Chuck: Practice Part 3 (FF,spank,toys)
by MTL ([email protected])

A wide grin crossed Sarah's face as she opened the door to her hotel room to find her bitch Ellie Woodcomb kneeling completely naked in front of her. Ellie even had her head down and didn't look up to check that it was Sarah.

"I wasn't sure if you'd actually do this for me." Sarah said after quickly shutting the door.

"I'd do anything for you Mistress Sarah." Ellie said softly, still not looking up.

Sarah smiled again. Ellie had followed the instructions she had given last night perfectly. But would she truly do anything for her? Sarah hoped so. If not this night would end very badly.

Trying not to think about what could happen Sarah slowly stripped off her clothes, keeping her eye on Ellie the entire time. The other woman didn't look up at her. Not once. Not even a peep. And not because Ellie didn't want too, even before the past week Sarah could tell that the brunette doctor was attracted to her, but because Sarah had commanded her not to look up at her until she was told too.

Sarah had been with many men and women. Sadly many of them in the name of serving her country as a agent of the CIA, but she had also had the pleasure of all kinds of kinky flings in all sorts of exotic places. However Sarah had never met anyone as submissive as Ellie Woodcomb, and she found that submission to be intoxicating.

Dominating Ellie was now Sarah's favourite addiction, an addiction she refused to give up.

"You know this is our last night together, don't you Ellie?" Sarah said softly a few moments after she began gently stroking her pet's hair.

"If that's what you want Mistress." Ellie murmured.

Sarah wasn't sure if it was intentional or not on Ellie's part but the other woman's tone told her that Ellie felt the same way she did and didn't want this to be their last time.

Putting that theory to the tests Sarah asked, "Is that what you want?"

"No." Ellie said, quickly adding, "I, I... I don't think I'm ready to take Devon's big cock up my ass. I think you should spend another week stretching my ass out. Make sure I'm ready for him."

Sarah smiled, "Well, if that's what you want..."

"It is Mistress Sarah." Ellie said quickly.

"Do not interrupt me!" Sarah snapped.

"I'm sorry Mistress." Ellie quickly apologised.

There was a pause and then Sarah said, "Ellie, look up at me."

Slowly Ellie looked up, her eyes clearly wandering over Sarah's body.

Very much enjoying being looked at so lustfully by the pretty woman kneeling before her Sarah gave Ellie a few long moments to look at her. Then she kneeled down so her face was hovering over Ellie's, moved her hands so she could start stroking her friend's face instead of her hair and softly said, "Ellie, I'm happy to continue helping you stretch out your ass so your husband can fuck it, but if you want me to continue regularly ass fucking you some things need to change. Like you can't keep coming over here all the time, it looks too suspicious."

"You, you could visit me more at work Mistress. And we could have more double dates with Chuck and Devon." Ellie said, blushing as she remembered first the rough butt fucking she had received in a coma patient's room, then the equally rough butt fucking she had taken in the locked bathroom of her own home.

"Yes, those are exactly the kinds of things I was thinking about." Sarah said, smiling as she remembered those exact same butt fuckings Ellie was remembering, "But there's something else... I think we need to explore your submissive desires. Push your boundaries outside of the bed you share with your husband. Find out what kinky things you like, apart from getting fucked in the ass like a little anal slut of course. That is, if you're willing to let me do more than just shove things up your ass."

"I am Mistress." Ellie replied quickly, "You can do whatever you want to me. I'm your bitch."

"It's not simply a question of what you're willing to let me do to you." Sarah said, "It's also a question of what are you willing to do for me."

"Anything. I'll do anything for you Mistress Sarah." Ellie quickly promised.

"Really..." Sarah said thoughtfully, "So... if I told you that every time we were together from now on I expected to find you naked on your knees waiting for me, would you? Would you keep your head down and wait to be spoken too, even if there was a chance it wasn't me? Would you do that for me?"

"Yes, if that's what you want Mistress." Ellie said.

"It is. But what else should I make you do... I know." Sarah said, straightening up and softly adding, "Kiss my feet."

There was a brief pause and then Ellie lowered her head down and pressed her lips hesitantly to the top of Sarah's right foot.

"Good girl, cover your Mistress's feet in kisses." Sarah encouraged, delighting in the feeling of Ellie's lips sliding over first her right foot, then her left, and then Ellie took Sarah's left big toe into her mouth and gently sucked on it, "Mmmmmm, yes, suck my toes. Take each one of them into your mouth. Oh that feels so good."

As the foot worship continued Sarah lifted her feet up one at a time to make it easier for Ellie to suck on her toes. Not only did Ellie take the hint and gently slide her mouth over each toe for a gentle sucking but she even slid her lips over the bottoms of Sarah's feet, Ellie making sure she worshipped every little part of her mistress's beautiful feet.

Ellie had never dreamed that she would find kissing someone's feet erotic. She never dreamed she would have a mistress either, but that had at least been a secret fantasy. And yet here she was, kissing her mistress's feet and Ellie had never felt more turned on.

The thing that most turned Ellie on about the situation was how natural it felt. It was like this was where she belonged. Kneeling before the goddess that was Sarah Walker. Worshipping the feet of that goddess, hoping that she would be permitted to kiss her way up those long legs and use her unworthy tongue to worship the altar which was Sarah's womanhood.

Similar thoughts were sliding through Sarah's mind, however as tempting as that was it would have to wait for another time when Ellie was a fully trained pussy licking lezzie bitch.

Sarah longed to order Ellie to lick her pussy, but that would be a later stage of Ellie's submission. First Sarah intended to enjoy Ellie kissing her feet, which was a little hard to do given all the other nasty things that Sarah wanted to do to Ellie that were echoing through the blonde's mind. Nevertheless the spy was determined to focus, an idea quickly forming in her head of just how to do that.

"Ellie, why are you here?" Sarah asked.

There was a pause as Ellie debated that herself, her mind coming up with several answers before she gave Sarah the one she believed she wanted, "To practice having anal sex, and other things..."

"Good, now, while kissing my feet, I want you to tell me what you want me to do to you. In detail. And I want you to beg me to do it." Sarah said.

"Mistress Sarah, please fuck my ass... I want you to butt fuck me... please butt fuck me Mistress Sarah." Ellie begged, pausing only to kiss Sarah's feet, "Please stretch my ass out... make it nice and loose for my husband's cock... fuck me Mistress... please... please fuck me... fuck my ass... do what ever you want to me... I'm yours Mistress Sarah... I'm your bitch... I'm Sarah Walker's bitch... I'll do anything my Mistress wants... I'll do whatever it takes to please her... to make her happy... to be a good little bitch for her..."

"Do you mean that Ellie?" Sarah asked, "Would you do anything for me?"

"Yes Mistress... anything... I'll do anything for you..." Ellie said, still kissing Sarah's feet.

"Well then, do you remember what I promised you yesterday? When you weren't waiting for me here like a good little bitch? Do you remember what I promised to do to you when I found you in your precious hospital?" Sarah questioned.

Ellie gulped softly, "You, you said you were going to spank me Mistress."

"And are you willing to do that for me Ellie? Take a spanking for your disobedience yesterday?" Sarah asked.

