Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is intended for adult
audiences. The responsibility to continue to read is solely your
responsibility. Do so at your own risk.

Guest appearance by Lila McCann

Codes: M+FF, celeb

Cheers: Part 3
by Spyder

A warm night in Boston, the concert hall is empty after the luscious country
singer Lila McCann has given her usual great performance. After signing the
usual autographs and pictures have being snapped, the members of the band
head out on the bus to the next stop, but Lila who needs to unwind decides
to go to where everybody knows your name.

At the bar known as Cheers, Sam Malone has made his usual attempt to pick up
a lady, looks in awe as Lila walks into the bar. Cliff and Norm take notice
at who is walking into their friendly bar. Lila sits at the bar, nods her
head to Sam, as he looks her way, she smiles and says to him that she wants
a wine spritzer. While sipping, Lila notices that the bar is empty and quiet
for a late Saturday, and then she sees that it is probably closing time as
Sam goes to the door to lock it. Lila stands up to go, but Sam tells her to
relax she can order as many drinks as she needs. Norm looks quickly over her
way, finds that she is more than likely braless and licks his lips at the
thought of sucking those nipples that a poking out of her shirt. Cliff has
already left the bar for a date he has been bragging about with Diane. Lila
reaches over the bar and grabs an empty beer bottle, being a long neck; Lila
sees that it will drive the men crazy if something happened this night.

Lila takes hold of the bottle, walks to a table five back of the bar and
sits on top legs thrown wide open. Sam drools as he sees the lady is with
out panties under her mini skirt and watches as she licks the bottle while
winking at Norm and Sam. She slinks around, removing her shirt and skirt
and lies on the table, rubbing her hand over her clit and now hairy pussy,
Lila wants to have one or both fuck her before she leaves. Taking the bottle,
Lila delivers the end of the bottle inside her hole and pulls it back and

Moaning, as the men stand dumbfounded, Lila continues to use the bottle as
a dildo. Carla, who everyone assumed had left, walks from the office to see
the spectacle and takes off her clothes before joining the sexy singer where
she bottle fucks her box. Carla masturbates wildly to catch up to the heat
Lila has garnered since she started. Again Sam and Norm remain in a state
of shock watching what the ladies are doing.

Lila slides off the table, walks to Carla, opens her thighs and uses the now
cum soaked bottle in her gaping hole. She bends in between Carla's legs and
as the bottle is pushed in, Lila begins to eat pussy. Carla squeals for Lila
to eat her hard and this time Sam, who by now has removed his pants walks
behind Lila and drives his dick in her ass. Norm works his way to where Carla
has her mouth and she obliges him by giving a blowjob to the rotund bar
patron. Lila yelps, Carla gurgles as the two ladies receive the sex they have
yearned all day. Sam takes his cock out of Lila's ass, shoots the load on her
cheeks and she takes hold of it to suck it.

Norm, removes his cock from Carla's twat, kneels between her legs and eats
her out. Carla who has already been eaten by Lila moans as Norm drives his
tongue inside. Both women scream as they have cum. Norm points to Sam, who
sits on a chair and slides his cock into Carl's ass, while Norm pummels her
pussy with his thick dick. Lila who feels somewhat left out, stands on a
table, squats over Sam and is eaten by the bar owner while Carla is fucked.

Soon they switch places, Carla squats over Norm's face as he fucks Lila's
ass and Sam enters her pussy. Lila yells as she feels Sam's cock reaching
her g-spot and Carla also has an orgasm with the tongue lashing that Norm
ahs provided. Sam and Norm separate the women, Sam taking Carla and Norm
with Lila. Each of the ladies point to their hot pink boxes and beg the men
to fuck them over and over again. Lila thinks about Gary and wonder how she
will explain the fact that she lost the baby in a freak accident two weeks
ago. While that goes through her mind, Lila smiles at Norm and thinks about
how much Vera must enjoy his dick, he is such a hot lover.

Carla, in the meantime has taken hold of Sam's cock to suck it again, but
before this happens she takes one of his balls in her mouth and sucks on it
followed by the other and finally sucking on his cock. Each men end their
sexual evening by unloading on the faces of their men and then all go home,
except Lila who head to her hotel for the night.

The End


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