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This Story Is NOT True, It is a Fantasy.

Sarah is a character in a U.K soap called "Coronation Street"; she'd played
by the 17-year-old actress Tina O'Brien.

Coronation Street: Call Me Sarah (ff,mf-mast,voy,inc)
by Maxim

Manchester U.K 2001

All of Coronation Street was sleeping or so it seemed, all Sarah Lou knew was
that she was so bored, Gail had taken her Bethany into her bedroom so Sarah
could study for her exams with the baby interrupting her.

Except studying was the last thing on her mind, she'd sooner be out with
Candice doing what a normal teenage girl does, flirting and thinking about

But what was Sarah doing? Stuck in her bedroom with her own baby daughter in
her mother's bedroom in the next room, Sarah's baby Bethany had been an
accident when she was 13, it had been her first time, yes she loved Bethany,
but Sarah was beginning to wonder when the second time would be!

What between the baby and trying to study, she never got out, even then her
mother Gail watched her like a hawk, just in case lighting did strike twice.

Sarah looked at the mobile phone her step dad Martin had brought her for
Christmas. She had got her well with Martin; well until recently anyway and
now him and Gail were getting divorced.

"Fuck," Sarah said to herself, "I can't even use my mobile without Gail
coming in here and saying 'Sarah Lou, your meant to be studying!'" Fuck she
hated that name, Sarah Lou, it made her sound like a 7 year old. Yeah she
may be 'only' 16, but she wasn't a kid.

"Call me Sarah," she told everybody.

Sarah threw herself on her bed and looking around her room, there was her
dolls and cuddlies, her poster's of "Britney" and the "Backstreet Boys."

"MMMmmmm Brian is so hot!" Sarah thought looking at the Backstreet Boys

Sarah looked over to her computer, the one her Grandmother Audrey had brought
her for Christmas to help her study, it had made her laugh when Martin saw
it, it was way better than the computer he had back in his flat.

"Fuck yeah I'll go online, I can go to those sites that have all those school
essay's already done!"

Sarah found the site and downloaded the essay's, having done that it just
made Sarah more feel, more sad, alone, and depressed.

"Chat room!" Sarah thought to herself, I haven't been in one of them in
ages. Sarah remembered when her and her best friend Candice used to go into
Manchester and go into cyber cafes and chat online with guys, flirting and
inventing personalities.

Finally getting into a chat room, she got a message request from a guy named

Sarah got into flirting mode...

Nick: "What's ya name babe?"

"Babe... yuck talk bout lame," thought Sarah.

Sarah: "Katie" Sarah Lou lied.

Nick: "Where are you?"

Sarah thought... "Australia"


Nick: "New York"

Wow, a real man for once! not like the pimple faced losers around here!

Nick: "How old?"

"19" Sarah lied.

Nick: "What you look like?"

"Well I'm 5ft 5ins about 7 stone, I've got long brown hair and brown eyes."

Nick: "And your measurements?"

"Fuck this is fun, I'm enjoying this," Sarah laughed.


"SARAH are you studying in there?" yelled Gail.

"Yes Mum!"

"Shit, shit, shit!" thought Sarah.

"Listen Nick, I have to go now my friends have called we are going out to a

Sarah got off line agreeing to meet him on the net the next night.

The next night "Katie" was online with Nick again.

They started talking about their hopes, feelings, and what they expected out
of the future. There was no way Sarah could tell Nick, she really still a
schoolgirl with her own baby and was living in her Mum's house in a back
street in Manchester.

He was a 25-year-old businessman living in an apartment in New York and he
was soooooooo hot, after all he had send his photograph to her online.

Sarah did send him her picture, but it wasn't her, but then what grown up guy
would be interested in a schoolgirl like her? Sarah felt guilty lying to this
guy, because Sarah was really beginning to like this guy.

"So Katie, have you gone far with a guy?"

Sarah's heart began to beat so quickly.

"A bit..." Sarah lied; well she couldn't tell him she had a baby when she was


"Well, we, uh . . . fucked," Sarah admitted.

"That's good, did you do anything else, and did he come in your mouth?"

"Yeah, I just sucked his cock for a while."

"Where did this happen?"

"In his bedroom, his parents were out."

Nick: "Then what?"

Nick knew what he was doing; he wanted to get "Katie" all hot and bothered,
Sarah had never gone this far online with a guy and started feeing a familiar
dampness starting in her panties.

"Well," Sarah said "he, uh, got on top of me and . . . put his cock inside
me . . . and sorta fucked me."

Nick: "Did you cum?"

