Notes: This story takes place just before Prue Halliwell finally realises she
has a 2nd power, that of astral projection or bilocation ... which certainly
explains some of the very vivid, and mostly erotic, dreams that she has been
having ... they weren't dreams at all, they were all really occuring to the
astrally projected Prue!

Charmed: Vivid Dream? (MFF,bF,MF-mast,inc,voy,food,exhib,magic)
by Bob Decker ([email protected])

Halliwell house, 7:12pm

Prue yawned loudly, "I think I'd better be off to bed."

"Bed? Now? But Prue, it's just seven o'clock"

"Yeah, Phoebe, but I'm really tired. I've been all over town trying to get
the right photos and I just feel like sleeping now."

"Oh well, whatever you want. I'm going to the P3 to help Piper ... and maybe
chat up a few guys"

"Be good, Phoebe. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Yes, mother" Phoebe grinned at her older sister "does that mean I can give
a blowjob to that good looking guy you were dating last week?"

Phoebe had to leap out of the way of the couch pillow an embarassed Prue
threw at her. Phoebe would continue to rib her about that minor incident for
months and months. She'd been out drinking with this guy and she'd had one
too many vodkas and when this guy had driven her back home in her own car
she'd just flopped into his lap. It wasn't her fault that he'd pulled down
his zipper. It wasn't her fault that something large, thick and juicy had
popped out inches in front of her face. It wasn't her fault that she'd opened
her mouth and sucked at that large, thick and juicy item. It certainly wasn't
her fault that Phoebe had arrived home at the same time as that large, thick
and juicy item had decided to become even juicier and squirt her with white
stuff just as Phoebe happened to look into the car.

"You .. you little .. " Prue sputtered, but then she stopped before she'd
say something about her sister that she'd regret later. "Look, do whatever
you want but just be careful. Nowadays you can't tell if the cute guy who
chats you up is just a normal person or another demon intent on killing us."

"Ok, ok, I will sis," Phoebe said meaning quite the opposite and skipping
out of the door.

Prue shook her head disapprovingly, but inside she was smiling at her feisty
little sister. She yawned again. She really was exhausted. Turning off the
lights, she went upstairs to her bedroom and undressed. Prue slid into the
bed and was asleep in moments.

* * *

Downtown San Francisco, Singh's convenience store, 7.32pm

To an outside observor, it would have seemed incredible that Prue Halliwell
who had just gone to sleep in her bedroom suddenly appeared in the Singh's
convenience store between the "do it yourself" section and "magazines and
books" section. It would be even more surprising that Prue had gone to
sleep naked yet here she was fully dressed ... well, fully was somewhat of
an exageration. She was wearing black leather, high heeled boots that
reached above her knees, a very short black leather miniskirt that exposed
her luscious white skinned thighs and a black leather wraparound corset
that didn't quite fit her. It left two inches of her torso exposed from
her abundant cleavage down to her navel, held together by a few interlaced
strings that seemed just about ready to snap under pressure. She was, in a
few words, a sexy bombshell and one that had appeared seemingly out of
nowhere in the partially empty store. She was also the wilder part of the
normally calm and composed Prue Halliwell.

Prue glanced around her seemingly oblivious to the fact that in seconds she
was miles away from her bedroom. Maybe deep down inside her she was wondering
why she was dreaming of a store that she and her sisters occasionally bought
supplies from, but as happens in dreams, these things are often inexplicable
and what happens is usually forgotten seconds after one wakes up.

Just a couple of shelves away from her a teenager was reaching for an XXX
rated magazine on one of the top shelves. He looked around warily hoping that
nobody would see what he was doing, especially not his mother who was in
another part of the store. It was then that he spotted Prue and the magazine
fell from his numb fingers as he looked at this sexy apparition in total
astonishment. He had chosen this spot carefully making sure that noone was in
the vicinity and now this woman was right beside him. Prue stepped up to him,
bent over slowly allowing him a perfect view down her cleavage and picked up
the magazine. She leafed through the pages, seemingly unfazed by the images
of naked men and women posing in various sexual positions. She lingered over
the centerfold which featured a closeup of a pair of male genitals
penetrating a vagina simultaneously.

