Trance TV: Charmed
by Tranceman

Thanks to Anynom for the idea and Mesmer Eyes for a pic that helped me
figure it out. Hope you like it.

"I still can't believe this," Jack said, shaking his head in amazement
at the video.

"Look, man, you're seeing it now, right?" his roommate Scott replied,
pointing to the screen. "I didn't believe it when I saw it either but face
the facts. These three are witches."

When Scott had burst into their room that evening babbling about witches
owning a bar, Jack had naturally assumed his buddy had had a little too much
to drink. But when Scott showed the video he had smartly decided to tape when
the action started, Jack had found himself forced to face the truth: That he
was looking at three witches.

The Halliwell sisters, Scott had called them, the ones who ran P3. It
was pretty much a play on their names: Piper, Prue and Phoebe. They looked
like sisters, all with long dark hair and bodies to die for. Phoebe was a
voluptuous brunette with a taste for low-cut outfits and shirts that accented
her ample chest. Prue was about as built with just as big a taste for flash.
Piper was a bit more laid-back then her sister but no less beautiful.

Jack had watched the tape in shock as the trio fought some sort of
blue-skinned creature in an alleyway. As Jack watched, Piper waved her hands
and the demon froze in mid-air as it tried to leap at the sisters. There was
a head shrug from Prue and it went smashing into a wall, allowing Phoebe to
rush over and stab it with a handy knife.

"What do you think?" Scott said as he turned the tape off.

"I think you've got something the news would pay big time for," Jack
said, shaking his head.

"Screw the news, man! Did you see them? Did you see how hot they are?"

"Hard to miss," Jack shrugged. "But what's that got to do with

"Dude, come on! We've got three gorgeous sisters and they're witches.
Can you imagine how hot they'd be in the sack?"

Jack stared at his friend, not believing this. "We've got proof of
demons and magic existing in modern times and all you can think about is
using this to blackmail these three into sex?"

"No, no, no, you don't get it," Scott said, shaking his head. "The whole
witch thing is a side-product, getting to bang them all is what I was there

"You've totally lost me," Jack said to Scott, not for the first time.

"Remember what I've told you about my grandfather's old watch?"

"Oh, please be kidding me," Jack said, rolling his eyes.

"Hey, it works, I've used it plenty of times to get some. Only now I'll
be able to do it for a hotter prize than ever. And I'll even let you have
first crack at the first one, okay?"

"I don't know," Jack said, biting his lip.

"Well, better hurry up and decide quick because the first one's coming
over now," Scott said matter-of-factly.

"Excuse me?" Jack answered with wide eyes.

"Well, I just couldn't wait so I dropped a note with that one, Piper,
and told her I had the tape and all and I'd share it with the cops if she
didn't come over here right now."

"Ah, dammit, Scott!"

"Dude, relax, I know I can make this work. Trust me. In or out?"

Looking up to the ceiling, Jack sighed. "Fine, fine, in." As soon as he
said it, a knocking came on the door. Scott reached over to open it to reveal
Piper standing there, still wearing the outfit from the tape, a loose dress
that accented her body. She carefully stepped in, looking from one to the
other. "Piper Halliwell," she introduced herself. "Which one of you left the

"I did," Scott smiled. "This is my buddy, Jack."

"Okay, look, you two have no idea what you're messing with here," Piper
said. "So, how about you just hand me the tape and forget you ever saw it,
got it?"

"I don't think so, Piper," Scott smiled. "My buddy and I have more in
mind before we give you the tape. Jack, if you'd get it, please?"

Rolling his eyes, Jack moved to the VCR and reached down, ejecting the
tape, and standing up. Sighing, Piper waved her hand and Jack froze in place
before Scott's stunned eyes. Piper reached over and took the tape from Jack's
hand and turned to Scott. "Okay, buddy, it'll wear off in a bit but keep in
mind you don't want to mess with me or my sisters, okay? So just forget

Licking his lips, Scott took his hand out of his pocket and pulled out
his grandfather's antique watch, the surface shining in the lights of the
room. Scott began to swing it from side to side, letting it flash a bit with
every swing, Piper's eyes tracking it. "I think you're the one who wants to
forget things, Piper. I think you want to forget all your worries and all
your anxieties. I think you want to forget all about the tape too, you want
to forget anything except watching the watch, Piper, just watch the watch,
Piper, just watch the watch, watch it swing back and forth, back and forth,
Piper, back and forth, back and forth."

