Authors Note: Okay, here's ch.2. There's pretty much just sex in this
chapter, and it's mostly boy-on-boy sex, but it also has some dickgirl-boy
action near the end. Also, due to a request in a review, there is a tiny bit
of Glenn in this chapter who I've paired with Steena. Anyhoo, enjoy and such.

Chrono Cross: A Special Night In Guldove Part 2
by Swordsaberster ([email protected])

Korcha and Nikki, both fully naked, sat on either side of Serge, who was also
naked and frozen in disbelief at what was about to happen. It wasn't that he
wasn't curious; he had fantasized about other boys before and wondered lots
of times what it'd be like to have gay sex. Serge never thought he would
actually have get the chance to have sex with another boy though, much less
have sex with two boys while the cute blond dickgirl he loved watched them
and wanked off to it.

Breaking out of his thoughts, he realized that he was blushing like crazy and
his penis was starting to get hard again. Serge suddenly understood why when
he noticed that Korcha, who was to the left of him, was rubbing Serge's butt
with one hand and squeezing his dick with his other hand. He looked at
Korcha, who was breathing deeply while staring at Serge's cock, and couldn't
help noticing how nice the Demi-human boy's body was. Not that he hadn't
noticed Korcha's body before. He'd definitely noticed it. It was sort of
impossible to not notice the body of a cute boy wearing only a vest and a
small, tight speedo! His skin was perfectly tanned, leading Serge to assume
that Korcha probably sunbathed in the nude, and was slightly moist because
of the nighttime humidity. He had a body like Serge's; slim but slightly
muscular and with no bodily hair (other than on his head of course). His body
was just the right size. Korcha's butt was undeniably cute and his smooth
dick, now fully erect, was about six inches long.

Serge clearly liked what he was seeing because he had begun breathing hard
just like Korcha was. He then looked at Nikki, to the right of him, when he
suddenly felt the rock star stroke his nipple and grope his balls. Nikki
also had no body hair, his skin was slightly pale looking, and he was a
little slimmer than Serge and Korcha were, but he had just as cute of a butt.
Finally he noticed Nikki's dick, which was about seven inches long and fully

Serge couldn't believe that he was actually checking out other guys, causing
him to feel more uneasy than he had before. Kid, Nikki, and Korcha couldn't
help but laugh a bit when they noticed how nervous he was.

"Heh, heh, heh. What's tha matter, mate? Ya nervous 'bout gettin' fucked by a
couple 'a boys?" Kid asked him in her usual smart-mouth tone with a smirk on
her face. Before he could answer, Nikki spoke up.

"Just relax Serge, we promise it'll feel good," the rock star said, trying to
reassure him.

"Heh, CHA might like it even more than doing it with Kid," Korcha added, for
which Kid gave him a hard smack on the ass.

"Yeah, we all know how much you and Nikki fancy screwin' guys instead a'
girls Korcha!" Kid commented, then leaned in close to Serge so their faces
were close together. As she leaned in Serge felt the shaft of her massive
semi-aroused cock slap against his knee, as well as a couple drops of precum
which dribbled off of it and down Serge's leg. As they both looked into each
other's eyes, she smiled at him. "It ain't a big deal. An' I know yer gonna
love it. Trust me, by the time this is over yer gonna be beggin' fer more."
She said to him before giving him a quick peck on the nose and backing up to
sit in a chair so she could be comfortable while she watch the three boys go
at it.

At that moment, Nikki leaned in to Serge and kissed him hard, slipping his
tongue inside the smaller boy's mouth and touching his tongue to Serge's.
Serge's heart began beating a mile a minute the moment he felt the boy's
soft lips press against his. He was just so confused about what he was
feeling at that moment when Nikki kissed him. On the one hand he loved the
pleasure he felt from kissing another boy, but he also felt a little scared
about what these feelings meant. All throughout his life he had always been
told that men and women were made to love each other, that men should only
be attracted to women. But while he definitely felt intensely attracted to
Kid, along with Leena, Orhla and even that Harle girl, he had also always
felt extremely attracted to other boys like the two sitting next to him. He
had once told the elder of Arni Village about these feelings he had. The
elder yelled at him, saying his attraction to other boys was evil, then
spanked him and told him that if he ever spoke of it again or acted on it
he would be banished from the village.

