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Summary: Takes place during Season 3 Episode 5. Don't need to have seen the episode to follow or enjoy the story. Enjoy.

Pairing: Annie/Britta/Pierce Hawthorne

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Community: Scary (And Sexy) Stories
by The Chemist

Britta had organized a pre-party before the big dance at the college, though her idea was initially met with resistance. The older crowd didn't see the point in going to a party before a party while the heterosexual life mates wanted to go straight to the dance since there was going to be free dinner.

However, the pretty blonde woman stood steadfast in her determination to get the entire gang out to the study room for this private meeting. The reason was simple, one of their friends tested positive for psychotic mania. She didn't know how to handle it but she believe that if anyone could help her, it was their leader Jeff Winger.

One by one the group filtered in. In predictable fashion Annie Edison, the group's resident brain and type A personality was the first to arrive. Though Britta preferred to be the hottest girl in any room, she had to admit that honor was no longer her's when the shorter brunette was present. She had a truly gorgeous face and big blue eyes, but more impressive were her large tits which were mouthwatering whenever they bounced, which was often.

Britta's mind was snapped away from lusting over Annie's looks and body when Shirley and Pierce walked into the room. Neither had decided to dress up, as the old man was bitter and refused to give in to a made-up holiday, while the maternal black woman didn't believe in the day meant for the devil.

"I still don't get why you young people go to a party before a party," Pierce grumbled from his regular chair.

"I know these days," Britta joked.

Next came in Troy and Abed, the cutest couple that anyone could imagine. They were dressed up as characters based off a British TV series that had been on air for 30 plus years. Though she told them on the phone that they would have time to change before the Greendale Community College dance, they came in costume anyway.

"You didn't have to get into costume," Britta reminded them as they entered the familiar room.

"We didn't," Troy replied. "When we dress up, you'll know it."

And then finally Jeff walked in, fashionably late and on his stupid cell phone just like always. The man was as handsome as ever, dressed in tight-fitting clothing with a racing-style leather jacket on. The look accented how good looking of a man he was while also illustrating how ripped his tall body was.

"And who are you," Troy asked him with curiosity.

"One of the people from those street racing movies," he replied without looking up.

"Which one," Abed followed.

"I don't know, I don't actually watch that crap. I only dress up with costumes that women find attractive," Jeff replied.

"Winger, a word," Britta said to her ex-boyfriend.

Jeff allowed himself to be pulled away from his phone and walked to the entryway of the room. He listened as the blonde woman described the results of the psychology test that she had given them a few weeks ago and how she wants to find out which one it is. After they exchanged a few ideas, Britta finally decided on a course of action to flush out the mentally deranged individual.

With a plan in place, Britta and Jeff came back into the room to be with their friends. Though the tall man didn't really care, he figured he owed Britta something given their past, while he was also somewhat curious to learn which of their group was a homicidal lunatic.

"We can go to the dance in a bit, but why don't we first tell some scary stories," Britta said in a themed voice.

The energetic blonde moved through the pile of people and grabbed the hands of the two closest to her who happened to be Troy and Abed. Pulling them with her, Britta directed the pair towards the sofa and chairs in the corner of the room, furthest from the exit.

Like the co-dependent group that they were, the other 4 members that comprised the study gang followed Britta, Abed and Troy. The back boy dressed in a police uniform took a seat on the striped sofa, joined quickly by Shirley and Annie, who were dressed in another low-cut top that showed off an impressive amount of her ample cleavage.

"I'll start with a scary story about violence and ill fate to innocent people and then I'll be curious to hear everyone's opinions," the blonde said with a wide smile.

The group looked none to impressed after hearing their fellow group member's ideas of a good time on Halloween. The group didn't know that Britta was doing this to flush out the psychopath, they just figured she was being the weirdo that she was.

The group listened in as Britta shared her idea of a scary story, though she lacked in conviction to make it realistic or scary. When she asked the group about their thoughts of her fictional characters murdered in the woods by an escaped lunatic with a hook for a hand, the group ripped her apart. She didn't gain any more insight into the possible psychotic in their group, though Abed was the next to take the reins and share a story.

Abed's scary story wasn't a hell of a lot better, though it was a lot more logical. He fixed a lot of tropes with most horror stories, but at the cost of taking away suspense or interest of any type. It was well thought out and not scary so Annie took over and told her version of a horror tale.

"Ok you guys want to hear a real scary story," Annie said as her face grew more intense.

For the next 10 minutes Annie told the group her idea of a horror tale. Her scenario was an interesting one for lack of a better word. Playing on the current fad of vampires, Annie was living in a cabin in what seemed like the middle ages. She had a visitor from a tall, handsome man that seemed to bear a very striking resemblance to the group's own Jeff Winger.

Anyway, an Elizabethan era Jeff comes to the cabin door of Annie, who is dressed in a white gown that showed off ample amounts of her clearly amazing cleavage. It also had her neck wide open and Jeff targeted in on that right away, but he showed restraint. Annie believes that the hesitation he showed meant that she could change him, making him a good man.

