Notes : This story takes place after Roswell's 3rd Season has ended when Max
and Liz, Maria and Michael, Isabel and Jesse and Kyle Valenti leave Roswell,
NM, destination unknown to hide from the FBI and the evil alien Kivar. Their
journey takes them to San Francisco, CA, looking for a place to spend the
night ...

Charmed/Roswell: Demons, Aliens And Witches Part 1 (MF,MFF,oral,voy,exhib)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

"Look, that seems to be a cool club," Kyle Valenti pointed out his side of
the van they had left Roswell in more than four months ago.

Isabel Ramirez, formerly Evans, snorted from the seat behind him. The noise
made her husband, Jesse, wake up with a start. Eyes still half closed he
looked around the van in the semi darkness. Yes, this was still The
Nightmare. Just a few months ago he had been about to become a highly paid
attorney, but that had been before he discovered that his wife was an alien
hybrid and so was her brother. He had left everything .. his job, his family,
his friends because of his love for Isabel and now here he was, packed in a
ramshackle van with a bunch of teenage freaks as they drove all over the US
trying to avoid contact with the FBI.

"Bah!" he muttered and put his head back down on Isabel's shoulder, closing
his eyes again.

Isabel ignored her husband. Of late, "Bah!" had become a boringly common part
of his vocabulary. Instead she looked at Kyle and skewered his back with a
harsh glare.

"That's what you said last time, Kyle. Pity it was a strip club and they
thought I was the new stripper."

Kyle choked the laugh before it left his throat. It had been almost funny
how several drunk guys had groped Isabel and she had blasted them right
across the bar with her alien powers. They'd had to leave that town in a
hurry before the incident made its way up the FBI reporting ladder to the
Alien Investigation team. Ever since that one innocent mistake, Kyle had
been on Isabel's blacklist and she reminded him of it whenever the subject
of choosing a place to spend the evening came up.

"That doesn't look like a strip club to me. It looks half way decent unlike
some of the joints we've been to." Michael Guerin sounded a bit disappointed
as if he would have preferred a strip club but Maria DeLuca, his girlfriend,
was sitting next to him in the passenger seat as he drove and he certainly
wasn't going to voice his opinion when she was around. "Yo, Maxwell, what are
your orders?" he said a bit sarcastically.

Maxwell, or Max Evans, or human hybrid of an alien King, wasn't really
following the discussion going on in the front section of the van. He was in
the back seat with his young wife, Liz Parker, and they were doing what they
usually did whenever they were together ... kiss and feel each other up. They
had fallen in love three years ago after Max had saved Liz's life when she
had been shot in the Crashdown diner. She was the first human to whom Max had
revealed his alien powers. Since then their life had been transformed into
one great adventure, at times dangerous and at times perilous, and they had
come very close to being torn apart by circumstance or through the actions of
both humans and aliens who were out to get them. Now they were more than
making up for that by being together most of the time. This meant that while
the others drove and talked, Max had his mouth fixed on Liz's mouth, his hand
on one of her small breasts and her hand on the bulge in his pants.

Michael looked at them through the rearview mirror and rolled his eyes. "Why
do I even ask?" he muttered. He glanced sideways at Maria. She was beautiful
as always, the orange light from the street lamps reflecting off her bare
thighs. He could even make out a bit of white panty peeking out from under
her short miniskirt which had ridden up and she hadn't bothered to pull it
down. He looked away quickly and back to the road just in time to notice that
he had already gotten into the incoming lane. This is not the time to get all
hot about Maria, he told himself, as he pulled on the steering and just
managed to avoid ramming headfirst into a sedan.

Another snort from behind him told him that Isabel had noticed what had
caused his momentary loss of control. To ward off any of her increasingly
petulant comments in his regard he quickly said, "So we're going to stop at
this place or not?"

"P3 .. wonder what the P stands for?" Isabel said, then, "Yes, stop here, it
doesn't look too shabby - don't forget the usual procedures," that meant that
they went around the block a couple of times to make sure they hadn't been
tailed or that the place wasn't being staked out and to memorise all escape
routes if they had to leave in a hurry. Michael did just that and ten minutes
later they were in a parking lot several hundred feet from the club. Liz and
Max had to be pried from the van, but finally they were walking down an alley
which Michael said would take them to the club's rear entrance.

* * *

Inside the P3

The music was loud and people were dancing to its beat on the dance floor.
The bar was doing a brisk business and the club was packed. Perfect! thought
Piper Halliwell, smiling as she surveyed her club from the couch she was
sitting on with her sisters, Prue and Phoebe. At least they wouldn't have to
worry about paying the utility bills this month.

Prue put down her half finished cocktail and stood up, stretching to work out
the kinks in her back she had gotten from sitting down too long. Her large
breasts strained at her blouse as she arched her back, her semi hard nipples
pushing against the thin silk material, clearly visible as she never wore a
bra. This caused quite a few heads to turn and stare at her and a couple of
glasses crashed noisily to the floor as they slipped from clumsy fingers.
Phoebe giggled.

"I bet lots of guys are praying that your buttons burst just now."

Prue looked down at her youngest sister, seemingly oblivious to the show she
had just put on. "Why's that?" she asked innocently looking around catching
a few heads turning away quickly as they noticed she was looking in their

"Because you were doing this," Phoebe said getting up and repeating, and
somewhat exaggerating, Prue's earlier motions. Phoebe too had generous
breasts, though not as large as Prue's but she arched her back further and
stretched her arms higher. Since Phoebe was wearing a rather skimpy halter
top, the lower portions of her breasts became uncovered when the small,
elastic strip of material was pulled upwards. This time heads turned and
stared ... and stared. More full glasses tumbled to the floor as people
caught sight of the beautiful girl almost baring her tits as she stretched.

"Phoebe stop that right now. You're going to cost me a fortune in replacing
all those glasses getting broken, not to mention the overtime I'll be paying
the staff to clean up later tonight."

Phoebe grinned and stopped stretching, pulling her halter top back in place
over her tits. "Ok, Piper," she said meekly, "I was just showing Prue what
she was doing before."

"I don't think I was revealing as much as you were, Phoebe."

"Yes, you were, I could see your nipples from here. That blouse is so

"No, it isn't. You are practically topless ..."

"Prue, Phoebe! Stop it!" Piper barked. Her two sisters always managed to
argue about something, they were almost like a cat and dog ... no, maybe two
wildcats ... and she tried to be the voice of reason, stopping them before it
developed into a fight, especially here in her club.

"Sorry, Piper," both of them said together and all three of them laughed.

They were interrupted by one of the waitresses who came to clear their table.
"Would you like a refill of that?" she asked Prue.

"No thanks." Prue replied, then turned back to her sisters, "I'd better be
leaving because I have to get up early tomorrow."

Phoebe was about to say something when the waitress brushed past her to get
back to serving other patrons. Phoebe stiffened, her eyes opened wide as if
she was seeing something in the distance ... then she fell back onto the


"I got ... I got a premonition," still shocked at what she had seen.

Prue turned around and sat next to Phoebe. "What was it? What did you see?"

"That waitress, in the alley near the back entrance. She's dumping the
trash when something attacks her from behind ... a long knife ... blood
everywhere ... oh how horrible ..." Phoebe panted as she relived the scene
in her mind. No matter how long she had had these premonitions, they still
managed to shock her with their clarity.

