Coronation Street: Karen's Punishment (FF,F-mast,BDSM,spank)
by Jack Anory ([email protected])

"That's it bitch, that's it" thought Tracey Barlow imperiously. "That's
fucking it. She's fucking done it now!"

Tracey was really determined to get Steve McDonald who was the father of her
baby. The only thing standing in her way was that bitch, Karen.

She'd thought recently that things were moving her way as Steve was becoming
more friendly and she had an idea that all was not as it seemed in the
Steve/Karen household. But today it seemed she still had a hold on him. Steve
had had the gall to walk away from her and to Karen. This time though, Tracey
was going to take her anger out on Karen. She was going to make her suffer!

She saw Karen in the street and stopped her saying, "Karen, come to my house
at 6 o'clock. I've something I need to give you." She didn't give her an
opportunity to respond: just walked on confidently, head high.

Karen was left standing in the street wondering what was going on, but she
had no intention of going anywhere near that cow's house. On the other hand:
it was obviously something to do with Steve, perhaps she should..

Karen was usually the loudest mouthed, bulshy person on the street, however
it was all a cover up. She lacked confidence and with someone as devious and
cunning as Tracey she knew it wouldn't be anything good she had in mind.

She wouldn't go.

6:20pm. Karen knocked loudly on Tracey's door. The door opened and Tracey
stood there. "You're late!"

Karen looked at Tracey. Her face was pinched and her mouth was set in a thin
straight line: she was angry - but sod it, why should she apologise for being
late. She was lucky she was here at all. "So what" said Karen sassily.

"Oh Karen, I think you are going to have to be nicer to me than that." said
Tracey softly.

"Oh yeah, you're going to make me are you?" she retorted.

"YES." barked Tracey. "In the future if I give you an instruction then I
expect you to obey it EXACTLY!"

"Future? What future are you talking about?" asked Karen.

"You'll find out all in good time. Now come in."

Karen stepped over the threshold nervously. "I can't stay long, I've got to
get Steve's tea on" she said.

"I don't think you should worry about that at the moment." As she spoke
Tracey was walking into the living room with Karen following. She stopped,
turned and faced her. "For a long time now Karen, you've been pissing me
off, so it's about time you were taught a lesson."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" demanded Karen.

"Shut up!" commanded Tracey. "I've a punishment for you."

"A punishment?" queried Karen.

With that, Tracey walked over to a kitchen chair and sat down saying, "You
see I've decided that for the moment as I can't have Steve I'll have you

Karen looked puzzled.

What no one on the Street knew was that when Tracey lived in London she had
tried out many different sexual preferences and while she liked men, she also
had a penchant for being a dominatrix. This had been latent recently but now.

"Have you ever been spanked?" asked Tracey sternly.

"Don't be fucking stupid." replied Karen. "Oh god" she thought. "What's going
on?" She wanted to turn and walk away but something, she didn't know what,
was holding her there.

Tracey said, "Come to me and say out, out loud, 'Spank me', while standing
with your head bowed and your arms down by your side."

Karen looked on in disbelief. She desperately wanted to disobey her, but
somehow knew she wouldn't.

Tracey needed Karen to be passive and wanting! She wanted this woman to
suffer, to be humiliated and submissive, Karen was far too mouthy. Tracey
said, "If you don't obey me, then I shall have to make you." She stopped
and deliberately looked to the wall adjacent to them: propped up against
it was a whip. Karen followed the direction of her eyes, looking at it

Tracey explained, "It's a dog whip. One end is unravelled and the ends are
used to make a knot at the opposite end, it is accurate and hitting with the
tassels is stinging - but not unendurable and what's good in your case it
that the marks last no longer than a couple of hours. Perhaps we should test
it now?" she asked Karen.

"No, there's no need," said Karen.

"Come here" said Tracey again.

Karen knew she had a low pain threshold so she walked over to Tracey then
stood hands down by her side, head bowed. "Spank me," she quietly said.

"What did you say? I didn't hear you?" Tracey asked.

Karen repeated a bit louder, "Spank me." Her voice caught on the work spank.

