Coronation Street: Manipulating Sarah Lou Part 4 (mf,mff,f-best,humil,preg)
by Britwriter

A few days after her night of passion with Maria, Sarah walked glumly home
from school and towards Coronation Street. Ade hadn't been back in touch and
it seemed she'd never be fucked by him, there wasn't even any hope of a
repeat performance from Maria who had gone crimson and blanked her everytime
they'd met since, she was obviously thoroughly ashamed of what they'd done.
Her best friend Candice also hadn't been in touch in ages.

"Too busy getting shagged by this new lad she was always talking about, wish
it was me" thought Sarah enviously.

She was just about to turn on to the street when she was suddenly grabbed
from behind by a large, muscular figure and dragged towards the back alley
behind "Coronation Street". Before she could scream a large hand was pressed
across her mouth. Sarah's mind was racing, was she going to be raped like
Toyah Battersby? Had Gary the Internet pervert finally caught up with her?
She was terrified but exhilarated all at the same time. Suddenly she was
pushed against a fence and spun round to see Ade grinning back at her.

"Ade." Sarah said gasping for breath "What the fuck are ye doing?"

"Get ye kit off." he said firmly

"What?" a bemused Sarah asked.

"I've finally decided to fuck ye, it'd be cruel to keep ye hanging on any
longer." he replied.

"Here? Now?" Sarah asked, even by Ade's standards this was extreme.

"Yeah, now strip." Ade ordered.

"I can't, I can't be nude and have sex in a back alley." Sarah stammered
"Someone'll see me."

Ade shrugged "Well this is ye one and only chance, ye turn me down now you
won't get another." Ade warned.

Sarah was in turmoil, all her inhibitions were telling her to say no...anyone
could walk past at anytime, her own mother used that alley sometimes, dogs
pissed there and it was full of rubbish... but her wild, sexually curious
side that had emerged so much in recent weeks was welling up again. She was
turned on by the idea of outdoor sex and her desire for Ade once again
outweighed her uncertainties. She knew she couldn't bare to wait for his cock
a moment longer no matter what the risks were.

"Alright." she breathed "I'll do it!"

Ade grinned and nodded. He knew Sarah would cave, she was so weak-willed
and promiscuous. He watched as she hitched up her short school skirt and
nervously pulled down the cotton panties beneath, looking around the alley
anxiously as they slipped down her slim, shapely legs.

"I thought I told ye not to wear knickers to school." Ade said.

"It were P.E., I had to." Sarah replied. She undid the button holding her
skirt together and took that off to throwing it down on to the path below
followed by her knickers and standing half naked in the cold, smelly alley,
the cold air brushing against her fully exposed pussy and anus. She could
hardly believe what she was doing but there was no way she was going to
stop now. Even if she'd wanted to Ade wouldn't have let her, he advanced on
her as she fumbled at the buttons of her school shirt and ripped it away in
one swoop before yanking at the push up bra beneath so that a shivering
Sarah was left completely naked. Ade savored the glorious sight of her
naked body once again then pushed right up against her and put his hand
between her legs so that Sarah was forced to spread them.

"Aren't you gonna get undressed as well?" asked Sarah.

Ade grinned knowingly at her as he unzipped his trousers and took out his
bulging cock. "Someone might see." he sneered.

Sarah was angry at being manipulated again but it was far outweighed by her
desire and she spread her legs further, excitedly anticipating Ade's entry.
She suddenly shut her legs as she felt the throbbing organ brush against her
inside leg.

"What about protection, are ye wearing a jonny?" she asked.

"Am I fuck." Ade said and tried to prise her legs back apart.

"What if I get pregnant like last time." Sarah reasoned.

Ade shrugged. "That's your problem, I don't use rubbers, take it or leave

Sarah considered for a moment, she knew it would be spectacularly stupid to
have unprotected sex again but reason and good sense flew out of the window
when Ade was around.

"Fuck it." she thought "I'm not gonna let anything stop this moment."

She re-opened her legs, wrapped them round Ade's ample frame and braced
herself for his huge cock. Her wait was finally over as Ade thrust it into
her tight but accommodating pussy and began to powerfully fuck her. Sarah
screamed and wailed with delight, forgetting their were houses just a stones
throw away. Her head bobbled back and forth while her bare arse crashed
against a brick wall. Her ecstasy was compounded by Ade sucking and biting
her bullet like nipples and taunting her.

