Coronation Street: Sarah Lou The Slut (Mf)
by Michael_John11 ([email protected])

Martin sat down in front of the television and smiled as he looked forward to
a quiet night in, his bitch of a wife Gail and annoying twat son David were
both out for the night, only his teenage step-daughter Sarah was in and he
expected her to stay upstairs while he watched the football...but he was

Sarah came padding down stairs in a thin and very skimpy nightdress that
clung to her slim,developing 15 year old body.

Martin couldn't help but glance at her fine figure, she'd certainly become
a beautifal young woman since giving birth last year.

Sarah sat down on an armchair facing Martin giving him a tantalising glimpse
of the silky,white panties beneath her nightie, he quickly looked away as
Sarah caught his eye.

She smiled, fully aware where he was looking.

"Beth alright?" he asked,trying to sound natural.

"Fine." replied Sarah "Where's Mum?"

"Working late again." Martin said miserabley.

He and his wife weren't getting on too well at the moment but he still missed
female company.

"Must be hard." Sarah said "Not having anyone to talk to or share things

Martin was a little takenaback by Sarah's mature observation. "I suppose...."
he began.

"I mean I know men have needs." Sarah continued.

"Sexual needs. Is that why you had an affair? Cos mum wasn't giving you what
you needed?"

Martin stared stunned at Sarah for a second.

"Sarah! I can't talk about that with you." he said.

Sarah smiled stood up and sat down beside him on the sofa.

"I'm not a kid anymore Martin, I do know what it's like to be horny."

She stared seductively at Martin as he looked back in disbelief at what he
was hearing.

"Why dye think I got pregnant so young?" Sarah said.

"It's cos I'm a dirty slut, I'm gagging for it, I insisted he fuck me without
a condom."

Martin bounded up out of the sofa as he felt Sarah slip a hand on to his

"What the hell dye think your doing Sarah?" he demanded.

Sarah didn't answer, instead she opened her legs making her nighty slip over
her thighs and giving Martin a full look at her panties.

Next she slipped three fingers inside and began to moan and wail with delight
as she masturbated slowly.

Martin was transfixed, the sight of his stunning young step-daughter bringing
herself off was something he couldn't turn away from.

Clear liquid trickled out of Sarah's panties and down the inside of her leg
as she came to a climax.

She withdrew her fingers and sucked them clean staring mischievously at an
amazed Martin all the time.

"Just relax Martin." she said "It's not a big fucking deal. I can be your new
mistress, ye slut, I know that's what you want."

Martin found Sarah's teasing too strong to resist and walked nervously back
to the sofa and sitting back down beside his horny step-daughter.

She resumed her fondling of his cock and then met with no resistance as she
undid his jeans.

She grinned with delight as Martins bulging cock popped out at her and wasted
no time in extending it even with an expert handjob.

"This is so wrong." Martin breathed as Sarah made him groan and sigh with
pleasure. She shook her heads and smiled.

"How can something that feels so right be wrong?" she reasoned as Martin
wailed with delight and shot a warm,sticky load all over her sweet face.

Sarah smiled as his cum trickled down her red lips and into her eager mouth,
she swallowed it down without a second thought then deciding she'd got the
taste for it she bobbed down and took Martins cock into her mouth.

Martin was far too horny to worry about morals anymore and gently patted her
mop of long, brown hair as she confidently sucked his massive manhood taking
more and more into her mouth and gratefully swallowing down another sticky

Sarah stood up and smiling widely, then pulled her nightdress up over her
head before undoing her bra and discarding the matching silky panties.

Martin stood staring in awe at Sarah's superb naked teenage body for a

Sarah had firm,developing breasts with perky, pink nipples that were
screaming out to be sucked on as well as a trim,thinly matted pussy that
helped her retain some innocence despite her slutty behaviour.

Best of all though was her firm,pert teenage arse.

Martin could hardly wait to get her on all fours and explore her previously
untouched arsehole.

Sarah confidently bounded onto the sofa and lowered herself on to his fully
erect cock, she groaned a little on pain of entry as the organ filled up her
slit but quickly found a rhythm and expertly rode Martin both of them moaning
with delight as they enjoyed a string of orgasms.

Sarah's pleasure heightened by Martin suckling her now very erect nipples.

"Oh fucking hell martin yeah, do me ye bastard!" Sarah screamed, like the
teenage slut she undoubtedly was.

After a string of loud,sticky orgasms they collapsed back on to the sofa

"That were fucking brilliant!" Sarah enthused.

"What if ye get pregnant?" Martin said suddenly coming back to earth.

"I'm on the pill ye arsehole" Sarah laughed.

"Like all sex mad teenagers should be."

Martin grinned, his smile got even wider as she jumped onto the ground and
sat on all fours.

"Howeay then, ye gonna take me up the arse aren't ye?"

Martin didn't need a second invite.

He slipped onto the floor and sat on his knees behind Sarah admiring the
curves of her pert 15 year old teenage arse.

"Your a right slut aren't ye?" he said agressively.

"Well I'm gonna show ye what sluts get."

Sarah screamed in agony as he rammed his huge cock up her tight, untouched
arsehole then began to moan with delight as he slipped it in and out while
stroking her teenage breasts.

"Do me, fucking do me. Harder!" she screamed.

Martin forced his cock in and out of a panting Sarah, until neither of them
could come anymore.

The sweaty,sticky pair took a shower.

Martin watching with delight as Sarah lathered her sore cunt and asshole with
shower gel then beckoning him to her.

She wrapped her legs around him as he rammed his cock back up her pussy, the
flimsy wall of the shower rattling as Sarah was pounded against screaming in
delight at yet another orgasm.

The pair rinsed each other off and got dressed agreeing it would the first of
many such encounters.

Gail never suspected a thing though she did wonder why Sarah had such a bad
back so often.


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