Starring, Rosie Webster, Sally Webster, Sarah Louise, Maria and Candice.

I am aware some of the timeline may not add up as I am not actually a fan of the show. I just like the women.

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Coronation Street: An Ensemble Fuck Story (MF,MMf,mF,anal,fist,toys,exhib)
by Dreamy Jeanie

Rosie Webster is sat on the train to Picadilly Station. wearing a white thin blouse with a lacy black bra visible underneath, and a short tight red skirt that doesn't do much to cover her thighs or the flimsy black lacy thong that creeps up her ass and camel toe, topped off with a pair of bright red heels. Rosie is on her way into Manchester city centre to meet some men she met in a nightclub the night before and catch the football game before deciding which guy or guys she will let pull her.

Sitting in the opposite seat across the aisle is short shy, regular looking guy called Chris. Not hot enough to catch a woman's eye, but not ugly either. Chris has noticed Rosie in town every now and then and is now flicking his eyes all over her sexy body, memorising her slutty appearance for a wank later, possibly even as soon as he gets off the train in Picadilly Station toilets. Chris thinks about how he needs to memorise every last detail of her, the visible bra, the cleavage, the legs and the fact that he can almost make out her crotch under her skirt, because he knows he will never be this close to her again or get another chance for wanking material like this. Rosie, previously oblivious to the geeky Chris has now noticed him, only because his perving is blatantly obvious and is now making her uncomfortable.

"Yeah this isn't for you, you little creep. As if!" She thinks to herself. Rosie, well aware of the view she is giving the boy, which is the view she was planning on giving men much more impressive than Chris, crosses her legs. This gives Chris an even better view of Rosie's legs and even a slight glimpse of her ass as her skirt rides up. Chris decides that he is definitely going straight to the toilets, paying his 30p to get in, and then having a wank over the sexy slut in front of him.

Now totally uncomfortable, Rosie stares at Chris, but doesn't make eye contact for long as she feels he is beneath her and doesn't want to acknowledge him for too long. Rosie gets up from her seat and heads towards the train toilet as Chris stares at her ass and black bra strap through her shirt.

* * *

Martin Platt and Kevin Webster are in Martin's living room watching the pre-game show. Coming down the stairs behind him are Martin's step daughter, Sarah Louise and Candice Stowe.

"Maybe it's a good thing, you can settle down now and find a nice lad," says Sarah to her more promiscuous friend.

The two hug and Candice leaves while Kevin stares at her ass clad in a tight pink mini skirt and tight white t-shirt. "What a dirty fucking bitch" Kevin thinks. "Bet she's had hundreds of cocks. If she's looking for another, I'll gladly give her one." Kevin laments, thinking he got the jist of what she and Sarah were thinking of.

Sarah, dressed in a pair of tight blue jeans and a blue knitted sweater with light pink lacy bra and panties underneath, asks the two men if they want any more beers from the fridge.

"Yeah, cheer, pet," says Martin as Sarah disappears into the Kitchen with Kevin's eyes on her ass.

"So Martin, you ever thought about that?" asks Kevin. Martin doesn't understand the question, so Kevin persists, nodding towards the kitchen.

"No, no, she's my daughter," says Martin.

"Stepdaughter" replies Kevin, "there's no laws against that and it's perfectly natural with a sexy bitch like that running around the house."

Martin shakes his head at his friend's remarks, determined to ignore him. Kevin stares at the kitchen doorway, waiting for Sarah to return, "Bet she that dirty Candice bitch has taught her some tricks too. Don't tell me you haven't at least thought about her!" pushes Kevin.

"That's enough Kevin, you're out of line. She may hear you, so keep it shut!" snaps Martin who thinks to himself about how he has actually masturbated over Candice hundreds of times but has never looked at Sarah like that as it would be wrong...wouldn't it?

In the kitchen. Sarah did indeed overhear and smiles to herself. "I'm hardly sexy though," she thinks. She looks in the reflection of the microwave and thinks about how she is dressed in a chunky sweater and hasn't really dressed as provocative as Candice. She scolds herself for not making more of an effort on a daily basis, as she has resigned herself to life as a single mother.

Sarah returns with the beers and steps in front of Martin and Kevin on the sofa, bending over to put them on the table, taking her time to clear away some magazines and papers, hoping that she is appealing to Kevin and even Martin to an extent, to get validation she is still attractive. The lecherous Kevin eyes up Sarah's ass as Martin watches the television.