This was the boring part of the story as the fictional Annie teaches the fictional vampire how to read and write, as well as be a proper man. However, after showing real progress, Jeff lapses and attempts to drink Annie's blood, which is where the story really picks up. It turned out that sexy Annie was actually a vampire-eating werewolf, who transforms to her animalistic form and rips the evil man to shreds.

"Holy crap Annie, that was a bit gruesome," Britta said with a shocked face.

Though Annie was the youngest and by far the most naive in the group, it was clear she had some mental issues that came to the surface every so often. Of course there was the well known mental break she suffered in high school which led to her sleeping with a ton of men and landed her in the psyche ward.

"Well yeah Britta, it was suppose to be," the gorgeous brunette replied.

Apart from giving everyone in the group a chill up their spines, it also got all the men in the circle, as well as a bi-curious Britta, a lot turned on. Hearing the busty girl describe in detail her low-cut dress in the story really got them stiff in the pants, especially after looking over at her. The brainy girl was dressed in one of her characteristic low-cut sundresses that, like her fictional character, showed off her large tits when she bent down at all, as well as showcased her thick legs and milky white thighs.

Probably the male who was most aroused by the somewhat sexy, gory story was the most senior member of the group, Pierce Hawthrone. A self-described horn-dog who lived up to that description and more, the old man shifted in his seat to hide his raging hard-on he was currently sporting.

Though Pierce was under no disillusions that he was able to land a girl like Annie in real life, in fantasy it was a completely different beast, and the old man had a very active imagination. One of the benefits of aging was that he was able to get away with saying more out loud and being judged less for it. He was about to test the tolerance of his fellow group members now that it was his turn to tell a story.

"That's not a scary story, this is a scary story," Pierce said as he launched into his story.

The group gave Pierce their attention, as unwillingly as they could muster though. The old man had somehow remained a member of the study group despite having not a lot in common with the much younger crowd. Oh and there was also the issue of him being a racist, sexist, misogynist and just an all-together asshole.

The tale started with Pierce as a mad scientist character, not unlike the antagonist of the super-weird Human Centipede flick that had recently been made. The story continued in a predictable manner as his home in the woods was visited by 2 gang-bangers that bared a striking resemblance to Troy and Abed.

"So they came to my door...I mean they came to Dr. Madd's door...and they tried to rob me," Pierce continued.

"You mean him. They tried to rob him," Annie corrected.

"Yeah, of course," Pierce replied. "So they tried to rob him but Dr. Madd easily dispossessed them of their guns since they were weak and he was powerful...and smart...and super handsome."

"So his handsomeness stunned them," Abed asked, looking for more backstory.

"Of course. Now no more interrupting," the old man scolded. "Now where was I? Oh right, Dr. Madd kicked their asses...badly. He humored them at first, simply dodging their slow and weak punches but finally the gorgeous male had enough. After all he had other matters to take care of as behind him two figures had appeared in the doorway to the bedroom."

"Interesting," Abed said more to himself.

"First he took out the darker of the attackers named...Tory," Pierce continued. "He was the shorter of the men but when the scientist's fist smacked him square in the face he was thrown backwards against the doorframe then slowly descended to the ground, eyes rolling to the back of his head."

"Tory? Real original," Jeff said under his breath, eliciting a smile from his crush Annie.

"That's right. Next he turned his full attention to the other gang member who called himself...Alif. The taller man tried futilely one last time to hit the Greek God of a man but the good doctor dodged once again before landing a perfect roundhouse kick that a man half his age couldn't have performed. The robber was battered backwards, joining his butt buddy on the ground in a crumpled heap."

"What happened next," Troy asked on the edge of his seat for the crappy story.

"Wow Dr. Madd," a sexy female voice said from behind the ass-kicking male.

The evil scientist allowed himself one more glance at the fallen, inferior men and smirked to himself. Proud with his work, the grey-haired man turned around slowly to look over his guests, standing at the entrance to his bedroom. Both women were clad in lingerie that were sexy but different, much like the wearers.

"You really kicked their asses," the blonde woman said.

Pierce was now really into the story and that meant that he was giving the siddenly interested crowd more details while he cared less about making fictional characters. He went on to perfectly describe the blonde's physical attributes as those of Britta's, having the somewhat annoying group member donning cheetah-printed lingerie that had a deep neckline to show off her modest cleavage.

"It really turned me on," said the other girl.

If the blonde was Britta then the brunette who just spoke was clearly the group's youngest yet hottest member, Annie Edison. The fictional version of the bookworm was anything but, wearing her shoulder-length hair loose as though she had roughly fixed it after having a marathon sex session. She was clad in a light blue teddy that bellowed out at the chest due to her massive breasts, and barely descended past her underrated bubble booty.

"Well ladies, it's what I do," the Pierce Hawthorne doppelganger laughed as he approached the sexy and horny ladies. "Now what do you say we go celebrate my victory?"

"Wait, wait, wait," Britta interrupted in real life. "How is this relevant to the horror story."

Pierce thought he had perfectly captured everyone's attention, including the at times prude-ish women but Britta was still defiant though her tone didn't seem to have her usual amount of vigor. As his old brain tried to think of a reason for him to continue to tell his erotic turn to his scary tale, it was actually another member of the gang that came to his defence.

