Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. I just took them out for a spin and
made them do naughty things.

When we asunder part
It gives us inward pain
But we shall still be joined in heart
And hope to meet again

Blest Be The Tie That Binds, hymn

Charmed: The Tie That Binds Part 1 (FF,inc)
by JT Langdon

Phoebe sat on the front steps of Halliwell Manor and gazed up at the stars
with a sigh. Sometimes life got so hectic she couldn't even find a moment to
stop and take stock of it. Between fighting demons, looking for work, and
mediating disputes between her two stubborn sisters, there just wasn't much
time left for her to reflect on the last few months.

So much had changed. There were times when it all seemed like a terrible
dream, when she expected to wake up in her bed sandwiched between Piper and
Prue . . . drawing comfort from their warm, naked flesh. But those moments
numbered but a few of late, and as time went on Phoebe was forced to accept
the painful truth that Prue was dead.

The Halliwell sisters faced death more often than Phoebe cared to think
about. It was part and parcel of being the Charmed Ones, three witches
charged with protecting the innocents of the world from evil. She had seen
death up close and personal, watched both her sisters cheat it. That should
have prepared her. Instead it made her cocksure, reckless. Even though
Phoebe had seen people she cared about lose their lives, she took her own
for granted. And the thought of losing Prue . . . well, that just never
entered her mind. She was so strong, so powerful. Phoebe looked up to her
long before she discovered their birthright as witches (though she never
would have told Prue that). Nothing could harm Prue; she was invincible! Or
so Phoebe thought until a demon named Shax proved her wrong forever.

Phoebe shivered in the darkness. The air was cold and laced with the sweet
smell of ocean. She let it soothe her troubled mind like ointment on a wound,
easing her pain. Gods. She missed Prue so much. Sometimes the ache in her gut
kept her up nights. Piper had been her main source of support over the last
couple of months, her shoulder to lean on . . . the warmth in her bed. But
Piper had enough problems of her own. She was the oldest sister now, not to
mention the sole breadwinner. Somehow Piper had to run a nightclub, maintain
the household, fight demons, tend to a marriage, and deal with her own grief
over losing Prue. How could one person balance all that? Impossible.

The last thing Phoebe wanted to do was dump another set of problems in
Piper's lap. Even a powerful witch like Piper had limits. So Phoebe tried to
be strong for her sister, to stiff upper-lip it. But there were times when
keeping it together took more energy than she could muster, when the weight
of it all was so heavy on her chest that she couldn't breathe and had to run
outside for a little fresh air.

Sitting there under the stars, Phoebe took a moment to thank them that she
still had Piper in her life. Even as she mourned the loss of one sister,
Phoebe reminded herself that she had come close to losing both her sisters.

It seemed to be a reoccurring theme in her life. The women she loved most,
the women she cared about, the women she always figured would be there to
take care of her seemed to leave her just when she needed them most. First
her mother died, then Grams, and now Prue. In spite of promises made, the
women in her life abandoned her. How long before Piper left her, too?

Phoebe shook the thought from her head. There was no room for that kind of
attitude at Halliwell Manor. She had to be positive, look on the bright side
of things. That was easier said than done sometimes, but the alternative
would be the end of her for sure.

"There you are," a voice said behind her.

Looking over her shoulder, Phoebe managed a thin smile. Paige stood in the
doorway, hands on slim hips, the sour expression on her face taking nothing
away from the fact that she looked great in a pair of faded jeans and a
lemon-colored belly shirt that showed off her pale midriff. She had a slender
figure that boasted some nice curves. Phoebe followed them with her gaze.

Talk about bright sides, Phoebe thought. If it were possible for something
good to come from Prue's death, then without question learning about their
half-sister Paige was it. Finding her made losing Prue bittersweet. In their
darkest hour, the Halliwell sisters . . . the Charmed Ones . . . discovered
someone new in their ranks. It was a little strange. She'd gotten to know
Paige the way she would make friends with anyone, but always knowing she was
related to this woman. And even though the two of them had grown up separated
from each other, and even though each of them had a different father, Phoebe
just got this vibe from Paige . . . a feeling that made the little hairs on
the back of her neck stand up on end. It was a sixth sense, something primal
and without explanation. She just knew Paige was her sister.