"There goes another calm and quiet evening," Prue muttered. "Did you manage
to see what type of demon will attack her?"

"No, sorry Prue. Something big and dark and savage, that's all."

Prue got up and motioned for her sisters to follow. "We'd better deal with it
now before it causes any trouble."

* * *

Outside the P3's service entrance

Liz clung tightly to Max.

"Is it me or is this alley getting darker?" she asked in a nervous voice.

Max looked around. "Yeah it looks somewhat darker, as if the shadows are
getting longer."

A chill ran up Maria's spine and she too clung tightly to Michael. Jesse put
his arm around Isabel's shoulders and Kyle quickened his pace to keep up with
the group.

"I think we should have gone round the front," Liz whispered as she glanced
furtively around her as the alley's walls seemed to move closer. She wasn't
claustrophobic, but this long, dark alleyway was strangely making her very,
very nervous.

Up front, Michael stopped suddenly and held up his hand, his instincts as
soldier, guardian of the King, coming to the fore. With his other hand he
pushed Maria gently back towards the others, then raised it and made it
glow with a bright yellow light. The light did push the shadows back further
but did little to dispel the nervousness that was now being felt by the
entire group of humans and aliens. There was something here that was not
quite right ... something strange ... something ... something ... yes,
something evil was hiding here. Max didn't quite understand how he came to
that conclusion, but he held Liz even closer to him prepared to defend her
with his life if it became necessary.

It was just then that a door at the far end of the alley opened and a woman
came out holding a couple of bags of trash. And at that same moment a bright
red swirling pillar of light came into being, shimmering and flashing, before
it resolved itself into the form of a large man, over 6 foot tall, with wide
shoulders and thick legs. The apparition stepped forward and a long blade
glinted in the light streaming out of the doorway. The waitress screamed,
dropping the bags from her hands but remaining rooted to the spot.

Michael acted without thinking and Max followed a pace behind. Isabel rushed
forward too despite Jesse's attempts to grab her.

"Hey," he shouted at the top of his lungs, "stop that!" as the figure
advanced on the woman crouching in terror.

The figure turned towards the three youngsters rushing towards him and they
caught a glimpse of its face ... and they stopped in their tracks. It was a
hideous face, a black and red mask seemed to cover it with glowing red eyes
shining brightly. Protuberances on its forehead vaguely resembled horns. It
raised the hand holding the dagger and pointed it at Michael. A lightning
bolt leapt from the tip of the dagger and arced towards Michael - there was
no way it would miss - yet the air in front of Michael shimmered green and
the lightning bolt sizzled vainly just one foot away from its intended target
without doing any harm to him. It was a force field that Max had generated.
It usually stopped bullets and now it was stopping this strange lightning
discharge that the monster had thrown at them.

The hideous creature seemed surprised that his attack had been thwarted. He
ignored the three teenagers and turned back to his first intended victim, the
P3's waitress. He raised the knife and plunged it downward.

Michael concentrated then aimed both hands at the monster and an almost
visible shockwave split the air as he sent a pulse of his alien power
straight into the creature's back. It would have killed a human, literally
melting even the skeletal structure. Michael knew that from previous
experience. Yet it barely staggered it, but fortunately this distraction
made the creature miss the woman's heart, though the dagger still plunged
into her chest and fatally wounded her unless she was seen to immediately
by medical personnel. The woman lay still on the ground, barely alive with
blood pulsing slowly from the chest wound.

"No!" Isabel cried and she too sent a pulse of energy at the creature. This
only seemed to annoy it and with a loud roar it turned back to the youngsters
and moved slowly towards them.

While this had been going on, Prue, Phoebe and Piper had, unseen by anyone
else in the confusion, rushed out of the back door of the P3, seen the
waitress lying on the ground and seen the demon turning on the group of
teens. Much to the three sisters astonishment, three of the youngsters seemed
to have some form of magical powers which they were using, with little effect
against the demon. Prue rushed forward and waved her hands before her. The
demon was lifted off its massive feet and tossed against the wall, its weight
actually cracking the bricks. It rose immediately shaking its head as if
stunned and turned to meet this new threat. Piper stepped forward and flicked
her wrists ... and the demon shuddered to a halt, frozen in mid step.

"I can't hold him for long ... I can feel his strength," Piper cried.

"Phoebe, the chalk," from previous experience the three witches had learnt to
keep a bit of chalk handy. It came in useful in these circumstances. Phoebe
fished a piece out of the rear pocket of her lowcut jeans and threw it to
Prue who caught it. She warily moved towards the demon and quickly drew a
circle around it, then drew several ancient symbols around that circle. When
done, she stepped back and motioned to Piper who unfroze the demon.

It continued its stride forward only to hit an invisible barrier. It looked
down and spotted the magical circle drawn around it. The demon bellowed in
rage at having been thwarted by the three witches and the three new
adversaries with the strange, unknown powers. Unable to cross the circle it
left in the same pillar of light it had arrived in, but it would be back.

"What the hell was that? And who the hell are you?" Michael Guerin shouted
after the demon disappeared.

Prue looked at him and his companions warily, not trusting them especially
after having seen them wield magical powers. "We'll discuss what happened
here later but ...." she was interrupted by a cry from Piper.

"Leo .. Leo ..." Piper was shouting, kneeling over Kristen, the waitress,
and calling for her lover, the whitelighter Leo who had the ability to heal
humans if these had been wounded by demons. But Leo didn't appear quickly
as he usually did, it must be one of those rare instances where he was
unavailable because he was in front of the Council or for other reasons the
Halliwell sisters couldn't understand. Tears welled in Piper's eyes realising
that if Leo didn't appear within seconds, Kristen would die.

"Move aside, I can help her," Max said as he too bent over the bleeding

"No, you can't," Piper whimpered, "Only Leo can do anything for her."

Prue put a hand on Piper's shoulder. "Let him," feeling something within her
telling her that she should trust Max.

Piper moved away and Max knelt down and placed a hand on Kristen's deep
wound. An orange glow appeared around his hand surprising similar to what
Leo did and after several seconds of deep concentration, Max removed his
hand and stepped back breathing heavily. Kristen coughed once, then her
eyes blinked open and she tried to get up helped by an amazed Piper. She
looked at Kristen's chest seeing the torn and bloodied blouse where the
demon's dagger had hit her but as a surprised Kristen pulled aside the
material, her skin was totally unharmed and the gaping wound had completely
disappeared. The only strange thing was a silver handprint that was glowing
where Max had placed his palm.

"I ... I ... was attacked ... but now ... " Kristen stammered clearly in
shock from her near death experience.

"Piper, get her inside and give her a shot of brandy," then Prue turned to
Max looking at the youngster appraisingly. "Are you a whitelighter?"

"No ... at least I don't think so ... what is a whitelighter?" Max was
puzzled. He wanted to know what powers this very good looking woman had
wielded just seconds ago. He wanted to know what that horrible creature
had been. He wanted to know many things but this alley wasn't the place
to discuss such things. "Can we come in? It's getting chilly out here and
they ..." he pointed to where Liz, Maria, Kyle and Jesse were still
cowering in terror against the wall "... need to have something warm or
they're going to freak out."

"Yeah, you're right. Okay, Phoebe show everyone inside to the private area
and ask Robyn to prepare some sandwiches and hot chocolate.

