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Summary: During the Paintball contest of S2 E23-24

Pairings: Annie/Black Rider

Codes: MF, Oral

Community: Fistful Of Paintballs - Annie's Story
by The Chemist

"What the hell was that," Annie exclaimed, her large chest still heaving from labored breathing.

"Well it appeared to be a very handsome cowboy..."

"Not that handsome Abed. I'd even say average looking," Jeff Winger interrupted.

"...renegade who shot up our cozy, if not under-protected dwelling as we discussed the paintball assassination of Pierce in order to steal his rumored cache of ammo," Abed continued, giving a fine recap of the last few moments.

"My mistake. Who was that? Does he even go to Greendale," Annie corrected herself.

The trio had barely escaped the encounter with the Black Rider and were now holed up halfway down the stairwell in the east corner of the library. They had secured the door behind them so that the Incredible Hulk himself would be the only one able to follow them.

Jeff, the natural leader of the usual study group, was still leading this smaller group as well but he wanted to take inventory of the situation. It had been 5 hours since the start of the paintball tournament, the second tournament held at Greendale in consecutive years. He'd been separated from his regular group but luckily came across Abed, and the yellow-bellied traitor Chang in their study room. The pair were the only two who had thought of rendezvousing back at their usual haunt, but Jeff was thankful to have the pop culture nerd on his side since Abed had fully embraced the spaghetti western atmosphere. The former Spanish professor running off was a mild annoyance if nothing then for the fact that Winger wanted to shoot the quasi-member of their study group and end his the game that is.

Things had changed recently though. Intel provided by one of the cheerleaders Jeff had hooked up with last year had given him the likely hiding place of Annie Edison. Remembering that she was a good shot from last year's contest, Jeff wanted to add her to his small group. Abed went out and 15 minutes later returned to the library to find Jeff being attacked by the math club and the traitorous Chang. The movie buff needed to save the day by killing the attackers, however there luck ran out when they barely managed to survive their initial encounter with the Black Rider.

Despite all the craziness and the dream of winning the $100,000 reward, Jeff was still a red-blooded male and there was no escaping that. Even though he was winded from the sprint, the ex-lawyer couldn't peel his eyes off of the youngest member of their study group. Little Annie usually dressed as an ultra-peppy no-it-all, but she had no traces of that persona currently. The brunette wore her hair down with some strands crossing over her forehead on an oblique to give her a very sexy look, rather than the cute image she normal had. She worse an ultra low-cut white t-shirt and similar length red tank top over top that made Jeff aware of how large her tits actually were. She may have only reached heights of 5'3" if he was being very generous but the bookworm had a rack that easily were a D cup. She rounded out her Lara-Croft inspired outfit with black stockings worn under black short shorts, which highlighted her tight little ass, and a pair of knee-high beige boots.

"I don't think he goes here," Abed commented. "And did you see how big his guns were?"

"Why don't you just marry him Abed," Jeff shouted out of clear jealousy that someone else was getting compliments.

"Man, paintball is tough this year," the nerd added.

"I couldn't agree more," Britt said with guns drawn on the trio.

Initially Jeff laughed on the blonde getting the drop on them but when Shirley and Troy joined the ambush then the tall blonde-hair man knew they were at their whim. The group led by Britt announced they now worked for Pierce, who had grown to be one of the strongest players in the competition, and that they were bringing Jeff to the old man to collect the ransom Winger had on his head.

The six friends went back to Fort Hawthorne, which was the largest safe haven left in the school and located in the cafeteria. The trio of Jeff, Abed and Annie learnt the new player was "The Black Rider" and was gaining the reputation of quite the eliminator, but also that Dean Pelton had a large reserve of paintballs from last year that would be enough to win them the competition. Jeff didn't trust the old man but Pierce had them unarmed and at his mercy so the ex-lawyer had no other choice then to go out on the recovery mission.

The whole study group went on the mission, minus Pierce of course, but they soon separate when they hear noises up ahead. Annie was left to stay back and watch their backs but she hears voices in a nearby room and goes in to investigate. What she finds is Chang wearing a blindfold, begging for mercy as a group of cheerleaders are about to eliminate him execution-style. However, right before the pack of gorgeous girls fire on the helpless man, Annie uses up the last of her ammunition and guns them down.