"Here I am," Phoebe said.

Paige tossed her head back, swooshing her long, black hair like an impatient
cat wagging its tail. "I've been looking all over for you."

"Sorry," Phoebe said.

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah," Phoebe said. "I just came out to get some fresh air. That's all."

Paige raised a doubtful brow but didn't press the issue. "You still wanna
watch a movie with us?"

"You bet," Phoebe said. She got up and went inside with Paige, following her
sister into the living room where Piper was busy fiddling with the VCR.
Seeing Piper hunched over like that sent a pang of longing through Phoebe's
body. Even in a T-shirt and sweatpants Piper was the sexiest creature on the
face of the Earth. Gods! Look at her! Phoebe wanted to scream, so intense was
her desire for Piper.

Piper stood up and turned to face her. The two of them shared a passionate
look that burned hotter than the fires of Hades. Did Paige notice? Was Paige
even in the room? Did anything else exist but her and Piper? Phoebe was too
far gone to answer any of those questions.

"I see Paige found you," Piper said.

Phoebe nodded. She could have devoured Piper on the spot, right there. Her
gaze must have said as much because Piper blushed. But that didn't stop her
from undressing Piper with her eyes.

"She was outside," Paige said.

"Ah," Piper said. "Well, we have snackies and we have drinks. Are you ready?"

Phoebe plopped down on the sofa and tucked her legs underneath her. "I am
now. What are we watching?"

Piper and Paige exchanged glances then Paige said, "She wants to watch 'Steel

"And she wants to watch 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'," Piper chimed in.

"So you have to cast the deciding vote."

Phoebe looked from Piper to Paige then sighed. She didn't like being caught
in the middle. Well, actually, she would have loved being in between Piper
and Paige . . . just not like this! But this was exactly where she found
herself lately, trapped between her warring sisters. She was getting tired
of it. There was just know reasoning with them sometimes. Neither of them
listened, both of them where pigheaded. It was worse than dealing with two

"How 'bout we flip a coin," Phoebe suggested.

Piper made a face at her.

"We can watch her movie," Paige said.

Piper said, "No, that's okay. I'll pick next time."

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Phoebe snapped. She got up and grabbed the first
video cassette she could find . . . and that's when it hit her. A vision. It
came upon her like a tidal wave, intense, sweeping her up in the power of it.
The black and white image of Piper flashed through her mind, unfolding in
slow motion. In the vision Piper was in the living room, in her T-shirt and
sweatpants, fending off some kind of lizard-like demon. But the lizard-demon
got the upper hand, grabbing Piper from behind, twisting her neck . . . no!

Phoebe gasped for breath as the vision faded into darkness. She looked
around, dazed, then saw Piper standing there in her T-shirt and sweatpants
just like in the vision. Seeing her standing there sent a chill through her
body, but not because she was turned on at the sight of her sister. Something
was going to happen . . . soon.

"Piper look out!" Phoebe cried. She grabbed Piper by the wrist and roughly
pulled her sister out of the way. A split-second later when a demon shimmered
into existence right beside the spot where Piper had been standing. He
towered over them, a hulk of a creature, with green reptilian skin and
bulging eyes that made him look like a huge gecko lizard. The lizard-demon
looked around with his big round eyes and spotted them.

"Witches," the lizard-demon rasped. He started forward.

Phoebe spun and kicked the lizard-demon in the chest. The lizard-demon
stumbled backward a couple steps but recovered without too much effort,
coming at her again. This time Phoebe leaped into the air, hovering three
feet off the floor as she kicked the demon in the face. He fell to the
floor with a howl.

"Now, Piper!" Phoebe yelled.