"Yes Mistress... please spank me... please spank me for being bad..." Ellie begged, again kissing Sarah's feet as her body burned with desire at the thought of what she was begging for, "Please spank me as hard as you can... beat my butt... spank it... teach me a lesson for being naughty... punish me... please Mistress... give me a spanking..."

"Stop." Sarah commanded softly, waiting until Ellie stopped kissing her feet before walking off to her bed, sitting down on it and then patting her lap, "Crawl over to me and lay yourself down over my knee."

Ellie quickly obeyed, Sarah loving the fact that the brunette kept her head lowered submissively and she slowly crawled over to the blonde and draped herself over Sarah's knee.

Once Ellie was in the perfect position for a spanking Sarah reached down, placed her hand on Ellie's ass cheeks and began gently gripping the other woman's butt. Sarah continue to do this as she said, "Now Ellie, I'm going to give you what you begged for. What I promised you last night. A nice, hard spanking. How does that make you feel? Tell your Mistress the truth."

"It... it turns me on Mistress." Ellie blushed, embarrassed to admit it, but she even added, "The thought of you spanking me turns me on. Please spank me Mistress. Spank your bitch's ass."

"Wow... you're even more submissive than I thought." Sarah murmured, taken aback for a moment before a smile crossed her face, "You really do make a perfect bitch Ellie."

"Thank you Mistress." Ellie blushed, an odd sense of pride rushing through her.

"You're welcome, my little pet." Sarah said, squeezing Ellie's ass affectionately, "And now I'm going to give you the chance to further prove what a perfect little bitch you make by counting each of the strikes your Mistress chooses to give your beautiful little butt. And you're going to thank your Mistress for each and every one of them. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress." Ellie said softly.

"Good." Sarah said, raising her hand.

"Owww... one, thank you Mistress... owww... two, thank you Mistress... owww... three, thank you Mistress... owww... four, thank you Mistress... owww... five, thank you Mistress..."

Each of the spanks were firm, Sarah careful not to be too rough or gentle with Ellie. Either could be disastrous, and even the firm strikes were a gamble.

Sarah had debated taking her role as Ellie's mistress this far, and despite her cool, calm and collected exterior there were a few moments as the spanking began that Sarah wondered if she'd made an error. Every pain filled cry, every whimper and every flinch that Ellie made had Sarah second guessing herself, but then she felt it.

Wetness. Sweet, wet female arousal against her thigh. Then the tiniest little sound of pleasure mixed in with Ellie's latest cry.

Sarah smiled.

"Owww... forty eight, thank you Mistress... owww... forty nine, thank you Mistress... owww... fifty, thank you Mistress... owww... fifty one, thank you Mistress... owww... fifty two, thank you Mistress..."

Eventually the spanking became a little harder, but not by much. Or perhaps more accurately, not as much as Ellie wanted.

It was crazy. Ellie would have never allowed Devon or any of her previous boyfriends to do anything like this to her. She might have fantasised about it, but she could have never asked, and if they tried suggesting it she would have shot them down. But oh how Ellie had hoped Sarah was serious about spanking her, dreamed of the blonde paddling her butt until it was bright red and she was begging for mercy.

However for the first time Ellie's expectations when it came to Sarah were not met. The spanking was nothing compared to what Ellie had imagined, and while each slap produced a string of pleasurable pain which made her cunt practically burn with the most wonderful feeling of shameful lust Ellie wanted more. Ellie wanted Sarah to viciously beat her butt as hard as she could, really punish her for being such a nasty slut that she got off on being spanked.

As if Sarah could read Ellie's mind the spanking finally started really picking up in force, the brunette crying out joyfully as the blonde finally started to really give it to her.

"Owww... ninety six, thank you Mistress... owww... ninety seven, thank you Mistress... owww... ninety eight, thank you Mistress... owww... ninety nine, thank you Mistress... owww... a hundred, thank you Mistress."

Just as the spanking was really getting good it appeared it was over, Ellie whimpering in disappointment as Sarah stopped and began gently caressing her ass.

It just... it just wasn't enough. Ellie wanted more. Ellie needed more.

"Please Mistress, don't stop." Ellie whimpered, "I've been so bad. Please punish me."

"Are you sure?" Sarah asked, taken by surprise.

"Yeeeeesssss. Spank me. Please spank me hard. I need you to spank me as hard as you can." Ellie begged, "Please Mistress, your bitch needs you to spank her. Your bitch needs to be spanked for being a naughty, disobedient little bitch so she can be a good bitch for you again Mistress Sarah."

As she continued caressing Ellie's ass Sarah thought about this for a moment and then said, "Well, I guess I could give you another hundred spanks. But if I'm going to grant you this favour, then I don't want you to just count and thank me for each spank, I want you to count and thank me for spanking my bitch. Do you think you could do that?"

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress. Owww... one, thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch... owww... two, thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch... owww... three, thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch... owww... four, thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch... owww... five, thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch..."

Sarah was still cautious at first, but to her delight no matter how hard she spanked Ellie the other woman's cries only became more joyful and lust filled. That, along with the feeling of her thigh getting soaked by Ellie's dripping cunt, soon had Sarah spanking her submissive little bitch as hard as she possibly could.

It had been a long time since Sarah had spanked another woman. All of the women she had seduced into coming back to her hotel room had been a one night stand so the suggestion of a spanking had been an unnecessary risk, especially as on those occasions all Sarah really wanted was sex. The few women she had seduced in the line of duty who had been into the BDSM scene preferred being on top, so on those occasions it was Sarah's ass which took the spanking. It was mostly the same story for her conquests within the spy world, but there were a few exceptions, like Sarah's fellow CAT squad member Amy. True, she had had to share Amy with Zondra and Carina, but Amy had made the most adorable little lesbian bitch. And of course, then there was Carina...

Sarah pulled herself out of her thoughts about her past to concentrate on her present. That meant pushing Ellie's limits just like she had promised, and Sarah felt like she had some good ideas just how to do that.

"Owww... forty eight, thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch... owww... forty nine, thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch... owww... fifty, thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch... owww... fifty one, thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch... owww... fifty two, thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch..."

Ellie cried out joyfully as Sarah changed tactics, beginning to deliver blows in rapid succession, forcing her to speed up her counting and thanking.

At first she was barely given time to complete her words, then all of a sudden she wasn't. No matter how hard Ellie tried she just couldn't count and thank her mistress for spanking her bitch. Sometimes she wasn't even given enough time to call out the number.

It increased the pain which Ellie loved, especially when Sarah started concentrating on one particular spot on her ass cheeks, but part of Ellie wished her mistress would punish her for not counting and thanking her when she was supposed too. Maybe Sarah would still punish her for that. Ellie hoped so. And she knew how perverted that was, and how she shouldn't be so turned on by being spanked that she felt like she was going to cum, but Ellie didn't care anymore. mistress Sarah took away all her cares, worries and doubts and left her feeling so wonderfully at peace. All Ellie was at this moment was Sarah Walker's bitch. A plaything for the amusement of this superior woman, a woman Ellie yearned to submit to completely.