"Not cool bitch," the head cheerleader swore at the normally mild-mannered brunette.

"Yeah well that's what you said to me at last year's tryouts," Annie retorted before firing her last paintball pellet at the already eliminated mean girl.

"You'll pay for this," the blonde cursed.

"Leave the guns."

The pack of girls lowered their paint-filled revolvers to the ground before exiting the room, leaving Annie and Chang alone together. The brunette didn't know what she wanted to do about the ex-Spanish teacher but before she could decide he took off running to the back door, apparently knowing his way around the girl's locker room better then she could have ever have guessed. Annie took aim and pulled the trigger but her barrel was dry and was out of ammunition.

Meanwhile while Annie was thinking of Chang's fate inside the room, the cheerleaders exited the main doorway and ran smack into a man dressed in all black with a cowboy hat and spurs on his boots. They knew that this was the man who had been raking up elimination counts but they had no idea how handsome he was. Then the head cheerleader got a wicked idea.

"Listen Mr....super hot guy. The girl in there, her name is Annie. She's super načve and wants to see the best in people, but today she's acting all tough and fearless. Use this information...and your amazingly beautiful face, to fuck with her," the scorned cheerleader requested.

"And why would I do a thing like that," he replied in a deep, gravelly voice.

" about you fuck the hell out of her and make little Miss Innocent not so innocent anymore and then I'll let you do the same to me," the pretty blonde bargained. "And with me you can put it anyway."

"Well Missy," the attractive man said with a bright smirk, "we have ourselves a deal."

Back inside the change room, Annie was pissed she miscounted how many shots were left in her paint pistol. However, for her skill level in this game, hunting down a blindfolded fool and killing him was of no effort. She took one step backwards and her back planted against the hard body of a clearly taller, stronger man. She knew instantly that it wasn't Jeff and the scent of his brute cologne identified him as the famed "Black Rider". He had somehow managed to sneak behind her, which was no small feat given the noisy spurs he wore.

"I'll take that," he said in his Southern accent as he reached and effortlessly unarmed the gorgeous girl.

He was happy that the much smaller woman gave no resistance to his efforts and simply let him take the empty gun from her hands. Her mix of fear and uncertainty were almost palpable in the enclosed, secluded space, which made the 30-something year old man very excited.

"Who knows you're in here," he asked.

"Everyone. My clan will be breaking down the door any moment," she bravely replied.

"Play it straight with me honey and I'll let you live...for now," he bargained. "And truthfully. I watched your friends wander ahead."

"I was suppose to stay behind but came in here to kill some bitches," Annie confessed, the reality of her situation dawning on her. "I'm all alone."

Goosebumps were popping up all over Annie Edison's arms as the handsome and mysterious man stayed pressed against her. She had no idea how to navigate the situation she was in, but she did know she wanted to stay alive and in the hunt for the 100 grand. So she knew she had to play ball with The Black Rider. And if she was being 100% honest, although she had no idea what was about to happen she couldn't help but feeling a combination of fear and exhilaration.

"You're not that alone," the Rider said, slipping an arm around the much smaller girl.

"Stop trying to distract me with your handsomeness," Annie replied, spinning around to face the pseudo-cowboy. "You're creepy."

"If I creep you out little lady then why is your chest flush," he retorted then placed his gun up under her chin. "And do remember to tell the truth."

The 19-year-old thought about his comment for a few moments, trying to find the words. Giving up about using something clever Annie replied, "Because I may have a physical attraction to you. Is that what you wanted to hear? Plus my eyes are up here...pervert."

The Black Rider made no effort to conceal the fact that his gaze never left her ample cleavage. For being such a short girl, the man with a beard of stubble was extremely impressed with her rack. When he saw her running earlier in the library when he stalked her and the men she was with, he took note of how the perky twins bounced proudly out in front of her. Now that he was up close and personal with Annie, his eyes didn't seem to want to leave the sight of her impressive globes regardless if it made him appear creepy.