As the lizard-demon tried to get back up again, Piper tossed her hands into
the air. The lizard-demon exploded in a flash, pieces of it flying across
the living room. But there was no time for celebrations. No sooner had one
lizard-demon been vanquished when a second appeared. It looked identical to
the first one. The new lizard-demon went for Paige. Phoebe lunged forward,
catching the lizard-demon off guard and taking it to the floor with a dull
thud. She rolled off him and scrambled to her feet, ready for action. But it
was Paige that charged forward.

"Paige!" Piper screamed. "Get out of the way!"

But Paige wasn't listening. She punched the lizard-demon in the face but it
took the blow in stride, its forked-tongue wagging in the air . . . almost
taunting her. Paige hit him again . . . then again . . . still without
effect. The next time she tried hitting it the demon caught the punch, its
massive green hand closing around her fist and twisting her arm. Paige
grunted in pain.

"Xnar is coming," the lizard-demon said. It shoved Paige to the floor then
shimmered out of the living room.

Phoebe rushed over and helped Paige to her feet. "Are you all right?"

"I think so," Paige said, brushing herself off. "Ugh. Was that thing gross
or what?"

"What the hell were you doing?" The question came from Piper. And did she
ever sound pissed!

Paige looked confused for a moment then said, "Uh, I was battling a demon."

"When I say get out of the way," Piper said, "it means . . . get . . .
out . . . of . . . the way! You're going to get yourself killed!"

"I just wanted to help."

Piper laughed without humor or warmth. "That kind of help we can do without,
thank you very much. I could have vanquished that thing if you hadn't been in
the way. Because of you it escaped!"

The harsh rebuke made Paige wince.

"Hey," Phoebe said, stepping in. "Let's all just calm down, okay? We're
alive, the demons are gone. Why don't we all sit down and plan our next move.
Something is clearly up and we need to figure out what it is."

Piper and Paige looked at each other then sat down on the sofa, on opposite
sides, putting as much distance between them as possible. Sitting like that
made the two of them look like bookends . . . the sexiest bookends Phoebe had
ever seen. But that was another matter. She sat down between them. Her usual

"So now what?" Piper asked.

"That demon said something," Paige chimed in. "Before he left."

Phoebe nodded. "Yeah . . . something about Xnar coming. What the hell is

"Doesn't sound good," Piper said. "Whatever it is."

"We should check The Book of Shadows," Phoebe said. She started to get up but
Paige put a hand on her arm to stop her.

"Let me." Paige held her hands out, palms up, and closed her eyes. "The Book
of Shadows."

In a sparkle of blue-white light The Book of Shadows orbed into her hands.
Paige smiled and put the massive tome down on the coffee table so all of them
could look at it.

Phoebe opened The Book of Shadows and thumbed through it until she found
the page for Xnar. She read aloud, "Xnar, the Reanimator, has the power to
breathe new life into the dead. She rules over the Gekkonidae, a demon-lizard
hybrid sworn to live or die at her bidding."

"Swell," Piper said.

"Why would she come after us now?" Paige asked.

Phoebe thought about that. "Well, there are factions rising up against The
Source. She could be one of them. Killing the Charmed Ones would sure gain
her a lot of support in demon circles."

"If that's true," Piper said, "then she'll probably try again."

The chilling thought left them in silence.

Phoebe turned to Paige and said, "Sweetie, I think it might be safer if you
spend the night here."

"I don't know," Paige said, glancing at Piper. "Are you sure it wouldn't be
too much trouble?"

Phoebe didn't give Piper a chance to answer. "Of course not. Why don't you go
up to my room and find some jammies?"

"Yeah," Paige said, still sounding unsure. "Okay. Thanks."

Phoebe patted Paige on the leg and offered a smile of encouragement. She
watched her sister get off the sofa and head upstairs, then turned to Piper.
"Do you have to be so hard on her?"

"Someone has to," Piper said, getting to her feet. "Paige has to learn this
isn't a game."

