Cheers: Sam Settles Down Part 2 (MF,FF,FFF,MMFF,MFF,preg,F-dom)
by KHenne ([email protected])

Part 11

The day of Kelly and Woodie's wedding was warm and sunny. It was the first
time it was closed since the fire. Norm, Cliff, and Carla met at the bar to
take the bus to the wedding at Kelly's house. Since they took the bus they
could get bombed if they wanted to. Sam became Woodie's shadow he refused
to let him see Kelly.

Rebecca assisted Kelly in getting dressed. Kelly told Rebecca, "Since it's
going to be warm out I'm just going to wear a thong."

Kelly told her, "I've tried the dress on both ways. I'm going to sweat
anyhow." Kelly knew there was a chance she could end up in the pool.

Rebecca was getting turned on looking at Kelly's nude body. When Kelly had
her dress on Rebecca told her "You look stunning."

They looked at each other Rebecca leaned in and kissed her softly for about
a minute. Kelly broke the kiss off and grabbed Rebecca head from behind and
kissed her hard and deep. The kiss broke off about 5 minutes later.

Kelly told Rebecca, "Thanks, I needed that."

The wedding went off without a hitch and the reception was great. When the
reception ended Kelly's father was very drunk and walking around mumbling to
himself. Kelly went out after him, he was sitting by the pool. She talked to
him for a few minutes and he stood up and took a few drunked steps. He
grabbed at Kelly to hold her and missed he ended up in the pool. Kelly jumped
in after him and pulled him into the 3 ft section. She yelled for help as she
try to lift him out of the pool. Kelly was able to get him out of the pool by
pulling him up the steps. Woodie got there first along with 2 uncles. They
checked him for a pulse and he was breathing. He came to a few minutes later
with some smelling salts. Kelly was a wreck she had never seen her father
drunk before. He had said a few things that he would regret later on the next

Kelly went to her room showered in the gown to get rid of the chlorine.
She hung it up and knew there was a good chance it would be ruined. Woodie
knocked on her door and she told him to go away. The next morning they met
for breakfast and Kelly was much better.

Sam and Rebecca made love 3 times that night. Sam told her "HE LOVED HER".
It was the first time he could say it and really meant it. Rebecca told him
that Cliff asked her for a blowjob at the reception. She told him, "I'll
talk with him tomorrow." Rebecca told him she preferred banging him daily
verses the guys at the bar. Rebecca had fallen in love with Sam.

Rebecca saw Lillith at the bar a little earlier then usual. She tells her I
saw your car outside and the windows were fogged up. "Its nice to see you and
Frazier still have lots of passion."

Lillith gave her a look of disgust. She then walks to the bathroom and nods
to Rebecca. Rebecca waits two minutes and then walks into the bathroom.
Lillith opens the stall and Rebecca sneaks in. Lillith whispers to her that
it wasnt Frazier. Rebeeca is shocked and wants details. Lillith tells her,
"I'm having an affair. You must not tell anyone."

Lillith tells Frazier about a month later. She is seperating from him.
Lillith tells him, "I'm leaving Frederick with you cause I'm not a good

She packs up and moves while Frazier is at work one day. When Frazier arrived
home that night and saw Lillith moved out he was devasted. He picked his son
from the nanny's house. Lillith had told the nanny that they were having an
exterminator come to the house and didn't want her son getting sick from the

A month later Rebecca gets a call from Lillith at home. Lillith asks her to
dinner the next night. Rebecca accepts the invation and is told come by
yourself. She arrives at the address she was given. The house is beautiful
and well decorated. Lillith gives her the quick tour. While on the tour
Lillith's friend arrives from work. Lillith greets the women with a open
mouth kiss. Lillith makes the introduction to Rebecca "This is Dr. Joanne

Rebecca is greeted with a quick kiss on the lips which she returns. They have
a nice dinner together the conversation is nice. Rebecca is a little nervous
around Lillith and Lillith takes her outside. They sit outside by the in
ground pool. Lillith trys to explain to her the reason she left Frazier.
Rebecca understands the reason she left Frazier but doesnt understand the
switch to women. Lillith asks her about herself if she is seeing anyone.
Rebecca tells her I'm in love with Sam. Lillith tells her I'm jealous and
asks, "How is he?"

Rebecca tells her," he is great and if you want him sometime I'll arrange it.
They were talking about something when dr. lee comes out and asks "Would she
like some coffee and if she would like to spend the night."

Rebecca tells her, "Coffee, milk no sugar and no I'm not spending the night."

Dr. Lee gives the coffee to Rebecca and ask Lillith if she is ready. Lillith
tells her I'll join you shortly.

