Coronation Street: Nikki Sanderson's Birthday Trip
by Alcatraz017 ([email protected])

Part 1 - Taken For A Ride

Nikki was on leave from Coronation Street for 2 weeks to celebrate her 19th
birthday so she decided to go on a solo riding holiday to the USA. She
arrived at the Shiloh Dude Ranch on a Monday evening as she climbed out of
the taxi. The driver got out to unload her bags.

"How much do I owe you?" she asked the driver

"Call me Joe," said to the well built 50 year old man.

"Ok, how much Joe?"

He grabbed her by her dyed brunnette hair telling her, "It would cost you a
blow job and it's no use screaming bitch. I've got a deal with the ranch
hands." Using his free hand he unzipped his jeans and flicked out a chubby
6 inch cock.

"No, please, no!" begged Nikki, but he pulled her face down so the tip of
his cock was poking her in the nose.

"Suck it, whore!" he ordered her and she opened her mouth slightly and he
forced his dick in onto her tongue.

Reluctantly she closed her lips encircling it and began to suck long and
hard upon his manhood. After 5 minutes he pulled out and splashed his seed
onto her face, then he cleaned himself in her hair zipped himself up and
drove off.

All Nikki could do was find a t-shirt in her clothing to wipe her face dry
and after regaining her composure she entered the ranch house.

"Morning m'am," said a fellow inside. "I see you met Joe. He sure does like
young single girls."

"You bastard! Why didn't you help me?"

"Why cause he pays us well."

Nikki was then shown to her room and no sooner was she left alone than she
burst into tears thinking of her ordeal. After taking a bath she cried
herself asleep.

Part 2 - Stable Diet

Nikki awoke early the next day putting the previous night down to
experience deciding it was not going to rule her holiday. After she was
given her breakfast she asked whereabouts of the rest of the holiday
makers. "Didn't you now its the quiet season now?" She was the solo guest
so they would be able to pamper to her every need.

A broad smile sprang out from her. 'This was brilliant,' she thought.

"So what do you want to do today," the ranch hands asked.

"Can you show me around the entire ranch please?"

"No problem, but what do we call you m'am."

"Nikki is fine."

"Right, Nikki, as soon as I get a wagon hitched we'll set off."

By dinner time she was being driven along a riding trail being told that
once she had learnt some riding skills she could take a horse out for a
solo ride which could be as soon as possibly Thursday. The night ended
with a barbeque and a cool beer as she watched the sunset. That night she
slept like a baby due to all the clean country air.

Wednesday passed with her being taught some basic riding skills and ended
with a visit to a local family bar with the ranch hands till closing time.
She awoke on Thursday and she went into the kitchen only to find a note
saying everyone had to go out there was a small brush fire on the outskirts
of the ranch and to help herself to breakfast and they'd be back by midday.
She made herself some bacon and eggs and washed it down with a coffee from
the range. She looked at the wall clock 7:50am. "Oh well, I might as well
go and groom the horses."

She made a quick change of clothing into a pink cotton t-shirt and tight
pair of denim shorts with calf length boots and left for the stables. As
she entered one horse neighed at her. "And hello to you too fella," she
said as she patted his neck.

Continuing she got a grooming brush off the wall rack and went from horse
to horse until she finally came to her mount from yesterday. Just as she
stood ready to start the ranch pet a dog called Samson arrived and started
to sniff at Nikki's shorts. Then its tongue slipped up the inside of her
shorts and began licking her.

"Stop it, Samson!" she said pushing him away, but as soon as she started
brushing down Chief's, the horse, back, he came trying to get his tongue
further into her shorts. Nikki felt her body reacting to the assault and
the dog could sense this and his licking found renewed vigour and her
pussy juices became evident by a damp patch on her shorts.

As Nikki looked down in the direction of the dog she became aware of the
horse's cock emerging form its sheath. The black member grew and grew until
it measured a good 15 inches and fascinated her hand gripped this slick
swollen length. She couldn't reach round the thickness and she began to
slowly massage it.

Meanwhile her pussy was running like a tap as Samson licked away at her.
She couldn't bear it any longer and removed her hand from the horse cock
and undid her shorts and took them off quickly followed by her sodden
purple panties. The dog soon began to lick away at her now naked thinly
bushed cunt. Nikki bit her lip as his tongue finally pushed into her
dripping pussy. "Oh!" she gasped as he continued.

