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Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Prue/Piper/Phoebe

Summary: When a spell to catch a succubus turns Prue into a man, the
Halliwell sisters take advantage of the situation.

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Notes: Scenes borrowed from "She's A Man, Baby, A Man!" written by Javier
Grillo-Marxuach. Muchas gracias also to the folks at for
the work and dedication they put into transcribing each episode.

Charmed: Pistol Packin' Mama Part 1
by JT Langdon ([email protected])

Phoebe paced back and forth in the hall just outside Prue's bedroom. She
couldn't believe her sister was still holed up in there! So their spell for
catching a succubus had some unexpected side effects. That was no a reason
to hide from her and Piper!

Leaning against the wall, Phoebe breathed a frustrated sigh. The last week
had been rough on her. Between the scorching heat and a series of vivid,
disturbing dreams, she wasn't sure how much more she could take. She was
afraid to go to sleep!

The dreams started out fine . . . wonderful, in fact.

Each night she found her making love to a different man, wild, passionate
love, the kind of lovemaking that left her dripping with sweat and gasping
for breath. It was mind blowing! But then without fail the dream would take
a dark turn, and like a black widow killing after it mated she would murder
the man in her bed.

Phoebe shuddered. Just thinking about it made her ill. The dreams felt so
real! And now it looked as though her dreams were real. She was somehow
in-tune with a succubus, a witch who had renounced all human emotions and
made a pact with darkness to protect herself from heartbreak. The Book of
Shadows warned that a succubus would seek out powerful men . . . men who
would then became helpless against her magic. The succubus would feed on
their testosterone with her razor-sharp tongue, killing them.

Like in her dreams.

The Book of Shadows also contained a spell to attract the succubus, but it
was reciting the spell that sent Prue running into her bedroom.

Phoebe heard footsteps behind her and spun around, finding cause to smile
when she saw Piper coming toward her. Goddess! Her sister was so beautiful!
Both of her sisters were exquisite creatures, in fact. She considered herself
so very lucky. That hadn't always been the case, of course. Growing up with
them had been difficult. She always felt like she had to compete with them,
to look as good as Piper did, to have as nice a body as Prue had. But things
were much different now. She could appreciate how lovely Prue and Piper were
without feeling insecure about her own looks, enjoying what her sisters had
to offer, exploring their beautiful bodies with her mouth and hands.

Part of her newfound confidence came from the desire she saw in her sisters'
eyes whenever they looked at her. Piper was looking at her like that now.

"She still hasn't come out?"

"Nope," Phoebe said. "This is getting ridiculous."

"Getting?" Piper scoffed. "Our sister turned into a man!"

Phoebe smiled at that. The Book of Shadows said the spell would attract a
succubus, but failed to mention it would do so by turning one of them into a
man. "Yeah, okay. You have a point. So what are we gonna do?"

"Break the door down?"

"That's an option," Phoebe said. She slipped her arms around Piper's waist
and pulled her sister a little closer. "I was thinking we could use our
feminine wiles and charm her out of there."

"Where there's a wile there's a way," Piper whispered.

"Oh, hush," Phoebe said. She snared Piper's lips in a kiss that started out
slow and sweet but evolved into something heated and passionate, which
usually was the case, their tongues slithering over each other in shared
hunger. The frisky hands moving up and down her back made Phoebe moan with
need, especially when those hands grabbed her ass and squeezed.

"Do you know how much I want you?" Piper asked between kisses.

"Mmmm," Phoebe murmured. "Lots and lots?"

"Uh huh," Piper said, kissing her.

Phoebe groaned. Blessed be! She wanted Piper to fuck her right there in the
hall! But that would have been so inconsiderate of them, leaving Prue to sulk
in her room while the two of them wandered off and made love. It sure was
tempting, though.

"We have to get Prue out of there," Phoebe said.

Piper sighed. "Yeah, I guess we do."

"We'll finish this later."


"I promise," Phoebe said. She sealed the bargain with a long, hard kiss.

Piper took a deep breath then knocked on the door of their sister's bedroom.
"Prue, please come out."

There was no answer at first. Phoebe wonderd if Prue intended to ignore them
forever. But then a man's voice coming from the other side of the door said,
"Not until you reverse this spell."

"Come on," Phoebe said. "It's been over an hour already!" She looked at
Piper, dropping her voice to a whisper so Prue couldn't hear her. "Do you
think she's touching herself?"

Piper ignored her. "The book doesn't say anything about a reversal. Maybe
you're supposed to stay a man until you attract the succubus."

"Well, I'm not going anywhere," Prue said. She sounded like an impudent
child, pouting in her . . . well, his bedroom. Her voice was low, deep, like
a man. But it still sounded like Prue somehow.

Phoebe looked over at Piper with an expression that said, "I told you so" in
no uncertain terms. But aloud she muttered, "See?"

