Charmed/Roswell: Demons, Aliens And Witches Part 2
by Bob Decker ([email protected]) (MF,F-best,anal,inter,orgy,inc,voy,exhib)

The Halliwell Manor

The rest of the day passed relatively uneventfully, with Michael stretched
out on the couch, a packet of corn crisps on his lap as he watched an endless
stream of cable tv. The only time he got up was to touch the tv and use his
powers to unlock a softcore porn channel that was encrypted. Prue popped into
the living room and saw the scantily clad women on the screen contorting in
various erotic poses and Michael touching his groin ... she grinned and
walked back out of the room slowly. One sexual encounter with an alien in one
day was enough, thank you. She might reconsider it tomorrow, especially after
her previous experience with Max and maybe it would be Michael's lucky day.

* * *

Somewhere in the underworld

Cole had taken Phoebe on a dangerous mission - to look for the demon that
had attacked the P3's waitress in the demonic underworld. They had visited
at least twenty different cavernous lairs, the sickly yellow light from
flickering torches barely keeping the darkness at bay. Phoebe was at both
terrified and excited at the same time. It wasn't the first time she had
been down here and Cole's prescence reassured her, but she knew what the
demons they spied on were capable of and without the Power of Three, Phoebe
stood no chance against them.

When they were about to give up and return to the human world, Phoebe
suddenly stiffened and stifled a gasp. They had just appeared in a shadowy
area of a larger than usual cave but it was empty. Cole held Phoebe to port
out of the underworld and it was then that she stopped him. At the far end
of the cave a large being walked in from a tunnel, followed by several
seemingly normal men and women.

"It's him. It's the one that attacked us at the P3," Phoebe said immediately
recognising the being's hideous black and red face, large body and thick

"Gorthol," Cole whispered.

"You know him?"

"You can say that ... we had some ... er ... deals in the past," Cole
didn't explain what the deals had been about and Phoebe didn't insist for
an explanation. Cole, being a half demon himself, had a very dirty and
treacherous past and only his close association with Phoebe had brought
out the human side of him ... for now.

They hid behind a rocky outcropping on a ledge that was high enough to mask
them from the demon and people in the cave below yet where they could still
see what was going on. They watched while Gorthol seated himself in a large
throne carved out of the rock itself and an eerie red glow seemed to light
up the central part of the cavern.

A kind of music, if one could call it that, began to wail out as if it
was being generated in mid-air. At least Phoebe couldn't see any musical
instruments being played or some speaker system ... cool, she thought
magically created music, that would be such a nice power to have. The men
and women, there were about twenty of them now began to cavort and dance
before Gorthol. They kept up at this for around fifteen minutes before
one after another they began stripping until they were all naked.

Phoebe looked back at Cole questioningly, but he didn't provide any
explanation for what was going on, so she turned back to where the strange,
naked dance was going on. Suddenly Gorthol clapped his large hands together
once and the dance stopped. Phoebe thought they were done when the men and
women paired off together, lay on the ground and began to copulate with
each other in various sexual positions. Phoebe gasped and Cole put a hand
on her shoulder, squeezing it, to warn her to remain silent. If they were
discovered here they would be in grave danger. Right now, not even porting
out was possible because any use of magic at this juncture, Cole knew,
would only alert the demon to his prescence.

"We have to wait here until they finish the ... ritual," Cole whispered in
Phoebe's ear.

Phoebe nodded, her eyes fixed on the orgy going on in the cavern as men
swapped their women partners, two women took one man, three men filled a
single woman and all other possible permutations. Time passed slowly and
Phoebe couldn't stand still. She felt nervous and excited at the same
time. She also felt a wetness between her legs and an itch in her groin
needed some serious scratching. Phoebe realised that the orgy was actually
turning her on! She grabbed Cole's hand and put it between her legs and
humped against it trying to ease her growing sexual tension.

"Phoebe!" Cole gasped.

He was surprised at Phoebe making him feel her up at this risky moment, but
then he realised that this was what had attracted him to her in the first
place. Her adventurous nature combined with her sexuality was too much for
Cole Turner, aka Belthazor, to resist. Watching the cavorting men and woman
had little effect on him but touching Phoebe's warm groin even through her
pants made him instantly hard.

Phoebe knew what effect she'd have on him so she shifted back a little so
that her tight butt rubbed against his erect penis and this brought another
quickly stifled gasp to Cole's lips. Phoebe smiled when she heard this and
ground her butt more heavily against him.

"Phoebe, please stop," he whispered imploringly, "I won't be responsible for
my actions if you continue doing that."

"Then do whatever you want to me, Cole," she purred in a sultry voice,
throwing caution to the wind.

"Phoebe ..." he was about to say this was too dangerous, then he shrugged ...
if that's what turned his little witch on, he wasn't going to disappoint her.

He continued rubbing her groin through her pants now even feeling her wetness
through the material, which meant she was really dripping wet.

"You're such a slut," he told her knowing she loved it when he talked dirty
to her, "spread your legs bitch, let me fuck your cunt."

She obeyed spreading her legs a foot apart as he slid a hand between her
buttocks, and around to the front of her pubic area, grabbing her mound and
squeezing. Phoebe continued to watch the orgy with rapt fascination getting
hotter by the second. She put her fingers in her waist band and pulled down
her pants. Cole helped her take them off, then he pulled out his cock. It
was huge and hard and ready for his witch. Phoebe leaned against the rock,
her legs still spread apart as Cole took her from behind. He rammed his
dick into her roughly and she gasped in shock as the huge tool penetrated
her tight tunnel. But it wasn't her first experience with Cole and she was
used to his rough ways. Thankfully, she was lubricating heavily so Cole's
thickly veined penis slid in deeply in one thrust. He humped her from behind
savagely and she bit on her lower lip to avoid from crying out loudly with

"Fuck me ... yessssss ... harder, Cole, harder."

"You like it, bitch? You love it when I tear your cunt apart?"

"Yes ... aaaaghh ... yes ... I ... ughhh ... love it!"

The orgy continued to unfold below the two lovers, as Cole grabbed each
of Phoebe's wrists and pulled her arms backwards. She leaned forward,
understanding how he wanted her, and he leaned back so that they were
precariously balanced, joined at the groin, and they could topple
forward or back at any moment. But in this way Cole could exert greater
force with each thrust and he loved this position, though Phoebe a bit
less because at times she almost felt her arms pop out of her shoulder
sockets. So with a great demon just a few hundred feet away from them
presiding over a large orgy of sweaty bodies contorting in every sexual
position imaginable, Cole and Phoebe too added to the sexual energy
being created in their own small way.