From that day on, Serge had tried to repress his homoerotic desires because
he didn't want to do anything that his village condemned. But as he and Nikki
kissed each other, he felt as blissful as he had when he and Kid kissed.
Kissing another boy didn't feel evil or wrong to him at all. Actually, as his
tongue entwined with Nikki's in a passionate kiss while they both held each
other in a gentle, loving embrace, nothing had ever felt more right.

They held the kiss for ten more seconds before breaking it, after which
Korcha then leaned in and kissed Serge just as passionately as Nikki had.
When Korcha broke the kiss, he smiled at Serge and gave his friend a lick
on the cheek. Then both boys stuck their tongues out and tasted each other.
As the two were tonguing each other, Nikki stuck out his tongue joined in
the kiss. Kid sat in the nearby chair watching the threeway tongue kiss
between the boys with her mouth watering, while she wanked her huge cock
like crazy at the sight.

"Awwwwwwww! You guys look so cuuuuute when yer kissin' each other!" Kid
cooed, teasing them a bit, but she was also telling the truth. She had never
witnessed anything as hot as the sight of these three beautiful boys kissing
each other.

When the boys broke their kiss, Serge felt such an unbelievable lust for his
two new "boyfriends" that he started to kiss and lick his way down Korcha's
chest, tickling one of the Demi-human boy's light brown nipples with his
tongue while stroking one of Nikki's pink nipples with his hand. He licked
and kissed his way down both boys' bodies until he finally knelt down on both
his knees so that he was face to face with their cocks. Serge kissed the tip
of both boys' dicks, then began sucking Nikki's seven inch dick while he
stroked and fondled Korcha's balls.

"Wow Serge! *pant* You're great this..." Nikki told him, overwhelmed
by the pleasure he was feeling. Serge then switched so he was sucking on
Korcha's six inch dick and playing with Nikki's balls.

"Oh yeah....Serge...*pant*...suck me...*pant*...CHA..." Korcha heaved,
enjoying himself.

Nikki and Korcha then moved so that their dicks were both lined up with
Serge's mouth, then both slipped their penis' into his mouth at the same
time. Serge knelt there with a mouth full of boy cock, sucking off both
dicks as best he could while Nikki and Korcha kept thrusting their dicks
in and out of Serge's mouth. Kid was still beating off her enormous cock
as she watched the boys, and started squeezing one of her small breasts
with her hand, gently tweaking the nipple.

"He's definitely suckin' them off a lot better than did me...," She thought
to herself, feeling a little jealous. She wasn't surprised one bit though
that the blue haired boy was enjoying his gay experience. The moment she
first laid eyes on Serge she just somehow knew that he had an attraction to
other boys. She wasn't sure whether he was completely gay or just bisexual,
but she knew that he definitely loved cock.

When Nikki and Korcha couldn't stand the pleasure anymore they both cried out
in pleasure. "Uhnnnnnn SERGE! OH YESSS!" Nikki yelled. "Ohhh...UNGHHH...
CHAAAA!" Korcha cried out.

Both boys came at the same time and shot their loads all over Serge's face.
After wiping his face off with a rag that was on the bed's nightstand, Serge
saw that Korcha and Nikki were both on their knees, bent forward with their
asses spread apart, showing off their cute anuses.

"C'mon Serge! Give our assholes some tongue action! CHA!" Korcha encouraged
him, although Serge needed no encouragement.

He first gave Korcha's asshole a nice, long, wet lick, loving the taste of it
as much as the taste of Kid's. Then he licked it at a fast pace for several
moments before pressing his tongue against the puckered orifice. Korcha's
face turned red and became weak from the pleasure he was feeling, making him
fall forward onto his chest, breathing heavily. Serge then moved on to Nikki,
and wasted no time by immediately lapping at the rock star's hole as fast as
his tongue could, then started pressing his tongue into it. Nikki heaved with
pleasure, a smile on his face all the while. Korcha moved up beside the other
two boys and started fingering his asshole and jerking Serge off while he
watched the two other boys go at it. After another minute or so, Serge
finally withdrew his tongue from Nikki's butt.


