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Community: Community College Experience Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Annie looked around and sighed. Sure, her apartment wasn't much to look at, it was above a sex store and it was in a bad neighbourhood where she constantly got offers to buy drugs, but it was her home. Her first home which she had bought and paid for with her own money, and ok, she was only renting and according to all of her friends she got majorly ripped off, but still she was going to miss this place.

"Ok, that's everything." Britta panted once she'd finished sello-taping the box in front of her shut, then she practically whooped, "Now let's get you out of this dump!"

Taking offence Annie exclaimed, "Britta! Do not refer to my first apartment as a dump!"

Giving Annie a soft, but accidentally a little condescending, look Britta moved over to her girlfriend, took her hand and then softly said, "Annie, I didn't mean to belittle this important stage in your development as a woman. Actually a first apartment is an important right for anyone, but it's an unwritten rule that your first apartment sucks and oh boy did you pick a doozy. I think this might be even worse than mine, and believe me that place was a dump."

"Well I still don't think it's that bad." Annie huffed.

"That's because you've got your nostalgia shades firmly in place and it's making you irrational. Which again happens to everybody, including me. We're all idiots at this stage. Not that you're an idiot, it's just..." Britta closed her eyes and pulled a face, then took a moment to desperately try to think of a way she could get out of this grave she had dug herself, ultimately deciding to go with, "I'm sorry. I really don't mean to 'Britta' this, it's just that I worry about you. This is not a safe place Annie, and it never was, and I'm sorry you can't see it right now but you really are too good for this place, and... and, and I can't wait to live with you."

Annie's heart had been through a rollercoaster throughout that speech, definitely taking a downturn at the end with the way Britta said those final words, leading her to ask, "Are you sure? Because it's not too late, if you're having second thoughts."

Britta remained silent for a full minute, and then she said, "I just, you know... don't want to 'Britta' this. Living together I mean."

"Oh Britta." Annie said softly, moving closer, "We've talked about this."

Sighing dramatically Britta started to ramble, "I know, I know, it's just living with someone for the first time is always hard, and I always screw everything up, so much so even I'm using my name to describe fucking up now, and-"

After cutting her off with a brief but passionate kiss Annie rested their foreheads together and softly smiled, "And I've told you a million times, I'm not going anywhere. Well, I am going somewhere. Your apartment I mean. We're going to your apartment, but it's now our apartment, and I know it's scary and I know it's kind of a risk but I swear, neither one of us are going to 'Britta' this. I won't let us."

Britta smiled softly and then frowned, "But-"

"No buts! We're doing this." Annie said firmly, before gently adding, "If you still want too. I mean, either way we'll be fine, but-"

"I thought you said no buts?" Britta grinned, and then when Annie frowned at her quickly added, "BUT, I know what you mean. And if you're sure about this, then I can be sure about it."

"Good." Annie smiled, before asking, "Soooooo... when does everybody else get here?"

"Soon." Britta grinned, that grin slowly becoming evil as she added, "In the meantime, since you brought up the subject of 'butts', if you still want to try a little butt stuff, I'm in, on one condition."

Blushing furiously Annie asked, "What?"

"You have to turn around right now." Britta said as huskily as she could, then rolled her eyes a little when Annie simply turned around, "I meant leaning against the table."

"Oh... well, you should have said that." Annie complained, "Seriously Britta, if you want something you have to tell someone, otherwise-"

Annie trailed off when she felt Britta gently grab her ass, the brunette gulping as the blonde leaned against her ear and whispered, "That's a good rule. So... what is it that you want Annie?"

"I, I... I..." Annie stammered, momentarily reduced to her old self, then she took a calming breath and as confidently as she could said, "I want you to fuck my ass."

"Why?" Britta asked softly.

Taken off-guard Annie replied, "I, I... erm, I don't know. It seems hot, and really naughty, and... and I like exploring my sexuality with you. It's super empowering, and I could never see myself doing it with someone I wasn't so comfortable with."

Britta smiled and squeezed Annie's butt, "You're kissing my ass."

Looking over her shoulder and smiling Annie quipped, "Yeah, but it's kind of appropriate, or ironic, or whatever. And just because I'm kind of telling you what you want to hear doesn't mean it's not true."

"Ok then." Britta shrugged, reaching round Annie's waist to undo the top button of her jeans and then pull down her fly.

This made Annie go tense, "What! Now?"

"Relax." Britta cooed softly, as she cautiously slipped her thumbs underneath the waistband of her girlfriend's jeans while making sure to grab hold of the brunette's underwear too, "I'm not going to use the strap-on now, but I have something which will help you take it up the butt later."

"What?" Annie asked, blushing as Britta pulled her jeans and pants down to her knees, leaving her butt exposed.

"You'll just have to wait to find out." Britta grinned, admiring Annie's ass for a second before giving it a smack, making the surprised brunette yelp in the process, "Now stay there for just a second. Don't move a muscle. And no peeking!"

Blushing bright red Annie turned her head so she was staring forwards at the wall, feeling incredibly grateful that she'd made sure the door to her apartment was thoroughly locked, the brunette having added additional locks of her own so at this point only she and Britta had the keys necessary to walk in on them right now, so if their friends were early, or the landlord stopped by, or a family member made a surprise visit they wouldn't find her with her ass exposed like this. Even the tiny possibility of something like that happening caused a rush of excitement to flood her body.

While Annie was lost in her own little world Britta quickly retrieved two small objects from her bag and then held one of them up where the other girl could see it, "Annie, do you know what this is?"