Nikki put her hand back onto Chief's dick and surprised herself as she put
her mouth to the tip before opening up wide to wrap her lips around it and
slide down the length 8 inches. She began to bob her head up and down it
with ever increasing speed as she tried to gasp as Samson found her clitoris
only for the horse cock to push into her throat gagging her. This caused her
to reach an orgasm as hot horse sperm shot down her throat. Ug! Ug! Ug! Ug!
Ug! Ug! Ug! noises came from her as she swallowed load after load. Suddenly
the horse pulled back slightly and the cock pulled from her mouth still
sending blast after blast of sperm over Nikki's face and hair. Once the
ejaculation had stopped Nikki got down on her knees to suck upon Samson's
thin pink dick before gulping down his seed also to thank him.

The next few hours were she spent going round all the 7 horses sucking all
of them off. By the time the ranch hands returned she had bathed and changed
clothes into another pair of shorts and a low cut top.

"Sorry 'bout this morning, but we hope you found something to keep you
occupied while we were away."

"No, it was ok," she smiled still feeling the burning in her pussy and
remembering the nutty taste of horse cum.

Part 3 - Woman's Best Friend

By Saturday Nikki was allowed to go out solo riding. She rode Chief out as
far as she could from the ranch to a desolate spot where there was a small
but dense wooded area and dismounted. She then removed the saddle from Chief.
Wasting no time she dropped to her knees and rubbed Chief's balls until his
erection grew to its full length.

Next she removed her navy nike t-shirt and stone washed jeans unclasped her
lime green low cut bra with matching thong and placed all her clothes to
one side. Returning to Chief she placed his swollen member between her more
than ample breasts and sqeezed him tightly before starting to tit wank this
glorious rod for a good 10 minutes until it shot a mammoth ejaculation
between her sweating jugs and over most of her nubile body. Once he ceased
cumming, Nikki began to clean the horse's cock licking up and down from the
base to the tip finally she opened her pouting lips and engulfed it sucking
as hard as she could like a human vacuum cleaner.

After 5 more minutes she got a pleasant surprise as Samson arrived and
started to lap at her pussy. Nikki opened her legs more to let him tongue
even deeper. Yet again her pussy juices oozed. Then without warning Samson
clambered up her back gripping her firmly around the waste with his paws
as his doggy knob sought her snatch, once ,twice, three times then on the
fourth try success.

'Shit!' thought Nikki as the hectic pummelling of her cunt shute continued
making her tits bounce together with an audible slapping sound. This movement
of her tits stung her but she sucked the pain away on the bloated horse cock
easing it in and down her throat.

What happened next really shocked her as the dogs knot which was as big as a
tennis ball was rammed up her. She bit on the horse shaft causing an enormous
amount of jism filling her welcoming belly again and again and again Nikki
was gulping down thick horse semen for a good 5 minutes.

Samson meanwhile battered her twat relentlessly as the saited horse dick
plopped out of her mouth. Even if Nikki wanted to stop the doggy sex she was
held in a death grip by his paws as an multiple orgasm passed over her. The
dog maintained his sexual performance and her tits were by now turning redder
with the continuous slapping together finally she orgasmed again and again
when Samson filled her with his beastly seed.

Once finished she couldn't move for 10 minutes as they were tied together
with his knot. Nikki then got a towel from her saddle bag and dried her
sweaty body and wiped off the excessive sex juices before spraying herself
with deoderant putting her clothing back on saddling up and trotting Chief
back to the ranch as samson followed close behind wagging his tail.

"Did you have a good ride?" said Billy one of the ranch hands.

"Oh yes! A hell of a nice ride thanks."

Part 4 - Taught The Ropes

Nikki found herself left alone at the ranch on Sunday morning as all of the
ranch hands went off into the next town for a church service. Being told to
expect them back in 2 hours, she wasted absolutely no time in getting to
the stables and begin sucking off all the 8 horses like a few days ago
swallowing virtually every single drop of sperm (a young girl needs a big

When the ranch hands came back at 11 Nikki said as it was such a beautiful
day she fancied going for a long walk. She had packed her small bag with
some food and drink and would be back about 4 o'clock to cook the guys their
dinner. With that she set off. She didn't see Billy who had the day off
watching her from the window.

30 minutes later as she was walking towards the town along the wooded cart
track she was grabbed from behind. One hand clamped over her mouth and a
strong hairy arm around her waist dragging her deep into the trees before
being thrown face down onto a grassy patch of ground. A voice telling her,

"Ok," Nikki said frightened by the voice.


She obeyed only to find them being bound together. Then she was blindfolded
and gagged.

"GET UP!" he ordered and on doing as she was told she was moved forward and
bent over a tree stump.

Nikki felt his hands lift up her short pleated grey skirt revealing her lacey
red panties then WHACK! he spanked her hard saying, "WHORE!"

"Ow!" she screamed into the gag.