Tracey's urge was to give her a few hard smacks, make her take the jeans and
panties she was wearing down, smack her till she howled and force her to lick
her until she came, but she knew there was plenty of time and today she had
to control her patience. She wanted to see Karen squirm.

Tracey said "I'm going to spank your backside, and I'm going to do it hard."

Karen looked at Tracey. Her long dark hair had fallen over her face and she
shook her hair away, her eyes full of apprehension but Tracey thought she
could also see there was excitement. Maybe this was going to be easier than
she thought.

"You're going to take down your jeans and your knickers and I'm going to hit
you on your bare bum" said Tracey.

Karen looked at her, swallowed, but said nothing. Her t-shirt was at waist
level, while the jeans were sitting on her hips so there was a gap between
showing Karen's belly button and her flat stomach.

"Do it! Tracey commanded.

Karen raised her right hand to the gap and undid the button on the jeans
and also the zip; they were tight so she had to tug them down. Tracey was
watching her actions closely, but saying nothing. She left the jeans around
her knees, then she slipped her hands into the band at the top of her panties
and watching Tracey's face pushed them down her legs to rest on top of the

Tracey ordered her to lie across her lap. As she did her hands went down to
the floor, her head was down submissively and she was ready to be spanked!

Tracey could tell she was shaking, but whether it was from fear or excitement
she didn't know.

She looked down at Karen's bum: plump, pink and fleshy, her cheeks
slightly apart. She licked her lips, and then began gently using her
fingertips planting quick precise slaps on her cheeks. The texture of her
skin felt neither soft, nor too firm: soon it would be red and glossy. As
Tracey slapped, changing to using her palm she could feel the tremors run
through Karen's body, imprints emerging on her skin. Karen began to moan
and her breathing became faster. Her bum was opening and her cunt was
becoming juicy: the lips widening as blood was gorging through them. Her
thighs were slipping apart and Tracey lifted her knees to spread them
further, revealing the deep crease between her buttocks. Tracey spanked
harder, Karen gasped, Tracey herself was becoming aroused at the sight in
front of her and of the humiliation the woman across her knees was

Tracey applied the full force of her arm, Karen squealed, high-pitched cries
of pain: the more she cried the more Tracey hit. Her leg lifted in pain.
Tracey stopped: panting, her arm ached. She looked at Karen's bum: it was
deep red and had been properly spanked. Her skin was covered in sweat and her
cunt was wet and glistening. It looked like she'd been masturbating. Karen's
legs flew wide stretching her jeans and panties, and she forced them off her
legs; she was spreading her bum and fanny and was so much in pain to care
about anything, but also she was feeling so aroused. She gave in completely.

Tracey touched between her thighs, and began masturbating her, rubbing her
clitoris and at the same time put her thumb in her anus. The response was a
shiver and Karen moaned and further pushed herself towards Tracey's hand. She
was cumming; her hole was tightening on Tracey's thumb as it went into spasm.
The moans stopped and she began crying: her humiliation was complete! She had

Tracey was desperately aroused and needed a release. Karen stood up shakily,
then turning slightly to look over her shoulder to inspect her rear behind.
She looked up at Tracey with her tear stained face and Tracey ordered her to
stay where she was: Tracey's hand went to her own jeans and pushed them down
along with her knickers. Her fingers found her clitoris and she rubbed
herself frantically. Karen stuck her bum out. further flaunting herself -
that was too much for Tracey. She reached out grabbing her wrist, forcing
her to her knees. Tracey took a handful of her hair and stuffed her face
unceremoniously in her cunt. Karen looked up in shock and surprise, but she

It was that look that sent Tracey over the edge; in front of her was a woman
who had been spanked, her bare, red bum was stuck out, her face well into her
cunt, probably tonguing a woman for the first time. Tracey came. She held
Karen's head in place so she couldn't move away as wave after wave of ecstasy
hit Tracey.

When Tracey had finally finished cumming she released Karen who stood up

Tracey said "Now, let's think about your next lesson... how are you at
urolagnia? Oh, and remember Karen, from now on I'm your mistress to be
obeyed at all times."


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