Martin finally turns to see Kevin eyeing up his step daughter's ass. Annoyed, he's about to say something, until he notices Sarah's light pink thong appearing from the top of her jeans. Martin get's an involuntary twitch in his trousers which grows to a full on boner when he thinks about how inappropriate it is to look at his step daughter like this. Kevin notices this and smiles to himself, thinking he now has unspoken permission to make a move on Sarah and try and fuck the little bitch.

* * *

Sally Webster, in a long black skirt and white thin blouse with matching lacy white bra and thong underneath, is clearing up her living room as the door bell rings. She opens it to see David Platt, the younger son of her neighbours and the friend of her daughter, Rosie. "Rosie's not here, David. You'll have to come back later," says Sally, who has never really had much time for the young boy, believing him to be trouble and very gobby.

David looks disappointed as he was hoping to catch Rosie, who he has long had a crush on.

Sally is aware of this and slightly feels for the boy, feeling bad for being so short with him. "You can come in if you want, for a bit and have a drink. Of juice."

David, preoccupied with the sight of Sally's small tits in a lacy white bra, visible through her blouse, takes a second before he realises what Sally said. "Uh yeah, cheers, Sal," and he enters into her living room.

"Sal?" she thinks, "I'm beginning to regret letting the gobby little shite in already."

David sits down as Sally returns with a glass of orange juice for David. Sally attempts small talk with David but realises she really has nothing to say to him. She spies David making numerous glances at her chest and spies a growing bulge in his jeans. She thinks to herself how the little gobby boy probably came round hoping to use that erection on her daughter and finds herself excited by the young boys horniness. "Rosie's turned into an attractive young girl, I can't blame him I suppose" Thinks Sally, "But surely a more experienced woman is better."

Sally immediately feels stupid for these thoughts, but realises she has suddenly turned herself on. The idea of competing with her younger more provocative daughter has aroused her. Sally kills the awkward silence with David by moving onto the sofa next to him. "So David, I'm sure you have these feelings for Rosie and maybe many other girls..." Sally says as David gets uncomfortable, both by the topic of conversation and Sally's sudden proximity. "...But have you ever really been with a girl, or a woman before?"

David stays quiet and slowly looks up towards Sally, stopping on her tits for a moment.

Sally continues as she places her hand on David's arm, "Because, it's totally natural to have these feelings, but you need to know what you're doing too."

David, now making eye contact with Sally replies, "You mean like johnnys and stuff and safe sex?"

"Well yes, David, there's that. But also you need to know what you're doing once you get a girl, naked. How to please her, to touch her and to please her. You're young and it can be dangerous when two inexperienced people get together."

Sally and David both realise that Rosie is far from inexperienced, but both choose to ignore that right now. David is now growing very uncomfortable as his erection grows even bigger. Sally looks David straight in the face, her contempt for him still there, but also growing excitement at the sexuality she feels from the boy. Neither says a word for a while as the sexual tension and awkward atmosphere wrestle with each other.

Sally eventually breaks the silence, "David, have you ever seen a pair of tits, in real life?"

David thinks to himself of how he has, but realises it is much sexier for Sally to think he is na
* * *

Maria Sutherland, soon to be married, exit's the Rover's Pub, dressed in a coffee coloured blouse, knee length brown skirt and knee high black boots thinks to herself about all the work that she still has to do for the wedding and plans flower arrangements in her head before she sees Tryone Dobbs walking through the street. She feels a degree of pity for Tyrone every time she sees him as she thinks about how they were once a couple and now she's getting married and Tyrone is single with no prospects in life. Maria is well aware that she was out of Tyrone's league, but there is something about the simple lad that makes her feel for him. "All those nights we spent together and the dirty meetings in the Rover's where he fucked my brains out. He was so rough, in a good way..."

"Tyrone!" Maria shouts as she runs across the street towards her ex.

Tyrone's head sinks and his cock grows as he sees his gorgeous ex run towards him. He is always reminded about how he had it so good and blew it all when he sees this girl clearly out of his league. Every time he sees her it is both a painful reminder of how lucky he was and an immediate turn on when he thinks of all the times he fucked the petite little bitch, including several times where he fucked her up the ass in the back alley ways after a night of drinking in the Rovers. "That dirty little bitch always did like it up the shitter like a whore in the alley ways. I bet she'd still love it hard up her ass now," thinks Tyrone, turned on by thinking of the love of his life in extreme derogatory terms, before his heart sinks lower as he realises that she wouldn't want any of that with him now that she has a good looking, wealthy fiance and now realises she can do better.