"OWWW ninety six, thank OWWW ninety seven OWWW OWWW ninety eight ninety nine, thank you, thank you, thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch... OWWW a hundred thank you Mistress for spanking your bitch!"

Suddenly Sarah started slowing down and then stopped completely, leaving Ellie whimpering in disappointment, "No, more. Please Mistress, keep spanking your bitch."

There was a brief pause as Sarah considered the request. She was thoroughly enjoying spanking Ellie, who was so intoxicatingly willing and eager for it. But that was the problem. This wasn't meant to be a treat, it was supposed to be a punishment. A light one at that as last night wasn't even Ellie's fault. The brunette doctor had been forced to cover someone else's shift, and she had been thoughtful and to leave Sarah a text message explaining, apologising and, albeit unknowingly, letting Sarah know where she could find her bitch. Of course while those were the main reasons Sarah decided to stop the spanking they weren't the reasons she was going to give Ellie.

"Get on your knees." Sarah said coldly.

Although she was a little worried by Sarah's tone Ellie didn't hesitate to do as her mistress said, quickly pushing herself off of the blonde's lap and kneeling down in front of the other woman.

"Ellie..." Sarah said in a softer but still very firm tone, "Who's in charge here?"

"You are Mistress Sarah." Ellie quickly replied.

"And why is that Ellie?" Sarah asked, and then after a few seconds of Ellie looking confused Sarah answered her own question, "It's because I'm the Mistress here. Your Mistress. And if you want me to continue being your Mistress then you have to stop trying to top from the bottom. If you want something you must beg for it, or ask permission to beg for it, not just whine at me to do something. I do not want to hear another little outburst like that from you Eleanor, because it sounds like you're trying to tell me what to do."

"I'm sorry Mistress. I didn't mean too." Ellie quickly apologised, "I didn't mean to forget my place. I'm just the bitch. Your bitch. You're the Mistress and I'm the bitch. You're the top and I'm the bottom."

"Prove it." Sarah said, spreading her legs slightly and pointing to a wet spot on her thigh, "You see this? You see how you rubbed your wet little cunt all over my thigh? See the mess you made? Your pussy juice soaking my beautiful thigh? I want you to clean it... with your tongue. Lick your own juices off of my thigh. Clean up the mess you made."

There was a moment of pause as Ellie looked up at her like a deer caught in the headlights, making Sarah briefly think that this of all things would be too much for Ellie. Then to Sarah's relief the other woman lent forward, closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and slid it over Sarah's thigh.

Sarah's eyes briefly closed, the blonde spy immediately wishing she had ordered Ellie to lick another wet part of her, a part that was practically burning with need. The feeling of that nervous but eager to please tongue lapping at the wetness on her thigh felt great. Very... enticing. Promising. But if Ellie's tongue was just a little further north up Sarah's thigh the pleasure would go from great to amazing.

Unfortunately, as Sarah was having to constantly remind herself at this point, she couldn't just grab Ellie by her brunette locks and shove the submissive young doctor's face into her eager to be licked cunt. No matter how much Sarah wanted too, it was just too early for something like that.

What Sarah didn't know was that Ellie was wishing that the blonde would do exactly that.

Despite dreaming about it Ellie had never tasted pussy before. Not even her own. She had brought her own wet fingers up to her lips several times, close enough that she could smell the distinct aroma, but Ellie had never had the guts to actually go through with even lightly touching her fingers with her tongue. Neither her husband or her previous boyfriends had ever tried to get her to taste herself on their fingers or cocks, so after marrying Devon like her fantasies of being with another woman Ellie figured it would never happen.

Ellie was now very glad she had been proven wrong as she happily lapped up the last of her pussy juices from Sarah's thigh, continuing to lick until she got every drop.

Initially she hadn't been sure but with every lick Ellie grew to love her own flavour. At the same time Ellie felt her desire to taste Sarah's pussy turn from a curiosity bordering on want to a burning need. Ellie needed to eat Sarah's pussy, needed it more than she could ever remember needing anything in her life.

So once she was sure she had thoroughly cleaned up her own mess Ellie kissed her way up Sarah's thigh until her lips were hovering over the other woman's wet love hole. Then, remembering her mistress's earlier orders, Ellie looked up at Sarah and softly asked, "May I please beg you for the privilege of licking your pussy Mistress Sarah? I want to please you with my tongue."

Sarah's heart almost literally stopped beating when she heard Ellie offering her something she wanted for so long. It would have been so easy just to say yes and finally get to feel Ellie's soft tongue sliding over her pussy lips. Sarah could feel the words forming on her lips practically of their own accord and it took all her willpower not to just blurt it out and really study Ellie's face. It was then to Sarah's dismay that she noticed how nervous and hesitant Ellie looked.

If it had been any other woman Sarah would have taken the calculated risk of saying yes. Chances are any nervousness or hesitance would fade once the pussy eating got underway and Ellie would enjoy it, and the brunette wouldn't freak out now or worse later and second-guess everything they were doing. But Sarah couldn't risk it because she couldn't fail to make Ellie hers. That could compromise her mission of protecting Chuck and destroy the first real social life she could ever remember having. Most of all after a week of dominating this beautiful brunette Sarah couldn't bear the thought of life without Ellie as her submissive little plaything.

So even though it was one of the most painful things she ever had to do instead of granting Ellie's request Sarah said, "Go lay down on the bed."

There was a few moments pause as Ellie looked up at Sarah, her mind replaying what the blonde had just said and yet she just couldn't make sense out of it. What had she done wrong? She knew Sarah was bisexual, and Ellie was pretty sure she was too, and... and, this was what they both really wanted, wasn't it?

As she slowly got up off her knees and laid down on the bed a horrible thought came to Ellie... what if Sarah really did just want to help her practice for her husband? What if Sarah only liked playing with her ass? Maybe... maybe she just wasn't good enough. A goddess like Sarah Walker could probably have any woman she wanted, even the most cock loving straight woman, or the most cunt crazy dyke, kneeling before her and begging to be her pussy licking slut. Maybe Sarah didn't want to settle for Ellie. Maybe Ellie just wasn't good enough for Sarah's pussy.

Ellie's worries were quickly forgotten as Sarah got onto the bed and crawled up her body like a lioness stalking her prey. Oh how lucky Ellie felt to be that prey.

"Your pussy still seems very wet." Sarah observed once she was face to face with the other woman, her eyes glancing downwards and her right hand drifting downwards to rest on Ellie's inner thigh before she glanced back up at the brunette, "Can I touch it? I'd love to see just how wet you are."

Ellie hesitated only for a moment before replying, "Yes Mistress, please touch me oooooohhhhhhh!"

Sarah smiled as Ellie moaned from the most gentle touches to her pussy lips, "Wow... you really are very, very wet, aren't you? But tell me, is it from the spanking? Or from me dominating you? Or the thought of licking my pussy? Or all of the above?"

"All of the above, mmmmmm, and, oh, and you Mistress Sarah." Ellie replied quickly.

"Me?" Sarah enquired as she continued gently sliding her fingers up and down Ellie's pussy lips.

"Yes Mistress Sarah. You're soooooo beautiful, mmmmm, and sexy, and, and ohhhh I just want you so bad." Ellie admitted.