"Have we done this before? Of course we have Serge! What do you think we were
doing before Kid brought us here?" Nikki replied casually.

"Jeez Serge! I thought it woulda been obvious to ya by now that Nikki an' me
are gay! I mean, we're havin' sex with you right now!" Korcha added.

"Oi! Yeah, only an idiot would think that either of ya were straight!" Kid
said giggling as she squeezed the shaft of her hard cock. "An' while I know
Serge fancies lasses, he sure as hell enjoys boys too."

Serge did feel embarrassed when Kid said that, but he couldn't deny that it
was true. He knew that he was, without a doubt, bisexual.

"Hey Serge, we let CHA have fun with us, now let me and Nikki have our way
with you," Korcha said anxiously and started licking Serge's left nipple.

Nikki started to suck on his other nipple while he and Korcha stroked and
groped Serge's genitals and soft butt. Both boys kissed their way down
Serge's body then; licking over his stomach, teasing his navel a bit, then
moved even lower until their faces were right in front of Serge's six and
a half inch erection. Nikki gave the head of Serge's hard cock several
small licks while gently cradling his balls. Meanwhile, Korcha went behind
Serge and covered his blue haired friend's butt with several light kisses
and playful licks while caressing it. Then, as if on cue, Nikki deepthroated
Serge's dick and started sucking him off while Korcha licked Serge's sweet
asshole and pressed his tongue into it. Serge couldn't decide which one felt
better, Nikki sucking his cock or Korcha licking his ass. Then the boys
switched positions so that Korcha was sucking Serge off and Nikki was licking
Serge's anus. This continued for another minute until the boys sensed that
Serge was almost ready to cum, so they stopped immediately. Serge looked
down at the two boys, confused.


"We stopped because we don't want you to cum before we get the chance to fuck
you hotstuff. Now get down on your hands and knees and spread that ass for
us," Nikki answered Serge, who smiled and got down on all fours right away
with his butt spread apart.

"Nikki, I'll fuck him first while you fuck me, then you can fuck him and I'll
getCHA fuck you," Korcha told his red haired lover, who nodded in agreement.

So Korcha positioned himself right behind Serge with his cock lined up with
Serge's hole while Nikki got behind Korcha and lined his dick up with the
Demi-human boy's butt hole. Serge relaxed the muscles in his ass so it
wouldn't hurt when Korcha penetrated him, but realized that he probably
didn't need to worry about it after taking Kid's full length inside of him.

"Okay Nikki, you first. Shove it in!" Korcha said enthusiastically.

Nikki thrust forward the second Korcha told him to and buried his seven inch
dick in Korcha's tight hole. Korcha gritted his teeth until his asshole
adjusted to the feeling of Nikki's penis inside of it. After the pain passed,
Korcha smiled at the pleasure he felt from Nikki's dick in his butt.

"Alright, now it's your turn Serge," Korcha told him and pressed his six inch
cock up against Serge's entrance firmly, allowing it to slide right in.

Korcha's cock was much different than Kid's cock. When Kid fucked him
earlier, he had felt a great deal of pleasure from having her dick inside of
him, but also a little pain since it was so massive. However, since Korcha's
penis was much smaller than Kid's, Serge only felt pleasure.

The boys then started fucking each other, moving in unison as they did. When
Nikki thrust into Korcha, Korcha would, in turn, thrust into Serge. They
could hear their balls slapping together as they fucked each other. Little
by little they picked up the pace and fucked faster, none of them able to
get enough of what they were feeling.

"Korcha, your ass is fantastic!" Nikki said giving Korcha's ass a squeeze.

"Wait till ya feel Serge's, Nik! I've never fucked a better butt than this!"
Korcha replied as he started licking Serge's cheek and jerking him off.

After a few more minutes, Serge felt Korcha's dick slide out of him. But
before he could even catch his breath, it was replaced by Nikki's. Serge felt
all seven inches of his friend's penis slide in and out of him as Nikki now
began banging him and also caressed his chest and stomach. Korcha, on the
other hand, was now busy fucking Nikki in the butt and enjoying every moment
of it.

