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Summary: After being hypnotized by the glee director Mr. Rad, Annie Edison is given the assignment of converting Jeff Winger to the any means

Pairing: Annie Edison/Jeff Winger

Codes: MF, Mind Control, Oral

Community: Regional Holiday Music Part 2 - Recruiting Jeff
by The Chemist

Abed was the first, but he certainly wasn't the last.

It was his idea in the first place to join the glee club though the group knew it was an evil thing to do. He was driven to his choice through desperation though and it came from a place of friendship, but he could not have foreseen the consequences.

He knew that glee was addicting, but he didn't know that Mr Rad had such power with his singing voice. Abed was firmly under the control of the glee director, who used his vocal power and Abed's own willingness to recruit the rest of the study group to join the singing group for the run at Regionals.

Abed started with Troy, then moved onto old man Pierce, arguably the two easiest of their study group to recruit. Next was Annie Edison, which is where things took a sexy turn. They got her on board for the glee club but then Mr Rad used his powers to get the willing Annie to participate in a small gangbang with the three men, resulting in the girl with big tits taking it in the ass from the older man, and being double penetrated by the best friends, all with a smile plastered on her gorgeous face.

Now, the mind controlled girl had a new assignment from the glee director that was extremely important: recruit Jeff Winger by any means. The brunette accepted the charge and after having a shower and some time to formulate a plan, she went in search of the tall blonde, eventually finding him in the cafeteria.

"Jeff. I think I know what Mr. Rad is up to," Annie announced as she approached her three friends.

Jeff, Britta and Shirley were all seated around a small coffee table in the Christmas decorated cafeteria when Annie had tracked them down. She knew her role with the glee club and was determined to not let them down.

"Oh, ok," Jeff replied, mid conversation with the blonde he was fucking secretly all of last year.

"There is something you have to see," the brunette added in a serene tone.

She extended her arm out towards him, offering her hand for him to take. Jeff flashed an amused look at the other two girls before telling them he'd catch up with them later. Taking her dainty hand in his much larger paw, Jeff rose from the chair and allowed the adorable brunette to lead him.

"So...where we going," the blonde lawyer said after a spell.

"Oh, here we are," Annie said.

Jeff didn't think anything of Annie not answering his question as he was now wondering why they were going into a room he knew for a fact he hadn't even noticed before. Stepping in while following the much smaller girl, Jeff was surprised to find that they were walking into a room storing racks and racks of costumes and wardrobes.

"Why are we in the theatre department room," he asked.

But before he could get an answer from the Jewish girl she had disappeared behind the clothing racks. He had taken his eyes off the short girl for only a few seconds and now she was off in the small but maze like room. Last thing he remembered of her was her meaty legs in the black stocking poking out from her grey and pink plaid skirt and bright colored sweater containing her awesome boobs disappearing into the chaos of the costumes. He was about to call out after here until he heard her familiar voice address him.

"Mr. Rad plans on getting every member of our study group to join the glee club," Annie revealed.

Jeff wasn't paying too much attention to where Annie had gone so missed the light thud of her schoolgirl kilt landing on top of a changing screen, rendering the much younger woman bottomless. Instead, the tall ex-lawyer found a nearby chair to sit on to wait while he processed her statement and gave a response.

"Well how does he think thats going to happen?"

The clothing rack in the stage area had a healthy selection of options for Annie to chose from, but she had already thumbed through the collection. With her costume already selected and at the front of the rack, she began peeling off her clothing she had worn to school that day for the second time in hours. She moved hastily and soon her regular clothes were slung over the shade blocking Jeff's view and she was now donning the new clothing she'd just picked out especially for this occasion.

The leader of the study group waited patiently on the chair in the change room for the extremely sexy woman to return from wherever she had vanished to. Luckily she didn't keep him long, and when his eyes settled onto the girl in her early 20s it was well worth the wait.

"Here, I'll show you," Annie replied, stepping out into view.