* * *

Inside the P3

With their stomachs full and the danger having passed, everyone was relaxed.
They had introduced each other with the Roswell kids showing disbelief when
Prue had said she and her sisters were witches, while the Halliwell sisters
listened in amazement as Max gave them a highly compressed version of the
last three years and how he, Michael and Isabel were space aliens.

Prue warned them that the powerful demon would be back and would attempt to
kill them all because they had interfered with its plans, so they would be
unable to leave the area until it was vanquished. As they were talking
sparkling blue lights appeared in the center of the room and began to

Max and Michael both lept up and aimed their hands at the figure that was
appearing out of thin air.

"No ... No ... it's ok," Piper leapt up screaming as Leo orbed into the room,
"that's Leo!"

"Prue, there's trouble ... " Leo began as he solidified, then spotted the
motley crew of teenagers in the room and said "oooops!" having revealed his
supernatural power in front of strangers.

"It's ok, they know what we are," Prue told him and gave him a summary of
what had happened less than an hour ago.

When she came to alien part he looked sceptically at the youngsters. Max
decided the best way to show this guy the truth was for a quick demonstration
of their powers. He spotted a vase of flowers at one side of the room. Max
used his power to pull it towards them. Michael followed his cue and blasted
it with his energy and it shattered into several hundred pieces.

"Oh no, that was my favorite vase," Piper said.

Isabel grinned at her. "Don't worry, it will be good as new," and she walked
over to the pile of shards and her hand hovered above them and glowed
slightly. The shards began to float up off the floor as if they were being
picked up by a mini tornado and the vase began to take shape again until it
was complete and in perfect shape.

"Wow!" Leo said voicing the thoughts of the Halliwell sisters, "that's a very
cool power you have there," then he cocked his head sideways as if hearing a
voice in his ear. "Uh oh ... this complicates matters ... I have to go." He
had been called by his superiors "up there" probably to discuss this
situation so he blew a kiss at Piper and orbed away.

* * *

The Roswell crew and the Halliwell sisters continued to talk about their
past adventures for what seemed like hours as they told incredible tales of
battles between otherworldly creatures and how they managed to keep their
secrets, of being witches and of being aliens, from the people around them.

During all this time, Michael had been eyeing Phoebe Halliwell whom he
thought to be very cute ... in fact very hot and sexy were really what he was
thinking. Phoebe had noticed the guy with the long and spiky hair looking at
her, mostly at her chest, and had smiled back at him a couple of times. Now
Michael got up, "Hey, where is the john in this place?"

"I'll show you, follow me," Phoebe told him and got up and headed for the

"Michael, don't be long," Maria warned him with a frown on her face. She too
had noticed him ogling Phoebe's large tits and she was a bit jealous.

"I'll be back soon Maria."

Phoebe took him down the corridor and to Piper's private bathroom next to her
office and unlocked the door for him.

"It's all yours," she said as she stood in the doorway. To get in he had
to slide past her body and the doorway wasn't wide enough for two people
together so he had to scrape through his body rubbing against hers. He could
feel her stiff nipples against his chest and the warmth of her sexily clad
body aroused him. He smiled down at her and she smiled back. Their faces
moved closer together and then they were kissing each other passionately,
spearing their tongues into each others mouths with great fervour.

Michael groped at Phoebe's breasts, sliding a hand under her halter top
until he found a thick nipple and squeezed it hard. She gasped, returning
the favor by grabbing his crotch and squeezing back. There was a lot to
squeeze! Michael's other hand was on Phoebe's bottom, rubbing her delectable
ass through the lowrider jeans. Then he put his hand down the back of her
jeans and grasping the flesh directly. It didn't take him long to work his
way down the crack between her buttocks to her crotch and slip his fingers
under her thong and feel her wetness.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" Phoebe moaned as she felt the tips of Michael's fingers slide
into her. They finally had to break away from each other because both of them
were out of breath.

"Let's go in and shut the door."

"Yeah, better. I don't want Maria to come looking for me and seeing us like

"Would your girlfriend mind?"

"She'd probably kill me," he smiled as he saw the look on her face, "naaaah,
we're an open couple, she encourages me to be with other girls. Says we'll
be happier that way," Michael lied. He wasn't going to miss out on this fine
piece of ass with qualms about Maria DeLuca, whom he loved, sure, but who
had said that variety was the spice of life was 100% right.

"Oh, ok then. If it's fine with her" Phoebe said, relieved. There was
something about Michael Guerin that attracted her from the first moment
she'd set eyes upon him. Maybe it was because they both had a somewhat
rebellious nature. Phoebe never really bothered obeying her older sister
Prue, and Michael had certainly disobeyed Max numerous times even though
Max was the King. Whatever it was, they crowded into the small bathroom
and shut the door behind them. Phoebe helped Michael take his pants off
and watched with a certain amount of awe as his already erect penis stood
at attention.

"So that's what an alien cock looks like."

Then it was Michael's turn to pull her jeans off, followed by her panties.
He pulled the halter top off her breasts completely but left it around her
neck. She turned around for him to have a good luck at her body as she
grinned mischievously at him.

"And here I was always thinking that witches were warty, old hags!" Michael
said, then before she could reply he put an arm under one of her thighs and
raised it. He pushed her body against the wall tiles and rammed his cock into
her open slit, sliding in deep on his first thrust.

"Oh God!" Phoebe exclaimed, "oh yes, yes, yes," she cried as he bucked his
hips against her wildly in a frenzied motion. She bit down on his shoulder
to try to stifle her shouts not wanting to attract the attention of her
sisters and the other people in the room just next door. "Fuck me, fuck me,"
she squealed as he slipped out of her for a moment to reposition himself. He
grabbed her other leg and lifted her completely off the floor. Understanding
what he wanted to do, she crossed her legs behind his back and put her arms
around his neck. Now his hands were supporting her from under her buttocks,
he could penetrate her even more deeply as she too began to buck her hips
back and forth. They remained in this position for a couple of minutes until
Michael began to grunt as he came inside her.

Phoebe shut her eyes as suddenly she seemed to have one of her usual
premonitions but this time it was in glorious color and instead of seeing
people, she literally saw stars ... suns, planets, solar systems and entire
galaxies revolved around her. Nebulae burst in rainbows of lights as stars
were born and other went nova. A shower of meteorites came directly at her
and as they flashed past she opened her eyes ... and was back in the bathroom
clinging onto a sweaty, contented Michael.

"Wow! What the hell was that?"

"Did you see stars?"

"Yeah, and much more ... it was ... it was amazing."

"Max says Liz sees that everytime they have sex, Maria says she's only seen
it a couple of times and Isabel doesn't talk about her love life. I guess
its just part of our genetic makeup that we become planetariums during an

Phoebe laughed. She couldn't wait to tell Prue and Piper what she had just
experienced! They cleaned themselves up and Michael took a pee, the reason
why he had come here in the first place and then they went back to join the

Maria looked quizzically at Michael and the still flushed Phoebe. As he sat
beside her she wrinkled her nose in disgust as she was sure she could smell
the lingering smell of recent sex on him. "That slut," she mouthed under her
breath as she looked back again at Phoebe and tapped her foot on the carpeted
floor. Later Michael was going to get his punishment!

