Characters are based on the NBC sitcom Cheers. No infridgement is meant.
This is simply for the pleasure of the reader. It includes Mind control,
oral sex, anal sex, lesbians and other perversions. If these things offend
you please do not read any further. On the other hand, if this is your cup
of tea, enjoy yourself.

Cheers: Frasier's Revenge Part 3 - Carla Gets Licked (f/f,m/f)
by DW Lust

Next morning on her way to work Carla stops at an adult store to buy some
toys for her future slave. Carla looks at vibrators for a long time before
deciding on three different ones (all of different lengths and widths).
Carla also grabs a strap on dildo and a butt plug of medium size. Carla also
grabs a can of whipped cream before heading to the register. The cashier, a
man in his fifties, smiles a knowingly perverted grin. Carla reading his
mind gives her devilish grin and says "The toys are for my new sex slave, a
bitch who is going to learn how to pleasure her mistress." The old man
smiles as he gives Carla back her change.


Carla worked the first two hours of her shift completely horny. Rebecca had
shown up fifteen minutes ago and was again dressed to please. Today she was
dressed in a one piece sundress. It was obvious that she was not wearing a
bra. Her legs were enclosed by a pair of suntan nylons. Carla had a hunch
they were being held up by a garter. 'I will find out soon enough' Carla
thinks to herself. Rebecca's feet were wrapped in a pair of high heels shoes
with a sexy three inch heel. Carla, not being able to contain her eagerness
to use Rebecca, decides now was the time to make her move. "Sam, I'm going
to take my break," calls Carla.

"Sure thing," replies Sam.

Carla goes to the office and knocks on the door.

"Yeah, come on in," calls Rebecca. Carla comes in and Rebecca asks "What can
I do for ya Carla?"

Carla smiles and says "I saw you fuck the boys last night you slut." Rebecca
bows her head. Carla continues "now you are going to be my slave." Rebecca
looks up, but does not say a word. Carla goes to the closet and grabs her
bagful of goodies and says "Rebecca get on your hands and knees."

Rebecca, only hesitates a second, before she gets out of her chair and gets
on her hands and knees. Carla looks at Rebecca's legs and does indeed notice
that Rebecca is wearing garters. "Did you dress like a slut for me Becky?"

"Yes, I did," replies Rebecca who is beginning to be excited by her

Carla slips off her shoes and says "Kiss my feet slave." Without a word
Rebecca bends over and places her lips on Carla's feet. Carla lifts up her
foot and demands "suck my toes through my nylons bitch." Rebecca opens her
mouth and takes Carla's tiny foot into her mouth. She begins to suck on her
foot as if it was a cock. Carla smiles as she watches her slave do such a
degrading act so willingly. Carla bends over and opens the bag and grabs the
smallest of the three vibrators. "Take off your dress Becky," demands Carla.
Rebecca gets onto her feet and slips her dress off her gorgeous body. Again,
like Carla suspected she was not wearing a bra and to Carla's surprise she
was also panty-less. Carla's mouth dropped open when she looked at Rebecca's
cunt. It was hairless. Carla loved the look of a shaved twat. Carla handed
her slave the vibrator and told her "Get onto your desk and fuck yourself
with your toy." Rebecca did not need any encouragement as she jumped onto the
desk and in one quick motion slid the toy deep into her dripping cunt.
Rebecca fucked herself fast as she moaned and for a moment forgot that Carla
was there. Carla was getting extremely turned on by watching this slut fuck
herself and grabs the biggest vibrator and says "Here, fuck yourself with
this monster, tramp." Rebecca placed the smaller cock on the desk and
grabbed the massive penis and slid it into her waiting fuck hole. Carla,
watching Rebecca fuck her shaved cunt was to much and says "Beg your
mistress to suck your clit."

"Oh please mistress Carla suck my clit as I fuck myself with this huge cock.
Please let me cum all over your face." Carla dives in and begins sucking on
Rebecca's clit. "oh yeah, mistress, suck my clit, make me come,
uh-uh-uh-ahhhhhhhhhhhh," screams Rebecca as she orgasms from the double

Carla, who still has not orgasmed, walks to the couch and spreads her legs.
"Whore, crawl over here on your knees and ask permission to suck your
mistresses cunt."

