As with most of my stories, the following text is of an erotic (I hope)
nature that also includes a fair amount of bondage etc. Again, as with my
other stories, I can't be bothered to actually create characters and this
time the characters are from a UK TV series called Coronation Street.
Unfortunately I have a thing for one of the characters, Liz McDonald. She's
a feisty, curly haired blonde, thirty seven year old who's fit, 37-23-33
slim, well built body could still carry off wearing mini-skirts, lycra tops,
stockings and high heels. Her only problem was that she wasn't what you
would call top heavy - in fact she only carried a B-cup, even though they
were still very firm.

Coronation Street: Liz McDonald Erotic Vignettes Part 1 - Cream Teas
by Andy C ([email protected]) (M-mast)

Walking out of the Rovers Return after her chat with Deirdre, Liz suddenly
had a craving for a cream filled bun. The only place close enough was Gail's
cafe. Liz was today wearing a one piece lycra dress, red jacket, black
stockings and suspenders, a pair of 5 inch high heels, wonder bra to give her
tits a bit of a lift, and a g-string. Walking into the cafe, she noticed that
Roy was the only person serving, and the only one in the cafe. As soon as Liz
walked in, Roy's prick grew hard, and he had to conceal the bulge in his
trousers by standing close to the counter. Liz trotted over, "A bit quiet,
isn't it?" asked Liz.

"Yes, it's normally fairly quiet around now. What can I get you?" Roy

"I'd like a cream bun and a cup of coffee."

"I'll bring it to your table when the coffee's been made." said Roy, as Liz
paid for the items.

Liz sat down at one of the tables and began to read one of the papers she
found on the table, and Roy made busy behind the counter starting another pot
of coffee. Casually, Liz crossed her legs, the dress rode up her thigh to
reveal the top of her stockings.

Seeing this turned on Roy even more, so he decided to give Liz a "home made"
cream bun. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his rock hard penis.
Removing the cream from the centre of the bun, he began to pump his hard on
below the counter. Roy imagined ramming his engorged dick deep into Liz's
throat, her red lips wrapped tight around the stem of his tool. He imagined
leaving his prick lodged in Liz's constricting throat as she choked on it,
only pulling it out as she's about to pass out. With this image in his minds
eye, Roy starts to cum, milking his spunk onto the cream bun. Roy then
covered the spunk with a small dollop of whipped cream.

Pouring out the coffee, he again began to masturbate, this time imagining
inserting his prick deep into Liz's anus, splitting those tight buttocks
wide. He imagined her puckered arse hole spasaming as he reamed her out,
until he shot his load deep into her bowels. This time as he began to cum,
he milked his prick into the coffee, the spunk congealing as it hit the hot
liquid. Putting his still erect manhood into his trousers, he went over to
Liz's table, and put the spunk bun and coffee on the table.

Liz thanked Roy, and turned back to reading the paper. As she read, she
picked up the cream bun and took a bite of it. As Liz's teeth sunk into the
bun, the spunk that was in the middle of the bun began to run down the
outside of the bun, and down her chin. Liz automatically lapped up the
runny "cream", until she tasted the salty discharge slip down her throat.
Liz pulled the bun away from her mouth, leaving strands of spunk trailing
from the bun to her lips. She then inspected it, and saw what remained of
the load of semen that Roy had ejaculated. Liz looked over at Roy, who just
smiled at her.

Liz smiled back at Roy, and, putting out her tongue, licked out the rest of
the cum from the inside of the bun. She then drank her coffee, which she
noticed also contained cum. Draining the liquid down her throat. Liz wiped
her spunk stained lips with a napkin, winked at Roy, and left the shop, her
arse wiggling seductively on her high heels.


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