* * *

The Halliwell Manor

The Roswell crew and the Charmed ones had stayed up late talking about their
adventures, then Prue had suggested they all go to the Halliwell manor and
stay there for a few days. It was going to be cramped, but Prue, Phoebe and
Piper had decided to share the same room, with the other couples in the other
bedrooms and Kyle on the living room couch.

Everyone realised how crowded it was when everyone woke up and headed for
the shower at the same time. Michael's suggestion that they shower two at a
time only got him a big pinch from Maria who, still smarting from his little
escapade the night before, had ignored him everytime he had tried to roll
her over onto his side of the bed and make love to her. "I'm not going to be
your second helping of sex, spaceboy," she had told him ,"you're going to
have to grovel lots more before you're going get your dirty dick inside me
again." Michael had muttered something about how touchy earth girls were but
he was already fast asleep, exhausted from his strenuous lovemaking session
with Phoebe, before Maria could find a suitable retort.

They finally agreed on a timetable for getting into the bathroom and shower
and everything proceeded smoothly until it was Isabel's turn.

* * *

Isabel took off her satin nightdress which she had slept in and looked down
at the bed. Jesse had gone back to sleep after showering because Piper had
said breakfast wouldn't be ready until at least another hour. She found a
large towel with the name Phoebe embroidered on one side. So this must be
Phoebe's bedroom she thought as she put the towel around her and opened the
door. She went down the hallway until she reached the bathroom's door and put
her hand on the knob. As she turned the knob a man's rough hand groped her
bare ass beneath the towel as a voice said, "Phoebe its so good to see you

* * *

Seconds earlier

Cole Turner, the human half of the demon Belthazor teleported into the
Halliwell manor to meet his lover Phoebe. He had been away for a week of his
time, but it was a bit over a month human time ... time worked strangely in
the underworld. As he arrived in his characteristic puff of black smoke and
flame he had spotted Phoebe in her towel about to go shower and he had crept
up behind her to give her a pleasant surprise. At the last moment he noticed
that Phoebe seemed to have dyed her hair yellow but she'd done stranger
things than that so he wasn't surprised. If he'd looked closely he'd have
seen that she was of a slightly different build than Phoebe, as well as being
at least half a foot taller, but Cole was horny and he greeted his lover in
the way any horny man or demon would, by grabbing the luscious ass that was
peeking out from below the towel. "Phoebe its so good to see you again!" he

Phoebe turned ... and it wasn't Phoebe. It was a woman he had never seen
before. She had a beautiful face though she was scowling furiously at him
and her eyes were glowing dangerously. She also had a very nice rack, as
big as Phoebe's and probably even bigger if the bulge underneath the towel
was anything to go by.

"Oh sorry ..." he looked around the corridor in bewilderment "... is this the
Halliwell manor?" thinking that he had teleported into the wrong home.

"Yes it is," a rather peeved Isabel said. How dare he just come up to her and
grab her butt! "Now may I take my shower without any further interruptions?"
she said and raised her hand to shoo the mysterious man in his black
trenchcoat and red shirt away. Big mistake. Her hand had been holding up both
ends of the towel that was around her and when she raised it, the towel just
fell about her ankles revealing her naked body to the stranger.

Yes, a nicer set of tits than Phoebe's, Cole thought as his eyes shifted up
and down over the beauty's body. And nice peach fuzz between her legs too!
There was a tent in his trousers as his pole rose to a horizontal position
and Isabel noticed this immediately.

She blushed and tried to cover her large breasts and groin with her hands as
she tried to pick up the towel at the same time. She wasn't very successful.

"Let me help you," Cole offered.

"No need, I can manage," Isabel said in a flustered voice.

Cole had already bent down to pick up the towel just as Isabel did the same
thing, which resulted in Cole getting a faceful of tit, almost getting an
eye poked out with one of her stiff nipples. Isabel jerked up straight,
blushing an even deeper shade of red, "I'm sorry," she mumbled, then she
bent down again for another attempt at collecting the towel. This time the
clumsiness she was suddenly experiencing because of her embarrassment at
being nude in front of a stranger made her bump into Cole's huge erection.
"Oh dear, I don't know why I'm being so clumsy today."

"Don't worry, I'm quite enjoying this," Cole said smiling down at her, "and
actually, I'm hoping you continue what you're doing."

"What? ... Continue what? ... Oh damn ..." Isabel realised that she had
somehow knelt before him and instead of grabbing the towel with her left
hand she had unwittingly grabbed the bulge in his pants with her right
hand. How could that be possible? Whatever was she thinking? How could
this be happening? For heavenssakes, her husband was sleeping just down
he corridor!!

Actually it wasn't entirely her fault. Cole was horny. Cole was half human,
half demon. Cole's power, even when not directly controlled by him, could
have this effect on women especially if they too were horny and didn't have
sex as often as they wanted to. And Cole wasn't doing much to curb this
particular power even though he suddenly realised that Phoebe must be
somewhere around the house too. Knowing that Phoebe could come upstairs and
catch them in this position anytime excited him even more. Doing forbidden
things really turned on his demonic nature. His cock grew another two inches
and burst out of his pants and into Isabel's grasp.

"Oh!" Isabel exclaimed in surprise, her mouth forming an "O". That was all
that Cole needed. He thrust his hips forward and his thickly veined cock
slid between those open red lips into the girl's wet mouth and as far as
he could go before she gagged. At first she tried to stop him by pushing
against his stomach and leaning backwards but soon she relaxed and began
to roll her tongue around his cock, opening her mouth even wider as he
deepthroated her. Cole grabbed the babe's large tits enjoying their fleshy
feel and rolled each nipple between thumb and forefinger. As he did this,
Isabel began to suck on his cock even faster having become aroused herself

"Ahhh, this is so good, lick it harder bitch! You know, you're a great
cocksucker," he told her. Of course she couldn't reply beyond nodding her
head and then sucking him even deeper. High and mighty Isabel obviously
liked being talked to dirty, and from the way she was going at Cole's cock,
she was an expert at giving head though she would never admit either items
to Jesse her husband or even her brother Max.

Cole didn't last much longer. A final suck, a last slide of the tongue along
the underside of his penis then a quick flick at the tip where his pisshole
was ... and he came, torrents of cum gushing forth down Isabel's throat. She
almost choked, unable to keep up swallowing the flow of thick cream Cole was
pumping. Finally, it slowed to a trickle and Isabel managed to spit some of
the cum out of the corners of her mouth where it dribbled down her chin and
dripped onto her heaving breasts. She swallowed a couple of times to clear
the rest and then smacked her lips together as if she had enjoyed a
particularly tasty meal.

"That was ... that was ... great!" she finally admitted.

Cole smiled again. "Who are you?" It was a bit late for formal introductions,
but at least he'd know the name of the cunt who'd just given him his best
blowjob in the last 60 years.

"Isabel Evans ... er Ramirez," she still wasn't used to the fact that she
wasn't married even though a year had passed.

"I'm Cole Turner ... I'm Phoebe's ..." what should he say demonic lover?
hmmm better not, "... friend"

Isabel smiled at the pause guessing part of the answer which Cole didn't
give. Friends don't just surprise each other by groping butts in the morning
so there was something more between this Cole and Phoebe. Very good for her,
she guessed, he had such a huge, tasty cock.

From down below, Piper called out, "Breakfast's ready, come and get it while
its hot!"