"Awww, that's sweet. Not very straight of you though. I thought you said you weren't gay?" Sarah teased.

"I, I, I..." Ellie whimpered.

"Shhhh, it's ok." Sarah said, quickly changing to a comforting tactic, "It's ok to be curious, and it's understandable how all of our little practice sessions have got you a little... confused. But I don't want to make you do anything unless you're absolutely sure it's what you want to do, so I want you to think about it for a week. Then, if you can make me believe it's what you want, I'll give you the privilege of worshipping my body. Ok?"

There was a pause and then Ellie softly said, "I think... oh, I think I'm, mmmmm, I think I'm sure now Mistress."

"Well, when you're sure you're sure I'll let you slide your mouth and tongue all over my body. Until then I can think of a few other things we could do." Sarah said, moving her fingers to the entrance of Ellie's cunt and pushing forwards with almost but not quite enough pressure to enter the other woman, "Things which I have a lot of experience in... things which I'm very good at... things like, finger fucking a wet little pussy. Would you like that Ellie? Would you like me to finger fuck this wet little pussy of yours?"

"Yes Mistress, pllllleeeeeaaassssseeeee, ohhhhhhhhh please fuck me. Fuck me with your fingers. Fuck oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!" Ellie cried out as Sarah pushed a finger inside of her extremely willing love hole, "OH, oh, oh, oh Mistress, please... please can I have your permission to beg you to fuck me?"

"Yes." Sarah smiled, loving that Ellie remembered to ask permission, and loving the feeling of her bitch's tight, wet velvety softness clamping down around her finger, "Yes you can beg me to fuck you."

"Ooooooooh thank you, ohhhhhhhh Mistress, Mistress Sarah please fuck me!" Ellie moaned, finding it difficult to concentrate on begging, especially when Sarah added a second finger and really started picking up the pace of the fucking, "Mmmmmmmmm, fuck me hard. Oh fuck, fuck me! Fuck my wet little pussy. Ohhhhhh, I'm soooooooo wet for you Sarah. Everything you do to me makes me wet for you. Oh God, no one's ever got me this hot and wet just from fingering me. Oh Goooooooooodddddddd... oh, it feels so good. More. Mmmmmmm, please give me more. Fuck me hard. Fuck my cunt as hard as you can with your beautiful fingers. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssss, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk meeeeeee mmmmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhhhh!"

Any further words from Ellie were just incoherent jargon as Sarah curled her fingers inside of her cunt with every thrust and used her thumb to rub her clit.

Waiting for Sarah naked on her knees, kissing the spy's feet, getting spanked, and just simply getting dominated by the beautiful blonde had Ellie so incredibly turned on that she wasn't surprise that Sarah had her on the edge of a powerful orgasm in what felt like a minute. What was a little surprising, although perhaps it shouldn't be, was just how good the other woman's fingers felt inside of her.

Ellie knew Sarah was experienced in lesbian sex, and she'd heard the cliche about only a woman really knows what a woman wants, but Sarah easily blew her expectations, and previous fingerings from former boyfriends, her husband and even herself, out of the water.

Sarah had Ellie so easily melting under her touch, and when she curled her fingers and used her thumb the explosion that rocked her body was incredible, as were the ones that followed it.

If she had wanted to Sarah could have made Ellie cum over and over again until she passed out or begged for mercy. It certainly was tempting, and given how aroused Ellie was Sarah imagined it would be quite easy to achieve. However Sarah didn't just want to wear Ellie out with a little fingering. She had other plans for her little lesbian bitch in training.

So Sarah was careful to constantly keep Ellie close to the edge of orgasm, but making sure her friend had plenty of time to recover in between each climax.

Of course while she had other plans for her new lover Sarah made sure to enjoy fingering Ellie to its fullest. That wasn't exactly difficult. Ellie's hot little snatch was clamping down so wonderfully hard on her fingers, Sarah loving the tight wet heat around her digits as she slid them in and out of the other woman. Then there was the beautiful sight, sound and feel of Ellie writhing underneath her, Sarah loving the fact that the brunette seemingly had no objection to the fact that she was now lying down on top of her, partly to hold Ellie in place, partly just because Sarah loved pressing herself down on a woman while she was fucking her. The little sounds Ellie was making was also very enjoyable for Sarah. But her absolute favourite thing was staring into Ellie's eyes as she fucked her, Sarah adoring the want and more importantly the submission she saw staring back at her.

However while Sarah loved looking into Ellie's eyes the blonde spy couldn't resist rifting her gaze up and down her friend's beautiful body. This happened a few times, Sarah finding that her eyes were being drawn to Ellie's lips like moths to a flame until she just couldn't resist leaning down and kissing the other woman. To Sarah's delight Ellie didn't hesitate to kiss back, the two women becoming lost in the fingering and make out session until once again Sarah had Ellie coating her fingers in cum. That was when Sarah finally removed her fingers from Ellie's pussy.

Ellie whimpered in displeasure as she felt Sarah's fingers leave her cunt, only to whimper with arousal as Sarah brought them up to her lips and quickly took them into her mouth.

Sarah moaned lustfully at the taste, thoroughly sucking her own fingers clean of Ellie's sweet cream before taking them out of her mouth and moaning, "Mmmmm, you taste really good Ellie. Just like I knew you would."

"Thank you Mistress." Ellie blushed.

Sarah smiled and began gently playing with Ellie's hair, curling it lightly in the fingers of one hand while using the other to reach down and start rubbing the young doctor's pussy as she looked into the eyes of her prey and said, "You know Ellie, I've always had a little crush on you. That's why it was so hard for me to turn your little offer down. The thought of your pretty little lips on my pussy... of your soft little tongue licking my cunt... it's literally a dream come true. But I remember what you said before. That your not gay. That you're just a cute little straight girl... which is why I can't just let you act like some slutty little dyke. At lease not without being totally sure that's what you want. However getting your pussy licked by a girl is totally different. It's only gay if you're the giver. So, you can let me fulfil my little fantasy of making you cum in my mouth without having to worry. You'd just be a straight girl letting her bisexual friend indulge in her lesbian tendencies. Just a friend, helping another friend out. And it really would be. It's been so long since I ate pussy, and I'm craving it so bad. I'm like a cunt junkie, desperate for her fix. So please Ellie, let me eat your little straight girl pussy. Let me act like a slutty little dyke for the both of us. It can be satisfying my cravings for me, and you, it can be more practising for your husband. Because I promise you Ellie, let me eat your little straight girl pussy for just a few minutes and you'll have a whole bunch of pointers for your little hubby."

There was silence for a few long moments. Sarah worried she had finally pushed things too far, then Ellie softly murmured, "You have a crush on me."

Sarah inwardly cursed. She had hoped to slip that in and let Ellie think about it later, hopefully to subtly encourage some affection to grow between them. Hopefully it would still work after Sarah reinforced by nodding, "Yes... since the moment I first saw you."

Again Sarah cursed as that was a little more information then she meant to give, but then to her surprise Ellie smiled and said, "Me too... I've been crushing on you so bad, ever since we met."

The two women exchanged a soft smile for a brief couple of moments and then Sarah asked, "So... can... can I, can I go down on you?"

