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Summary: Takes place during Season 3 Episode 2. Don't need to have seen the episode to follow or enjoy the story. Enjoy.

Pairing: Annie/Jeff

Codes: MF, Oral

Community: Geography Of Global Conflict
by The Chemist

It was no secret to anyone inside The Group, or anyone who paid them much attention, that young Annie Edison had a crush on the older Jeff Winger. It was also a surprise to no one to see that the short brunette girl had matured from a načve growing girl and blossomed into a still načve, but now much hotter young woman. She still possessed her trademark beautiful face, but now had developed a curvy body with a thick booty and an incredible rack that made more than one man doing a double take while passing her in the halls.

Her maturation definitely didn't go unnoticed by the man she had a crush on for the past two years. Although being 15 years her senior, Jeff was still a red-blooded male so could very much appreciate the body that the younger brunette was sporting. The younger girl may have worn clothing that didn't exactly accentuate her fantastic body, but every now and then she'd wear a top that was low cut and showed off her ample cleavage.

Based on his many hook-ups, Jeff could guess that Annie's tits, easily her most jaw-dropping feature, were at least a large C cup if not an outright D. Today, Annie decided to give her adoring public the view of her tasty melons by wearing another adorable summer dress in a floral pattern with an undone colorful blue sweater in casing her impressive upper body. The dress wasn't tight enough to showcase her tight little ass, however the male student body had to suffice with the dress being short enough to give them a great view of her athletic-looking legs that had the men yearning to have them wrapped around their waist.

Currently, Annie was conversing with her new "friend" Annie Kim in front of the study group. Although Annie would argue to the death to the current time that she and other Annie were friends, her study group knew better. Even after the two Annie's showed friction discussing the need for a study group and grades and the amount of clubs each other had started up, Annie Edison still didn't understand the comments her friends were making.

"Annie Kim is not my evil twin Abed or an Asian undercover...whatever Pierce," Annie defended. "We're friends."

"You guys didn't look like friends Annie," Troy added in. "You seemed pretty competitive with her."

"I'm not competing with her. I find her...adorable. She's like the younger me," Annie defended.

"You mean the younger you who took so much Adderall she tried to straighten the lines on the football field...during the game," Troy reminded her.

"Yes you better be careful Annie. You don't want this little girl o suck you back to the dark side," Shirley told her, concerned.

"Guys, what are we doing here? This is our Annie we're talking about. That other little twerp is just Annie light. She couldn't hold a candle to the real thing in any category of anything," Jeff came to her defense. "You're the best kiddo."

The supportive comment got a sideway glance from Britta, but no one knew if it was because she was jealous that her ex-lover was showing interest in another girl or if it was his defense when he was clearly wrong.

Annie was feeling better that although most of her friends were worried about her, that her 'secret' crush Jeff had her back. After the group's Biology study session, Annie was high off knowledge and made her way down the hall towards her locker with a bounce in her step. However, the good mood wouldn't last long after something on the Announcements Board caught her eye. She plucked the paper from the cork board and quickly walked back to the study room but the gang was gone, already down having lunch.

The ideal girl next door practically jogged from the library to the school cafeteria where she found her friends just sitting down to some lunch before their various next classes started. The entire group could see that the brunette was now more stressed then they'd ever seen Troy who was around when Annie went psycho in high school.

The group listened and watched as Annie twitched and spassed as she shared what she had just learnt. Even Jeff had some concern seeing the beautiful girl's reaction to Annie Kim having started a model United Nations when it was the real Annie who had the original idea.

Jeff wouldn't stand for that type of sneak attack on his Annie. He was out to find the new girl's off switch to be sure that his friend got the credit she deserved. Annie seemed initially embarrassed that the former lawyer wanted to fight her battles, but that quickly passed and she was left excited that her crush was willing to fight for her.

Jeff confronted Annie Kim and Professor Cligoris and told them that it was the real Annie's idea to have the model U.N. at Greendale. The brunette felt a shiver up her spine and a tingle deep in her gut when her handsome friend would call her 'his Annie' while defending her to the professor and model U.N. enthusiast.

However, Jeff watched on as his initial defense of Annie turned into a verbal war of words between the brunette and her Asian counterpart. Annie was becoming more and more intense as the argument went on. Jeff jumped in several times to help her out and help calm his Annie down, but it was to no avail as the beautiful-eyed coed was still allowing the evil girl to push her buttons.

The debate was eventually subsided for the time being when Professor Cligoris reasoned that the only way to settle it was to have a head-to-head model U.N. battle royal. Jeff had no idea what this solution that the oddly-named professor had suggested, but it seemed to have appeased both of the intense females. They agreed to have their smack-off in the school cafeteria in two days time, so both girls quickly dispatched from the school in order to devise a plan in piece and quiet.

It came as a surprise to no one in the group when Annie had recruited them to take part in her model when she arrived at school the next day. She had made up a country for each group member to represent and even had information packages about each country so that they would all be prepared and ready for the big showdown the following day.

The study group all knew how important this showdown was for Annie so they all gave the brunette their full attention and mental capacities. Troy and Abed tempered their crazy for the next 24 hours in order to focus, while Shirley had her husband take more responsibility at home so she could do her readings. Jeff didn't go out drinking or try to duck out of the assignment either, after all it was he who got the rest of the group to rally around the girl who single-handedly prevented most of them from failing their courses.

The model United Nations battle started off extremely well for Annie and her friends. They kept cool heads and all were cooperative and knowledgeable but the resources their countries had. Annie did brilliantly to resolve the various crises that came up and had the team in the lead.

As they entered the home stretch, outside circumstances caused the team to lose focus. Annie tried in vain to get her teammates back to the current crisis situation but nothing she could say had any effect. Her team ended up losing the point and thus broke their momentum. Annie's team went from being 2 points ahead of the evil girl's team to being drawn even with the sadistic bitch.

"Do something or we are going to lose," Annie pleaded with Jeff.

Jeff tried for the first few seconds but his inner prankster came out and he ended up making a joke, getting laughs from his unfocused teammates. Annie pleaded with the tall man again but he apologized to her before making some wise-bit comment about how unpractical and useless a model U.N. is to the actual United Nations.

"NNOOOOOOOOOOOO," Annie screamed to cut the former lawyer off. "I think the lesson here is that I deserve to win this! I wanna win this," she began into a full out tantrum, her fragile psychosis finally snapping. "And you evil Annie. I'm better than you! I deserve to win this, not you!"

"Annie! Stop this! You're acting like a little school girl and not in a hot way," Jeff snapped at the petulant girl.

