Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. I just took them out for a spin
and made them do naughty things.

Charmed: The Tie That Binds Part 4 (FFF,inc)
by JT Langdon

Standing together in the attic, surrounded by a circle of lit candles, Phoebe
and Piper read from The Book of Shadows:

In a haze of purple smoke
The rite of passage we invoke
Hear us now and open wide
The door to cross the great divide

Phoebe felt Piper's hand lace with hers as a strong gust of wind arose from
nowhere, bending candle flames on their side. She gave her sister's hand a
reassuring squeeze. This was going to work. Pages from The Book of Shadows
flipped wildly back and forth. The lights flickered. And then a sliver of
green light appeared before them, like a tear in a piece of fabric, getting
bigger . . . bigger . . . until it was large enough to walk through.

"Well," Piper said. "There's something you don't see every day."

Phoebe grunted. "We're the Charmed Ones. Every day we see something you don't
see every day. You ready?"

"Yeah," said Piper.

"Okay," Phoebe said, nodding. "Let's go."

Holding Piper's hand, Phoebe led her sister through the glowing jade portal
before them. She experienced a brief moment of dizziness followed by a
strange tickling sensation like the prick of a thousand little pins against
her naked flesh. Piper's grip tightened. Sweat gathered at the small of her
back. The minutes seemed to stretch on forever. Phoebe swallowed the lump in
her throat, fearing the worst, then she and Piper emerged on the other side
of the portal.

Phoebe took a deep breath and tried to get her heart beating again. She
looked around. The portal had transported them to a dank, dimly lit cavern.
There were torches mounted to the wall with metal brackets. The smell was
awful. Even worse than the potion Piper had been mixing! Ick!

"Well," Piper said, taking in their surroundings. "This doesn't look like a
formless parallel dimension to me."

Phoebe glanced at her sister in profile and smiled. "No, you definitely have

In spite of the grim circumstances, her words left Piper blushing.

"Uh, guys? Hello? Remember me? Damsel in distress, here."

Spinning around, Phoebe had two reactions to seeing Paige behind bars in some
kind of demon prison cell. The first was a huge sense of relief. Her sister
was still alive and looked none the worse for wear. Blessed be. Her second
reaction was an intense longing for a woman she loved more than words could
ever express. She rushed over to the cell and reached through the bars to
stroke her sister's hair and sighed when Paige nuzzled against her. The two
of them shared a long look.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Phoebe asked.

"Yeah," Paige said. "It's good to see you . . . both of you."

Piper stepped up to the cell. "It's good to see you, too. Now orb the hell
out of there!"

"I can't," Paige said, shaking her head. "Xnar cast a binding spell on me. My
powers don't work."

"Well, that's an unexpected wrinkle," Piper said. She sighed. "All right.
Just . . . stand back."

Paige moved to the back of the cell and took cover in the corner. Piper
whipped her arm in the air, blowing the metal door open with a boom loud
enough to wake the dead, the undead, and whatever else might be in between.
As soon as the dust settled, Paige hurried out of the cell. Phoebe pulled
her sister into a hug.

"I'm so glad you're all right," Phoebe whispered. She underscored the point
by kissing Paige hard on the lips. The kiss might have gone on forever if
Piper hadn't pulled them apart.

"All right, you two," Piper said. "There will be time for that later. Let's
just recite the teleportation spell and go home."

"What about Xnar?" Phoebe asked. "We may never get another chance."

Piper shook her head. "The vanquishing potion alone isn't enough. We need the
power of three to destroy her. "

"It could work with just the two of us," Phoebe said.

"Do you want to take that chance?"

"I don't think we have a choice," Phoebe answered grimly.

"I've got an idea," Paige said. "Prue can complete the power of three." All
of them exchanged glances then she continued, "She still has her powers. And
she is still your sister. Why wouldn't it work?"

Phoebe was beside herself. Of course! Why hadn't she thought of that? The
original power of three could be together again! "Sweetie, you are
brilliant!" She stole a hurried smooch from Paige and smiled. "I'll reward
you more thoroughly later."


"You better believe it."


"However you want," Phoebe said.

Paige grunted. "Yum."