"I'd better get showered and go down before all the others finish my share,

"Others?" Cole was surprised. "Are there more of you here? Has Phoebe and
her sisters opened a motel while I've been away?"

"I guess she'll explain everything to you if you ask her," Isabel said,
finally picking up the towel, though this time she didn't put it back on,
now that she knew the stranger rather intimately. She turned, giving Cole
an excellent view of her sexy butt as she entered the bathroom and closed
the door behind her.

Cole stood there for a moment longer, considering whether he should go in
and give her a good, hard fuck but the problem was resolved for him when Prue
came out of her bedroom and saw him standing there his hand on his cock which
was still hanging out of his pants.

"Oh, Cole, so you've come back?" She looked down and grinned, her green eyes
flashing. "You must be really happy to see me from the looks of it or have
you seen Phoebe already?"

"Er no," he quickly stuffed his cock back into his trousers as embarrassed as
a half demon could be, "where is she?"

"Probably downstairs, but behave yourself, we have visitors."

"Yeah, I know," he grinned wickedly but Cole didn't say anything more even
though Prue cocked her head at him questioningly. She shrugged as he ran
downstairs and went down the corridor to knock on Piper's bedroom where Max
and his young wife Liz had slept to tell them that breakfast was ready.

* * *

The night before

Max and Liz were exhausted. They had been driving all day ... well Michael
had been doing the driving, Max and Liz had been petting! Then they had met
that horrible monster, and three women who said they were witches. So when
Prue had shown them the bedroom they could share, they had stripped to their
underwear and jumped into the bed. Sleep didn't come immediately though.

"So what do you think about the older sister? The black haired one?" Liz
asked Max.

"Huh? I don't know. What she said is probably true. I don't think that
creature was an alien, it was too ugly to be one. And anyway, there are lots
of myths and fables about monsters and demons so there might actually be some
truth to them."

"I didn't mean about what she said, Max, I meant about her personally."

Max raised one eyebrow. Where was Liz going with this? What was he going
to say? He had looked at Prue closely all the evening, listening to her
attentively and at the time he hadn't thought about it, but now that Liz
had brought it up she was very good looking, with her long black hair,
high cheekbones and bright green eyes ... and especially her full bosom.

"She's beautiful."

"That's it? Just beautiful? I know you better than that Max," and she looked
him in the eyes and winked at him.

"She has big tits, maybe bigger even than Isabel's," he said teasing Liz.

"Max!" and she hit him with a pillow.

"You wanted to know what I thought about her personally. What's more personal
than that?"

Liz grinned. She too had been teasing Max. Now she turned over and climbed
over him, straddling his hips. She pulled her bra cups off her petite breasts
slowly, revealing first one small brown nipple, then the other. When she
uncovered them completely Max reached behind her and undid the bra's clasp
and tossing it on the floor next to the bed.

"These may be smaller than hers but I bet they're much nicer."

"Yeah," Max said as he studied his teenage wife's perfect breasts, "but I
can't really say until I've seen and touched her tits, like so ..." and he
placed a hand on each of those small breasts and squeezed them together,
then rubbed the nipples with his thumbs till he felt them harden. "Yup, I
bet they're much bigger than these and here nipples must have been at least
an inch long? Did you notice she wasn't wearing a bra under than thin

He covered his face with his hands to protect it as Liz raised the pillow
again and hit him several times with it.

"You're disgusting, you know that. You've been stripping her with your eyes
all evening," she said with a serious tone in her voice but her eyes were
twinkling and Max realised that she was just toying with him.

"Uh oh," Liz said.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. It's just perfect," and she reached down between her
legs to where she was sitting on Max and touched his erection. The teasing
combined with all the sexual tension they had accumulated throughout an
entire day of petting had made Max rock hard. Liz's warm groin against his
own had been the last straw.

Max growled in pleasure as she touched him.

"Come here, babe. Max has something for you," he said grabbing her hips and
lifting her up and onto her back. He knelt over her and ripped her panties
off, tossing them next to her bra. He straddled her in the same way she had
been straddling him seconds ago.

Liz squealed playfully as he felt between her legs to see if she was ready to
accept him. Indeed, she was quite wet and her folds were already seperated.
He spread her legs wide, then put her ankles over his shoulders. He rubbed
the head of his cock along her slit wetting it with her own juices and pushed
it into her opening. It slid into her tight eighteen year old cunt easily and
he was soon in as far as he could go without hurting her.

"Ooooh, that feels so good Max," Liz said placing her hands on his muscular

He thrust into her gently as she purred with pleasure. Max kept up his slow
rythm for the better part of ten minutes. At this pace he could probably do
another ten but he was tired from his earlier use of his powers and he was
sure Liz was too.

"I'm going to cum soon Lizzie."

Liz Parker took this as her cue to begin to rub her own clit to try to cum
at the same time as Max. She always did this knowing that Max took great
pleasure when they came simultaneously. Her little pink clit had already
emerged from its sheath so she didn't have to coax it out. After half a
minute of vigorous rubbing of the little bit of sensitive flesh, Liz felt
her orgasm begin.

"Max!" she cried out and grabbed one of his arms.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Max stuck his cock deep into her for another three
times, then he came, his jism erupting into her pussy. Liz wasn't on earth
anymore ... she was travelling in deep space, as if on a starship ... from
which she had a vantage point where she could see the entire universe as it
revolved around her. Stars seemed to go explode in her head as her orgasm
slowly subsided and she was back in San Francisco, on a bed with Max above
her, his seed seeping out of her vagina.

"That was real good as always Max." She kissed him as he lay near her and
they entwined their arms and legs around each other. Finally they slept.

* * *

Back in the morning

Prue knocked on the door gently at first, but hearing no reply, she knocked
harder. Again no reply. Prue became worried. What if the demon had attacked
her guests during the night? That wouldn't do at all. So she used her powers
to turn the key on the other side of the door and pushed it open. The room
was in darkness, the heavy drapes still drawn keeping the sun out. She opened
them letting in the light.

"Who? What?" Liz said as she half opened her eyes as the bright light woke
her and she blinked, yawning.

Prue smiled when she saw that the two youngsters still locked in each
others arms, and Max was cupping Liz's right buttock. The scent of sex still
lingered in the air and Prue became aroused as she saw Max's well muscled,
taut young body. What a lucky girl Liz is she thought.

"Liz, Max. Breakfast is ready downstairs. Better get up quick because all the
others are on their way done. You'll be lucky if you find a few hash browns

"Uh yeah," Max yawned and stretched flopping onto his back not realising that
he was naked and Prue was in the room. Even limp, his cock was seven inches
long and Prue tried to look away but couldn't. She licked her lips. Prue! she
exclaimed to herself, what the hell are you thinking of. He's just a kid! But
a kid who in another life had been the ruler of an entire planet! ... Prue!
Control yourself!

"I ... I ... I'll just leave you two alone while you get dressed."

"Ahh, yes, ok," Max finally said yawning again and finally realising he was
exposing himself. He pulled up a bed sheet to cover himself and Liz.

Prue walked around the bed to open the other window's curtains but in the
semidarkness on one side of the bed she didn't notice the bra and panties
that had been dropped there during the night and she tripped on them,
falling sideways onto the bed.

"Ooooof," she had landed quite heavily on Max and knocked the breath out of

Liz was now wide awake and so was Max. Liz began to giggle as she sat up in
the bed.

