Coronation Street: Charlie's Bet (MMFF,FF,oral,voy)
by Jack Anory ([email protected])

Hi, I'm Charlie, Charlie Stubbs, local builder, and ladies man in Coronation
Street. Maybe a touch arrogant but hey, when you've got it, you have to
flaunt it and don't women love it!!

I've a thing going at the moment with Shelley, barmaid at my local - best
place to have a girlfriend - in the local boozer. Beer and birds together!
I did have a fling, well, a couple of one nighters actually with her mother,
but I managed to manipulate the situation to get rid of her when she showed
signs of getting out of hand. Anyway, that's enough about me for now. Let's
get down to the real business at hand.

I have a young lad Jason working for me who fancies himself as a bit of a
stud. He's heard that his ex girlfriend, Candice has lessie sessions with
her friend Maria, Whem he was going out with Candice he says she's always
gagging for it! Apparently she's dropped hints about her and Maria. He
wants to get them both together here in the yard and have sex with them.
Of course I'm not going to pass up a chance like this so I've told him that
I want to be there as well. He reckons they won't go for that, but I reckon
that if its like he says they won't be able to resist. Of course there has
to be a wager on this, so it's worth 50 if I get one of them to suck my


"Jason, what if someone comes," whined Candice as she and Maria were
treading delicately over various building paraphernalia in Charlie Stubbs's
yard. "Damm, something has grazed against my legs, I can't bloody well see
anything, Jason, this had better be good! I bet it's laddered my fucking hold
ups. I paid 5 for these today" moaned Candice.

Maria was giggling. It felt daring being here at night, they couldn't put any
lights on yet so they were carefully making their way across the yard.

"Its alright, no one comes here, Charlie's given me the key." Jason said.
As he spoke he reached the office, flicked the light switch on, leant over
the window and pulled the blind down, so the light wouldn't show out on the
street. The girls were relieved to be able to see where they were going now.
They reached the office and Jason closed the door behind them. Candice was
bent over inspecting her leg, she was wearing a short skirt and he could see
the tops of her legs, her creamy white skin, spilling out over the top of
the lacy stocking, he didn't think she had any underwear on. He felt his
penis begin to stiffen. He dragged his eyes away from her backside, looked
up and realised Maria was also stood enjoying the view! They looked at each
other conspiratorially.

Candice was moaning, "Jason you owe me a new pair!"

"Er, perhaps you'd better take them off then if they're ruined." replied
Jason. He and Maria were grinning.

I'm standing in the shadows listening to all of this.

Maria said "What about a drink then? Jason what have you got?"

Jason walked over to a cupboard: bent down, opened it and pulled out a four
pack of lager. He and Charlie had put them there earlier and there was plenty
more! He passed a can to each of the girls and they all pulled the ring pulls
and began to drink.

Maria put down her can on the desk, swaggered over to Jason saying "Well
Jason, are you going to show us the goods then?"

Jason gulped. "Er."

Maria stood in front of him, leaning so close into his face he could smell
her perfume, she slowly said. "I'm going to unzip your trousers, reach into
them, take out your cock and wank you until you come." While she was talking
she was slowly unzipping him, teasing him. Without breaking eye contact with
Jason she said "Candice, you know what his penis is like. How many inches?"

Jason was feeling nervous now, he wished Charlie was here: it was one thing
wishing this was happening, but now that it actually was he wasn't sure he
could cope. What if he lost his erection? He'd never live it down. These two
girls were nymphos!

He put down his drink, leaning back against the desk, arms down by his side.
She undone the button on his jeans, and her hand slipped inside his trousers,
she changed her position so she was stood slightly to one side of him. She
reached in further and found his hard cock. She pulled it out and gently
caressed it, moving her hand up and down the shaft. Drops of pre cum were
oozing out and she rubbed it in. He looked up as Candice moved behind Maria.
What was she going to do? She stood directly behind Maria, her legs slightly
apart so that her body covered the other girls. Using both her hands she put
them around the small waist in front of her. There was a gap between the
skirt and top and Candice placed her hands directly on her bare flesh. Maria
lifted her arm slightly to make it easier for Candice. She wasn't wearing a
bra, so Candice lifted the top up and over her breasts, freeing them. Maria
had taken her hand momentarily away from Jason and raised her arms above her
head so her top could be removed. Her small pert breasts now fully on
display. She quickly moved her hand back to Jason's cock. He was beginning
to breathe heavily. A slight movement had caught his eye: it was Charlie
entering the room. The girls didn't know that Charlie was directly behind

I can see that Jason's eyes are practically popping out of his head, a half
naked girl in front of him masturbating him and another girl feeling the same
girls tits also in front of him. I decide to remain quiet for a while...sees
what happens next.