"I hate to interrupt you two snugglebunnies," Piper said, "but I would like
to take a moment and remind everyone that when Xnar brought Prue back from
the dead she turned our beloved sister into a psycho bitch from hell that
tried to kill us!"

"Hello," Phoebe intoned. "Welcome to the life of a Halliwell. When haven't
we tried to kill each other at least once? It's in our blood. Deep down Prue
still loves us. We just need to remind her of that."

Then Paige added, "If we leave now, Xnar will just send Prue after us again.
This is our best chance at defeating her."

Piper thought about that for a moment then nodded. "Okay, but if I die in
there and Xnar brings me back to life I am so going to smack both of you."

"Can I count on that?" Paige asked, wiggling her brow suggestively.

Piper rolled her eyes.

"Come on," Phoebe said, taking a torch from a mount on the wall. "We have a
sister to save and a demon to vanquish"

In the glow of flickering torchlight, Phoebe and her sisters made their way
through the catacombs of Xnar's lair. But as they navigated the musty tunnels
Phoebe couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something wasn't right. This
was just way too easy. There were none of those lizard-demons that had
attacked them at the manor -Gekkonidae, The Book of Shadows called them- to
be seen. She doubted very much that Xnar was going to just let them waltz
into her lair and cast a vanquishing spell. Then the tunnel widened into a
large cavern and her fears were confirmed.

The room was full of Gekkonidae, at least two dozen of them . . . scaly,
fork-tongued, lizard-demons wall to friggin' wall. But it wasn't the
assembled Gekkonidae that captured Phoebe's attention. The demon-lizards
should have concerned her, but didn't. She was gazing at the woman lounging
in a majestic throne in the back of the room. Though the woman appeared
human, instinct told Phoebe she wasn't . . . it was Xnar. But for a demon,
Xnar looked great. Long, dusty-blonde hair fell over slim shoulders. She
had a voluptuous figure that a skintight red dress showed off well.

And sitting at Xnar's feet, like a faithful dog, was Prue.

It pained Phoebe to see her sister like that. The woman she looked up to,
once so strong and independent, a protector of the innocent . . . now at
Xnar's beck and call. How repulsive. She had to admit, though . . . Prue
still looked as beautiful as ever. Especially in that black tanktop and
leather pants! But that just made seeing her on Xnar's leash even more

Xnar reached down and tousled Prue's hair. "It appears your sisters still
carry a torch for you, my pet."

"Thank you, Henny Youngman," Phoebe shot back.

Piper stepped forward. "How about we kill you now and avoid the Christmas

"Mmmmm," Xnar purred. She twirled Prue's hair around her finger. "You are all
quite stimulating. Once your slain bodies lay at my feet I will bring you
back to life that you may all serve me."

"Take your best shot," said Paige.

Xnar smiled at them the glanced at Prue. "Kill them."

"Yes, my liege," Prue said.

Setting the torch on the ground, Phoebe steadied herself as Prue got to her
feet and started toward them. Gods! It was hard to think about fighting her
sister when she looked so hot! But hadn't that been true more often than not
when Prue was alive?

"So," Prue said. "Who wants to go first? Or are you guys still in to that
whole group thing?"

Phoebe took a risk and inched forward, raising her hands in peaceful gesture.
"Prue, honey. You don't want to hurt us. We're your sisters. We love you. And
you love us. Don't you remember what we meant to each other?"

Prue seemed to think about that and for a moment Phoebe was hopeful. But then
Prue smiled and said, "Nope. You're wrong. I want to hurt you."

Before Phoebe could react Prue threw a hand in the air and sent her flying
across the cavern. She landed on the hard ground with an even harder grunt
that knocked the wind out of her. Well, this wasn't exactly an auspicious
beginning! She took a much-needed moment to catch her breath then rolled to
her feet. The lizard-demons were still on the sidelines. It was obvious Xnar
wanted Prue to be the one to kill them. And it was still possible she could
get her wish. Phoebe knew Piper could have frozen the entire room and given
them an opportunity to escape. But what would that gain them? A little time,
perhaps. But their lives would still be in danger, and sooner or later the
Charmed Ones would have to face Xnar . . . and Prue. So she and her sisters
would have to take their lumps and hope Prue had a change of heart.

