CHEERS: FILLING AN EXECUTIVE POSITION (Wow, Miss Howe!!!) (+m/f,gangbang)
by [email protected]

Rebecca Howe was a bit miffed. Here it was after midnight and she was stuck
taking care of the bar. She had agreed to let the guys go to a baseball game,
and had been sitting in the bar alone for the last two hours. Well she
thought in another half hour she could close up and go home. The door opened
and in walked a half dozen men wearing nice suits. Rebecca instantly
recognized several of them as executives for the corporation that owned the
bar. "Welcome to Cheers gentlemen can I get you something to drink?"

"Napoleon brandy" one of the men replied.

"The best stuff you have. And pour one for yourself." He handed over his
corporate credit card. The men laughed and joked a bit until Rebecca brought
them their drinks. "Well, little lady I guess you work for the same company
we do. What's your name?"

"Rebecca Howe," she responded nervously, as always when dealing with higher
ups. She tasted her drink. It was excellent.

"Why haven't we seen you up at corporate?"

"Believe me, I've TRIED to get there. If you'll excuse me, I have to lock

Rebecca went to the front door and locked it, then headed back to he bar to
bring them another round. She took another sip of her drink, and the leader
spoke "You know, we could help you get up to corporate, if you'd like."

"I'd love it," she responded. "I'd do ANYTHING to become an executive."

A grin spread across his face. "Well, Rebecca, we were hoping to go to a
strip club tonight, but what with the politicians closing them all down we
couldn't find one. Would YOU strip for us?"

She was startled by the request. "No, no way absolutely not," Rebecca shot
back, although she was a bit flattered that someone would want to see her
strip. She had just lost a lot of weight, and thought that she looked pretty

"All right then, if you don't want to be an executive...." The man shrugged
and started to walk back towards his associates.

Rebecca thought about all the times she had failed trying to climb the
corporate ladder. Here an executive position was being handed to her and she
was turning it down flat! She grabbed the man's arm. "Do you mean if I strip
for you here and now I'll be an executive?"

"Come Monday morning," he responded. "A job at corporate headquarters, your
own office, six figure salary, the whole shebang. What do you say?"

Rebecca thought it over for a few a moments. For one bit of humiliation, all
her dreams would come true. How could she resist? She gulped down the last of
her drink and gave him a huge grin. "I say turn on the jukebox."

She lowered the shades on the windows then went into her office to get ready.
She reapplied her makeup and fixed her hair up.

A minute later there was a knock on the door. "Showtime Rebecca"

The brunette beauty walked to the door and opened it. Hearing a hard rock
tune on the radio she strutted out of the office, gratified to hear the men
applaud. They had pushed several tables together, forming a stage on which
she could dance. One man helped her step onto a chair, then up to the
tabletops. He then took a seat next to the other executives, arranged in a
semicircle before her. Rebecca danced a bit, then kicked of her shoes and
slowly peeled off her sport coat. The men hooted their approval.

"You like what you see," she teased, undoing the top two buttons of her
blouse. "You want to see more, boys, don't you."

She laughed as they cheered for more. Rebecca quickly undid the remaining
buttons and opened her blouse wide, revealing a sexy black lace bra. The men
cheered again. She smiled thinking this wasn't so bad after all. Rebecca
peeled off the blouse and tossed it aside. Now her hands went to the back of
her skirt, unzipping it and letting it fall to the ground revealing her
matching black panties. She danced a bit more as the guys called out
encouragement. She strutted across the stage, her hands reaching behind her
back to unclasp her bra. Rebecca opened it and slipped out of the straps,
holding the lace fabric against her large breasts, taunting the men. "Are you
ready for more?"