Jeff didn't really know what about his comment made Annie snap out of pounding her fists and feet against the wooden desk it was effective non the less. The brunette gave him a weird face before she took off running out of the head-to-head debate.

Jeff had a great idea on where the stressed out girl had run off. Going on the all-to-familiar walk, the ex-lawyer traversed the halls until he found himself strolling through the double glass door entrance into the study room. Their group had essentially taken over the rather spacious room as their own to study the classes they shared together.

Entering the room, Jeff didn't immediately see Annie but he kept walking inside until he rounded the sofa placed in front of the TV at the far side of the room. Sure enough, the younger girl was laying flat on her back with a pillow held tightly against her face.

The tall man assumed she wasn't crying or else her large chest would be heaving skyward and putting extra tension on the tight green silky blouse she was wearing. Jeff felt bad for a moment that he wished Annie was crying in order to see if the buttons could handle the stress. Next his eyes traveled down to inspect her milky white thighs as they poked out from beneath her relatively short navy blue skirt she was sporting. Conscious enough of her surroundings, Annie had her ankles crossed over each other as to not give any onlookers a view up at her panties but Jeff was still able to appreciate her smooth toned legs.

"Don't look at me," the petulant girl said, knowing someone was there.

Jeff watched as the girl he secretly lusted over pulled the pillow back from across her gorgeous face and sat up. Her large eyes showed no sign of surprise when they flashed on him, he now knowing that Annie expected the group-appointed leader to come check on her. She said something about being humiliated about her actions veiled in a reference about the United Nations but Jeff was less interested in her words as he was in making sure the brunette didn't catch him in the act of looking down her top at her ample cleavage.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about Annie," he replied, taking a seat down next to the pretty girl. "This is all my fault anyway. I pushed you into competing against other Annie."

"Are you kidding me? I practically ran to you with that flyer. I wanted to destroy her just because I couldn't handle someone was going to get more gold stars than me. I'm such a child," Annie replied, heaping on the self-loathing.

"You're not. When you really hate someone..."

"Like I do with Annie Kim," Annie interrupted.

"Or when you have very strong attraction feelings about someone..."

"Like Troy and Abed do to each other," she cut in again, making herself smile.

"I meant more the way I feel about you," Jeff admitted, getting Annie's full attention at this point. "The easier loop hole through dealing with all the emotion and scariness is to treat them like a child. But it's only a crutch. It's a way for me to tell you how important you are...from a distance."

Jeff took a break from one of his long winded epic speeches to see the reaction he had gotten from the younger girl about the revelation that he too shared feelings for her. Her facial expression had gone from upset to hopeful as her large beautiful eyes were trained on his while he could also see the corners of her mouth fighting back a smile.

"But now you're becoming this mature, self-possessed, intelligent woman and I can't keep patting you on the head or talking down to you," he finished.

"But I like how close we are. I don't want to grow up if it means losing you and what we have," Annie replied, practically begging.

"Tough Annie. You need to grow up because the world needs more women like you," Jeff assured her.

"Why can't we? Just for a little longer," she said, staring deep into his dark eyes.

Jeff hadn't realized until that moment that their bodies had been moving while they were talking. The ex-lawyer found himself with his long arm over the back of the couch, but now it had slipped off so that it was coiled around Annie's shoulder, holding her tenderly. For her part, the younger brunette had taken one of her hands from the pillow in her lap and had placed it on the midway portion of Jeff's thigh.

Almost at the same time the two coeds moved together until their lips were pressing together. For Annie, their kiss stirred up the same exciting and yet frightening feelings she had when she and Jeff first kissed at the end of their first year at Greendale. As their mouths opened and they found each other with their tongues, the tiny brunette brushed aside any worrying nerves and focused on how she has matured since those more childish times in her life.

For his part, Jeff didn't exactly plan on seducing the emotionally vulnerable younger girl when he went searching for earlier. Yet as soon as Annie showed any interest in him from a sexual standpoint he couldn't resist taking advantage of the situation. Annie was beautiful with a perfect face that he had dreamed about, except in his imagination it was contoured in pleasure that he had derived and it made her even more gorgeous.

"What does this mean," Annie suddenly asked, breaking the kiss but keeping her mouth close to his and her eyes remained closed.

"I don't really know...but does it matter right now," the quick-tongued man replied.

Annie hesitated for a moment as she thought of his retort. Ultimately her answer was a slight shrug of the shoulders before they leaned back in and resumed making out with each other.

A shiver when darting all over her body when his strong hand moved under the hem of blouse and took up residence on the skin of the small of her back. Kissing Jeff was exciting enough for her but it had happened before. Having him touch her in a place that was new and exhilarating.

With a new pep in her step, Annie felt her kissing change and become more desperate. All while their tongues danced with one another in the space created between their pressed together lips, Jeff moved his hand up along her spine. He didn't need the younger girl to tell him how she felt about it as her tongue began darting around in his mouth with even greater hunger. By the time his palm was lying flat between her shoulder blades and he gently pressing her closer towards him, Annie was moaning into his mouth and he'd bet his favorite Gucci suit that she was gushing like a fountain between her legs.

Jeff may have initiated the bare skin touching but Annie had no issues arriving late to that party. She sought out the bottom of the crew neck sweater and placed her outside hand against his impeccable stomach and allowed her fingers to trace over his 6 pack abs. The feel of her warm skin against the part of his skin just above his pant line made his cock stiffen and begin to strain against his denim pants.

"So you said back at the model U.N. that you think sometimes I'm a hot little school girl," Annie blushed.

"Mmmhmmm," Jeff replied. "A very hot, sexy little school girl."

"You think I'm hot," she asked, almost wanting for him to confirm it all again.

Jeff gave her a cute smile before he leaned towards her but instead of going back for her mouth he bent to the side just enough. Annie felt the stubble of his beard graze against her soft cheek before having another wave of carnal energy blast through her being when his lips found the sensitive skin of her neck.

"I do. Your face is so sweet and bright eyed," he said in between kisses on her neck.

"Yeah. Go on," Annie moaned, tilted her head to the other side to give Jeff more access.

"Your lips are so plump and juicy red," Jeff continued, tracing a finger over the beautiful body part.

Annie didn't know what possessed her at that moment but she opened her mouth a little further and flicked her tongue at the finger dancing over her lips. Her plan was to entice Jeff to bring his digit into her mouth and it worked like a charm as he followed her tongue backwards until when Annie closed her lips she had most of his lengthy index finger inside of her.

