Charmed Paet 2
By Wonder Mike

Prue had returned from work and immediately knew something was wrong, she
could sense it. She raced up to the bedroom and saw her young sister Piper
being fucked senseless.

The Demon turned and saw Prue, he was reluctant to release his fuck toy. He
lunged at the girl, dropping Piper. Prue was ready. She used her telekinetic
power to hold the demon. He was fighting to move forward but she was winning.

The battle raged on and Prue heard someone enter the house. She had ran
upstairs so fast, she had forgotten to shut the door.

A man entered the bedroom, not a man, a God, he was over six feet tall, with
long blonde hair, no body fat. He was gorgeous. Prue forgot about the demon,
their was something about this man.

She looked at him and he dropped hid pants, he was ready to go. The demon
grabbed Prue from behind and slammed his cock into her cunt. She was dripping
wet and horny. She rocked back against the demon so she could take him all,
she began to suck on her God's dick, it was humongeous, and kept growing in
her mouth. It was almost two feet long, and as thick as her calf. She
couldn't wait.

She forced her way from the demon and pushed the man over. She jumped on his
cock and began to ride him. She was jumping up and down on that massive
member. She was in heaven. The demon saw his chance, he slammed his top cock
into her ass, now Prue was screaming in delight, she was going out of her
mind. The demon released this and slipped his second cock into her pussy, she
was being triple penetrated and loving every minute of it. They fucked her
like that for an hour before the man came. Prue had long ago been fucked into

Piper recover and saw her sister being split in half and managed to freeze
the demon and the man.

By this time Phoebe had recovered. She immediately recognized her fantasy
man, she needed him badly but they had a demon to deal with.

The two sisters consulted the book of shadows and found a reference to the
demon. He was incubus, the only way to control him was for him to cum. Phoebe
was so horny she knew exactly what to do.

Piper kept the demon frozen and Phoebe climbed onto his cock. She was now in
control and she would give incubus the fucking of a lifetime. She rode him as
hard as she could Piper stood behind her lifting her up and down.

Piper was staring at the second cock and rationalized, that the demon had to
cum from both cocks. She climbed onto it facing her sister. They hugged each
other and rode the two cocks in unison.

Phoebe recovered and the sight of her sisters in ecstasy, drove her wild, it
had to be an effect of the incubus. She placed it's hand straight up and down
and sat on his frozen hand, now all three of the sisters were completely
full, They rotated so each of them got to sit on a cock and hand until after
two hours they finally couldn't take anymore. Phoebe and Piper each took a
cock into their mouths and began to suck for all they were worth. Prue than
joined Piper on one of the cocks. They each licked up and down the side of
one while Phoebe had managed to swallow half of the other one.

Both cocks exploded in unison, a quart of cum shooting out. Phoebe was on a
down stroke when he came and swallowed half of it. Piper and Prue were each
completely drenched, all three of the girls collapsed, there was no way they
could handle anymore, they were completely satisfied.

When they awoke the demon was gone, they hadn't destroyed it. Phoebe looked
into the future and she saw the demon. It was standing next to a sign.

Welcome to Sunnydale



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