Cinderella: The Unfamily Version (ff, rom)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Charm's house...

Diana Charming, or 'Charm' as most called her, was the only daughter of the
most filthy rich family in the county. In a small town where most of the
people were considered 'middle-class', she was practically royalty. Everyone
wanted to be her friend, everyone wanted to know her. Although she was
perfectly aware that most of these people only where interested in what she
could do for them, her only real and true friends were her cheerleading team.
She was so fabulously wealthy and popular that when she made it known that
she was a lesbian nobody batted an eyelash. Everyone was very, very
supportive in fact. Some were genuinely supportive and some were supportive
because she was ridiculously rich.

Charm had the rest of her cheerleading team over after school one day to
discuss something very important. The gathered cheerleading team sat around
the leader's room waiting intently for what she had to say.

"All right everyone listen up. You all know I like girls and I'm tired of
being alone so I am going to find myself a girlfriend." Said Charm.

Lindy, one of her blonde teammates stood up nervously. "Umm, Charm, that's
really flattering but we are all straight and most of us have boyfriends."

Charm bit down on her lower lips and drew on the great reserve of patience
she needed for dealing with Lindy. Some of her teammates irritated her at
times but she loved them all anyways. After all the respected her and were
friends with her despite their differences.

"Get over yourself will you. I wasn't talking about you. I was talking bout
having a party here and inviting the whole school. There should be some girl
at the school that swings my way." Charm said.

"Yeah but let's hope there's one that's cute and fun." Said Rachel.

"Not some overweight butch with an attitude." Said Amy.

"Yeah, you deserve the prettiest girl at school." Said Savannah.

Charm appreciated the sentiment but at this point she would settle for any
lesbian girl at all.

Cindy's house...

Cindy felt like the unluckiest girl in the world. Since her father had died
seven years ago her beast of a stepmother had made Cindy's life a living
hell. She did all of the housework while her step mom and her two stepsisters
didn't lift a finger. She was never allowed to leave the house except for
school. When she wasn't doing housework she was expected to stay in her room
and not come out. Her room being, in truth, a broom closet. She only owned
two jeans and two t-shirts. She wore one while washing the other. And she
only ate after her stepsisters and stepmother had their fill. Needless to say
her life did truly suck. The only relief she ever got was when she went to
school and could hide in the library and read about better places. Trevor was
the only kid at school who ever talked to her. He amounted to her only
friend. Trevor was the head of the drama club and quite possibly the gayest
boy in town. The worst part was that her stepmother was burning through
father's life savings at an alarming rate. A fact her stepmother blamed
squarely on Cindy. If they didn't have to feed and care for Cindy, she'd say,
they wouldn't be running through money so quickly.

A few days after Charm had confided her plans to her teammates, the entire
school had heard about he party and absolutely everyone was going to go. It
was the biggest party of the year. Cindy's overheard her stepsisters and
stepmother talking about the party.

"Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut mooooooooooooooooooom." Whined Annie, one of Cindy's
stepsisters, "I'm not gay."

"Shut up Annie. If this rich little brat likes you, she may marry you and
then I'll...we'll be sitting pretty for the rest of our lives." Annie's
mother, Rhonda said.

"Besides sis, we can always cheat on her with the gardener or the pool boy."
Said Drew, the other stepsister.

"See, why can't you be more like your sister?" Demanded Rhonda.

Annie shot Drew an evil look of pure hate.

"Now we are going to have to get you both some new dresses and jewelry so
that you can impress this little rich bitch." Rhonda said.

Cindy listened in on this conversation as she cleaned the dishes. She
didn't really know Diana Charming but she felt bad for her. Her step mom
was planning on using the girl just as she had used Cindy's dad. Everything
continued uneventfully until the day of the party. Another sizable chunk of
the money her father had left her had disappeared into the jewelry, dresses
and shoes that her stepsisters were now wearing. The two girls were loaded
up into Rhonda's car.

"Now listen to me girl, you finish your chores and go straight to your room
when you are done. I don't want you wandering about the house and mucking it
up while we are gone, do you understand me?" Rhonda demanded.

"Yes ma'am." Cindy said.

Of course as soon as they were done Cindy went and got a DVD and popped it
in the DVD player. When they were all gone was one of the few times that she
could actually watch TV or a movie. Not half an hour after they had left
however there was a knock at her door. Cindy went to answer the door and was
surprised to Trevor there. He was carrying a duffle bag with him.

"Trevor what are you doing here?" Cindy demanded.

"I'm getting you ready for the party girlfriend." Trevor said.

"Are you crazy? I can't go to that party." Cindy protested.

"Shut up, we don't have time to argue. I have to do your nails, make up,
and see if this dress fits you right in a very short amount of time." Said

"Trevor why are you..." Cindy said.

"Because, you need to experience some fun for once in your life. Don't worry
about your step-whores, when I'm done with you they'll never recognize you.
God it still smells like cheap tramp in here. I should have waited longer
after they left." Trevor said as he waved the smell of her stepfamily from
his nose.

Cindy laughed. Trevor did her hair and her make up in the amount of time that
would make a NASCAR pit crew jealous. She looked in a mirror and had a hard
time recognizing herself.

"Wow Trevor this is amazing." Said Cindy.

"PUH-Lease girl, I'm in the drama club. I have to do hair and make up for
every show, for more girls and with less time. Now get that tight little ass
in these cloths I brought you so we can get you to that party." Trevor said.

As Trevor had expected Cindy looked fabulous. She was wearing a short jean
skirt and white top, with a white belt and some white boots.