Jeff couldn't help but back his head away from her neck enough so that he could see the 20-year old girl form a perfect O around his finger. If he wasn't already rock hard then this simple act of Annie sucking on his finger would have brought him from super soft to all the way ready. He sometimes had a problem imagining Annie in a dirty way, but now seeing her sucking on his finger as though it was a dick completely banished that notion from his mind.

"What else do you find sexy about me," Annie asked, giving back the ball to Jeff's court.

"Where was I...oh that's right, your lips," Jeff started back up.

The ex-lawyer moved his finger along Annie's wet tongue and savored the feeling of her lips pressed tightly against it while she proved a nice amount of suction. Instead of tracing the outline of her lips again, Jeff brought both hands to the front of her neckline and began undoing the buttons of her green with white dots blouse.

Annie stiffened slightly but noticeably as the man 15 years her senior undid her shirt. She had a remarkable body but the younger girl wasn't the type to marvel at herself in front of mirror so she was nervous at the thought that the much more experienced man was about to lay eyes on it. She fought the urge to stop him and luckily Jeff made quick work before her anxiety kicked in.

"And I'd be remised if I failed to mention these babies," he now said.

His hands, which were now at the base of her flat stomach after undoing the last button, began to slowly drag up her petite body. He felt her begin to loosen up again under his touch, which made him smile widely. Up he continued to bring his hands until they were on the outside of her large, bra-covered breasts. He allowed them to linger there for a few seconds then after pressing them inward to feel the give they offered, he moved quickly to her shoulders.

Annie may have had little sexual encounters but she knew why Jeff was touching her there. Shrugging her shoulder back, she helped the ex-lawyer push the silk material off of her body before the weight of the shirt carried it down her arms. By the time she pulled the green blouse off her wrists and let it drop to the floor, Jeff had his fingers latched onto the clasp of her bra behind her back. He waited there before acting, almost not wanting to progress things too far without her expressed consent.

She gave him the answer he was seeking by pressing closer towards him and arching her back. The movement allowed Jeff to have an easier time hooking his long fingers onto the strap and from there he had no issue undoing the clasp. Annie felt the support for her heavy tits vanish yet Jeff couldn't believe that there was no sag to her perfectly round boobs.

"So you like these as well," Annie finally choked out, feeling more vulnerable now then ever before in her life.

Fully removing the bra from the front of her chest, Jeff took a gander at her naked tits for the first time. They were everything he ever wondered about them and more. Perfectly shaped as large globes, her boobs stayed suspended directly in front of her chest as if they were fake. He knew they weren't just by the amount of bounce simply by Annie taking short, nervous breaths. To cap off each tit was a small and bright pink nipple that acted as a traction beam, bringing Jeff's mouth unavoidably towards them.

"Ummm...agghhh," Annie moaned loudly into the empty study room.

Jeff had his lips now clasped around one of Annie's nipples as his hand reached up and groped the free tit beside his face. Each of her huge tits were the size of a head a lettuce, if not bigger, and Jeff would again wager another of his fine Italian suits that the cute girl was rocking a what had to be a large C-cup or possibly even a D.

"Yup, definitely find these sexy about you," Jeff confirmed as he switched sucking on one tit for the other.

"Mmhmm...duly noted...aawwhh," she moaned, presenting more of her tits to the boob-loving lawyer by arching her back even more.

Seeing the admiration and lust the sexually experienced man had for her gave Annie renewed confidence in herself and her clearly flawless body. She could feel something changing in her mind as she was shifting from a cute yet childish girl, to a woman who was self-assured and would take what she wanted.

Jeff felt Annie's small hands on either side of his face as he licked her from underneath her tit, all the way up from the bottom to over her peaked nipple then back down the top side. He was surprised when he felt her grip tighten as she attempted to lift his face off of her. After initially resisting, he allowed the brunette to cradle his head and bring it away from her amazing rack and back to face level so that they could kiss again.

"Wanna hear the rest of list? It may take some time," Jeff smiled in between kisses.

"Here's a better idea. How about you just tell me what you want and I'll do it," Annie said with hopeful yet longing eyes.

Jeff Winger was only so strong. He had fought his feelings for the much younger girl for so long but now the devil on his shoulder was winning the argument. She was a consenting adult and even though he was a couple years older than her, she was still over 18 now and had experienced a few sexual partners already in her tenure.

"Go on your knees," Jeff summoned the courage to say.

Annie smiled brightly at him then dropped down so her bare knees were contacting the carpeted flooring of their infamous study room. Jeff made short work of his belt and jeans then pulled them down his extra long legs so they bunched around his feet as he stayed seated on the couch.

"Is this for me," she said with a wicked smile while staring at his erection through his tented briefs.

"That's right. Now what are you gonna do with it," he asked her with lust.

Annie made a face as though she was thinking hard for an answer, even having a crease form between her eyebrows. She quickly dropped her mock expression and gave the ex-lawyer a devilish grin that told him that she only had the most naughty of intentions for he and his cock.

She hooked her small fingers into the elastic waistband of Jeff's tight fitting briefs and pulled down. The much taller man helped her out by planting his arms against the sofa where he was seated so that he could prop up his hips and allow her to complete her task. Now with his bare ass resting on the soft surface of the couch, his freed cock was a hair width away from smacking Annie in the face.

"Whoa," Annie remarked as she laid eyes on his erect member.

Jeff was normally an ultra-confident person, but even narcissists have moments when they feel self-conscious. Whenever this would happen to him, Jeff would simply get hard and look in the mirror to see his thick, 9-inch dick staring back at him, and suddenly he'd begin feeling a lot better about himself.

"So I guess this is why Jeff sometimes comes off as a cocky guy. Because he can clearly back it up," Annie thought to herself from her knees.

Annie was still marveling at Jeff's impressive manhood when her subconscious kicked in. She extended her hand outward and gently enclosed her fist around the portion of his cock just beneath the crown. If she wasn't off in her own world then the brunette would have heard the man she sought for 3 years moan when her soft palm touched him. Another groan escaped his lips when the younger girl began to slowly stroke the length of his hardened tool.

"I fought my feelings for you for so long," Jeff said from above her. "Now I realized how stupid that was."

Annie couldn't help but smile ear to ear at his comment about how the much older man who could have anyone in the school had chosen her. It gave her the confidence boost she needed at the moment, which she used to swallow down any fears or apprehensions about what she was about to do.

She allowed her hand to finish her stroke on his member before letting it rest at the base so that her skin was touching the trimmed patch of pubic hair he had. Jeff watched as her eyes began to close the closer her head got to his lap until finally her mouth slightly opened.

"Oh God that's good," Jeff grunted as Annie's full lips contacted his tip.