At the moment Prue was trading punches with Piper. Then Paige rushed into
the fray. But the newest Charmed One was still inexperienced in hand-to-hand
combat and Prue managed to thwart Paige's headstrong assault with a
backhanded slap that sent Paige to the ground. The distraction gave Piper an
opening, though, and she took it, punching their sister in the face. Prue
stumbled back a pace, blood dripping from a small cut in her lip. She wiped
it off with her thumb.

"Prue . . . please," Piper begged. "Don't do this. It's not really you."

"You don't even know me," Prue said.

Piper shook her head. "Of course I do. You're my sister! And . . . more.
Remember all the nights we spent making love?"

Prue stopped in her tracks. That hit a nerve. The confusion showed in her
face. She appeared to be lost in a heated internal debate. "No," she finally
whispered. But it didn't sound very convincing.

"Yes, you do," Piper said. "You remember what we meant to each other. And
that's why you can't do this. We were in love Prue . . . the three of
us . . . you, me, and Phoebe. Xnar can't make you forget that."

"Shut up, witch," Prue cried, using her powers to throw Piper back against
the wall.

Getting her second wind, Phoebe ran at Prue and punched her in the jaw. She
hated to do it, but she didn't have much of a choice . . . nor did she make
much of an impact. Prue recovered at once and returned the blow, socking her
so hard in the chin it snapped her head back. But it wasn't a knockout punch.
Phoebe answered quickly, going for the upper-body. Prue blocked her efforts
and managed to land an uppercut that stung like hell. In return, Phoebe
jumped up and kicked Prue hard in the face. And while it knocked Prue to the
ground, in the end it only served to piss her off even more. Prue growled
like a wild animal and hopped to her feet, tossing her hands in the air to
throw Phoebe across the room again.

Phoebe groaned as she hit the ground. She rolled over and spit out a mouthful
of blood then crawled over to where Piper and Paige were recovering.

"We're getting our butts kicked out there," Piper said, breathing hard.

"Yeah," Phoebe said, "I noticed. We'd better think up a plan 'B' and fast."

Paige said, "I'll create a diversion then you two go after Prue."

Piper looked at her skeptically. "What kind of diversion?"

"Just be ready for it," Paige said, getting to her feet.

"Paige, wait a minute!" Phoebe tried to stop her impetuous sister but to
no avail. She watched Paige's cautious approach of Prue, her insides
doing flip-flops . . . and not for good reasons. Paige still had a lot to
learn . . . and without her powers she was defenseless against a powerful
witch like Prue.

Prue looked Paige over and snorted. "What? You forget what happened last
time you tried to take me on?"

In answer, Paige hiked up her skirt and began fingering her slit. She just
stood there in the middle of the room and casually masturbated with an
innocent grin on her face. Phoebe couldn't believe it! But neither could
Prue, apparently. Prue stood there as if in a trance, watching Paige ride
her fingers to a soft gasp.

Phoebe exchanged an incredulous look with Piper then Piper said, "Have I
mentioned that Paige can be really slutty sometimes?"

With Paige keeping the room in thrall, Phoebe charged at Prue and took her
sister to the ground. She rolled Prue onto her back and straddled her hips
while Piper came over and pinned her shoulders to the ground. Their sister
thrashed in protest underneath her but Phoebe rode out the storm like she
was taming a bucking bronco.

"Prue, stop it," Piper said.

"You fucking witches," Prue growled. "Get off me."

Phoebe slapped Prue across the face. She didn't want to but Prue didn't leave
her much choice. And it worked. Prue stopped squirming between her legs and
stared daggers up at her, nostrils flaring with anger.

"That's better," Phoebe said.

Prue spit at her. "Witch!"

Refusing to give up, Phoebe reached down and brushed her fingers over the
cheek she had just slapped. The reaction she got was not one of hate or scorn
this time. There was a longing in those eyes. It gave Phoebe hope. Her sister
was in there somewhere, yearning to be let out like a genie from a bottle.
She leaned over and took Prue's lips in a gentle, loving kiss. Prue resisted
her at first but Phoebe was determined, her kisses infectious, and in time
she wore down Prue's defenses. The kiss grew deeper and more passionate until
the two of them were devouring each other like she and Prue had so often
before, when the two sisters couldn't keep their hands off each other, when
all was good and light in their life. Their tongues met in a moment of raw
desire and Phoebe heard Prue moan softly.