"Shhhh," Piper hushed her. She looked at the door to Prue's bedroom. "You
don't really have a choice. I'm thinking we need to get you to the dating
service since that's where the succubus picks her victims."

Phoebe nodded eager agreement. "That's actually a really good idea. She could
. . . he can sign up like the rest of the guys."

"Hey," their sister protested from inside her room. "I'm not signing up for

Piper frowned. Her patience was wearing thin and it showed on her face.
"Lives are at stake, Prue. Innocent men are going to die. We're your sisters,
Prue. You don't have to be embarrassed. We're not gonna laugh."

The door opened.

In order to keep the promise Piper made, Phoebe had to fight her damnedest
to keep from busting a gut as she took in the sight of her "sister" Prue
standing there in a baggy sweatshirt over a gray T-shirt and jeans. She had
a pencil thin mustache and stubble on her chin. Her once long brown hair was
now cut short.

"How can I save anyone?" Prue asked them. "Okay, I look ridiculous. I'm
wearing clothes from the ex-boyfriend's pile."

Phoebe giggled at that. She had to admit Prue did look a little silly in that
outfit, but also with the short hair and the goatee. But she looked kind of
sexy, too, in an odd sort of way. If Phoebe had met her -him, she corrected
herself- on the street, she would have looked twice. She might even have been
persuaded to have dinner with him. But this was still her older sister, and
seeing Prue as a man made Phoebe want to giggle.

"I have hair in strange places and I have penis," Prue was telling Piper
while she stifled another chuckle. Then Prue turned on her, pain welling up
in those beautiful eyes. "This is not funny!"

Prue closed the door, leaving Piper and Phoebe alone in the hall. The hurt
Phoebe saw in Prue's face made her feel awful. She would never say or do
anything to hurt either of her sisters. How could she have been so

Piper said, "What's the matter with you?"

"I'm sorry," Phoebe said, meaning it. "I couldn't help it."

Piper made a face at her then turned to the door again. "Prue, you don't
have to actually date anyone. All you have to do is make yourself seen and

"You know, Prue," Phoebe said, "the sooner you trap the succubus, the sooner
you'll become a woman again."

Prue opened the door again. "It's easier said than done."

"But you don't have to do it alone," Phoebe said. "The power of three.

Piper nodded. "You have us, kiddo."

Taking Prue's hand, Phoebe pulled her sister into the bedroom and sat them
both down on the bed. She reached up and raked her fingers through Prue's
boyish crop of hair. Even as a man, her sister was gorgeous. And no matter
how Prue looked on the outside, she was still the same person on the inside
. . . the same person Phoebe loved . . . the same person she had fallen in
love with not all that long ago.

"We'll get through this, honey," Phoebe told her. "I promise. I know it's a
little . . . bizarre."

Prue laughed. But there was no trace of humor in it. "That's the
understatement of the decade."

Piper joined them on the bed. "We've face bizarre situations before."

That was another understatement. Since receiving their powers and taking
their rightful place as the Charmed Ones, life at Halliwell Manor had been a
little different than the three of them had been used to in the past. Things
most people considered the stuff of horror movies were now part of their
lives. Demons and warlocks -which most people didn't even think existed!-
were now commonplace in their living room. The Charmed Ones took things in
stride that would have sent normal sisters running in terror.

"Strange is nothing new for us, right?" Phoebe put her hand on Prue's thigh.
"It's going to be okay."

"And what if it isn't?" Prue asked, panic creeping into her voice. "What if
. . . what if I'm like this forever?"

"Then we'll learn to deal with it," Piper said. "And help you deal with it."

"That's right," Phoebe said. "And no matter what happens, Prue . . . we still
love you."

"And we always will," Piper said. "Remember that."

"I never forget that," Prue whispered.

Phoebe reached up and brushed her fingers across Prue's cheek, feeling
stubble on skin that once had been smooth as satin. The newness of it excited
her no end. Leaning closer, Phoebe covered Prue's mouth with hers. Prue
tensed for the briefest of moments, but Phoebe was persistent and it wasn't
long before Prue melted into her and returned the kiss. Their tongues danced
around each other in mutual desire as the kiss deepened and familiar
appetites surfaced once more. Phoebe slid her hand up Prue's thigh like she
had so many times before, but this time she discovered a bulge in her
sister's jeans. She murmured approval into the kiss. Magic had seen fit to
give Prue an impressive package! Phoebe cupped her sister's crotch and
squeezed it. Prue moaned.

"Sure feels like the real thing," Phoebe muttered. She gave it another

Prue jumped. "Oh . . . Phoebe."

"Are you hard for me, Prue?" Phoebe asked in a husky whisper.

"Yes," Prue muttered. "I can't believe this! I have a dick and it's hard! How
do guys put up with this? It's all bunched up in there. It hurts!"