Part 12

Joanne walks down to the deep end of the pool. She lets her hair down licks
her lips while looking at Rebecca. She casually dives into the pool where a
business suit and heels. Joann stands by the 3 ft section and removes her
jacket and heels. Rebecca notices Joann's erect nipple pushing against her
blouse which is see thru now. Joann swims 15 laps in the pool puts her heels
back on and walks out of the pool. She sits at the table and Lillith brings
her coffee. Joann tells her "Thank you and 15 laps."

Lillith casually walks into the pool and does her laps. Joann and Rebecca
have a casual conversation which Joann invites her to spend the night. When
she departed the house they gave her a open invitation to come back. Sam
makes love to Rebecca that night cause she was turned on.

Rebecca gets a call from Dr. Lee at the bar about 2 weeks later. She is
invited to Lillit birthday party Rebecca accepts the invitation.

Rebecca brings Sam with her to the party. They stay a while at the party and
leave for the bar. There were 6 other couples at the party. Sam was very
impressed with Dr. Lee and her house. Rebecca calls Dr. Lee the next day and
asked if she was free for lunch. They meet for lunch and Rebecca is turned
on. Dr Lee cancels her afternoon appointments and go back to the house. They
sit down for drinks and talk. Rebecca though she might end up in the pool and
had worn a proper outfit.

They each had 2 drinks and Rebecca grabbed Joann and they walked to the deep
end. Rebecca took a deep breath and they ran off the side into the pool. They
swam down to the 5 ft section and floated together kissing a few times. Joann
kissed Rebecca and told her we need to shower. They showered up and slowly
stripped each other. Joanne was the aggressor and fingered Rebecca slowly.
Joanne dropped down and and ate Rebecca to a screaming organism. Rebecca came
very hard and had weak legs. She ate Joanne a little while later to a intense
orgasm. They 69 each other awhile later. They were asleep in each other's
arms when Lillith got home. Lillith was a little upset at the site she saw.
She had been with Rebecca when she was pregant. Lillith would have liked to
be there now. Lillith poured a drink and watched a porn video.

Joanne and Rebecca awoke 3 hrs later an hour after Lillithh got home. Rebecca
told Joanne Ithink I should leave now. Joanne told her no spend the night it
will be fun. Joanne walked in and kissed Lillith and asked her "Why didnt
you tell me how good Rebecca is. Lillith told her it was a one time thing I
was 6 months pregant and horny one day.

They ordered Chinese food and fed each other. They watched a tear jerker
movie and had a few drinks. Rebecca had a good buzz on where Joanne whispered
to Lillith, "We need to double team her."

They make her into a little girl with pigtails. Lillithh told her "I'm your
mother and this is your aunt Joanne."

Lillith fucks her with a strap-on and Rebecca came hard and was very vocal.
Rebecca climbed on top and Joanne lubed up her asshole. Rebecca got fucked by
a 12 inch dildo. Joanne fucked her ass for 15 minutes. Rebecca came harder
then she did when her mother fucked her. They all slept till 0500 hrs.

They made breakfastand talked about different things. Rebecca thanked them
both for the day and night. She told them "There good for each other."

Sam arrived at work and asked the guys and Carla if anyone saw Rebecca
yesterday. They all tell him no they never saw her all day. Norm asks Sam if
there is a problem. He tells him no she usually calls if she is not coming

Rebecca arrived around noon and greets everyone. Sam takes her to the office
for a talk. She tells Sam I went to lunch and got sick sorry I forgot to
call.A few days later Sam takes Rebecca out to dinner and he went thru an
elbarte proposal and she willingly accepted. Rebecca was kissing him as he
sliped on the engagement ring.

They kept it quiet for a week and then announced it in the bar. Sam decides
on a short engagement and plans the wedding for 6 months later.

Cliff becomes a trainer and draws a female trainee named O'Keefe. The
training goes well and so does the chemistry. They become a couple and Cliff
seems to change. He is spending lass time at the bar and more with Margaret.
Margaret O'Keefe is a 30 yr woman who is good looking. She is smart and has
a college degree. The first time they were together it was quick and clumsy
like a teenager would be. She didnt have a lot of experience in her lifetime
but she was a good teacher. She helped Cliff greatly and the second time that
night was incredible. When he arrived the next day at the bar everyone knew.
Cliff was glowing and brought a round of drinks for the bar.

Part 13

Margaret walks into the bar a few hours later and she turns a few heads in
there. Sam notices even with a bra on she bounces. Woody checks her out and
gets a hard on. Norm sits there and stares at her mumbling to himself. He
cannot believe Cliff got so lucky.

Cliff and Margaret get married about 4 months later. They had a city hall
wedding and Sam lets them have the reception at the bar. The reception got
out of control after Sam left the bar. When they awoke the next day A lot
of question had to be answerd. Sam opened the bar that day and couldn't
believe the mess in the bar.

