CHARMED pt . 3 Sunnydale
By Wonder Mike

The Incubus was called to Sunnydale, he didn't know why, he just felt the
need to go. He needed sex. That was what he lived for, it had been 12 hours
since he fucked.

It was night but he saw the high school, maybe there were some hot young
girls that he could satisfy.

He saw a light. It was the computer room. There was a woman alone. She looked
to old to be a student, she had straight jet black hair and a lean slender

Jenny Calender was a gypsy and learning witchcraft, there had been lots of
trouble being caused by a former ally.

The Incubus bounced on her without warning, it bent her over a desk and
started rubbing her ass. She squirmed and fought but it was too strong. The
incubus was letting out a scent like a dog in heat but it was slow to effect
Jenny. She was still struggling when the incubus slid four fingers into her
tight cunt, God she was tight, his enlarged fingers barely fit. He managed
to savagely ram them in to the knuckles though.

That was what Jenny needed, the scent kicked in and she was horny. The
incubus wouldn't let go though. he kept ramming his fingers into her cunt,
he had to loosen her up if she was going to take his 15 inches.

Jenny reached down and grabbed a cock, when she felt the second one she lost
control, she had to have him now. She pulled loose from the beast and dropped
to her knees, She wrapped her lips and began to suck. She was a pro, she had
two-thirds of that cock down her throat. The incubus reached down and rammed
three fingers from each of his hands into her sopping cunt.

Jenny's eyes had rolled up into her head, she didn't even notice it was a
demon that was fingering her. The demon bent her over the desk again and
slammed his cock into her tight cunt. It took two thrust before even he with
his super human strength to get it all the way in.

Jenny screamed in delight. She was rocking back trying to match the thrust
of the demon, of course she couldn't after all she was only human.

Incubus lifted her off her feet and was sliding her up and down on his cock.
Jenny reached back and screamed "Harder." The demon complied.

The incubus slipped his second cock into her virgin ass, there was no way she
could take all of that monster, was there?

Incubus laid on his back and let gravity do the work. Jenny had her feet in
the air and began to slide down both cocks, Gravity was too slow for incubus
so he grabbed the teacher and slammed him down on his cock. Jenny was about
to pass out when Buffy and Phoebe charged into the room.

Phoebe had found Buffy an hour ago, she told her about the incubus and that
it would be looking for someone to fuck. They were going to the school
library for weapons when they heard Jenny screaming.

Buffy pulled Jenny off the Incubus and she screamed "No." She needed more.

Phoebe grabbed Jenny and took her out of the room, Jenny was too weak to put
up much of a fight.

The incubus charged at the young blonde and Buffy replied with a kick to the
chest. The incubus went flying, it recovered and tried again, Buffy flipped
it into the wall, the incubus was losing.

Jenny ram back into the room and grabbed the demon. She needed more. The
incubus took her and flung her into Buffy and disappeared out the door.

Buffy was pissed off, this demon had to be stopped. Phoebe told her how to
stop the demon, and Buffy said "No way." There had to be another way. Her
adrenaline was flowing so hard the scent didn't get a chance to effect her.

The incubus was also pissed, that skinny blonde girl was tough and she hurt
him, she would pay.

He followed her and waited, Buffy took Miss Calender over to her best friend
Willow's house, she could watch her, she than went home to have a little
dinner and check in with her Mom before she snick out on patrol. When she
left, this was the opportunity the incubus had been waiting for.

Joyce, Buffy's Mom was all alone, she also hadn't been fucked in over 4
years, the incubus could sense this.

Joyce sensed the incubus before he even came in< she opened the door
willingly. She dropped to her knees and started to suck on both of his cocks,
she was also very good, not as good as the teacher, she only got a third of
the way down but she knew how to use her hands.

The incubus slammed his fist into Joyce, she was a lot looser than the
teacher, she had a child, that was why.

He started to work his other hand into the woman, this would teach that
blonde girl a lesson.

He laid Joyce on the ground and slammed his cock into her wet pussy, she took
it all easily, he worked her in and out and she screamed for more. It had
been so long.

The incubus slid his second 15 inch cock into her cunt, now she was full but
she was still taking it. The demon was fucking her harder and harder, no man
would ever satisfy her again.

He slipped three fingers into her ass, now Joyce couldn't take much more.
They had been going at it for over an hour. She finally passed out and the
incubus was ready to shoot his load. He knew to be careful because it would
leave him weak and very killable but Joyce had been unconscious for 15
minutes and there was nobody else around.

The incubus pulled out his two cocks and sprayed 2 quarts of cum over Joyce,
she was completely covered with his sperm, you couldn't even see her face.
He couldn't wait fir that young blonde girl to come home and see her mother.

He remembered that she had another friend, a cute redhead. He would pay her
a visit too.



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