Rebecca reluctantly takes the long, thick fuck toy out of her steaming cunt
and gets on all fours and crawls on her stocking-clad knees to her mistresses
cunt. Rebecca opens her mouth before she even gets there as she eagerly
dives into Carla's cunt. Rebecca licks her mistresses cunt like a child
licks an ice cream cone, fast and quick. Carla grabs Rebecca's head and
pushes it deep into her cunt. Carla rubs her juices all over Rebecca's
craving tongue. Carla grabs the can of whip cream and sprays it on her cunt
while Becky continues pleasing her. "Here is some extra flavour for ya slut,"
says Carla, "tell me how I taste."

"Hmmm, mistress, you taste so wonderful. Nothing tastes better then your
love juices."

Carla grabs the medium sized dildo and demands "Slave, take this vibrator and
fuck your mistresses' cunt." Rebecca grabs the toy and slides it into
Carla's cunt. Carla begins bucking her hips onto the fuck stick and screams
"Fuck me harder you useless piece of shit." Rebecca follows the demand and
begins fucking Carla like the cheap slut she is. After about the third
orgasm Carla stands up and tells Rebecca to bend over. Rebecca immediately
follows the latest order and awaits how she will be used next. Carla goes
back to her bag of toys and grabs the strap on dildo. She wraps it around
her waste and says "Slut, beg me to fuck your cheap ass."

"Mistress Carla, please fuck my shit hole, use my ass for your pleasure,
hmmm." Carla slides behind Rebecca and in one motion shoves her cock into
Rebecca's ass. "ahhhh," screams Rebecca as her ass becomes filled with a
plastic fuck toy. Carla begins fucking her slave faster as Rebecca orgasms
from the butt fucking.

Sam opens the door after hearing Rebecca scream and says "Rebecca you ok."
Sam sees what is going on and closes the door. "Oh, I see you are ok." Sam
drops his jeans and walks in front of Rebecca. "Carla, keep fucking the
sluts ass. Rebecca suck my cock." Rebecca takes Sam's cock into her mouth
and begins to move in motion as she bucks her hips back onto Carla's cock so
she can take it deeper into her slut ass.

Carla, turned on by Sam's cock, says "Sam, why don't you let me have your
cock. You know I have wanted it forever."

Sam smiles and says "You have a great body slut."

Carla shocked by the degrading words Sam had said replies "Excuse me."

"You heard me. You want my cock? Then you will become a slave like Rebecca.
You will do anything I say," replies Sam. "Becky, take my whole cock you

Rebecca goes deeper on Sam as Carla looks in amazement at Sam. After a
minute of contemplating the scenario, Carla says "Master, how may I serve

Sam smiles as he looks at his new slut. "Lick Rebecca's ass," demands Sam.
Carla looks disgusted, but slides her cock out of Rebecca's ass and replaces
it with her tongue. Sam turned on by the submission of Carla shoots a load
of cum down Rebecca's throat.

"Becky. Good slut. You are one good cocksucker. How does it feel to have
Carla licking her asshole."

"Hmmm, it feels good master."

"Rebecca grab the strap on and put it on."

"Yes master."

"Carla, ever been fucked in the ass?"


"Good, get on the couch and prepare to be fucked up the ass."

"I-I-I-yes master." Carla gets up on the couch and raises her ass high in
the air.

"Slide a finger in your ass slut." Carla slides a finger in her ass and
slowly moves it in and out. "Becky, fuck Carla's ass." Rebecca quickly
moves behind Carla and places the head of the cock at her ass. Rebecca
pushes forward and slowly penetrates Carla's virgin ass. "How does it feel
slut. Beg Rebecca to fuck your ass."

"Hmm, oh yeah, Becky fuck my ass, fill my shit hole with your fake cock.
Make me cum. Master, please treat me like the slut I am."

Sam's prick begins to rise to the occasion and he moves in behind Rebecca and
shoves his cock up her ass. Rebecca moans with pleasure and continues to
fuck Carla's ass. The threesome continues for a couple minutes until Sam
decides to reward his new slave. "Carla lay down on the couch and Rebecca
sit on her face." The two slaves get into there positions and Sam slides his
cock into Carla's waiting cunt. A distorted moan comes from Carla's mouth as
she finally takes Sam's cock into her slutty hole after all these years.
Rebecca begins to ride Carla's face as she is brought to yet another orgasm.
Sam, about to cum, pulls his cock out and shoots it all over Rebecca's
breasts. Rebecca quickly grabs the cum from her breasts and slips it into her

"OK sluts, get into a 69 and bring each other to another orgasm and then get
back to work," demands Sam as he grabs his pants and begins to get dressed.


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