"She knows that, Piper," Phoebe said.

"Does she?" Piper gathered up the untouched snacks and took them into the

Phoebe went after her. She stood there for a moment while Piper dumped a bowl
of chips into a Tupperware container and put it in the cupboard. "She tries
so hard to win your approval. Would it hurt to be a little supportive?"

"We don't have time to coddle her," Piper said. "There are demons out there
who want us dead. She needs to get real about that."

"What she needs," Phoebe said, "is the support of her big sister. Trust me.
I know."

Piper looked up, her expression softening a little. "I'm just trying to do
the right thing, Phebes."

"Maybe you shouldn't try so hard," Phoebe said.

The two of them stood there for the longest time, the silence saying more
than words ever could.

"I need to go clean demon goo off the sofa," Piper finally said.

"Need some help?"

"I think I can handle it."

"You sure?"

"Yeah," Piper said. "You should go see how Paige is doing."

Phoebe shared another long, intense look with Piper then headed up to her
room. She found Paige sitting on the edge of her bed in an oversized pink
T-shirt with Tigger on the front. The woman looked adorable. Her long, dark
hair was swept to one side and when Phoebe walked in her pouty lips curved
into a smile that Phoebe easily returned.

"That looks good on you," Phoebe said.


"Prue gave that to me for Christmas last year," Phoebe said.

"Oh," Paige said. "If you want to wear something else . . . "

Phoebe shook her head and sat down on the bed next to Paige. "Are you okay,

"Yeah," Paige said. "That lizard-thing just twisted my arm a little. No big

"That's not what I meant," Phoebe said.

Paige slumped her shoulders and sighed. "I'm always letting Piper down.
Nothing I ever do is good enough for her. I'm trying, Phoebe. Really."

"I know," Phoebe said. "And believe it or not, so does Piper."

"Then why is she always riding me?"

"She's scared," Phoebe said.

"Of what?"

"Of losing you," Phoebe said, "like we lost Prue. Neither of us want to go
through that again."

"I don't want to lose you, either," Paige whispered.

Phoebe brushed an errant strand of hair from Paige's face and just stared at
her for the longest time, drinking in the sight of her. Gods! The woman was
so beautiful! How lovely! She could see the affection in Paige's eyes,
but . . . was there a flicker of desire, too? It sure seemed like it. The
thought of Paige wanting her warmed her from the inside out. And the feeling
was definitely mutual. Perhaps this moment was inevitable, predestined.
Phoebe wanted to think so. But no matter what forces in the cosmos conspired
to bring them together, it was her own hunger that prompted her to lean
closer . . . closer . . . until at last their lips met.

The kiss was long and deep, building momentum like a snowball rolling down
the side of a hill, getting more and more powerful with each passing second.
Phoebe savored it. She couldn't remember how long it had been this she had
shared a first kiss . . . shared that magical moment when pent-up desire is
at long last revealed. It was unbelievable! Paige had the softest, sweetest
lips she had tasted in the longest time. Delicious! Phoebe could have kissed
them forever! She lost herself in the lushness of them, head swimming in
delight. Then Paige's tongue found hers and she whimpered into the kiss,
opening her mouth wider in growing lust. She cupped Paige's face in her hand
as the kiss deepened, needing to touch her . . . to feel her soft skin.

But like all good things, their first kiss came to an end. Both of them were
breathing hard. Phoebe reached over and brushed her thumb over the lips she'd
just kissed, wiping off a droplet of her spittle, smearing Paige's lipstick.
Gods! Her sister was so hot!

Pushing Paige flat on her back, Phoebe snuggled up next to her and kissed
her again. Then she slipped her hand under Paige's nightshirt and cupped a
breast, squeezing the supple mound of flesh as their tongues slithered over
each other in a frenzy of lust. Phoebe loved the feel of Paige's warm, smooth
flesh. So enticing! She used the butt of her palm to massage her sister's
breast, kneading it while she devoured those luscious lips. In answer to her
kisses and caresses Paige arched against her, begging for more . . . pleading
for her touch. Phoebe was more than eager to oblige. She brushed her thumb
over Paige's nipple, making her sister moan.