"Actually Britta since I watch a ton of movies with Abed I can back up our senior member here. Horror movies are littered with sex, I'd go as high as to say 85% have characters knocking boots," Troy told his crush.

"Okay then. Carry on," the blonde replied, easily swayed.

"Right. So where was I..."

The trio had moved into the bedroom of the mad scientist with the two ladies staying with arms distance of one another while Dr. Madd hung back slightly. Like a wolf stalking his prey, Pierce watched on and instructed the fine women st start without him as he eagerly watched on.

As if given a silent command by the much older man, the two ladies moved their faces closer together. Neither of the girl were tall, both shorter than 5'4 so they lined up rather well, but Britta still had to stoop her head a little bit in order to lean in and kiss Annie's neck. The second her mouth touched the brunette's skin, she could feel her melt into her arms as she gasped in pleasure.

Britta didn't linger for too long on her sensitive skin however. Moving her mouth up her friend and lover's neck, the blonde kissed over Annie's jaw and cheek before she reared back enough for their noses to clear one another then slowly pressed her lips against the fellow lingerie-clad friend.

Though Britta was the one who started the kissing, Annie wasn't going to take a back seat for long. The brunette, who seemed rather sexually reserved in real life, as anything but in Pierce's fantasy. With the old man looking on, Annie reached up to clutch the sides of Britta's face, held her tightly and pushed her tongue into the friend's mouth.

"Mmm," the blonde moaned into the other girl's mouth.

It took no time at all for them to transition from lip pressing to tongues sliding on and against each other as they battle for supremacy. Both girls were clearly into each other as they hungrily ate one another's face with little regard for how sloppy their kissing was getting. All that mattered to them was how badly they wanted to show the other how horny they were and sexy they found one another.

"I'd call you two dykes if I didn't have sex with you both earlier...and again right now," the pervert added from the 10 feet away.

Annie disengaged the kiss to respond to the large man, much to her lesbain lover's dissatisfaction. As she swallowed down the saliva in her mouth she turned her gaze to her Dr. Madd, who smiled as her large eyes went wide. While she and Britta were lost in one another during their passionate make-out session, the fictional version of Pierce was sporting a massive erection that had sliced through the front of his Playboy mansion-esque robe.

"Oh my Dr. Madd. That is one large penis," Britta spoke first. "That has to be close to a foot long."

"It's actually 13 inches, not that I'm bragging or anything," he replied with a smug look on his face.

"Wow. That's like 4 or 5 times the size of Jeff Winger's infantile cock," Annie compared, drawing a sneer from the real life Jeff.

"Now ladies, I've shown you mine so don't you think you should show me yours," Dr. Madd stated to his lovely guests.

"I'd actually rather do something about that massive dick," Annie said in her sexy voice.

As Britta hung back by the 4 poster bed, Annie descended down to her knees and began crawling the short distance to her master. Finally reaching him she reared back so that she was now face level with his large one-eyed monster. She took it into her dainty hand and stroked it's smooth surface, however it was so thick she was unable to close her fist around it.

Dr. Madd looked down at the much younger woman as she opened her hungry mouth as wide as she could and took his tip inside. Her mouth was warm and wet, making the man instantly toss his head back in great pleasure. As Annie did her best to take more of his member between her lips, his attention was brought back to the slender blonde.

Britta had met his eyes and held him while she reached her arm behind her to find the lace tie that held her lingerie on her petite body. With a quick pull her cheetah-print sexy clothing fell down her body, exposing her small but perky breasts to the horny man. The bobbing Annie was unaware of the naked girl behind her as Pierce soaked in her naked form and smiled.

The blonde ran her hands over her form, tracing them over her B-cup tits and was sure to give each of her little pink nipples a twist to get them good and hard. She continued down over her flat stomach until she reached her perfectly shaven pussy, which made Pierce's mouth water. Without any hair to obstruct his view, the mad scientist could see her bright pink lips poking out from between her thighs.

The group in the study room were on the edge of their seats as they listened to Pierce's Halloween tale. Britta had fingered her wet slit for awhile as Annie continued to suck on his massive prick, though she only managed to ever get 4 inches inside her gullet. The blonde had now joined her friend, as the naked girl was standing behind the kneeling bookworm. In a move that surprised everyone, expect Pierce of course, the blonde bundled up Annie's hair and pulled back sharply on it.

"Ahhhh," Annie screamed into the rustic bedroom.

With her face now pointed skyward and her mouth hanging wide open, Britta leaned over the large-chested woman. Dr. Madd watched with excitement as Britta's cheeks narrowed and her lips pursed before a glob of spit left her mouth and landed right onto Annie's tongue.

"Thought you could use more since most of yours is one his dick," Britta stated.

Her words were true at least. Annie had been so focused on giving Pierce a great blowjob that she had made it rather sloppy with ropes of her spit coating his lengthy cock. Even more surprising, the kneeling brunette didn't seem to mind having her friend spit phlegm directly into her mouth and simply returned her lips around Pierce's member.

"Thanks buddy," Annie said over her shoulder before returning to her work.

"Alright Britta, why don't you reward your lover here for her exceptional work so far," Pierce told the naked woman.

