As with most of my stories, the following text is of an erotic (I hope)
nature that also includes a fair amount of bondage etc. Again, as with my
other stories, I can?t be bothered to actually create characters and this
time the characters are from a UK TV series called Coronation Street.

Coronation Street: Liz McDonald's Job Interview (MFF,Mm-mast,bond,tort,lact)
by Andy C ([email protected])

Liz walked into Mike Baldwins office at Undie World, and as usual she was
wearing a tight blue lycra top, black jacket, black mini-skirt, black
stockings and suspenders and a pair of 4 inch high heels. Liz had thought
it strange that Mike had asked her for an interview at 6pm, but reasoned
that it was because he was a busy man.

Mike was sitting behind his desk and felt his prick twitch in his pants as
he watched Liz enter the room. As she closed the door Mike said, "Sit down
Liz." Once she'd crossed her long legs, and adjusted her mini-skirt, Mike
began. "Look Liz," he said, "Everyone on the street thinks you're a tart
and an old slapper."

Liz was stunned by Mike's words, as he continued, "Obviously, we normally
hire experienced machinists, but most of them are dogs." Leaning forward
resting his elbows on the table, Mike added, "What I really want to hire
you for is to be the company bike!"

(AUTHORS NOTE: a company bike is someone who is "ridden" ie been fucked by

If his first comment had stunned her, Liz was gob-smacked by the last
statement. "Of course you'd be earning a lot more money," he continued,
"so, Liz, do you want the job?"

"Yes, I need the money," Replied Liz.

When she said yes, Mike's prick twitched once more. "Excellent, now all that
remains is for your tests." Mike pushed his chair back, and unzipped his
trousers. "I think an oral test first. Give me a blow job Liz!"

Liz put down her handbag, and took off her jacket. Moving around the table,
to stand beside Mike, she reached into his trousers and pulled out his
stiffening penis. Liz was surprised how long and thick it was, as she used
her hand to pull back his foreskin. Whilst her hand moved up and down
masturbating Mike's prick, Liz felt his hand sliding up the back of her
thigh and under her mini-skirt.

"Spread your legs, bike, and get your mouth on my dick."

She began by running her lips up and down the length of his shaft, letting
her tongue peak out to tickle and moisten it. He watched as his large cock
distended her face. Her lips were stretched taut around his prick as it slid
in and out of her mouth. He let her suck on his hard cock for a while, her
body writhing as he played with her cunt through her panties. Mike had
guessed that Liz would have fine distended labia and he wasn't disappointed,
as her lips protruded either side of her panties.

At the moment, Liz was swirling her tongue around his helmet, and only it
was being sucked by her lips. Putting his hands on the back of her head,
he pushed hard on her head, which pushed his cock against the back of her
throat. Liz gagged, so he relaxed the pressure on her head and began stroking
her throat, watching as she swallowed convulsively. He pushed his cock to
the back of her throat again, and kept pushing and rubbing her throat until
he felt her swallow and take his cock into her gullet. Mike gasped as he
watched his cock slide deeper into her throat, making it bulge with its size,
until her nose was nestled against his thigh. Her oxygen cut off as he slid
deeper into her. At the same time, he pushed his index finger into Liz's

Suddenly, Liz sucked in air through her nose, and came, as Mike pulled and
pushed her hair, fucking her face, sliding his cock back and forth in her
throat, each inward stroke smashing her soft lips against his pelvis. Mike
fucked her steadily in the throat for ten minutes, his finger pushing in and
out of her rectum her throat spasming with tiny cries and moans as she came
adding an extra level of sensation. Mike felt his own orgasm rising, and
said "I don't want to stain my trousers, so keep it in your mouth," before
grunting as his rod spit glob after glob of come into the bikes sucking

"MMMffff" Liz mumbled around his cock as his come hit the back of her throat.
She breathed deeply through her nose as his come filled her mouth, sliding
around his cock, some slipping from between her lips and his shaft to slide
lewdly down her chin. Liz used her tongue to keep the large, slimy mass from
spilling from her mouth.