Annie had given blow jobs in the past, but she could count on one hand each time she had done one. She tried to not think about how many times a girl's mouth had been on Jeff's knob, but it was unavoidable. She felt anxiety boiling in her chest at the thought of it and could feel her breathing become more labored.

Jeff didn't know why his sexy vixen had stopped with her lips only encircling his crown, but when he looked down he could see creases in her forehead. He had known the gorgeous co-ed for long enough to know that she must have been thinking nervously about something, and he was sure that something had to do with her being on her knees with his dick in her mouth.

"Mhmm yeah Annie. Your mouth feels so warm," Jeff groaned.

His encouraging comment helped break Annie loose from the negative loop of self-doubt going on inside her head. She was snapped out of her anxiety all together when she felt Jeff's hand reach down and bundle up the loose strands of hair from around her face and hold them above her head, out of the way.

"I can do this! He chose me over all those other girls for a reason Annie Edison," the adorable girl told herself.

Jeff realized his subtle support had its desired effect instantaneously. Annie's lips, which were just clamped around his bulbous head now began to descend further until they passed over the ridge that bound his head and shaft. The brunette went down a little further, getting the next inch of his dick wet with her spit before she retracted back up. He let out a groan as she glided back over his sensitive skin then she stopped with her lips barely touching the topmost part of him.

Jeff looked down at her beautiful pixie face with her bright big eyes and noticed a smile cross her face. She allowed herself to pat herself on the back for another few seconds as she was pleased that she made Jeff groan his appreciation during a sexual act. It was something she had fantasized about on many occasions but now it had actually come to reality.

Annie re-attached her lips to his pecker and descended back down, much to Jeff's approval. This time the studious co-ed got another inch into her mouth before she slidback up his pole, but rather than pulling her lips off of him altogether she stopped at his crown before bobbing back down.

"Oh yes Annie," Jeff grunted.

Annie managed another smile but this time without her mouth leaving his long member. She continued to take him into her mouth deeper and deeper until finally his bulging head poked against the back of her mouth. She quickly suppressed the urge to gag due to the contact with her soft palate then promptly removed his spit-covered penis from that far inside her.

The sound of the sexually immature girl gagging on his cock and spitting more saliva onto his hardened member really turned Jeff on even more. The near gag had temporarily stopped Annie from taking that much of him into her mouth so she bobbed at the top of his cock for awhile until Jeff subtly hiked his hips up to meet one of her swallow bobs. Annie took the hint and began to glide her lips further down his dick until he was almost at the spot against her throat then she stopped short and pulled him away.

The younger girl was now truly finding her groove as Annie was now starting to pick up the pace. Jeff watched on from above as her head moved quicker up and down his shaft, leaving a trail of saliva that shined in the artificially lit study room. She surprised him when she began to use her hand, which was just holding his cock at the base, to stroke the portion of his fat 9-inch knob that wasn't currently filling her mouth.

Jeff had been with many women in his time as an egocentric lawyer who only cared about money and women. He had changed over his two and a half years at Greendale Community College but the memories of those times were very much engrained in his brain. Which is why he couldn't help but compare Annie's oral skills to those of the countless other women ha head been with. There was no doubt that the studious girl had a good understanding of what to do, but she had poor technique and wasn't being that adventurous, undoubtedly due to her lack of first-hand knowledge on the subject. Despite those downfalls though, her blow job was still feeling fantastic, an attribute likely linked to the situation at hand.

"Yeah keep going...just like that," he told her through hushed tones

Annie heard his words but decided to change things ever so slightly. She rose back to the top of his member and pulled her lips from his spit-covered tool altogether. She ignored his groaned disapproval as she bent further down and tossed her long brown hair over her one shoulder. Jeff was surprised by her altering her successful pattern and though he was initially irritated at her pulling her mouth of his cock, he soon forgot all about that.

With her new lower position, Annie brought her mouth close to his dick so that he could feel her hot breath contacting his tool, making shivers course up his spine. Her heavy breathing was soon swapped with her tongue as its broad surface covered the side of his meaty stick and she began licking her way to his tip in one long, slow trip. When she reached the top she popped his tip into her mouth and gave it a quick suck followed by a bob down his shaft to take half of him into her mouth then repeated her licking on the other side of his fat pole right after.

This time when Annie returns to sucking his shaft she stays there, content to glide her lips along the diameter of his pole over and over. Jeff welcomed her new tactic but was glad to have her hot mouth back to bobbing its way up and down his dick just like before. He had now extended his head back so it rested over the couch with his closed eyes facing up at the ceiling as the large-chested girl brought him closer to his orgasm. He wanted desperate to shoot his load into her, filling her mouth with his spunk and watch her as she swallowed it down

"About to cum," Jeff warned.

A girl like Annie with all of her sexual inexperience was a real wild card to Jeff, who was use to working on a more seasoned type. None the less it was still commonplace to warn the girl blowing him that he was on he verge of blasting his salty juice. Now that the ball was in the younger girl's court, it was up to Annie what she decided to do with the news.

Annie heard his warning and now a decision had to be made. She was 20 years old but still hadn't given out many blow jobs so the thought of letting a man cum in her mouth and for her to swallow it down made her apprehensive. She hadn't done it before and though she didn't like to judge a book by its cover, she'd heard stories that the jizz tasted horrible. On the other hand, she'd overheard the cheerleaders in the locker room on many occasions talking about how guys only dated a girl who would take a load.

After a quick assessment of what she deduced there to be of 6 different scenarios, the witty girl made her choice. Jeff was relieved to find that, although Annie stopped bobbing so intently on his cock, she had kept his tip firmly in her mouth. The adorable brunette slowed her approach right down to gently strokes of her lips from the crown of his penis down less then an inch so basically the only portion of his meat pole inside her was his head, which was resting on her wet tongue.

Annie didn't have to wait long doing her mini-bobs on his dick before her oral talents proved to great for Jeff. She felt his hands tighten on the segment of her hairs he was holding to keep them out of her face and knew that she was about to have a man cum in her mouth for the first time.

What could have only been milliseconds of squeezing her hair, the ex-lawyer let out what could only be described as a primitive grunt before the first spurt of jizz came shooting out of the end of his dick. She paused a bit out of surprise as the hot jet of semen plastered the roof of her mouth, unaware of the speed that his organ could propel the gooey substance.

She hadn't regained her composure quickly enough so a second, equally large spurt of cum filled up her mouth almost to the point of capacity. It was too late for Annie to change her mind, unless she wanted to seem like a complete fool and cough out the semen all over herself, Jeff and not to mention the floor of their favorite study room. Before Jeff could add to the growing collection of spunk in her mouth, the studious girl closed her eyes hard and contracted her throat muscles, swallowing down the initial burst then had the presence of mind to return to sucking his member.