Piper's eyes followed the watch's movements, eyes glazing as they did.
The way women fell under its sway made Scott wonder if there was maybe a
little magic to the watch itself. Ah, well, that was another problem for
another time. For now, he was concentrating on Piper, who was concentrating
on the watch, her eyes following its back and forth movements as she slowly
fell under its power. "You're sleepy now, Piper, so sleepy, so very, very
sleepy. As you watch the watch swing back and forth, back and forth, you feel
more and more sleepy by the minute, so sleepy, Piper, so very, very sleepy.
You want to close your eyes, Piper, you want to close your eyes and go to
sleep, Piper, you want to close your eyes and go to sleep. A deep, deep,

Piper's eyes fluttered shut, her head slumping as she fell under the
power of the watch. Scott took a few moments to talk to her softly, deepening
her trance state until he was sure she would do whatever he said.

Scott glanced over to where Jack still stood frozen, arm slightly
outstretched. "Piper, unfreeze Jack." Slowly, Piper waved a hand and Jack
came back to life, blinking about. "What the hell happened?" he asked.

"Dude, she froze you," Scott said, shaking his head. "Froze you in time
just like that demon."

"You're kidding me," Jack said, staring at the hypnotized Piper. He
glanced to his watch, then at the clock, seeing that several minutes had
passed on the clock his watch didn't count, then back at the mesmerized
Piper. "Shit, you did it."

"Yep," Scott muttered, nodding. "Okay, Piper, how long has it been since
you were with your husband?"

"A week....." Piper whispered. "He's been gone.....Out of town......"

"You miss having sex with him, don't you, Piper?" Scott said.

"Yeah......." Piper replied.

"Yeah, you miss that sex, Piper, you can feel yourself wanting sex, you
can feel yourself wanting sex right now, Piper, you can feel yourself wanting
sex right now."

"Yeah," Piper muttered, her hands drifting down to her pussy, rubbing it
through the fabric of her dress. "Yeah, right now, right now......"

"Okay, Piper, take off all your clothes and when you're naked, go at it
with Jack," Scott smiled.

"What?" Jack said, still taken aback at what was happening. He was
amazed to see Piper pull her dress over her head, showing her firm, pointed
breasts with the nice tight nipples prominent. She dropped her panties,
showing her nice trim bush as she moved onto Jack, kissing him on the mouth
as she pushed him onto his bed.

Jack was amazed as Piper reached down and took his zipper in her
fingers, yanking it down along with his jeans to free his cock. She mounted
him, sliding herself onto his rod and began bouncing back and forth on it,
her hands moving up Jack's chest, sliding away his shirt as she moved on his

"Ohhhh....." Piper moaned, her thighs clenching around Jack's cock as
his hands moved up to her breasts, cupping and squeezing them as she kept
rocking on his cock. "Ugh!" Jack grunted as Piper rode him. "Ahhhhh, yeah,
yeah!" Piper said, her thighs clenching around his cock as she rocked on him

"What'd I tell you, Jack?" Scott grinned as he watched the hypnotized
woman ride Jack hard. "Witch or no, my grandfather's old watch still works
the magic."

"Sure.....does!" Jack grunted as Piper kept rocking on him.

"With her under our power, it won't be long before we can round up her
two gorgeous sisters too. Right?'


"Hurry it up, Jack, it's my turn next."


"THERE!!!!!!" Jack yelled as he shot his wad up into Piper who threw her
head back. "YEAHHHHH!" she shrieked as she felt him release. Jack sighed as
Piper fell onto him. He glanced up at Scott, who had that same goofy smile on
his face. "What?"

"Check the clock," Scott said. Jack did, then his watch and was stunned
to see he had once again lost twenty minutes. "She froze you in place and
rode you and came twice before letting you loose," Scott said, taking off his
clothes. "Take a look and see if she does the same for me."

"Sure," Jack said, watching as Scott took Piper up and moved her onto
her back, ready for another bout of lovemaking.
_ _ _

As it happened, Piper only froze Scott for about ten minutes while she
sucked off his cock, all to Jack's amazed look. The memory of the encounter
filled his mind as he made his way up the walk to the Halliwell manor.
Whoever this Leo guy was, he was a lucky bastard, no doubt about it. For now,
thoughts of Piper were pushed aside as Jack figured out his plan for the next

In between turns of fucking, Piper had told both men all they wanted to
know about her sisters and thier powers, enough for the two guys to plan out
thier method of getting the other two Halliwells under their power. After
some talking from Scott, Jack felt he was ready to do this.

He rang the doorbell and it didn't take long for Prue to open the door.
The most put together of the three sisters, both in terms of body and mind,
she seemed a tad suspicious of Jack, not surprising given the sisters'
encounters with danger over the years. She was wearing a simple robe,
apparently just coming out of the shower, her long dark hair slightly wet as
she brushed it, looking at Jack. "Yeah, can I help you?"