"Mmmmmhhh," she muttered, "this one's nice. I like your choice of reading
material," she said handing the magazine back to the teenager whose mouth was
gaping wide open. Prue left the stunned boy and headed for the front of the
store her butt swinging sexily as she walked on her high heels. The
mesmerized kid followed her unable to remove his eyes from her incredibly
sexy, barely covered rear end.

Behind the counter, near the till was the owner of the convenience store,
Rajah Singh. He handed some change to a client and looked up as Prue
approached his counter from inside the store. He recognised her immediately
as she and her sisters were some of his better looking clients, but he
couldn't help noticing that she was extremely sexy this evening. He was a
bit surprised because he would certainly have noticed her coming in for the
entrance to the store was just next to his counter yet he hadn't. Maybe when
he had been distracted by another client moments before? Rajah shrugged.
Whenever she had come in, she certainly was pleasing to his tired eyes and
a bright moment in an otherwise dull evening.

"Good evening, Miss Prue," he told her in his heavily accented English, "what
can I do for you tonight?"

"I don't know ... " Prue said looking around. Her eyes lit up as she looked
at the fruit section to one side of the counter. "I'll take one of those,"
she said pointing at a bunch of bananas.

"Aaaah," Mr. Singh said, "you want the whole bunch?"

"No, just one please .. that large one there near the top."

Mr. Singh handed the banana over to her. "Anything else, Miss Prue?"

"Yes, can you help me up here please."


"Help me get up on the counter," Prue asked the astonished Mr. Singh again.

Whyever would the young lady want to get up on his counter Rajah Singh was
wondering, but he held her hand as she climbed up and then sat on the edge
of the counter her back towards him.

"Thanks," she said looking around and smiling widely at him with her
beautiful heart shaped face. Then she did something that almost caused him
a heart failure ... indeed his heart must have skipped several beats as the
sexily clad woman sitting on his counter hitched up her miniskirt and pulled
down the smallest, wispy bit of material that some might have called a panty
but in Mr. Singh's eyes resembled more closely a bit of string. She tossed
it onto the counter near his hand and it took all of his willpower not to
grab it and put it against his nose to inhale her womanhood's scent. The
shocks to Mr. Singh's system weren't over. Prue had grabbed the large, yellow
banana and ... and ... he gasped loudly ... proceeded to insert it into her
body, more specifically into her cunt!!!

"Miss Prue, Miss Prue," he begged, "what are you doing in my shop? Please
stop this obscene act before you are seen. If police pass by they will arrest
you and me for letting this happen."

But Prue only stopped for a moment to spit some saliva onto the banana as
lubricant and then continued to push it in even deeper into her now wide
open slit much to Mr Singh's consternation. Each time the large fruit entered
her she arched her back and moaned loudly. Her cries were beginning to
attract the other customers in the store towards the front counter. The young
boy who she had met first had been watching from behind a stack of cartons
but when he saw what was going on he stepped forward to watch the action from
a closer viewpoint. His hand was in his pocket and was moving furiously back
and forth as he saw his first ever, real life female genitalia spread wide
before him just feet away.

Another customer, an old lady carrying a walking cane finally saw the show
Prue was putting on. She waved the cane in the air and cried out, "You dirty
slut ... you ... you wicked fornicator," and she hobbled out of the store as
quickly as she could.

Mr. Singh was literally dancing nervously on his feet and holding his
turbaned head with both hands. "I am finished," he cried, "noone will ever
come to my store anymore. I'll be in prison and my wife will leave me. What
am I going to do? Miss Prue, please stop your horrible actions."

Prue had no intent of stopping. If anything she was stuffing the impromptu,
fruity dildo even more rapidly into her hole as she became wetter and it
became easier to slide it in. Strands of her black hair fell across her face
and clung to it as a sheen of perspiration covered it due to her strenous
action. She was going to come soon, the banana was larger than some of the
cocks she'd been fucked by and the public place she was doing this in had
made her very hot. She spotted the kid she had talked to minutes earlier and
smiled when she noticed he was masturbating as he watched her as this turned
her on even more. Prue stopped pumping for a moment to wave at him and beckon
him forward, "Come closer."