The half dozen execs let out a roar, and she flung the bra aside, revealing a
gorgeous set of tits. She kept dancing, moving around the makeshift stage and
fondling her breasts. She hadn't intended it, but being in control of all
these men, having them watch her every move, was getting her very excited.
Rebecca's hands went to her panties. She could feel the wetness between her
legs. My God, it had been so long since she'd been with a man. She inched the
panties down and off her legs, tossing them to the men arrayed before her.
She watched the man who caught them bury his nose in her panties and take a
deep whiff of her scent. She was very pleased, and getting more turned on by
the moment.

She continued dancing, occasionally opening her legs and flashing the men
with her pussy. Rebecca noticed that several of the men had taken their cocks
out and were stroking them along with her performance. This made her go wild.
She HAD to get off now. She lay down on the tabletops, spreading her legs for
the men and started playing with her pussy. Rebecca teased the execs for a
moment by playing with her pussy lips, then slipped a finger insider her
pussy, frigging herself madly, her other hand massaging her breasts.

The barmaid slipped a second finger into her herself and closed her eyes,
losing all awareness of her surroundings as she stroked herself to a monster
orgasm. Moments later, as her breathing slowly returned to normal, Rebecca
opened her eyes and turned her head to one side to see the men standing
before her, gazing in awe and stroking their hard cocks. One of the men
groaned and shot his load onto the floor. She sat up straight as another man
came. Not wanting to be left out, Rebecca reached out and took a man's prick
in each hand. She stroked them rapidly and the two men moaned with pleasure.
Another man put his cock right up to her face, and Rebecca decided to just go
for it. She lightly kissed the head of the cock, causing the man to explode
on her chin and chest as the two pricks in her hands fired off
simultaneously. Three more cocks took their place. The brunette stroked two
with her hands and licked the third with her tongue.

After a few moments Rebecca wrapped her lips around the guy's organ, making
him shoot his semen into her mouth. She turned to one side and spit it out
then moved one of the other cocks from her hand to her mouth. She quickly
went through the remaining men, bringing them off with either her flying
fingers or her luscious mouth. By the time she finished some of the first men
had their hard-ons back.

"Come on, baby." Several men took Rebecca's hands and helped her off the
platform. They led her over to a nearby table. Grabbing her waist, one guy
lifted her onto the table. "You ready to fuck, baby?"

Rebecca looked down at the large black cock hovering between her legs.

"Yes, I'm ready to fuck," she panted. "Fuck me, hard!" She spread her legs
and the man moved closer, sliding his cock up and down her outer pussy lips
and driving her crazy with desire. "Please, stick it in me," she begged.

Suddenly she felt the large cock thrust deep into her pussy. Rebecca had
never before had one so big.

"Oohhhh, yes," she moaned, falling back onto the table, her long dark hair
dangling over the edge. She thrust her hips upwards against the man in her
pussy as another man came around the far side of the table and pushed a cock
against her face. He rubbed it across her lips for a moment before she opened
her mouth and then pushed it inside, her tongue giving it a bath. She felt
several men start fondling her large breasts. The sensations were incredible.
Rebecca hadn't had sex in so long, and she loved it. This was magnificent!

She felt the man in her pussy pull out and shoot on her stomach. Someone
cleaned her off with a towel before another man slammed his prick into her
pussy. Rebecca concentrated on pleasuring the man her mouth and quickly
brought him off. She felt the man in her pussy withdrew and another moved
between her legs as a new man entered her mouth. She gave the men her all,
delighted to hear their groans of pleasure, but as they man in her mouth and
pussy shot off they weren't replaced.

Rebecca sat up and looked around disappointed to be empty. She eyed the men
standing around, their hard -ons sticking straight out. "Who's next?" she
asked, meaning to sound coy but just sounding slutty.

One man suggested, "Lets go in the other room."

He walked towards the poolroom, as Rebecca hopped off the table and happily
followed, along with the rest of the executives.

"I want to be on the bottom," the man explained as he climbed onto the pool

Laying down on the felt his hard on standing at attention. Several men helped
Rebecca onto the pool table. She straddled the man and used her hands to open
up her pussy.