"Yeah this is what you want." he sneered "In a fucking back alley like some

Sarah nodded and groaned ever louder as yet another load of Ade's come
spilled inside her.

"Yes! Yes! Harder!" she wailed.

Ade was happy to oblige pushing more and more of his cock inside her, Sarah
screamed in agony as the folds of her pussy stretched to accommodate him. Ade
rammed his bulging manhood in and out of Sarah ever more violently, grinning
malevolently as she wailed and begged him not to stop. Finally They reached
orgasm Ade letting out a typically understated groan of satisfaction as he
deposited another stream of come inside Sarah, she quickly followed suit
screaming out in delight as she reached a sticky, painful but very welcome

Breathless, aching all over and drenched in sweat, Sarah asked for Ade to
wait a minute but Ade was into his stride and he ignored her pleas, spreading
her legs open roughly then jamming his come covered cock back inside her.
Sarah's pussy throbbed with the pain of entry and she was a little annoyed at
Ade's disregard for her feelings but if she was honest she also enjoyed his
forceful approach and quickly refound her rhythm enjoying several more earth
shattering orgasms. It was just fortunate that it was the middle of the day
otherwise they'd have undoubtedly been caught by now.

Finally Sarah could take no more and offered to suck Abe's cock if he took
it out of her. Ade couldn't resist a wry smile as she bobbed down and slid
the massive, fluid covered beast into her mouth. Just a few weeks ago he'd
never have dreamed of getting a blow job in a back alley from a naked and
very willing Sarah, he really had corrupted her beyond all recognition. He
sighed approvingly as she deep throated him and swallowed down enough come
to match that he'd put inside her. Sarah really had acquired a taste for
come and was becoming so desperate for regular fixes she'd been tempted to
offer to "clean up" David's mess for him when she'd caught him wanking one

But she decided there were only certain levels of debauchery to which she
could sink and so decided against it. Her long wait for a taste of semen made
it all the sweeter as Ade's fluid spurted from his cock and trickled down her
throat, she savored every sweet mouthful. Ade suddenly ordered her to her
feet and announced that he thought it was time he "tasted her".

Sarah's curiously was soon satisfied as he pushed her back against the wall
and bobbed down, sliding his tounge inside her still sloppy pussy. Sarah
moaned as he explored her and the feeling of Ade eating her out, coupled with
her already aroused state brought her to another climax which Ade obligingly
cleared up for her. After a moment composing himself, Ade reached for his
cock intending to put it away and leave but Sarah, in a rare assertive
moment, grabbed it and pulled him to her grinning widely.

"Haven't ye forgotten something?" she said seductively.

Ade looked bemused then grinned as she turned round and pointed to her pert,
previously untouched ass. "Anal? You dirty cunt!" he taunted.

Sarah was past caring, she wanted to know what it felt like to take it up the
ass and finish their afternoon of passion properly.

"Right." said Ade menacingly "If that's what ye want, that's what you're
gonna fucking get."

Sarah's heart raced as he flipped her round to face the wall and she felt
his hands spread her buttocks. She began to feel the same sense of
anticipation as when he'd first entered her and was frustrated at a lengthy
wait before she felt what seemed to be Ade's cock find it's way up her anus
and start to fuck her. She was taken-aback by the pace and ferocity of Ade's
entries, squealing at the initial pain then settling down as she was broken
in. She noticed Ade's panting more than before as she wailed with delight
and was then bemused at the feeling of fur against her, it suddenly dawned
on her that this wasn't Ade as she sniffed the unmistakable aroma of a DOG.
She span round and was horrified to see a huge, smelly stray behind her and
Ade beside chortling uncontrollably.

"Ade!" she screamed "get it off now!"

Ade grinned and shook his head. "It just turned up then and got in before I
could babe, it might turn nasty if we don't let it have it's way."

Sarah scowled at Ade then moaned as the dog intensified it's frenetic anal
assault. She struggled to push it off but her slight frame and exhaustion
from the afternoon's activities made it impossible and she had no choice
but to let it continue until it deposited it's load up her anus. She was
humiliated, her shame compounded by Ade's taunts and the undeniable
moistening of her pussy, she had to admit to herself at least that this
wasn't all together an unpleasurable experience. She tried to resist but
couldn't help orgasm as the dog reached it's climax, she tried to feel
disgusted at getting off from a dog but she couldn't denie that it appealed
to the perverse side of her nature she'd recently awakened.