"What's there to laugh about?" Max grumbled "I was having this great dream
before she fell onto me and woke me up."

"But Max, don't you remember what we were talking about last night? Now you
have the chance to check them out yourself, just like you wanted to do." This
made Max laugh nervously, wondering if his wife was joking or actually being

Prue looked from Max to Liz and back wondering what the inside joke was. She
had gotten up from the awkward position she had been in across Max and was
now sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Would you mind sharing the joke?" she said getting a bit peeved as the two
youngsters began to laugh loudly now and seemingly at her.

Finally Liz managed to speak though with a bit of difficulty, "My husband
here wants to see if your breasts are as big as his sisters, if you don't
mind of course."

"Eh? What?" Prue said thinking she hadn't really heard right. But when Liz
repeated the strange request she realised that her hearing was functioning
just fine, just that the girl must be raving mad if she wanted her husband
to look at another woman's breasts. "I ... I ... don't think ..."

"Please? Pretty please?" Liz said surprising even Max. He wondered why Liz,
normally so prudish was sitting up in bed naked without even thinking of
covering herself and asking Prue to let him examine her breasts!?
Unbelievable, but the situation was so bizarre that it was turning him on.

Prue looked at Max and that was enough to dispel any doubts she may have
had ... especially since his wife was actually begging her to do it.

"Oh ok, if that's what you want."

Liz nodded and Max just grinned stupidly not believing his good fortune.

"Here, then look all you want," and Prue just sat there, turning her chest
towards Max and waiting for an embarrassing moment as she felt herself being
examined microscopically.

"The blouse is in the way," Liz said.

"Liz! That's enough. You're taking this too far!" Max was way beyond
embarrassed now and he turned to Prue. "I'm really sorry Ms Halliwell, I
don't know what's gotten into Liz."

But this time it was Prue who surprised him.

"Don't worry. It's ok. Once we've reached this point, there's no need to be
shy about it. After all I've already seen what you have to offer ..." she
nodded in the direction of his hardening penis, "... so its only fair that I
reciprocate." She slowly undid the buttons of her blouse as Max opened and
shut his mouth at a complete loss for words.

When she was done Max could see that he had been right on all counts. Prue
indeed didn't wear a bra, that her round, firm tits were larger than Isabel's
and of course much larger than Liz's and finally that her pink nipples could
probably rise to at least an inch in length if properly aroused.

Liz clapped her hands together excitedly. "Now touch them Max, squeeze them
like you squeeze mine."

Max and Prue both looked at Liz. Had she gone crazy? Max couldn't understand
why Liz was acting like this. She usually was quite a prude when it came
to nudity in public yet here she was totally naked and asking him to touch
another's woman's tits!?

Prue suddenly had an inspiration. She looked at Piper's bedside table which
was full of little ampules holding samples of the various potions her sister
prepared. Piper loved to experiment with new potion mixtures and she would
continue her alchemy well into the night on occasions. Prue noticed that a
couple of the ampules were overturned and were leaking a purplish fluid. They
had probably been spilled accidentally during the night, especially if Max
and Liz had made heavy use of the bed. She wondered what had been in those
ampules. Whatever it was, Prue suspected the released vapors were responsible
for Liz's current state of mind. Then Prue shrugged. So be it. It wasn't her
fault that Liz had capsized the ampules so it couldn't be considered as
personal gain, which the Charmed Ones had always to be careful with when
using their spells. Now that this opportunity had presented itself, she'd
make full use of it ... Max was one hot stallion she'd love to ride!

"Oh what the fuck, go ahead Max, squeeze my tits!" and she took off her
blouse completely and leaned forward toward Max who hesitantly cupped her
breasts with his hands.

Liz clapped her hands together and laughed. "Ooooh, wow, Max, look at how her
nipples are growing!"

Max had already noticed. In fact he was helping them along by tweaking each
of the swollen buds.

"Suck them! Suck them!"

Max's eyes bulged. "Liz ...?" He was going to stop before this got out of
hand. Too much, was too much ... even though those nipples looked very
succulent indeed but ... he gasped.

Liz had gotten up on all fours and crawled near Max and Prue and stuck out
her tongue, licking the tip of one of Prue's stiff nipples, then took it
between her lips and suckled at it. Prue arched her back as shivers of
pleasure ran up her spine as the young woman administered to her stiff buds
in a way that she had never experienced before. Max was looking at Liz in
awe, caught totally off guard by this new aspect of his young wife he was
seeing for the first time.

"Mmmmhh," Prue murmured, "That feels so gooooood."

Liz didn't cease to amaze. She grabbed Prue's hand and guided it to the
stiff, nine inch rod that was Max's cock and Prue readily accepted the
massive shaft. Liz curled her own fingers around the lower part and began
to jerk it up and down, with Prue following her lead and pulling down Max's
foreskin off his glans, spreading the secretions of precum around until
his entire dick was moist.

"Hot damn!" Max gasped falling back limply onto his back and shutting his
eyes as the two sexy women jerked off his cock. He was in paradise, so when
they suddenly stopped he half opened his eyes and said, "No, please continue,
that was amazing."

Liz giggled, "Don't worry, Max, this is going to be even better."

Max looked up and saw that Prue had climbed onto the bed on her knees and
hitched up her miniskirt until it was just a strip of material around her
slim waist. She either didn't wear panties or she had already removed them
because he could clearly see a small, triangular patch of dark pubic hair
above an otherwise shaved slit. The hot witch straddled his thighs and
rubbed her pussy against his lower cock and balls, leaving a trail of
wetness on his skin and on Liz's hands which were still in the way. He was
so hard he was sure he was going to burst.

"Oh fuck ... I need to fuck you now," he tried to reach his cock with his
hands and push it into Prue's beckoning pussy but Liz stopped him. She was
going to do it for him.

"Move a bit forward," she told Prue, "yes, right there." Her face was now
on a level with Max's cock and she sucked the very sensitive tip for a few
moments making him arch his back off the bed and groan loudly. Liz then
maneuvred his aching dick into Prue's open hole ... finally, relief washed
over Max's face as he felt the warm, tight tunnel envelop him completely.
The relief lasted only for a moment though as Prue bucked up and down wildy,
working him up into a frenzy as Liz massaged his balls and the base of his
cock, her hands now completely coated with Prue's dripping juices.

Though he had cum in Liz only a few hours ago, his balls were full to
capacity again especially after the erotic show his wife had put on. Max bit
his lower lip and grasped the bed sheets trying not to cum prematurely. It
was very difficult not to especially when he looked up again and saw that
his wife, his little innocent Lizzie Parker, was embracing the bucking Prue
Halliwell and engaging her in a deep, lesbian kiss. But that wasn't all of
it. His eyes went down Liz's bare back and across her cute little butt,
inexorably drawn to were one of Prue's hands was cupping the lower part of
Liz's buttocks, the tips of her fingers rubbing and dipping into Liz's
exposed cunt.

"Oh god, I'm cummmming," which was enough warning for Prue to grab his cock
and pull it out of her giving it the final few jerks before it blew its load
over her stomach, some spurts rising high enough to splatter over her tits.
Max relaxed. He felt so satisfied ... it had been awesome ...

... but it wasn't over Max realised as he looked up again. Prue and Liz were
still going at each other in earnest.