Norm came into the bar about 10 minutes later with the worst hangover he
ever had. He had awoken at Cliff's house in bed with Cliff's mother both
naked. Frazier came in about 30 minutes later with Margaret. He was
hungover and she was glowing. She asked Sam have you seen cliff. Margaret
had awoken at Frazier's house. Frazier didnt remember how he got home or
how Margaret got there.

Woodie came in shortly aferward. He was okay. They asked him about the
reception. Sam departed the bar around 11 p.m. and everything was fine.
Carla made a pitcher of some drink and we all had it. The fun started
after that. Carla fixed the jukebox that it played lots of songs. They
were dancing all around the bar. A fight broke out between a regular
named Paul and a customer over who was going to dance with Carla. They
wrestled and landed on a table and broke it plus a few chairs before
they gotten it broken up.

Carla walks into the bar with dark sunglasses on and runs into the office.
Sam goes in after her and asks, "What's wrong Carla?"

She told him I'm going to kill myself. He tells her to calm down and asks
"What's so bad that you need to kill yourself?"

"I spent the night with Cliff I awoke this morning sleeping on his chest."

Sam asks, "Where his he now?"

Carla told him, "In the shower when I left the house." She tells Sam, "I'm
usually in control when I go with a guy. I did things with him I've never
even tried before."

Cliff comes strolling in about an hour later. Cliff spots Sam and ask to talk
to him in his office. He tells Sam that he spent the night with Carla and
what a wild women she is. Carla was a great fuck and asked for wild things
from Cliff. Sam tells him that you had better thing of a better story to tell
your wife. Cliff says, "I'm not married."

Sam tells her you got married yesterday and you had your reception here last

"Oh my God!" Cliff says, "I totally forgot about Margaret. What shall I tell
her Sammy?"

Sam tells her that you drove Carla home and passed out on the couch. She will
back you on that. Cliff walks back to the bar and kisses his new wife and
tells her, "I'm sorry. I passed out at Carla's house while she was getting me

Margaret goes over to Carla and tells her thank you for taking care of Cliff.
They depart the bar and head to Cliff's apartment.

Carla tells Norm "I hope they never reproduce." She ask him where he went
last night? I dropped off ma Calvin at her house and woke up outside the
house this morning."

Sam asks Frazier, "Why did Margaret have the glow this morning."

He looks at Sam and puts up 2 fingers and tells him Cliff is a very lucky
man. He asks Sam "Where was she 8 years ago when I started dating that

The bar doesn't seem the same with Cliff there are more customers are coming
into the bar. He doesnt share that with Rebecca. She is out picking china
patterns. There weding is coming up soon. The guys are planning one hell of
a party to send Sammy off. Rebecca asks her sister to be matron of honor.
They hold Rebecca shower at Kelly's father's house he is away on business.

The party went over very well some woman got to know each other very well.
Kelly lost her lesbian virginity at the party. She wished she had done this

Sam's party was held the next night. The guys got loaded and hit the town.
They all ended up with tattoo's. When Sam got home that night he got a big
suprise there was Lillith in his bed.

He arrived the next day at the bar very late 1:00 p.m. He wondered how
Frazier could give up such a great piece of ass like Lillith. She had
come prepared for the night with him. They made love 4 times that night
missionary,her on top, anally, and doggie style. Sam had never though
Lillith was s uch a dirty talker in bed.

Part 14

The day of Sam and Rebecca's wedding was nice. The ceremony came off without
a hitch. Sam had kept just a best man and matron of honor it was simple.
Rebecca had a beautiful gown she went with straight gown not the frilly
stuff. The tempature hit 85 degrees the first week of March. The Boston area
had been under a heat wave the last week.

At the cocktail hour in the bridal room the room got real hot. Rebecca and
her sister got into an arugment over who gave the best blowjob. The girls
dropped the guys pants and started sucking. Sam had not had sex the last 3
days. Woody had gotten laid the night before. Rebecca told Sam, "Give mama
some hot juice."

He moaned and blew a large load into her hot mouth. Jessica had released
Woodie as he blew his load.She took a few shots to her face. Woodie was
telling her, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

Jessica rubbed it all over her face and Rebecca help clean her up licking
her fingers and face. When Jessica was cleaned they shared a deep kiss which
gave Woodie and Sam new hardons. He told Sam I would love to see Kelly do
that. Woodie went outside to find Kelly. Kelly had dressed in a outfit that
kept her cool. She wore a garter belt and no undies. Carla had told her at
the shower she might get lucky at the wedding.

Woodie finds Kelly and they sneak off to a bathroom. He slams her into the
door and make out fast and hard. Kelly is shocked by this behavior but she
aslo likes it. Woody hands sneak up under her dress and is surprised she has
no panties on. She is also moist already. He mounts her against the wall as
her enters her. They make hot passionate love for about 8 minutes. She
whispers to him I'm cumming as he blows his load into her. They come out of
the bathroom about 12 minutes later.