"This is paintball baby doll. It's serious out here...and serious in here as well," the smooth gentleman told the wavering girl.

It would surprise many to discover that Annie wasn't virgin, despite her youthfulness and innocence. When she had her psychotic break and ended up with a brief addiction to pills, they didn't help her focus but instead caused her to lose both her scholarship to university and her virginity.

For The Black Rider, he was armed with the information about the charming brunette from her archenemy the head cheerleader, and also his own assessment. The beautiful teen in front of him was quite successful in the game so far likely due to a history of overcoming hardship in life plus a typical type A personality including being ultra-ambitious. He also picked up on that she was a romantic at heart and given the way she depended on the tall blonde male from their earlier encounter, Annie was likely drawn to strong alpha-males.

"Turn around," he whispered seductively to the impressionable teen.

"Why? So you can shoot me in the back," she rebelled.

The Black Rider stepped closer to her so that she felt his chest press against her again and watched as the tension drained from her face. The emotion was replaced with confusion at first then a combination with hopefulness and longing. And that's when he knew that the hard part was over; she was seduced and now was the time to keep her on the hook long enough to get her on his pole.

The attractive man clutched Annie's arms gently spun her around so that they were in the same position that they were when he first came across her in the vacant room. Now behind the large chested teen, Rider bent forward just enough so that he could lightly kiss the side of Annie's neck.

"Mmmm," Annie moaned as shivers shot down her spine.

Even with his excellent ability to profile individuals the professional paintball assassin didn't want to give his prey any chance to wise up and leave. While still kissing her neck he slid his large hands down her pale arms at her sides until his fingertips caught the hem of her shirt. He traced it around to her front than began undoing the large buttons that held the front of her dark red vest together.

Annie felt nerves coursing through her as his steady fingers made short work of her outermost layer of clothing. She helped him remove it from her body by shrugging her shoulders back and liked the feeling of the velvet article descending down her bare arms. His hands returned to her waistline and this time gripped her thin white shirt before dragging it upwards until it popped off over her head, causing her long brown locks to cascade down onto the bare flesh of her upper chest.

"You have the most impeccable set of tits I've ever seen," he told the younger girl as his tips danced lightly across her bra. "And that's a considerable compliment as I've seen a lot of breasts."

"Mmmm," Annie moaned again as he graze over one of her sensitive nipples. "Thank you."

"Now I'm going to take your bra off and get a really good look at them," he said, almost as a demand then a question.

He could feel her neck muscles flex as his lips were still on her skin so he knew that the načve girl was loosening up. He placed a hand on either side of the her large boobs then gently moved across until he found the clasp located in the middle of her cleavage. Undoing the snap he instantly felt the weighty globes push free of the lace containment and spill out to the sides. His large hands were the perfect match for her incredible tits as he held them strongly in his palm while using his fingers to tweak and tease her perfectly sized pink nipples.

"Ugghh," she nearly screamed out in pleasure.

He wished he could have stayed fondly her perfect chest for the longest time but he had much more in store for the hard-bodied coed. Still leaving one hand to grope her big breasts, The Rider moved the other down her flat stomach until his felt the smooth material of her shorts.

"What are you doing," Annie nearly shrieked but in a hushed tone when his fingers stroked over her pussy through her shorts.

"More resistance than I thought...probably only a last fledging remain though," he thought to himself. "Give me two minutes. If you don't like what's happening then you're free to go," the Southern man said in her ear.

When the nervous brunette said nothing in reply, The Black Rider felt like he had his answer. He slowly yet firmly slid his fingers back up her pussy and heard her do a near inaudible moan then used both hands to undo the button on her shorts and pull them and the black tights beneath them over her shapely ass to halfway down her meaty legs.

He allowed himself a minute to gaze down her backside and scope out her rounded hips and thick ass contained in her black panties. He gave her ass a squeeze before spinning the gorgeous girl around to get a look at her amazing tits from end on.

He imagined she'd be self-conscious given what he assumed to be her naturally shy and immature personality so he caught hr arms before she could even think about shielding her boobs out of his view. Already crouching down, The Black Rider dipped his head even more so he could take a nipple into his mouth.