In a blink Britta had whirled around and walked to the night stand, opened it and was back in her same place. She wasn't empty handed this time, as now she held a large pink dildo that was a perfect replica of a cock. She crouched down behind her bobbing friend and clutched the bottom of her silky gown before lifting it up and over Annie's head, requiring the younger girl to take a quick break before resuming her blowjob.

"Sweet damn those are some awesome boobs," Dr. Madd exclaimed.

Annie Edison was completely naked now, much like her lesbian friend. However, where Britta had small breasts, Annie's were anything but. In real life, everyone in the study group, if not the entire school had stared at the bookworm's breasts and had a massive appreciation for them. Easily a D-cup, the young woman flaunted them about in tight shirts, low cut tops and bounced around constantly. Pierce had evidently made them such a focus over the last few years that his description of them for his story was long, but seemed highly accurate and made it as though everyone listening was actually viewing her naked tits.

While Pierce expertly described Annie's chest, fictional Britta had the tip of the pink dildo rubbing through her friend's pink folds, collecting her juices. Butting it against Annie's hole, the blonde pushed forward until the first several inches of the plastic toy was inserted into the real life bookworm.

"God that feels good," Annie screamed in satisfaction. "Though it pales in comparison to you sex God."

"Obviously," Dr. Madd replied.

The crazed man looked down and watched the scene unfold around him. The girl with the beautiful, youthful face was attempting to cram more and more of his unnaturally large dick into her eager mouth, coughing up extra saliva in the process. Behind her, her sloppy blowjob somehow remained unaffected as the pretty, older woman was stroking 7 inches of the toy into her sopping wet snatch.

"Mhmm...ohh...yes," Annie let out a chorus of moans from around his cock.

"To the bed," Pierce stated.

With seemingly super human strength, the robed scientist reached down and hoisted the naked Annie up onto his shoulder like a half-filled sack of potatoes. Not done there, the old man did likewise with Britta, folding her over onto his other free shoulder. Acting unaffected with the extra 200 plus pounds, Dr. Madd sauntered over to the bed before throwing the pair down.

As if this was a nightly routine for years, Britta rolled over and rummaged around the drawer. Finally she withdrew another dildo, however this one was double headed so that it was roughly 20 inches long with a tip on each end. The girls got into position on their side, both facing the old man to give him a great view as they opened their legs and showed him their pussies.

"Like what you see," Britta winked.

As Pierce observed their equally delicious twats he noted the differences. Britta had her snatch shaved bare while Annie's was almost bald, except for a thin, well trimmed strip of brown fur above her slit. Even from 6 feet away, the man with the crazy glasses could see that both were dripping wet.

The girls took a quick turn sucking on the end of the toy that was facing them before Britta took the lead and placed a tip against each of their holes. They moved together at the same time and each of the sexy fictional community college students was penetrated by 5 inches of the hard toy.

"Feels so good," Annie practically screamed.

Holding the center of the lengthy dildo, Britta moved her arm back and forth, making them take turns which of them got a complete half of the toy shoved in their pussy while the other had only the tip left inside her. The blonde was selfish and took the first deep penetration for herself and held it there a few seconds before returning the favor to her younger counterpart.

They continued on like this for another few minutes, all while Pierce observed and encouraged. Of course he didn't stay out of the action altogether, as he walked nearer to his pets, making them alternate sucking on his cock though it seemed he preferred the talents of Annie to Britta.

"Ok ladies, you know what I want now," he said while looking into Britta's eyes while his dick was in her mouth.

The girls smiled then simultaneously cheered, "Ass to ass!"

They pushed themselves away from each other so that the nearly 2 foot long toy was free of both their pink snatches for the first time in 5 minutes. Britta was still in control so she used one hand to steady the centre of the dildo while her other hand lined up her end of the tip with her crinkled rosebud. Reaching back between her legs, Annie did likewise as the hard, but well lubricated head was placed against her own asshole.

Though the fantasy was that of Pierce's imagination, the older man kept the action somewhat realistic, even if the participants were unlikely to do so in real life. However, the story was hot and Pierce was doing a good job of storytelling that no one in the group interrupted him, happy to let him describe the sexual exploits of the two sexy coeds.

The women had managed to get the heads of the toy into their respective assholes though it did take some time due to their tightness. However, after Britta had made some slow, smooth thrusts into each of their holes, the dildo was sliding better and making better progress in each of their asses.

"You like a good hard dick in your asses," Pierce asked while being blown by Annie once again.

"We love a cock in our bums," both women replied in unison.

The friends' actions made their words sincere as well. Britta was now not the only one holding the double-ended dildo, as Annie had a firm grasp on her half of it now to help guide more of the fake cock into her booty. Both the blonde and the brunette were also squirming closer to the middle of the bed as well, causing them to take turns as 6 inches of the hard plastic pierced into their bowels, much to their liking.

As the two girls fucked their own asses, Pierce stood above Annie and watched on. Currently his cock was making it's way into her mouth, though she was still struggling to get more than 4 of his superhuman 13-inch cock into her gullet. However she tried hard and was stroking the remaining shaft with her hand to make him enjoy her services even more. Of course with his two free hands he bent closer to her so that they could each occupy each of her large melons, taking turns kneading the bouncy globes and pinching her hardened nipples.