Finally Ade shoeed the dog away but not before jokily giving it Sarah's
number, before an angry Sarah could argue Ade took over where it had left
off and fucked Sarah up her ever more painful arse. She tried, at first to
push him off keen to register her anger, but again her physical limitations
prevented this and her subservient side resurfaced as she widened her
asshole and let him further and further in while Ade subjected her to a
violent but very welcome anal assault. As Ade thrust in and out of her,
shooting yet another stream of come up her Sarah decided anal sex was very
much for her whether with man or beast. An exhausted Ade finally pulled his
cock from Sarah for the last time.

"That'll have to do for today." he said

Sarah nodded, she'd loved every second but she was covered in come and sweat
while every part of her body ached. She just wanted to take a bath and frig
over the days momentous events. As she reached down for her clothes, Ade
grinned to himself then looked down the alley.

"Shit, someone's coming Sarah!"

Sarah looked alarmed. "What?" she said.

"Get in that shed there." he said pushing Sarah towards a nearby door. A
still naked Sarah hurried inside and stood in the dark, smelly shed listening
intently as her heart raced. After about five minutes of silence, she decided
to risk it.

"Ade." she shouted "Can I come out?"

There was no answer.

"Ade." she repeated, still no answer. Sarah's alarm grew and she decided
she'd have to risk being seen. She came out and was horrified to see the
alley empty and her clothes gone. She looked up and down desperately then
realised Ade had set her up, he really was a total bastard. Now what would
she do? There was no way she'd make it home without being seen, not this
time of day.

She looked around for something to cover herself with but there was nothing,
she became increasingly desperate then looked across at the houses. She
noticed Les Battersby had just come into his front room, she realised she had
no choice but to call on him. He was just perve enough to "strike a deal"
having already tried chatting her and Candice up when he'd seen them on the
street. She was disgusted at the thought of what she was about to do but
decided it was preferable to being exposed as a slut to her family and
friends. She took a deep breath then let herself in his gate and walked down
the path tapping tentatively on the back door and covering her modesty. Les's
jaw dropped as he opened the back door to see the gorgeous teenage girl he'd
wanked over countless times naked at his door.

"What the fuck?" he stammered.

"No questions Les." Sarah said firmly "I need a favour and you'll get one in

Les grinned. "Oh yeah?" he said knowingly.

Without another word, Sarah unzipped his jeans and took out his already erect
cock. She looked up at him for a moment.

"I do this then you get me summat of Toyah's to put on and don't tell nobody
right? Otherwise I'll say ye forced me." Sarah said.

Les nodded emphatically, Sarah nodded back then took his cock into her mouth
and began yet another blow job. Les kept his end of the bargain and Sarah
made it home before her family, shamed, sickened and exhilarated by her
afternoon of debauchery.

* * *

Again Sarah saw nothing of Ade for the next few weeks, she was also bemused
by Candice's lack of contact. She never talked for long on the phone and
hadn't been round in a month but all of this pailed in comparison to her
biggest worry - Sarah was becoming increasingly convinced she was pregnant
again. Having been through it before she knew the signs and she was showing
them - morning sickness, late periods. Her worst fears were confirmed when
she stole a pregnancy testing kit from the corner shop and after an anxious
wait it came out positive.

"How could I have been so fucking stupid?" Sarah thought. "Pregnant again
before I'm even sixteen! Ade's right I am a slut."

She suddenly became indignant about Ade's attitude to her, this was his baby
too. He couldn't just fuck her then dissappear for weeks on end, she wasn't
going to be treated like shit anymore she decided. Determined to confront him
she turned up at his house unannounced one night despite being expressely
told never to by him. After banging on the door for several minutes, a
barechested Ade poked his head out of an upstairs window. Sarah started to
become aroused at the thought of what he might be doing up there but quickly
refound her resolve and stared determinedly up at him.

"I need to talk to ye Ade, it's important." she said.

Ade nodded. "Yeah alright, the doors open, come on up."

Sarah pushed the front door and padded upstairs, it seemed Ade was home alone
and she worried that she might not be able to resist if he tried it on but
she resolved to stay strong and force him to take her seriously. Steely
resolve turned to stunned disbelief as she swung his bedroom door open and
saw a naked Candice on all fours on his bed with Ade beside plunging his
erect cock into her plump but shapely behind. Candice smiled falsely at her
and Ade flashed his trademark smug grin.