Phoebe pulled back to look at her sister. She smiled at the flushed face and
uneven breathing that met her. "I love you, Prue."

"I . . . I love you, too," Prue whispered. There were tears in her eyes.
"I . . . I remember . . . the two of us . . . in bed . . . I was in love
with you . . . I'm still in love with you . . . Oh God . . . Phoebe."

"I know, sweetie," Phoebe whispered. She had to choke back her own tears. "I

Getting to her feet, Phoebe pulled Prue off the floor and kissed her again.
There was no resistance this time. Prue returned the kiss with hunger and
then it was Phoebe's turn to moan when Prue's hand came out of nowhere to
cup her breast.

"Well, isn't this touching," a voice dripping with contempt interrupted.

Phoebe broke free of the kiss. She was so lost in the softness of Prue's lips
she almost forgot about the demon that brought her sister back from the dead
in the first place. But now, with a horde of lizard-demons around her, she
was reminded all over again of the danger she and her sisters were still in.

"Looks like you lost," Paige said.

Xnar laughed again. "You think so?" She glanced at her lizard servants.
"Destroy them all."

The Gekkonidae started for them.

"No!" Prue used her powers to send the lizard-demons crashing into the back
wall of the cavern then turned to Xnar and said, "I will not let you hurt my

Xnar laughed. "You can't stop me, pet. I own you . . . and soon I will own
your sisters."

"That is never going to happen," Prue spat. "The . . . the . . . the power of
three will set us free! The power of three will set us free . . ."

Phoebe joined in the chant. "The power of three will set us free . . . the
power of three-"

"Will set us free," Piper added, taking a small vial of potion from her
pocket. "The power of three will set us free . . . the power of three will
set us free . . . "

The chant grew louder and louder. Xnar roared in anger, her attractive human
visage morphing into that of a Gekkonidae. But that didn't stop the sisters
from chanting.

"The power of three will set us free . . . the power of three will set us
free . . ."

Piper hurled the vial at Xnar and the demon began to writhe in agony, her
expression a mask of agony as the potion and their chanting took effect.

"The power of three will set us free . . . the power of three will set us

In a puff of green smoke Xnar disappeared.

Phoebe breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at the Gekkonidae standing
around them and readied for a fight. But without their mistress the
lizard-demons seemed lost and disoriented, cowering in the shadows of the

"I guess they don't wanna pick a fight," Piper said.

"Can you blame them?" Paige asked. "We so rock!"

Piper shook her head at their little sister then turned to their older
sister. "What happens now?

"I . . ." Prue looked up like she heard something the rest of them didn't.
"I have to go. They're calling me."

"Oh," Piper whispered.

Phoebe wiped the tears from her eyes. It was hell losing Prue again, but at
least this time she could say good-bye. She pulled Prue into her arms and
hugged her. "Good-bye, Prue. I'm going to miss you so much."

"Me too," Prue whispered back.

Phoebe let her go and watched Prue and Paige regard each other for a long
moment. Then Paige said, "It was good to meet you."

"Yeah," Prue said, winking at her. "Take care of these two, okay?"

"I will," Paige promised.

Piper and Prue stared at each for the longest time then came together in a
deep, passionate kiss. Hands moved to familiar places out of habit and when
the kiss ended at last both of them were panting for breath.

"I love you so much," Piper whispered.

Prue whispered, "I love you, too. I'm not sure how to explain the way things
work up there." She jerked her head at the ceiling. "But not a moment went by
that I wasn't think about you guys." She paused with a sigh. "They're getting
impatient. I have to go."

"Prue," Phoebe began. But her sister was already disappearing in a glow of
blue-white light.

"I love you," Prue's voice echoed in the chamber. And then she was gone.

Phoebe stood there with a heavy heart, missing Prue more than she had in
months. Gods! It was just so unfair. She lost Prue twice. No one should have
to go through that. But then she looked at Paige. How beautiful she was! And
Phoebe realized that as much as she missed Prue, she loved Paige, and therein
was the secret to moving on.

"So," Piper said, nudging Paige in the ribs, "what was that winky-thing all

Paige tried to look innocent. "Winky-thing?"