Ellie blinked a few times and then said, "Yes. Please Mistress, go down on me. Please eat my little straight girl pussy. Lick me like I always dreamed that you would."

There was another brief pause, then Sarah leaned in so her lips were so close to Ellie's they were almost touching. Then Sarah practically growled, "Good little straight girl."

With that Sarah practically devoured Ellie, the poor brunette feeling like she was practically fighting for her life as she massaged the invading tongue with her own.

It was rougher than any kiss Ellie had ever known. Way rougher than her husband, or any of her previous boyfriends. And even when Sarah had been in the middle of brutally sodomising her Ellie couldn't remember the blonde kissing her this roughly. But she liked it. Keeping up was virtually impossible, but that only made Ellie love it more.

In that moment Ellie felt like the blonde was taking complete control of her with just a simple kiss and now she was hers. But that wasn't right. She had been Sarah's since this more dominant woman had taken her anal cherry. This kiss was just another sign of Sarah's dominance over her, Ellie happily submitting to her mistress like the good little lesbian bitch she had become.

Sarah hadn't intended on attacking Ellie's lips with her own, at least not so roughly. She had just got so, worked up. But she had to calm things down. Get control of herself and the situation, because after years of wanting Ellie there was no way Sarah was going to rush going down on her. At least not the first time she did it.

So Sarah slowly decreased the roughness of the kiss, the blonde smiling a little as Ellie once again proved her willingness to follow Sarah's lead, the brunette just allowing Sarah to change the heated tongue battle to a soft, gentle kiss. That definitely succeeded in softening the tone of things, perhaps a little too successfully as the two women found themselves becoming lost in the kiss for a little while.

Honestly Sarah wasn't sure if her hands moved of their own accord or she was just aware enough to move them but either way her hands ended up on Ellie's breasts, her fingers skilfully squeezing a moan from Ellie which awoke Sarah from her daze.

Smiling into the kiss Sarah lifted herself up slightly so she could really go to work on Ellie's tits, paying extra attention on her sensitive little nipples while never leaving the soft flesh of her boobs out of the equation.

Sarah continued this until she could literally feel Ellie trying to rub herself against her leg like some kind of bitch in heat. Then Sarah teased her friend some more. Then some more, and more, and more, until finally Sarah moved her lips down to Ellie's neck.

This wasn't exactly what Ellie wanted, but at least it was progress. Or so she thought. However for all the blonde's earlier talk Sarah didn't seem interested in her pussy. Instead Sarah seemed only interested in areas her mouth and tongue had already been over the last week. In fact Ellie wouldn't be surprised if Sarah was about to ask her to flip over so she could lick her ass hole. Of course Ellie would have welcomed that as it would have given her more pleasure than what she was currently receiving, and hopefully that could lead to a butt fucking which would definitely get Ellie off.

Just as Ellie was getting really frustrated Sarah's lips slowly moved downwards, causing Ellie's heart to go into overdrive. It slowed down somewhat when it was clear the blonde's destination wasn't yet her pussy, but her heartbeat easily increased as those lips travelled over the soft flesh of her right boob.

Ellie let out a loud gasp of pleasure as for the first time she felt another woman's mouth closing around her right nipple and begin gently sucking on it. She gasped again when Sarah switched nipples, then a few times after that, then she was pretty much just moaning the whole time. The gasping made a brief return when Sarah added her tongue to the mix, swirling it around Ellie's nipples, and then her teeth, which felt surprisingly good digging gently into the brunette's soft flesh, but for the most part Ellie just moaned as she became lost in pleasure.

Neither Devon or any of her former boyfriend had ever spent that long on her tits. Ellie couldn't blame them. Her rack was not small by any means, but they weren't exactly anything special. Sarah however absolutely worshipped them for longer than any other lover Ellie had ever had, and that made her feel special. The very, very good kind of special.

Sure, Ellie still wanted Sarah to go lower, but this was something she had never really experienced before and she loved every second of it. However that didn't mean she complained when Sarah finally started kissing her way down her stomach.

Once she reached her destination Sarah stopped to savour the moment. Sarah usually did whenever she was about to taste a pussy for the first time, but this time the moment was extra sweet because it was a moment she had been waiting so very, very long for. She had tried not to think about it, avoided making any hint that she wanted Ellie in this way, repressed her lesbian urges around her boyfriend's sister, but now Sarah wished she had just seduced Ellie the first day they met.

That thought echoed throughout Sarah's mind as she stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it across Ellie's pussy lips, the action causing both women to moan in pleasure.

As Sarah repeated this process and began licking Ellie's pussy with firm strokes of her tongue the blonde spy went from wishing she had seduced Ellie earlier to cursing herself for not doing so. After all, Sarah had picked up at least a curiosity vibe from Ellie when they met which had only grown stronger the more time they spent together. Add the fact that she had never failed to get into another woman's panties then Sarah pretty much knew before the little practice sessions with Ellie started that she could have been tasting this sweet little cunt years ago. Sure the potential consequences were dire, but if the spy couldn't keep this a secret then she deserved to get caught.

It was even more frustrating given what an easy lay Ellie had been, the married brunette proving easy to get into bed than some of the unattached gay girls Sarah had bedded. Hell, there had been unattached straight men who had been harder to seduce than the supposedly straight and happily married woman. Ellie's brother Chuck had been one of them, although that had been a special case as for a long time Sarah had been afraid of the feelings that had been clouding her judgement since she met the nerd turned spy.

Pushing thoughts of her beloved Chuck and her frustration at not seducing Ellie sooner out of her mind Sarah turned her complete attention to something she had been told she was very, very good at. Eating pussy. And considering one of those people had been her first female lover Sarah believed them, and was confident soon Ellie would too.

Little did Sarah know that while she was lost in her own thoughts she was doing a good job of convincing Ellie that she was very, very good at eating pussy.

Devon had tried, as had most of the other men Ellie had been with, and the brunette doctor had thought they had done a good job. That was until the moment Sarah's tongue touched her pussy lips. Then Ellie was introduced to what a good pussy licking really was.

With just a few gentle strokes of her tongue Sarah had made all of Ellie's previous lovers look like amateurs. And as that wicked little tongue continued to gently slide over her sensitive downstairs lips Ellie realised the comparison was unfair, because it turned out that old clich‚ was true. No one could lick pussy like a woman could.

For a brief while Ellie regretted not indulging in the delights of Sapphic love sooner. Lord knows she had plenty of opportunity in college, and even Med school as all around her girls had been falling into bed with each other. She had never felt herself half attracted to those girls as she did Sarah, but then again if they could have made her feel half this good Ellie might have been a out and proud lesbian when she met Sarah and maybe, just maybe right now she would be the bride of this beautiful blonde spy. Maybe Ellie would be Sarah's wife.

A dreamy smile crossed Ellie's face as she imagined herself back on that beautiful beach in her wedding gown, this time with Sarah in a equally beautiful dress standing in front of her with the two of them confessing their undying lesbian love for each other.

After only a few seconds later Ellie blushed, feeling incredibly guilty for changing what was such a precious memory of her and Devon, and incredibly embarrassed such a thought had crossed her mind about her friend/only very recent fuck buddy. But even then Ellie couldn't deny that for those few seconds the idea of being Sarah Walker's blushing bride had made her blissfully happy.

