CHARMED Helpless Part 2
By Wonder Mike

Faith was confused, one minute she was sitting in her jail cell, trying to
find piece of mind, the next thing she knew she was in an attic, she was

Leo tried to keep her quiet, he pointed to the demon and the witch,
downstairs in the living room. He explained what was going on, Faith broke
off a table leg and called for Kain, Prue yelled that he wasn't a vampire,
Faith responded with, "You'd be surprised at how many things you can kill
be driving a stake through it's heart."

Faith wanted to get this over with quickly so she could return to her call
before the guards found out she was missing. Layla and Kain looked up and
saw the witches.

Kain started to charge up the stairs, Layla stopped her, she wanted them
downstairs, Faith jumped down the stairs.

Kain caught her and flung her to the ground, Layla had an easier way, she
shot a look at Faith, Faith froze, Layla pointed and searched deep into
Faith's mind, Layla saw how warped Faith was, she reminded Faith of the pain
that Buffy had caused her, killing her only father figure, Mayor Wilkens,
and putting her in a coma, it didn't take long before Faith was hers.

Faith spun around and charged up the stairs, Prue waved her hand and sent
her flying, Layla thought that she would have to implant an amulet into
Faith as soon as they where finished with the witches.

Prue slammed the door shut they where screwed now, she told Leo to get them
out of there, he wasn't fast enough though, Kain came crashing through the
door and right over Leo, he was out cold.

Prue tried to throw him away, but her power didn't work on him, he grabbed
her and flung her down the stairs, Piper tried to help but she was still
bow legged and could barely stand, Phoebe pushed her out of the way and
stood to fight. Kain grabbed her by the throat and lifted her over his head.
Phoebe screamed and passed out.

Piper coward in the corner, she was terrified of Kain, it made him feel
even more powerful, he picked her and Phoebe up and took them downstairs,
it was time for action now.

Layla wanted to see Kain do the other sisters, but first she ordered Faith
to strip, watching Kain and the slayer go at it. Faith happily ripped off
her clothes.

Layla tied up the Charmed ones, she wanted them to all watch, she should
have had their powers, and now she would, after the fun of course.

Faith stood naked in front of Kain, she reached between his legs and grabbed
his cock, he grabbed her by the hair and shoved it between his legs, she
opened her mouth and began to suck his cock with a smile.

Piper and Phoebe were forced to watch, Prue was unconscious from the fall,
Layla stood over the sisters and held their heads up by their head, they
began to weep, Piper could barely breathe.

Faith had stuffed eight inches of thick cock down her throat, she was a real
pro, Kain was shaking, Faith was determined to suck the cum right out of him,
Layla applauded her efforts.

Layla went over to Prue, she rolled her on her back and pulled her knees up
to her chest, Prue never moved, Layla called Kain over and pointed at Prue's
exposed pussy.

Kain leaped across the room and slammed his eighteen inch fur cover cock all
the way into Prue, she didn't move. Kain rammed his cock in and out of her,
Piper wept hysterically, she knew what Prue was going through, she was just
glad she was out cold.

Kain slammed his cock harder and deeper into Prue with each stroke, the
pounding finally awoke Prue, she started to scream immediately, matched by
Piper and Phoebe. Layla told them not to worry, you will have your turn.

Kain stood up with the screaming Prue Haliwell imbedded on his cock, he
began to slam her up and down on it forcing her to ride him Faith was
jumping up and down clapping. Layla couldn't tell if it was because of the
spell or if it was her true nature, it really didn't matter.

Prue ran over to help Kain, she grabbed Prue around the waist, and added her
slayer strength to Kain's slamming her up and down on the cock, the speed
and power was too much for Prue to handle, she went limp as she passed out

Layla was disappointed, it wasn't any fun if there wasn't screaming, there
were two sisters left though, she just had to pick one.

Piper was going to have a break down, Phoebe begged for Layla to choose her,
Piper wouldn't survive another fucking, emotionally or physically, that made
it an easy choice for Layla, she ordered Faith to fuck Phoebe.

Faith untied Phoebe, she tried to kicked Faith, Faith easily blocked it,
Faith told her she would break her neck if she tried it again, she then
ordered Phoebe to strip.

Phoebe pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her massive tits, Faith
ordered her to dance, Phoebe began to twirl around, tears streaming down her
face. When she was completely naked faith ordered her to lay down and spread
her legs.

Phoebe did as she was told, bringing her knees to her chest, Faith stood
over her and shoved three fingers into her cunt, Phoebe groaned, she was
determined not to enjoy it.

It had been months since Phoebe had been fucked, her pussy clamped itself
around Faith's fingers, she couldn't stop it. Faith began to work her
fingers in and out.

Phoebe began to pant in rhythm with Faith's thrust, this caused Faith to
fuck her harder, Phoebe began to thrust her hips onto Faith's fingers, Faith
stuffed a fourth finger into Phoebe's cunt.

That was all it took for Phoebe, she began to cum all over Faith's hand,
Faith used the lube to stuff her entire hand inside of Phoebe, Layla was
inches away watching, she grabbed Piper b the hair and shoved her face
right against Phoebe's stomach, she wanted her to have a birds eye view.

Faith rammed her arm as far as it would go into Phoebe's pussy, Piper and
Phoebe screamed in unison, Faith began to twist and turn her arm Phoebe was
cumming each time Faith turned her arm and Faith knew it, Faith just wished
it was Buffy she was doing this to.

Faith began to work her arm like a piston in and out of Phoebe, Phoebe had
stopped screaming though, it disappointed Faith and Layla though, they
thought Phoebe needed more, Faith would give it to her.