"Liz dear, rub my pussy ... yes, that's it, baby, like that."

"Oh Prue, stick your fingers in deeper. Harder! Harder!"

"Fuck me Liz, fuck me," Prue cried loudly.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," panted Liz as Prue rammed three fingers into her tight

"Aaaaaaahhhh," Prue breathed as Liz found her clit and scraped her thumb
rapidly over it. She came.

Liz felt Prue's orgasm as her vaginal muscles clenched against her fingers.
Liz was ready to come to and she was pushed over the edge when Prue's little
finger accidentally brushed against her little pink asshole and burrowed
into it in the heat of the moment. The novel sensation of a finger up her
anus made Liz cum immediately and her whole body shuddered as hung onto Prue,
then when it was over she dropped across Max's body completely exhausted.

"Wow!" was all Max could say as the two hot babes lay over him and got their
breath back.

* * *

Later that morning

Prue, Max and Liz had missed breakfast, but Piper had left them some pancakes
and sandwiches which they devoured, and a note on the kitchen table.

It read,

"Prue, Kyle Valenti is going to drive me down to Chinatown
for some ingredients ... I think I know what demon we're up
against and what we need to use against him. I'm sure you
can take good care of Max and Liz (WE ALL HEARD YOU!!!)"

- Prue smiled blushing, then continued reading -

"Guess what the cat dragged in? Yes, Cole. I don't know why
but he looked quite happy about something and was constantly
smiling at Isabel throughout breakfast ... strange. Phoebe
went somewhere with him. Said she'd be back later.


P.S. If Leo comes back make sure you don't let that Maria
anywhere near him. He once told me that back when he was a
soldier he was in love with a blonde woman with pouty lips.
She pretty much matches that description and I wouldn't
want our whitelighter thinking he's back in the '40s or

P.P.S. We really have to get soundproofing installed in
the bedrooms! It's embarassing with guests around eating
breakfast listening to your cries of pleasure!!"

P.P.P.S. Oh, one last thing. Buy a couple of cases of
tabasco sauce. You won't believe it but Michael and Isabel
drained a couple of bottles each during breakfast. Now I
really believe they're aliens!

* * *

Downtown San Francisco, Chinatown

Piper strolled between the dusty shelves of Lee's Emporium looking at jars
containing obscure items, all labelled in handwritten Chinese characters.
Sometimes the mummified remains of unrecognisable, and mostly hideous,
creatures could be seen packed in the jars. Others were filled with rare
herbs, hand picked in Tibetan valleys and used to cure anything from the
common cold to sexual impotence. She was looking for some very particular
ingredients that she needed to create some defensive and offensive potions
that she had read about in the Book of Shadows.

Kyle Valenti followed behind her obediently. She had warned him not to touch
anything in the emporium and he had obeyed, though he was looking at every
item with great curiosity. At least, some of his attention was on the
shelves, the rest was on Piper, and more specifically Piper's ass, which was
encased in tight leather trousers and he was getting a hardon just by looking
at it sway from side to side as she walked.

Kyle was the only one of the group who had escaped from Roswell who didn't
have a partner and he always thought that it wasn't fair. Max had Liz,
Michael had Maria and Isabel had Jesse ... Kyle had his hand and he used it
often, especially when the others became quite promiscuous in the close
confines of the van.

When he had first seen Piper the night before he had fallen madly in love
with her. She was real cute! He had stared at her large brown eyes all
evening and examined her sexy body all morning as she had prepared breakfast
for them. As he drove her down to Chinatown in the van he'd constantly
glanced sideways at her and she'd smiled back at him when she noticed. Each
time he'd think, "Oh what a cute face!" and more than once she'd asked him
to watch the road because he'd almost rammed the car in front of them.

Finally they'd pulled up at the Chinese herbal store and she'd told him
what not to do in the store. The list of "don'ts" was long and he had just
stared at her and nodded all the time a silly grin on his face. When her
instructions were exhausted, they went into the store where the owner
greeted them enthusiastically, Piper being one of his frequent clients.

Now, fifteen minutes later, Piper stopped suddenly as she found one of the
items she had been looking for. Kyle, still daydreaming and mesmerised by
her tight leather pants bumped into her.

"Oh sorry," he grinned sheepishly.

Piper glared at him, as she had almost knocked over a jar with what seemed
to be roots floating in an amber colored liquid. "Please be careful. If I'd
dropped this, it would take a whole month to get more from China and then
we'd be in real trouble. Besides, I doubt Max would like being stuck here
for over a month."

"I wouldn't mind being near you for a month," Kyle mumbled.

"What?" Piper had only half heard as her attention had returned to the

"Nothing, nothing, just said I'll be more careful," Kyle said blushing, but
Piper was already on her way to the front of the shop carrying an assortment
of jars and sachets. She paid Mr Lee for them and they left. Now that she
had found everything she needed for her potions, Piper seemed more relaxed
and pointed out various San Franciscan landmarks as they made their way back
home. It was past one in the afternoon and it was a hot day.

"Why don't we stop for a while in the park over there and cool off a bit?"
Kyle suggested.

Piper thought about it for a while. If the demon attacked again, possible
but unlikely, since demons mostly attacked at night, Prue would call her
on her mobile phone. And there would be lots of time later to cook up the
potions. She was also feeling hot and sticky ... "Yeah, not a bad idea."

They found a spot in the shade of a large tree and sat down on the grass.
The park was sparsely populated with several people, mostly female students
in their late teens from a nearby campus who had come to sun themselves and
were lying on the grass in skimpy clothing - short shorts and halter tops,
bikinis and even a couple of topless girls. Kyle studied this abundance of
bare flesh with a wide grin on his face. How different from the girls back
in Roswell. Even the cheerleaders he'd dated would never strip like this in
a public park. He was beginning to like San Francisco! But even with all the
sexy girls around, his eyes were darting constantly back to Piper who had
filled and flask from a drinking fountain and was using it to wet her face
and neck to cool off. The tight leather pants she was wearing were killing
her with heat even in the tree's shade and she looked uncomfortable.

"Take them off."

"What!?" Piper looked at Kyle wondering what he was going on about.

"I said take your pants off, you'll feel much cooler."

"No way!" her already flushed face, blushed even brighter.

"Oh come on," Kyle insisted, "look around. You're the only one fully dressed

Piper had already noticed that. She watched more embarrassed by the moment
as Kyle pulled off his t-shirt and jeans and she saw for the first time his
muscled chest, glistening with a layer of sweat. His underpants were almost
form fitting and there was a largish bulge there which Piper would have been
blind not to notice. She dragged away her gaze ... Piper! she warned herself,
what are you thinking!?

Kyle was still looking at her and she noticed that his eyes were on her
chest. She looked down and saw that the water she had splashed on her face
had wet her thin blouse and made it rather transparent.


He shifted uncomfortably on the grass and his eyes looked elsewhere but they
darted back seconds later, eagerly studying the outlines of her bra encased,
pert, little breasts.

"Oh, what the heck," Piper said finally, the summer heat overcoming her
initial reluctance to dress down to her underwear in public and undid the
buttons on her blouse, then took it off. She got up and peeled off her
leather pants, stunning Kyle as he finally realised his dream of seeing
her naked, or at least in her panties and bra. Piper sat back down on the
grass feeling self conscious but only Kyle was openly staring at her;
everyone else in the park hadn't even noticed.