"Um, yeah I suppose" Sarah lied; in reality she had come so hard it had left
her shaking.

Nick started getting into details about what he would like to her to do to
him with her tongue.

"Katie picture yourself naked while my hands roam over every inch of your
naked body."

Sarah started to move her hand brushing the front of her now damp tight
cotton panties, teasing her pussylips through the soaked front of panties.

Nick: "What are you wearing Katie?"

"A T-shirt and jeans," Sarah replied.

Nick: "Take your T-shirt off Katie."

"I can't," Sarah typed.

Nick: "Yes you can nobody will see."

Sarah felt her trembling hands reach up and slowly lift the t-shirt up and
over her head.

"I wish I could see you," Nick's words appeared on the computer screen.

If Nick had been able to see, he would of seen Sarah's teenage breasts
encased in a white bra, her by now hard nipples poking through the material.

"How about you masturbate for me Katie and I'll do the same here..."

"I'm not sure about this... I never," Sarah typed.

Nick: "You can do, you're a big girl, strip for me Katie."

Sarah pulled down her jeans, her bedroom was eerily silent as she pulled off
her South Park socks and reached behind her back for her bra clasp.

Sarah's white bra, followed by her panties landed upon the pile of clothes
on her bedroom floor.

Sarah now completely naked, sat back in her chair in her of her computer with
her legs wide.

Nick: "Pinch your nipples, feel your tits Katie, cum for me."

"Roll your hard nipples between your fingers."

Sarah grasped her right teenage breast in one hand and with the other hand
spread her fingertips through her sparse brown pubic hair.

If anybody could see into Sarah's bedroom, they would of seen Sarah's tuft of
brown pubic hair and her pussy lips wet and beginning to open.

Sarah's finger ran up and down the length of her still tight pussy lips and
finally found her hard clit, Sarah moaned her finger flicking across her
clitoris, Nick's words on screen driving her onto her first computer induced

Sarah went to bed that night, thinking of only one thing... that guy in New

The next day, David, Sarah's younger brother was pleased with himself. He had
come straight home from school, borrowing on his way a power drill from Sam
at the garage.

He had told Sam that he had a job to do around the house, especially since he
was the "man" around the house since Martin his Dad had left.

David did have a job to do, but not the sort of job Sam would of thought of,
but there again maybe he would. The house was empty as David went through the
front door, Gail, his Mother was still at work, Bethany was at the child
minders and Sarah would be out with Candice after school.

Everybody thought of David as a kid, but he was 13 and having hit puberty his
hormones were now working overtime. He had discovered wanking about three
months ago as Gail had discovered since his sheets had began to get that
crusty feel to them. David was girl crazy, but had no outlet, apart from
girlie magazine he hid under his bed.

But David wanted to see a real life in the flesh girl, but David's chances of
that were nil. It had come to while watching his "Big Brother Uncut" video
borrowed from his friend Darren, on how cool it would be to be able to spy on
someone without them knowing...

While David was sitting on his bed, it came to him in more than one way, that
his Mother's and Sisters bedrooms were right alongside his and only a thin
wall in between them.

"He could spy on them!" thought David and then almost immediately said no.

"No not me Mam," that would be sick he thought, but his Sister Sarah!

David couldn't keep his eyes off her; especially what seemed her
ever-blooming chest.

David made quick work at drilling a hole through the wall into Sarah's
bedroom. David had to make sure that Sarah wouldn't notice the hole in her
wall or dust on the floor, luckily for David, Gail didn't believe in locked

So David keeping an eye on his watch, made his way into Sarah's bedroom.

David had to hurry because he knew she would be back soon from school.
Removing the dust from the floor, he saw that the hole had just come out
beside her Back Street Boy's poster, right in the middle of a pattern in
the wallpaper.

"Perfect!" thought David.

David being David couldn't resist having a look around, after all he had read
Sarah's diary earlier year... He could read it again, he started looking for
the diary, he looked in her bedside table, in her cupboard, under her bed.

But he couldn't find it or anything that David would call interesting...

He went to Sarah's dressing table; he looked through his Sister's panty
drawer. He looked through her panties, then his hand found something hidden
at the back of the drawer. David had found his Sister's vibrator, his face
lit up; he sniffed it and for the first time in his life smelt the aroma of
teen pussy.

David had just got back into his room, as he heard the front door banging and
Sarah running up the stairs to her room, and then into the bathroom.

David jumped up onto his chair and put his eye to the hole in his wall.

For what seemed hours, but what was in fact about 10 minutes passed by.

