Coronation Street: Sally Webster's Business Plan (mF,m-mast,oral,voy)
by Alexia Fan ([email protected])

Sally Webster leaned on the counter of her hardware shop and sighed. Things
hadn't been going too well lately. In fact, trade was terrible. She hadn't
seen a customer since the week before last, and they had only spent a few
pounds. She was at her wits end. There was no money for a float in the
till - she'd spent the last of that on food at the weekend. In front of the
till now stood a piece of cardboard that read "cash sales only - correct
change, please".

She sighed again, and her breath made a cloud of vapour in the air. It was a
cold day and she felt freezing, but she had turned the heating off two weeks
ago to try and stretch what little cash she had a bit further. She crossed
her arms in front of her and began to rub them, trying to warm herself. Just
then, the bell above the door jingled. Sally looked up hopefully as the door
opened, then settled back again. It was only Gail Platt's son David, come to
torment her, probably.

"Ullo", he said, cheerily.

Sally snapped back at him. "What do you want - why aren't you at school?"

David made a face. "Well," he replied, "that's charming, that is. I only came
in to show you something."

Sally pursed her lips. Since Gails' boyfriend Richard had moved in David had
settled down a bit. She was wrong to snap at him like that. "Sorry David,"
she said, "I'm sorry, OK? I've just had a bit of a bad day. But why aren't
you at school?"

David ignored her question, and continued. "I found something. I found it in
Richards' stuff, hidden away."

Sally's resolution to be patient began to waver. "Look David, I've got lots
to do..."

David reached up and put a rucksack on the counter. "I found this." He opened
the rucksack and up-ended it over the counter. Wads of banknotes fell out.

"David, there must be thousands there..." Sally gawped at the growing mound
of money. She'd never seen so much in her life.

David continued. "Well hidden, it were. I think there's something funny about
it. I think it's stolen or something."

Sally stared at the pile. "Like fraud, you mean? Are you going to tell the

David shook his head. "Nah, I'm gonna put it back. Well, most of it, he won't
miss a little bit of it, will he?" He pulled ten fifty pound notes from one
of the bundles and stuffed them in his pocket.

Sally pondered. She'd had the feeling for a while that Richard was up to
something, and this seemed to confirm it. She looked at the money again.
David was right - Richard probably wouldn't miss a little bit of it. She
sighed. She could certainly do with some of it herself...

Her thoughts were broken by David speaking again. "I know what you're
thinking," he said, "you're wondering if you could have some, aren't yer?"

Sally blustered. "No, no, of course I wasn't..."

David interrupted her. "I bet you could do with some of this." Abruptly, he
changed the topic of conversation. "'Ere - it's bloody cold in here, int'it?"

Sally thought quickly. "The heater's broken - the man's supposed to come and
fix it."

David stared at her chest. "Bloody cold," he continued, "look at the size of
your nipples..."

Startled, Sally looked at David. She was shocked - she couldn't believe her
ears. "What did you say..?" she asked him.

David answered, now looking blatantly at her breasts. "I said, look at the
size of your nipples. Proper pokies, they are - they're sticking right out,
fucking enormous. I bet you'd look great with your tits out."

Sally looked down at her chest. Sure enough, the cold had caused her nipples
to become fully erect, and they were showing through her top. She hurriedly
covered herself with her hands, then replied angrily, "David Platt, how dare
you speak to me like that - get out of my shop right now!"

David looked at her calmly, and began to scoop the wads of banknotes back
into the bag. "Well, alright," he said, "but it's you that's missing out. I
saw the way you looked at this money. You could have had some of this..."
He looked meaningfully at the money.

Sally's anger faltered. "How do you mean..?"

"I mean," David answered slowly, "I could let you have some of this, if you
could let me see some of that..." He nodded at her chest.

Sally's eyes opened wide. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "David,"
she answered, "do you mean what I think you mean?"

David nodded. "If you show me your tits, I'll let you have, say, one of
these?" He pulled one of the fifty pound notes from his pocket and held it
out to her. Sally looked at the money and shook her head in disbelief.