Their half choked gasps of pleasure and also a little pain mingled with
the loud moans and screams rising from the cavern's floor below, rising
in a crescendo of noise that began to peak. There was a short pause,
then a simultaneous gasp echoed through the cavern as all the men and
women orgasmed simultaneously, including Phoebe and Cole. The scene was
chaotic as spurts of cum criss-crossed the cavern's floor as the men
came into whatever hole or onto whatever woman they happened to be
pointing their dick at. Cole's cum filled Phoebe up to her womb then
dripped out of her in thick streams as he exited her. She spread her
pussy lips wide while rubbing her clit hard as she got herself off.
Finally done, she flopped limply against the rock outcropping enjoying
the feel of the cold, hard rock pressing against her erect nipples. Her
fluids mingled with Cole's cum as it trickled down her inner thighs,
forming a puddle on the rocky floor.

"Oh god, that was amazing," Phoebe whispered.

Cole grinned, "better not mention him down here," he said as he zipped up
his pants.

Phoebe giggled as she pulled up her pants. "What happens now?"

"I don't think you want to know."


"Look," Cole said pointing.

Below, the naked people had formed a semi-circle around a woman who was
still lying on the ground after the orgy. She didn't move, even when the
demon Gorthol got up from his throne and stomped towards her.

"Cole?" Phoebe looked around questioningly at her lover, "is this what I
think it is?"

He nodded, his face not betraying any emotion.

"No! We must stop him. We can't let him kill an innocent!" Phoebe was now
imploring Cole.

Cole thought it over. Should he risk it for Phoebe? Wasn't it better if they
just port out now and forget about the stupid woman who had gotten herself
chosen to be sacrificed? Then he looked at Phoebe's large, beautiful eyes
and as usual, Cole gave in. Cole knew he'd do everything for Phoebe even if
it meant endangering himself.

"Ok, ok, wait here and don't attract attention to yourself."

"Thank you, Cole," Phoebe hugged and kissed him.

Cole turned away from her and he transformed into his demonic shape. Phoebe
stepped away from him in a hurry. She knew who he really was but seeing her
beautiful Cole Turner become three feet taller and his skin become a mottled
pattern of red and black skin, with a wide mouth full of pointy teeth, was
always a shock.

He walked down to center of the cave and his voice echoed of the walls,
"Gorthol! My old friend!"

The other demon looked around and spotted the newcomer. "Belthazor! What a
surprise!" he greeted Cole. "What has brought you to my lair?"

"Oh, I heard rumors that you were organising an attack on some witches and I
dropped by to see if I could offer my help."

"I see," was Gorthol's dry reply as he mentally made a note to kill several
of his demon guards for not crushing any rumors before they were spread by
his other weak minded servants.

"If there is any truth to these rumors," Cole/Belthazor added showing off
his pointy teeth in what could technically be called a smile.

"Yes, there is and as you can see ..." he turned around and waved a massive
arm in the general direction of the dazed woman awaiting her fate "... there
was going to be a human sacrifice ... until you interrupted."

Cole/Belthazor laughed heartily, an evil sound which made Phoebe shiver even
from her vantage point a hundred feet away. "Ah, Gorthol, I am so lucky to
turn up at such an interesting moment. May I have the honor?"

Gorthol studied Belthazor intensely then took out a dagger from his belt and
handed it over to him. "Be my guest," and Gorthol laughed too.

Cole/Belthazor stepped towards the cowering semi-circle of naked people and
stood over the woman. He bent over and with a wicked plunge of the dagger he
stabbed the woman in the chest. Her eyes opened wide with pain and shock,
then closed as she fainted, as blood flowed from the wound.

Phoebe almost ran forward thinking that Cole had become completely evil
again though she didn't know what she could have done against two powerful
demons on her own, without her sisters. Then she stopped when she saw that
Cole/Belthazor had picked up what she and everyone else in the cavern
assumed was the dead or at least mortally wounded woman.

His voice boomed out again, "You won't mind if I take her away, Gorthol? I
have developed this fine perversion of fucking dead women and this fresh
kill is very interesting."

Gorthol laughed again and patted Cole/Belthazor heartily on the back, blows
which would have killed a normal human being. "Ah, Belthazor, that is why I
consider you my friend. You always had such a great imagination on how to
pleasure yourself. Of course, take her away and do with her what you will.
Now, leave because I have plans to make on how I shall destroy the Charmed

"As you wish," Cole/Belthazor said and vanished in a puff of black smoke and

He appeared again in the shadows next to Phoebe, having already transformed
back into Cole Turner. Phoebe walked cautiously towards him and looked at the
woman in his arms. Her skin was pale white and her breaths were coming in
short, labored gasps.

"Quick, hold onto me. We must get out of here and have Leo save her, because
if she dies my wicked nature will take over and all will be lost." Phoebe
grabbed his arm and a second later they appeared in the Halliwell Manor's
living room almost making Michael Guerin shit himself.

"Leo!" Phoebe called, followed by Michael shouting, "Max!" as he noticed the
bleeding woman in Cole's arms.

Leo orbed in just as Max rushed into the room and together they laid their
hands over her, each using their powers to heal her within seconds. Phoebe
breathed a sigh of relief as she realised how close she had come to losing
both an innocent and her lover, Cole.

* * *

San Francisco Police Department

"Inspector, you have two people waiting to talk to you. They say they're
FBI agents. I checked with FBI Headquarters and their credentials were
confirmed," Inspector Darryl Morris' secretary told him as he returned to
his office.

"Ok, thanks, Maple" he told her sighing. FBI agents usually meant trouble,
especially when they interfered with his jurisdiction over high profile
cases. It meant even more trouble when he didn't have any high profile
cases open since their prescence could only mean one thing. The Halliwells.
For Inspector Darryl Morris was one of the very few people whom the Charmed
Ones had trusted with their secret.

He went into his office, motioning for the two seated agents to follow him.
They introduced themselves as Agent Dunfeld and Agent Casey, who was a woman
he saw ... a blonde in a standard FBI suit which did little to hid that she
had a sexy body. Both wore dark sunglasses and stood stiffly before him until
he asked them if they'd like to sit down. They did so, the female flashing
him a view of her white panties as her skirt rode up. She crossed her legs
and he pretended not to have seen anything. He cleared his throat then said,
"So, what can I do to help you?"

Agent Dunfeld nodded at Agent Casey, who pulled out a slim folder from her
jacket and put it before Inspector Morris. "Do you know any of these people?"

Darryl perused the folder's contents studying the photos on the first page.
They showed four males and three females, most of them looked to be in
their teens and he didn't immediately recognise any of them. Their names,
especially those highlighted in red, Maxwell Evans, Michael Guerin, Isabel
Evans, didn't ring any bell and inwardly he heaved a sigh of relief. At
least it hadn't nothing to do with the Halliwells.