With a wordless command, Britta pushed away from Annie and allowed the younger girl to have the sodomizing toy all to herself. However the blonde didn't go far away, in fact she turned around and borrowed her pretty face between Annie's thighs. While Annie continued to blow Pierce and fuck her own asshole, Britta was now using her tongue to dip into her twat and sample her tasty fluids.

"Oh my God, this is perfection," the brunette screamed loudly.

"Come here my golden sex puppet," Pierce said.

Annie seemed to know what the mad scientist wanted so she rolled onto her back while still pumping the toy into her anus. Britta crawled up over Annie's curvy body so that their mismatched breasts were pressed against each other then opened her mouth to accept the old man's massive dick into her mouth.

"Yes Britta, suck the master's cock," Annie cheered from under her friend.

While Britta was taking his dick into her mouth, albeit with a bit more success then her younger friend, Pierce finally removed his hands from Annie's incredible chest. They didn't stay free though, as he bent further over so that he could grope Britta's slender but plump booty. Moving his middle hand to her crack, he pressed two fingers tight together and filed the gap in her ass left by the large dildo.

"Mhmm...oh Pierce...finger bang my asshole," she encouraged.

"Need your help back here Annie," Dr. Madd told the brunette.

Annie didn't hesitate or bother asking questions, instead she slid out from under her friend and arrived behind the blonde. Pierce took his two fingers out from Britta's anus and held them towards the brunette's mouth. Annie didn't wait as she opened her mouth wide and took the digits fresh from Britta's ass into her mouth, tasting the warm, slightly metallic flavor on them.

Once the studious coed sucked his fingers dry she popped them free with a satisfied smile. However, before Britta felt his fingers plunge into her rectum once again, she instead was greeted by a smaller and wetter being shoved into her ass; Annie's tongue. The horny girl made loud slurping noises as she plundered the depths of Britta's back door as she gave the older woman the best and most thorough rim job of her life.

"God my ass," Britta encouraged her friend.

"Fuck this is so hot," Troy thought to himself as he listened to the old man's story.

By the time Troy's focus was brought back to Pierce's words, the participants had changed things around. This time instead of having Britta's face towards him, Dr. Madd was now looking directly at Annie's underrated thick ass. With his thick slab of meat in his hand, the crazed man lined it up with the brunette's asshole and pushed his hips forward.

"Your huge dick is in my ass," Annie cooed as she was anal penetrated.

"That's right it is boobs," Dr. Madd said using her nickname.

With Annie being on her hands and knees, getting fucked in the ass like a dog, Dr. Madd was making small but progressive thrusts into her booty. What started with only his tip inside her had now increased to the brunette taking half his foot-long cock. Of course being a fantasy, the sodomy didn't hurt the 20-year old girl and she actually kept begging for more and harder.

"Let me taste some of that," Britta finally spoke after 10 minutes.

Reluctantly the much older man withdrew his enormous cock from the tight confines of Annie Edison's ass and dipped it beneath the brunette. Britta was waiting for it, as she was flat on her back underneath her studious friend. Opening her mouth she took his massive hard-on into her mouth and proceeded to taste Annie's asshole drenched all over his fleshy member.

Britta bobbed her head on his dick for over a minute, tasting her friend's unique anal flavor before pulling off Pierce's tool. Using her hand she aimed his cock up past Annie's wet snatch and placed it against the brunette's ass again. Dr. Madd took over at this point, rearing his hips forward and cramming half his cock into her ass in one go, much to the younger girl's pleasure.

"Holy God! You are so deep in my asshole," Annie shrieked as Pierce continued working more of his footlong into her bowels.

Pierce brought his hand down hard on Annie's plump backside as he continued thrusting into her anus. Over and over he pushed hard into the extremely sexy-cute girl and she kept begging for more. He would at times pull out and allow Britta more taste-testing, getting her to make him slick so that he had an easier time probing the brunette's depths.

Finally after another round of Britta sucking him off, Dr. Madd had finally bottomed out inside Annie's asshole. He held himself inside her bowels with 13 inches of his inhuman cock filling her as they both savored the feeling. Slowly he retreated, being sure to note how incredible it felt having her tight sphincter hug his veiny member as he pulled out of her ass. Finally with only his head remaining inside, Pierce rammed forward with all the strength in his 75-year old body, his pelvis smashing against her plump booty.

"Shit shit shit," the brunette cursed. "I'm cumming!"

And just like that, Pierce made the much younger Annie Edison cum from fucking her amazing ass. However she didn't orgasm quietly, instead she screamed his name to the heavens while her pussy gushed. In fact it gushed so much that she came hard all over Britta's face, which was just beneath her snatch as she was licking her clit to help her along her way to the orgasm.

"God both your pussy and asshole taste amazing," the blonde told the exhausted girl. "May I have a turn now, you gorgeous sex God?"

"Of course," Dr. Madd agreed. "But you're on top."

The trio quickly rearranged their positions to allow the mad scientist a spot at the top of the bed in a half laying posture due to the pillows behind him. Britta waited for him to get into position before she swung a leg around his lap to straddle him with her slender backside facing him.