Ellie was introduced to another form of blissful happiness moments later, such pleasure overwhelming her that it took the young doctor a few long seconds to realise that the cause of this pleasure was Sarah's mouth latching onto her clit.

Following that Sarah began licking Ellie's cunt with far more intensity than before, sliding her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise as well as up and down, even teasing the entrance to Ellie's love hole or her clit. That and the occasional clit sucking had Ellie writhing in pleasure, the brunette soon whimpering, "Oh, oh, oooooh Sarah, Mistress Sarah, please. mmmmmmmm, make me cum. Oh Gooooooooddddd, oh it's never been this good before. Ohhhhhhh Mistress Sarah you make me feel so good. You... you make my straight girl cunt feel so good with your skilled lesbian tongue. Mmmmmmmm, ooooooooh, you, oh, you make my straight girl cunt feel like a slutty lesbian pussy!"

"Really?" Sarah questioned, lifting her mouth away from Ellie's pussy but quickly replacing her tongue with her fingers before the brunette doctor could complain, "My dyke tongue is making your straight girl pussy feel all slutty and queer?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss! Mmmmmmmm, you're making my pussy queer Sarah! Ooooooooooh Gawwwwwwd your wonderful tongue is turning my straight girl cunt into a lesbian pussy!" Ellie moaned as Sarah's index finger gently rubbed her clit, "Your finger too! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddddd, Mistress Sarah! Your turning my pussy gay! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh Gaaaaaaaawwwwwwddddddddd my pussy's gay! I have a gay pussy! You ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh, you... you're turning me gay... you're turning me into a lesbian..."

Sarah stopped playing with Ellie's clit as a deafening silence filled the room. As the long seconds ticked by the two women locked eyes, Sarah trying to figure out if Ellie meant what she said, and Ellie trying to figure out the exact same thing.

After perhaps the longest minute of her life Sarah decided to push her luck, "So what if I am? So what if I'm trying to turn you into a lesbian? Just for when it's just you and me. What if I wanted you to be my little lesbian slut? What if I wanted to fuck you in the nastiest, dirtiest ways I can think of, do things to you that your vanilla husband couldn't dream of, spend night after night making you cum harder than he ever could. Would you let me? Would you let me use your beautiful body to indulge all of my perverted little lesbian desires? Would you be a little lesbian slut for me? Because you wouldn't have to leave Devon or consider yourself gay or even bi. You could just be gay for me. Be my naughty little queer girl, spreading your legs for me so I get at that sweet little pussy of yours. That sweet pussy which is a naughty little dyke cunt for me."

Again there was a pause, Sarah momentarily worrying she'd finally gone too far before Ellie whimpered, "Yes... that's... that's what I want... I want to be gay for you Sarah. I am gay for you. I've been gay for you since the moment we met, and now... I'm yours. Your lesbian. Your little lesbian slut. Please Mistress Sarah turn me into your little lesbian slut. I wanna be your little lesbian slut. Oooooooooooooh, oh Gawd, I'll do anything for you Sarah! I'll eat your pussy, mmmmmmmmmmm, let you fuck me in all my holes, ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, you can do whatever you want to me! My pussy is queer for you! So is my ass and mouth! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh, oh Sarah, I'm queer for you! I'm a dyke! Your lesbian slut! Your lesbian bitch! Oh, oh... I'm, I'm ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh Gaaaaaaaawwwwwwddddddddd!"

Halfway through Ellie's little plea Sarah began gently stroking her clit again, although only briefly. Then Sarah began sliding her finger up and down Ellie's pussy lips, pausing only to briefly tease the entrance of the other woman's horny honey hole or go back to gently stroking her clit. These actions alone had Ellie's mind melting into a little puddle, her words becoming increasingly incoherent as Sarah effortlessly pleasured her. So when Sarah started lowering her mouth Ellie let out an extra loud whimper, the poor married woman trying to prepare herself for what she was about to experience but knowing it was impossible.

Ellie was quickly proven right because there was no way she could have prepared for the sudden rush of ecstasy she felt when Sarah simultaneously pushed her finger oh so slowly into the brunette's cunt while the blonde's lips closed around her clit at the same maddening slow pace.

For a moment Sarah stayed perfectly still. Then she started to fuck the other woman, Ellie clawing the bed sheets and writhing helplessly under Sarah's assault.

It wasn't even that hard, at least not to begin with. Sarah's mouth and tongue just gently played with Ellie's clit, that finger pumping in and out of Ellie's pussy just as slowly. But it seemed like the pace was always increasing. Like everything else it was incredibly slow, but Ellie swore it was there, Sarah effortlessly bringing her to climax at the maddeningly slow pace which Ellie could never dream of, which was ironic considering just how amazing Sarah had been in her dreams.

Ellie had fantasised about another woman going down on her more times than she would have liked to admit to herself before she had become Sarah's plaything. All of them had been better than any man she had ever been with, but somehow they all seem to pale in comparison to dream Sarah. Of course Ellie had no other girl on girl experience to compare this too, but she couldn't imagine anyone could make her feel like Sarah did. Her husband certainly didn't come close, neither did all her previous male lovers.

That thought brought Ellie back to what she had been saying before the pleasure increased and she seemed to lose the ability to speak.

Did she really want to be Sarah's lesbian slut? Her dyke? Her little queer girl? Nothing but her mistress's submissive little bitch, willing and eager to please the goddess who called herself Sarah Walker?

It may have been the overwhelming pleasure she was receiving, and Ellie knew she might second-guess herself later, but in that moment the answer to these questions was yes. Ellie wanted to be Sarah's lesbian slut, her dyke, her little queer girl, her submissive little bitch, willing and eager to please her mistress, the goddess who called herself Sarah Walker. She would do anything for her. Ellie would do anything if Sarah continued making her feel this way.

While the endurance and self-control she had learned through her CIA training wasn't exactly designed for this kind of situation Sarah had become an expert at getting a variety of different uses out of those skills and others she had either been taught or picked up along the way. Sarah was grateful for those skills now more than ever as her own body ached with need.

It would be so easy for Sarah to swing her body around so she and Ellie where in a 69, and considering the other woman's words there was little doubt in the blonde's mind that Ellie would hesitate in licking her needy cunt. Ellie wouldn't even really need to be that good. Sarah was so horny from going down on the beautiful female doctor that even the most nervous and infrequent licks from Ellie's tongue would make Sarah cum hard. In fact the idea of Ellie giving her pussy tiny nervous licks was almost enough to make Sarah cum.

However while Sarah was fairly confident that such a thing wouldn't scare Ellie off she didn't want to take that risk. She wanted Ellie to think about pleasing her for the next week, Sarah pleasuring Ellie with her mouth and tongue so many times over the next seven days that by the time she finally let the brunette doctor in between her legs Ellie would be starving for her pussy and desperate to please her.

Of course this wasn't just for Ellie's benefit. Sarah really loved the idea of drawing out the anticipation of feeling Ellie's tongue on and then hopefully inside her pussy, Sarah devoting many, many hours to teaching Ellie how to pleasure another woman.