Piper leaned in between them and said, "Well, I know how we can take care of

"Mmhmm," Phoebe purred. She fumbled with the snap of Prue's jeans then
unzipped her fly and reached inside. Instead of the warm, wet cunt Phoebe
was used to finding in her sister's pants her fingers grazed the head of a
stiffening cock. How nice! The ex-boyfriends must not have left underwear
behind, because there was nothing in between her hand and Prue's stiff rod.
Perfect! She eased Prue's cock out of her jeans and whimpered with desire,
licking her lips at the sight of that long, hard shaft. How she wanted it
inside her! But she could see Prue was still a little uncomfortable with
all this. That could be fixed. She closed her fingers around her sister's
cock and stroked it gently. Prue sighed.

"Oh . . . God," Prue muttered.

Piper bent down to whisper in Prue's ear. "Does that feel good?"

"Uh huh. Don't stop, Phoebe."

"Not a chance," Phoebe assured her. She kept stroking Prue's cock while Piper
helped their sister out of her sweater and T-shirt. The luscious breasts
Phoebe had spent so much time sucking on were gone now. In their place were
small brown circles with little pebbles in the center. Still, Prue looked
good. She had a terrific build, athletic and muscular, with nice pecs and
well-defined abs.

It was obvious Piper approved, too.

Pushing Prue flat on the bed, Piper kissed their sister long and deep before
moving lower to cover Prue's now-flat chest with soft, light kisses. She
tongued each nipple in turn, licking and sucking them, making Prue whimper
with each gentle touch.

Phoebe took a moment just to watch them. How beautiful her two sisters were!
She could think of nothing more beautiful than the sight of Prue and Piper
making love, and while she would have been content to sit on the sidelines
while the two of them went at it the cock twitching in her hand gave Phoebe
other ideas.

Inching a little further down the bed, Phoebe got Prue out of her jeans. She
was so hard now her cock stood straight up. Phoebe took Prue's cock in hand
again, stroking the entire length of it, jerking her sister off. This was
hardly the first time she'd ever given a guy a handjob, but she took more
delight than usual in the soft moan she dragged from Prue's lip. She looked
up for a moment, grinning as she saw her two sisters making out. Piper had
her shirt and bra off now and Prue was impatiently pawing at her tits,
squeezing and groping them, using her thumb to stroke Piper's rock-hard
nipples. Then Prue abruptly broke the kiss and took a nipple into her mouth,
sucking it like a fiend. Piper tossed her head back and moaned, running her
fingers through Prue's short crop of brown hair.

Phoebe never stopped teasing Prue's cock, though. Even as she watched her
sisters going at it the gentle stroking never stopped. She loved the feel of
a dick in her hand, pulsing and throbbing, and the fact that this was Prue's
dick was driving her wild! And if her sister really was a man now, then
Phoebe knew exactly what Prue wanted. She leaned over and flicked her tongue
across Prue's hairy balls, making her sister groan through a mouthful of
Piper's breast. Phoebe lapped at Prue's balls while she stroked her new cock,
taking it slow, not wanting to get her sister off too soon. She licked from
Prue's flaccid sack to the base of her shaft, dragging her tongue up one side
of that hard, pulsating cock then down the other. There was no doubting how
real that cock was from the way it twitched and jerked under her attention
. . . or from the moans of pleasure coming from her sister. Phoebe closed her
lips around the bulbous head of Prue's dick, taking more and more of it into
her mouth until she swallowed it whole. Prue groaned low in her throat now,
hips bucking as Phoebe sucked that delicious cock. Every blowjob she had ever
given in her life seemed in preparation for this moment, for when she could
use everything she'd learned on her sister. Phoebe stroked Prue's cock with
her lips, head bobbing up and down with the effort she put into it. Then she
cupped Prue's balls in her hand, fondling them while she sucked her off.

"Oh! Yes! Phoebe!" Prue cried. "That feels so good!"

Nothing could have pleased Phoebe more than hearing that. She wanted Prue to
enjoy it, to let go of her apprehension and settle into the fact that she was
a man now. And sure, at least part of her motive was selfish. She desperately
wanted to gobble up that long, hard cock! But she wasn't one to look a gift
horse in the mouth, either. Prue was a man, at least temporarily. Why not
take advantage of it? It might not happen again! Phoebe was determined to
make it as memorable an experience as possible. Since Prue was going to be a
man anyway, she might as well make the most of it. That's what Phoebe told
herself, anyway, as she downed the entire length of Prue's cock down her
throat. She gave Prue's balls a little squeeze, sliding her lips faster and
faster up and down the shaft of her dick.

"Phoebe!" Prue cried. "Oh God! Phoebe! I'm going to come!"

The thought of Prue coming in her mouth made Phoebe groan. She slid her lips
up and down Prue's shaft, more determined than ever, the head of Prue's
rubbing the back of her throat, moving faster . . . faster . . . squeezing
her balls . . . downing her cock . . . sucking Prue off until her sister
exploded in climax, shooting a wad of sweet cream down her gullet. Phoebe
kept right on sucking Prue's cock, swallowing her jism, milking every last
drop out of her.


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