David could see the light come on in his sister's bedroom, and saw Sarah
closing the door and pulling a chair under the handle stopping anybody from
coming into her room.

David smiled, was he going to see his Sister taking her clothes off or maybe
even masturbating. His small, but growing cock was getting hard just at the
thought of what he might see.

Sarah had just taken a shower, she had a large pink bath towel wrapped around
her, in Sarah's other hand was her school uniform, which she tossed them on
her bed.

Sarah moved about the room, David's eye following her all the way, she looked
in the mirror, she brushed her hair, she looked in her schoolbag, she checked
her E-mails.

But she wouldn't take them towel off.

"Shit" David thought, "Me Mam will be home soon!"

Finally Sarah, as if on right on cue, walked towards the hole in the wall and
removed the bath towel. For the very first time in his thirteen years David
saw his Sister's (and any other girl for that matter) beautiful, firm naked
teenage tits, each topped with a small erect pink nipple.

Sarah bend over presenting her teenage arse to her brother, she began drying
herself off, Sarah seemed so close David could nearly see every detail of
Sarah's pussy lips as she bent down.

His cock was the hardest it had ever been; Sarah's hands moved the towel over
her pussy and arse, up to her small, firm tits.

Sarah went out of sight, David could hear a strange whirling noise, like
buzzing, and then he could hear moaning.

Sarah came back into view.

"Fuck," she had the vibrator in her hand thought David.

His Sister got onto her bed, Sarah laid down on her back with her knees bent,
slowly spreading her legs giving her brother a perfect view of her teenage

David could see his Sister had just a wisp of brown pubic hair, Sarah moved
the vibrator against her teenage pussy lips, her hips began to rise and fall,
her moaning becoming louder.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh yeeeeesssssss!" Sarah purred.

Brother and Sister came at the same time, Sarah in the comfort of her bed and
David on his wallpaper.

* * *

Two day's later, it was Friday night, Sarah was again sooo bored, Candice
should have been here an hour ago.

Her Mother Gail was out with Martin and Nick had to work tonight.

Bethany was her at her Grandma Audrey's house.

Sarah had already drunk three bottles of beer that Candice and her had got
some older guy to get from a off licence after school.

"Where is she…Shit" Sarah looked at her watch, there was no sign of Candice.

"I'm going to have another" Sarah curled up on the sofa tucking her legs
under her.

Thirty minutes and a total of five bottles of beer Sarah was completely out
of it fast asleep on the sofa, Candice finally let herself through the front
door, she'd been late after doing her usual cock teasing and snogging routine
with a teenage boy from school, leading them on and then leaving him standing

But for once it had left her as horny as the guy she'd left with blue balls.

Candice walked into the living and saw Sarah passed out on the sofa.

"Sarah, Sarah wake up," but Sarah didn't move.

"Shit!" I better clean up or Mum will kill her.

Sarah lay there as Candace cleaned up the room, putting the empty beer
bottles into a bag.

"Sarah... wake up," Candice shook Sarah.

Sarah was completely out of it, Candice knew she couldn't leave her here for
when Sarah's Mam Gail came home, she'd be dead meat, even if they were now
both 16.

Candice picked Sarah up on her shoulder and just managed to get her best
friend onto her bed.

"Sarah WAKE UP!" Candice shouted, Sarah didn't react.

Sarah had passed out all right thought Candice; she looked at her friend lay
out on her bed, her blue eyes shut tight. Candice looked at the black lycra
jogging shorts and a black tank top Sarah had on. The two of them had brought
that top and short's last Saturday in Manchester City Centre, at the time
Candice couldn't help but notice the way Sarah's breasts filled out her top
and the way the lycra jogging shorts clung to her friend's arse.

Candice was taller than Sarah, but Sarah was becoming more shapely than her
friend. Candice noticed that her friend's nipples were now poking through the

"Sarah will you wake up, I'm going now," Candice nearly shouted getting no
response from Sarah, Candice rolled Sarah over on her side, she didn't want
her best friend throwing up and choking in her sleep.

As Candice rolled Sarah over her black tank top fell forwards revealing
Sarah's breasts, of course Candice had seen her friend's breasts before and
reached to cover Sarah back up, as Candice did this Sarah signed, moaned and
moved making quite by accident Candice's hand touch her best friend's right
teenage breast.

Candice nearly jumped, she wasn't sure why, but she had.

She'd never touched another girl before and it felt strange but good.

Candice looked down at Sarah's bare stomach and slowly traced her index
finger across it, Sarah's skin was warm and soft, she looked up to her
friend's face...


Sarah was out cold.