Jeff was impressed by her oral skill and how she had the idea to chug down the first part before her mouth became too fill and it overflowed everywhere. He vanquished his thoughts of her for the moment and simply focused on how great her full lips felt as they continued to slowly bob on his tool while hungrily sucking down all of his sticky seed that his balls were pumping into her mouth. He wished he could have fed her his semen all night long but eventually his balls emptied completely and despite the amount of effort the younger girl was putting in to milk him for more cum, there was simply nothing left for her to slurp up.

Annie increased the suction after she had finished swallowing down her third mouthful of Jeff's salty offerings but it appeared that he was done. She held her mouth on him for another few seconds just in case, but all she ended up accomplishing was making the lanky yet muscular man shudder, likely due to her wet lips and hungry tongue repeatedly stroking on his suddenly super-sensitive tip.

"Mmhmm Mmhmm mmmm," said the girl from her knees without thought.

It may have been her first encounter with cum, but she was hungry to have it again. She was fully expecting it to be horrible and repugnant, but she was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't. Annie liked every aspect of his semen, from the way the taste reminded her of her favorite pizza toppings, black olives, to the way it was thicker than water, almost like yogurt.

" were great," Jeff said panting from a slumped position on the sofa.

"So then...that's it," Annie said with a questioning tone.

The beautiful brunette remained on her knees with her perfect globes hanging saglessly in front of her chest. Her nipples were still rock hard despite the temperature within the room being a warm 80 degrees by Jeff's guess. It was his job when he was a lawyer to learn all he could by listening to what a person was actually saying and doing, and the body language and tone of young Annie Edison was that she was clearly looking to go all the way with him here.

"Not by a long shot," he replied hungrily, bringing a wide grin to Annie's face.

Annie gave a shrill shriek of excitement when Jeff suddenly reached down, hooked his hands in her armpits and lifted her up. It took little effort for the muscular man to picked the smaller girl up from her knees and place her gently on her back atop the couch. This was the same position he had found her in when he first found her in the study room, minus the pillow covering her face and the lack of blouse and bra covering her large breasts.

Jeff savored the sight of his diminutive lover's tits as they bounced around before her during all the jostling and committed it to his memory. Annie was flat on her back with a look of wonder on her face, completely giving herself to Jeff and whatever that wicked brain of his wanted to do to her.

The tall man maintained eye contact with the pixie-faced brunette as he sat on the corner seat of the sofa. He watched as her eyelids fluttered just by the touch of his palms on her bare ankle, just above the ballet flats she wore on her feet. Annie bit down on her lip, possibly to with hold a moan as he slid his hands up her smooth toned legs until he felt the material of her navy blue shirt on the back of his hands.

"Mmhmm," Annie moaned this time as Jeff slowly twisted both hands so that now he was on the inner part of her thigh.

This skin felt different than the other parts of her leg to Jeff, slightly cooler and softer and it made him excited. He could feel his penis, which had wilted down to its flaccid state after Annie exceptional blowjob, begin to stir again and grow a little longer.

He continued his hands upward so that they were now roaming her softer inner thigh underneath her skirt. With each inch he moved Annie would let loose another moan, each one louder than the last until his fingertips touched her silky panties. Jeff resisted the urge to immediately dive in and stick two fingers into her barely legal pussy, which he was sure was dripping wet at this point. Instead, the ex-lawyer kept going towards her head until he could hooked his fingers under the waistband of her underwear. He began to pull them down her body, a feat that was aided significantly when the brainy girl helped by lifting her tight ass off the couch just enough. As they cleared from beneath her skirt Jeff could see that they were a white color with a pink border and little flowers decorated all throughout, however the part that really caught his eye was the extremely large damp patch consuming most of the front and bottom portions.

Jeff thought about whether or not to leave the skirt on her naked body and just flip it up onto her flat stomach but ultimately decided to removed it from her as well. Just like with her panties Annie hiked her hips enough from the comfortable sofa so that the strong man could take it off her, leaving her completely bare in the study room made of walls of windows.

Neither of them were thinking of the lack of privacy the study room offered at that current moment. For Annie, her thoughts were a mix of excitement of what was to come with the man she had pined over for the past 2 years. However, the studious girl was also feeling self-conscious as her body was laid bare in front of a man who had seen countless other women naked, including her best friend Britta.

Jeff's mind was also racing about what he thought of the much younger girl. However he wasn't focusing on how much more her senior he was and the future group dynamic consequences their tryst would cause. Instead, his mind was busy taking mental snapshots of Annie's impeccably perfect body. He could stare at her beautiful face all day long, and frequently had, but getting to see the rest of her that she usually shielded under dresses and sweaters was a grand treat.

"You breath-taking," Jeff eventually shared. "I mean, my job was to speak for a living and I did it really well...but you literally rendered me speechless."

Annie could feel her cheeks warm as blood went rushing to the area, causing the skin above to redden immediately. Originally when he laid her back she had the urge to cover herself up and hide away her body, but after Jeff's incredible compliment she no longer felt the need.

Jeff afforded himself one last look at Annie before moving on to his next act. The brunette seemed to have gained confidence since his comment and now had her right arm reaching back behind her to clutch the headrest while her left arm extended downward and rested on the side of her very naked body. Across from her hand was her lovely hips, which stuck out from her narrow waist to give her a womanly hourglass figure. Continuing inward his eyes landed on her groin, which he realized for the first time that the ambitious younger girl had nearly a completely shaven pussy, bar for a thin, trimmed strip directly up the center. This surprised Jeff a great deal, then again it was probably Annie's way of sexualizing herself in order to feel like she had a chance with a much older man.

The bright-eyed girl watched on as Jeff shifted in his seat so that he was now facing her. Annie gave the man an uncertain smile but his facial expression was blank and he only had eyes for her bright pink lips. Slumping down lower in the sofa was difficult for Jeff but he eventually succeeded in getting into position between the studious girl's milky-white thighs.

"So what do we do now...OH MY GOD," Annie screamed as Jeff's tongue reached out and flicked her sensitive clitoris.

"Gotta keep it down babe," Jeff told her as his mouth moved away from her wetness.

Annie was depress for his mouth to return to her sex so was willing to do whatever the older man wanted. Reaching onto the ground with her outside arm, the studious co-ed clutched the small pillow she used earlier in the night and brought it up towards her face. Rather than use it for a means to hide her embarrassment, Annie was once again covering her face but as a means to stifle what was sure to be a large chorus of moans and screams.

