It's amazing what inspiration you can get, as well as from where. The
following short stories are based on a couple of mangas that I have
downloaded from USENET newsgroups over the last couple of years. Anyway, as
always with my stories it's based on characters from TV or film, because I'm
lazy and can't be bothered to create characters. These stories again use Liz
McDonald from Coronation Street as the main abused character, with a
supporting cast of other street characters.

(This small vignette has come from a couple of episodes of Corrie that had
Liz working in the bar - the first when she was being eyed up by a couple
of young blokes, and the other about a hen night - though I've converted it
to a stag night!)

Coronation Street: Liz McDonald Erotic Vignette Part 4 - Liz's Gang Rape
by Andy C ([email protected]) (M+F,rape,bukkake)

Liz was behind the bar by herself, as it was an early midweek evening and it
was never busy. She was wearing a white shirt and black mini-skirt, with
black stockings and a pair of black 4 inch high heels. As she busied herself
behind the bar, a group of about twenty young rugby players turned up out of
the blue. As they swarmed in, she spotted that the manager of the bar, John,
was with them. Whilst Liz began to serve the group, a couple of the blokes
were chatting and eyeing up Liz.

"Would you let your mum go out dressed up like that!" said one, as Liz bent
over to get a glass, the dress tightening on her buttocks revealing she
wasn't wearing panties.

"Nope, but old tarts like her," said the other nodding towards Liz, "are glad
to get it when they can." Turning to Liz, who now waited for another order,
he said, "What's your name? Mine's Frank."

Smiling her best smile, she replied, "Liz."

"See my mate Mike over there Liz?" he continued, pointing out one of the
burly men, "It's his stag night."

"More fool him!" she laughed, as the man chatting to her continued, "Well he
fancies you, and wondered if you'd give him a blow job."

Liz was stunned, and couldn't believe what she'd just heard. "What!" she

"A blow job for the groom." he repeated, smiling, "Or anything else you'd
like to do!"

"Do you think I'm a prostitute or something!" she replied, and went over to
serve on of the other players.

"The beer's just run out," she said to the customer, and went out from behind
the bar to the cellar.

"Right," said Frank, "all the other customers have been forced out, and the
doors have been locked by John. Now lets have some fun!"

The men formed two lines from the cellar door to the middle of the floor, and
John went down the steps to the cellar to stop her from going back down once
she saw what was happening. When Liz re-emerged, John gave her a slight push
and closed the cellar door behind her. As she walked down the aisle of men,
they all unzipped their trousers and began to masturbate. At the end of the
two rows stood Frank. "Is Mike going to get his blow job then?" he said to

Looking around, she saw that one of the men held a video camera, and was
filming her rape. Liz acquiesced, and Frank led her to the centre of the pub
where one of the tables had been set up. "Now get on the table on your hands
and knees," said Frank.

Again Liz complied. Frank then signalled for Mike to stand in front of Liz's
upturned face. He guided his penis toward her face and brushed it against her
lips. "Open up, Liz. Time to go to work."

Liz let her mouth relax, and her lips opened slightly. He placed the tip of
his stiffening penis between them and pressed forward. It slid between her
lips and into her mouth. Carefully, she gripped him with her lips, protecting
him from her teeth. The odour of him filled her nostrils, musty and thick.
His taste was slightly sour, slightly salty.

"That's right, Liz. Suck it good." He pushed deeper into her mouth until the
head of his penis touched the back of her throat. Liz gagged, and he pulled
back. "Oh, yes," Mike said, "that sure feels good. Suck my cock like a pro.
Eat my dick." He began to rock back and forth, in and out of her mouth. She
wrapped her lips around him, sucking on the end of it. "Use your tongue,
Liz," he told her. "Rub the bottom of my cock with your tongue. Hold me tight
while I fuck your mouth with my big dick."

His penis was rock hard, now. He slid it in and out of her sucking mouth. He
pulled it all the way out. Liz's mouth made a kissing sound as it popped out.
He pushed his wet penis around her face, over her cheeks. When he pushed it
back into her mouth, Liz sucked on the end of his penis, grasping the head
between her lips tightly and making a vacuum. She waggled her tongue back and
forth under the soft head where she knew it was most sensitive. Mike groaned.
He pushed forward, sinking himself deep into her mouth again, pulling back,
and pushing in again. He began to fuck her mouth hard, shoving in deep and
then pulling back out before it had time to choke her. He whipped his penis
in and out of her mouth. Liz was breathing hard, catching her breath in gasps
between his pushes and pulls. There was no use resisting, she thought.

Suddenly, Mike viciously grabbed a fistful of her hair, and rammed himself as
deep as he could within her tight throat. Liz gagged violently as her throat
bulged underneath her chin as he drove down. "RRGHH!!" Mike growled, his
entire body spasaming as he came.