Mike watched as her gullet worked his come sliding down her throat as her
anus spasmed around his fingers. "Now that was excellent, but from my
examination your ass hole's never been fucked." As cum dribbled down her
chin, Mike called for Sally Webster to come to his office. "Whilst we're
waiting, lets have a look at your tits."

Liz was wearing one of the cleavage enhancing Wonderbra's which pushed her
tits up, and because she always wore a bra that was one cup size smaller that
recommended, the effect was greater. Pulling off her lycra top, her squashed
tits were revealed, the tops of her large brown areola visible above the
cups. Mike reached inside each cup and pulled out her breasts, so her tits
were pushed up and forward by the bra. As the air touched her nipples, they
hardened. Mike then grabbed each of Liz's nipples between his thumb and
forefinger. Liz's eyes watered as Mike twisted, rubbed and pulled them until
they became hard.

Sally knocked on the door, and Mike called her in. Sally saw the predicament
that Liz was in and smiled, as she came over to see what Mike was doing to
the older woman. "Liz has agreed to be the company bike," he started, giving
Liz's nipples a particularly hard squeeze, causing Liz to bite her lip in
pain, "but her arse is too tight. I thought you'd like to loosen it for us."

"Thanks, Mr. Baldwin," she replied, and to Liz added, "now go and kneel on
that chair." Mike had to stop molesting her breasts as Liz complied with
Sally's request.

Meanwhile, Sally had opened a cupboard, which was full of various sex toys
and bondage equipment. Sally handed Mike two pairs of handcuffs, and asked
him to handcuff Liz's wrists to the back of the chair, making her lean over
the back of the chair and pushing her butt out. As Mike bound Liz to the
chair, Sally quickly got out of her own clothes. Because Sally was one of
Mike's bikes, she was required never to wear bra or panties. She quickly
pulled on a pair of thigh length black boots that had 6 inch heels on them,
and pulled out a special leather belt. The belt was the harness for a strap
on dildo and she wasted no time affixing the biggest dildo she could find to
the front. The belt also had a brace that attached to another dildo that she
slid inside herself. As the mounted one moved, her dildo would move as well,
echoing the motions of the first. It also had a set of rubber bristles that
would bash and stimulate Sally's clit as she pounded away at Liz's ass.

She mounted the belt, picked up a large tub of lubricant, and walked back
toward Liz. Her eyes bulged as she saw the size of the dildo Sally had
chosen. Standing behind Liz, Sally lifted up Liz's mini-skirt and bunched
the material at her hips. She then pulled down her g-string panties
revealing her distended labia and puckered arse-hole. Sally then inserted
three of her fingers deep into the lubricant, coating them up to her
knuckles. She slowly inserted a finger into Liz's tight virgin arse. As
she pushed in, they could hear Liz moaning.

After twisting her first finger around, and pushing it in and out, she
inserted another finger. This brought a gasp from Liz, as her anus hole
was stretched to accept it. Lubricating the inside of her arse hole, and
slowly widening it by rotating her hand and fingers, Sally then inserted
a third finger. This was not as easy as the first two, as it took Sally's
entire strength to push open the tight muscles hold Liz's anus closed.
As Sally's fingers finally forced their way in, Liz squealed with the
pain. Sally worked her fingers in and out of the protesting Liz's arse,
slowly increasing their speed until she felt Liz's anal muscles tighten
as Liz had an orgasm.

Pulling her fingers out of Liz's arse, Sally then put the dildo in the
lubricant Sally placed the head of the huge rubber phallus at the entrance
of Liz's arse hole. Even though it was much better lubricated now, she'd
never had an object the size of this dildo forced up it. Liz trembled in
anticipation at the pain/pleasure that she was about to experience. Sally
began pushing on the entrance, and slowly the hole opened, allowing the
head to force its way inside her.