Candice thought if she just pulled back her friend's tank top to have a look,
that was all, that was alright.

Candice lifted Sarah's tank top, her friend's breasts seemed to glow in the
light from Sarah's bedside table lamp, Candice slowly reached out her hand to
just touch the skin on Sarah's teenage breasts.

Candice had never quite felt anything like it, yes she had touched her own
breasts loads of times or had them touched by teenage guys, but this was

As if in slow motion, Candice's hand cupped Sarah's right breast, her index
finger playing with the nipple, which she could feel beginning to harden
under her finger.

If anybody could of heard what was going on in Sarah's bedroom, they would
of heard Candice's breathing getting deeper and the occasional moan coming
from her friend Sarah's lips.

Candice tongue worked over her lips, looking down at her friend's exposed
breasts, her tongue made it's way down and touched for the first time another
girl's nipple, Candice leaned over and licked her Sarah's stomach working her
up to her Sarah's breasts, Candice's long hair brushing Sarah's breasts and

Sarah moaned and rolled over onto her stomach, Candice nearly held her
breath, she realised she was looking down at Sarah's arse in her tight black
lycra shorts. She could see every contour of her friend's arse.

"Shit!" what am I doing Candice thought, she may not know what she was doing,
but the feeling in her now damp panties told her what she wanted.

Looking down at Sarah's arse, Candice could see that the lycra left little
to the imagination, she could see there were no panty lines through the thin

Candice hand brushed across Sarah's arse cheek, she squeezed it, the flesh
giving under her hand, "I have to do this," Candice's hand reached out and
slowly began to slide down her friend's lycra shorts, revealing more and
more of her teenage arse finally slipping the lycra past Sarah's knees and
onto the bedroom floor.

"Sarah," the only response coming from Sarah was spreading her legs slightly.

Candice bent down her head and kissed each cheek.

Sarah's pussy was now only inches from Candice's face.

For the first time up close, Candice could see her friend only a small brown
tuft of pubic hair. Her long hair covered Sarah's arse, Candice's tongue
brushed against Sarah's now wet pussy lips; Candice's tongue parted her
friend's pussy lips, for the first time in her sixteen years Candice tasted
the pussy juice of another girl.

Candice's hand dropped between her own legs and began rubbing her clit.

Taking a deep breath, Candice pulled open Sarah's pussy lips and for the
first time seeing the pink wetness of her friend's pussy, Candice plunged
her finger into Sarah, "Fuck your tight", Candice had wondered after having
a baby whether Sarah would still be tight, she was and as tight as Candice

Candice got up and kissed Sarah's other lips, before moving down to suck one
of Sarah's nipples, now very hard under Candice's tongue, nearly devouring
her best friend's breast, her hand on the one that wasn't now covered by
Candice's mouth.

Candice moved down onto Sarah's pussy, her lips onto her friend's clit,
slowly coaxing it from its hiding place, taking it between her lips, and
sucking it.

As Candice's lips touched Sarah's clit for the first time, Candice finally
began to orgasm, she reached down rubbed her own clit, needing to get cum

Candice's clit was so swollen, she grasped the now hard nub between her
fingers, pinching it, squeezing it, rubbing it, at the same time her tongue
deep in her friend's pussy.

Candice and Sarah came at the same time, the bed nearly shaking as they both
came, Candice's tongue thrusting against Sarah's wet pussy, her friend's
pussy flowing out onto Candice's face.

Candice sat up, her body still shaking.

She looked down at her sleeping naked friend, Candice covered up her best
friend and made her way out of the dark house, by the time Candice got home
she had come twice more just thinking about what had happened.

The following morning, Sarah was sitting in front of her computer chatting
to Nick in New York, it was 11am, Sarah hadn't been up long. She had woken up
naked in her own bed not remembering how she got there, one thing she knew
she had one hell of a hangover.

Sarah: "Isn't it really early there Nick?"

Nick: "Yeah it is babe, I have a meeting later and I've been thinking we
should really see each other."

Sarah: "But how."

"A web cam, apparently there really cheap now" Nick typed.

That afternoon, Sarah made her way into Manchester City Centre and having got
the necessary cash from her bank account, went and brought her first web cam
from the nearest branch of Dixon's. All the time hoping that she wouldn't
bump into anyone she knew, Nick was her secret and the web cam would be an
even bigger secret.

Nick and Sarah had arranged to meet on Sunday morning at 9am, Sarah had
wondered why Nick was up so early in New York, but all that mattered was
that she was chatting with him now, especially since she had spend most
of Saturday trying to set up the dam camera.

