Coronation Street: Manipulating Sarah Lou Part 1 (mf,mast,jerk,drugs,reluc)
by Britwriter

"I dunknow Ade" Sarah said uncertainly

"What's up, ye chicken?" taunted Ade

The young couple were sitting in Sarah's front room one night. Ade, eager to
corrupt his young plaything a little further, had brought two joints round
and was trying to talk Sarah into smoking one.

"But it's drugs" reasoned Sarah "Aren't they dangerous?"

Ade scoffed. "Grow up Sarah, a bit of blow's nout, everyone does it."

Ade grinned knowingly, one phrase that was sure to talk Sarah into anything
was "everyone does it." Sometimes he couldn't believe how weak and
impressionable she was and he planned to take full advantage.

"Well alright." said Sarah "I suppose just one won't hurt."

Ade grinned, he knew he was leading her further and further astray but this
was only the start. He handed her the joint then lit it. Sarah tentatively
put it into her mouth then took a few awkward drags before coughing and
looking embarrassed. She slowly got more comfortable and broke into a smile
as the canibus took it's course and relaxed her.

"This is fucking great Ade!" Sarah murmured taking more puffs.

"Glad you like it" Ade said moving over to the sofa beside her. He watched
as she started to lay back and her tight top rode up clinging to her perky
breasts and revealing her bare midriff. Ade had been desperate to gets his
hands on Sarah's superb body for weeks but was playing it cool for fear of
scaring her off. Despite giving birth at 13 Sarah still seemed pretty prudish
about sex so he knew he had to tread carefully.

"Fuck it" he thought, unable to resist the urge any longer he grabbed
one of her breasts and caressed it slowly. Sarah bolted up and glanced
dissaprovingly at him.

"What ye doing Ade? I thought we'd talked about this. Y'know I'm not ready."
she said.

Ade scowled and took his hand away. "Fuck's sake Sarah, all the other girls
I've been with have let me go miles further than a snog. Maybe I should find
someone else eh?"

Ade looked away grinning. He knew Sarah was besotted with him and didn't want
to be lose him to someone more forthcoming.

"Please don't be angry Ade, I'm just scared about sex. I'll sort it out
eventually" Sarah said. She put her arm around him and brushed her long brown
hair against his face affectionately.

Ade turned to her smiling. "Well alright, if you won't let me touch ye then
at least let me watch ye touch yourself." Ade said.

Sarah looked startled. "What?" she said.

"I wanna watch while you play with yourself." Ade said.

Sarah halfsmiled then blushed. "I can't do that, not in front of you," she

"Oh go on, If I can't make ye come I'd really like to see you do it to
yourself." Ade said. "I promise I won't pressure ye for sex if you do this."
he added.

Sarah considered for a moment, she was a shy girl by nature but she did often
touch herself and despite her inhibitions the thought of doing it in front of
Ade was turning her on.

"Alright" she said "But ye tell no one else right?"

Ade nodded and grinned, he couldn't believe how easy she was to manipulate
and his suspicion that there was a dirty slut beneath Sarah's innocent
exterior grew.

Sarah nervously unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zip down.

"Ye not seeing my pussy right?" she said.

Ade nodded and smiled expectantly. Sarah halfsmiled back, she knew she was
giving him a massive boner and it turned her on. She slipped a hand inside
her cotton panties and gasped as she made contact with her moist, throbbing
pussy then began to sigh and moan as she started to pleasure herself.

"How many fingers?" Ade asked reaching for his belt.

"Two but I think I can take three." Sarah gasped. Part of her could hardly
believe she was talking about something so intimate with him but another part
was too turned on to care. Between sliding fingers into her ever wetter cunt,
she looked across at Ade and gasped as she saw he was holding his erect cock
and jerking furiously. Sarah was shocked at first but found the sight of his
large, throbbing organ intensified her own orgasm. They reached climax at
almost the same time, Sarah wailing loudly and Ade panting as he watched her
frig. Sarah pulled her jizz covered hand free from her panties and stared
intently at Ade's cock as it spewed white liquid. She giggled and shook her

"I can't believe you've just wanked in my mum's front room." she said

Ade smiled back and waggled his come covered cock at her. "I can always put
it inside of you if you'd prefer." he said

Sarah blushed, torn between inhibition and temptation. "Not tonight," she
said awkwardly

"But soon eh?" Ade said hopefully.

Sarah smiled awkwardly and stood, zipping her jeans back up. "I'm just gonna
wash my hands and change my knickers." she said.

"What for?" asked Ade. "Lick your fingers clean."

Sarah wrinkled her nose in disgust. "I can't, that's horrible," she said

Ade shook his head. "If ye want to keep me interested you're gonna have to
loosen up a bit Sarah. Just try it, I bet you like the taste."