"You know what I mean," Piper said. "Between you and Prue. There was some
definite winking action going on."

Phoebe nodded. "I noticed it, too. You better spill."

"I don't kiss and tell."

"Since when?" Piper asked.

Phoebe laughed at that. "We'll get it out of her later. Let's go home."

* * *

Phoebe slipped out from between her two sisters and stretched like a cat
after a long nap. "Mmmmmm. That was great." Now that Xnar was toast and
things were quiet at Halliwell Manor again, the three of them managed to
find time to watch a movie together. She switched off the TV and hit
rewind on the VCR. "Renee Zellweger is adorable, doncha think?"

Getting no answer, Phoebe spun around and breathed in a sharp gasp when she
found Piper and Paige making out on the sofa. Gods! She couldn't have
invented a more beautiful image! Her sisters looked so hot like that, mouths
crushed together in passion. The two of them had sure gotten far considering
she had only turned her back on them for a moment. But that was just fine
with her. Phoebe took great delight in watching her sisters, getting hotter
and wetter the longer the two of them went at it.

"Don't you guys ever come up for air?" Phoebe asked.

Piper and Paige broke apart from each other and looked up at her. It was fun
to see the difference in their reactions, Paige grinning slyly while Piper
blushed a deep crimson.

"Sorry," Piper said.

"Are you kidding?" Phoebe asked. She plopped down next to Piper. "It's about

Piper glanced at Paige and smiled. "Well, I ran out of excuses. She's too

Now it was Paige that blushed. "I could say the same."

"Mmmhmm," Phoebe purred. "I can't resist either one of you." She took Piper's
chin in hand and guided that lush mouth to hers. Lips still warm from deep,
passionate kisses pressed against hers in hunger and Phoebe groaned. Gods!
Her sister was cranked up! But then Paige inspired that kind of lust. Phoebe
slid her hand up Piper's inner thigh as their tongues darted over one
another. The combination had Piper moaning into the kiss.

"We should go upstairs," Piper muttered.

Phoebe laughed. "I'm fine right here."

"So am I," Paige added.

Pulling back, Phoebe watched Paige lure Piper into another kiss. Gods! That
was hot! She moved her hand up and down Piper's thigh as her sisters made out
next to her, reaching around Piper with her free hand to rake her fingers
through Paige's dark hair. She heard Paige moan. Phoebe leaned closer and
breathed into Piper's ear.

"She wants you," Phoebe whispered. Her words had Piper whimpering into her
kiss with Paige so she continued. "And I want to see you with her." She slid
her hand up Piper's thigh as far as she could, pressing into her crotch. "Are
you wet for her? Is your pussy on fire at the thought of her licking you
out?" Again, Piper whimpered. Phoebe laughed at that. She worked at getting
Piper's jeans open then shoved her hand down the front of her panties.

Nibbling Piper's earlobe, Phoebe gently rubbed her sister's slit. Gods! Piper
was so wet! She told her sister so while she caressed Piper's soft folds with
the pads of her first two fingers. Piper gasped softly.

"Phoebe," Piper muttered. "How can you make me so crazy?"

Laughing into her sister's ear, Phoebe pulled her hand out of Piper's
underwear and offered her fingers to Paige. "This is actually for you, I

"Mmmm," Paige murmured, her eyes wide with arousal as she closed her lips
around Phoebe's fingers and sucked off juices Phoebe knew to be sweet.

"Isn't she yummy?" Phoebe asked.

Paige nodded. "Uh huh. I want more."

"There's plenty where that came from," Phoebe reminded her. She ran the back
of her finger down Piper's cheek. "Honey? You don't mind if Paige sucks your
cunt for a while, do you?"

Piper trembled under her touch. "P-please . . ."