'He was really serious,' she thought. Fifty pounds to let him see her
breasts... 'How dare he,' she thought to herself - did he think she was that
desperate? She frowned. The trouble was, she was that desperate, and fifty
pounds was fifty pounds. There was no food in the larder, the red bill had
arrived for the gas, and the electric company was about to cut the supply
off... Suddenly she realised what she was thinking. "David," she said,
putting her hands on her hips, "get out of my shop now!"

David just looked at her, staring intently at her chest. He held the fifty
pound note out again. "Just think," he said, "a nice, crisp fifty just for
showing me your tits. Good money for a couple of minutes work. I mean, I can
almost see them already..."

Sally looked down and realised that in putting her hands on her hips she'd
dropped her guard. Her nipples were clearly visible, poking through the
material of the bra and thin cotton blouse she was wearing. "David", she
answered, quickly covering her breasts again, "you're a fucking pervert."

He waved the note at her. "The trouble is," he said, smirking, "I'm a pervert
with a fifty pound note. Now what's it going to be?"

Sally pondered again. All those bills. Fifty pounds wouldn't pay them off,
but it would be a start and would buy some groceries, at least. She dropped
her hands again and looked down at her front. It was such a cold day, and
David was right - he could almost see everything she'd got. She really needed
that fifty pound note. She spoke, a tone of pleading in her voice. "But
David, can't you just look at them like this?" Pushing her chest out, she
touched her breasts through her her blouse. "I don't mind you doing that -
like you said, you can almost see everything now anyway," she moved closer
to him. "This would do, wouldn't it? I mean, it's not like you'd miss the
money, it's not even yours".

David moved back a little, waving the note. "Nah, don't think so, Sally -
it's got to be all or nothing. Top off, or no fifty..."

Sally felt sick, trapped. She looked at her watch. Five minutes to one.
Nearly lunchtime anyway. She sighed. "Alright," she heard herself say, "we'd
better go into the stockroom. I'll show you them in there, but only for a
minute, and you're not to touch. Come with me." Stepping out from around the
counter, Sally locked the front door, put the closed sign up, and indicated
to the stock room. "Through here." As she walked, she found herself shaking
her head. What was she doing? David followed, smiling broadly.

Once they were both inside Sally closed the stockroom door. "Look, David,"
she said, "I'm only doing this because I really need that money. I don't
want you touching them, and I don't want anyone to find out - you're not to
tell a soul. Is that clear?" David nodded agreement. "Alright then," Sally
continued, "I'll show you, but like I said, you're not to touch." She looked
down, and began to unbutton her blouse.

David grinned. "Talk dirty - tell me what you're going to do."

Sally looked up from her task, blushing, humiliation in her face. "You
fucker," she said, "I'm not talking dirty to you..."

David scrunched the fifty pound note in his hand so Sally could hear it.
"You're showing your tits to a thirteen year old boy for money, and you
think you're too good to talk dirty?"

Sally stopped unbuttoning and looked at him in disbelief. "You cunt. You
dirty cunt..." she trailed off.

"That's dirty enough," David said, grinning. "You can carry on getting your
tits out now.

Sally couldn't believe what was happening to her. If it wasn't for the
money... She looked down again and undid the last few buttons of her blouse,
then shrugged it off her shoulders and down off her arms. She hung the blouse
on the door handle and stood there in her bra and slacks. The bra wasn't
fancy or new, just a plain white, slightly tatty functional bra. David didn't
seem to notice. He was enjoying the view. He reached down and began to unzip
his school trousers. Sally looked at him, alarmed. "What are you doing?" she

David put his hand into his pants. "Cock's hard - got to touch it. Take off
your bra."

'No,' Sally thought, shaking her head - this wasn't part of the agreement.
"David, I never agreed to you doing that," she said, "you never said anything
about doing that..."

With his other hand David reached into his pocket and pulled out a second of
the fifties he'd taken from the wad and added it to the first. "Another fifty
quid, then," he said. "I'll give you another fifty to let me wank while you
show me."

Sally looked at the money. Another fifty. Christ - what was she doing? Making
her decision, she took both the fifty pound notes from him and tucked them
into her waistband. "Alright, you can do it, but if you come I don't want it
anywhere near me."