This relief didn't last long though when he spotted a paragraph at the bottom
of the page. The paragraph was titled, "Latest Sightings" and the last entry
was "P3 night club, San Francisco, 10.54 pm." 'Damn!' he thought, so this did
involve the three sisters.

Outwardly, he didn't show any signs of his interior turmoil at how Prue,
Phoebe and Piper always seemed to be at the center of whatever trouble came
along. "No, none of them are familiar. I'll have Maple run them through the
database to see if they turn up."

"That's already been done" Agent Dunfeld told him. "We've also done some
preliminary investigation into the nightclub they were last seen at, the
P3, and we find that the owners ..." he referred to a piece of paper in
his hand "... a Ms Piper Halliwell and her sisters, seem to be listed with
great regularity in your case files as 'eyewitnesses' to numerous crimes,
especially homicides." He raised an eyebrow at the Inspector who stared
back at him without flinching from his gaze.

He avoided answering by flipping through the rest of the folder's pages and
he came across a single page titled "Case Details" however it was blank
except for a large red stamp which read :


then in smaller letters below, "by Presidential Decree 4386/47 - July, 1947"

What the hell was going on here? A case going back to 1947? Who was President
then? Truman? And what did these teenagers have to do with him?

He said as much to the FBI Agents, tossing the folder back to them.

"Is this a joke?"

"We are not at liberty to discuss such matters with you."

"It's a matter of National Security" added Agent Casey, crossing her legs
again giving him another view of her panties, "However, we have full
authorization to view all your case files which have any reference to them
or to the Halliwells."

"Now just a minute ..."

He was interrupted by Agent Dunfeld who placed several papers in front of

"As you can see we have all the necessary paperwork signed by our Director
and approved by San Francisco's Police Chief."

He looked through them superficially, knowing that there was no way he was
going to avoid this.

"Ok," he finally said, "all you need is in there" and he pointed to a large
filing cabinet that took up one entire wall of his office. "I have a couple
of investigations to complete today. I'm sure you can find your way out when
you're done. Have fun" he said sarcastically and left as the two agents began
poring through his case files.

Inspector Darryl Morris had to warn Prue and see what new trouble she had
gotten into this time.

* * *

Halliwell Manor

Maria De Luca was bored. Michael was stuck in front of the tv because she
was ignoring him. After what she'd suspected he'd done the other day with
that Phoebe Halliwell, she wasn't going to talk to him until he grovelled
before her and begged for her forgiveness. Michael was too hard headed and
full of himself to do that until he missed out on several nights of sex
with her, so Maria was going to be bored a while.

She'd been helping Piper in the kitchen, passing her strange ingredients
from the shelves while the witch prepared a variety of potions. Maria
thought Piper was being so kind to her, keeping her occupied and even
allowing her to stir the cauldron at times. Of course she didn't know that
Piper wasn't doing it out of the kindness of her heart but because she
wanted to keep an eye on her and out of Leo's sight.

Though exciting at first, stirring a witch's cauldron and handling jars of
newt's eyes, golem's dust and dried wolf livers was getting a bit old. She
was in San Francisco and should have been sightseeing and window shopping
but Max had forbidden any of them to leave the house because it was too
dangerous. Of course, it wasn't every day that you met demons and witches,
but after three years of having aliens around she'd become quite used to
otherworldy occurrences on a daily basis.

"I need some air. Can I go out in the backyard for a bit, Piper?"

"Yeah, sure," Piper could still keep an eye on her from the kitchen window
and she'd finish this potion quicker without her around anyway.

"Great," Maria said and left through the kitchen door.

"Oh and by the way, watch out for the neighbour's dog ... he's always jumping
over the fence into our yard," Piper called after her.

"I love dogs."

Piper snickered, yeah she'd love this dog, Piper thought, having had a very
personal experience with it once.

Outside Maria kicked off her sandals and walked through the grass enjoying
the feel of the soft blades beneath her toes. It was late afternoon but there
was still a bit of sun in the backyard, so she lay down enjoying the warmth.

She must have slept for a while for it had grown darker, though it wasn't
evening yet. There was a snuffling noise next to her and she looked around
in fright, then relaxed. It was the dog Piper had told her about, but it was
kinda cute and not very large or anything.

"Hey, doggy," she called out to it, "come here."

The dog looked at her sideways, then wagged its tail and padded over to her,
its long tongue lolling out of its mouth.

Maria laughed, the dog looked so funny with its big pink tongue sticking out.
She patted the dog on the head and it licked her hand wetly. "Nice doggy,
nice doggy," she told it.

She looked back at the kitchen window where she could see Piper still
pottering about with her potions, then Piper looked her way and waved at
her and she waved back. Maria relaxed and lay back down again. After all,
Piper had seen the dog near her and hadn't warned her or anything.

Maria was wearing a white t-shirt and a colorful miniskirt, perfect for the
warm Californian weather. The miniskirt wasn't one of her usual tight-fitting
ones, it was made of thin material which flowed about easily. Michael called
it her cheerleader miniskirt because it rose easily to display her panties
even in the smallest breeze much to the delight of any men in her vicinity.
She'd pull it down quickly, but she secretly enjoyed teasing the guys and
having them look at her with desire in their eyes.

Now a sweet breeze was blowing through the backyard and Maria's eyelids felt
heavy again and she closed them to take another nap. Of course the breeze
blew up her miniskirt but she didn't even notice ... and anyway there was
noone around who could see her like this, except Piper ... and the dog. It
had sat down next to her when it saw the miniskirt rise. It raised its head
and sniffed the air, smelling something familiar, something its owner had
trained it to do which it associated with that smell. It stood up and padded
over to Maria's bare thighs.

Maria woke up again, a strange wet sensation against her inner thighs. She
looked around. Had it started raining? Then she looked down and gasped. It
was the dog and it was licking her bare skin around the edges of her panties.

"Hey! Stop it, you ... you ... you animal!" she cried but the dog didn't take
notice of her words. Its long, wet tongue continued to lap at her legs and
her panties. She got up into a sitting position and grabbed the dog's head
and tried to pull him away but he was quite strong and his paws dug into the
ground as he continued to lick at her groin. "Piper? Hey, Piper?" she called
out and twisted her neck around but she couldn't see her in the kitchen
anymore. Maria tried to get up but the dog was standing over one of her legs
and try as she might she couldn't get it to move away. "Oh no, what am I
going to do?" Maria was starting to panic. The dog was very insistent and its
tongue was starting to push back the edges of her panties and get under the
hem itself. As it got closer to what it was looking for it became even more
eager as the scent that had attracted it in the first place became stronger
and stronger.