Nick: "Well then Katie."

Sarah: "Yeah O.K, but look for the moment I don't want to show my face

Nick: "That's alright for me, I'll tell you what I'll turn my web cam on
first just to ease you in."

"Yeah O.K" Sarah typed, her eyes fixed to the computer screen, moments later
she could see a darken room and the site of a clothed male torso from the
chest down.

Nick: "Can you see O.K Katie."

Sarah: "Yeah."

Nick: "Well how bout turning your cam on"

Pressing a few keys on her keyboard, Sarah's web cam came to life on Nick's
computer; he could see the image from the shoulder's down of a teenage girl
sitting in a chair wearing an long blue shirt and jeans.

Nick: "You look great Katie, but your wearing way too many clothes, why don't
you take off your shirt."

Sarah's mind was racing, if she didn't do this, he'd think she was some kid
and go and she'd never hear from him again.

Sarah knew she had no choice...

Sarah unbuttoned her shirt to the waist.

The words "Wow" appeared onscreen, Sarah held her shirt wide open exposing
her white wonder bra, (Sarah wanted to make the best of what she'd got), she
now stood in front of the web cam and looked at the screen.

"You are absolutely beautiful Katie" Nick typed.

"THANK YOU"! Sarah typed now on cloud nine.

Nick now knew he had "Katie" where he wanted her and unknown to Sarah was
now taking pictures of her that would be online that day for all to see.

Nick: "Why don't you undo your jeans Katie."

Taking a deep breath Sarah stood by her bed, the view from her shoulders
down, dressed only in her open shirt and jeans and wonder bra. Sarah undid
the top button on her jeans,. Nick all the way in New York instructed Sarah
to pull her shirt back onto her shoulders and to tug her jeans down, unknown
to Sarah all the while taking pictures of the schoolgirl.

Nick was encouraging the teenager to pose after each adjustment of her

Sarah could tell that Nick was getting a hard-on; she could see it onscreen
filling out his jeans a ridge nearly going down the leg of his tight jeans.

As Sarah slowly stripped, she could she him become bigger and stiffer.

Nick's cock was pushing against his jeans in an effort to break free.

As Sarah exposed more and more of her body to her web cam and Nick, she felt
herself becoming aroused.

Showing her body off to a guy she'd never met was really perverted, she

The idea made Sarah instantly wet.

Sarah's wonder bra came off revealing her teenage breasts to Nick's eyes.

Quickly followed by the sight of "Katie" lowing her blue panties to the

"Now Katie raise your legs up on that bed, show me your tight little pussy"
Nick typed.

Sarah looked at the screen as she moved her leg up onto her bed, revealing
her teenage pussy to Nick's eyes, as he took picture after picture.

Sarah wondered what it would be like to have sex with Nick.

Would he be bigger than the boy she'd been with?.

Nick could see "Katie's" teenage body moving rhythmically as she breathed.

Sarah was now seated back in her chair, presenting Nick with a view of her
from the neck down, of her perfect teenage breasts, her legs now parted, her
pussy exposed.

Sarah's eyes were drawn to her computer screen as the image on view of a man
from the neck stripping.

Nick was definitely bigger than the teenager she'd been with, bigger all
around and it looked older.

Sarah couldn't quite put her finger on it, but it seemed somehow familiar.

Sarah watched as Nick started to rub his hard cock, his big cock pointing
directly at her, his balls hanging there, waiting to be touched.

Nick looked so good, Sarah had the urge to take him into her mouth there and
then, she'd let him come in her mouth, she'd rub the head of his cock against
the front of her teeth, she'd lick it for him.

The microphones on both of their computers were both on, but strangely
neither of them had said anything, all the other could hear were the moans
of each other.

Nick came in huge spurts; at the same time Nick could see "Katie" with her
hand down between her legs, massaging her pussy, flicking against her little
hooded clit as she came.

Nick typed, "That was so good Katie."

"Yeah" Sarah typed now out of breath.

"You know Katie, since we've both seen each other come, how about we show
each other our faces?"

"I'm not that ugly" Nick typed.

Suddenly Sarah's heart started to beat really fast, this was it, she'd
finally get to see Nick in New York.

They both slowly moved there web cams so they would both see each other at
the same time.

The camera's moved from shoulders to chin to full face….


Sarah could hear her real name through the speaker.

She looked up...


"Oh no, you are, OH NO" Sarah cried, trying to cover her naked body with her

Martin, her stepfather's camera suddenly went blank, leaving Sarah in her
shock in her bedroom.

What had she just done?

With Martin… her step dad



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