Focusing on the object in front of her Annie blushed perhaps the deepest red of her life and then weakly replied, "Y, yes..."

"So, what is it?" Britta pushed.

"It's... it's a butt-plug." Annie practically whispered.

"That's right Annie." Britta beamed, and then as confidently as she could added, "It's a butt-plug, designed to stretch out an ass to be fucked. And I want you to wear it, and by that I mean have it in your ass, the whole time the study group is helping us move all your stuff from your first apartment into our new home."

Definitely blushing the deepest red of her life now Annie felt faint with the sheer depravity of the idea, her mouth automatically open to reject it only for her to say, "Britta! That's so, naughty... do it!"

As Annie sounded understandably scandalised by the suggestion initially, before practically purring her consent in the most erotic tone that Britta had ever heard, the blonde felt compelled to ask, "Are you sure?"

"God yes. Stick that thing up my butt! Get me nice and ready to take your cock back there." Annie demanded softly, loving the downright nasty idea more and more by the second.

Annie felt embarrassed at her wanton behaviour, her shame at least doubling when she saw the surprised look on Britta's face. Then again even after banging like bunnies for months now Britta was still fixated on the idea of her being innocent, almost virginal, so maybe it was for the best she got to see this side of her, which to be fair was partly the reason why Annie had decided to suggest exploring this particular curiosity. So far it was proving worth it, the shocked look on Britta's face morphing into one of lust as the blonde thoroughly coated the butt-plug with lubricant that she got out of a tiny tube.

Then, rather than simply trying to immediately give Annie what she demanded, Britta slid a hand down to rub Annie's pussy, making the brunette moan and the blonde grin, "Wow Annie, you're really getting into this."

"Yeah, I kind of am." Annie blushed.

"That's good, it means you'll probably like a cock up your ass, almost as much as you like this." Britta said, pushing a finger inside Annie's pussy.

It wasn't a slow gentle entrance, like the type Annie had become used to, as thanks to the lubricant still covering Britta's finger and just how wet the inside of Annie's love hole was that digit raced into and through that welcoming womanhood. Not that Annie complained in the slightest. No, she often thought Britta was way too gentle with her when she was burning with need and wanted her girlfriend to fuck her as opposed to the gentle lovemaking which was the norm. Annie loved that too because it involved having Britta inside her, and oh how she loved having Britta inside her, but... well, Annie was eager to try some more adventurous things.

Britta hadn't meant to enter Annie that fast but as the younger girl let out a loud moan of pleasure she just about fought the urge to apologise and instead concentrated on doing her favourite thing in the world, fucking Annie Edison. Oh how Britta loved fucking Annie. Making the girl moan, feeling her insides clamp down around her, making her cum, it was all heaven to Britta. It was one of the reasons she was willing to do anything to please Annie, and she had to admit while she had her reservations Britta was also finding herself super into this.

Of course she was just finger fucking her girlfriend's pussy right now so of course Britta would be super into it. The real test was whether she could actually make Annie's naughtiest sex dreams come true and fuck the other girl's butt. And part one of that test was sticking a finger up her girlfriend's ass, Britta spending way longer than necessary relaxing Annie, and herself, with a little pussy fingering before she removed that digit and pressed it against the brunette's virgin butt hole.

For a second or two Annie tensed, then relaxed, causing Britta to have to bite her lip to prevent herself from asking if Annie was sure about this. After all, technically this wasn't a huge deal as Britta had done this before. A couple of times actually, although it was always while she was eating Annie's pussy as a way to make the other girl cum in her mouth, so obviously this was different. This was preparing for the naughtiest/nastiest thing that Britta had ever seriously considered doing, the blonde momentarily feeling another surge of guilt for corrupting sweet little Annie Edison, as if Britta had never stuck her finger up Annie's ass there was no way the brunette would have asked for this.

However Annie had asked for this, and she was probably as relaxed as she was ever going to be, so taking a calming breath Britta slowly pushed her finger forwards, both Greendale students letting out a gasp followed by a long moan as the brunette's virgin butt hole swallowed her finger. Was it virgin though? Or had Britta already taken Annie's anal cherry with the original butt fingering? Britta honestly wasn't sure, as this was similar to a doctors exam which definitely didn't count as sex, but those previous times and this current time with her girlfriend definitely was, and yet the idea of officially taking Annie's anal virginity with a strap-on cock was super-hot. Did that make Britta a bad feminist?

Pushing away those confusing thoughts which had muddled her mind for way too long Britta asked nervously, "How does that feel Annie?"

"Kind of weird... but also kind of good..." Annie blushed, at least half moaning as she added, "I like it."

"Me too." Britta admitted, marvelling at the feeling of Annie's butt tightly wrapped around her finger.

Annie blushed and moaned even more as Britta began twirling and then eventually curling her finger around inside her butt, making her feel downright indecent pleasure. The process repeated itself when Britta started officially finger fucking her ass hole, Annie unable to believe she could feel this good just from this, but also really relieved. She'd sort of experienced this before when Britta was going down on her, but then she'd obviously been distracted. Now her whole world revolved around the finger in her butt, Annie becoming lost in it for a few blissful seconds.

"Annie... are you sure you want this?" Britta asked nervously, waking Annie from her thoughts.

Annoyed at hearing this question again Annie huffed, "Yes Britta, I'm sure."

"Then you've got to relax a little more." Britta said in annoyance, before sweetening her tone, "Seriously Annie, you're so tight that if you don't relax some more this is really going to hurt."