"Piper," she shouted at the top of her lungs this time but Piper still didn't
hear her, or at least Maria thought she hadn't. Piper had heard her the first
time and was looking out of the corner of the window, hiding in shadow, and
watching as the dog held down Maria and lick her. Piper smiled. She'd go and
save Maria if things went too far and if the girl really freaked out or
something ... but for now she'd let the dog have its way for a while longer.
The same thing had happened to her not long ago and after a few minutes of
disgust, she had begun to enjoy herself. And anyway, it was better for Piper
that Maria was occupied with the dog instead of swinging her cute little
backside in front of Leo. Deep inside she knew she didn't have much of a
valid reason for her to be jealous of Maria De Luca, but she was sure that
those bright green eyes, pouty red lips and very short skirts might have some
effect on Leo and she believed in preventive medicine.

Outside, Maria had almost become hoarse from yelling for Piper and at the
dog to stop. When she finally realised it was useless, she had shut up and
resigned herself to sitting still and hoping the dog would stop soon. But
she was hoping in vain. The animal was becoming increasingly agitated as
the panties remained in the way and the woman did nothing to remove them.
Finally it grabbed the hem in its mouth and began pulling at them with its
teeth. It jerked at the wet material and after several tugs, the panties
ripped down the middle.

Maria screamed thinking that the dog was going to bite her now. Piper was
about to rush out to save her when she heard Maria gasp in what sounded very
much like pleasure. She looked back out of the window and saw that Maria had
leaned backwards, resting on her elbows and ... Piper giggled ... she had
actually spread her legs wide apart, willingly letting the dog lick her bare
groin area.

'This is crazy,' Maria thought, 'but it feels so good!' The dog's rough
tongue was licking her bare slit, starting from the very bottom then up
over her trimmed pubic hair and over her lower stomach wetting it with
its saliva. She usually enjoyed Michael's attempts at cunnilingus but the
dog's tongue felt ten times better than her boyfriend's. It was also
having a very arousing effect; her pussy lips split apart and the fleshy
petals fanned open exposing her open hole dripping wet with her juices.
This was what the dog had been waiting for and it licked that juicy hole,
flicking its long tongue deep into her just as it had been trained.

"Oh fuck! Oh damn! Oh fuck!" Maria cried as the tongue slid into her almost
like a penis and she actually raised her hips at the dog's face as if to
help him insert it deeper. The dog continued to lick her oozing hole deeply,
eagerly drinking her nectar, making the teenager cry out in ecstasy. Finally
satisfied with the tasty juice, it left Maria's groin and walked over to
near Maria's upturned face and licked it. If Maria hadn't been close to an
orgasm she'd have thought it gross, especially after where the dog's tongue
had just been ... now it turned her on even more as her lips responded to
the tongue licking her face by opening ... and her own tongue sticking out
and touching the dog's tongue as if it were her lover's!

Her hips bucked at mid-air and she began to rub her swollen clitoris with
her fingers as her pent up orgasm reached its peak ... and she came. She lay
back, her cheeks flushed, panting and content. But the dog wasn't done. Its
wet nose poked her arm, once, twice. Maria looked up at the dog and smiled
at it. "Wow, that was fantastic, you naughty doggy, you really made me cum
good." She felt a bit strange at talking to the animal in this way but it
wagged its tail as if it had understood she was pleased with, probably from
the tone of her voice. The dog poked her arm again. "What do you want now?"
she asked it puzzled and the dog bent its head beneath its own belly and
licked its ... oh god, Maria realised the dog had licked its cock ... the
first time she had seen one in an aroused state. It had emerged from its
sheath and was hanging stiffly, a bright red, veined penis with a blunt,
circular end except for a pointy bit at the top of the head.

The dog moved sideways until its body was rubbing against her arm, then it
raised its hind leg as if to pee on her. Maria moved quickly out of the way
but the dog didn't pee. Instead moved towards her again and wagged its tail
before raising its leg again. It was trying to tell her something ... but
what? Then it dawned on Maria.

"No way ... no fucking way!" she exclaimed as she shooed the dog away with
her hand. The dog whimpered and licked its cock and balls again even more
urgently. Maria suddenly pitied the poor animal. She had cum, but the dog
must be literally about to burst in its aroused state. "It's just like any
other cock ... it's just like any other cock," she repeated in a sort of
mantra, trying to convince herself that the dog's cock was no different
from Michael's or any of her other boyfriends. Squeezing her eyes tightly,
she reached out and put her fingers gingerly around the slimy member. The
dog stood still till she was holding him then he humped at her hand and she
let it slide through her closed fist. Well, it doesn't feel so bad, really,
she thought. Maybe just a bit too slimy but after she'd given Michael a
good blowjob, even his cock felt slimy!

Though the dog was humping away, it seemed rather uncomfortable in this
position so Maria decided to move. She let go of the dog's dick and got up
on her knees where if the dog stood in front of her, she'd be able to grip
it better. However the dog had another idea. When she turned in that
position, her butt in the air, it knew exactly what to do. It ran around
to behind her, raised its front paws over and around her hips, holding her
tight and pushed its aching member at her waiting cunt.

"What ... what ... are you doing?" she said in astonishment still not
understanding how the situation had gotten so totally out of her control.
"Oh no, not there ... please don't put it in there," but the dog had already
slipped his ramrod straight penis into her wet hole. It humped her savagely
as her tight tunnel gripped its thick cock in a loving embrace. After several
moments of total panic as she was raped by the dog, Maria De Luca finally
relaxed and began to enjoy the hard and fast fuck the dog was performing on

"Ohhhh ... aggghhhh ... yessss," she gasped with each of the dog's thrusts,
then her eyes bulged and she bit on her lower lip as something much larger
than the diameter of the cock had felt up to this moment, pushed into her
cunt. She didn't know it but it was the dog's knot, a swollen section of a
dog's reproductive organ that helped him keep it in his bitch till all his
semen had been released. Of course there wasn't going to be any reproduction
with the Roswellian teen, but now she and the dog were inseperable until the
dog had cum and its penis had shrunk which was going to take a while.

"Oh damn ... uuughhh .. oh shit ... fucccckkkkk," as the dog continued to
pound her pussy roughly and every attempt at disengagement resulted in her
crawling a few paces on all fours with the dog stuck onto her butt.

Behind the window, Piper laughed at the funny yet erotic sight, as she
fingered herself, a hand down the front of her jeans. She had watched all
along and it couldn't have been a better show as first the dog had brought
the girl off by licking her, then Maria had tried to masturbate the dog in
return only to have him mount her like a bitch in heat. Piper would have
been doubled over with laughter if it wasn't such a hot sight and she was
close to coming herself.