Most of all Sarah wanted to give Ellie's pussy the devotion it deserved, because it was one tasty little treat and from the sounds of it the beautiful thing had never truly been pleasured properly. Not that was that surprising of course as Sarah's experience while men were sometimes difficult to beat when it came to a hard fucking they were rarely that efficient with their tongues and easily beaten. As such a pussy eating given by a man almost didn't count in Sarah's opinion, such a thought making the blonde very pleased as it would mean she was giving Ellie her first true pussy eating.

Determined to give Ellie the greatest first true pussy eating she could possibly give her Sarah slowly increased the pace of the finger fucking while her licking and sucking of Ellie's clit varied from soft to rough from second to second. Using this technique Sarah effortlessly brought Ellie to the edge of orgasm. Then she went in for the kill.

Without warning Sarah removed her finger from Ellie's cunt and replaced it with her tongue. And Sarah didn't just restart the gentle licking she had been doing earlier. No, Sarah rammed her tongue as deep into Ellie's pussy as it would go and curled it upwards to bash against the other woman's G-spot. That had Ellie crying out with pre-orgasmic joy but Sarah had no mercy for her prey, the blonde spy slamming her tongue in and out of the brunette doctor's cunt, the tip of her tongue lashing against the sweetest spot inside Ellie's pussy with every thrust.

Ellie's moans had become incoherent long ago, but now she was trying to say something, even though she had no idea what it was. All Ellie knew was that it must be something because she was vaguely aware of herself babbling incoherently as her entire body seemed to explode with ecstasy and her cum squirted into Sarah's mouth and all over the blonde's face. Shortly after that Ellie seemed to become lost in a pure paradise, the brunette completely overwhelmed by what she was feeling, her only coherent thought being that she hoped it never ended.

Sarah knew she couldn't keep this up indefinitely but she really, really tried. For a while she did very well, Sarah continuing to tongue fuck Ellie almost brutally to climax after climax, pausing only to swallow the heavenly liquid which flowed into her mouth. When her mouth and tongue grew weary Sarah shoved two fingers into Ellie's cunt and continued fucking the other woman, and when her mouth and tongue regained their strength they would quickly re-joined the fun, Sarah using them to begin attacking Ellie's clit, licking and sucking that sensitive little flesh as hard as she could. Over and over again Sarah repeated the process, fucking Ellie for longer than she would have thought possible until finally her mouth, tongue and fingers became so tired she had no choice but to stop.

When the pussy eating finally came to an end Ellie was whimpering softly, the brunette hating that the pleasure stopped but was too tired to complain about it.

A while later she felt Sarah's soft lips slowly sliding up her body which were definitely a comfort, the feeling waking Ellie enough so that she could welcome her mistress with a gentle kiss as soon as Sarah was lying on top of her. That was when Ellie felt it. Her mistress's strap-on pressed against her sore, already very well fucked pussy.

Ellie whimpered and tried to break the kiss to tell Sarah that she didn't think her poor pussy could take anymore but her mistress would have none of it, the blonde following the brunette's lips with her own and even pushing her tongue into her mouth.

The second Sarah's tongue pushed its way into her mouth Ellie melted, the highly educated married woman reduced to a submissive plaything eager to please her mistress with just one kiss. That was the power this beautiful blonde goddess had over her. Just one kiss, just one command, just one look and Ellie would do anything for her.

Not that Sarah was a cruel mistress. If she was the dildo would already be pounding in and out of Ellie's sore pussy.

Instead of anything like that Sarah gently kissed Ellie for what felt like an eternity, both women feeling their strength slowly returning as the submissive lesbian bitch happily surrendered her mouth to her mistress, Ellie doing everything she could to worship Sarah's tongue with her own.

After what felt like hours to both women Sarah slid her right hand down Ellie's body, intentionally allowing her fingertips to glide down her little plaything's stomach, building up the anticipation for both of them. She even paused to circle Ellie's belly button and then stopped altogether for a few long seconds just as her fingers were about to reach her prey's pussy. Then Sarah slowly moved her fingers lower, her fingertips gently sliding over the soft wet lips of Ellie's cunt.

A soft smile crossed Sarah's face as Ellie gasped softly into the kiss but didn't break it, the both of them again becoming lost in the lip lock however this time they were both very aware of Sarah's fingertips sliding up and down Ellie's pussy lips.

Finally the kiss was broken by an extra loud cry from Ellie as Sarah pushed two fingers into the brunette doctor's cunt, Sarah wasting no time in establishing a steady pumping motion as her thumb played with Ellie's clit.

"I wanna fuck you Ellie!" Sarah said huskily, her face less than an inch away from Ellie's, "I wanna fuck you with my big girl cock! I wanna slide my big girl cock into you and fuck you harder than your husband ever could! I wanna turn Devon's sweet little wife's pussy into a little dyke cunt! I want to make this little straight pussy mine!"

"It's yours Sarah!" Ellie interrupted her mistress, "My straight pussy is yours! Ohhhhhhhh, yessssssssss ahhhhhhhhh, oh God, my straight girl pussy is all yours! Mmmmmmmmmm, oooooooooooh My little straight girl pussy is a little dyke cunt for you Mistress Sarah!"

Sarah had intended to be more subtle with her words but she found herself caught up in the moment. However even if she felt herself getting a little carried away Sarah was confident that she could bombard Ellie with so much dirty talk the brunette would barely remember it later, and any specific things she did remember Sarah could brush off as simply getting lost in the moment if Ellie later seemed hesitant to submit to her.

Of course given what an easy conquest Ellie had proven to be so far Sarah was hoping for the other woman to submit to her completely, and like before Ellie surpassed her expectations with such beautiful words of submission.

Hearing those beautiful words caused Sarah to momentarily lose control of herself, quickly replacing her fingers with her strap-on cock which she thrust deep inside Ellie's wet and welcoming love hole.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhh oooooooooooohhhhhhhh yessssssss, oh Sarah, fuck me Mistress Sarah!" Ellie moaned joyfully as her mistress's cock entered her, "Fuck my straight girl pussy and turn it into a lesbian pussy! Mmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, turn me into a lesbian! Turn me into your lesbian! OoooooooHHHHHHHHH YES, TURN ME INTO YOUR LESBIAN SLUT!"

Given Ellie's extremely positive reaction Sarah decided to forego the dirty talk for now in exchange for concentrating on pushing every single inch of the dildo strapped around her waist deep into her little sex slave in training's twat.

Considering how wet Ellie's pussy was, and how much the brunette was moaning joyfully, it didn't seem like Sarah needed to go slowly. However considering how many orgasms Sarah had squeezed out of Ellie only a short while ago inserting the dildo into the other woman slow and steady seemed like the best option. It was much better than hammering Ellie right from the start when her already well fucked pussy wasn't ready for it, and if the slow technique Sarah utilised proved unnecessary, well then at least it prolonged the fun.

Sarah had loved dragging the rug munching out, and she intended to do the same with this. Partly because she wanted to make Ellie cum as hard as possible. Partly because she wanted to savour the moment of fucking Ellie like this for the first time. However by the time she slid the last inch of the fake cock into Ellie's cunt Sarah knew she wasn't going to be able to keep this going as long as she would have liked.