"I'm trying." Annie said truthfully.

"Try harder." Britta implored, stepping up the pace of the anal finger fucking.

Although she felt a little annoyed at the commanding tone Annie tried her hardest to do as she was told, Britta giving her a helping hand by twisting, curling and pumping that finger in and out of her butt hole at an ever-increasing pace until it felt like for sure the blonde was finger fucking her ass as hard as she could. Not that Annie was complaining of course. No, it felt too good for that, and Britta was right, she did need to relax and this was helping her a lot.

However it didn't seem enough to Britta who lent forward and whispered in her ear, "I want you to remember this. When we're all carrying your stuff to our cars, and to my... I mean our place, everybody goofing around and making jokes, both of us trying to act like everything is normal, I want you to think about how I finger fucked both your front hole and your back hole. How I had my finger up your ass, loosening you up for the butt-plug, which in turn got you ready to be sodomised by my strap-on. And I want you to think about how you asked for this. How you begged me to fuck you back there like a little slut. How all this is happening because you wanted me to fuck you up the ass, and when we've got you all moved in and everybody leaves, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to strap on my cock and stick it right up your ass and then fuck your tiny little virgin hole until you cum screaming my fucking name!"

"Oh Britta." Annie half blushed, half moaned, before her eyes bugged out, "OH BRITTAAAAAAHHHHH!"

In what seemed like a flash Britta pulled her finger out of Annie's ass, pressed the plug against that loosened hole and gently but firmly pushed forwards. By the time Annie realise this was what was happening the plug was already halfway inside her, at which point both her eyelids and ass hole really seemed to stretch open, the 19-year-old letting out a loud cry as her back hole then closed around the base of the toy, leaving the butt stretcher fully embedded inside Annie's backside. Which naturally caused her to cry out with shock.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry!" Britta swiftly apologised, gently rubbing Annie's clit to try and make her girlfriend feel better, "It's just... dirty talk relaxes you, and I didn't think you were going to get any more relaxed, so I, erm, just... kind of... stuck it in."

"Oh, oh God, mmmmmm, don't, ohhhhhhhh, don't worry." Annie moaned, "It feels good."

"Really?" Britta smiled.

"Really." Annie blushed, contemplating whether they had enough time before their friends arrived to have sex.

Apparently they didn't as there was some loud knocking followed by Shirley calling out, "Annie! Britta! We're here!"

There was a moment where Britta's fingers froze on Annie's clit, both girls horrified to be sort of court in the act. They then scrambled to get Annie's pants back on, the fact that they were both trying to do it only making it harder and more awkward. They then tided themselves up best they could, took a calming breath and then answered the door with their best innocent smile firmly in place. Not that Annie could feel innocent with a butt-plug firmly entrenched in between her ass cheeks, the young brunette constantly aware of it with every little movement of her body.

* * *

Britta was aware of it too. Not in the same way that Annie was, but she couldn't stop thinking about it. Every single second she was hyperaware of Annie's movements, constantly watching and getting a perverse thrill out of seeing Annie blush and occasionally grimace as she walked around with that plug up her butt. At the same time she was worried it would be too much for Annie, Britta struggling to stop herself from calling out 'Annie, you can remove the butt-plug if you want too', which would have been horrifying. The group knowing about their relationship was one thing but they didn't need to discuss the finer points of anal sex with their friends.

Coming out had been a massive let down. Abed of course had already figured it out and deemed it unimportant, Troy was nothing but supportive once he got over his shock, and while Jeff and Pierce maybe made a few more jokes at their combined expense nothing had really changed and they definitely weren't surprised for some reason. Shirley was the most surprise, and the one that they perhaps most worried about, but now it was a few weeks later she was mostly over and had told them since they were both going to hell it didn't really matter in that sweet tone of hers which implied what she was saying wasn't actually meant to be an insult, even though it kind of sounded like one.

After building it up so much in her mind and obsessing over it for weeks Britta had been bitterly disappointed, only somewhat compensating for it by lashing out at anyone who looked twice when she and Annie walked anywhere holding hands, or kissed in public, or did any other couplely thing together. The fact that the group insisted on taking them to dinner to celebrate this milestone in their relationship/getting Annie away from the hell hole which was her first apartment meant that Britta had a few more chances to lecture passers-by, although unfortunately they were all fine with gay culture so it wasn't much fun.

What easily made up for it was being able to slam Annie up against the door to THEIR apartment, kissing her frantically as she struggled to find her key to THEIR apartment, open the door and gently guide her girlfriend into THEIR apartment. They then quickly shuffled through THEIR home until Britta was able to gently lay Annie down on THEIR bed, the two girls stripping each other slowly and, what was for them, gracefully.

The last thing to be removed was Annie's panties, Britta biting her lip as the brunette lifted her hips to make it easier for the blonde to remove that item of clothing, the philosophy major watching carefully to make sure nothing... well, fell out of her girlfriend. When nothing did Britta frowned and asked, "Annie, is everything alright, you know... in there?"

"YES!" Annie exclaimed, both girls blushing as the younger one explained, "You did a pretty good job of shoving it up there... and I've been kind of... clenching it tightly ever since you shoved it in."

"Really?" Britta grinned, eyeing Annie's very wet looking pussy, "Well, I'm sorry, but it kind of looks like you may have sort of enjoyed it."

"I did." Annie blushed, "It was so, so wrong, but I actually got excited."