"Yes," the near naked girl moaned.

More relaxed now, Annie was led backwards through an open doorway until she and the mysterious older man were standing in what she assumed to be a coach's office within the large change room. With his lips never leaving her tits, The Rider used one powerful arm to lift Annie up and place her on the empty wooden desk against the far wall.

"Lean back now sugar," he told her.

Annie was disappointed to have him no longer sending jolts of pleasure through her nipple with his mouth but she was trusting that the Southerner had something equally as intense in mind. Lowering herself back slowly, she stopped when she felt the wood against her naked skin. She didn't know what he wanted her to do now but that became clear when his strong hands hooked her panties and pulled them off her legs, she offering her assistance by hiking her hips up.

His hands were now pulling her thighs apart to reveal her pink folds with a neatly trimmed strip of brown hair above it. Annie knew there was no point being embarrassed or shy now given the fact the stranger had seen her entire naked body minus the parts still covered by her beige boots.

If Annie had butterflies in her stomach before then they were certainly doing somersaults at this point. The teenager could feel his methodical fingers traced a line down from beneath her naval to both sides of the thin track of hair and continued downward with his tips brushing the hypersensitive area right beside her slit.

Once The Black Rider reached her puffy mound and traced its length, he moved his middle finger rested against her dripping entrance. Annie knew for certain that she had never been more excited or turned on in her entire life. Knowing she was already sufficiently wet, he pushed against her hole until his middle finger disappeared inside her up to the first knuckle.

"Oh my God," she screamed in delight as he began working his digit in and out of her tiny opening.

The Black Rider kept fingering the wailing brunette for another few minutes and was surprised to find she kept gushing more and more of her juices onto his two digits as they worked her over. He had been with enough girls to know that Annie was nearing an orgasm already but he wanted to taste her desperately.

The brunette's face contorted into a hint of disappointment when she felt the stranger's fingers leave the snug confines of her pussy. However, she was back to her expression of ecstasy when Annie felt his tongue press against her opening then slip inside. Not content to simply rest inside, The Black Rider made swirls along the načve girl's inner walls, going down on the girl for the first time in her life.

"That good," Annie confessed as her large eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Annie's body began to tremble from the pending orgasm that the Southern man knew would be coming in short order. Making good use of his resources The Rider used his left hand to pull apart Annie's pink lips and give him better access to her tasty twat while his right hand went down to his hips and began undoing his belt and pants.

The office was filled with the sounds of Annie's panting and the sloppy, squishing sounds that the professional paintball player made while licking her wet pussy. Now equipped with what moves got the biggest rise out of the horny coed, The Black Rider focused on licking all the spots she liked best. It didn't surprise him then when after brushing her clit with his finger Annie dug her nails into the old wooden desk and squeezed his stubble-haired face between her milky-white thighs

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Annie screamed at the top of her lungs as she had the most powerful orgasm yet in her short sexual life.

The Rider lapped up every tasty drop of her cum that he could with his tongue from deep within her pussy. Once he was sure that he had every drop he could find, he got back to his feet and looked down on the lying girl. Her huge tits were still possessing the hardest set of nipples from her epic orgasm and her face was the picture of tranquility. He admired her body and face for a moment then stepped out of his pants as it was time to get his dick in her gushing mound.

"Ughhh," Annie gasped as she was suddenly snapped out of her blissful state as she became instantly filled with cock.

The Rider didn't bother with any formalities and simply lined his cock up with her wet opening and slammed inside of the large chested teen in one pass. She felt like a virgin to him given how tightly she clung to his condom-less member and she may well have been as it had been over a year since she'd had sex.

The stranger, still donned in his leather trench coat, cowboy boats and belts of paintball ammunition started to pull out of her warm pussy until he got halfway out. Clutching onto her legs for support, The Black Rider pushed himself back inside the innocent girl to his hilt, his balls slapping against the bottom of her bubbly ass. When she put up no fuss about taking a hard plowing, Rider kept up the brutal pace and continued slamming his entire length into her tightness over and over again.

"Yeah you like it hard, don't you baby," he asked rhetorically.