Jeff was slightly disappointed that he could no longer see Annie's beautiful face, but given how exposed they were it was a tradeoff that was required. Now that Annie wasn't going to be attracting any unwanted attention, Jeff leaned back down and brought his mouth back towards her pussy.

He wanted to get a taste of the younger girl so he began near her opening and licked all along her pink slit, finishing by flicking out at her clit again. The pillow was another of the brilliant girl's smart ideas as even through it he could just make out the faintest yells. He repeated the act again to get another sample, much like he would do while tasting a wine to get an appreciation for the girl.

"Hmm...very light but sweet with a hint of citrus. Especially nice since not even a note of sore. Damn I forgot the advantages of a younger girl," Jeff thought to himself.

Jeff had his taste and now he could really start going to work on her mouth-watering mound. He started by moving slightly outward from her tight pink hole so that he could lightly flick Annie's pussy lips with his tongue. He hard her muffled screams die down as this move didn't illicit a great deal of pleasure, but that was what he was ramping up towards.

He used one of his hand to help pull apart her pussy lips as the other hand ran up her torso to explore her naked body. Just as his large hand found her rounded tit and gave it a firm but sensual squeeze, Jeff ran his tongue back along her inner slit. He felt the younger girl squirm and heard the familiar muffled moans as she experienced new pleasures once he clamped his lips around her exposed clitoris and repeatedly flicked it.

"Unnggghhhh," she screamed out against the pillow.

Jeff returned to licking along her entire slit from bottom to top but this time deeper and faster. It was having the desired effect as now the blonde's body was thrashing with the pleasure that he was giving her. This move was really hitting its note but he didn't want to become predictable and boring to the younger co-ed.

Rather than staying with the status quo, the ex-lawyer changed his tactic to something he was sure would drive his date even more wilder. Jeff stopped swiping his tongue up her slit and instead sank down to the bottom of her wet track dipped his tongue into her hole.

Jeff could tell that he delivered great pleasure to Annie as he felt her thrust her hips up in an attempt to get him deeper into her pussy. He wondered if any other man had been given the pleasure of lapping inside the inner walls of Annie Edison's pussy before. As he continued to probe her wet pink cave with his tongue, he secretly hoped that he was the first one who got to discover and taint the younger, inexperienced girl.

Listening to her body language, Jeff abided by her wishes by digging further into her pussy before licking her inner walls. Her juices continued to follow onto his tongue and bathe his taste buds in her sweet honey, even overflowing out onto the stubble of his chin. He began to emit wet slurping noises as the silver-tongued man lost himself in eating Annie's pussy, bringing her to her first orgasm via oral sex in her life.

Jeff wouldn't have been aware that she had cum if it wasn't for her increasing erratic body movements finally stopping altogether. Normally he would use the woman's screams as an indicator he was getting close, but the pillow prevented that tonight. He also had never made a girl orgasm by eating her out so quickly, as a quick glance at his watch told him it only took 3 minutes.

He was tempted to stop his oral assault on her pussy and get to the good stuff, but the appeal of tasting more of her was too strong. Going back down on her, Jeff focused his tongue on licking the portion of her sex above the opening while bringing one of his long fingers to her hole and gently gliding it in.

Annie snapped out of her orgasm-induced stupor when his digit sank fully into her pussy. She didn't think oral sex could feel any better but having his tongue lapping at her slit and clit as his finger probed her pussy, pressing on the bundle of nerves just inside along her inner walls proved that theory wrong. Over and over she screamed into the pillow, occasionally biting down on the soft material while subconsciously she pressed her thighs together against Jeff's head, holding him in place in front of her pussy.

Curious if he could get her off for a second time within 5 minutes of when he started, Jeff ramped up his efforts. He extended a second finger and slowly worked it into her pussy, joining the first. It was helpful that she was so wet or else he doubted the two fingers would have fit together at the same time within her twat, such was how tight the 20-year-old was. But now that they were inside, Jeff pumped his arm to withdraw so only the tips were left inside the beautiful brunette before slamming them back into her swiftly.

With his face not currently buried in her sweet tasting snatch, Jeff was able to have a great view of watching her enormous tits bounce as he blasted her hole with his fingers. Over and over he slammed inside her with her heavy breasts bouncing upwards towards her pretty face every time his hand smacked against her groin.

"OH GOD YES," Annie screamed loudly.

"Pillow," Jeff reminded her, kissing her inner thigh.

Annie didn't hesitate and brought the pillow back up to her face in order to stop her screams notifying everyone in the library what was going one in the Greendale 7's infamous study room.

"Getting close again Annie," Jeff asked with a smug tone.

"Mhmm hmmm," she grunted her response.

"Then this will probably get you there," he thought.

Still wanting to keep his view of her jiggling tits, Jeff lowered his head so that his mouth was aligned with her clit once again. Annie's stomach didn't have an ounce of fat on it so her flatness allowed his eyes to roam up her petite body and maintain eye contact with her bouncing twins. He wanted to finish her quickly now since he could already feel his cock begin to twitch back to life, seemingly to grow harder with every passing second.

Jeff leaned forward until his lips found the top of the brunette's slit. He formed a tight seal around her then darted his tongue, ever so gently, down to flick on her clitoris once again. The bundle of nerves on the other side of the thin membrane sent waves of pleasure back up to Annie's brain, causing a reflexive scream to be emitted into the pillow. He gave her bud another long slow lick and felt her body tremble as a spasm rocked through her.

"Won't be long now," he said in his head.

This time Jeff changed up his approach. He still maintained the seal around the upper portion of her wet vag, but this time he repeatedly darted his tongue on her clit. HE needed to use his free hand to hold the brunette in place as his latest move was causing Annie to buck all over the sofa.

The dual stimulation of fingers blasting inside her snatch coupled with the unrelenting oral assault on her sensitive nub finally became too much for the younger girl. Jeff could tell she was cumming without being able to hear what exactly her muffled voice was saying just by body language alone. Her tits began flopping in every which direction and Annie hiked her hips back towards her face and fingers to make sure he maintained contact. Then was the gush of fluid he felt coat his digits from deep within her slit before her screams and body settle right down. What was left was Annie laying flat on her back on the couch that their study group frequently shared together, barely conscious.

Jeff afforded the 20-year-old a few moments of peace and recovery before he spoke. "Now time for the really good stuff."

Annie reached a very weak arm up off the sofa and used it to remove the pillow blocking her bright-eyed face. "You are one talented man Jeffrey Winger."