Frazier is very surprised to see Lillith at the reception. She is talking to
a very beautiful female asian. He approaches them with a drink in hand.
Lillith turns and saids hello and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. Lillith
introduces Frazier to Dr. Lee. He is awestruck by her beauty. They make small
talk between themselves. He tells her about Cliff's marriage. She wants to
know whom he married. Frazier points her out to Lillith who is surprised how
nice looking she is. She goes over and offers her congratulations to both of
them. Joanne is teasing Frazier with out being obvious.

A few minutes he goes to the bar to get Joanne and Liilthh a drink and
refresh his. When he returns with the drink for the ladies they both stare
at his crotch. Joanne decides to dance with Frazier as they move along the
floor she whispers to him, "I can fix that problem for you unless you want
to stick it in me as i eat your ex-wife."

Frazier's mind is now going a thousand miles an hour. He breaks off the
dance and walk quickly outside.

Norm is enjoying the cocktail hour he is sampling a few selections and going
back for seconds. Carla walks over and gives Kelly a kiss and mentions you
seem to be glowing. She says, "I see you got lucky already."

Kelly tells Carla he was never that aggressive before I wish he would do it
more often. Kelly asks Carla "What are my chances of fucking Sam today."

She tells her about 1 in 4 and asks Kelly if she wants the glow all day long.
Kelly tells her maybe later.

Part 15

When the reception ends the gang goes back to Cheers. Woodie tells then 1
round and we are out of here. They all agree to it. Frazier is still talking
with Lillith and Dr. Lee. Carla is on Norm's arm having a beer with him. Sam,
Rebecca and Jessica come into the bar. They have forgotten the airline
tickets for the honeymoon in the office. Jessica walks around kissing people
goodbye she is not feeling any pain. She is given some coffee which she sips
twice and leaves at the bar. Jessica walks over to Kelly and tells her, "I
would love to have a threesome with you and your husband."

Kelly says okay and gives Jessica her number. Jessica then french kisses
Kelly in front of everyone. They break the kiss off after a minute. Woodie
has gotten a hard on watching this and Kelly is blushing from embrassment.
Jessica goes over and sits on Frazier's lap. She kisses him deeply and
teases him by moving in his lap. She breaks off the kiss and tells Frazier
I can out fuck either of these woman. Lillith tells her, "The proof is in
the pudding."

The 4 of them depart the bar Sam calls Frazier on his cell and gives him her
address. They go to her house and he fucks her as Joanne and Lillith observe
from a distance. Joanne tells Lillith, "She is very good and it will be very
hard for me I haven't been with a man in a long time. I also told your ex he
could stick it in me while I ate you out." She tells Joanne, "Pretend to be
his mommy he loves that fantasy."

They stop talking as Jessica is moaning, "Yes daddy fuck your slutty

This drives Frazier over the edge and blows his load into her. They rest up
and Frazier fucks Lillith. They fuck with more intensity then ever before.
It is the best sex they ever had with each other. As Frazier is ready to cum
Lillith whispers to him, "Yes, Frazier fuck your mommy!"

While Lillith was getting laid Dr. Lee and Jessica were getting to know each

When Frazier and Lillith awoke Joanne and Jessica were gone. They make love
a second time with the same intensity as the first. When Lillth departs she
tells Frazier, "This doesn't change anything. We were always good at this."
She tells Frazier, "I'll bring Joanne tomorrow night."

Sam and Carla go into the office and make out for a few minutes. She tells
Sam, "You need to give me a wedding screw." They fuck with strong intensity
and climax together.

Norm and Cliff take Rebecca into the pool room and each fuck her. They come
out of the room about an hr later. Cliff and Margaret Norm and Carla spend
the night at Cliff's house. Sam Woodie and there wifes spend the night at
Woodie's new house. They swap wives after making love to there wives. Kelly
is very excited about making love to Sam. They made love slowly and as Sam
is ready to climax Kelly moans to him, "Fuck your slutty daughter Daddy."

Sam blows 3 loads into Kelly's pussy. When they recover Sam asks Kelly "Why
did you say fuck your slutty daughter daddy."

Kelly looks away from Sam and tells him you cannot tell Woodie what I'm about
to tell you. Sam agrees to the request. Kelly tells him, "When I was 15 years
old I use to baby-sit for a few people who worked for my daddy. I was seduced
by a man who's child I just sat for. I slept with him after he drove me home
to my house and asked me to call him daddy as he fucked me. I babysat for
about 5 different executives for a year period. I became a slut for them and
was rewarded by them. When I was with my Dad the other night he asked me if
I was going to became a slut for all of the people in the bar."

The news came as a shock to everyone at Cheers. It was 3.5 months since Sam
got married. Rebecca, Kelly, Carla, Jessica, Lillith and Joanne are all
pregant. Lillith and Joanne knew that Frazier is the father. The other 5
are not sure who the father is.


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