"Give us a hug then!" exclaims Maria as she approaches Tyrone, pulling him forward as she wraps her arms around him. She feels his hardening cock press against her leg and smiles to herself but realises she's not actually surprised that she still gets this reaction from him.

Tyrone thinks to himself how good Maria smells as he tries to subtly feel her bra strap. Maria realises this as soon as he touches it but chooses not to say anything so as not to embarrass him. Maria also realises that it's because being so close in proximity to the big rough lug has reminded her even more about how on the way back from the Rover's, she'd pulled him into the alley way just around the corner and pulled up her black mini skirt, facing the wall and drunkingly begged Tyrone to shove his big monster cock up her ass while she moaned like a whore. "Good days!" thinks Maria as she realises marriage means she won't ever be able to do that again. The thought crosses her mind that she would like one last rough fuck before she gets married.

Growing both horny and wet, Maria gets even hotter when she thinks of fucking Tyrone one last time as slumming it and throwing him a sympathy fuck. "How to do it though, or more like where..." Maria wonders. "Wanna come back to mine for a coffee then Tyrone, catch up and tell me what's going on with you these days?" asks Maria knowing full well that nothing is going on with Tyrone these days, before taking his arm and leading him down the alley way they shared so many dirty encounters in.

* * *

Candice wanders through the street wondering where she can get cock now. She feels like she has fucked every guy possible and the breeze shooting up her skirt and over her camel toe confirms it. "I can either find a new guy to fuck or I'm gonna have to turn lez. I know Sarah would probs be easy to take advantage of, been ages since she had a cock," Candice thinks, surprised by her growing judgmental attitude towards her more straight laced friend. "Bet she thinks I'm such a whore just cos she's a frigid bitch..."

Candice cuts off her thought as she feels guilt, after all, Sarah is her best friend. Candice sees Les Battersby emptying out rubbish bins and catches him trying to subtly glance over her young body. "Fucking perv," she says under her breath, but loud enough for Les to hear.

Candice immediately feels guilt, worrying she may hurt the man's feelings. She looks over at him with a remorseful expression. "Hi Les. Spoken to Toyah lately?" Candice asks, trying to pretend she didn't just insult him but realising that she didn't even really know Toyah, that it was a weak question.

"Yeah. She's doing's life treating ya?" replies Les, while his eyes roam all over Candice's slutty body.

Quickly crossing her arms, Candice is angered by this, but realises she's not as offended as she should be. She begrudgingly admits that she is enjoying the brazen way the old slob is perving on her body and that this is the first new sexual excitement she has felt in weeks. Candice doesn't answer Les' question about how she's doing, but lowers her arms and causally states that it's hot and she's thirsty. Les instantly states that he's got some beers in the fridge but quickly adds that he has some coke too, worrying that he has appeared too obvious by trying to get the girl drunk.

"Or coke?" Candice thinks, "That's it, he definitely doesn't have the balls to make a move then. He just pervs is all. Well..." Candice walks through Les' backyard into his kitchen following Les, then suddenly grabs the slob's crotch from behind, startling the man and initially worrying him. "You just like perving on young girls huh? Well put your money where your mouth is you old perv," Candice says aggressively in his ear as she unzips him and pulls out his surprisingly fat big cock.

Being tossed off from behind by Candice, Les begins to relax and replies to the young slut "You're pretty good at doing that hey love? Worked a few cocks before I'm betting."

Candice continues to wank off Les' fat cock until he tells her he's close to coming. Candice lets go off his cock thinking that while he is probably just content wit ha dirty hand job off a sexy bitch like herself, she needs cock. She turns Les around and pulls him to the kitchen top. She hops up on the counter and spreads her legs and tells him to get her wet so she can take his monster cock. Candice pulls her skirt up as Les slides her thong off down her legs. He is about to put it in his pocket as a keepsake to wank into later when Candice catches him, "Oh no you don't Les, your dirty perv. You gotta earn them. Plus I borrowed them off Sarah Lou and I'm sure she wouldn't be happy with a disgustin' perv like you having them."

Les then buries his face into Candice's swollen and well used twat, fingering her while eating the dirty slut out.

* * *

The train pulls into Picadilly Station as Rosie exit's the toilet and makes her way to train doors. She sees Chris looking out for her and she thinks in disgust that the boy that he should just go to the toilet and have a wank already. She steps off the train and walks along the platform, well aware that every man who sees her is checking her out. She is especially excited by the way that the large black man checking the tickets looks at her and how his large hands touch hers as he looks at her pass.