Annie popped out from behind the shade in a costume that would have made the devil himself blush. The gorgeous brunette was now donning a skimpy fur-lined red mini-dress with black stockings running from midway up her athletic thighs. He could see the band hold them there because her sexy Santa outfit barely descended far enough to cover her curvy ass. However, the real highlight was the extremely low cut nature of the dress as it not only showed off ample cleavage, but propped her large wonderful breasts very much into view to the point that he was certain they would pop out if she moved at all.

"," was all the man could get out.

"This is just one of the many costume changes I'll be doing during the show," she gushed in excitement. "We're a shoo-in for Regionals!"

" too?"

It took Jeff a few moments to get those words out as his usually brilliant and articulate mind was clouded for a very obvious reason. His eyes continued to scan the curvy body and gorgeous face of the girl who clearly had a crush on him for years. However, the word of Regionals seemed to break the spell her sexy and very slutty outfit had on him...briefly anyway.

"This is beneath you," he started up into a speech while the vixen found a feathered red boa and wrapped it around her neck. "You are an intelligent woman...and you're Jewish!"

"I guess I have a lot to learn about Holiday tradition," she replied with a pouty face to him.

Then she started into a song and very sexy dance. Her performance wasn't very long, maybe only a minute, but during it Jeff had a rock hard boner from the sexy girl the entire time. The skimpy fur-lined top gave him a great view of her tits, and his cock throbbed against his tight pants even more every time she bounced. Meanwhile, the few inches of her creamy white skin showing between her stockings and mini-dress was also doing a number on his initial steadfast resolve.

She continued to sing and move around in slinky, hot movements, constantly squatting down while holding a pole before slowly swinging her plump ass back to standing. Jeff had his eyes glued to the girl during the demeaning song, which made the normally smart girl seem like some airhead bimbo, but he could care less since he was perfectly eye level with her fantastic bust.

Jeff wore an expression of disbelief and amusement all at the same time. At some point during the bit he had been fastened with the boa around his neck while Annie adopted a green stocking on her head. Her song finally wrapped up with her sitting on his lap, and he knew that she was able to feel his rock hard dick pressing against her supple bottom.


Jeff surprised both himself and the girl when his hips all of a sudden thrust forward, resulting in Annie taking a fall to the ground. The move stopped him from speaking but Annie didn't miss a beat as she spun around to face him on her hands and knees. The ex-lawyer didn't understand how her top remained covering her large tits but his eyes couldn't stop staring at the deep crevice of cleavage staring back at him.

Annie didn't miss a beat and continued her song and dance, first by crawling around him in a semicircle before getting back to her high-heel clad feet. He noted that the lyrics of the song became more childish and her words were pronounced in more of a baby voice, too things that were turn-offs for him and yet he was more drawn to the girl then ever before.

Finally she finished her performance standing back in front of him...between his legs. His boner had shifted to the right side of his tight pants but was still present to see...and Annie was definitely looking.

"Is that present for me," she asked in her kid-like voice.

"Unwrap the package," he surprised himself saying.

Annie flashed him a toothy grin and a big flash of her Disney princess-like eyes. Just like during her dancing, she squatted to the ground, but rather then come back up she settled onto her knees. Jeff looked down and stared into her large eyes while she unzipped his pants without ever breaking eye contact.

She didn't have to say a word to him as he instinctually lifted his ass off the seat when he felt her fingers clutch the top of his pants. In a few hard pulls, the shorter girl on her knees had the jeans around his ankles then took the time to pull them off him altogether.

"Is that for me," she said with wonder.

Jeff marvelled in the feeling of her dainty hands lightly stroking his cock on the outside of his tight boxer briefs. The undergarments were tented with his lengthy 9 inch pole the reason for which, now being rubbed by her smooth palms.

"Damn right," he gasped.

She smiled up at him before breaking eye contact for the first time in awhile. Using the flaps in the material, Annie used her skilled hands to get his fleshy member out into the open then her mouth fell open at the sight. It was long and straight with a thick girth and small little veins running along the shaft.