Sarah considered as Ade fixed her with one of his expectant stares. Normally
if a boy asked her to do the things he did she'd tell him where to go but it
was different with Ade, he was exciting and dangerous. No matter how perverse
something seemed, he made her want to do it. She sat back down and began to
lick her own pussy juice from her fingers. Ade was right! The taste was
unbelievable, sweet and tantalising in her mouth.

"Good eh?" Ade said grinning as Sarah slurped it all up. "I bet you'll be
trying that again at bedtime eh?"

Sarah looked coy, Ade could read her like a book. Ade, satisfied with his
evenings work, glanced at his watch then stood. "I'd better get gone." he

Sarah nodded and stood. She walked him to the door and they kissed, Ade
groped Sarah's pert arse and was encouraged when she didn't resist like

"Tonight's been really great Ade." Sarah said

"It's just the start" Ade said grinning

Sarah shook her head, "I've told you Ade, I'm not..."

"Ready for sex, yeah I know" Ade said impatiently "But I've got another
little challenge for ye, something else that'll do it for me."

Sarah felt her pussy start to throb. "Oh yeah?" she said, intrigued.

"I want ye to come to school tomorrow with no knickers on." Ade said,
grinning triumphantly.

Sarah was stunned. "No way Ade! No fucking way!" she said firmly.

Ade looked dissapointed. "Oh well, suit yourself. But I'll be slipping my
hand up your skirt at breaktime and if there's knickers underneath, I won't
be happy," he said forbadingly.

He turned and left grinning to himself as he went, Sarah stared after him
deep in thought.

* * *

Next morning Sarah stood in front of her bedroom mirror in her school uniform
minus a pair of knickers which she was holding. She'd been awake all night
and between masturbating over the evenings events she'd been trying to decide
whether to do as Ade asked. She desperately wanted to please him and liked
the idea of being secretly knickerless, only her and Ade knowing. But the
inhibited side of her thought it was wrong. Surely only sluts didn't wear
panties and what if someone saw, boys were always looking up the girls
skirts? Her mind turned to what Ade has said, she knew it was stupid to let
a boy have such a hold on her but somehow she couldn't help it. She liked
being dominated and challenged by him, it suited her submissive nature.

"Come on Sarah! Time for school!" said Gail from downstairs.

Sarah glanced down at the panties uncertainly.

* * *

Ade walked down the corridor of Weatherfield Comprehensive looking round for
Sarah. He grinned as he saw her come into view behind a couple of other
people, he stopped and they passed him. He smiled at Sarah then pushed her
against a wall.

"Ade!" she protested.

"I've been waiting for this all morning." he said running his hand up her
bare leg to the hem of her short skirt.

"Not here!" Sarah said. People were glancing at them as they passed.

Ade nodded and took her arm, he marched her towards the disabled toilet which
was never used and pushed her inside. Sarah was shocked but aroused by his
forcefulness and backed into a wall as he bared down on her grinning.

"Let's have a look then, see if you passed the test," he said.

Sarah gasped as he pushed her short skirt up to reveal a thinly matted
bush covering her tight, pink pussy and her naked buttocks. Ade grinned

"Good, I knew ye had it in ye." he said.

Before Sarah could respond Ade grabbed her pussy.

"Ade! No!" she protested. "Ye can't...." she trailed off as his skillful
fingers began to stimulate her pussy. He thrust them in and out violently,
staring wild eyed at her as he did it. Sarah gave up resisting and started
to moan.

"Oh shit yeah Ade!" she breathed "Do me!"

"Ye dirty slut!" he shouted. "I knew this is what ye wanted from the start."

Sarah could only nod approvingly and groan as he slid a fourth finger into
her expanding opening. After she'd reached a sticky and painful climax, Ade
slid his lubricated fingers int her tight, untouched arsehole. Sarah screamed
with delight and Ade had to put a hand over her mouth to avoid them being
caught. It only added to the dark, almost violent nature of the encounter and
Sarah reached the most intense orgasm of her young life as Ade pounded her
arsehole. Gasping and aroused Sarah reached for Ade's crotch as he withdrew
his fingers. But he shook his head playfully and pushed it away.

"I call the shots slut," he said.

Sarah was confused, why was Ade rejecting her advances? Wasn't this what he
wanted? Ade grinned, he loved playing with her mind. He thrust his fingers
back up her pussy and brought her off again, then yanked them out and fed a
subersvient Sarah another serving of her own come.

"Don't worry!" he said as he turned to leave "It won't be my fingers next
time, it'll be my dick."

He walked out leaving a gasping Sarah staring after him. She tried to regain
her senses after this extraordinary experience but could only think of the
time when he would replace his fingers with that huge cock of his, she knew
she'd do almost anything now to have inside him.

"What's happening to me?" she thought as she composed herself.


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