Sarah had been trained to withstand torture. Trained to ignore the wants and needs of her own body for the greater good. Trained to be able to take almost anything without breaking. Sarah had used that training to withhold her own desire for release so she could concentrate on Ellie's pleasure, and the blonde spy had loved every minute of pleasuring her beautiful friend and seem to be completely broken lesbian fuck pet. But even Sarah with her adapted CIA training had her limits.

The moment she was all the way inside Ellie and she felt the other woman wrap her legs around her, pull her in close and look at her with this expression of such wonder and total devotion Sarah didn't want to cum, she needed to cum. Sarah needed to slam her clit against the stimulator inside the harness as hard as she could until she came, regardless of the effect that it would have on Ellie. She needed it, but with every ounce of her self-control Sarah resisted, instead beginning a steady rhythm of pumping in and out of Ellie's pussy, listening very carefully to the cries of her pet to make sure she wasn't hurting her.

To Sarah's great relief every sound Ellie made was purely positive, which was a extremely good thing as with every thrust Sarah felt herself being pushed towards climax, the blonde knowing that the moment she came it would be unlikely that she'd be able to control herself any longer. If Ellie cried out in pain hopefully Sarah could shove herself off of her friend and attack her own cunt with her fingers to provide any further relief, but the spy was hoping that when the time came she would be able to continue fucking her lesbian slut to orgasm after orgasm until they both collapsed together in blissful satisfaction.


"That's right Ellie, I'm making your pussy mine!" Sarah growled, who was using all her self-control to keep her body in check so her mouth seemed to be running freely, "I'm going to own this sweet little straight girl pussy! It's going to be my little lesbian pussy! I'm going to use it to fulfil all my lezzie urges, fuck your hot little married cunt with my mouth, tongue and fingers whenever I want! Mmmmmmmmm, your pussy is going to be my property, just like your ass! I'm going to own both your hot little fuck holes, oooooooooooh, and any time you want to let your hubby stick his dick or anything else in one of your hot little fuck holes, you're going to have to ask my permission! Oh yessssssssss, you're going to need to ask if it's ok when ever he wants to fuck you from now on, because you might be married to him, but from now on your hot little straight holes are my hot little orifices of lesbian pleasure! OHHHHHHHHH, YOU CAN WEAR THAT LITTLE WEDDING RING OF YOURS ALL YOU WANT BUT YOU'RE MY LESBIAN BITCH ELLIE AND YOUR FUCK HOLES ARE MINE!"


"If you still feel like that in seven days, I will!" Sarah promised as she began seriously picking up the pace of the fucking, "For now just stay as quiet as you can. Ohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm, I want you to concentrate on me claiming your pussy as mine. Be in the moment with me."

"Yes Mistress." Ellie whimpered, biting her lip almost hard enough to draw blood to prevent herself from screaming anything else.

It was impossible for Ellie to stay completely quiet, moans, groans and whimpers constantly escaping her lips, but luckily her kind and caring mistress didn't seem to object to this. In fact Sarah even seemed to enjoy it. Or maybe Sarah was just enjoying fucking her. Ellie really couldn't tell, and as Sarah wasn't complaining it didn't really matter.

What really mattered to Ellie was the happy look on her mistress's face and her own selfish pleasure, which was good because that look on Sarah's face only seem to become more gleeful and the pleasure rocketing through Ellie's body seemed to reach a fever pitch.

As she reached that wonderful fever pitch Ellie marvelled at the goddess that was Sarah Walker. Her mistress. The strong, dominant woman who now owned both her pussy and ass.

Her husband Devon seemed to spend almost every moment of his free time working out. He was very proud of his amazing body, which if Ellie was honest with herself was the first thing that drew her to him. And when it came to fucking he was a machine, pounding her pussy harder than any other man had before and even quickly recovering to go for a second, third and sometimes a fourth round without a break. However despite how impressed Ellie had been with him in the past Devon's efforts paled in comparison to what Sarah had done and what she was now doing.

Over the last week of what seemed like almost non-stop anal sex Sarah had redefined Ellie's definition of a hard fucking, Sarah pounding her pooper harder, longer, faster and deeper than Devon had ever fucked her pussy. Now her cunt was getting that same hard treatment Ellie felt like she was in heaven, especially when her mistress pushed her legs up onto her shoulders, bending Ellie in half which gave Sarah all the leveraged she needed for an even harder, deeper pussy pounding.

Throughout the fucking Ellie had been spending most of her time looking up in wonder at Sarah's beautiful face, but her eyes had also wandered down to the CIA agent's perfect bouncing breasts and sometimes even further down to where Sarah's strap on was pumping in and out of her pussy. Now her legs were resting against Sarah's shoulders, and almost against her own, and they were face to face Ellie found herself mesmerised by the other woman's gaze, that gaze alone enough to melt her into a submissive little puddle of goo.

Ellie loved that look that was now in Sarah's eyes, the uncontrollable burning lust which told Ellie just how much this far more dominant woman truly wanted her. That thought, the look in Sarah's eyes and the slam fucking her cunt all caught up with Ellie and she came in one of those amazing, mind melting orgasms which only her mistress had ever given her. As usual it was followed by another, and another, and another, Ellie screaming Sarah's name as this more powerful woman reminded Ellie exactly why she wanted to be Sarah Walker's lesbian bitch more than anything else in the world.

After her body had been rocked with half a dozen orgasms Ellie whimpered as Sarah pulled her strap on out of her cunt. However this lasted only a brief moment, the blonde spy quickly pushing back inside the brunette doctor after she forcefully turned her over and then pulled her up into the doggie style position.

Ellie wasn't sure how long Sarah fucked her in that position, but she loved every minute of it. And sure, she loved the multiple orgasms and the sheer pleasure of the hard fucking she was receiving, but what Ellie loved most was feeling like she was where she belonged. She was Sarah's bitch, and right now she was on her hands and knees taking it like a bitch. Taking it like a bitch for her mistress. And it felt so, so right.

Even when she was too tired to keep the upper half of her body in the air Ellie was able to keep her ass up so she could continue taking Sarah's big strap-on cock in her cunt for her own selfish pleasure and more importantly for her mistress's pleasure. Thanks to this Ellie was able to keep that wonderful feeling of belonging, a sensation she treasured as much as the pleasure rocking her body. Sadly Ellie lost both these things when she lost consciousness, the brunette desperately trying to hold on but the overwhelming pleasure was just too much.

To Ellie's surprise she was once again greeted by a feeling of belonging, however this time it was very different as in that moment she didn't truly feel like she was Sarah's bitch. Ellie felt like she truly belonged to Sarah. Or at least she truly belonged in Sarah's arms, Ellie awaking in them and knowing there was no place she'd rather be.

After a few peaceful moments Ellie looked up into her mistress's eyes, bit her lip and asked, "So what now?"

"Now... we're going to have a little rest, then I want you to clean my cock of your pussy juices." Sarah said, pausing to gently kiss Ellie's neck and play with her hair. "Would you do that for me Ellie?"

Lifting her head up Ellie smiled at the other woman, "I'd do anything for you Mistress Sarah."


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