Rosie walks off towards the elevator as Chris observes her, following her slightly, practically stalking her hoping to catch every possible glimpse of the girl before she leaves. Chris had resolved to go to the station toilets and wank off over Rosie, but he changes his mind when he sees that she is the only one waiting at the lift. He admits to himself that it's a big creepy but he decides that the chance to be alone in a lift with her and get an even better view of her slutty appearance is too good to pass up.

Rosie sees Chris following her into the lift and moves into the corner. Chris tries to act casual and cool, like he has not even noticed Rosie up until this point, but she is well aware that he has been perving on her and catches him constantly glancing at her legs, tits and face as the lift descends. Initially disgusted, it is not until Rosie sees the bulge in Chris's pants has grown bigger that the sexual tension becomes a two way street. Rosie finds herself getting aroused by the intensity of the strange geeks sexual interest in her and wonders how far he will go.

Rosie steps out of the lift and intentionally smiles politely at Chris; not enough to seem flirtatious, but enough to relax Chris and keep him from thinking he has been to obvious and gone too far. Rosie correctly concludes that Chris is the kind of guy to fall for any girl who even looks in his direction and hopes that this small tiny smile will persuade him to follow her a little bit more, which Chris does, while trying to appear casual.

As Rosie exit's the station, she turns left and down some steps that head straight into a tunnel by the station. She wonders if Chris will dare follow her further. Chris does indeed hesitate until he remembers that the tunnel leads back into the train station and that after perving on Rosie one last time, he can head straight back to the train station toilets and wank off over her while she is still fresh. Chris follows after Rosie and is surprised when she looks back at him and flashes a knowing smile, now that it is just her and him.

As Chris walks behind her, his legs getting weaker and his heart racing, Rosie steps round a corner on the under ground platform, guaranteeing absolute privacy. Chris, now extremely hard and his bulge blatantly obvious, turns the corner, wondering whether the girl is trying to shake him or make him follow her.

When Rosie suddenly stops and drops her purse on the floor, Chris halts. As he looks at her bent over with the bottom of her ass on show underneath her ludicrously short skirt, Chris realises he either has to walk straight past her and let her out of his sight, or make a move and talk to her. Realising that there is nothing he can do, Chris decides to head off to the toilet. As Chris walks past Rosie, still bent over collecting the money, make up and condoms that fell out of her purse, she lets out a chuckle which he hears.

In a heartbeat, Chris stops, his heart instantly sinks as he realises the girl is mocking him and angry at the ridicule, he grabs Rosie from behind, forcing his crotch against her ass and presses her against the wall as she drops her belongings. Not thinking rationally, Chris begins to paw at the girls tits from behind and pressing his hard bulge against her ass. Rosie's heart is now pounding, excited that things played out how she wanted. Chris breathes heavily against her ear while trying to pull her tits out of her bra underneath the tight blouse.

Rosie decides that she needs to say something to keep him going. "Caught you eyeing me up on the train, you little perv. You stare at every girl you meet?"

"No, just the dirty sluts who are asking for it," replies Chris, shocked by his own actions and wondering just how far he can really go.

"You're just a little boy," says Rosie, "I saw your tiny little cock getting hard over me in the lift. I need a real man."

Chris decides that is enough and pulls his cock out while keeping the girl against the wall. "That's it you little slut, take this!" Chris say as he pulls the slutty thong to one side and shoves his cock into Rosie's tight ass. "Won't need those condoms," he tells Rosie as he thrusts deep into her while Rosie groans in a gutteral admission of pleasure.

* * *

Sarah Louise sits next to her step father Martin on the couch, rubbing against him in a way that appears innocently enough, but is enough to ensure that Martin gets aroused by the proximity. "Candice fancies him, that Ronaldo. I think he's too pretty," Sarah randomly announces.

"Oh yeah? Like a more rugged man do ya?" asks Kevin in a lecherous fashion.

"Nah, just a more down to earth normal guy, honest hardworking, like my dad," Sarah Louise replies, drawing a grin from Kevin at Martin, while Sarah Louise pretends she doesn't realise the connotations of what she just said. "It's too hot. I'm gonna go change my top," Sarah Louise announces before jumping up in a perky manner and runs upstairs.

"Probably gonna put on something low cut, get em out a bit" declares Kevin, which annoys Martin.

"Cut it out. She's my daughter!" Martin says, trying to sound angry but Kevin picks up on the fading tone, almost as if Martin is asking for final reassurance that it's okay for him to have sexual feelings for Sarah Louise.