"Mmmm," Phoebe purred. She kissed Piper again then with Paige's help got
Piper's shirt off. The white lace bra their sister had on underneath looked
great and showed off her tits really well but Phoebe and Paige agreed with
a nod that it had to go, too. Phoebe breathed a little harder as she bared
Piper's luscious breasts. Mmm! So inviting! She always had a hard time
keeping her hands off them and now was no exception. Phoebe cupped Piper's
breast in her hand and squeezed it, using the pad of her thumb to tease the
nipple. She noticed Paige was doing the same and between the two of them
they had Piper sighing with pleasure in no time. Kisses moved back and
forth from her to Paige then back again, deep, passionate kisses rife with

While Piper and Paige shared another kiss Phoebe bent down and took one of
Piper's nipples into her mouth. The firm little nub hardened even more
between her lips as she sucked it, hard, teasing the nipple with her tongue
until Piper was groaning beside her. Glancing up for a moment, Phoebe
noticed Paige moving to suckle Piper's other breast. The two of them shared
a wicked smile then Paige joined her in ravishing their sister's tits,
sucking them, flicking the nipples with their tongues. Piper moaned in
answer to their combined efforts, running impatient fingers through their
hair as she and Paige feasted on her supple flesh.

Phoebe could have sucked on Piper's tit all night but she left that to Paige
and kissed Piper again instead. Their lips met in a desperate, furious kiss
that deepened even more when Phoebe grabbed the breast she had just been
sucking and gave it a squeeze. Then she seized a nipple between her fingers
and pinched it. Piper moaned in answer.

"You two are killing me," Piper rasped.

Phoebe laughed into Piper's ear. "You need it bad, sweetie?"

"Yes . . . yes . . . please!"

That sounded too pitiful to be ignored. Phoebe traded smiles with Paige then
watched her sister slide to the floor. While Paige made short work of getting
Piper's jeans and panties off, Phoebe kissed Piper and fondled her breast.

"You want Paige to go down on you, honey?" Phoebe teased.

Piper growled at her. "Yes! Damn it!"

"Then spread your legs," Phoebe whispered into her ear, "and let her get at
that sweet pussy of yours." She smiled as Piper did what she asked, spreading
her legs wide. Paige wasted no time getting in there. The second Piper opened
to her Paige's head was bobbing up and down between her legs. Piper tossed
her head back with groan.

"Oh . . . God!" Piper gasped.

Phoebe still had a handful of Piper's tit and she kneaded it lovingly as she
watched Paige lick their sister out. She not only knew from experience what
a talent Paige had, but the sounds Piper made when she was really enjoying
something . . . and from the soft cries and whimpers coming from her sister
Paige was clearly showing off her talent!

"Does that feel good?" Phoebe cooed.

Piper groaned. "Yes! Fuck! Oh, God! Phoebe!"

"Mmmm," Phoebe murmured. She teased Piper's nipple with her thumb. "Aren't
you sorry you waited so long?" The only answer Piper gave was soft gasp of
pleasure. It was a gasp Phoebe knew well. Paige had found Piper's clit.
Phoebe kept playing with Piper's nipple, rolling the hardened nub between
her fingers. She could tell Piper was nearing climax and practically creamed
her panties and the thought of watching Piper come. Their sister was close
to the edge. Phoebe could almost feel Piper's cunt tightening. She swirled
her tongue in Piper's ear and whispered, "Come for her, baby. Let me see you
come for our little sister."

Piper arched off the sofa with a howl of pleasure, eyes rolling back in her
head as she came. She bounced on the sofa as the last tremors of orgasm
rippled through her then sank back with a tired sigh. Phoebe caressed
Piper's cheek with the back of her hand. There was nothing in the world more
beautiful than watching her sister come. Incredible! The look of bliss that
spread over Piper's face when she came twisted her insides into knots.
Sometimes she just wanted to sob with joy when she watched Piper climax.

While Piper fought for breath, Paige seemed content to stay right where she
was. Phoebe couldn't blame her; she could easily spend a lifetime with her
face in Piper's cunt. But Phoebe had other plans. She grabbed a fistful of
Paige's long, dark hair and pulled her sister from between Piper's legs and
into a deep kiss. Paige's lips were sweet with Piper's juices and Phoebe
whimpered. Tasting one sister on the other made her pussy ache with need.

Phoebe pulled back from Paige and shared and intense look with her sister,
a look that got even more intense when Paige took off her shirt and flashed
her naked breasts. Gods! Could those tits have been more perfect? Phoebe
didn't think so! How she wanted to have them in her mouth! But Piper beat
her to it. Before Phoebe had a chance Piper was urging Paige onto the sofa
and pushing their sister flat on her back. Phoebe smiled. Once Piper gave
in to temptation, there were no holds barred. She loved that about her. And
Phoebe didn't mind letting Piper have at their sister. It warmed her all
over to seem them together, some places getting much warmer than others!