After about half the head had been forced in, Liz's sphincter muscles
rebelled, and Sally had to use all his strength to get the head past the
protesting muscles. With one mighty thrust, the muscles gave way, and
Liz's anus eagerly swallowed the massive dildo head, disappearing inside
Liz's puckered hole. Her hole was tight and Sally had to thrust hard to
get as much inside Liz as she could. With each push, Liz's body was forced
forward, her knees leaving the top of the chair, and her high heeled feet
dangled in the air. Once she'd inserted the entire length into her bowels,
Sally shivered herself as the bristles rubbed at her exposed clit as Liz
writhed her impaled ass about. Through clenched teeth, Sally said, "It's
like fucking a bucking bronco."

Mike by now had another hard on, so Sally suggested that he did something
to Liz's pert nipples. Whilst Sally had been pushing the huge dildo into
Liz, Mike had set up a small brazier and had been heating up a few metal
implements. Mike wandered over with a hot metal poker and began pulling on
Liz's erect nipples. "Liz, you have amazing nipples and areola." He then
gripped one of the nipples hard between his fingers, and pressed the tip
of the poker onto the very end of the bulging bud. Liz screamed, and tears
flowed from her eyes. Pulling the poker away, he bent forward and licked
the burnt bud, which brought more tears to Liz's eyes.

Mike continued his licking and chewing whilst Liz's anal passage sucked and
spasmed as Sally violently withdrew the dildo. Sally, violently repeated the
procedure, and Liz's head shot straight up and her eyes bulged out in an
unholy expression of absolute, sensual overload as the dildo was forced back
inside. Her teeth clenched and her body shook as she lost all control of her
mind and her body. The climax was horrendous. Sally continued to hump Liz in
her arse, as slowly her muscles loosened to except the fat toy. Liz's large
labia slapped together at each thrust of Sally's hips, as Liz's cunt juices
leaked down the insides of her thighs.

Mike went back to the brazier and pulled from the flames a long skewer.
Picking up a pair of pincers, he used it to hold one of Liz's bucking nipples
as he pushed the red-hot skewer through the centre of the engorged bud. Liz
screamed, and tears ran down her cheeks as Mike repeated the operation on her
other nipple. Mike then pushed through the holes two nipple rings, and as
Sally continued to pump away at Liz's ass, he said, "Next we can get to work
on your tits!"

Sally pulled the large dildo from Liz's now cavernous anal passage with a
distinct plop, and Mike released her handcuffs. Liz's crying had smeared her
mascara, which now streaked her face. As Liz stood back up, the severe butt
fucking that Sally had given her meant that she had to stand with her legs
apart. She pulled her mini-skirt back down over her hips. Sally moved around
behind Liz and undid her bra, throwing it with Liz's panties, then grabbed
her arms.

"Just need to plump up those fine pair of tits, Liz." Mike said, as he
attached a pair of large rubber vibrators onto the chair. "Now have a seat,
while Sally and I prepare your medication!"

Liz waddled to the chair, and, resignedly, pulled up her mini-skirt. Because
her arse was still lubricated from Sally's anal reaming, she'd have no
problem getting the large toy up her anal passage. Liz lubricated the monster
phallus' with KY jelly, as well as lubricating her cunt and arse. To get her
fingers well inside, Liz sat on the edge of Mike's table and she used one
hand to spread her labia, whilst she inserted her other hands fingers into
her cunt to get as much of the stuff inside her to ease the passage of the

Positioning herself over the chair, Liz lowered herself onto the huge pieces
of plastic. The look of excruciating pain that was held on her face was a
picture, as first the cunt dildo slipped in and then the anal dildo spread
open her buttocks and popped into her arse. As the anal dildo speared Liz,
her body went through an orgasm, and lost control of her leg. Shaking from
the continuing orgasms, she let gravity push home the toys. The effect of
ramming both vibrators deep into her womb and bowels brought Liz to another

Mike smiled as he heard Liz moaning. "I see you're enjoying yourself!" he
said to her, pushing over a drip stand. On the stand hung two plastic bags
with the words "Experimental Mammary Growth Serum" on the labels. "The boys
at ICI sent these chemicals over," Mike said to Liz, "On bovines this stuff
increase the size of the cows udders and increases milk production."