If someone was to have walked into the theatre room at that time, they would have viewed quite the scene. The brainy, reserved Annie Edison was on her knees in front of the older but very dreamy Jeff Winger with his cock out and being satisfied by his younger partner. Her lips were currently wrapped around the ultra-sensitive part of his dick between his bulbous head and the beginning of his lengthy shaft.

Annie showed no hesitation in beginning to please her lover who was well underway to being brainwashed into joining the glee club. Hearing the more sexually experienced man with movie star good looks and who was clearly working with a serious piece of pipe began to emit guttural, involuntary noises really motivated the brunette girl.

"Fuck that's good," Jeff encouraged.

To lend his support, the tall blond male gathered up her long brown hair into a bundle and held it above her bobbing head. Without that distraction, the large breasted girl seemed to blow him harder, her hand and mouth working in perfect harmony to stroke roughly half of his 9-inch member.

"Mmhm...little Annie likes her big Christmas gift," she said in her childish tone.

Before he could even reply Annie was back on his dick with her full lips to take him back into her warm and wet mouth. His thoughts became jumbled as her tightly pressed lips descended down his tool, coating his thick cock with even more of her saliva. She slowly retracted back up until her pouty lips were pressed together at the very tip of his pole, taking the opportunity to rapidly lick at his exposed pee slit.

"Ho ho fucking ho," Jeff cursed while her flat tongue licked it's way down his shaft.

She got to the bottom of his lengthy tool then licked across the underside of his shaft, right overtop of his main vein. He was only slightly disappointed when the much younger woman didn't continue her descent to cradle his nuts in her mouth, but she more then made up for it by running her wet, warm tongue back up the other side of his dick.

Annie felt one of his hands he was using to hold her hair out of her face leave, only to be placed on her back. His long fingers were going in search of the zipper at the back of the mini-dress, which he found however from his position on the chair he could only undo it partially.

Wanting to make sure her man and potential new recruit to the glee club was happy, Annie stood up. Jeff grumbled in annoyance that her surprisingly skilled mouth was no longer on his pole, but when she reached behind her and finished off his started work, he understood.

Jeff released her free hand, which he didn't realize until that moment that he was holding, and allowed Annie to shake her body. The movement caused the red, fur-lined dress to drop down from her chest and pool at her feet, which she stepped out of and kicked to the side.

" perfect," Jeff gasped.

Standing in front of him was one of the sexiest sights Jeff had seen in his 38 years of life. Annie, the girl with a flawless face was apparently hiding a body of a Goddess under her normally preppy clothing. The short girl was rocking a healthy C cup with bright pink nipples that begged to be sucked on. Meanwhile her flat stomach led down to small patch of hair then to a glistening wet pussy with equally bright pink lips. The only clothing that remained were her thigh-high black stocking and matching heels, both of which Jeff would be sure to leave on.

"You like," she asked while twirling, causing her heavy tits to sway with the move.

"So firm...and perky. Hell they don't even need a bra to stay in place like that," the older man gawked at her amazing tits. "And those bright pink nipples are just inviting me in..."

Jeff's words trailed off as he leaned his head towards her and pressed his lips around her dollar-sized nipple. Annie couldn't help but let a load moan of pleasure escape her plump lips as the moist heat of her friend's mouth gently sucked and teased her sensitive breast. Letting go of his suction, he left the now erect nipple and kissed down the side of her chest and over the breastplate in order to do the same action to her other tit.

"Oh Jeff!"

"Jump up on the desk," he told her.

Annie hadn't realized that there was even a desk in the room but sure enough not 10 feet away was a 4 feet long wooden table with drawers. Once his mouth pulled away from sucking her large boob, she quickly sauntered her way (swaying her naked thick ass in the process) until she was standing in front of the desk.

The diminutive brunette hoisted herself up onto the wooden tabletop while Jeff rose from the chair and followed her. His hand placed on her chest and applied pressure, letting her know to lay back but before doing so he quickly undid his grey dress shirt and threw it in the direction she earlier kicked aside her sexy Santa outfit. Now while completely topless she extended backwards until the milky white flesh of her back was pressed against the warm wood.