Maria De Luca peaked in another orgasm but the dog continued fucking her
for another five minutes before it too came. She felt the animal's hot jism
spurting deep into her and his balls took ages to empty themselves. The
thick, wet liquid spreading inside her made her cum again and she screamed
not giving a fuck if anyone in the Halliwell house or any of the neighbours
heard her. Finally exhausted she buried her face in the grass, taking deep
breaths, her butt still in the air with the dog attached to it. The dog had
stopped humping her and it too was panting, its tongue hanging out of its
mouth. Slowly, after a further ten long minutes in which Maria was getting
more uncomfortable and even more embarrassed, she felt the knot decrease in
size and the dog's limp cock flopped out of her. A steady stream of his
semen flowed down her thighs as she got up and pulled down her miniskirt,
while rubbing her lower back to get the stiffness out of it.

She went back in the kitchen door and looked around. Piper was with her back
to her but she heard her come in.

"I thought I heard you shout out there ... did you need anything?" she asked
innocently though she didn't turn towards Maria or she'd have seen her
flushed face from having just orgasmed herself.

"Er no ... nothing ... nothing important," Maria stammered, feeling very
embarrassed as a few drops of doggy cum dripped onto Piper's kitchen floor
tiles. "I'm going up to my room to get changed," and she left at a quick

Piper giggled, "yeah I bet you need a change of panties," she muttered under
her breath and then continued to stir her cauldron.

Out in the backyard, the dog finished licking itself clean then jumped over
the fence back to its kennel feeling very satisfied with itself, its tail
wagging contentedly.

* * *

The doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Prue called, having just come down from the attic where she
had been looking through Book of Shadows. "Oh hi, Darryl," she said smiling
at the black man who was waiting impatiently outside the door, looking
frequently over his shoulder. He walked in and Prue shut the door behind

"Prue, there's trouble," his voice mirrored the worried expression on his

"Tell me about it," Prue rolled her eyes, "there's always trouble around
here, as you should know by now."

"Not that kind of trouble," the Inspector said meaning the demonic trouble
which Prue was referring to. "The FBI is back at my office and they're asking
questions about you three because of some people that were seen at the P3."

Prue raised an eyebrow and exclaimed, "Oh." She wondered how she was going to
explain all this to Inspector Morris.

"They're looking for several youngsters ..." he stopped when a young man
walked out of a doorway and into the hall ... where had he seen that face?
Then he remembered, "Evans ... Maxwell Evans ...?"

Max turned when the man that had been talking to Prue called out his name.
He spotted the police badge attached to his belt and the gun holster under
his arm. His reaction was instinctive and instantaneous. Max raised both
arms and sent a blast of raw energy at the man.

Luckily, Prue was just as fast and she deflected the attack with her own
telekinetic powers, the blast wave missing Darryl Morris and blowing a
glowing red hole into the wall next to him. Inspector Morris crouched to
avoid the debris from the small explosion and drew his gun to defend
himself only to find itself torn from his hand by an invisible force.

"Max, Darryl," Prue yelled at the top of her voice, "Stop it." Satisfied that
both men weren't about to try to kill each other again, she lowered her

"Max, meet Inspector Darryl Morris. He knows what we are and I think its time
he knows what you are. I trust him completely." she added when she saw Max
frown at her.

Darryl warily picked up his gun from the floor where Prue had sent it flying
and holstered it.

"Pleased to meet you Max," he said and offered his hand. Max shook it.

"I'm ... er ... sorry for what I did just now, but after what we've been
through these past years because of the FBI I couldn't control myself when
I saw your badge."

"At least there was Prue here," Darryl said as he traced the outline of the
burnt out hole in the wall with his fingers, the relief evident on his face.

"Why don't you two go and sit down and talk while I get you some lemonade,"
she turned and headed for the kitchen. Darryl's eyes followed her as she
left, enjoying the view of her butt as she walked away. No wonder his former
boss, Inspector Andy Trudeau had been in love with her and had gotten himself
killed to protect her. He shook his head and followed Max to the living room.

The room was a bit crowded. There were three other youngsters whom he
recognised from the FBI's photos of them, Michael Guerin, Jesse Ramirez and
Liz Parker. There was also a woman lying on the couch. She seemed to be
naked, except for a sheet which covered her lower body up to her waist. Her
breasts were uncovered and he could clearly see a glowing silver handprint
on her chest. The girl, Liz Parker was kneeling next to her. Darryl wondered
what was going on, but ever since he'd been around the Halliwell's he knew
he shouldn't ever be surprised at the strange things that occurred in their

Liz's face lit up when she saw Max walk back into the room. "Max, I think
she has amnesia. She says she can't remember who is she or where she's from.
Only that horrible dem ..." she stopped in mid-word when she saw the stranger
that had walked in behind Max.

"It's ok Liz, he's on our side," and he introduced Inspector Morris to
everyone in the room and explained how the woman lying on the couch had
almost died but was ok now.

When Max had finished Darryl said, "I'll check the missing person reports and
return her to her family, but first Prue said you wanted to tell me something
about yourself."

Everyone found somewhere to sit down and Max began his story for the second
time in a few days as Prue came back with a jug of lemonade and cookies for

Darryl listened attentively, his expression changing from incredulity to
disbelief and finally to one of shock as he realised that what Max was saying
was the truth.

Max finished and everyone sat in silence for a minute or so as they watched
Inspector Morris trying to digest all that he had been told. Finally he
cleared his throat and broke the silence.

"So, if I got this straight, you, your sister Isabel and Michael here are
space aliens ... or at least human hybrids of these aliens ... and you were
rulers on another planet before Kivar killed you, but your mother sent your
DNA to earth along with a protector ... and your spaceship crashed in Roswell
back in 1947 .... oh, so that explains the case file mentioning 1947," he
exclaimed suddenly remembering what he had read in the folder he had been
shown by the FBI. "That's one incredible story, but I believe you. I've been
around Prue long enough to know that she won't reveal her secret to just
about anyone."

Michael spoke up. "We have to deal with these two agents. They've gotten too
close to us already."

"Michael, we can't just go about killing every FBI agent we encounter," Max

"Whoa ... killing!? Has this already happened before?" Inspector Morris
looked around at the defiant look in Michael's eyes, at Liz holding onto Max
with fear on her face, at Jesse shaking his head in resignation, "don't tell
me, the less I know the better," Darryl finally said, sighing. Covering up
Prue and her sisters disintegrating, or whatever they did to all those demons
was one thing. Now the murder of FBI agents was being discussed and he was
not going to be a part of it.

He got up and headed for the door. "I'll see what I can do to take them off
your trail," then he pointed to the woman on the couch, "better keep her here
for now till I find out who she is. That way people will ask less questions."
Inspector Morris turned and ... walked straight into a woman he hadn't seen
coming. It was Isabel.