Sally again handcuffed Liz, this time to the arms of the chair, whilst Mike
checked to see that no air was trapped in the drip tube and needles. Mike
continued, "You'll be glad to hear you're going to be the first human to try
it!" so saying he inserted one of the drips needles into the top of Liz's
tit, just below her nipple. Repeating the operation on her other tit, Mike
started the drips. "We'll leave you here tonight for the drugs to take
effect. See you tomorrow!"

As he left the office Mike switched on the two vibrators in Liz's cunt and
arse. By the fifth or sixth orgasm induced by the vibrators, Liz passed out
from exhaustion. The next thing Liz knew what was happening, was when Mike
was waking her in the morning.

"Hum, the stuff really worked well," he said, grabbing a firm hold of her
tit and squeezing it.

A side effect of the treatment was that Liz could now lactate, and as Mike
continued to maul her breast, milk began to quirt from her nipple, soaking
the front of her dress. Liz was stunned by the growth, sprouting from a B
cup to at least a FF cup. Her huge mammaries rested on her rib cage, as Mike
pulled the needles from her tits and released her from the chair. When she
stood up straight for the first time, she tottered forward on her high heels
until she compensated for the two footballs that now rested on her stomach.

"The chemicals worked better than I thought," said Mike as he signalled for
Liz to come towards him.

Liz approached him, walking a bit splay legged to stop her buttocks chaffing
her well reamed arse hole, and her sore cunt lips from rubbing together. Liz
used her arms to stop her new tits from swinging too much, as Mike suggested
she get dressed in her new clothes that were laying beside her.

After suffering the night of torture, she now had the indignity of having to
walk from work to her home dressed as a naughty schoolgirl. It consisted of
a near transparent white shirt, which showed off her huge pendulous tits and
erect nipples, tie, black stockings and suspenders. She also wore a short
micro-mini that barely covered her buttocks, and a pair of 5 inch black high
heels that accentuated the sway of her arse cheeks.

Liz decided trying to avoid the main roads, so she decided to cut through the
park. The tramp was sitting on a park bench, and when he saw her big knockers
bouncing playfully under her lycra top and her swollen labia peaking out from
under her skirt, he immediately pulled out his prick, wanking it furiously.
As she got closer, she could hear him muttering. Quickly walking past him,
she heard him get up and start to follow her, the sound of his foreskin
slapping punctuated by the click clicking of her high heels on the pavement.

"Look at the buns on that..." she could hear him mutter, as the speed of his
masturbation increased. Finally she heard him grunt, and the tramp shot his
load onto her backside. Liz could feel the warm cum dribbling down the crack
of her ass cheeks, mingling with her pubic hair, until it dripped from her
swollen snatch. She just carried on walking, each step smearing the sticky,
white fluid up and down her arse crack.

After the park, she took another path that lead along an old railway cutting.
The next people to see her were a group of six boys on push bikes who were
playing truant, riding their bikes up and down the sides of the railway
embankment. "Look at the tits on that old slapper!" she heard them say, as
they all raced past her.

A bit further on she saw one of the boys on a bridge that crossed over the
disused line. "Okay, here she comes!" Liz heard, as she walked under the

Appearing on the other side, she felt something warm and gooey hit her
shoulder, and head. Looking up, she saw the group of boys kneeling on the
edge of the bridge, masturbating. Just then, another of the boys began
spunking, and a glob of cum caught her right in the eye, smearing across
her cheek. Another stream of spunk landed in her open mouth, splattering
her lips and chin with the white, salty fluid. By the time Liz could get
out of range, her hair and face were covered in cum, whilst the stray shots
had hit her huge chest and soaked through her shirt. She could hear the
boys laughing, as they chanted, "Get yer tits out for the lads, get yer
tits out?..."

Liz finally reached her house with no more incidents, cum slowly drying on
her hair and face, dreading to think of the next days work.

Yep, it's another Andy C bondage production. As always I'm interested in
people providing pictures to my stories (I'm even willing to pay!!). Any
ideas please send them to me at: [email protected]


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