"Though I prefer more junk in the trunk, this shall suffice," Pierce commented while palming her fleshy ass cheeks.

The fantasy version of Britta flashed him an apologetic smile before reaching back behind herself and placing his large penis at the entrance to her ass. Once in the right spot, the weed-smoking blonde lowered herself onto his shaft, piercing her bowels with half his length before stopping. She rode to the top of his cock before she descended again, this time taken more of him inside. 3 more times she performed this move until she felt her smooth cheeks pressed against his hairy lap.

"Still pretty tight," Dr. Madd commented. "Won't be after me."

"Please Dr. Madd. Ruin my ass for all other men," Britta screamed as she rode his entire length.

Though she wasn't actively involved in the sex at this point in the story, Annie wasn't just laying around doing nothing. She took a minute to collect herself after her intense orgasm, brought about with Pierce fucking her extremely tight asshole, then re-joined the group. Crawling up to the head of the bed, she lent in and kissed the muscular scientist while he made swift jerks upward to help penetrate Britta's anus even deeper.

"Why don't you go repay the favor and report back on how Britta's asshole tastes little one," Pierce spoke in between kissing the gorgeous girl.

Annie gave him one last passion fueled and tongue filled kiss before flashing him her wicked grin that made him get somehow even harder. Moving back down the bed, Annie got in position between both Pierce's and Britta's spread legs and lowered her head. While her blonde friend was still riding his cock, Annie stuck out her tongue to lick at Britta's exposed clit, causing her to scream even louder.

The brunette lowered her tongue this time and instead of flicking out at her clitoris, Annie this time buried it deep within her vacant pussy. At first Britta went silent with only her mouth hanging open, but after a few more seconds passed with her friend lapping up inside her twat, the blonde let loose a torrent of cries of pleasure.

"I'll have what she's having," Dr. Madd joked.

Annie laughed hysterically at his jest, though the old man was also serious. Using his formidable strength, Pierce easily hoisted Britta up off his cock and rested her against his manly chest, freeing up both his cock and Britta's now gaping asshole. Remembering his latest words, Annie knew what was expected of her.

Not for the first time that night, Annie savored on the taste of her best friend's asshole, this time off of Pierce's impossibly large cock. She was still only able to suck on the first 5 inches of his massive erection so she stuck out her tongue and ran it along all sides of his pecker in order to get every trace of Britta's tush off his rod.

Satisfied of her work on Pierce's cock with her mouth, which now glistened in the candlelight with her spit, the bookworm was about to return the magnificent organ back where it belonged. However before doing so, the extremely large breasted girl moved back in to Britta's sex, only this time she used her tongue to dip into her widened asshole.

"Oh my God Annie," Britta exclaimed. "I love when you like my asshole!"

"Then get use to it baby," the brunette said with a wicked grin before returning to her work.

After Annie spoke she stuck out the wet muscle once again and placed it back in her widened hole, licking her inner anal walls. It felt like she was able to get further into her bowels as Dr. MAdd's hand had found it's way onto the back of her brunette head and was pushing her against Britta's pelvis. They felt similar yet different to when the bookworm ate out her friend earlier, with her asshole having a much thicker entrance and somewhat lumpy walls.

"Make way for my pocket rocket," Dr. Madd said, hand holding his pecker.

Annie gave one last lick inside Britta, as well as one final suck on the head of Pierce's tool before he guided himself back into Britta's rectum. Britta's back remained on Pierce's chest as he hammered up into her ass, allowing her to rest on him.

It also allowed Annie the chance to stay between their legs, taking turns pleasuring them both. One minute she would spend with each of Pierce's nuts in her mouth, the next was spent diving into Britta's pussy, followed by licking whatever portion of his shaft not currently occupying Britta's backdoor and finally she ended up at her blonde friend's clit again.

"Oh shit I'm gonna cum so hard," Britta screamed after a while.

"Move back slightly," Pierce instructed the large-chested girl.

Annie listened to the sexual master and pulled her tongue away from both of them but still hovering less than a foot away. It was perfect positioning for her to watch as Pierce's hand came looping around Britta's thin waist and his meaty finger extended to rub her clit. Annie couldn't believe the speed and force the older man was using to help get her off, but the blonde was loving every second of it.

"OH SHIT," she swore as she came.

Britta had in fact came so hard that she actually squirted. Pierce knew that it was coming, as many of the thousand of women he had bedded in his day, including Eartha Kitt in her prime, had squirted the clear liquid from their pussy when he brought them to such a huge orgasm.

Annie, however, was unaware of what was coming. From less than a foot away, the extremely beautiful 20 year old was smacked in the face by a wave of fluid as it erupted from Britta's twat. The brunette barely had time to shut her eyes as her face was drenched in the somewhat sweet tasting juices, getting her brown hair wet in the process as well.

Now that both women had cum, Pierce was satisfied enough to allow himself to indulge in his own orgasm. He was tempted to fuck them all night long in a marathon sex session like he was so use to, but he would allow the pair to rest up before using them again.

"It is time," he announced.

Instantly the girls knew what that meant and flung themselves off the bed and onto their knees on the floor below. Without haste, the older man took his time as he swung his powerful legs over the edge before getting to his feet with his massive dick facing the kneeling girls.