The ex-lawyer smirked at her as she fed his already inflated ego. Annie smiled back at him then went to move to a more seated postured but before she could Jeff was on top of her. His lips met hers as she opened her mouth and took his tongue inside. As they kissed with passion, the short brunette tasted something sweet with a hint of tart. She tried to place it but she was certain she hadn't ever eaten anything with that unique and delicious flavor before. Then she realized that the appetizing taste that Jeff was sharing with her must have been her own pussy juices. She didn't know if she should be discussed that she was tasting herself, but it was so delicious that she figured something so good couldn't be wrong.

"I need to be inside you right now," Jeff told her before kissing her again.

Annie suppressed a squeal of happiness as the man she longed for told her that he couldn't wait any longer to have sex with her. She kissed him back even harder to let him know that she was ready for him then she felt the head of his penis rummage through her slit. Her excitement was still ever present but the feeling of his dick lined up with her hole made her more than a little nervous.

"Just breathe," he remained the often anxious girl.

His words did seem to have a calming affect on her so Jeff carried on with what he was doing. The muscles in his right arm bulged as he held himself propped up on the arm of the sofa as his ripped stomach hung suspended over Annie's pillowy chest and flat tummy. His left hand held his condom-less dick in his palm, poised directly across from the entry to Annie's tight pussy.

Jeff had made the conscious choice to not wear a condom as he fucked the innocent Annie. It wasn't his desire to get her pregnant whatsoever, it was just that he didn't know if this would be a one-time deal or not so he wanted to get the most out of it. And that meant feeling every bit of the sexy co-ed as her inevitably tight lips clung mercilessly to his veiny member. His plan worked perfectly as the much younger girl was still on cloud 9 from her multiple orgasms to even remember to check if he was fitted with a latex cover.

Knowing now was the time, Jeff gave the adorable girl one last kiss before he pulled his mouth away from hers. He steadily brought his hips forward, always increasing the force until his cock, which was poised at her hole finally was admitted into her.

"Owww," Annie groaned.

Annie had a good idea that the initial penetration wasn't going to be the most comfortable feeling in the world. Despite the fact that his pole was amply covered in her saliva and her pussy was gushing from excitement, it was still the thickest cock she'd ever been with slicing into her box.

However, the early discomfort only lasted a few seconds, aided in large part to the more experienced man above her. He too realized that Annie would have a tough time taking him inside her for the first time so once his head was poked into her he stopped thrusting and let her adapt to his girth. Jeff had also removed his hand from gripping the base of his tool and was now rubbing her pleasure-deriving clitoris.

Jeff allowed another half-minute of this before preceding any further. Digging his feet against the opposite end of the couch, the lanky man pushed further inside her tight snatch and managed to get half his dick into her. Jeff noted that her expressive face still contorted in pain, but this time it was to a much less degree plus she didn't groan.

"Just relax babe," Jeff said to calm her.

He didn't wait inside her warm slit for too long this time around before he began to withdraw his cock. Jeff watched as her beautiful face flashed with surprise, thinking that he was going to pull out altogether and end their sexual tryst before it really got going. He couldn't help but smile at her innocence but once he retreated so that only his rounded head was left inside her, Jeff drilled back into her and went deeper this time around.

"Uhhh....yeah....ugghhh," Annie moaned in response to his thrusting.

Jeff wasn't moving at any great speeds but the constant motion of sawing in and out of her tight hole was producing the desired effects. Steadily he would increase the amount of cock he pushed into Annie so that after a few minutes of his small movements they both felt their hips collide with one another.

" feel so good," Jeff grunted as he held himself fully in Annie's twat.

By this time, the initial pain that Annie had felt when Jeff first penetrated her was a forgotten moment. The only thing in her mind now was how good it felt to have the muscular man deep inside her. She wasn't thinking about the Model U.N. debate going on downstairs or the consequences of having sex with Jeff could have on their group dynamic, instead she was living in the moment and thinking purely about this amazing feeling.

"'re so deep," Annie cooed, staring up at him.

The pair exchanged another kiss, something that was quickly become more familiar between the two co-eds. As their lips separated Jeff pulled back until once again the only part left inside the beautiful girl was his tip. Holding it just outside, the ex-lawyer embraced the cool air on the moist skin of his cock before he drove it back deep inside Annie in one swoop.

"Oh yes," Annie screamed, biting his shoulder in the process.

Jeff had started slow with her in order to stretch out her extremely tight pussy, but he felt like now was the time he was able to open up and really start to fuck her. He no longer was holding back on her as he gripped the arm of the sofa above his head with his hands in order to get the extra leverage he required.

"So...un...believe...ably...tight," Jeff grunted as his dick repeatedly disappeared into her snatch.

"Awwhhh...for...oohhh....sure," Annie moaned in response.

Jeff knew that Annie was really starting to enjoy herself, not only from all of her moaning but also when she looped her leg around his torso. With her leg now draped over his body she was able to pull him against her even more so that he was aided in his quest to plow deeper into her pussy.

With her help now Jeff crashed repeatedly against her hips. The knock on effect of this was the heavy contact made her bouncy tits jiggle beneath him. He was fortunate that he had cum already once this evening as his cock felt more desensitized meaning he could hold off on his second orgasm. He knew for certain that if he hadn't busted his first nut in Annie's mouth and watched her gulp it down earlier than he would have surely cum inside her snatch with all of their hardcore thrusting.

"Could me against the study table," Annie asked in a sheepish voice.

Jeff all but stopped drilling into her before replying. "Really?"

"Well...yeah. I think it would be pretty hot the next time the whole group is sitting at the table and we'll know that we had sex on it," she replied, hoping the older man didn't think it was too juvenile of a request.

Her answer came in the form of action. First Jeff flashed her a devilish grin then kissed her again right on her lips. Before she had time to return the favor, Jeff was moving away from her, which included his cock slipping out of her pink folds, much to her disappointment. She let out a surprised yelp as he took her hand and pulled her to her feet before he walked them over towards the large 10-foot by 10-foot wooden table.

Another shrill yelp escaped her lips when Jeff flung her around like she weighed no more than a baby so that she was facing him with her back towards the axe-indented desk. He bent down near a full 12 inches in order to kiss the much shorter girl one last time. Annie attempted to hop up onto the wooden surface but Jeff stopped her. She didn't know why until Jeff spun her around 180 degrees so that she was now facing away from his muscular chest.

"Bend over," Jeff told her, completing the command by giving her tight ass a playful slap.

Annie gave a curious look to the much taller man over her shoulder before complying with his wishes. Her waist was at the perfect height for the table as it allowed her to press her thighs against the edge and lean forward at the pelvis until her large tits were pressed against the wooden desk while her legs remained straight.