"Um, yeah, I understand you're involved with that bar P3?" Jack said,
trying to keep his tone light. "I found something there I think someone might
have dropped it," Jack said, holding up the shiny watch. "Just take a good
look at it and see if it look familiar?"

"Don't remember anyone reporting a lost watch," Prue said, looking at it
as it spun lightly just above her vision.

"Are you sure? Just look closely at it, I think you really have to look
closely at it. Just look at it very closely, very closely, just look at it
very, very closely, just keep your eyes fixed on it. Just keep your eyes
fixed right on the watch, just watch the watch, focus on the watch, try to
block out everything but the watch and my voice, the watch and my voice, just
focus only those, Prue, focus only on the watch and my voice, the watch and
my voice. Focus more and more on the watch, Prue, more and more on the watch,
just look right at the watch, Prue, right at the watch, right at the watch,
only at the watch....."

It was only minutes before Prue and Jack were in the Halliwell living
room, kissing like mad as they tore their clothes off. Jack pushed Prue down
onto the floor, spreading her out as he moved onto her, his hands roaming
over her large breasts as he started pumping his cock into her.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, do it!" Prue moaned, her arousal turned on as Jack
pushed his cock in and out of her, pumping her hard. Jack grunted, his face
moving over her great chest, pushing her breasts together as he licked at
the nipples, turning Prue's arousal on full blast after his hypnotic

"Uuhhhhhh......" Prue moaned as she felt Jack's cock work into him, her
legs wrapping around his waist, feet hooking near his naked ass as he kept
right on pumping into her. "Ummm," Jack got out as his mouth moved over
Prue's breasts, kissing and licking at them as he kept right at Prue, his
hard cock roaming in and out of her pussy with abandon. "Oh, god, I'm
coming!" Prue shrieked. "I"m cominggggggg!" She howled as Jack blasted into
her, relaxing her body as Jack whispered into her ear.......
_ _ _

It was tricky to get a naked, hypnotized woman, clad only in a coat,
into his dorm, but Jack managed. He opened the door and led the entranced
Prue inside, the two seeing, although only Jason knew he was seeing it, Piper
sucking off Scott's cock. Scott was in a funny position, his face frozen to
let Jack know Piper had done the time thing again, her arousal on all the
time thanks to the duo.

Piper waved her hand and Scott came out of it just in time to shoot his
wad down her throat. "FUCKKKKK!" he yelled as he let loose. He looked over to
where Jack stood. "She did it again, huh?"

"Husband's a lucky man," Jack smiled as he pulled off Prue's coat,
exposing her naked body. Scott moved to her, kissing her long and hard as he
pressed her against the wall, hands running over her large breasts. Jack
moved towards Piper, both men with their thoughts on the third figure yet to
arrive onto the scene.
_ _ _

Phoebe's steps were as rushed as her body as she drove herself to the
limits running to the college. The vision had hit her right in the middle of
the lunch, a vision of Piper with a knife to Prue's throat and a flash of
where they were. Phoebe didn't bother wondering what this meant, she had to
help her sisters.

She barreled through the hallways, not pausing by any of the students as
she headed to the door number her vision had shown. She jiggled the knob and,
not sensing any resistance, burst in and froze solid at the sight before her.

Prue was on her hands and knees as some guy fucked her doggy-style.
Across the room, Piper was under some other guy as he licked out her cunt
from behind, roaming over her ass as he did. Phoebe's jaw dropped and her
shock was so great she didn't even hear the cries as both her sisters came
hard and fast.

The two men seemed to notice her for the first time and stood, smiling.
Phoebe briefly glanced at their still hard cocks before up at them. "What
have you done to my sisters?" She hissed, wishing to hell she had something
more than visions to use against them.

"Hypnotized them," Jack replied with a grin. "Made them into the perfect
little sluts. Oh, and something else too."

"Piper, demon Prue mode." Instantly, Piper reached up and grabbed a
nearby knife, moving forward and bringing it to Prue's throat.

"NO!" Phoebe screamed. Scott chuckled as he spoke. "Piper, freeze."

Piper stopped right in place as if someone had used time powers on her
for a change, her blade right near Prue's throat. "We've made her believe
that's a demon using her sister's appearance," Jack explained. "So she will
kill her own sister if you don't do what we say."

"What do you want?" Phoebe whispered.

"To do to you what we did to them," Scott explained.

"Not a chance in hell," Phoebe automatically answered.

"Well, okay," Scott shrugged. "If you want to see one sister's blood
splatter all over the face of the other, fine by me."

"Wait!" Phoebe said, biting her lip. She bowed her head and nodded.
"Okay. Okay, I'll do it."