"I can see that." Britta grinned, her eyes wandering to Annie's pussy again before she looked up at her girlfriend, "Would you like some help with that?"

"Yes please." Annie said breathlessly.

Annie was going to say a whole lot more. Use all the bad words which made her blush to tell Britta exactly what she wanted her to do. Tell her girlfriend in graphic detail how she wanted her to fuck her in the ass like a little slut. Or her pussy. Annie was more than ready to settle for that. She was even thinking of telling Britta she could use whatever she wanted on her. Annie didn't care anymore, she just wanted to get fucked by her extremely skilled and worldly girlfriend.

However before Annie could work up the courage to say any of that Britta leaned down with a beaming smile on her face, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and slid it slowly over Annie's needy cunt, the still technically a teen crying out with pure pleasure as Britta gave her pussy a long slow lick. The older woman then followed that up with several more licks, each one almost as painfully slow as the last, Britta deliberately lingering on the younger girl's clit to maximise both Annie's pleasure and the sound of her enjoyment which escaped her lips.

Those sounds would have probably been pretty horrifying or at very least obscene for the prudish child which had first pursued a lesbian experience with her best friend, but Annie Edison had grown up a lot since she first seduced Britta Perry. Or at least she like to think she had. In truth those cries, whimpers and moans still caused her to blush, just not quite as red as she used too given she had adapted to her new normal. Although there wasn't a lot normal about today, and while Britta had gone down on her countless times now how it happened was different.

Normally Britta spent a lot of time on her breasts so this sudden jump to the 'good stuff' was kind of surprising. Although they had been kissing for quite a while, and before that Annie had honestly been so worked up from walking around with a butt plug stuffed up her ass that she was aching to cum before Britta even touched her. So the more she thought about it the more Annie concluded that the sudden jump into things was a very, very good thing. In fact she liked it so much she was willing to welcome more of it. Just not every time.

Britta hadn't meant to skip straight to the 'good stuff', it just kind of happened. If Annie asked Britta would say that she got caught up in the moment, and it just felt right to do what she did, and while that was true honestly Britta's hormones got the best of her. She had been incredibly horny all day long knowing that not only was her seemingly innocent lover walking around with a butt-plug stuffed up her ass but Annie actually wanted Britta to butt fuck her later on with the same strap-on dildo she regularly used on her cunt.

She was so excited Britta was terrified someone would notice. Or notice Annie was excited, which would have been worse because Annie was a terrible liar. Ok, Britta wasn't much better, but Annie was still way more prudish than she was and more likely to spill the beans on this particular occasion. Luckily their friends either didn't care or more likely didn't want to ask, acknowledging they probably wouldn't like whatever answer they were given. After all, the past few weeks they had learnt that, for the most part, the study group didn't want to hear about their sex lives.

Of course Britta didn't really want to dwell on what the study group thought of them, or even her guilt at having not shown Annie's boobs the respect they deserved. As far as the latter thing goes she'd make it up to Annie later, for now she would just concentrate on licking her girlfriend's pussy. Which was an act Britta had found herself becoming increasingly lost in the longer the two of them dated, the blonde now happy to spend hours in between the brunette's legs in the name of making Annie happy.

It only partially worked, as while Annie obviously enjoyed herself her desire to cum soon became almost painful, and yet still for the most part she only whimpered and moaned, waiting patiently for Britta to show her some mercy. Most of the time it was a tossup which one of them would break first, as both of them were very stubborn. However while Britta liked making Annie moan for her she also didn't like literally torturing her, so more often than not she would show mercy before Annie would have to say any bad words. This time round though Britta got an idea to make Annie beg for more without resorting to an hour-long pussy licking.

As much as she loved every second of those long slow licks Annie was currently seconds away from begging for more. She even opened her mouth in preparation to say something, after letting out another little whimper of course. Then Britta grabbed a firm hold of the handle like base of the butt-plug and slowly but firmly pulled on it, putting pressure on the younger girl's ass hole until it slowly started to stretch around the thick part of the plug, thus causing Annie's eyes to go wide as saucers.

For a few seconds Annie only let out a barely audible squeak, then she loudly exclaimed, "BRITTA!"

That coincided with her forbidden hole opening obscenely wide again, almost expelling the entire toy, Britta's steady hand the only thing keeping half of the plug inside her butt. At the same time this was happening Britta was giving her another long slow lick, her tongue pretty much touching the bottom of Annie's pussy lips the second that half of the butt-plug came out of her ass, somehow heightening the pleasure of the lick itself. Naturally Annie was appalled at this realisation, and tried to hide it from Britta, but it was no use.

"You like that?" Britta practically purred knowingly.

Annie blushed furiously, and then ignoring the question which kind of sounded like a statement she closed her eyes and whimpered, "Do it again."

"What's the magic word?" Britta teased in a singsong voice.

"Britta!" Annie whined frustration, before whimpering in defeat, "Please. Please... please do it again and, and make me cum. Please Britta, make me cum. Fuck me and make me cum."

It was kind of absurd to still get embarrassed over such words when she had said this along with other filthy words during sex with the older girl, but Annie just couldn't help it. It was just a part of who she was. Although whatever embarrassment she felt was always totally worth it for the pleasure Britta gave her, this particular pleasure being like nothing else Annie had ever felt before. And considering all the things Britta had made her feel during their relationship that was really saying something, but it was true.

