Characters are based on the NBC sitcom Cheers. No infridgement is meant.
This is simply for the pleasure of the reader. It includes Mind control,
oral sex, anal sex, lesbians and other perversions. If these things offend
you please do not read any further. On the other hand, if this is your cup
of tea, enjoy yourself.

Cheers: Frasier's Revenge Part 5 - Welcoming Lilith (m/ff)

Frasier had decided to use Rebecca tonight and had brought her home.
Rebecca, of course, was eagerly willing to please her master. Frasier was
pounding her ass when he heard his bedroom door open and heard a familiar
voice "Oh my God."

Frasier turns around and says "Hi honey, back so soon?"

Lilith, obviously upset, says "What is going on here? How could you
Rebecca? How could you fuck my husband?"

Rebecca replies "You can join us if you want."

Before Lilith can reply Frasier sends a command to Lilith 'You are disgusted
by this, but your desire to be told what to do by Rebecca and Frasier
overwhelms you. You get hornier with every command. Although, you know it
is wrong, you can not stop yourself.'

"Rebecca!!!" says Lilith in complete disgust.

Frasier smiles as he says "Lilith take off clothes."

Lilith replies "Frasier what is wrong with you. Stop fucking Rebecca." As
Lilith says this her blouse drops to the floor. She then slides off her skirt
and takes off her white pantyhose. As she begins to unhook her bra she says
"What is going on here."

Rebecca replies "My master is fucking my ass with his great cock."

"What," says Lilith as she slides out of her panties. "Your letting him fuck
your ass."

"uh-hmmm, my master loves fucking my slutty ass."

"Your master?"

"Yes Lilith. Rebecca is my slave. She will do anything I want her too. Now
why don't you come over here and suck my cock."

"I will not," says Lilith with a firm voice as she begins to walk over to the
bed. "Why am I doing this. Why can't I stop myself?" Lilith gets onto the
bed and takes Frasier's cock into her mouth.

Frasier grabs Lilith's hair and demands "Take it all slut."

Lilith tries to stop herself, but instead orgasms and begins to rub her cunt.
Frasier then says "Rebecca go and get the biggest dildo you can find."

"Yes master." Rebecca leaves the room while Lilith continues to pleasure
Frasier. Rebecca returns with a massive black dildo that is easily 12 inches

Frasier demands "Take the dildo and fuck Lilith with it, slave."

"Yes master," replies Rebecca as she quickly gets onto the bed and places the
head of the dildo at Lilith's cunt.

Frasier says to Lilith "Beg to be fucked by Rebecca."

"Fuck you Frasier as if I am going to...ooh please fuck me Rebecca, shove
that long stick all the way into my cunt, I mean no don't...don't stop..."
cries Lilith as Rebecca slowly slips the dildo into Lilith's moist hole.
Lilith returns to sucking Frasier's cock as the last of the 12 inches fills
her pussy. "Oh my god," screams Lilith as Rebecca begins to slide the dildo
in and out of Lilith's cunt.

"How does it feel to be fucked by Rebecca, Lilith?"

"It feels great, ooh my goddddddd, fuck me."

"Lilith is that any way for a classy lady like you to act?"

"I'm not a classy lady, I am a whore, a slut who needs to be fucked."

Frasier leaves and grabs the video camera. "Lilith tell me what kind of slut
you are."

Lilith looks right into the camera and says "I am a whore, a cheap slut who
loves being fucked by a huge plastic cock. Oh yeah, fuck me harder, harder."

"OK Lilith, turn around and beg permission to eat out your new mistress
Rebecca. Rebecca, Lilith is your slave, you may use her as you wish."

Lilith says "I am no lez". But she turns around and places her face just
inches from Rebecca's cunt. "May I-may I lick your pussy."

"You can do better than that slave," demands Rebecca, "Now beg you bitch."

"Mistress, let me suck your pussy, let me pleasure your cunt with my slutty
tongue. Cum all over my face."

Rebecca grabs her slaves head and shoves it into her pussy. "Lick me whore.
Pleasure your mistress. Finger me." Lilith does her best at pleasuring her

Frasier gets behind Lilith and places his cock at the entrance of Lilith's
ass. Lilith looks up, but her head is quickly grabbed by Rebecca who says
"Get back to work bitch."

Frasier rubs his finger into Lilith's moist cunt and rubs the juices at her
ass. Frasier then slowly pushes his cock into Lilith's ass. Muffled sounds
come from Rebecca's cunt as Frasier's cock slowly fills his wife's ass.
Rebecca begins to buck her pussy against Lilith's face as Frasier continues
to pound Lilith's ass. Frasier is close to cumming and says "Take my cum up
your ass bitch." Moments later Frasier shoots a load of cum up his wife's
ass. Rebecca orgasms simultaneously and Lilith collapses on the bed.

Frasier gets up and says to his wife "How does it feel to be helpless?"

Lilith is speechless as she looks up to her husband and ponders the events
that have just took place.

"I know, you are wondering what has happened. How do you feel about what

"I feel ashamed and disgusted."

"But yet you were completely horny and willing to suck on Rebecca's pussy and
be fucked up the ass by me."


"You are a slut? You are also Rebecca's slave. You will do as she says for
the rest of the night. Tomorrow you will be another day and one you will
never forget. Rebecca she is all yours."

Rebecca smiles as she says "Lilith crawl over here and lick my ass." Lilith
begins crying as she crawls to her mistress and extends her tongue to her
mistresses shithole.

Frasier walks back to the camera and presses record. This will be great for
the boys.


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