On it continued along with the insults and Nikki was crying her eyes out as
her bum cheeks reddened from the beating for what felt like an hour. Next he
pulls her panties down round her knees and she hears a zip being undone. His
fingers rubbed her cunt lips to moisten them before quickly jamming his dick
into her till she felt his hairy balls against her skin. He then began to
rape her hard before shooting his load inside her. He then pulled his limp
dick out and going round to her mouth, ungagging her with an order to, "SUCK
IT HARD AGAIN!" which she again obeyed.

He then went back to the other end of her body and he said he was going to,

"No, please, no! I've never had anal please don't, please!" she begged.

"A VIRGIN ARSEHOLE. WELL I'LL SOON CURE THAT!" as his cockhead nuzzled
against her puckered pink hole. He then slowly eased it up her extremely
tight anal passage and Nikki screamed at the top of her lungs at the sharp
pain he caused as he got deeper and deeper in till fully embedded. Then
he started to bugger her with long deliberate strokes, speeding up as he
reached his climax as he sensed his sperm emptying up her rectal passage.

Once he stopped ejaculating he withdrew and told her to CLEAN HIS COCK.
She felt herself wanting to throw up as she tasted her own shit on his
dick, but managed to continue. The next few hours he spent raping and
spanking her and he also twice shot his load in her mouth before he
untied her. Nikki was shocked when she took off her blindfold to find
out it was Billy who had subjected her to that ordeal.


"Ok," said a defeated Nikki as she pulled her panties up over her sore
pussy and bottom.

said Billy walking off.

Tears flowed as Nikki realised her predicament and once she headed back to
the ranch to make the mens dinner.

That night the men went into town and Billy offered to take Nikki in when she
completed washing the dishes. As soon as they left and the dishes were dry
Nikki was stripped naked and raped on the kitchen floor. Then on taking her
discarded clothes to her room she was made to suck him until he came over her
face and tits. A quick shower and she got dressed and Billy took her into

When they returned Billy told her to be naked and leave her window open
tonight. Nikki lay awake till Billy climbed in and left 2 hours later having
raped her twice more and made her swallow more of his sperm leaving Nikki in
a doggy position on the floor. But much to her dismay in through the window
came Samson who mounted his bitch and rammed her sore cunt while she quietly
sobbed till he emptied his bollocks and his knot subsided and he left
contented. Exhausted Nikki got into her bed and fell fast asleep.

Part 5 - Going Out With A Gangbang

Over the following days Billy finds many times to fuck Nikki against her
will until her last night when he secretly shafted her doggy style over a
hay bale in the evening gloom as the ranch hands had another barbeque around
them. This secret sex made Billy shoot an enormous amount of cum in her
which ran in rivers from under her short skirt and down her bare legs. But
not content with that, he then got an icy cold bottle of Budweiser and poked
the neck through her sphincter up her arse.

"Oh!" gasped Nikki.

"What's up, Nikki?" she was asked by the foreman.

"Nothing I'm just feeling the cold a bit."

Billy pulled the bottle out and put it in his mouth had a good swig saying
that was tasty as he squeezed her left buttock.

Nikki announced she had to go to the toilet and excused herself. "So do I,"
said Billy and followed close behind.

Once out of sight Billy told her to get to her knees getting his knob out

He placed his knob in her mouth and to her disgust started pissing. She
drank like a man at a desert oasis managing not to spill a drop even though
it burnt her throat. Billy then made Nikki go back to the barbeque and have
her piss while standing alongside the other men. With having drunk his piss
hers ran in a torrent which soaked one mans legs.

"YOU FILTHY BITCH!" one said telling the rest of the men, causing her to
blush deeply. "YOU NEED TEACHING A LESSON!" he said lifting her skirt to
find her naked twat. He sat down and pulled her over his lap and gave her
a vicious spanking. Through her sobs Nikki cried out it was Billy's fault
and what he made her do.

and they started to rip all of her clothing off.

A helpless Nikki then watched as they all stripped naked and spread her on
the ground and soon found the first of them plunging into her pussy as
another man pulled her head up to suck on his dick. They took turns raping
her or having blow jobs until the last man came into view she saw his cock
it was 10 inches long and 3 inches thick. He got her on her hands and knees
and Nikki screamed like a banshee as it was rammed up her backside. It was
so big she could swear she felt every vein as he powered inside her until
blitzing her with wad after wad of scalding thick sperm.

Then all hell seemed to break lose as the group of 20 men took turns to
continually rape, bugger, rape her mouth and throat and tit fuck her for
hours on end. By the time they were all shagged out she seemed to be covered
from head to foot in globs of cum.