"Oh sorry," he said as he bounced off her well endowed chest. Isabel skewered
him with a haughty gaze and ignored him.

"So that's were you all are. Someone should have told me you were going to
have a party," she said looking pointedly at the empty jug of lemonade and
plate of half eaten cookies. That broke the tension and made them all laugh.
Isabel didn't think she had said anything funny and she left in a huff,
muttering something about idiot brothers and stupid husbands.

Inspector Morris let himself out of the front door after he had watched
Isabel leave and climb the stairs. The FBI pictures of her didn't do her
justice, he thought, seen in person she was one hot babe!

He walked back to his sedan and got in. He was about to turn the ignition
when he looked in the rearview mirror and jumped as he saw someone looking
back at him from the backseat.

"Aahh ... oh ... Agent Casey ... what a surprise ... what are you doing

"I'd like to know the same thing Inspector Morris."

"Oh ..." what was he going to tell her, "I came to check on the owners of the
P3. After what you told me earlier I was very concerned that they may be in a
dangerous situation or something."

"Are they?" Agent Casey looked at him piercingly.

"No ... no ... they're ok. I asked them whether they had seen any of those
youngsters but they hadn't. I guess they must have left the city after that
night at the club."

"Hmmmm," Agent Casey replied not letting on whether she had believed his lies
or not.

He looked again in the rearview mirror and his heart began racing. Agent
Casey was sitting with her legs apart and he could see her white panties
clearly. What was going on here? Why was she teasing him like this? Was
she doing it on purpose?

Darryl cleared his throat. "Where's Agent Dunfeld, Agent Casey?"

"He's still back at your office. And call me Melissa. I hope you won't mind
me calling you Darryl, Inspector?"

"Err .. no, sure .. call me Darryl .. Melissa" she really was quite beautiful
he thought even in that FBI suit and bunched up hair.

Almost as if she had heard his thoughts she undid her hairpins and shook her
shoulder length blonde hair free. She took of her dark sunglasses and smiled
at him, her lovely big eyes showing a hint of amusement at the look of
astonishment on his face as he watched her in the rearview mirror.

"Better drive around the corner, there's a secluded spot that should be just

"And why should we go there?"

"Just drive and you'll see" she grinned at him and licked her cherry red

Inspector Morris obeyed and followed her directions wondering what she was
up to. They reached the place she'd chosen and indeed it was secluded, the
driveway of a large house which was up for sale. He turned around and began
to say, "Now tell me what's going on ..." but the sentence stuck in his
throat as he saw Agent Casey ... Melissa ... unbutton her blouse and pull
up her skirt till he could see her white bra and panties.

"Melissa!? What are you doing?" he gasped.

"Get back here Darryl. I've been wanting to fuck you since I first saw you."

"What? .. but ..."

"Inspector Morris, I order you to get back here this instant!"

"Yes, ma'am," he said as if he were a still a young cadet at police academy
and got out of the car and got in the back next to Agent Casey.

This day was full of surprises and this was the nicest one of them all.
Seeing Prue and Isabel had already been quite pleasant, yet this lovely FBI
agent sitting in his car in just her panties and bra made him instantly rock
hard. He placed a hand on her breasts and felt their fleshy firmness. She
closed her eyes and leaned against the backseat as he touched her tits.
Inspector Morris pulled down her bra slowly, until her hard nipples peaked
out from under the material. Darryl bent over and sucked on the thick buds.
Melissa moaned with pleasure and she put a hand between her legs and began
to rub her groin.

Darryl placed his hand over hers and helped her, their fingers intertwining
as together they touched her most intimate place through her panties. He
continued to suckle at her nipples for several minutes before she suddenly
got up from under him and pushed him against the seat. She pulled down her
panties, but she didn't give him much of a chance to see what she had to
offer except for a quick glimpse of a neatly trimmed, peach colored patch
of pubic hair and a visibly wet slit.

She pulled down his pants and freed his erection, then she straddled him and
sat on his large cock leaving him to gasp in surprise at her sudden frenzy.
Agent Casey put her arms around the Inspector's neck and kissed him deeply
on his mouth, her tongue darting between his lips as she bounced up and down
vigorously on his lap. The cars suspension made a squeaking noise as her up
and down movement was transmitted to it and he made a mental note to have the
police mechanic have a look at it ... a note which was immediatly forgotten
when she nibbled on his left earlobe, then darted her tongue into his ear,
while her chest heaved against his face.

Inspector Morris grasped her buttocks as she fucked him wildly, impaling
herself on his stiff member right down to his balls. She was such a wildcat
he thought. If he closed his eyes he could almost imagine it was Prue
Halliwell sitting on him ... fucking him ... oh yessss ... oh baby! Darryl
shook his head ... he had never had such thoughts about Prue ... well not
exactly never, she was an extremely sexy babe ... but she was also a
witch ... "Darryl ... Darryl ..." Agent Casey was saying, "I'm gonna cum."

"Oh ... oh, yes," he said forgetting about Prue for the moment as the woman
on him bucked up and down savagely, grinding her groin against his cock until
he felt her vaginal muscles begin to spasm as she had an orgasm.

"Ahhh ... ahhh ... ahhh ... ahhhh," she gasped while cumming, then quieted
down and got off him, lying back against the seat panting.

Darryl put his fist around his cock and began to jack off, since he too was
on the point of cumming. After a few moments, she put a hand on his arm as if
to stop him, then got on her knees and bent over him, swallowing his penis
deep into her mouth.

"Oh fuck yessss!" he cried as she deep throated him several times, then
licked the thick vein along the underside of his cock. When she nibbled
gently on his glans and slid her tongue around it, he couldn't resist
any longer and he blew his load onto her pretty face. She swallowed some
of it and let the rest dribble down her flushed cheeks and chin.

"That was great, Darryl," she whispered. Then she took something out of her
handbag which had been lying on the backseat next to her. She handed the tiny
cassette to him.

"You better find the bug my partner put on your jacket. Here's the tape
of what was said inside the Halliwell's house. I must say it is a very
impressive story, but you were quite impressive too so I've decided to
keep your secret in return for a good fuck now and again."

Inspector Darryl Morris was just too stunned to say anything. If that's what
she wanted to stay quiet he'd volunteer himself. It would be a suitable
"punishment" for allowing himself to get bugged and in a position to reveal
Prue's and Max's secrets. Oh well, he'd have to face it like a man, he
thought a silly grin on his face as he looked at the pretty Agent Casey who
had finished wiping his cum off her face.

They looked at each other then they simultaneously reached out and began to
hug and kiss and then fuck again.