Looking down on him, she purred, "Would you like me to fuck you?" He nodded
vigorously over and over, and Rebecca smiled and said, "I'll take that as a

She lowered herself down, letting his cock slip inside of her wet cunt, then
started to bounce up and down, letting out cries of pleasure. Another man
hopped up on the table and stood before her, offering his cock. Rebecca
opened her mouth and started sucking on him like a vacuum cleaner. She barely
noticed another man climb up behind her, his hands fondling her ass.

After a few moments, she felt his fingers probing between her ass cheeks and
thought about stopping him, but she was feeling so much pleasure sucking on
the cock in her mouth and riding the man beneath her, and besides, she had
liked anal sex back in college. She felt his prick at the entrance to her
ass. He slowly pushed it inside of her as she relaxed her muscles, allowing
him easier penetration. Rebecca began moving forward and back, up and down,
moaning in ecstasy around the cock in her mouth as she enjoyed the feeling of
the other two cocks inside of her.

Before long all three men shot their loads inside of her. She swallowed the
one man's jism and then yelled, "More! somebody fuck me!" her voice cracking
a bit with her need.

Now another man slid under her as someone else jumped on the table. Soon her
ass and pussy were full of cock again, and Rebecca was in heaven.

"Oh yes, fuck me hard!"

Another cock was presented to her face.

She cried "Becky wants cock!" and deep throated him. Her mouth worked
overtime, and he soon pulled back and shot his wad into her face. Rebecca
used her tongue to lick what she could from around her mouth, moaning, "IN
me, I want you to cum IN me."

Moments later, the man in her ass exploded deep inside her butt and her pussy
was filled again as well. The man under her crawled off the table but no one
took his place, though cocks quickly filled her ass and mouth again. Rocking
forward and back, Rebecca brought these two off, then two more men took their
places. She was disappointed that no one was filling her pussy, though her
mouth and ass were kept quite busy. The executives especially enjoyed fucking
her face until close to climax, then pulling out and spraying their juices
while rubbing their cocks all around her face. Soon she could barely see
through the coating of sperm, and simply kept her eyes closed. The boys
didn't seem to mind.

Eventually, Rebecca lost track of the number of men that had cum inside of
her. She felt someone take up position underneath her and simply rammed her
cunt down on his cock. This guy was really into it, playing with her tits and
thrusting up against her. She felt another cock enter her ass, and THIS one
was large. She slammed back against the cocks and suddenly felt another prick
pressing against her lips. Rebecca quickly opened her mouth and took it deep
down her throat. The guy began pumping in and out of her mouth as her tongue
responded. She had been losing interest but these three got her going again.

Soon after, the man thrust his cock hard against her face and shouted. "Oh

As he filled her mouth with his sperm, a tiny part of her brain reacted to
the familiar sounding voice. She opened her eyes and looked up to find,
"Frasier! Oh my God!!"

A voice from beneath her called out. "How ya doin' Miss Howe."

She looked down in shock to find Woody Boyd fucking her brains out. Rebecca
groaned, "Woody, you too?"

In response he simply grunted and filled her hole with his jism. "That's
not all, Rebecca" came an all too recognizable voice from behind her.

"You've got an incredible ass, Rebecca. If we'd known you were this good we'd
have fucked you a long time ago." Sam grunted and shot his load into her ass.
"And from now on, we're going to be giving this to you regularly, right
guys?" Sam looked around at the smiling execs.

One of the still coherent ones spoke up. "Oh yes, I think we've finally found
the proper position for our Miss Howe. And you'll be getting a special bonus
every weekend."

"And most weeknights, too," Sam chimed in, before climbing off the pool table
and walking out with the rest of the guys.

They left Rebecca lying limp and alone on the pool table. She rolled over and
started to play with herself, thinking about how her life would be quite
different from now on. Though she couldn't decide whether she was happy about
it or not....

the end


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