Several minutes passed as they tried to avoid looking at each other, while
they each thought how sexy the other looked ... If Piper had been able to
read minds, she'd have slapped Kyle silly, for the things that were passing
through his mind involving Piper were extremely dirty. As a direct result
of this his underpants began to rise as he developed an erection.

Piper noticed it and wet her lips, then looked away into the distance where
some of the girls that had been sunbathing on the grass had begun to frolic
about and throw water at each other as they shrieked and laughed.

"Look at them, without a care in the world," she sighed.

"Yeah," Kyle said, "they don't know about this world filled with demons,
aliens and FBI all out to get them."

The melancholic moment passed as one of the girls in the distance managed to
rip her friend's string bikini off, leaving her topless. She began to shriek
and laugh at the same time as she tried to cover her tits with her hands
while chasing the other girl to get some payback. The girls raced about the
park as Kyle and several other male bystanders looked on with interest.
Chance made them run towards the tree under which Kyle and Piper sat, and as
they ran by the first girl still wearing her bikini tripped over Kyle's feet.
She fell to the ground in between Piper and Kyle, breathless but still
laughing. The topless girl, large breasts bouncing as she ran, finally caught
up with her and threw herself onto her friend trying to undo the top piece
of the bikini.

Kyle and Piper found themselves caught up in this impromptu wrestling match.
"Hey!" Piper cried as the girls rolled into her, then rolled the other way,
bumping into Kyle. Kyle didn't mind, as the semi-naked babes pressed against
him. The topless girl finally pinned her friend down by sitting on her
stomach and holding her shoulders.

"Please, help me," she told Kyle excitedly, "untie her bra!"

"No, no, no," the other one said between peals of laughter.

Kyle hesitated then leaned toward the girls and undid the knot of the string
bikini top. He had a wide grin on his face when he pulled away the small bit
of clothing to reveal the girl's breasts.

"Awwwwww, not fair, you helped her!" she complained.

"Oh come on Melissa, I'd have gotten you all the same, even without this
guy," her girlfriend told her.

Having managed to get her revenge, she got up, then bent over Kyle and
kissed him on his lips, her bare chest heaving up and down before his face.
"Thanks," was all she said, then she turned and walked away. The other girl
got up too and followed her friend.

"Hey, you're forgetting this," Kyle called to the girl, holding out the
string bikini he had removed from her moments before.

She looked back and winked at him, "Keep it" and she left.

Kyle took a moment to gather himself, then turned to Piper, "Are all
Californian girls like that?" he asked her still stunned.

"Hmmmmppfffff," was Piper's reply. 'Why am I feeling jealous?' she wondered.
'I have no reason to feel jealous about Kyle because two big breasted, blonde
bimbos crawled all over him. I shouldn't be jealous because he took one of
their bras off. I shouldn't be jealous because one of the kissed him. I
shouldn't be jealous because right now he's staring at their backsides while
they walk away in those g-strings ... but I feel so jealous!' What was going
on between her and Kyle? Why was she feeling this way about the Roswell
teenager? She looked back at him only to find that he had moved closer to her
while she had been distracted by her strange thoughts. Very close. So close
that she could feel the warmth of his bare skin against hers. So close that
the tip of the bulge in his underpants pressed against the side of her thigh.

"Oh Kyle," she said and put a hand on his shoulder, pulling him towards her.
Their mouths touched and they kissed, at first both held their lips closed,
then the kiss developed into something else as their mutual passion and
longing increased. Soon their tongues were probing into each others mouths
as they kissed hungrily. Kyle's hands moved down her back and he undid her
bra's rear clasp, letting it fall away. Piper should have been angry, but
she wasn't ... not even when he began to touch her now bare breasts and pinch
her plump nipples. She even surprised herself when her hand found its way
beneath his underpants and closed around his stiff rod making Kyle gasp when
she began a rythmic up and down motion.

Though he didn't want her to stop, Kyle suddenly began to feel observed,
"We're in public," he told her, "everyone can see us here."

"I don't care, I need you Kyle ... now ... here!" Piper whispered.

Kyle hesitated, and looked around. The park had almost emptied itself,
most of the students having gone back to afternoon classes and only a few
remained, the closest about a hundred feet away and none were looking in
their direction. At least none that Kyle could see. Though he couldn't have
known, this spot was one which many couples chose to make love as it was a
semi secluded area. Of course, some voyeurs staked out this spot for that
very same reason, knowing that by chance they would witness someone having
sex. This time there were three of them hidden behind a low hedge, peeking
through holes they had made in the foliage and watched as the guy and his
girlfriend felt each other up. They grunted in approval as the guy finally
stopped looking around and slipped off the girl's panties, before taking
off his own. Soon their hands were pumping up and down with the same rhythm
with which the guy was going down on his girl.

Kyle slipped off Piper's panties and when she didn't complain he took his
own off too. He had been stiff all morning fantasizing about Piper, now that
she had actually touched him and she was lying naked under him he was rock

"Piper, is it ok ...?"

"Yes, Kyle, do it. I want you. I need you."

Kyle didn't need to be told twice. He penetrated her, finding her pleasantly
tight and wet. She was the first girl he had made love to in months, since
before they had to escape from Roswell and his accumulated horniness made him
fuck her hard and fast. She moaned with pleasure as his cock rammed in and
out of her for its entire length. Sometimes her moans were muffled as he bent
down and sucked greedily at her mouth, while other times he sucked at her
puffy nipples enjoying their fleshy fullness. They were even nicer than that
murderous bitch, Tess, the fourth alien kid whom he had fucked on occasion
when she had lived at his house for a few months. Thinking about Tess was
depressing, since she'd killed Alex, a friend of his, and controlled his mind
but now she was dead and good riddance. He shivered as he recalled how evil
she had been.

"Are you ok, Kyle?" Piper asked when Kyle stopped ramming her.

"Oh ... yeah, just fine, baby" and he was back for this moment, forgetting
Tess, and enjoying this hot woman below him as he drove his member into her.
He could feel she was getting wetter by the moment as he worked her into an
orgasm. A couple of minutes passed before he felt her vaginal muscles begin
to clench and spasm as she came. She cried out loud and dug her nails into
her back. He didn't even notice the pain, as he came together with her. Kyle
grunted savagely as he pumped his first load into her, then pulled out his
throbbing cock and jacked off the rest of his cum onto her stomach.

"Aaaaaahhhhm" he finally said as he milked his cock of the last few droplets
and lay back down on the grass exhausted. Piper too lay back for a few
seconds, then she reached into a pocket of her discarded pants and pulled out
a tissue. She used it to clean up the mess on her stomach as best she could
then dressed in silence. She didn't put on her panties because she found they
had been torn when Kyle pulled them off her. Kyle too dressed and they were
back in the van on their way to the Halliwell Manor. Piper and Kyle didn't
talk much about what had happened between them, knowing that it probably
wouldn't happen again since Piper was in love with Leo, but both would
cherish the moment as long as they lived.

When they were gone the three voyeurs came out from behind the bushes. They
found Piper's discarded panties and the bimbo's bra. They sniffed at the bits
of material then jerked off on them drenching them in cum until they were
satisfied. They'd be back another day at this same spot hoping as they did
everytime that the show would be as good as this one.

to be continued


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