The boy looked around to make sure she was talking to him and after realising
that this hot babe really meant him, he went up to her his hand still in his
pocket jerking off his pecker.

"Would you like to help me?"

"Err ... yeah ... yeah," he stammered finally finding his voice as his eyes
shifted between her face and her crotch were the banana was sticking
obscencely out of her wet pussy.

"Good ... grab hold of that banana and ram it in and out as fast as you can
so that you'll make me cum."

He just couldn't believe his ears. "What!?" he croaked.

"You heard me," Prue said, "now be a good boy and do it," she batted her
eyelids at him and he blushed even more deeply. Behind the counter Mr. Singh
was still muttering under his breath about what would befall him but he had
sat on his stool and his hands were occupied with rubbing the bulge in his

Finally the kid understood what the woman wanted him to do and worked up
enough courage to do it. He gingerly grabbed hold of the end of the banana
and his hands trembling slightly he pulled it out of her vagina, then he
reinserted it slowly back into the pink, fleshy hole and he watched in
amazement as a small rivulet of clear fluid seeped out from around the
banana and flowed down her thighs and onto Mr. Singh's counter.

"Aaaaagh ... that's it," moaned Prue, "now do it quicker and push it in
deeper, as far as it will go."

Following Prue's orders, the boy forgot about his fear of being discovered
and proceeded to fuck the woman with the banana with one hand and with the
other he managed to undo his pants and free his erection and began to jack
of with wild abandon. Prue lay back, her arms splayed out behind her, hands
grabbing the rear edge of the counter as she held on as the kid pushed the
banana into her faster than she ever imagined he could. Her breasts strained
at the leather corset each time she moaned in ecstasy and her nipples were
so hard they actually stretched the tight material.

Unnoticed by Prue, the kid or even Mr. Singh, a young couple of newlyweds
entered the store. They were on their honeymoon and today was going to be
their first night together. Both came from deeply religious families so both
of them hadn't had sex before and though they both knew that they would have
sex tonight neither of them had the courage to suggest it to the other. So
they had left their motel for a walk to calm their mutual nerves down and
they decided to pop into the store to buy some cookies. Sheila was the first
to notice the woman on the counter and she just couldn't believe her eyes.
What was that kid doing to her? Then she spotted the banana going in and out
of her ... her ... her ... she fainted. Mark grabbed his young wife as she
fell to the floor and then he too noticed what was going on and he dropped
her in shock. But he didn't faint - unlike his wife, he got a hardon!

Meanwhile, Prue was in total ecstasy, her breaths coming in short, panting
gasps until finally she came. Her hips bucked wildly at the air as tremors
ran along her entire body in a massive orgasm. The kid was taken by surprise
and he let the banana slip from his grasp. He watched in amazement as Prue's
spasming cunt sucked it in another 1 inch then literally spat it out along
with a spray of semi-transparent fluid that flew through the air and landed
on his hands and t-shirt. The aroma wafting up from Prue's groin was
tremendously erotic and the boy came immediately, his dick squirting cum onto
Prue's leather boots, her lovely thighs and onto Mr Singh's counter. Prue lay
back after this exchange of bodily fluids basking in the glow of sexual
release and the kid just collapsed onto the floor below her.

"Samuel!" It was a cross between a shriek and a scream. It came from the
mouth of a woman in her late thirties who had just come to the counter
pushing a trolley full of goods and who had seen her son sitting on the
floor his dick hanging limply out of his pants and a woman lying naked
from the waist down on the counter above him. It was the kid's mother and
she didn't know what to make of the scene that she saw before her. What
had her son been up to now? She usually caught him sneaking a peek at some
porno rags whenever she took him to a store but this was ... this was ...
she just couldn't think of words to describe this shocking scene.

"Samuel!" she cried again, this time her son heard her and stood up, trying
to stuff his shriveling dick back into his pants.