"She's your step daughter, mate. And I an see that you don't care about the boundaries," Kevin replies while pointing out Martin's hard on in his jeans. "Fuck it. I'm gonna have a wank over her later. You continue to lie to yerself mate, as is the little slut wasn't just rubbing herself all over you." Kevin says, giving in and irritated by Martin's prudishness. Martin wonders if Sarah really was rubbing herself against him in a sexual way while pondering what she said about liking men more like him.

Sarah Louise bounces down the stairs, now in a low cut flimsy tank top that now clearly shows off the light pink lacy bra underneath, holding her small firm tits in place and with one strap falling off her shoulder. Kevin and Martin's eyes go wide when they see her and Sarah Louise grabs her beer bottle and finishes off the final drops and subtly imitates giving a blow job to the bottle in front of Martin before disappearing into the kitchen. Sarah Louise returns second later with more bottles and places them on the coffee table in front of Martin as one last tease.

Martin immediately jumps up and bends Sarah Louise over the table, unbuckling her belt and pulling her jeans down, getting his cock out. "You fucking bitch, this is what you wanted isn't it?" Martin asks in an aggressive manner that surprises both Sarah Louise and Kevin.

Martin shoves his cock deep inside Sarah Louise's pussy and roughly pumps her over the coffee table before looking over to Kevin as if to say, "Well, what are you waiting for? This is what you asked for."

Kevin quickly gets his cock out and moves over to Martin. "I want her ass," Kevin informs Martin.

"No, fuck that. If anyone fucks this little bitches ass, it's me. Here, you can take her little cunt."

Martin yanks off Sarah's jeans and thong and pulls her down on top of him as he sits on the couch. He roughly shoves his cock up her ass as Kevin moves in and shoves his cock in her pussy.

"Oh daddy, you gonna treat me like a slut?" asks Sarah Louise, to which Martin replies, "I'm your step father and never forget it".

* * *

Sally Webster sits on the couch next to David Platt, her bra covered tits on display as unbuttoned blouse hangs off her shoulders.

"Fookin' 'ell, Sal. Nice tits!" David blurts out as Sally realises there is no point being offended by the young boys brash behaviour since she is now trying to seduce him and teach him about how to handle a woman.

"Fuck that" she thinks, "Face facts Sally, you're trying to prove you've still got it. He came round here to try and fuck your daughter and you want validation," Sally thinks, reprimanding herself for trying to delude herself. "You like these, David?" Sally asks. "Are they as good as the girls at school? Better?" she asks, hopefully.

David nods, pretending to be in awe of what Sally believes to be his first real life tits.

"Do you masturbate, David? Do you ever do it over the girls in your class, or your teachers, or even, me?" Sally asks, while caressing her own tits. David nods at the last question, which brings a smile to Sally's face while she pulls her long black skirt up to her waist and slides her hand inside her lacy white thong to finger now dripping pussy. She is surprised by how turned on she is by exposing herself to a young boy that she genuinely cannot stand. She considers David Platt to be the rudest, most obnoxious boy she has ever met and she truly loathes that he hangs around with her daughter, but right now, seeing the young boys eyes flicker all over her tits and pussy as she pleasures herself, Sally couldn't care less about her disdain for the boy. She just hopes that he gets his cock out sooner or later, but decides it is best to take it slow so as not to scare the boy or overwhelm him.

"You fookin' whore" thinks David. "I have made your daughter taste her own asshole off her fingers on this couch, and now you're trying to pretend that you don't hate me. You cheap dirty slut." David's hand creeps down to his crotch, which draws an approving nod from Sally. David unzips his cock, which Sally estimates at 8 inches.

Her heart skips a beat as she contemplates having it in her, "However little he may last". Sally pulls her thong off and puts it on the top of the sofa. She slids down and opens her legs to David, offering him her pussy. She smiles reassuringly at David who suddenly springs forward, shoving his big cock deep inside Sally's dripping pussy.

* * *

Maria, leading Tyrone down the alleyway, pretending it's innocent enough. She tells him all about her wedding plans. She goes into great detail about the dress, the bridesmaids, she even tells him in a matter of fact way, what underwear she will be wearing and how she is looking forward to the honeymoon and her first married fuck. Tyrone stops, his heart sinking further as he thinks Maria has forgotten so much about their past relationship and no longer sees him as a sexual presence. He thinks she would walk through this alleyway where they did such dirty things and where she'd begged him to degrade her, and the past wouldn't even occur to her. It is a harsh reminder of how far he'd fallen. He looks at the ground, too embarrassed to look up, knowing that Maria will have pegged the reason for his change in mood.