"Oh God, you were right Korcha! Serge's little hole feels soooo good!" Nikki
cried out in ecstasy. The rock star was overwhelmed by how great he felt with
his cock buried in Serge's hot anus. He started to pound Serge's butt even
harder, and Korcha started pounding Nikki's just as hard.

Serge felt himself being shaken like crazy because of how aggressively Nikki
was fucking him. He looked up at Kid, who was still sitting in front of
them, smiling contently and wanking her huge penis while watching their gay
threesome. Suddenly he noticed the other two boys' moans growing louder and
knew that they were about to cum. Sure enough, a couple of seconds later
Korcha's dick creamed inside of Nikki's ass, and Nikki's cock practically
exploded in Serge's ass, filling his hole with cum. Both boys pulled out and
wiped the cum off of their dicks, along with Kid who had orgasmed at the same
time as them. It was then, though, that the three of them realized something
and looked over at Serge who was lying on his back with his legs up in the
air and his asscheeks spread apart, trying to help Nikki's cum seep out of
his hole.

"Hey Serge! CHA didn't cum yet!" Korcha said as he watched cum flow freely
from his asshole.


"You weren't ready to? Well, that's okay. We'll just go another round," Nikki
said as he wiped away Korcha's cum that had seeped out of his butt. Both his
and Korcha's dicks were still hard, so they were good to go again.

"Hold on boys, I wanna get 'a piece 'a that ass too!" Kid said, standing up
with her penis still fully erect. She walked over to Serge an positioned him
so that he was lying on his back with his legs up in the air and his ass
spread wide apart.


"What'm I doin'? I'm makin' it so all three of us can enjoy ya at once,
mate," Kid told Serge with a devious grin.

Serge noticed Nikki and Korcha start to grin as well. Nikki moved so that he
was directly over Serge's head and knelt down so that Serge could suck on his
dick while he sucked Serge's. Kid and Korcha, on the other hand, moved so
Serge's butt was right in front of them. His eyes went wide with surprise
when he saw both his friends aim their cocks directly at his cute pink hole.

He opened his mouth to say something, but Nikki seized the opportunity and
shoved his cock into Serge's mouth while he took Serge's cock into his own
mouth. The blue haired boy grunted and moaned as he sucked his friend's
penis. Then suddenly, he felt both Korcha's dick and Kid's monster of a cock
being inserted into his ass at the same time. They weren't wasting their
time either, because since they had both penetrated Serge earlier, they
thought that he'd be able to handle two dicks inside him at once. It wasn't
as easy as all that for Serge though. Serge concentrated on sucking Nikki's
dick for several moments until his butt adapted to the feeling of having two
hard penises inside of it. Serge guessed that Kid and Korcha probably noticed
that he had adjusted to the feeling of their dicks inside of him by how he
gradually began grunting less and less. This didn't last long though.

"Oi! Ya better brace yer ass, Serge! If yer not careful, we might break ya in
half!" Kid cried out, and she and Korcha began to fuck his butt.

It wasn't too bad at first because the two of them would alternate thrusting
into him. When Korcha thrust into Serge's ass, Kid would thrust out, and when
Kid would thrust into his ass, Korcha would thrust out. And even though it
still slightly stung when they buttfucked him, Serge couldn't deny that he
loved the warm feeling of a dick in his anus.

"Hey Kid, we don't have CHA go easy on him. Now let's give 'em the rough
stuff!" Korcha said to Kid, who then both almost completely withdrew their
cocks from Serge's butt, which caught Serge's attention. They were going
easy on him before?

"Got it! Ready? Now!" Kid yelled, and she and Korcha both started thrusting
their erections into Serge at the same time while he and Nikki kept sucking
each other off in the sixty-nine position.

Serge had never felt such pleasure in all his life. Making love with Kid,
Nikki, and Korcha was greater than anything in the world to him, but
unfortunately, the pleasure was about to come to an end.

"OHHH! I can't take it anymore! I'm cumming!" Nikki cried after taking
Serge's penis out of his mouth. The rock star then pulled his penis out of
Serge's mouth and came a little bit on the younger boy's face, but mostly
on his own stomach. He then fell back on the floor, exhausted.