Getting to her feet, Phoebe started to undress as Piper inched down Paige's
body with kisses to suckle at those delightful tits. Their sister's nipples
were hard little points and Piper took one of them into her mouth and sucked
it while Paige squirmed on the sofa. Phoebe shivered with pleasure as she
watched Piper move from one breast to the other, sucking them . . . licking
them . . . flicking the very tips of the nipples with her tongue. Piper was
so good at that, too . . . something Paige's gasps and sighs underscored.
While Piper made playthings out of Paige's breasts, Phoebe stepped out of
her jeans and slipped off her panties. Then, just as Piper reached under
Paige's skirt, she reached down and fingered her own slit, teasing her
cuntlips while Piper did the same to Paige.

Phoebe breathed an anxious sigh that caught her little sister's attention.
Paige shot her a come-hither look that made her so wet she could feel the
juices dripping down her thigh. By now Piper had Paige's skirt off and was
impatiently yanking down her panties. Phoebe waited unto Piper had pulled
them off then climbed onto the sofa and straddled Paige's face, lowering
herself onto her sister's waiting mouth just as Piper descended on Paige's

"Mmmm," Phoebe purred as Paige's tongue wiggled inside her. God, that felt
so good! She rode Paige's face while she watched Piper going down on the
sister, enjoying the show almost as much as the hungry mouth eating her out
from underneath! But that didn't last long. Paige was just too good . . .
and she was too damn needy. As much as she got off on seeing Piper with her
mouth on Paige's cunt, it was the mouth on her own cunt that won the blue
ribbon. Phoebe humped Paige's face, frantic and desperate, grinding her
pussy against her sister's lips. Paige answered with sharp jabs of that
capable tongue, sending jolts of pleasure shooting through her

From the way Paige writhed underneath her it was clear it wouldn't be long
for her, either. Phoebe reached down and rubbed her clit, furiously, needing
to get off so bad she could have screamed! But she moaned instead, Paige's
tongue and her own fingers taking her to the brink of release. She panted
for breath, her flesh on fire, then Paige erupted in climax underneath her.
Seeing Piper slurping up Paige's honey was more than enough to set her off.
Phoebe came with a deep moan, bouncing up and down on Paige's face.

As the last aftershocks rumbled through her body Phoebe bent forward to put
her face in Paige's cunt. Piper looked up, her face glistening with Paige's
juices, and smiled at her. Phoebe returned the smile and shared a kiss with
Piper before muttering, "Mind if take over?"

"Be my guest," Piper said, grinning.

Phoebe laughed then buried her face in Paige's cunt, licking her little
sister while Paige returned the favor. The two of them devoured each other
for the longest time, moaning into each other's cunts, adrift in a sea of
mutual pleasure. And just when Phoebe began to wonder where Piper had
disappeared to she felt the touch of soft lips on her ass. Gods! Fingers
parted her buttocks then Phoebe grunted as Piper's tongue found her asshole.
She knew it was Piper because Paige's tongue was still firmly lodged in her
pussy. How lucky she was! While Paige licked her cunt Piper tongue-fucked
her up the ass! It was Heaven! And between the two of them, Piper and Paige
had her on the brink of climax once again. Then Piper's fingers joined
Paige's tongue and she tumbled into the abyss, her screams of ecstasy lost
in the heat of Paige's cunt. As her own pussy spasmed Phoebe could feel
Paige's cunt clenching around her. She pressed her lips to her sister's clit
and sucked it, bringing Paige to climax while the last remnants of her own
orgasm faded away.

As the three of them cuddled together on the sofa, sharing deep kisses,
touching and groping each other, Phoebe couldn't remember the last time she
felt so content. She supposed it was the last time she and Piper had been
with Prue. There was just something special about the power of three, a
sense of . . . wholeness. Paige might have been a Charmed One for months
now, fought alongside them, but for the first time since meeting her Phoebe
actually felt that the power of three had at last been restored to its
fullest potential. And she didn't need to do more than look at her two
sisters to know that they felt it, too.

Blessed be.


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