Scott picked up the watch and moved to her. "Just a warning, we're going
to be testing you to make sure you're really under, stuff you can't fake so
don't try faking it or else. Okay?"

Phoebe closed her eyes to block out the tears as she nodded. Grinning,
Scott held up the watch and began to swing it. "Just look at the watch,
Phoebe, watch the watch, watch it swing back and forth, back and

Phoebe didn't want to do this but she knew she had no choice and there
was no way she could fake it if these guys were going to test her. She felt
her eyes grow heavy as she followed the watch's movements, watching it swing
back and forth, back and forth and before she knew it, she was soon lost to
a trance state.

The two guys took a few moments to test Phoebe, making sure she was
really under. Satisfied she was, they set about reprogramming her, turning
on her arousal, which didn't take too long. Soon, she was naked, her large
breasts prominent as she faced the two men.

Having already flipped a coin to decide, Scott went forward, pushing his
face right into Phoebe's chest, licking away at her tits as she moaned. He
pushed her breasts together as he suckled on the nipples, moving up so he
entered her standing up. "Oh, god...." Phoebe moaned as his cock started to
slid in and out of her standing form, his mouth at her chest as his hands
squeezed her ass. "Yeah, do it like that, yeah!"

Across the room, Piper gasped as she was back to riding Jack's cock
while Prue sat on top of Jack, his hands kneading her breasts as he ate her
out. "Oh, oh, oh yeah!" Piper moaned, rubbing at her pointed tits as she
bounced up and down on Jack's rod. "Yeah, lick me, lick me!" Prue shouted as
Jack squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples as his tongue shot in and out
of her pussy with short but quick strokes, driving her onward to orgasm.

"Ah! Ah! AHHH!" Phoebe screamed as Scott pushed her against the wall,
hands squeezing her ass while his mouth roamed all over her gorgeous tits,
licking the nipples as he slammed his meat in and out of her, Phoebe's cries
increasing as his fucking reached its climax. "Oh, GOD!!!!" she screamed as
he let loose inside her, her cries soon joined by her sisters as each came
onto Jack, screaming as they did.

Jack had his turn with Phoebe, her ass so inviting to his cock as Scott
fucked Prue while fingering Piper. The two men shared a savage grin of
satisfaction as they let the women come off the waves of orgasm. "Ready for
the big one?" Jack smiled.

"Hell, yeah," Scott said, looking down at the three hypnotized sisters.
"Girls, you're all so aroused right now, so aroused and now you're feeling
aroused towards each other, you're feeling aroused towards each other right
now, girls. You want to kiss and touch and enjoy------"

A sudden flash of light filled the room and a young blond man wearing a
white outfit and a very large scowl suddenly appeared before the two men. He
looked at their shocked expressions and shook his head. "You two had to push
it, didn't you? You just had to make the big step. I wouldn't have known
about this if you'd just kept using each one but when you tried to create
incest, that got the attention of my bosses who were only too happy to tell
me about it."

"Who the hell are you?" Scott got out.

"Wrong direction," the man replied. "I'm Leo. I'm Piper's husband. I'm
a Whitelighter. And you two are in very, very, deep doo-doo."

His hands reached out and Scott and Jack had only time to gulp before he
touched them.
_ _ _

The Halliwell home was quiet, marked only by the clicking as the watch
swung from side to side. Piper, Phoebe and Prue watched blankly as it swung
before them from Leo's hand. "You will remember nothing that's happened," he
said. "Nothing at all. Not even your subconscious will remember what happened
with those two men. All your memories involving them have been erased. When
you wake up, I will have just come home and that will be all your remember."

He placed the watch into his palm and concentrated. With a golden flash,
it disintegrated, leaving not even ashes behind. "Awake," he said and watched
the three sisters blink their eyes as they returned to awareness.

Piper smiled and moved forward, embracing her husband and giving him a
long kiss. "Welcome home," she smiled. "I missed you."

"Yeah, she has," Phoebe said. "She's had to make do and kept us awake
all night."

"Thank you for reminding me, Phoebs," Prue said, rolling her eyes. She
glanced to the door and was startled to see two dogs near the doorway. "Hey,
where'd they come from?"

"Kind of picked them up on my way home," Leo explained. "Don't get
too attached. I'm giving them to that women's shelter as a gift for the

"That's my man," Piper smiled, giving her husband another kiss. "Always
caring for others."

"To bad we can't keep them," Phoebe said. "They look nice. What are
their names?"

"That's Jack and that's Scott," Leo smiled. "They're kind of mutts right
now but I think those women can make them feel welcome." He threw a smirk at
the two dogs, letting them know that tangling with witchcraft inevitably left
one burned in more ways than one.


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