"Mom ... it's not what you think it is ... I didn't do anything ... she made
me do it ... she was ..."


His mother's open palm left a stinging welt across his cheek and he stifled
a sob, lowering his head trying to avoid any further blows.

At the sound of flesh striking flesh, Prue got up and looked at Samuel's mom.

"Don't do that," Prue warned her, "don't you ever hit this dear boy,
especially not after he's given me so much pleasure."

The woman was too shocked at what this ... this ... slut ... was saying.
Pleasure? Her son had given her pleasure? Of all the things ... the little
bitch ... She raised her arm again, this time to slap Prue but Prue was
quicker. She waved a hand and the woman flew a couple of feet backwards
through the air and landed on her ass, all this without any direct contact
between them, for Prue had the power of telekinesis.

"Mom, mom", Samuel said running towards his mother.

"Don't worry, she's alright, just stunned," Prue told him as she down from
the counter. Then a wicked glint appeared in her bright green eyes. She waved
her hands again, and the woman's clothes were partially ripped from her body.
For a woman approaching her forties she still had a sexy, firm body with
average sized breasts topped by large nipples and it wasn't the first time
that Samuel had fantasized about seeing his mother naked ... and doing
certain things to her when she was naked. Now she was lying naked before him,
his fantasies having come true and his cock swelled up again.

Prue smiled when she saw this and she nodded at him. "Go ahead. Do whatever
you want, she won't be stopping you when I'm around," and she used a small
portion of her powers to mentally block the movement of the women's limbs as
her son began to caress her breasts and pinch her nipples.

"This is cool!" Samuel said grinning from ear to ear.

The woman's eyes opened wide in shock as Samuel touched her tits but she
couldn't speak even though her mouth moved. This is wrong! He's my son! Stop
him, you bitch! she was trying to say, but noone heard her and her son
continued to paw her lewdly all over her body. Samuel soon became interested
in what his mother had below her waist and his hands moved down between his
mom's legs. Though her skirt had been ripped off by Prue, she still was
wearing panties but with a bit of encouragment from Prue he pulled them down
and examined the hairy bush. Feeling very brave now his fingers lingered
over his mother's mound. He caressed it gently until the slit began to widen
slightly of its own accord as his mother, putting aside her rational
thoughts, began to get excited by her sons probing. Samuel finally parted
the labia with his fingers and watched in fascination as the inner petals of
moist flesh spread themselves. He touched them gently until at the uppermost
part of her slit, a bit of flesh emerged from beneath a ridge of skin, just
below her bush. This must be the clitoris they mentioned in the magazines he
thought amazed that he had made one appear himself. He was so excited now
that he needed immediate relief or his balls would burst ... what was he
going to do?

Prue again came to his rescue and mentally forced the woman's legs to spread
wide open and this was all the invitation Samuel needed. Though he had gotten
his rocks off already on Prue, he was hard again and literally salivating at
the thought of fucking his mother. The kid clumsily shoved his dick into the
hairy cunt and grunted in joy when it finally found the right path into the
warm, wet tunnel. It was his first time inside a woman and he went crazy.
His hips bucked wildly, ramming his short dick in and out and he came
immediately, spraying cum into his mother and then onto her bush and stomach
when his penis popped out of her. Prue noticed the woman was smiling now and
released her mental grip.

"Oh my little boy, that was so nice," the woman said surprising Samuel who
having come back to his senses half expected his mother to slap him silly
after what he'd done. "I've always dreamt that one day my little boy would
become a man and take me and now thanks to that woman it has happened." She
smiled at Prue, then pulled Samuel up from his position between her legs
and made him straddle her chest. Much to Samuel's and Prue's amazement, she
began to suck on the kid's dripping dick making it hard once again as she
cleaned off her juices and his cum from it with her tongue.

Prue shook her head .. this sex is contagious, she thought as she looked
around the store.

From behind the counter Mr. Singh was still rubbing his groin and the bulge
had grown so large that it threatened to burst his pants.