"I want your cum," Annie Edison pleaded. "I want it all over my face," she begged.

"Ask and you shall receive," Pierce decreed.

"Lucky," Britta sulked.

Dr. Madd twisted his strong frame more to the right in order to have his tip perfectly aligned with Annie's dripping wet face. As he stroked his foot-long length in front of her waiting face, Britta decided to stop pouting and help him along the way. She did so by ducking her head down low beneath his beating hand and taking his balls into her mouth.

The old man stroked his member for another few seconds until the first strand of white cum came bursting out. Annie had just enough time to close her eyes as the warm fluid plastered her in the face, landing on the upper part of her forehead and streaking down obliquely across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye and finishing on her cheek. The second and third spurts were aimed at her heavenly chest as the white goo blended in well with the pale complexion of the skin of her huge tits. With a good amount of surface area covered on her chest, Dr. Madd directed the last few smaller gushes back at Annie's beautiful face, coating the other cheek and some of her lips as well.

"Put it in my ass one last time," Annie demanded, cum plastering her gorgeous face.

The attitude of innocent Annie Edison may have been a surprise to some, but not to Pierce as he knew that the brunette was a pure nympho. Nodding his head, she hopped back up onto the bed on her side, meaty legs crossed over at the the knee and dangling over the edge.

Britta pulled herself away from his nuts to allow him to take the short walk towards the bed, at which point he took his held cock and placed it right into her ass in one motion. His cock was very sensitive from his orgasm, but that didn't stop him from railing into the beautiful with disregard.

"Clean up her face," Pierce ordered of Britta.

Britta hopped to the task without question, jumping onto the bed at the opposite end in order to be face to face with her best friend and lover. Annie smiled and cooed as Britta's skilled tongue ran over her pretty face, gathering up all the salty goo from her skin.

However, rather than swallow the mouthful of cum, Britta held it in her mouth and went in to kiss her gorgeous friend. Annie dipped her head towards the blonde to kiss her back, all this while still being fucked in the ass with a 13-inch long cock. The brunette was surprised, but in a good way, when Pierce's cum was spat into her mouth. With a flash of her large eyes to Britta, Annie swallowed down the salty load in one big gulp.

"Yum," the 20 year old remarked.

It was at this point that Pierce Hawthorne paused while telling his story to the group. He wish that he could have kept going, but much like his fictional character, the old man had cum, only it was into his pants rather than onto Annie's pretty face.

"And then he went and experimented on the two gangbangers, ripping them apart and stitching them back together. The end," Pierce concluded hastily.

"Right, right," the group murmured, making it a complete story."

"Wow Pierce...that was..."

"Unexpected," Jeff finished Britta's comment when she trailed off.

There was silence in the group, something that didn't often happen. No one wanted to be the first person to talk after hearing Pierce's extremely sexy story about several members of the study gang. Finally, one of the women in the story spoke up, though it was in an unsteady voice.

"Guys...why didn't know...stop him," Annie whined though she didn't seem to have her same amount of heart like she normally did.

"Well Annie, Troy was actually 100% right. As far as horror tropes go, sex within slasher flicks is the norm. In fact, if there wasn't a scene of that nature then his story would have been less authentic," Abed informed.

"Jeff," Annie shrieked, looking for support.

"Listen Annie, it was only a story and it's not like Pierce said the girl in the tale was you...though there was definitely a likeness in his description," the group leader replied.

"Yeah Annie, it was only a fictional story, nothing more," the perverted old man said behind a knowing smile.

"Moving on, Shirley do you have a scary story for us," Britta said.

For the next 15 minutes, the remaining members of the group took turns satisfying Britta by telling their versions of a scary story. However, none could measure up to Pierce's incredible tale and once they were all done they got up and started to leave the room, getting on with the rest of Halloween night.

"Annie, a word," Jeff called out to the girl.

Annie smiled inwardly to herself before telling the rest of her friends that she would meet them shortly. As she turned back towards the study room and Jeff in particular, she noticed that Jeff had moved so that his back was to the glass door and windows as he sat on the sofa.

"What's up Jeff," Annie asked the older man.

Jeff turned his head to face her, but rather then having his eyes on her gorgeous face, he was looking sideways out at the exit. When he say that the door was closed and their study group was gone he moved in closer and kissed her.

Annie was more than happy to return the kiss by the man nearly her dad's age. As they opened their mouths and pushed their tongues against on another, the brunette girl couldn't help but think how happy she was. The pair had finally gotten together after Troy and Abed's house-warming party and had been secretly dating ever since.

"That story by Pierce got me so fucking hot," he told her while undoing his leather pants.

"Yeah it was pretty sexy I guess," the much younger girl replied.

Now that his pants were undone and pushed down his thighs, Jeff's rather large cock was now free. Having his hands free, Jeff Winger moved them onto Annie, one hand going to the back of her head to run through her silky brown hair while the other kneaded her best asset, her large tits.

"I feel it's only right to finish what you started," Jeff spoke while kissing her neck.