His question didn't need an answer but Annie was enjoying the fucking so much that she moaned loudly and nodded her head to confirm his thoughts anyway.

"Tell me what you want me to do," he asked.

"F...fuck me," Annie initially hesitated before answering with a begging tone.

The handsome man smiled brightly at his handiwork of turning the immature teen into a cock-hungry slut in less than 30 minutes. Now that she was throwing herself at him and requesting him to fuck her hard, The Black Rider held nothing back. Bring his hips back he quickly plowed back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her soft ass. He seemed to be thrusting deeper then ever before into the innocent brunette's hot pussy to both of their enjoyment.

The Black Rider didn't know how long they'd been but at it but at one point he had closed his eyes and now that he had them open some things had changed. They most have been fucking for a while as Annie was now covered in a light sheen of sweet that made her look even more beautiful. The sexy teenager had also wrapped her strong legs around his pelvis so that she could help him stab into her inviting hole.

Kicking himself for not doing it the entire time, The Black Rider reached down with both hands and began squeezing and kneading each of Annie's heavenly globes. They felt so weighty and perfect in his grasp with her pokey pink nipples rubbing against the center of his palms. He was able to get additional screams from the young coed by gently taking each nipple between his thumb and pointer finger and rolling them around.

"Mmm...yess," she moaned her thanks.

There fucking was getting faster and faster with their combined grunts seeming to blend together. Annie was moaning louder at this point though and her cries of pleasure were tipping The Black Rider that she was nearing another climax. Looking down at the object of his affection, her face and chest were flush with excitement and her legs were latched around his waist to help propel him deeper into her wanting twat.

The Black Rider knew himself that he wasn't so far off from his own orgasm, but he was nowhere near done in using her wonderland for his own fun. Remembering back when he was munching her tasty pussy, the conman ran his hand down from her jiggling tits, with her nipples being oh so erect, and moved towards her clit. The nub instantly hardened under his touch and as he brushed it gently it proved too much for Annie once again. The Black Rider knew it was a successful move when he felt her legs tense with intense power in order to hold his pecker deep in her pussy while simultaneously trapping his finger on her clit.


The Black Rider waited for her to finish her climax before moving. During her orgasm, Annie's already tight pussy clamped down on his member even tighter than before, making it impossible to maintain any type of tempo at all. Finally he felt her walls relent, allowing him to pull his dripping wet cock from her hole.

He sensed that after a second orgasm in short succession that Annie was in no position to do any riding. Getting over that idea, The Black Rider hooked a strong arm around the brunette's waist and set her up so that her feet were on the floor but all of her weight was resting on the table with her bouncy tits pressed firmly against the wood.

The Black Rider moved his hands down to her underrated ass and gave the cheeks a strong squeeze. With a cheek in each hand, he rubbed the tip of his dick against her smooth thigh ass. Even though she had just cum for a second time, Annie's breathing became more ragged with his teasing and he could see her pussy glistening once again as she became wet in anticipation.

"My God this girl's a nympho," he thought to himself.

Annie felt the head of his prick rubbing against her sensitive folds once again then moaned loudly when he pushed back inside of her. She reached back with her little hand and slid her fingers onto the parts of his shaft not currently filling her at the moment then gripped his tool and helped bring the rest of him into her.

"God yes," Annie screamed from the penetration.

With all of his dick back fully inside Annie, The Black Rider could feel his member getting coated in her sticky juices once again. He could tell she greatly enjoyed having her pussy stretched and that she was pleased that she gave into her body's more carnal cravings.

Annie was still quite tight, but she had loosened considerably from when he initially filled her up. Knowing that she could take a rough pounding, The Black Rider grasped her rounded hips firmly and cocked his hips backwards. Throwing them forward, he crashed into Annie so hard that he actually moved the desk forward but the brunette moaned even louder in pleasure. After another 5 minutes of this relentless thrusting, The Black Rider had succeeded in moving the wooden table all the way to the back wall.

It seemed that the harder and harder he pushed into the horny coed, the more she responded. Her moans became louder and transitioned into grunts and finally wails of pleasure. Her pussy kept feeling tight and she was so wet that The Black Rider's dick effortlessly glided into her as he continuously pulled his shaft all the way out before slamming back into Annie.