First Britta pushed the butt-plug back inside her ass, the tight anal ring resisting perhaps even more than before but Britta wouldn't be denied. Annie let out a huge gasp as she felt her ass hole finally stretch wide enough for the large bottom of the plug to slip inside her bottom, her butt hole closing shut around the base of the toy while Britta's tongue gave her pussy a long slow lick. Britta then repeated this process over and over again, driving Annie closer to orgasm each time the butt-plug was pulled out of her or pushed back into her. Then Britta began increasing the speed of the licks, pushing Annie to the edge of climax and then sending her over it when that wicked tongue invaded her pussy.

The speed in which Annie came momentarily took Britta by surprise, but the blonde quickly realise it shouldn't have. Not with all that build-up. Although Britta didn't dwell on what led them up to this point, not when Annie's heavenly girl cum was leaking onto her tongue, the 30-something year old quickly wrapping her lips around the 19-year-old's entrance so she could ensure that at least a majority of that heavenly girl cum ended up in her belly where it belonged. Of course a good portion still ended up on her face, but after doing this almost on a nightly basis for the past couple of months Britta had become very skilled at swallowing girl cream, the blonde oh so happy to put those skills to good use right now.

As soon as Annie's first orgasm was over Britta slowly brought her girlfriend down from her high for a few seconds and then, figuring that was enough time to rest, she slowly brought her back up again. Given Annie's body was already humming with pleasure it wasn't hard to make her cum a second time. In fact all it took to make Annie cum in Britta's mouth this time was a few strategic tongue thrusts, the older girl curling that soft wet muscle upwards to make sure she hit the younger girl's G-spot, a tactic which had never failed to make Annie cum once her body was primed and ready for it.

Britta repeated this process a few times, and she normally did whenever she was going down on Annie. What wasn't normal was that along the way she remembered she had another way to increase stimulation, namely the butt-plug still buried inside Annie's backside. So Britta started to pull it out and then push it back in again, eventually beginning to rapidly thrust the toy in and out of Annie's ass hole because of how much harder it made her girlfriend cum. It was also harder to swallow Annie's cum given that Britta had never been good at multitasking and the other girl was now almost violently shaking, and there was just more cum escaping from Annie's cunt, but Britta felt she did a good job, all things considered.

When her tongue got tired Britta prepared to swap it for some of her fingers, then she wondered whether she was going to wear Annie out too much to try anal. Given how nervous she was that didn't seem too bad to Britta, but Annie would probably be mad at her if she let that happen, so instead of continuing to fuck her girlfriend Britta reluctantly moved away from Annie's twat altogether, her lover whimpering in a way which made it clear she disapproved too. It didn't last though, Annie quickly brightening as she spotted Britta slowly crawling up her body.

Closing her eyes Annie puckered her lips for the kiss, and then when several seconds past and nothing happened she opened her eyes again to find Britta staring at her, which naturally caused the insecure brunette to frown and ask, "What?"

"Nothing." Britta said softly, and then when Annie gave a look the blonde slightly blushed and admitted, "It's just that... you're so beautiful."

Annie blushed and then with a soft smile murmured, "You too."

"Na... I must be a total mess right now." Britta mumbled, running her fingers through her already messed up hair.

"Na-huh." Annie murmured, reaching up to stroke Britta's cum coated face, "You're beautiful. Never doubt that Britta."

The two girls exchanged a soft smile, then as usual Britta had to put her foot in her mouth, "Soooooo, still want me to ass fuck you?"

Annie smiled, "You say the most romantic things."

Britta shrugged, "I'm not sure how romantic ass fucking can be, but we can try."

"Na. I kind of like this being a nasty thing." Annie blushed, before quickly adding, "So, where do you want me?"

"Huh?" Britta frowned in confusion.

"You know, what... position would you like me in?" Annie whispered conspiratorially as if they were in the middle of a crowded library.

"Oh, erm... doggy?" Britta squeaked, "I mean, it seems appropriate in all, but if you'd rather-"

"No, that's fine." Annie interrupted Britta, saving them both from one of the blonde's nervous rants, before turning over and softly smiling, "Actually, you're right. This seems really appropriate. And kind of hot."

Britta was too busy biting her lip to respond. Annie had a nice butt. Toned and tight, and at the same time there was a fullness to the cheeks to prevent it from being completely flat like Britta worried her own butt was. Then again Britta was mostly happy with her own body, while Annie's physique had originally seemed annoyingly perfect to her. Now it was just perfect. But she had spent so much time fixating on Annie's big beautiful boobs Britta had barely noticed what a nice ass her girlfriend had.

Now it was presented to her it was actually kind of sexy, Britta thought. Then she got a really kinky idea which made Britta smile evilly. If Annie wanted to do kinky, she could do kinky. And more importantly relax Annie in the process. So, cautiously shuffling forward Britta leaned down so that her face was hovering directly over that sexy ass, and then she placed a gentle kiss to the cheeks. Which felt really weird, but also kind of hot at the same time. Plus when Annie inevitably giggled at the kiss to her behind it seemed mostly positive instead of mocking.

"Britta, what are you doing?" Annie giggled after a few long seconds of this odd treatment which admittedly felt kind of nice but really weird.

"Getting your tight little ass ready for my strap-on." Britta said, deliberately trying to be nasty.

Shortly after that Britta swiftly pulled the butt-plug all the way out of Annie's ass and then replaced it with her tongue, causing Annie's eyes to almost cartoonishly bulge out of her head as she exclaimed, "BRITTA!"