Prue's eyes settled on the young couple, the woman still lying on the ground
where she had fallen with her husband kneeling beside her cradling her head
on his lap.

"Sheila, Sheila, wake up, please," he was saying as Prue walked up to them.

"What's wrong with her?" Prue asked the guy.

"She fainted when we came in and saw you ... " he stopped in midsentence and
blushed as he looked up at Prue finally seeing her up close for the first
time and seeing how stunning she was in her black leather outfit.

"When she saw me getting fucked by a banana?" she finished the sentence for
him and Mark nodded even more embarrassed.

Prue knelt down next to the girl and felt for the pulse on her neck. It was
strong and she just seemed to be asleep. "She'll be ok," she said looking
straight in Mark's blue eyes "and what about you? How are you feeling?"

Mark looked back into her sexy green eyes and tried to say something but it
caught in the back of his throat. He tried again and this time it came out,
"I ... I'm fine ..." and he continued much to his own amazement "... and ...
and you're so beautiful ... so sexy."

Prue smiled at him, her high cheekbones rising and her cheeks dimpling making
her even prettier. "That's what everyone says when they want to fuck me," she
told him.

"Oh ... no ... no ... I didn't mean ... you see ... " Mark stammered.

Prue let him go on for a few more seconds and instead of speaking she undid
the knot that was the only thing holding up the string on her corset and it
fell off her chest. Mark's mouth gaped as Prue's beautiful, full globes of
flesh topped with pink nipples popped free of their constraint and stood
proudly before him. He couldn't stop his hands from letting go of his young
wife's head and reaching out to grab one of those fleshy tits in each hand.
He kneaded the malleable flesh and rubbed the thick nipples between his
fingers making Prue purr with pleasure.

"Oh yes ... rub them harder ... oh, that's so good."

Minutes must have passed before he noticed that his wife's head wasn't
resting on his lap anymore. Instead he realised that the zipper of his
jeans had come undone and that his huge erection was hanging free of his
underpants. Strange, he thought, he hadn't tried to pull out his cock
even though he'd have loved to ... yet he could feel the cool air flow
around it. Then he gasped as wet lips closed around the head of his penis
and he let go of Prue's tits for a moment and looked down.

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed, "Sheila .... what are you doing?"

But Sheila couldn't talk, she had her mouth full of his erect member. His
young wife whom he had thought was such a prude about sex, was sucking on
his cock while he groped the tits of a woman he didn't even know.

"Oh Sheila ..." he muttered contentedly as his aching dick got some relief
in her hot mouth.

"Come on. Are you just going to stay there and get a blowjob? What about me?"
Prue insisted pushing her bare tits against his chest.

"Oh, sorry" Mark said never having had sex with one woman, let alone two at
the same time he hardly knew how to proceed. He again pawed at Prue's large
tits as his young wife suckled on his cock making gurgling sounds like a
content baby sucking on a bottle of milk.

"Ok, now rub me here" Prue told him guiding one of his hands down to between
her legs. She pulled up her miniskirt again so that he had easy access to her
groin and she relaxed and waited for him to do the rest. It didn't take long
for him to find her slit, still soaking wet from her encounter with the
banana and slide his middle finger into her. He did it slowly as he thought
he would hurt her but then she mouthed "faster" at him and he remembered the
monster banana that moments ago had been inside her he got into the spirit of
the moment and he finger fucked her as fast as he could get his hand to move.

Suddenly he felt teeth scraping gently across his cock and he looked down
at Sheila. She looked up at him and her eyes darted to Prue where she had a
great upskirt view of him fingering her. Mark tensed thinking that his wife
didn't approve of how he was touching the naked, raven haired beauty before
him but she smiled up at him with a mouthful of his cock between her lips
and he realised that she had gotten over her inhibitions and was actually
enjoying every moment of this threesome.