Normally The Black Rider liked to cum at the same time as his lovers, but Annie had already climaxed twice and seemed to be in a sexually induced fog. He kept hold of her hips as the secured desk pressed firmly against the wall as he kept thrusting into her wet pussy as deep as he could.

To her credit, despite being exhausted Annie still kept her legs spread wide for her mystery man and she did her best to slowly jet her ass back against his cock as it pierced inside of her repetitively. It felt amazing for The Black Rider to feel the teenager's tight body grinding against him as she cam down from her orgasm as he geared up for his long awaited one.

As he felt his orgasm approaching, The Black Rider thought about what he wanted to do. He briefly considered cumming inside the pretty girl but he doubted the načve girl was on birth control. He enjoyed giving girls facials as he found the degrading act to be a real turn-on but not spraying on her tits would feel like a wasted opportunity.

Gonna cum on you," he told the brunette as he pulled out of her.

With his dick now free of her velvety pussy, the stranger helped her get in position of kneeling in front of him. The Black Rider stroked his member until the first strand of white cum came bursting out. Annie had just enough time to close her eyes as the warm fluid plastered her in the face, landing on the upper part of her forehead and streaking down obliquely across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye and finishing on her cheek. The second and third spurts were aimed at her heavenly chest as the white goo blended in well with the pale complexion of the skin of her huge tits. With a good amount of surface area covered on her chest, the Rider directed the last few smaller gushes back at Annie's beautiful face, coating the other cheek and some of her lips as well.

Unbeknownst to Annie, but not to the ever observant professional player, the pack of cheerleaders had doubled back to the change room. Not happy about the normally shy brunette eliminating them from their chance at 100 thousand dollars, the group strutted their way into the smaller office and looked down on their cum-soaked enemy.

"Slut," the head cheerleader called Annie as she snapped a picture on her cell phone of the exhausted brunette with cum spewed all over her face and tits.

"Collect my reward from you some other time darling," the Rider said to the cheerleader.

After slapping her on her firm ass, the professional paintballer, who had already pulled up his paints left the room, staying true to his word of leaving Annie alive and still in the game.

However, Annie had no such deal with the infamous player. Once The Black Rider had his back to her, the cum-covered brunette reached into her right boot and withdrew a small 4-shot gun that nobody had noticed. Taking aim, there was no mistake with her shot as the red ball of paint splattered against the leather trench coat of the professional player.

"What the hell..."

"You're out bitch," Annie said in her toughest voice. "And no one calls me a slut."

Annie took aim at the already-eliminated head cheerleader and pulled the trigger on her small gun. The first shot smack the blonde right overtop of her pussy, causing her hunch forward in pain. Adjusting to the girl's new position, Annie's second shot hit the bitchy girl in her equally sensitive large left breast where she imagined the girl's nipple would be. Contorting to hold her tit with an irregular twist, Annie had to re-adjust once again before firing her final shot to nail the bitch between the eyes, knocking her to the ground.

The Black Rider was grumbling to himself or maybe to her, but Annie had no time for him. Her head shot on the head cheerleader seemed to stun the large-breasted girl so Annie crawled over to her stricken victim and used her white skirt to clean her face and tits of the Rider's cum.

By the time that Jeff Winger and Abed stumbled upon her, Annie was already to her feet and almost finished getting dressed. The tall ex-lawyer and pop culture nerd walked into the small coach's office to the sight of Annie buttoning back up her red vest, and a pack of cheerleaders consoling their unconscious leader. But more impressively was the fact that the famed Black Rider was stomping around cursing about being eliminated by the seductress that used to be their meek study buddy Annie Edison.

"Let me get this right," Jeff tried to piece together. "You let the Rider think he was seducing you, and let him have sex with you all so you could shoot him once he turned his back to you?"

"That's right Jeff. I'm playing for keeps this time," Annie answered before stealing the ammunition from The Black Rider and striken cheerleaders before exiting the change room.

"She's kinda awesome today," Abed said as he and Jeff went to catch up with the determined girl.


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