Nervous that she had done something wrong Britta remained as still as a statue for a few long seconds, the girl who liked to think of herself as an anarchist waiting patiently to see how her girlfriend would react to a tongue being shoved up her butt. To be fair surely this wasn't that much nastier than a sex toy being shoved up that supposed to be exit only hole, and although she had never done this before Britta got an immediate thrill out of it. Because come on, her tongue was literally inside sweet little Annie's ass, how could that possibly not be hot?

Apparently Annie agreed as she softly moaned, albeit after a few long seconds. Nevertheless the blonde called it a win, Britta smiling around Annie's ass hole as she began gently fucking it with her tongue, making Annie moan even more. Naturally that greatly excited Britta, along with the beyond perverted sensation of being able to lick the enema cleaned walls of prim and proper Annie Edison's rectum, Britta's first rim job perhaps being the most thorough ever. Oh fuck, Britta was glad she'd used the edible anal lube.

Initially Annie was too flabbergasted to say a word. Then when she regained the ability to speak she realised she didn't want to stop this. It felt too good. Besides, hadn't she been the one literally begging her girlfriend to do kinky things to her butt? Surely it would be hypocritical for her to complain now, especially as while this wasn't something she had considered doing Annie very much liked it. Or at least being on the receiving end. She wasn't sure whether or not she could handle actually returning the favour, but hopefully that was an issue for another day.

For now Annie just folded her arms out on the bed in front of her and rested her head on them, the brunette positioning herself face down and ass up so she could relax and just enjoyed the unique pleasure of her girlfriend rimming her. To make it even better she reached down with one hand to rub her sex, and while she sadly only got a few rubs before Britta pushed her hand away Annie barely had a chance to complain before the older girl started doing that for her.

Of course that got Annie aching for something bigger in her butt, and even though it made her blush she soon found herself begging, "Please Britta, mmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my butt, ohhhhhhhh, butt fuck me with your strap-on. Mmmmmm, strap on your cock and butt fuck me!"

Briefly pulling her face away from Annie's ass Britta called out, "Just a little longer, ok?"

"No, now!" Annie demanded as she felt Britta's tongue invading her butt hole again, quickly sweetening her tone as she added, "Please? I'm so horny, mmmmmm, and I want it so badly. Ooooohhhhhh, I want your cock in my ass Britta, please stick your big cock in my ass."

Pulling away permanently this time Britta bit her lip, then pushed a couple of fingers into Annie's back hole, which unfortunately seemed like it had tightened up during the rim job, and then she protested, "Just let me finger you a little first."

"Britta!" Annie whined, finally lifting herself up so she could look over her shoulder at the blonde, this time not sweetening her tone as she continued, "This is getting less fun."

"But, I..." Britta began before trailing off.

"You what?" Annie asked.

"I don't want to hurt you." Britta admitted weakly.

Annie smiled softly and then, when she was sure she had locked eyes with Britta, she said, "A little pain is inevitable. Everything I read said that, and we've already discussed it remember? So don't worry, I know what I'm signing up for, and I know what to do. So can we just do this please? You promised."

Again Britta bit her lip, and then asked, "Do you think you could finger your butt hole while I get the strap-on?"

Beaming happily Annie said, "I can try."

With that Britta removed her fingers from Annie's ass and watched the brunette press her face to the bed sheets again, reach back and push a finger into her own butt. It was of course ungraceful as could be, Annie incredibly embarrassed at having to do this in front of someone else. It was embarrassing enough when she was preparing herself for the enema she had given herself earlier, but this was a whole new level of weird. But perhaps the most shameful part of it was she actually found it a bit exciting, and when her finger entered her butt she couldn't help moaning loudly in pleasure.

There were more moans as Annie became lost in fingering her own ass, the 19-year-old closing her eyes and becoming totally lost in this perverted act. She was dully aware of Britta moving away, but her girlfriend was all but forgotten for several minutes after that. Then she opened her eyes, looked back and spotted the other girl tightening the harness around her waist and then rubbing lubricant into the shaft, Annie absurdly turned on by such a simple act of preparation simply because she knew exactly what Britta was preparing to do.

As she did that Britta kept staring at the utterly captivating sight of Annie fingering her own ass, so much so it was several minutes before she called out, "Ok... if, if you want me to butt fuck you, pull your fingers out and I'll do it."

"Yay." Annie murmured softly, removing her fingers from her back hole and then spreading her ass cheeks with both hands, offering up her virgin butt hole to the girl she loved.

Still not sure about this Britta cautiously positioned herself behind Annie and then, after just enjoying the perverted sight before her for a few long seconds, pressed the head of the dildo against Annie's ass hole and carefully pushed forwards. Almost immediately the well lubricated hole began to stretch, Annie letting out an audible gasp as her virgin butt hole opened and stretched around the strap-on like some kind of flower. Britta then paused for a moment because it looked like Annie was tensing, her lover clearly in pain. As discussed pain was inevitable, and telling herself this was the only way to get rid of it, or at least the only way her girlfriend wanted to remove the pain, Britta rammed forwards, causing Annie to cry out loudly as she was robbed of her anal cherry.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry." Britta frantically apologised.

"It's ok." Annie reassured weakly, and then because she knew Britta would need more encouragement than that added more boldly, "I'm fine. You can give me more now."

"Are you sure?" Britta once again asked.

"I'm sure." Annie said firmly, "Just stick the rest in."

"But-" Britta began.

"Britta! You're making it worse by dragging your feet. Now stop complaining and pushed that cock up my butt." Annie snapped in frustration, quickly adding in a soothing tone, "Please? You promised."