Prue was enjoying it too, but her hands weren't occupied. Mark's cock was
already taken so what was left? She grinned. His good looking wife Sheila was
lying next to her only an arm's reach away and she bent forward careful not
to dislodge Mark's fingers from her pussy. She pulled up Sheila's long skirt
and was pleasantly surprised to see that she was wearing a pink garter belt
but no panties. That must have been something that the young woman had been
planning for the first night with her husband and Mark's eyes bulged as he
noticed it too. Part of his surprise was that Prue had raised his wife's
skirt and had began to touch her pubic mound.

"Hey ..." he began to tell Prue to stop but Sheila finally took his cock out
of her mouth for a moment.

"Mark, please leave her touch me, I really need it now."

"Oh Sheila, really? I love you so much babe."

"You two are such cute lovebirds," Prue told them as she stuck a finger up
Sheila's virginal cunt and rubbed her little clit with her thumb.

Sheila moaned and bucked her hips at Prue's hand, then went back to
swallowing Mark's cock in earnest as pre-cum seeped from his pisshole at
the intensely erotic sight of his wife being fingerfucked by Prue as he
in turn fingerfucked her. Prue then inserted another finger, and another,
and another ... until she was masturbating Sheila with four fingers. Mark
looked on excitedly and followed suit with his own hand sticking all his
fingers into Prue's hot snatch. Her fully unsheathed clit was scraping
against the back of his palm until he rotated his hand until his thumb was
in a position were he could rub it back making Prue cry out with pleasure.

The three of them remained in this position for several more minutes until
Mark couldn't take it any longer.

"I'm cumming," he grimaced trying to hold it in for a while longer.

Prue pulled out her fingers from Sheila and lay down over the younger woman,
their breasts pressing together. Surprised Sheila let go of her husband's
cock and Prue kissed her on the mouth, their lips joining together as Prue's
tongue probed Sheila's mouth. Then Prue turned her head sideways and flicked
her tongue at the head of Mark's cock bringing him over the edge. He came and
his thick, white semen splashed over Prue's and Sheila's faces coating them
in the sticky goo.

"Oh God," he moaned as he looked down at the women's cum covered faces and
the sight made him cum again adding to the mess.

This time Sheila kissed Prue and they both giggled when Mark's cum dribbled
into their mouths and they swapped the love juice. Mark's cock jerked again
and again as he watched the two hot minxes snowball his cum, but this time
only a few drops emerged his balls having been sucked dry. When Prue's mouth
was empty, she licked at Sheila's cheeks to collect the cum lying there, then
she again spat it into Sheila's waiting open mouth. She swallowed some of her
husband's man juice then transferred it back to Prue who in turn swallowed
it. They continued at this until they had cleaned up most of the cum from
each other's pretty faces, then Prue looked at them with a startled look on
her face and ... disappeared.

Mark and Sheila looked on in amazement as the hot babe vanished into thin
air, her outline shimmered as a red glow in the air for a moment then she
was gone completely. The two newlyweds were too exhausted by their sexual
exertions to really have a clear mind to realise that what they had just
seen wasn't possible, that it could only be magic.

From his position behind the counter, Mr. Singh finally came in his underwear
as he surveyed his shop which had become something out of a scene from the
Kama Sutra, as all the participants ... Sheila, Mark, Samuel and his mother
all had another round of sex even in Prue's abscence. Other customers who
came into the shop participated until the wild all night orgy had spilled out
into the street and a riot squad had to be called in to separate the madly
copulating couples, threesomes and foursomes with water cannon.

* * *

Halliwell house, 8.14 am the following morning

Prue woke up and stretched feeling refreshed from her good night's sleep.
She couldn't remember exactly what she had been dreaming about but from the
wetness between her legs it must have been good, she thought grinning.

Below she heard the sounds of Piper and Phoebe preparing breakfast and she
took a quick shower, dressed and went down to join them.

"Hi Prue," Piper greeted her, "we've run out of sugar and we're almost out
of soap too. I have to clean up the P3 from last night's show, so I was
wondering if you could run down to Singh's store and get all the stuff we

"Sure," Prue replied, "I haven't been there in a while. Mr. Singh is such a
nice guy, I'm sure he'll be happy to see me."

Prue was going to be quite surprised by the reception Mr. Singh was going to
give her!

The End


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