"WOW, Trevor this is amazing!" She said as she looked in the mirror.

"All right let's get you to the party." Trevor said as he basked in the glory
of the spectacular transformation he had initiated in Cindy.

Cindy was still very unsure about going to the party. If her stepsisters
recognized her there, she'd be in deep shit.

Trevor's car pulled up to Charm's mansion and the pair made their way inside
where they were bombarded by loud music and a huge throng of dancing teens.

Out by the pool...

Charm rolled her eyes. Annie was quite possibly the dumbest girl in the
state. Fortunately, at least she wasn't as boring as her sister Drew. Where
Drew bombarded Charm with one insincere compliment after another, Annie was
so rock-like in her intelligence that at least she couldn't help but be

"Like I'm not gay but for you I can pretend to be." Annie said as she
slow-danced uncomfortably with Charm.

Charm had to snicker to herself. Her cheerleading teammate, Rachel stepped

"Can I cut in?" Asked Rachel.

"Err I think my mom would get mad at me if I let you." Annie said.

"It's ok sweetie we won't tell her." Rachel promised.

Annie stepped away, without saying a word. It was as if confusion was her
natural state of being.

"Wouldn't you rather be dancing with your boyfriend?" Asked Charm.

"You want me to go bring Annie back?" Asked Rachel.

"NO! No, really. Dammit this was not my best idea. I should go look into
mail-order brides." Charm said.

"Don't be so hasty. Who is that?" Rachel asked.

"What who?" Charm asked. She looked around and her gaze fell on Cindy.

Trevor had made good on his promise to make Cindy look nothing like her
previous mousy, filthy clothed self. Charm was fairly sure that she was in
love at first sight.

"Go talk to her." Rachel said.

"Yeah, I'm going to go do that." Charm said.

Charm walked over to her and caught poor Cindy totally off guard.

"Hi how you doing?" Charm asked.

Cindy nearly jumped.

"Oh uhh hi." She replied.

"Want to dance?" Charm asked.

"Sure." Said Cindy.

They danced two fast songs and then one slow one. After that they sat down
and were brought drinks by one of the maids that worked at the mansion.

"So what's your name?" Charm asked.

"Cindy, Cindy Ella."

"Cindy do you go to school in town I haven't seen you around." Said Charm.

"We sort of run with different crowds." Replied Cindy.

The two started talking and it didn't take long for Cindy to learn that they
liked a lot of the same music, movies and even books. Eventually Cindy even
began to open up about her evil stepfamily.

"Those rotten bitches!" Charm exclaimed indignantly. "How can they get away
with treating you like that?

"Nothing I can do about it." Said Cindy.

"The hell there isn't...Cindy, do you want to go somewhere more private to
talk?" Asked Charm.

Cindy stared blankly for a minute. "...Sure."

Charm took Cindy by the hand and led her up to her room. As soon as they
entered the room, Charm turned her around and pushed against the wall then
began to kiss her passionately and urgently. Charm's hand went almost
directly to Cindy's ass where Charm took a minute feel the firm and nicely
rounded butt. Cindy didn't resist, she was quite enjoying the attention
that Charm was lavishing on her. Charm's hand went up Cindy's skirt and
she started rubbing the other girl's pussy through her underwear. Charm
guided her to the bed and they both fell down on it. The two rolled around,
feeling each other's bodies up as they did so. Charm lifted off Cindy's
shirt before removing her own. Then the bras went bye-bye. Charm took the
opportunity to suck on Cindy's nipple a little bit. Charm pulled off Cindy's
skirt and panties and dove in to her pussy, licking and sucking for all that
she was worth. Cindy couldn't believe how good Charm was making her feel.
She was starting to lose it. She felt the pleasure building up inside of her
to the point where she just couldn't contain it. At this point Cindy was
cumming like crazy. Charm took off her boots and then her leather pants and
it was Cindy's turn to eat out Charm. After a long night of love making the
two girls fell asleep together holding each other's hands.

The next day...

Rhonda Ella was pissed off; she had no clue where Cindy was hiding
herself. She was yelling at her two lazy daughters all morning in a mostly
unsuccessful effort to get them to do some of the basic chores Cindy always
did. As her rage started to reach it's boiling point the doorbell rang.
Rhonda yelled at her daughters to get it but the doorbell rang a couple more
times unanswered. Rhonda gave up and answered it herself.

"What?" She demanded as soon as she answered the door.

She was shocked to see that it was Diana Charming at the door flanked by a
bodyguard and a pitbull.

"Hello Ms. Ella, I am here to inform you that Cindy will be staying with me
from now on." Charm said.

"What? No way. I am her legal guardian and...." Rhonda started to protest

"If you try to fight me on this daddy's lawyers will bury you alive. They'll
keep things in the courts until she turns 18 and you will end up so far in
dept that you and your daughters will be forced to sell your bodies for pez
so that you don't starve. Now while I hate to reward you for being such a
bitch I will give you 1, 000 a month until she turns a 18 if you let this
drop." Cindy said.

"2,000." Rhonda countered greedily.

"Fine." Charm said before cutting Rhonda a check.

Charm got back in the limo where Cindy was waiting.

"What happened?" Cindy asked.

"It's done, you are all mine." Charm said.

"YES!!!" Cindy exclaimed before throwing her arms around Charm and kissing
her passionately.

The pair were girlfriends until they both were 18 and Charm's father paid for
the most expensive lesbian wedding the countery had ever seen.


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