"Tyrone" Maria says, drawing his gaze, "I'm not gonna wait like this forever."

Tyrone is startled to see Maria against the wall, one leg lifted and resting against a drain pipe, her coffee coloured half blouse unbuttoned showing off her cleavage in a lacy black push up bra, and her short brown skirt lifted to show the black lacy thong pulled to one side. Tyrone finds himself getting hard again but is confused and his previous mindset of Maria no longer seeing him as a sexual presence carries through, though in obvious contradiction to the sight before him, and he deduces that she is simply taunting him as he can't have her anymore. "What do you mean?" Tyrone stutters out.

They both hear someone walking their way, but the stranger quickly turns around before they spot them. Angered at nearly being caught before she even got the chance to be fucked by Tyrone's monster cock, Maria snaps.

"Work it out you thick sod." Initially feeling guilty for insulting Tyrone, Maria realises she got a thrill out of it. "Don't just stand there with a dumb look on your face, you daft sod, get your cock out and do the only thing you were ever good for and fuck me."

"But you're engaged and people might see," Tyrone manages to mutter, still sure that this offer is too good to be true.

"Look, you thick bastard, you can either fuck me now in this dirty alley while I am in the mood to slum it, or you can fuck off and go back to shagging fat girls and wanking over me in your pathetic little flat on your own."

At this final urging, Tyrone unzips his dirty oil stained jeans and pulls out his huge cock, catching Maria's excited expression. Tyrone approaches Maria and grabs her blouse, ripping it open.

* * *

Candice sits on Les' kitchen counter as he eats her cunt. "Quite a skilled pussy eater Les, huh? I'm quite surprised, all I thought you did was wank over fit young girls like a loser."

Les ignores Candice as he tries to make her cum with this tongue and fingers, hoping if he can get her off today, maybe she will come back for more and one day he will actually get to fuck her.

"That's what you do isn't it? You sad old slob. You peek out your window with your cock in your hand and you wank off over all the women that walk past. I bet you wank off over Sarah Lou, ever since she was a school girl. I saw you perving on us as we walked home. Looking at our thin white blouses and our bras underneath. Oooh yeah, eat me, you slob." Candice moans as Les continues to pleasure her. "I bet you liked that, didn't you? Seeing us in our blouses with our bras showing through. Sarah Lou always wore a nice lacy white one. Pretty but safe. Still, you could always make it out through the shirt. The frigid little bitch knew what she was doing. Getting all the guys hard in class, making sure the teachers could get a good look, pretending to be little miss innocent while she got wet like any other whore."

Les, now with three fingers in Candice's pussy and his tongue working away, is shocked to hear Candice talk so harshly about her best friend and even more shocked that she seems to enjoy doing it.

"I would always wear a darker bra. Black, tacky blue, oooh, and red lacy was my favourite. Really fucking slutty. You could always see it through the thing white, and I know you looked. I caught you, you fucking perv. All the boys at school looked, so did the teachers. I fookin' loved it. I never pretended to be anything else. I'm a cheap dirty whore. Is all I am good for, is what I fookin' am. I'm the best fuck around here and everyone fookin' knows it."

"Rosie's pretty hot," Les admits in between slurps.

"Rosie fookin' Webster is nothing compared to me. I'd out fuck that little wannabe. Little bitch," Candice angrily snaps. Candice pushes Les off her pussy and hops down.

"But I didn't make you cum," Lez stutters out, confused.

"Not yet, you pervy slob. I wanna fuck. I want your big fat cock up my arse, now hold on." Candice turns and bends over the counter, rubbing her pussy to gather some of her juices and rubs it on her ass hole, using it for lube so she can take Les' fat cock.

Seeing her play with her asshole, Les gets too excited and pulls his cock out, wanking off behind Candice and cumming, shooting jizz all over Candice's amazing ass. Candice, realising what has happened, groans. Frustrated because she needs cock and turned on by the fact that she was too hot for Les to handle. Candice grabs one of the empty beer bottles that litter the kitchen and sits down at the kitchen table, shoving the bottle up her ass while she plunges all 5 fingers into her pussy.

* * *

Underneath the train station on an empty platform, Rosie moans out while Chris fucks her ass and gropes her tits. Pulling hair back with one hand and the other around her throat, Chris roughly violates the young whore while she calls out for more, "Yeah, do it you fookin' perv. Take me like a bitch and use me however you want!" Rosie's slutty demands and the noise of Chris slapping against her ass as he roughly fucks her echo all over the platform.