Annie was going to ask him what he meant before looking down and seeing his erect 9-inch cock standing straight up from his lap. Being Jeff's girlfriend, even a secret one, came with certain responsibilities, one of which being frequent orgasms. She had read somewhere that the best way to stop a man from looking elsewhere was to keep him very satisfied, and that was one thing that Annie was going to do.

"But Jeff...the study room is all windows behind us," Annie protested while licking her lips in anticipation.

"Just sink down nice and low so you're out of eyesight," Jeff told her, practically begging.

Jeff couldn't tell if she continued to protest, all he knew was that the gorgeous younger girl was lowering herself down and opening her mouth to accept him. He received her final answer to his proposal when he felt her warm breath and wet spit once again on his cock as she began bobbing on him.

Unlike the Annie in Pierce's story, the real life girl could take more than a few inches into her mouth. Currently Annie was taking the good majority of his manhood between her lips as she worked up and down his shaft while her free hand stroked the remaining portion of his organ.

"Yeah keep going...just like that," he told her through hushed tones.

Annie heard his words but decided to change things ever so slightly. She rose back to the top of his member and pulled her lips from his spit-covered tool altogether. She ignored his groaned disapproval as she bent further down and tossed her long brown hair over her one shoulder. Jeff was surprised by her altering her successful pattern and though he was initially irritated at her pulling her mouth of his cock, he soon forgot all about that.

With her new lower position, Annie brought her mouth close to his dick so that he could feel her hot breath contacting his tool, making shivers course up his spine. Her heavy breathing was soon swapped with her tongue as its broad surface covered the side of his meaty stick and she began licking her way to his tip in one long, slow trip. When she reached the top she popped his tip into her mouth and gave it a quick suck followed by a bob down his shaft to take half of him into her mouth then repeated her licking on the other side of his fat pole right after.

This time when Annie returns to sucking his shaft she stays there, content to glide her lips along the diameter of his pole over and over. Jeff welcomed her new tactic but was glad to have her hot mouth back to bobbing its way up and down his dick just like before. He had now extended his head back so it rested over the couch with his closed eyes facing up at the ceiling as the large-chested girl brought him closer to his orgasm. Ever since hearing the horror story, Jeff was desperate to shoot his load into her, filling her mouth with his spunk and watch her as she swallowed it down.

"Oh God Annie, I'm gonna cum soon. Would you like that? Me to fill your little mouth up with my cum," he asked in a carnal tone.

"So much," Annie replied before wrapping her lips back around his cock.

Annie didn't have to wait long doing her mini-bobs on his dick before her oral talents proved too great for Jeff. She felt his hands tighten on the segment of her hairs he was holding to keep them out of her face and knew that she was about to have Jeff cum in her mouth again, something that was becoming a daily occurrence.

What could have only been milliseconds of squeezing her hair, the ex-lawyer let out what could only be described as a primitive grunt before the first spurt of jizz came shooting out of the end of his dick. Annie paused her head movements and rested as the hot jet of semen plastered the roof of her mouth.

Having had Jeff cum in her mouth many times over their brief dating spell, Annie knew that the older man came like a typhoon. Not wanting to gag and cough some up (thinking back to the embarrassing first time it happened), the studious girl closed her eyes hard and contracted her throat muscles, swallowing down the initial burst then had the presence of mind to return to sucking his member.

By the time the second, equally large spurt of cum filled up her mouth she still had more room to accept the rest of his load without being to the point of capacity. Annie waited for his throbbing cock to stop pulsing, as well as his hand to release from her shiny hair to know that he was done filling her. With a load gulp Annie swallowed down the second load of jizz, much like the character in Pierce's story had done.

Annie pushed herself off of the couch and got to her feet. Her hair was a mess she knew so she did her best to fix it so that everyone didn't know what had just happened.

"Can I ask you something Jeff," Annie said as he fixed his pants.

"Yeah, shoot," the handsome man replied.

"What Pierce was talking about..."

"I'm sorry for not stopping him," Jeff automatically apologized.

"No it's not that. But what he was talking that something you'd want to do," the sexy brunette asked her secret boyfriend.

"What...well...which parts," the blonde man asked, astounded. "The threesome?" When Annie nodded her pretty little head he answered. "Yeah I long as you'd want to."

"I think I would," Annie replied before proceeding to tell him how she wanted to experience all new acts with him. "And the other thing?"

"Anal sex?"

"Well...yeah I guess," Annie replied with a vulnerable look on her face.

"I would love to do it with you," Jeff smiled, trying to keep his excitement in check.

"Ok great," she beamed, then took his hand in hers and headed to the door.

Outside the study room now, Annie and Jeff began walking towards the exit of the building but as they approached the end of the hall, the tall male noticed another person. He told Annie he'd meet up with her in the lobby and that he just had to take care of something really quickly. She gave him a peck on the cheek and headed off with a bounce in his step.

"Pierce, is that you," Jeff asked, approaching the man taking a drink of water.

"Listen Jeff, if this is you coming to kick me out of the group for that story then..."

Pierce was stopped dead in the middle of his sentence as the muscular figure before him took a step closer to him then enveloped him in his massive wingspan. Pierce was stunned as Jeff gave him what could only be described as a bear hug, clapped him on the shoulder after then walked off.


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