Pulling his chair closer towards his blackmailed beauty, the ex-lawyer made sure each of her athletic legs were on either side of his body to give him clear excess to her groin. Much like he did to her chest, Jeff gently rubbed his hands on both sides of her inner thigh, which was making Annie even wetter in anticipation. The tryst may have been against her will to a degree but what was happening wasn't something she wouldn't wanted to happen even if not under direct instructions from Mr. Rad.

Replacing his hands with his mouth, Jeff kissed from her knee down the soft flesh of her thigh until reaching her hungry pussy. Rather then dive right in, the older man continued to tease her by planting a soft kiss right on her lower lips before trailing a line of kisses up the inside of her other thigh until reaching her knee.

Jeff decided his teasing was over so he hoisted her legs onto his shoulders then leaned down closer and went straight for his target. Using his fingers to help pull apart her lips, the horny man took a long, slow swipe from the bottom most region of her pussy all the way to the top. He couldn't have imagined how sweet her juices tasted so he immediately licked her again, his time gathering more of her sweetness. Over and over he trailed his tongue through her pink twat devouring her juices and making her moan louder and louder as a result.

"Oh God you taste so good," he grunted from between her legs.

Moving on from simply swiping along her pink slit, the leader of the study group slid down to her opening and inserted his tongue inside. Annie's moans became screams of pleasure now as Jeff lapped the inner walls of her pussy, obviously hitting the right spots. Not content to simply by munching on the much younger girl's twat, the ex-lawyer wanted to explore every part of her insides, which was being greatly received by the Jewish girl.

"Oh my Lord Jeff," she cried loudly. "You're getting my so close to cumming already!"

Pleased with himself that he could make the attractive coed scream out in ecstasy like he was doing, Jeff was also cognitive to the fact that he had neighboring offices near to him that may overhear their sexual exploits. Without removing his tongue from licking up her sweet nectar, the geography teacher searched on the floor nearby until his fingers happened upon his jeans.

In his front pocket of his pants was a pair of used women's panties, fresh from a girl that very morning. Not just any woman but Britta Perry, the girl he'd been hooking up with off and on for the better part of a year. Pulling the soiled thong from his pocket, he bunched them into a ball and brought the undergarments that were still palpably wet and shoved them into Annie's gaping mouth. Although the degrading act would have been met with scorn by some women (especially if they knew they were another woman's), the horny brunette was more than willing to be partially gagged by her Britta's panties and seemed to even enjoy it.

Annie could have cared less about him shoving a wadded up pair of panties in her mouth as long as he kept eating her out like he was. She never would have guessed that he had such amazing oral sex skills before today mainly because Jeff came off as a self-centered egotist. However, the man was a skilled pussy licker without doubt.

Usually Jeff going down on a woman was just to get her wet enough to fuck her, but the lawyer's admiration of her beauty was making him want to please her to no end, and he was succeeding in record time. What finally pushed the large-chested girl over the edge and delivered her orgasm was when he swapped his tongue in her hole with two pumping fingers used his mouth to flick and lick her sensitive clit.

"MMUMMPPH," she screamed as she came into the soiled thong.

"Can't wait any longer," the man claimed.

Annie was still in bliss was Jeff got off his knees and stood tall in front of her laying form. Her legs were still spread wide for him, which was perfect, and his dick was as hard as ever in no small part to her amazing blowjob no more then 5 minutes ago. He gripped her hips with his right hand while the other clutched his cock, which he used to run the length of her slit. The move gathered her voices on his unsheathed dick, which mixed with her saliva from early which would ensure his tool to slide effortlessly into her tight 20-year-old pussy.

With his dick lathered in her juices still, he butted his head up to her opening and with a small thrust was able to force himself inside. Just like he had thought, Annie Edison was tight but not unbearably so, which was aided by the small gangbang she participated in early with Troy, Abed and Mr. Rad.

"Oh tight," the ex-lawyer commented as Annie's latest moan was once again muffled by her panties.