Maria pulled down Jason's trousers and underwear giving her better access:
with one hand she continued to rub his shaft: with the other hand she took
hold of his balls and was rolling them around in the palm of her hand.
Candice continued fondling Maria's breast; her nipples were stood out, erect
and enticing. Candice wanted to get her own tits out, so she stepped back,
lifting her skimpy top. She turned slightly and saw out of the corner of her
eye, Charlie; "Aaagh." she shrieked, covering herself at the same time.

Maria stopped what she was doing, turned to look, but with a wicked look in
her eye said "Have you come to join in?"

I step forward, "Pass me a beer Jase." Jason hands me the beer and I open it,
lift it to my lips and drink deeply. Watching them was thirsty work "Don't
let me stop you." I said. "In fact, yes, I may join the party."

Candice had been looking about her nervously, but she coyly dropped her top
to the floor. She also was braless. I walk over to her, standing just inches
away. I take my beer can and touch it against one nipple. "That's cold," she
said, at the same time looking down at her nipple that had reacted to the
coldness. I move the can to her other nipple, that also springs into life.

I move over to where Jason is standing along the desk. I stand side by side
with him. Candice moves over to me, looking at the bulge in my trousers. She
leans forward and unzips my fly, unlike Jason I'm not wearing underwear, so
there is less restriction and my rampant penis springs out!

At this point Maria and Candice look at one another and simultaneously both
slowly drop to their knees. They then both take our cocks in their mouths
and lick, suck, and nibble clearly enjoying themselves and the show they are
putting on. I can see Jason isn't going to hold on. I look down at both the
girls, their tits hanging loose, neither girl has large breasts, but they
look good, all the same. Their nipples jutting out proudly. Jason groans,
he's about to cum. I can tell Maria is increasing pressure slightly, me I
can hold this longer, experience tells! Jason's spunk spurts: he groans
aloud, holds Maria's head, gasps, and her mouth is full of salty cum. Both
Candice and I are watching them. Maria then pulls away, leans forward and
pushing her tits together engulfing Jason's penis between them. She kneads
them putting as much pressure as she can, Jason continues to ejaculate, it's
going all over her breasts. His orgasm finally subsides. Candice lets go of
me, I don't mind as I can guess what she's going to do. Jason watches in
amazement as Candice pushes Maria onto her back and she leans over her
friend's upper body, bends down and licks the semen from her tits. Maria
moans in pleasure. I glance across at Jason: he seems dazed. I'm happy
standing watching this, while at the same time playing with myself.

I watch as Candice with one hand runs her hand down Maria's stomach, over
her skirt and to the top of her legs. She's not wearing any underwear: Maria
gasps as she feels her friend run her hand over her pubic hair and slide
between her legs. She spreads her legs offering us the most intimate view:
she raises her head slightly so she can see our faces, this girl like to
show off! Jason is staring transfixed, absolutely stunned by what he's
seeing, I feel relaxed, enjoying the view. I think Maria is so turned on not
only by her friend but also because of us watching. Candice is on all fours
making her way down Maria's body. She brushes her tongue against her slit,
making her hips jerk upwards, and Candice's tongue probes its way back and
forth over her clitoris. I think she about to cum. She looks lost in the
sheer pleasure of her climax: she pushes her crotch into Candice's face who
is keeping her tongue firmly embedded in her cunt until the spasms cease.

I need to cum myself now so I pull Candice roughly off her friend, still on
her knees and force her head onto my cock, she takes me full in her mouth,
I keep my hand against her head: the need for release is strong now as I feel
my orgasm building. This girl is going to swallow!

And she does. As my spunk spurts out she takes it all, all in her mouth, but
she slyly looks up at me and turns to Maria who has sat up and is avidly
watching: they kiss and my spunk is transferred between them. I decide that
these girls are more interested in each other than really pleasuring us so
I think its time to leave them to it.

I pull my trousers back up, turn to Jason who is still blankly staring,
unable to believe his eyes. Ok Jase, I'm off now, make sure you lock up and
we'll settle things in the morning.

"Shelley love, I'm in time for last orders aren't I?" I ask as I enter the

"Yes, where've you been - you look all in?" replied Shelley, looking

"A job we were on, well, it was a hard one and I had to give the woman a
right mouthful, but she was on her knees at the end." I tell her.

"I'm sure she was grateful - was it a plumbing job?" asked Shelley.


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