and Shelly
felt the shudders down her arm. Toyah yelled out as she came again. Neither
Toyah nor Steve had noticed Shelly pick up the tall narrow tumbler she had
rammed up her cunt and was now fucking herself with.

She had the open end inside her pussy and was tweaking her clit with her
right hand, which she'd removed from Toyah, and fucked herself with her left.
Toyah held Steve as both watched the spectacle of Shell standing before them,
one leg propped up on a chair to allow easier access. Her magnificent tits
bounced up and down as she fucked herself before she let out a high-pitched
squeak and shivered all over. Toyah and Steve saw a small wad of juice pour
from her cunt into the glass. When she finished she handed the glass to Steve
who raised it aloft and said, "To Shelly, welcome to the Street" and he
poured the contents into his mouth.


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