David nodded agreement, pulled out his erect penis and began to wank.
Sally couldn't help but have a look. His cock was obviously not yet fully
developed - not that long, and quite thin, but very hard. A sparse bush of
downy pubic hair spread out at the base. Thank God for that - it would have
been too weird if he hadn't developed that far yet... She put the thought
from her mind.

David spoke again. "Take off the bra", he said again, his voice thick, "show
me the tits."

This was it. Sally reached behind her back and unfastened the clips. She
leaned forward. Slid the straps down off her shoulders and held the bra cups.
Could she do this? She thought of the money. She had to have it. Sally took a
deep breath and lowered the bra, letting her breasts swing free. She stood
there, bare breasted.

David's eyes opened wide at the view, and he began to wank furiously.
Although her breasts were not really all that big they were a good shape,
nicely tilted up. David couldn't take his eyes off them. Sally had never
gone in for topless sunbathing, so her breasts were milky white, two soft
globes topped with light brown, very erect nipples. David groaned, awe in
his voice. "Fuck, Sally, your tits are fantastic. And just look at your

Sally looked down at them. God, they were fully erect now. Long and chewy.
That was how one of her boyfriends had described them. She'd never been able
to hide them when they were up, they showed through whatever she wore. Even
back in her schooldays they had stuck out more than most other girls (she'd
checked that out in the school showers) and since motherhood the effect had
been enhanced. It was down to the girls, really. Her nipples had grown while
she was pregnant, and even after all these years she'd never seen a page
three girl who's nipples were has fuller, more erect. She looked back at
David, still wanking, disgust on her face. "Happy now?" she said

He grinned, still wanking. "Fucking brilliant," he said. "Play with them -
shake them about."

Sally frowned. "I will not - I've kept my part of the bargain. I think it's
time to get dressed." She reached for her blouse, then paused. This was a
chance to make some money. She had to take it. "Tell you what", she said,
"I'll do it for another fifty. Do you want this sort of thing?" She cupped
both of her breasts and pushed them up together, creating a cleavage.

David laughed. "You're getting the hang of this, aren't you? OK, another

Sally found herself manipulating her tits while he watched and wanked. She
began to knead them, squeezing them together in a rythmic, circular motion.
David's hand moved faster over his cock. "Play with your nipples," he said,
excitement in his voice.

Sally circled her nipples with her fingers, then began gently to pull at
them. "Do you want me to pull them out as far as they'll go?" she asked.
David nodded. Sally smiled to herself. This one never failed to get them
going... Leaning forward slightly, she gripped each nipple between finger
and thumb, then tugged them out as far as she could get them. It had the
added effect of stretching her tits out, too. David's eyes were huge as
he watched her. "Do you like that?" Sally asked. She was pleased as David
nodded mutely, his hand working on his cock. Suddenly, she realised
something had happened. Something she hadn't expected. She had taken
control of the situation, and had begun to enjoy it.

Sally looked at his hand as it slid up and down his penis. As she did, a
plan began to form in her mind. A business plan. She had a feeling she knew
how to get the rest of the money in his pocket. "David" she began, "have
you ever wondered what it would feel like if someone else did that to you?"

David looked at her, not sure what she was getting at. "Well, yes...I

Sally looked him in the eye. "If you give me another hundred and fifty pounds
I'll do it for you. Would that be good - being wanked by a grown woman?"

David couldn't believe his ears. "Really? You'll really do it?"

Sally knelt down in front of him. "I'll really do it, and you can put it
between my tits if you want, too."

David's heart began to beat faster as he answered. "But you said if I came
you didn't want it anywhere near you..."

Sally removed his hand from his cock and replaced it with her own. "Well,"
she said, looking down at his penis in her hand, "It'll just have to go where
it goes, won't it..."

She began to masturbate him. His cock felt warm and stiff. She watched the
foreskin slide back and forth as she manipulated his cock. David's breathing
began to deepen. Her hand felt so good around his cock. After a while Sally
released her grip and pushed her breasts together. "Put it in between them,
David," she said. "You'll really like the feel of this..."

She smiled as she felt his hard cock slip between her breasts. She felt his
hands slide under hers and onto her breasts as she moved her tits up and down
the shaft. "Do you like that, David? Does it feel good..?"

David felt the soft skin of her tits squeezing his cock. "Oh God, Sally -
that's so great.."