Pushing more of his cock into her, Jeff stopped when half of his 9-inch organ was buried in her moist heat before rearing back his hip until only his bulbous head was left inside. This time when he pushed in her pussy had loosened a little more and most of his member glided inside the slutty-acting coed. After one more thrust he was now working his entire length into her depth and making her moan loudly once again. Over and over he pulled in and out of her youthful cunt, starting slowly due to her vice-like grip but gradually increasing his speed.

"MMMHMM...MY GAWD," she screamed, muffled once more.

For more then one reasons, Jeff was happy that he decided to hook up with Britta earlier. It wasn't a serious relationship at all, in fact their encounters were dwindling as her interest in Troy and his interest in Annie grew. However, as he continued his rapid assault on the brunette's tight twat, the fact he had cum earlier in the day was saving him blushes of creaming too early right now.

Safe in the knowledge he wouldn't peak too soon, Jeff continued his all out thrusting into the supine girl. He was going for power over finesse with both strong hands holding onto her rounded hips and using them to drag her back to meet his forceful fucking. The result was Annie taking him balls deep nearly twice a second while her tits bounced wildly, threatening to smack her in the face.

Even though he would have preferred to fuck her almost teen pussy until his heart gave out, his legs were beginning to tire on him. Looking down to check out her amazing body once again, he noticed how his own chest and abdomen were covered in a layer of sweat due to his relentless pounding of the stocking-clad co-ed.

Needing to change it up before his muscular legs cramped up on him, the older man quickly surveyed his options while still thrusting into the naked girl. Settling on the metal fold-out chair from earlier, Jeff drove his cock deep into Annie one last time then stayed buried in her wetness. Hooking his arms under her knees, he bent down to allow her to hug around his neck. With his grip firm he taxed his legs one final time and hoisted the short girl off the desk and began walking towards his goal, all while the horny Annie bounced and grinded on his shaft.

"About time you let me show what I can do for you," Annie commented while she sat on his lap while he sat on the metal chair.

Readjusting her position so that her feet were flat on the floor, the youngest member of the study group pressed her hands against his sweat covered chest and began rising off of his pole. Just like when he was the one in control, the diminutive girl left only his tip still in her wetness and hovered in that position teasingly for what felt like an eternity to the older man. Finally she gave Jeff what they both wanted and descended down his pole to penetrate her fully with his lengthy rod.

"Oh yeah baby, ride that cock," Jeff encouraged in grunt form.

Having adjusted to his size after their short break, Annie had gotten all 9 inches into her tight hole and was now riding his cock with much energy. She knew getting Jeff to join the glee club depended on giving the horny man a great shag so that's what she was going to give him. Over and over again she bounced her wonderfully curvy frame up and down, causing her perky, pillowy tits and thick ass to jiggle each time.

Annie was pleased that her target had an expressive face as it was easy to read how much he was enjoying her performance. Soon she felt his surprisingly strong hands massaging her slender but plump ass and even giving it light taps, much to her pleasure while his mouth latched onto her nipples as they bounced in front of his sweat-covered face.

"I love your big dick deep in my tiny hole," she moaned, having spat out the panties during the walk over.

Jeff kept sucking on her erect nipples as they jiggled right in his face, much to her pleasure as the added stimulation made her aware of how close her second orgasm was approaching. She was surprised she was ready to cum again already but they had been fucking for awhile at a relentless pace.

"Oh Jeff! I'm cumming again," the young brunette screamed as she came all over his cock while still riding his cock without missing a beat.

The girl's lust-filled screams was the stimulation the horny man needed to clear his mind. Another minute or two of the energetic girl's gyration on his lap would have surely driven him to his own orgasm however he couldn't shake the thought that Annie may not be on birth control. He liked the girl, just not enough to impregnate the 20-year old, at least not yet.

While Annie was still mid-orgasm, Jeff moved his hands from gripping her sweet ass to more midline. He didn't need to see what he was doing as his finger found where his cock was being repeatedly impaled by the riding brunette then traveled posterior until he found her crinkled butthole. It would be the perfect distraction to delay his orgasm so he made slow circles over top of the responsive rosebud as if he was mapping the area out very precisely before he applied pressure and dipped just the fingertip inside.