"Alright Sarah." Candice said casually before moaning as Ade started to
intesify his anal assault.

"What the fuck?" Sarah stammered "You and him!"

"Fraid so," a breathless Ade replied.

Sarah disbelief turned to anger. "You bastard Ade, how could you do this to
me? After everything I did for you."

Ade feigned indignance for a moment. "Hey it's this dirty bitch ye should be
having a go at. Your so called friend came on to me and it were all her idea
to get ye to do all this stuff, she's been suggesting everything."

Sarah shook her head in disbelief again. Candice shrugged then moaned as Ade
came inside her.

"Yeah but even I never thought you'd end up shagging a dog."

Sarah scowled as they began to laugh uncontrollably. Ade was helpless and had
to pull his come covered cock out of Candice as he chortled.

"You sick fucking bastards!" screamed Sarah "I never want to see either of
you again."

She turned towards the door, angry and tearful.

"Be like that then," Candice said. "Shame really cos we were gonna see if ye
fancied a threesome, looks like you're gonna miss out on all the fun .... as

Ade and Candice grinned knowingly at one another as Sarah froze. They knew
that last taunt would have really stung her, Sarah was so weak and insecure
she couldn't bare to be different to others and Candice knew her friend hated
her doing anything she wasn't. They weren't surprised when Sarah turned back
towards them and after a hesitant moment walked towards the bed.

"I'm still mad at ye both." Sarah said.

"Well let us make it up to ye now eh?" Candice said seductively. She held out
her hand and pulled her beautifal friend on to the bed.

Sarah, submissive as ever, let them strip her of sweatshirt and jeans then
her bra and panties. Naked as her two lovers, she layed back and prepared for
another new experience. She wasn't to be dissapointed as Candice started to
shower her with passionate kisses while rubbing her erect nipples and pushing
her big tits towards Sarah's mouth. Sarah gratefully suckled on the nipples
and took as much of her friends tits into her mouth as she could muffling her
moans of delight as Ade frigged her with four fingers quickly bringing her to
a series of sticky orgasms.

After this they swapped positions, Candice putting Sarah on to all fours,
resuming Ade's fingering of the teenagers slit then lapping at her pussy and
ass while Ade slid his cock into Sarah's eager mouth and she gobbled away,
greedily lapping down her first taste of semen in weeks. Candice, in a rare
gracious act, moved aside and let Ade fuck an eager Sarah senseless. She
watched grinning and couldn't help but slide three fingers into her sloppy
opening as she watched Ade ram his cock up both Sarah's openings before Sarah
went on top and rode Ade, screaming at the top of her voice as she came yet

The trio rounded off their evenings entertainment in the 69 position swapping
round with a delighted Ade getting a blow job from Candice while Sarah sat on
his face and he munched on her soppy cunt then Candice became "the body" with
Ade slipping his cock down her throat for the umpteenth time and Sarah
fingering then eating her out, finally the process was repeated for Sarah
with her two lovers taking particular care to pleasure her. They enjoyed
manipulating her but they knew Sarah would only take so much and they didn't
want to lose her gorgeous body. Afterwards they lay side by side in the bed
naked and gasping for breath when Candice suddenly turned to Sarah who was
between her and Ade.

"Hey what did you want to talk to Ade about?" she asked curiously.

Sarah hesitated for a moment anticipating the response. "I'm pregnant and
it's Ade's." she said.

There was a brief silence then all three broke into hysterical laughter. Any
anger Sarah had towards the pair was long gone after what had just happened.
Ade finally composed himself and looked serious.

"Seriously though Sarah, you know I won't support ye or nothing, if ye have
it ye on your own."

Sarah grinned at Candice then nodded

"I wasn't expecting out else to tell you the truth. Don't worry I know a back
street abortionist." Ade grinned and nodded

"Nice one. There's just one more thing, ye don't have a problem with sharing
with me with Candice do ye?" Sarah smiled

"That depends..."

She turned to Candice and kissed her passionately then turned back to Ade.

"Do you have a problem sharing ME with Candice."

Ade shook his head and grinned as he watched Sarah and Candice slip their
tounges into each others mouths and start to caress one anothers naked
bodies. He'd got Sarah right where he wanted her .... as usual!



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