Korcha came only a couple of moments after Nikki. He sensed he was close and
began to finger himself. "OH Yeah! I'm gonna cum inside your hot butt, Serge!
CHAAA!" the Demi-human boy cried as he shot his load into Serge. He then
withdrew his penis from Serge's hole, fell on the floor and crawled over
next to Nikki where the two of them had a great sideways view of Kid still
pumping her cock hard into Serge.

While she continued to plunge her giant dick into him, Kid looked down at
Serge to see him looking back at her. The two looked into each other's eyes
and knew that they were both about to cum. Kid pulled her penis out almost
all the way, then quickly thrust it all the way back into the boy, making
Serge shoot off his load onto the floor and onto his chest, and causing
them both screamed with pleasure.

"OI' SERGE! ME COCK IS EXPLODIN' IN YER HOLE!" Kid yelled out before she and
Serge screamed yet again. The two then quieted down. Kid pulled her now limp
genital out of Serge's butt hole. She, Nikki, and Korcha chuckled a bit when
they saw Serge's still remarkably puckered pink anus which once again had
cum seeping out of it.

Once they all wiped themselves down a bit, Serge went and laid on the bed.
The other three joined him instantly, with Nikki laying on to the left of
him, Korcha to the right of him, and Kid laying right on top of him. Nikki
then turned his head and planted an erotic, romantic kiss on Serge's lips.
Korcha then joined in to make it a three-way kiss.

"Oi', this is so fuckin' hot!" Kid exclaimed while she watched the boys'
tongues entwining with each other. She decided not to join in the kiss
because she enjoyed simply enjoyed watching it more. It just seemed hotter
to her when it was just boys. Finally, much to Kid's disappointment, they
stopped kissing.


"Aw, Serge....We love you too, baby..." Nikki said to Serge, smiling at him
and giving him a hug.

"We know thatCHA are in love with Kid, but we'll still always love ya,"
Korcha added as he joined in the hug. "ButCHA still haveCHA be our bitch
once in a while and have sex with us! And Kid, ya don't haveCHA worry about
me asking you to marry me anymore. Good thing too, cause I was tired of
pretending that I liked girls."

"Yeah, I sorta figured that from the way I found the two of ya earlier," Kid
replied. "I hope that doesn't mean I can't fuck ya both in the arse some time

"Course not! We might be gay, but there's no way we could resist a dick as
big as yours, even if you are a girl!" Nikki said, to which they all chuckled

Korcha and Nikki then moved so that they could lie next to each other in the
bed while Kid continued to lay on top of Serge so that they were face to face
with each other, smiling.

"Quite a night, huh mate?" Kid said, looking at the boy she knew she loved.


"Yeah, we're definitely gonna be doin' this often from now on," She said,
agreeing with him. "But right now, love, we oughta get some sleep."

The two lovers kissed each other goodnight, then closed their eyes.


"Love you too, Serge. Sweet dreams....."

A few minutes earlier......

In a nearby house, Steena and Glenn stopped for a couple moments when they
heard Nikki, then Korcha, then Serge and Kid cry out in pleasure.

"Well Steena, it sounds like the four of them are finally spent. Especially
Serge," Glenn said, looking behind him at Steena. "I wish I could have
watched them longer, but there's no way I was going to pass up your offer."

"We should ask them to join us next time, Glenn," Steena said, feeling turned
on at the idea, but quickly refocused herself on the boy in front of her.
"Anyway, where were we, darling?"

"You were just about to fuck me with your big dick," Glenn said, then
suddenly let out a moan as he felt the young woman's hard penis penetrate
his hole and slide into him.

"Yes, that's right. How does that feel, my young dragoon?" Steena told the
silver haired boy she was ass fucking.

"It's great! Oh Yes!" He answered her, and the priestess complied by banging
his hole even faster, causing her lovely breasts to shake as she did so.

The two of them made love until they were exhausted. That night in Guldove
had been something special to Serge, Kid, Korcha, Nikki, Glenn and Steena,
and they would never forget.
_ _ _

Alright it's finally finished! I'll have another story up when I get the
chance which will probably have more enjoyable dickgirl + male scenes. I
will also be writing fanfics of other series. Whatever, thanks for reading
and I hope you enjoyed the story!


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