There was a moment of silence and then Britta grumbled, "Bossy."

Before Annie had a chance to deny it, even though she knew it was true, after all she had talked them into trying anal sex, Britta pushed forwards again, not as gently as the first time but not as roughly as the last. The result was Annie crying out again, albeit a little softer, as another inch or so of dildo disappeared into the brunette's butt hole, Britta repeating this process over and over again while carefully listening out for any sign that she was pushing the other girl passed her limits.

When Britta had taken Annie's anal cherry, which was admittedly a hell of an ego boost, the younger girl had let go of her cheeks and grabbed onto the bed sheets. This was very understandable, and Britta had no intention of forcing Annie to let go of the sheets when she knew from past experience clutching on to bed sheets could help you get through unpleasant sex. However if spreading the cheeks really did help, then it was only right that Britta should do it herself, and once the dildo was firmly inside Annie's ass that's exactly what she did.

Letting go of the toy and Annie's hips Britta concentrated on spreading her girlfriend's ass cheeks, inadvertently giving her the best view possible of the dildo disappearing up Annie's butt. Honestly it seemed like some kind of magic trick, the man-made cock seeming huge next to Annie's now formally virgin ass hole and yet there was that anal ring, stretched obscenely wide and accepting inch after inch of dildo inside it until finally Britta's thighs were pressing against her own hands and more importantly the brunette's butt cheeks, announcing she had buried every single inch of that strap-on dildo inside Annie Edison's butt.

"Oh my God... Annie, are you ok?" Britta murmured, eyes fixed to were Annie's butt hole was wrapped around the base of her dildo in disbelief.

"I'm fine." Annie croaked in perhaps the most unconvincing tone ever, "Just do it. Fuck me. Fuck me like you promised."

For a moment Annie thought she might be in trouble, because if Britta insisted on challenging her on this again she might not be able to give a very convincing argument to continue and then the blonde would pull the dildo out of her butt and that would ruin the progress they had made. Honestly right now she wasn't so sure she could even talk due to the fact that she felt skewered like a pig being spit roasted, except despite what it felt like Britta's cock was not coming out of her mouth. It did feel that deep inside her though, and it also felt like the size of a telephone poll, and while it was incredibly uncomfortable this extreme sensation of stretching had Annie's entire body tingling.

It was nothing compared to what Annie felt when Britta pulled a few inches out and then pushed them back in, just that little movement causing indescribable sensations to echo through Annie's body. And she continued to feel that way as Britta repeated the process, Annie moaning, groaning and whimpering in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the other girl began to sodomise her. As her girlfriend began to ass fuck her. As Britta began to fuck her in the butt, butt fuck her, fuck her butt, oh, Britta was fucking her up the butt and Annie was loving it.

Some combination of those last few words echoed in Annie's mind as she became used to being sodomised, or at least as used to it as anyone could probably get. She still couldn't communicate her enjoyment beyond the odd animalistic sound, but Annie like to think that was enough for now. It certainly seemed to be given the way that Britta didn't stop butt fucking her, the other girl still spreading her cheeks wide open and staring at the extremely stretched back hole that the blonde was currently abusing so wonderfully.

Annie wasn't sure what Britta found so fascinating about her dildo filled ass hole. In the few pornos she had forced herself to watch she could barely look at any form of penetration without blushing and/or looking away, but for some reason the idea that Britta was staring at her stretched ass hole made Annie extra tingly. Then all of a sudden and seemingly without warning the pain and discomfort either stopped almost completely or was simply drowned out by the overwhelming pleasure Annie was receiving, the usually so prim and proper brunette completely forgetting her modesty as she became desperate to get her ass fucked hard.

"Oh God fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder, fuck my butt harder, oh Britta, ohhhhhh fuck!" Annie moaned shamelessly, "Mmmmm butt fuck me, fuck my butt, fuck me up the butt, ooooooohhhhhhh Britta! Please Britta mmmmmm oooooooh harder! Harder! Butt fuck me harder!"

"Are you sure?" Britta asked nervously.

"Just do it Britta!" Annie snapped, and then trying to calm herself down added, "I mean, please Britta mmmmmm fuck me harder. Mmmmm, I can take it, I swear. Ohhhhhhh myyyyyy Goooooodddddd, it feels so good in my... in my ass. OH GOD BRITTA, fuck my ass, fuck me in the ass! Mmmmm, fuck me in the ass hard and deep and make me cum! Make me cum! Ass fuck me nice and hard from behind and make me cum like a little slut! Oooooohhhhhh yeeeeesss, aaaaaahhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, fuck me, fuck me, mmmmmmmm, fuck my ass and make me cum, ohhhhhhh, make me cum like a little anal slut! OH BRITTA! Britta! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd!"

Whatever was left of Annie's mind was extremely embarrassed for her current behaviour she just couldn't control herself. It felt so good. So much better than she had ever imagined. It was almost just as good if not better than taking a cock inside her pussy, ultimately deciding factor being how naughty this felt. How wrong. How bad. Annie was bad, bad, bad for even being curious about this sinful act, and unlike Britta she really was the worst for enjoying it so much.