"Oh . . . Phoebe," Paige muttered.

Phoebe pulled back to look at her sister, the flushed face, the nostrils
flaring with arousal. She sat up and pulled off her shirt, baring her breasts
to Paige with an inviting smile. Paige reached for them without missing a
beat, taking a breast in each hand, squeezing and groping them like a fiend.
Goddess! The woman was an animal! Phoebe loved it. She tossed her head back
with a soft whimper as Paige ravished her tits, pawing at them, making her
wild with desire. Then Paige bent forward and latched onto a nipple, sucking
it, flicking it with her tongue. Phoebe grunted and groaned as Paige moved
from one breast to the other, taking each one in turn, licking and sucking
her into oblivion.

Now Phoebe wanted to return the favor! She pried that hungry mouth from her
breast with a giggle then helped Paige out of her nightshirt, all but
drooling at the sight of Paige's tits Mmmmm! How perfect! Sweet, delectable
mounds capped with the cutest little nipples. She had to have them in her

Stealing a quick kiss, Phoebe inched lower to suckle a breast. Those sweet
teats were even more delicious than she imagined! Yum! Phoebe stuffed them
into her mouth, first one then the other, unable to get her fill of that
scrumptious flesh. She dragged the tip of her tongue over Paige's nipple
before taking the little nub between her lips, delighting in the feel of it
hardening in her mouth. Impatient fingers raked through her hair, urging
her on . . . demanding more. And Phoebe gave it. She nibbled on Paige's
stiffened nipple until her sister cried out in as much pleasure as pain,
arching off the bed to push even more of that yummy tit into her mouth.
Phoebe took it all, gorging herself on Paige's breast, her lust raging out
of control. Paige groaned wildly.

"God . . . Phoebe! You're making me crazy!"

Phoebe nipped Paige's breast then moved up to whisper in her ear. "Good,"
Phoebe said. "I want to make you crazy." She nibbled and sucked on Paige's
earlobe, making her sister squirm. "Are you wet for me?"

"See for yourself," Paige said.

Phoebe purred into her sister's ear. What a wonderful idea! She eased her
hand down the front of Paige's red cotton panties, her fingers grazing
Paige's slit. As she hoped, Paige was sopping wet! Gods! Phoebe dragged the
tip of her finger up and down Paige's cleft in a slow, lazy motion that had
Paige gasping and sighing in no time.

"Like that?" Phoebe teased.

"Yes . . . oh, yes."

Phoebe laughed in Paige's ear. "Good. Because I like touching you." And she
did, too. She loved the feel of her sister's cunt, so warm and wet, just
begging for her attention. Each gentle caress made Paige moan for more but
Phoebe took her time, stroking Paige's dripping-wet pussy while the two of
them shared one deep, passionate kiss after another. As the moments wore on,
the kisses became more urgent and Paige became more and more impatient.
Phoebe couldn't deny her sister forever. That was too cruel. She dipped two
fingers between Paige's warm folds and was rewarded with a deep,
gut-wrenching moan.

"Oh! Phoebe! Yes!" Paige cried. "Fuck me!"

Phoebe smiled. Her sister was full of wonderful ideas tonight! She did just
as Paige suggested, fucking her, hard, thrusting her fingers in and out of
that slick hole at a frantic pace. Paige squealed like a piglet in response,
bucking against her, that gushing cunt clenching around her fingers, pulling
her in deep, wanting it harder and faster, willing to take all she could
give. So Phoebe gave it. She pumped her fingers into Paige's brimming pussy,
pushing her sister closer and closer to the edge of release. The tightening
around her fingers and the intense look on Paige's face told Phoebe her
sister was nearing climax. How wonderful! She found Paige's clit with ease
and rubbed it with the pads of her fingers. This time she had a suggestion.