Being a foot taller than Annie made the position a little less comfortable for Jeff but he was willing to make the effort. Squatting down further behind her, Jeff clutched his juice-coated cock and placed his tip back into her pink folds until he found her hole again. Coming up just enough he slipped his head back inside Annie's warm wet pussy then thrust his hips forward to fully engulf his dick back in her velvet walls.

"Oh sweet God," the Jewish co-ed screamed loudly.

The new angle that Jeff's cock was entering her pussy was opening up new domains of pleasure for the much younger girl. Annie was uttering a seemingly endless chorus of moans with occasion interludes of high-pitched screams as the ex-lawyer turned community college student smashed his hip against her toned ass, making her take his entire length.

With each collision against the younger girl, Jeff caused her plump ass to ripple due to the contact. It wasn't until this point, with Annie completely nude and taking his dick from behind that Winger realized how lovely her ass really was. The brunette more often than not wore loose-fitting skirts while in public and though they were short and showed off her toned legs, it often meant her ass was too covered to get an appreciation for. But now that the skirt was off, Jeff could see that little Annie was sporting a very curvy figure complete with voluptuous booty that was quite round and stuck out a good distance from her legs and back.

"Fuckkk God damn tight," Jeff grunted, feeling cum begin to boil in his balls.

"You can...finish but I'm really close too if you can hold out," she replied from beneath him.

Jeff closed his eyes tightly and began thinking of the least sexy thoughts that he could while biting hard on his bottom lip. He wanted to slow down from his neck-breaking pace but he knew that was likely to prevent Annie from reaching her orgasm and he very much wanted to make the adorable co-ed cum once again.

He was ashamed to admit that the thought didn't occur to him sooner but Jeff realized what would help get Annie off sooner. He kept pushing his whole length into her warm folds, but now he had snaked one of his long arms down around her slim waist. He had no trouble finding the object of his affection; her clitoris.

"Sweet goodness! I'm gonna...I need...I'm cumming," Annie screamed, on the verge of climaxing for a third time within an hour.

She wasn't the only one of them on the threshold of cumming. Jeff knew that he had only a few second left before his mushroom cap started shooting around his salty yogurt so he delivered one last hard plunge deep into Annie all while furiously rubbing her nub with his skilled fingers. With his head slamming and grinding against her G-spot coupled with the work his digits were doing, it was just the combination the horny brunette needed as she erupted on his cock for a third time.

"OH GOD YES! MMHHMMMM...OOHHHHH," Annie screamed without regard for any potential onlookers

Once he heard her orgasmic screams, Jeff pulled completely out of her inviting snatch for the last time. He wish he had time to admire his handiwork after bring the girl to another orgasm but there was a much more pressing matter at hand. The bubbling in his balls had reached the point of no return and he knew he had seconds before his seed would be released.

"Going to cum," Jeff warned.

"Okay...just cum in the condom," Annie said tiredly.

"No condom," he grunted, feeling the semen start to leave his nuts.

"Then where," she said turning around to face him.


Judging by the contorted look on Jeff's face, Annie deduced that he was too close to have the matter open for debate. She really liked the older man and wanted to show him that, so if that meant taking his load to her face than that was what she was going to do.

Annie's athleticism kicked in and she descended to the ground in time at all, arriving on her knees facing her man. She was propped up perfectly so that her adorable face was eye-level with his cock then she closed her eyes and prepared.

"UUGHHH," Jeff grunted.

Annie's eyes were barely shut by the time the first strand of cum erupted from his tip. With expert precision the streak shot across the brief distance between them and splattered against the brunette's forehead, luckily none landing in her hair. Annie barely had time to feel the white spunk sliding down her skin towards her right eye before the next spurt of Jeff's juices on the bridge of her nose, starting on one cheeks and extending to the other.

Jeff's aim and the amount of population pudding he was able to shoot drastically began to decline. The third jet was only half as much as the first two, but still was a healthy amount that landed on her chin. It dripped down onto her left tit, which was where the last small streams of cum landed.

When he finally finished and opened his eyes, his vision fell on the sexy sight he may have ever seen. Before him on the floor was one of the prettiest girls he'd ever known with her bright-eyed face covered in his spunk. The beautiful bookworm from her knees was giving him a look that conveyed that she was seeking his approval, which was fitting with her personality.

"Annie...that was...just..."

"Just what," Annie asked tentatively, afraid her more experienced partner was going to give him a failing grade. "Average?"

"Oh God no Annie. Amazing, incredible, fantastic...everything but average," the soon-to-be returning lawyer told her, helping her up off the ground.

"Awwhhh...thanks Jeff," she blushed. "It was wonderful for me too."

The pair stayed still just looking into each other's eyes for what could have been hours but was likely moments. The loving glance was broken only when the semen that Jeff shot minutes before finally dripped its way down past her eyebrows and onto her eyelid.

"Oh," she said embarrassedly. "I should go clean up I guess."

"Better hurry though," Jeff said as the very naked Annie walked back to retrieve her clothes. "We have a model U.N. thing that we not only have to win, but we have to crush lesser Annie."

"But Jeff. I realize now I don't have to be the best at everything," Annie said, whipping her beautiful face free of the sticky goo.

"I know...but I still want you to be," he told her with a kind smile. "Now lets get dressed so we can go kick some ass!"

"Umm...not impressed Winger," Leonard, possibly the oldest man alive said as he poked his head inside the study room.

"God Leonard get out of here you voyeuristic pervert," Jeff said, covering his crotch with his recently retrieved shirt as Annie did the same to her private parts.

"Yeah yeah. You two were making enough noise that it sounded like an open invite to come watch," the old man retorted before turning his glaucoma-effected eyes to Annie. "Oh, nice rack Boobs."

Annie gave the gross old man a look of distain as Jeff took a couple of quick, threatening steps in Leonard's direction. The old man read the situation well and took off away from the glass doors at a speed that seemed too fast for what his body could handle.

The pair brushed aside Leonard's comments and finished getting dressed. Jeff waited for Annie outside the girl's bathroom as she wanted to wash her face, for obvious reasons, before reconvening with the rest of their study group down in the cafeteria where the model U.N. was set up.

The new pair took their seats beside each other and tried to act casual, a feat more easily done by Jeff than by Annie. The younger girl was too happy when she should have been stressing out, wearing a broad smile rather than a furrowed brow complete with forehead creases.

Whether people noticed her initial happiness was irrelevant as the group came back strong and overtook other Annie and her band of misfits. With the creative input of Abed and the group willing to look like fools in front of some of the student body, the study group prevailed and Annie completely what she would remember as the greatest day in her young life.


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