Poor, sweet, easily manipulated Britta. The study group always talked about how innocent Annie was but she had a dirty, dirty mind and the more adventurous she had become with sex the more she pushed Britta into depravity. Their friends thought Britta would end up corrupting Annie but really it was the other way around, the not as worldly as she liked to act blonde slowly but surely becoming a great butt fucker under the brunette's non-stop/shameless begging for Britta to fuck her ass harder until finally Annie stopped, and not because she finally become too embarrassed of her petulant whining but because the pleasure whatsoever overwhelming she couldn't say a coherent word.

Annie briefly worried she would become permanently brain-damaged and be unable to speak coherently forever, Britta literally fucking her brains out under the force of this now relentless thrusting. And it felt so good her brain felt like it was leaking out of her ears, and her butt felt like it was being spanked from the constant battering of Britta's thighs against her ass cheeks. As for her ass hole, oh she didn't think it would ever be the same again after that long thick dildo was done pounding in and out of it at lightning speed.

Then Annie finally came and all her worries melted away. Hell, it felt like she physically melted away, or at least subconsciously instead, Annie's mind completely lost when the most powerful orgasm she'd had ever known rocked her body quickly followed by another just like it. And then another, and another, and another, her wonderful girlfriend relentlessly sodomising through climax after climax, Annie terrified she'd had an accident only to realise that was her cum squirting out of her cunt and onto the bed sheets below, the usually uptight brunette too far gone to be embarrassed as she became a mindless animal.

If Britta was taken aback by how hard Annie came from being fucked in the ass it was nothing compared to her shock when Annie lifted herself onto all fours and started relentlessly hammering her ass back against her. Britta wasn't convinced Annie even knew what she was doing, in fact the more she observed the girl she had once thought of as so innocent brutalise her own butt hole on the rubber cock the more Britta was convinced that her girlfriend was now completely out of her mind with perhaps the most twisted lust ever, and despite herself she found it really hot.

Annie Edison was always hot. Ok, so it wasn't the first thing Britta had thought when she first laid eyes on the girl as well as the likes of sweet, pretty, and gorgeous had entered her mind rather than downright hot, but on some level she was sort of was outwardly, and when they started dating Britta was almost forced to call Annie hot, even if it was in her own mind. But now Annie Edison was the definition of hot, Britta almost literally drooling as she stared at the beautiful girl she was currently ass fucking.

Every ounce of Annie's body was covered in sweat, meaning that when there flesh smack together there was a bit of a squelching sound. Or maybe that was from where the dildo was hammering in and out of Annie's ass hole, Britta disgusted it with herself that she found such a twisted sight so fascinating. She had done so throughout the sodomy, and she couldn't quite see Annie's butt hole stretching for her cock like she could when she was spreading the brunette's butt cheeks, however she could still see enough. And then there was those jiggling ass cheeks, and Annie's squeals of pleasure, and just this innocent girl, this teenager, being so eager for this twisted act, all of it adding up to be painfully hot.

Britta was the worst. Britta was the worst for allowing Annie to talk her into violating her in such a perverted way. A woman's body was sacred and instead of respecting that Britta was misusing the most private hole of a girl she claimed to love, a girl she did love and she was violating her ass. And she was cumming. She was actually cumming from sodomising another girl, the stimulator inside the harness rubbing Britta's clit throughout the butt fucking until she came. It might not have been as powerful as the climaxes Annie appeared to be receiving, but it was just as perverted. And Britta couldn't stop. She couldn't stop fucking her girlfriend's ass for her own selfish pleasure, Britta becoming completely lost in abusing Annie's butt until she didn't have an ounce of strength left in her and ended up collapsing on top of the equally exhausted Annie, both girls gasping for breath as they both tried to recover from the sodomy.

Although it didn't feel like she could move a muscle Britta was lying directly on top of the other girl so she could pretty much groan directly into Annie's ear, "Annie, are you alright?"

"Mmmmmm, God yes." Annie moaned.

"Are you sure?" Britta asked.

"I'm sure." Annie sighed dreamily.

"But-" Britta began.

"Britta!" Annie snapped sharply, "That was amazing, and wonderful, and you're totally doing it to me again. Now shut up and just let me sleep."

"Ok." Britta mumbled and then after a long silence she mumbled, "Annie..."

"What?" Annie sighed in annoyance.

"I lied. About having experience. Not just about lesbian anal sex, but lesbian sex in all its forms. I, I had never been with a girl before you." Britta finally blurted out like she'd been wanting to do for ages, kind of hoping Annie was asleep and hadn't heard her.

No such luck, "Oh."

Becoming defensive Britta grumbled, "Is that all you have to say, oh?"

Sighing Annie turned her head to look at Britta, "Actually I have a lot to say about it. Like the fact that it explains a lot, especially your reactions to all the sex we keep having. Not that I haven't loved every second of it, because I have, and no matter what's going on in that self-deprecating head of yours please don't doubt that I love you. This was never about just a college experience, not for me. I might have briefly told myself it was, but I always wanted you Britta, even when I wasn't sure how much. Most of all Britta, if I can just say one thing to you now, it would be why did you wait to tell me this when we were both exhausted from butt sex and I had your entire strap-on buried up my ass?"

There was a long pause and then both girls burst into laughter, soft and tired, Britta rolling over so they were both on their sides when the laughter settle down to giggling and then she asked, "So you're not mad at me?"

"Only a little." Annie admitted, before quickly adding, "But we can talk about that in the morning. For now just relax. I love you and I'm not going anywhere."

"Bossy." Britta grinned, "I love you too by the way."

"I know." Annie smiled softly as she and Britta both drifted off to sleep, very happy with what wasn't just a college experience. Or a community college experience as the case may be.

The End.


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