* * *

Max looked out of the one of the attic windows where he could just see
Inspector Morris's car begin to buck up and down again and he smiled. His
sister, Isabel, was standing near him but she had her eyes closed as she
dreamwalked. She had been dreamwalking as Darryl Morris had come into the
house and her mind had somehow entered the mind of Agent Casey as she
spied on the Halliwell Manor.

Since leaving Roswell, Isabel had continued to refine her dreamwalking
ability. Not only could she see what was going on in other people's minds
while they were asleep, now she could do it while they were awake and could
even control their thoughts and actions to some extent.

From the way her lips were turned up in a smile now, Max was sure that both
Agent Casey and Inspector Morris were enjoying themselves fully. The FBI
agent wouldn't remember what was happening to her and she'd report that
though the bug's tape recorder had malfunctioned, what she had heard in her
headphones was just normal talk between the Inspector and the Halliwells as
he professionally questioned them about the suspects.

"That's enough now Isabel."

"Mmmmmh," she mumbled licking her lips as she tasted Darryl's hot seed as he
came for the second time in Agent Casey's mouth.

"Isabel!" Max warned again, "don't overdo it."

Isabel opened her eyes. "Spoilsport," she said punching her brother in the
ribs, "just when I was beginning to enjoy myself."

Max laughed. "Go have a wild time with Jesse. Can't you see the poor guy is
getting desperate."

"Leave my husband out of it. We make love quite often if you want to know,
though we don't do threesomes, and especially noisy ones when other people
are trying to eat breakfast."

Max laughed again and his cheeks colored a bit, though he didn't really
blush, as he recalled the morning's tryst with Prue and Liz.

"Seriously, Max, whatever was up with Liz? She's usually so shy and reserved.
How did you manage to convince her to allow Prue to participate?"

"I didn't even try. It just happened. Almost as if she had a spell cast over
her ... Uh oh."

It was Isabel's turn to laugh as she saw the stunned expression on her
brother's face.

"There are three witches in this house so you can expect these things, Max,"
she grinned "bet that Prue has the hots for you and used some love potion or
something to get in your bed" she said only half jokingly.

Max shrugged then grinned, "She's not the only one that has the hots for me,
eh sis?"

"Oh, don't you start about that. We were young then and we just wanted to ...
explore each other" Isabel said as she recalled certain vivid scenes of her
brother touching her breasts, already relatively large when she was still
thirteen years old and she reciprocating by feeling his penis. Things had
gone beyond that ... she shook her head to clear those very embarrassing
images only to see that Max had stepped up to her and had cupped her chin
with his hand and was looking into her eyes.

His face came closer and closer. She could stop it ... she should stop it ...
she only had to push him away but ... but ... her brother kissed her on her
full lips. Only a brotherly kiss at first. But his tongue was brotherly too
and wanted to visit her mouth. Against her good sense, as she had done when
she was small, she opened her mouth and their tongues joined together and
they kissed deeply.

Max held her tightly against him, his hands roving across her back then down
across her voluptuous buttocks. Instinctively he pushed her against him so
that she could feel his growing erection against her stomach.

"Max ..." she said as his lips left her mouth to nibble at her ears and neck
"Max ... we shouldn't do this. It's wrong."

But Max wasn't going to listen to reason. He was beyond listening now as he
pushed his sister against the window ledge and undid her belt buckle and
pulled down her jeans. His hand brushed against her panty covered mound and
Isabel shivered slightly. "Max ..." she said again but she too was beyond
reason as her brother cupped her groin roughly with his hand and groped
between her legs. She spread them automatically to give him access though
seconds later she closed them tight and placed her hands on his muscular
chest and tried to push him away but only halfheartedly.

Trapped between her legs, his fingers still managed to push aside her panties
and find her slit, sliding into her wetness with ease.

"Oh god, Max ... no, please. Aaaaaghhh ... oh fuck ... oh yessss!"

His fingers had begun to pump in and out of her and her protests turned to
gasps of pleasure as his thumb found her clit. This time she spread her legs
wide, half sitting on the narrow window ledge while Max penetrated her with
three fingers. Isabel loved this. She'd never admit it, but she loved it when
someone fingered her. Her husband, Jesse, never even tried to do it to her
though ... when they had sex they'd do it missionary style and with the
lights turned off. Oh what fun, she thought sarcastically. That it was her
brother who was doing this to her, might have bothered Isabel deep inside,
but now she was too turned on to even think about stopping him. Instead she
was urging him on to push his fingers in deeper, to stick his whole hand
inside her, to fuck her with his arm!

Hearing his sister say such things had made Max as hard and long as he
could possibly become without bursting. His hand was tiring so he pulled his
fingers out of Isabel's cunt. They were coated with her juices and the rich
aroma reached his nostrils and he inhaled deeply his sister's exciting scent.
He fumbled with his jeans and Isabel helped him undo the buttons and get them
off. She grinned when she saw his nine inch cock standing erect before her.
Yes ... she remembered her brother's long dick, the first she had ever seen
and the first that she had inside her vagina, the one who had taken away her
virginity a long time ago.

"Max," she moaned, "take me!"

"Oh Isabel ..." Max whispered and he settled his cock against her open hole
and pushed it into her. It slid in deeply, her warm, fleshy wetness grasping
at his meat. Isabel sighed and closed her eyes as her brother penetrated her
slowly at first, then at an ever increasing pace. Soon he was bucking his
hips against her in a rapid rythm and she was biting on his shoulder to stop
herself from crying out loud knowing that her moans would probably be heard
throughout the house. This would be difficult to explain to the Halliwells
and especially to Liz and Jesse.

Max whispered in Isabel's ear, "Baby, I'm cumming soon."

"Ok, Max. I want to taste you. I remember that sweet taste you had."

"Now, Isabel," Max grunted and pulled his cock out of her pussy.

Isabel knelt before him quickly and grabbed his penis with both hands and
put the tip in her mouth. She barely jacked it up and down a couple of
times before his thick cum gushed forth into her mouth, filling it till
she couldn't swallow any more. She let it dribble out the corners of her
mouth, then Max grabbed her hair and forced her to suck his cock dry by
fucking her face for several seconds. Finally satisfied, Max released his
sister and she got up and pulled up her jeans. She waved a hand over her
face and chest and what was left of her brother's cum that had gotten into
her clothes disappeared after glowing orange for a split second.

"Thank you Max. That was wonderful, though we really shouldn't have done it

"Don't worry, Isabel. I know you love Jesse and I certainly love Liz, but I
have this feeling that back home ..." and he looked up at the sky, meaning
back on their home planet, "... we must have been very close together ... I
mean Zan and Vilandra," those were who he and Isabel had been in another

Isabel nodded. "Yes, sometimes I feel it too," then she looked towards the
attic door, "someones coming."