"Come for me," Phoebe whispered into Paige's ear. She continued stroking
Paige's clit, making tiny circles around it with the tip of her finger. Her
sister groaned and arched off the bed, getting closer . . . closer . . . so
close Phoebe could feel an electrical charge in the air . . . then she
pinched Paige's clit between her fingers and Paige howled in pleasure,
drenching her fingers in a wash of sweet juices. Phoebe rode out the storm,
sliding her fingers in and out of Paige's spasming pussy until her sister
sank into the bed with a sigh.

But Phoebe wasn't done just yet. Cleaning up the mess she just made seemed
the sisterly thing to do. She moved down Paige's sweaty body with kisses,
savoring the salty taste of her sister's skin, creeping lower and lower until
she reached the waistband of Paige's cotton panties. Like a small child
opening a Christmas present, Phoebe took great delight in peeling off Paige's
underwear to reveal the hot pussy she had just fingered. Gods! What a lovely
sight! Her sister had such a beautiful cunt! Phoebe sucked in a sharp breath
as Paige spread for her, revealing even more of that inviting cunt. Mmmm! She
had to have a taste!

Phoebe lowered her head between Paige's legs and lost herself in the
sweetness of her sister's pussy. Delicious! The woman was delicious! Phoebe
lapped at Paige's netherlips with ravenous hunger, fucking Paige with her
tongue. Fingers laced through her hair and made a fist, pulling her down
tight, holding her in place. But she had no intention of leaving. Phoebe
buried her face in that warm haven until she was up to her ears in pussy,
slurping up the sweet, sweet honey she found there. Her appetite could not
be sated. She burrowed her tongue in deep, wanting more and more, unable to
get enough of it. Paige's desperate cries seemed distant as she nuzzled her
face into that warm flesh.

"Phoebe!" Paige gasped. "Oh! God! Phoebe! Yes!"

Hearing the whine in Paige's voice spurred Phoebe on to her sister's clit
once again. She flicked the hard little nub with her tongue, lashing it,
refusing to let up. Paige bounced wildly underneath her but Phoebe kept her
mouth tight on that searing cunt, licking and sucking then biting Paige's
clit. The latter set Paige off again. With a sharp, piercing wail Paige
came all over her face, sweet cream flowing over her lips like waves crashing
into the shore. Phoebe eagerly licked them all up, slaking her thirst on the
richness of her sister's pleasure until Paige at last stopped trembling.

Phoebe clawed her way back up the bed where Paige met her with a long, deep
kiss that seemed to go on forever. She was so lost in the softness of Paige's
lips that she was caught totally offguard when Paige rolled them both over,
putting her flat on back in one swift motion. Poised above her on all fours,
Paige stared down at her with an impish smile that made Phoebe shudder. Gods!
The look of hunger on Paige's face was like that of a lion about to pounce on
an unsuspecting gazelle. She was now the hunted. Paige bent down to kiss her
then moved lower and once again Phoebe had Paige's mouth around her tit. The
woman attacked them just like she hadbefore, licking and sucking -and Gods!
biting!- them until she was a mass of want.

Her pitiful whimpers seemed to be falling on deaf ears, though, at least for
the moment. Paige feasted on her breasts, taking one in hand while kissing
the other. Not a moment passed that her breasts didn't know Paige's
attention. Phoebe fidgeted on the bed, restless and impatient, feeling the
dampness pooling between her legs. If Paige didn't eat her out soon she was
going to soak right through to the bed! And that was assuming she didn't
explode in the next few minutes!

But there was no bedwetting or spontaneous combustion. Paige released her
breasts at last and moved down her belly with kisses, blazing a zigzagging
trail that stopped only because she still had her damn jeans on! That
situation was remedied with haste. Phoebe lifted her butt up just far enough
for Paige to pull her jeans and panties off then spread her legs, leaving no
doubt where she wanted her sister next. And Paige obliged her. There was no
teasing, no testing the waters. Paige just dove in and started licking her
with abandon.