Faith pulled her arm out of Phoebe, she looked around and saw the 12 inch
lave lamp on the desk, faith hopped across the room and grabbed it, he ran
back and laid it across Phoebe's stomach, Faith didn't know if it would fit,
but she would give it the old college try, she then threw Piper on the
ground, she decided she was going to ram the lave lamp into Piper's cunt.

Phoebe pleaded with her not to do Piper, Piper was catatonic now, Faith told
Phoebe to beg her to fuck her with the lamp.

"Please fuck me with that lava lamp," said Phoebe, "I Need it bad." She
couldn't pair to see Piper go through any more. Phoebe rolled over to all
fours and demanded that the slayer stuff that lamp into her cunt.

Leo had recovered and barricaded himself in the attic, he had been watching,
he couldn't help but be excited, he knew if he went down he would be over
powered, he had to get help, he needed a witch to undo the spell on Faith,
then they could over power Layla and Kain.

Leo decided to go to the Powers that be for help, they could help him find
another witch, he knew they would not let him lose the Charmed ones. He
arrived in their realm, they guided him to someone who could help. Leo was
given the address of Angel investigations in Los Angles where they help the

Leo appeared outside the detective agency where he met Cordelia Chase, she
went down to the basement to get the boss.

Angel came up to meet Leo, Angel said "Your not human" Leo replied, "Your
the one who's not human." They where both dead.

Leo explained what happened to the Charmed ones, and how important they
where in the grand scheme of things, Angel knew he had to get to Faith, he
had made in roads to her recovery, he was determined to undo whatever Layla
had done to her, he had to make a phone call first.

Leo transported the Vampire into the attic, they looked down and saw the
Charmed ones still helpless, Phoebe was on the table with her legs up in
the air and as wide apart as they would go, Faith stood over her with the

Faith shoved three inches of the lava lamp into Phoebe's cunt, they both
screamed, Faith shoved harder to bury more of the lamp, Phoebe used her
hands to spread her pussy, Faith began to work it in and out.

Faith wrapped both hands around the lamp, she had stuffed half of it inside
of Phoebe, Phoebe pulled her knees up into her chest and started rolling
from side to side, Faith shoved the lamp in and out harder and harder with
each stroke, Phoebe was having an orgasm with each stroke Faith took. She
passed out quickly.

Angel and Leo where trying to formulate a plan, Angel thought he could take
Kain, Leo should be able to take out Layla before she could cast a spell on
them, he hoped that would break the spell on Faith. If the had stuck before
Phoebe passed out, they would have had the advantage, now they needed a

Prue appeared in the attic, she had astral projected to get away from Kain,
she had been looking for Leo and here he was. She ran over and gave him a
hug, Leo introduced her to Angel.

Angel told Prue they need someone to distract Layla and Kain and they would
attack, Prue knew the one thing that could get their attention, she went
back to her prone body.

Prue rose up and looked at Layla, she told Layla she was horny and Kain
hadn't done it for her, she needed more, she went over to the unconscious
Phoebe and pulled the lamp out of her cunt, she placed it upright on the
floor and squatted over it.

Prue sat on the lava lamp, stuffing it into her cunt, she wiggled and
squirmed until she had eight of it's twelve inches stuffed into her cunt,
she then started to rise up and down on it.

Layla, Faith and Kain watched in amazement, as Prue rode the lava lamp,
Layla then instructed her two slaves to help. They each grabbed Prue by a
shoulder and pushed her down, The entire lamp disappeared into her cunt,
Prue screamed, she wouldn't pass out though.

Faith held the lamp on the ground as Prue started to rise up, she reached
the narrow opening of the lamp and started down again, this time she was
able to take it all by herself, she squealed with delight.

Prue began to jump up and down on the lava lamp, Faith laid on the ground
underneath her holding it still. Prue was jumping up until it came all the
way out of her cunt, then she slammed back down.

Prue then fell back with her legs in the air, she grabbed the lamp with both
hands and rammed it in and out of her pussy as hard as she could, it slid in
and out easily.

Angel and Leo saw their opening, Angel leapt down the stairs and tackled
Kain, Leo appeared behind Layla and threw her to the ground, there attack
was not enough though, Kain was stronger than Angel thought, he managed to
throw the vampire off of him.

Faith rushed over to protect Layla, she grabbed him by the neck and threw
him to the ground, Piper was back in the fight though, she pointed and froze
Faith, Prue then sent a chair flying at Layla, Layla managed to duck and
point at Angel, she told Angel she new his secret to be evil again and the
Haliwell sisters would do the trick.

Angel said "Yes" and grabbed Prue around the throat, he brought her over to
Layla has a present, Layla ordered Piper to unfreeze Faith or she would have
Angel turn Prue into a vampire, Angel then grabbed Layla by the throat and
twisted. Her neck snapped easily.

Angel pulled out the amulet that willow told him how to make when he called,
the spell on Faith would be broken, Kain was a different story though, he
knocked out Leo and grabbed Phoebe by the throat, he was on a rampage, he
threw Phoebe at Angel and charged Piper. Piper was able to freeze him.

Angel pulled out a sword and chopped off Kain's head, they had won, they
managed to revive Phoebe and Leo, Angel presented the sisters a bill, he and
Faith headed back to Los Angeles, he didn't know what he was going to do
with Faith, he guessed she would have to get back into jail somehow, Leo
offered to help.

The sisters had never had a sexual situation like that before, the knew they
would never be satisfied by a mear mortal again. Phoebe thought they could
become demon fuckers, Piper slapped her, it was disgusting, Phoebe had seen
horses mating before, she knew a stallion that could do the job. Piper wanted
to clean up the mess and forget about it, she knew nothing could do it for

Phoebe looked through the book of shadows and saw one more thing, it was
half man, half machine, they could program it anyway they wanted. Piper
thought that was something that could be interesting.



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