Max had heard the wooden stairs creaking too and he hurriedly pulled his
trousers back on making any incriminating drops of his semen disappear as
Isabel had done. They were both standing innocently near the window when
Phoebe came in.

"Oh, hi there. I didn't know you were up here. Have you seen our Book of
Shadows yet?"

"No. Are we allowed to look at it?"

"Sure, Max, come on over and I'll show you. You too Isabel if you want."

"No thanks, I'll think I'll go down now and get something to eat" Isabel
turned to leave though when Phoebe had turned towards the Book of Shadows
she whispered in Max's ear, grinning, "I bet she has the hots for you too,"
and Max replied by slapping his sister's fine butt as she scurried away.

* * *

"So this was written by your grandmother?"

"Yeah, much of it at least. We added lots of new demons to it and Piper
really filled up the potion section. Some information just appears on its
own and some disappears on its own. Or maybe new pages just appear ... we
don't really know."

Phoebe had spent the last thirty minutes showing Max the Book of Shadows
and he had been very interested in it. At least he had been interested in
staying in close proximity to Phoebe who was wearing one of her usual
stunning outfits, very tight, revealing hotpants and a miniscule halter
top that barely covered her large breasts. What was even better was that
Phoebe had a habit of leaning over the Book of Shadows whenever she wanted
to find a page she really wanted to show Max, so as he stood a couple of
paces back he got a perfect view of her full ass as she bent over. Her
very tight hotpants also outlined her pussy lips in a very nice camel toe
and Max was hard again even though he had fucked his sister minutes earlier.


"Eh ... what did you say?" he had missed whatever she had said last having
got another look at her perfect backside.

"I said, that's enough of the Book of Shadows for today" she paused then
giggled, "that is if you're done looking at my butt."

Damn, thought Max, she had noticed. "Oh ... ehm ... no ... I mean ... sure,"
he muttered, embarrassed.

Phoebe laughed at the look on his face. These aliens are cute and shy too,
she thought. She stepped towards him and put a hand on his chest and looked
up at him, batting her eyelids. "Is it nice? Do you like Phoebe's tush?" she

Max was even more embarrassed. Phoebe was hotter than hot. So was her sister
Prue and if he really had to choose he'd go for her butt. After all he'd
fucked Prue this morning. He didn't want to hurt Phoebe's feeling though so
he said, "Yeah, yeah it's great."

"Hmmmm, you didn't sound so enthusiastic about it."

"Oh no ... no ... you have a beautiful ass, but can we change the subject.
I'm a little uncomfortable talking about such things in front of a woman
that ..."

"That you haven't fucked?" Phoebe finished the sentence for him.

Max had been about to say, a woman he barely knew and he said so now, but
Phoebe was putting on her "jealous little girl" act. She knew it turned men
on and after having had sex with Michael yesterday, she wanted to have Max

"Max doesn't like Phoebe's butt. Max is a bad boy. Little Phoebe is gonna
cry," and she rubbed her eyes with her fists and sniffled.

Max was wondering just what had gotten into Phoebe. 'These witches are
crazy,' he thought.

"I really, really like it, Phoebe."

"S'not true. You like my sister's butt better. I know you did vewy, vewy bad
things with Prue."

"No, no ... I didn't do anything to her."

"Max is a liar, Max is a liar," she sang and ran around Max, her breasts
bouncing merrily. "Phoebe heard Prue shout and scream, Phoebe heard Prue say
what a large cock Max has."

"Ok, ok ... ssssshhhh, or everyone will hear you," he said blushing a bright
red now, hoping that Isabel hadn't stayed on the stairs, listening in.

"Max has a large cock, Max has a large cock," she sang even louder.

Max grabbed her arm and stopped her. "Ok, that's enough," he ordered, "what
do you want exactly?"

Phoebe blinked her eyes at him and smiled. "I want you to say after me -
'Phoebe has a nice butt'."

Max gritted his teeth and said, "Phoebe has a nice butt."

"Phoebe's butt is nicer than Prue's," Max repeated that too.

"Max is going to stick his large cock in Phoebe's butt," Max began to repeat
that then stopped in midsentence realising what he was saying.

"I will not say that."

"Bwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!" Phoebe pretended to cry and went down on
her knees and clung to Max's legs.

"Ok, ok, ok ... I'll say it, anything to stop this," he said as her piercing
wail got louder.

"Ooooh, really ... that's a pwomise?" Phoebe clapped her hands happily.

"Yes, promise, see ... Max is going to stick his large cock in Phoebe's
butt ... there I've said it ... oh, Phoebe, what are you doing?"

Phoebe had turned away from him, still on her knees and pulled down her
hotpants showing him her beautiful, naked butt. "You pwomised," she reminded

"Hot damn," he mouthed, "you witches are so horny." Phoebe giggled. "Oh
what the fuck," he finally relented. It wasn't everyday that two hot babes,
besides his wife Liz, did everything possible to have sex with him. If
that's what Phoebe wanted, he'd give it to her. He took off his jeans for
the second time in less than an hour and knelt behind Phoebe. At first he
stuck his aching rod into her wet pussy but Phoebe wanted it elsewhere. She
stuck a finger in her little, pink asshole until the sphincter had relaxed
and opened up. When she felt she could take him she grabbed his cock and
pulled it out of her vagina and positioned it against her anus.

Max had never done this to Liz or Isabel. Anal sex was something his wife or
his sister had never mentioned so this was his first experience with it. It
wasn't all that different, the hole was just a lot tighter and he had to spit
more frequently onto his hand and lubricate his cock with the saliva, but in
the end any hole of sexy Phoebe was exciting. She moaned every time he thrust
into her tight ass and he soon was ramming into her rapidly while grabbing
her waist where it joined her thighs, pulling her onto him. Phoebe was
rubbing her clit while Max ass-fucked her and she came several times before
Max was ready.

"Cum inside me," Phoebe cried on her third orgasm as she grabbed Max's balls
and squeezed them gently.

This was enough to set him off and he filled her anus with his cream. Pulling
out of her, he watched as his cum bubbled up out her hole and dribbled down
between her ass cheeks until it puddled at the bottom of her cunt and dripped
to the floor.

"That was so good," she purred as she got to her feet and pulled up her
hotpants, Max's cum staining them at her crotch.

"Yeah, that was great Phoebe."

"Pity I didn't see any stars this time."

"What? How do you know about that?" Max was stunned that Phoebe knew what
happened during sex between aliens and humans.

"I saw them yesterday when Michael fucked me at the P3 ... I guess that anal
doesn't count. Oh well."

"Michael did what!?" but Phoebe had already turned and left, leaving Max
alone in the attic shaking his head at Phoebe's sluttiness.

* * *

to be continued


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