"Oh . . . God!" Phoebe gasped. She felt like she was resting on a bed of
nails. Her entire being tingled from the sensations emanating from her pussy.
Paige, it seemed, was quite the little cunt-licker, and that made Phoebe
feel like the luckiest women in the world. She grabbed two large fistfuls of
Paige's long, dark hair and held on for dear life as her sister's tongue
wagged inside her. Blessed be! Eating pussy must have come naturally to the
women in her family, because her sisters were artists when it came sucking
clit. Paige not only had the talent and the determination of her other
sisters, but a youthful zeal that had Phoebe teetering on the brink of climax
in no time. She wrapped her legs around Paige's head, bracing herself, then
the soft lips she had so enjoyed kissinbg closed around her throbbing clit
and she was done for. Phoebe wailed louder than she had when she turned into
banshee, slamming back against the bed as Paige sucked her off to a violent,
surging orgasm.

But there was no rest for the witches. Phoebe was still panting for breath
when Paige turned around so the two of them could go down on each other. How
could she refuse an offer like that? Phoebe buried her face in Paige's cunt
once more, breathing in the earthen musk of her sister's desire until she was
lightheaded. The pace she adopted was slower than before and Paige eased up
to match her. Phoebe wanted this to last. And it did. The two sisters
pleasured one another for what seemed like an eternity, gasping and moaning
in a rising crescendo of pleasure that saw them both tumbling over the
precipice time and time again.

When exhaustion finally claimed them both, Phoebe snuggled under the covers
with her sister where the two of them traded loving kisses and gentle
caresses until finally drifting off to sleep in each other's arms.

* * *

Perched on her throne, Xnar sipped from a goblet of wine and listened to the
Gekkonidae speak of failure. It was of no importance to her. of course. She
never had any illusions about their success. It was a test of this power of
three she had heard so much about. Nothing more.

The rumors had spread through the underworld about a new Charmed One. But
Xnar would not trust her ambition to rumor. So what better way to see what
these Charmed Ones were made of than by letting her Gekkonidae have a go at
them? If they were successful, all the better. And if not . . . well, the
Gekkonidae were more than eager to die for her.

"I beg forgiveness," her minion groveled.

Xnar took a sip of wine and looked down at him with contempt. Such a foolish
creature. "Stop your incessant whining," she told him. "Are you so arrogant
that you think you could kill the Charmed Ones?"

"No, my liege," the Gekkonidae said.

"Mmmmm," Xnar purred. "Good answer." She rose from her throne and crossed the
room, the flickering torches around her casting contorted shadows on the wall
of her lair. "Many have tried to kill the Charmed Ones, but the power of
three lives on. The Source has proven incompetent. Now is the time. I will
destroy the witches and take my rightful place as queen of the underworld."

And it was time. She would put it off no longer.

The room grew colder as Xnar lifted her hands in the air. She could feel the
power surging through her, raw and intense. "In the name of darkness I summon
thee . . . from the chains of death I set you free . . . to help destroy the
witches three . . . I bid you now must come to me!"

From out of nowhere a howling gust of wind blew through the cavern, swirling
through like a tornado, kicking up dust, blowing out torches. Then all was
silent. And standing there in the middle of the room was a woman, naked, her
long dark hair falling past her shoulders. She stared straight ahead, without

Xnar smiled. "Welcome to my lair." She circled the naked woman, admiring the
shape of her human form. Very nice indeed. There was fun to be had with this
one in her bedchambers later! "You're even lovelier than I'd heard," Xnar
said. She dragged the tip of her finger between the naked woman's breasts and
claimed victory when the woman sighed in obvious pleasure. "What is your
name, my pet?"

"Prue Halliwell," the woman said.

"Mmmmm. And do you know why I have summoned you here?"

Prue said, "You want me to kill the Charmed Ones."

"And you will, won't you?"

"Yes, my liege," Prue said.

To be continued . . .


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