Rosie shoves her fingers deep inside her pussy and roughly thrusts them up herself until she cums, moaning like a bitch as her hair sticks to her sweaty face. Chris pulls out and pushes Rosie to the ground, before wanking himself off and cumming all over her pretty face and cleavage. Rosie looks up and smiles at Chris as the cum drips down her face. She wipes some of it off and tastes it, smiling at Chris as she does. Chris offers her a tissue to wipe the cum off her face and tits, her blouse now see though from where the cum stained it.

Rosie declines. "It dries," she tells him.

Chris smiles and walks away, asking her name.

"Rosie Webster" she replies.

"I'll add you on Facebook," he says.

"I'll decline it," Rosie tells him, "fookin' perv."

Rosie straightens her skirt and blouse, brushing her hair out of her face before walking away from the platform to go meet some boys in the bar and decide which one or ones she wants to fuck.

* * *

Sarah Louise moans out in a gutteral tone as Kevin thrusts into her pussy and Martin tears up her asshole while pulling her hair back.

"You dirty little slut, parading your ass around here, trying to provoke two men, one your stepfather. You've been asking for this," Martin snaps at Sarah Louise. "Candice taught you well has she? You learn how to ride dick from her?" Martin asks?"

"Yeah," Sarah Louise replies, "You've heard the rumours. She's a fookin' tramp. You'd like her," Sarah tells Martin and Kevin.

"Yeah, well next time, you bring her over and I'll sort that little bitch out." Kevin tells Sarah Louise while he thrusts hard into her tight wet cunt.

"Shame she's not here now then. She went out lookin' for cock before, cos I kicked her out the house for fookin' herself in my room with her 12 inch dildo. She stained the carpet and had to borrow a pair of my panties cos hers were soaked. You coulda had us both," Sarah Louise replies.

At hearing this, Martin lifts Sarah Louise off both their cocks, surprising even Kevin with how into this he is now, and tells her to go upstairs and get the dildo and the thong. Sarah Louise quickly runs and grabs both items and returns to the living room.

"Get on yer knees, bitch!" Martin aggressively says, surprising both Martin and Kevin. Sarah does as she is told. "Now," Martin instructs, "roll the thong into a ball and stuff it inside your pussy, then fuck your ass with the dildo."

Sarah is stunned by the request. She sees Martin and Kevin both with excited looks on their faces and she finds herself getting even hornier at the request. She rolls Candice's flimsy soaked lacy red thong and shoves it deep inside her pussy. She then braces herself and lowers her ass down onto the 12" dildo.

Now rocking up and down on the fake monster cock in her ass, Martin and Kevin begin to wank off, coming all over Sarah Louise's face as she herself cums like a bitch all over Candice's slutty garment.

"Good bitch," Martin tells her, "now you're gonna give that back to her, unwashed, okay?"

Sarah Louise smiles in agreement, happy that she is once again the focus of sexual attention.

* * *

Sally is now lying on the sofa while David Platt thrusts his big teen cock inside of her slutty pussy. Sally is surprised by how aggressive and skilled David is at fucking while she pants and moans. "See David, huff huff huff, you're a natural. Yeah that's it really plough into me, oh!" Sally moans out.

"Baby?" David thinks to himself. "Yeah, bitch, not much of a natural. First time Rosie touched my cock, I came all over this couch and all over her tits." David reveals to Rosie's slutty mother, who is shocked by the revelation.

"Unghh, unghh ohm, what?" Sally asks.

"Yeah, first time Rosie got my cock out, she was wanking me off on this couch and I came all that cushion there and all over her lacy black bra while she had her school blouse open. It was lunch break and the dirty bitch went back to school without even cleanin' it up off her. She's a right fookin' slut," David tells the shocked Sally, while thrusting his huge cock inside her while her legs rest on his shoulders.

Sally is shocked and angered by this information but she admits the fact to herself that she is just enjoying being screwed too much to stop. "Oh David, just fuck me, please. Use me, fuck me hard, just do that, baby!" Sally begs, trying to deny both to David and herself how much this talk is actually turning her on.

"Baby? Sal you fookin' bitch, you hate me, I know that. But I don't care. You're a fookin' slut. I knew Rosie wouldn't be in. The fookin' slut went into the city to get gangbanged by some guys she met last night," David tells her.

Sally's eyes open wide at this announcement.

"Sal, only reason I came round today was to try and fuck you. I didn't even need to try hard. Everyone knows what a slut you are. How many fookin' affairs you had, you fookin' tart? I been wankin' over you for ages. I even talked dirty about fookin' you while I fingered Rosie's arse on this couch. Now shut up and take it," David declares as he shoots his load deep inside Sally.