His seed fired into Liz's throat. She gagged and gargled as his discharge
seeped down her throat, and he pulled out so it began to fill her mouth.
Soon, the cum began oozing from her lips around his penis. Liz made strange
gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily, gulping down his discharge. He
continued to come, his grip on her hair slowly weakening. Liz slurped it
down, but the cum still oozed out slowly around her lips. Mike jerked her
head back and forth violently, her hair whipping around like a doll's. She
could feel his cum sliding down her throat into her stomach, but she could
only gulp down more as it shot into her mouth and throat. 'That's it,' she
thought, 'I've given them what they wanted!'

As Mike pulled his now flaccid penis from Liz's cum filled mouth, she heard
Mike intone, "Okay, no cumming inside her!" as another rock hard penis was
presented to her lips. "I'm going to fuck her arse!" he continued.

Liz again began to suck on a prick whilst she felt her Lycra mini-skirt being
pulled up over her firm buttocks. The material of her g-string was pulled
tight and had slipped between her cunt lips, revealing her well-developed
labia protruding on either side. Frank quickly pulled her g-string from her
hips, and pulled his foreskin back on his penis. 'Not my ass, please not my
ass! Please!' thought Liz, as she felt Frank's hands open her arse cheeks.

After her incredible display, his fingers had become wet with her sweat, her
an the index finger of his right hand between her ass-crack and then gently
prodded her anus. Although covered in sweat, it was far from lubricated, he
pulled his fingers away and she thought for a few seconds that he had decided
to wait, then she heard the low sucking noise you associated with something
been pulled out of a wet hole.

'He's sucking on his finger!' cried Liz to herself, 'You know what that
means!' And she did, despite the fact she had never even had an anal probe up
her ass, she suddenly understood exactly what was going to happen. Frank's
finger pressed against her asshole, at first it resisted, but then slowly it
began to press into her sphincter, parting the hard muscles inside apart and
invading the one hole in her body that had so far remained un-violated.

The man fucking her mouth's grip on the sides of her face seemed to tighten
even more as he once more slowly slid his cock in and out of her wet mouth.
Her tongue continued to lightly stroke the underside as he slid in and out
of her mouth, being careful not to cum too soon. Her body continued to shake
slightly and the same moans of pleasure could be heard emitting from her
cock-filled mouth, but her mind was entirely concentrated on the finger
sliding in and out of her asshole.

Frank was moving the long digit faster and faster, the fingernail was
scraping lightly against one of the walls of her anal passage, her mind cried
out in protest as he pressed a second finger against her anus and pushed it
into her rectum. 'Oh, God,' Liz's mind screamed, 'I can't do anything to stop
him, I can't do anything to stop him! Why is this happening?' Her mind seemed
to go blank for a second when she felt the third finger begin to press it's
way into her asshole, she felt an almost blessed relief as she felt her
conscious mind slipping away... and then her mind exploded into full
awareness again as the fingers pulled out and she felt something big press
against her anal orifice.

Frank fed inch after inch of his swollen member deep into her bowels,
pressing forward inexorably, her puckered hole stretching wider and wider to
accept his cock into Liz's asshole. Liz's mind cried out in panic as Frank
set up a steady in out motion, slowly pushing into and out of her anus.
"Incredible!" cried Frank in pleasure, "This whore?s ass is so fucking

With each thrust of his prick in her arse, Liz's feet, which wore black high
heels thumped up and down as she rocked backwards and forwards. As if sensing
her impending orgasm, the two men stepped up their pace, moving in and out of
her faster and faster, pumping in and out of her, causing her to ride the
wave of sexual ecstasy unwillingly, but she rode it all the same.

Her asshole tightened over Frank's cock and her body became one tense muscle,
then with a light shudder she came, gasping for breath around the prick still
slamming in and out of her mouth. As Frank pulled loose, her asshole gave a
little "plop" as his cock was pulled from her ass. Frank signalled to the
other and he pulled his prick from Liz's hot mouth. Both moved to in front of
her face and gripped their cocks in their hands, as they had still not cum.
As one they began jerking off over her up turned face, Frank grinned at the
camera and winked. The cameraman looked up, and said "Okay boys, now!" Both
of them began jerking off faster, their hands becoming blurs, Frank went
first, followed seconds later by the other bloke, their cum bursting from
their members and covering her face in stream after stream of white cum.

Man after man stuck his prick either into her mouth, arse or cunt, as Liz
was repeatedly raped. Time became a blur as cum was shot all over her body.
It dripped from her chin onto the floor, covered her hair, and had soaked
through her white shirt and Lycra mini-skirt. Finally it stopped, as no more
men wanted to insert their engorged cocks into her. As she looked around,
she saw the men lounging about drinking.

Frank saw that she'd become cognisant of her surroundings, and came over to
her. "You'll be glad to know we've decided to pass you around to be our fuck
slave, and I'm your first master!"

Yep, it's another Andy C bondage production. As always I'm interested in
people providing pictures to my stories (I'm even willing to pay!!). Any
ideas please send them to me at: [email protected]


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