After a few minutes David began to breathe heavily. He recognised the signs -
he was going to come soon. Sally also recognised the signs. Releasing his
cock from between her tits she began to wank him again. It was time to put
the last part of her business plan into operation. As she continued to wank
him, she asked casually "David - when did you last have a bath?"

David looked puzzled as he answered, "I have a shower every morning..."

Sally smiled. "Good. Look David, business isn't too good at the moment. I
need as much money as I can get right now. You took five hundred pounds from
that rucksack. You've given me some of it. If you give me the rest I'll suck
your cock for you, all the way. All the way David, do you know what I mean?"

Davids' mind began to reel. He couldn't believe his ears. She was offering
to suck him off until he came in her mouth. Nervously, he stammered,
"S - Sally..." He tried again. "You mean you'll..."

Sally nodded her head. "All the way."

Pulling out the rest of the money from his pocket he placed it in a pile next
to her. "God, Sally, I never thought..." he trailed off again as she leaned
forward and engulfed his cock with her mouth. David gasped. It felt so good.
Nothing he'd ever experienced could have prepared him for the intensity of
this feeling, not even the tit-wank. The warm wetness of Sallys' mouth along
with the skill with which she was sucking him was almost too much. He began
to tremble. It wouldn't be long now.

Sally felt the change in his reaction and realised he was about to come. She
started to suck him harder, faster, and felt his hips bucking as he began to
thrust his cock into her mouth.

Reaching behind him she grabbed his tight buttocks and pulled him closer to
her, taking his penis in ever deeper, sucking harder, lashing his cock with
her tongue.

"OH FUCK, SALLY - IT'S COMING!!" David groaned, almost crying, and grabbed
her head, pulling it to him trying to get his cock in as far as it would go.

As he did so, Sally felt his warm load shoot into her mouth. His salty spunk
filled her mouth and dribbled out, splashing down her chin and onto her
breasts. Moaning with ecstasy David continued to grind her head down onto his
cock until the flow subsided.

Eventually Sally felt his cock begin to soften and shrink in her mouth.
Finally she released it, and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. She
had needed that. It had been a long time since she'd done anything like it.
"Well...?" she looked up at David.

As he pulled his pants and trousers back up he looked at her kneeling there
topless, her chin and breasts glistening, coated with his sperm. "God, Sal -
that was ace. I don't know what to say..."

Sally looked at him, a warning look on her face. "Well then, just don't
say anything to anyone, or you're dead. Now, you'd better go before we get
caught. Let yourself out, and take that rucksack back to where you got it."

David had been dismissed. Sally watched as he zipped up his flies and walked
unsteadily through the door of the stockroom. She heard him make his way
through the shop and then unlock the front door. The doorbell chimed as the
door opened and closed, and David was gone.

Sally picked up the money and placed it in the safe. She smiled as she
locked the safe door. She'd just earned five hundred pounds in about half
an hour. Not bad at all. She cleaned herself up and was just buttoning her
blouse when she heard the jangle of the bell above the front door. Christ -
she'd forgotten David had left it unlocked. "Be out in a minute", she said,
hurriedly finishing the last few buttons. She stepped through the stockroom
door and back into the shop.

It was Gail, David's mum. For a moment Sally panicked. Had Gail caught
David leaving the shop? Had she questioned him - did she know what had just
happened? Trying to look relaxed, Sally said, "Hi Gail, what brings you in
here today then? Anything I can get you?"

Gail shook her head and smiled. "No, not today Sally. I just called in to
see if you'd seen anything of David. He was supposed to be in school today
but I've just had a call to say he didn't turn up. He hasn't been in here,
by any chance?"

Sally thought for a moment. A devilish feeling overcame her. Could she have
some fun and answer without telling a lie? A slight smile crossed her lips.
Yes. She knew how to do it... The smile remained, broadening as she looked
Gail straight in the eye. She could still taste Davids' spunk in her mouth
as she answered. "Well, Gail", she said, "It's funny you should ask. David
did come in here it's true, in fact I was in the stockroom when he came.
I've got to tell you he was being very rude. He needs sorting out, that lad.
I mean, I tried to take him in hand, but in the end he gave me a right
mouthful, and I can tell you I found it pretty hard to swallow..."


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