"Whoa," the surprised girl yelped after finishing cumming.

"This okay," Jeff asked, noting how her bouncing slowed to nearly half it's speed.

"I'm here to please you silly," she replied with a large smile.

As if to reinforce her comment, Annie sat fully on his cock, then rather ride him back up to his tip she rocked her hips backwards. The grinding on his lap caused his finger to be pushed further into her well used booty from earlier that day, where she had taken turns being sodomized with a smile on her face by Troy, Abed and the glee club coach.

"Can't wait bury my meat between your sweet buns," the horny older man said.

However the mere thought of shoving his cock into little Annie Edison's ass was a dream that pushed him closer to cumming. Knowing he had to stop her from rubbing her tight pussy on his dick any longer, he pulled his hand away from fingering her taut asshole, hooked both under her arms and hoisted the light woman from his groin.

Annie came to rest all of her weight back down onto her feet, as the normally smart beauty was off of Jeff's lap and standing beside him. Annie wasn't aware of how close he was to finishing so she positioned herself beside him in his chair but facing towards his legs. This allowed the brunette to be bent over at the waist while keeping her legs straight so her head was now in his lap while her scrumptious rear end sat inches in front of his face.

"Feel free to admire as I get your big giant penis ready for my little tight bum," she said in her baby voice while wiggling her butt in his face.

Without knowing that she was working against the clock, Annie wasted no time getting started. Opening her mouth wide, she licked her lips to get them wet then used them to overlap her teeth before descending onto Jeff's erect member. As she took in the first half into her mouth her tongue dragged seductively on the underside, letting her taste her own pussy juices on his shaft.

Annie had never tasted another girl's pussy, but having taken a number of cocks from her own twat straight to her mouth, she was learning to love the taste. In fact, she savored the taste for a few moments and that seemed to get her more energized to give the ex-lawyer head. Now bouncing on his cock with more purpose, Annie combined suction and her head swivel to maximal effect while continuing to take him deeper inside her oral cavity.

Just as Annie had found her rhythm and was humming along for a good couple of minutes, it was suddenly broken. Jeff, who was simply kneading the skinny girl's thick ass until that moment, suddenly slipped a finger into the crack between her cheeks and migrated it down until his thick digit was over her crinkled hole once more. His tactic was successful as her momentum stopped and allowed him a pause to collect himself and last a few minutes longer.

"Need to remind myself how tight you are back here," Jeff told her.

For the second time he pushed his finger against her anal sphincter and just like last time, the muscular ring gave way with not much force needed. He smiled to himself about how much sexual experience the younger girl must be to have this loose of an asshole, but then again she was fucking her crush in a changing room so it shouldn't have surprised him to find how easy she was. His thought was interrupted when he felt her mouth be completely removed from his big dick and moved to sucking on his extremely sensitive ballsack while she stroked his saliva-covered member with her fist at a blinding speed.

After sucking his nuts for another minute while stroking him off, Annie got her lips back around his organ and began bobbing on him again but this time with even more pace. Coordinating both hands to cause him maximum pleasure, the sexually talented coed played with his nuts in one hand while the other worked in perfect rhythm with her mouth to glide on the portion of his cock not being occupied by her oral cavity. Over and over her brown hair bobbed into his lap while the older gentleman fingered her asshole with two digits now.

"AAWWHHH FFUUCCCKKK," the older man screamed as he came deep down the throat of his mind controlled friend.

Annie was prepared to receive his salty load when she heard his loud cry of pleasure to immediately preceded. Holding her lips at the top of his tip she waited for his cum to start shooting out and was happy to finally make the ex-lawyer cum.

Finally his floodgates opened up and the first spurt erupted from his cock and hit the roof of her mouth she quickly swallowed it just as the next burst followed. She maintained his routine until she swallowed down her last gulpful of semen and nothing came out of his slit to fill her mouth back up. Giving him one last suck Annie made sure all the cum was taken from him before standing back up.

"So I assume you're in," Annie asked, referring to the glee club.

"I sure am," he sang his reply, fingers still in her bumhole.


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