"YOU NEED A SHOWER WHORE!" one said and they all gathered round her and
drenched her in steaming piss. "OPEN YOUR MOUTH GIRL AND DRINK!" they ordered
and all the jets of piss aimed at the opening. Nikki drank down as much as
she could. Then she heard Billy suggest the mare stand to the others. Nikki
was puzzled as she was picked up and taken to the stables.

Inside some of the men got out a large wooden contraption which they tied to
two posts fixed to the wall. Next they took Nikki over to the gadget and she
was placed face down on top and leather straps were tightened around her
wrists and fastened over her head meanwhile her legs were spread wide and the
men got some spare straps to tie them to a pair of lower poles.

They then got a stallion from its pen and walked it to the contraption. Nikki
began screaming as it dawned on her what happening she also tried to move but
the straps held her fast. The horse was massaged until its erection appeared
and enticed up onto the siring device and its front hooves place on rubber
plates on the upper part of the stand either side of the frightened girl's
head. She felt one of the men aim the gigantic cock and say, "BRACE YOURSELF
BITCH!" as another man patted the horses rump it nudged forward and her pussy
lips slid around the intruding penis head.

"OOOOOOOOH!" she moaned and the animal pushed its full 18 inches up and into
her womb. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! she cried, "Its too big! Take it out! Take it
out!" as the orange sized horses testicles bounced against her raw pussy, but
the horse had other ideas and slammed in and out of her like a piston. "AH AH
AH AH AH AH AH AH AH!" screeched poor Nikki as it rammed her hard. After what
seemed an eternity it climaxed fillng her completely.

"ONE OF OUR HORSES DOWN 19 TO GO!" she was told and over the next 4 hours
she was shafted by horse after horse and the men placed bucket after bucket
under her dripping sore pussy to collect every spilt drop of horse semen.


She was taken aback when the men aimed this final horse cock at her arsehole
though and let rip. A deafening wail as the largest horse dick (24 inches
long and 5 inches thick) plowed through her anus and into her bowels. It hurt
so much she passed out with the pain and on coming round found him still
shafting her hard which continued till his ball released a tidal wave of
sperm into her colon.

As he climbed off and the last of the horse cum drained from her violated
holes into the buckets she was untied and as she collapsed to the floor. Her
head was placed under the last bucket and she was made to drink as much as
possible. She was then showered by all the remaining horse cum and the men
then called it a night and took her back to the ranch to sleep.

They video taped naked Nikki's final breakfast was a bowl of cornflakes
covered with cold horse semen which all 20 men watched her eat to make sure
she ate every drop even making her lick the bowl clean. She was then bent
over the table and spanked by all of them in turn before they all raped her
vaginally and anally and all ejaculations went down her throat to her stomach
to fill her up.

They then allowed the defeated young girl to go and shower and dress ready
for her journey home. They gave her a going away present.

"What is it?" she said.

"Its a copy of the video tape we've just made. If you don't spend all your
future holidays here we will sell copies of this on eBay."

Nikki knew when she was beaten reluctantly agreeing that all of her 3 months
off a year would be spent as there rape toy.

The taxi horn beeped outside and two of the men carried her cases out. She
got in and her heart sunk again it was that old pervert Joe again and she
sucked him off 5 times by him on the 2 hour journey to the airport. On
arrival at the airport he drove into the darkened multi story car park
ordered her out of the cab. He then pushed her over the bonnet lifted her
light blue mini skirt, pulled her white panties down past her stockings and
round her ankles. Then he gripped her by her suspenders, slid his knob in
her and raped her quickly till he shot his load into her. He then got her
bags out of the cab and left them on the concrete floor and sat Nikki on
top of them driving off.

On arriving at check in she found out her flight was delayed for 12 hours
and as she walked off to a cafeteria. She was halted by 2 security guards
who asked her to go with them to search her bags.

"Alright," she said, "My flights been delayed till tonight, it will waste
some time I suppose."

She was taken through 3 doors to a room which had nothing in it and the large
black man told her to, "STRIP!"

"Where's the female guard?" she asked.

He said, "IF SHE WON'T STRIP HERSELF THEY'D STRIP HER." and they began to
tear off her clothing informing her it was no use calling out as the room
was soundproof. Within minutes she was naked and double teamed by the guards
the black man fucking her pussy and the other man making her suck his dick.
By the time both men had raped her again swapping ends several more men
arrived and queued up to shaft this young tourist all having umpteen turns
with her teenage body.

She was being buggered by the big black man for the 4th time when a new group

Nikki felt her heart sink as the group grew hour by hour to rape her through
the full days delay she had been raped, buggered and sucked off hundreds of
men by the time her fight was loaded. She had washed and dressed being given
a spanking so severe it hurt her to sit down in her seat. She flew home
dreading her next holiday on the ranch, but her hand brushed against the
video tape and she new she had no choice.


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