"Oooh you little bastard, oooh yeah!" Sally groans as his cum fills her slutty well used pussy and it trigegrs her own climax as she cums all over David's cock. David pulls out and leans over, cock slapping Sally.

"Okay David, that was what it was. We both enjoyed it now get out of here." Sally says, her feelings of resentment towards the boy resurfacing.

"Sure Sal, you fookin' slut. I'll have to thank Rosie for going out. She told me you'd be on your own." David reveals.

"What? Rosie was in on this?" Sally asks as David leaves her standing disheveled and with his cum dripping from her pussy.

* * *

Maria is forced up against the alley way wall while Tyrone rams his fat monster cock up her tight pussy. Her blouse has been ripped open and her tits are hanging out of her lacy black bra while one leg is wrapped around Tyrone.

"Yeah. That's right. Do the only fookin' thing you were ever good for, you thick shit. Pound me, you bastard. This is the best pussy you will ever have and you gave it up." Maria tells Tyrone in a demeaning tone of voice as he roughly violates her just around the corner from the Weatherfield town center where many people are oblivious of how bride-to-be, Maria is degrading herself by fucking a lowly mechanic.

"Tell me, you thick piece of shit, do you ever think of me while you're wanking off in that little room of yours, all alone, wishing you had the best pussy in Weatherfield? Do you wish it was me when you fuck those fat bitches in the arse? You think of me when Molly looks back at you, her chubby face flustered as you ram her up the shitter? Well remember how I let you do me up the arse in the Rovers toilets? You're never getting that tight hole ever again, you worthless piece of shit" Maria whispers into his ear as he screws the now stuck up slut, thinking back to the days when she was the love of his life.

Tyrone has had enough of her insults and grabs Maria by the throat, drawing a smile from her. He chokes her while thrusting deep and rough into her pussy, drawing pleasurable gutteral moans from Maria.

"You know what, you dumb fuck? You keep this up, you can fuck me on my wedding day. Yeah, you like that, you dumb fuck? I'll be in my wedding dress and you will be up my tight wet pussy."

That last comment, sends Tyrone over the edge as he cums inside Maria's pussy. As he pulls out, Maria begins to rub her clit with one hand and finger herself with the other. Maria makes herself cum and squirts all over the floor and down her legs. Tyrone zips himself back up and asks Maria who the dumb shit is now as he walks away and her blouse is ripped with her tits hanging out. Maria tells him she was only joking and that his wedding invite is in the mail before leaning against the wall while smiling and thinking this is the best she's ever had it.

* * *

Candice is sitting at Les' kitchen table with an empty beer bottle up her ass and her fist now shoved inside her pussy. "Yeah, get it out and wank, you useless slob. You had a shot at my arse and you blew it. Now you just have to watch." Candice tells Les as he tries to wank himself back to hardness watching her. "This is better than Rosie fookin' Webster. That little tramp is only good for lickin' my arse." Candice says, almost for her own benefit, but notices this has aroused Les more.

"Oh you like that, hey you dirty slob? You like Rosie Webster eating out my arse? I'd make the fookin' bitch lick it inside and out after you shot yoUr dirty load up it, if I ever give you another shot. Not fookin' likely, you dirty slob. Then she could lick all your cum off my tits and face." Candice says as she pulls the bottle out of her ass as she sees Les is now completely hard. She orders him to come over to her. "Cum in this bottle. Don't spill a fookin' drop." She orders.

Les wanks himself off into bottle, but accidentally shoots some onto Candice's shirt.

Candice pulls the bottle from his hand and down the whole contents. "I told you to do something and you fucked it up, you dumb slob. Guess that's why you don't have a job and have nothing better to do than sit by the windows wanking over my hot ass all day long. Well luckily for you, I need a real cock up my ass and I can see you're getting hard again so shove it up my ass now, slob, and fuck me up till I can't stand." Candice orders as she turns around and bends over the Battersby family table.

Les shoves his fat cock up Candice's ass and thrust deep and rough into the self professed slut of Weatherfield. Candice moves one hand down to her pussy and starts to fist herself again while the other holds onto the edge of the table. Candice soon cums and orders Les to pull out. She tidies herself up, though is annoyed by the cum stain on her shirt.

On her way out, she tosses Les Sarah Louise's thong. "Here, wank into these. I will come get them back next week. Don't wash them, I wanna give them back to the frigid little slut," Candice says as she walks back out of Les' kitchen and into the street.


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