PRED fans:

I've chosen to begin my latest spate of PREDateria (a term coined by Katie
McN, I might add) with the long-awaited concluding chapters to Harmed. This
story is part of the PRED-TV/WB canon. It's based on the television series
Charmed starring Shannen Doherty (Prue), Holly Marie Combs (Piper) and Alyssa
Milano (Phoebe) as the Halliwell sisters, aka the Charmed Ones - a trio of
beautiful witches who together possess the "Power of Three." Each Halliwell
sister possesses a different "super" power - Prue can move objects with her
mind (telekinesis), Piper can "freeze time" within the confines of a closed
room, and Phoebe's mind can "flash" into the future. (Later episodes in the
second season revealed other powers).

This "episode" takes place midway through the second season. Inspector Andy
Trudeau (Prue's on-again-off-again boyfriend) has been dead for several
months. Piper and Leo (the witches' White Light spirit guide) have broken
off their star-crossed relationship. Dan Gordon and Jenny, his 13-year-old
niece, live next door to the Halliwells, and a romance is brewing between
Dan and Piper. Inspector Darryl Morris, Andy Trudeau's ex-partner, is still
looking into the suspicious activities surrounding Andy's death (Andy was
killed trying to save the sisters from a warlock), and he does NOT know at
this point that the sisters are witches, only that Andy consulted with them
on "special" crimes.

I hope my fans enjoy the conclusion of this story. It's certainly taken a
long time to write (almost two years since its first inception), and it's
gone through about 20 revisions by now. NOTE - there has been some slight
redaction in the first two sections previously posted last year, mostly to
foreshadow and flush out what transpires afterward. If you're a PRED fan,
I suggest rereading the opening in order to be fully prepared for what cums

Well, without further ado, let's get to the fuck fiction.


Anti-Disclaimer: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Anti-Disclaimer II: This story is replete with VERY ADULT THEMES and is
INTENTIONALLY "marketed" to children in the 7-17 year old age demographic.
The FTC can suck my cock... when Bill Bennett is through, of course.

"Harmed" is the sole property of PREDATOR Press, Intl. The characters on
"Charmed" belong to that bastard Spelling and the WB.

Charmed: Harmed Part 1 (f-solo,M-solo,voy)
by Pred

"Welcome, Ladies ..!" the woman's voice cuts across the sound of ecstatic
applause. The audience of lonely, eligible, enthusiastic, single ladies is
ready to witness THE MIRACLE. The announcer has to speak even louder. "We
all know why we're here. It's time to quit playing games. It's time to meet
your DESTINY head on. You deserve HAPPINESS. You deserve SUCCESS! You
deserve it ALL! But most of all you deserve a MAN! Not some egotistical,
narcissistic, abusive mama's boy. But a MAN! A REAL MAN! A MAN OF

The audience begins chanting "Destiny .. Destiny .. Destiny." in a hypnotic

"And now," the woman announcer cuts in again, "here is the woman who can make
all your dreams come true, the Diva of Destiny, Lilith Magdalene ..!"

The audience rises to its feet, clapping and waving their hands about in
ecstasy. Grown women are actually crying, hands reaching out to touch the
hem of a long flowing purple gown that sweeps by them and onto the stage.
The purple gown and mane of luxurious raven hair twirls about. A tall,
slender, strikingly beautiful woman peers into the souls of every woman who
sees her. Her alabaster skin emanates with an incandescent, unearthly glow.
Her pupils twinkle like slices of a starry night. Her teeth are almost

"Any bitches out there?" she hisses. The women in the audience start barking
and snarling at the tops of their lungs. The raven-haired beauty tosses her
head back and starts laughing. "I thought so. Heel, sit .." she laughs.

The women in the audience begin laughing now, too. The barking slowly
subsides, and the room becomes quiet. Every bottom is now in a seat, and
every silent eye affixed to the stage, to the speaker, to Lilith Magdelene.

* * *

"This is some kind of big put-on, right ..?" Piper Halliwell giggled from
her seat on the big comfy lazy-boy that had been her father's. She sipped
her Merlot and scrunched her face in disbelief. "Come on, Phoebe, you can't
be serious about this?!"

"Shh, you .." Piper's younger sister Phoebe waved frantically from her seat
on the sofa. Phoebe Halliwell was transfixed, her eyes glued to the
television. She hugged an overstuffed pillow into her ample bosom and
lightly chewed on the fringed corner.

"It's an infomercial, Phoebe," Piper shook her head and took another sip of
wine. "That lady was spraying paint on some guy's head last year and calling
it Liquid Hair. Your life is not that pathetic! Switch the channel."

"Squatters' rights!" Phoebe tore her eyes off the screen momentarily to wave
the remote control in her older sister's face. "Halliwell rules,
remember ..?"

"Don't make me come over there and take that away from you," Piper
half-threatened. Actually, she was too tired to do anything but lounge in
the big chair, sip her wine, and try to put the last twelve hours out of her
head. * Some LIFE this turned out to be .. * she humphed to herself. * I
know, everybody! Let's open a NIGHT CLUB! * In her mind, she mocked all
those old Andy Hardy movies she had always loved when she was a girl -- the
ones they used to show on UHF during the summer, the ones where a bunch of
kids would need to raise money for some worthwhile cause and then put on some
wildly successful show. * Yeah, * she laughed to herself, * let's open a
night club .. *

It was now 3AM Saturday morning, she'd just put another Friday night behind
her, and Piper Halliwell's feet felt like a million little elves were
pricking them with sharp, hot needles. OWNING the P3 nightclub was a lot
different than managing Quake. For one thing, EVERY hassle now became HER
hassle, and the fledgling club was experiencing plenty of hassles these days.

Why couldn't The Book of Shadows contain some practical spells once in
awhile... like how to fix the ice machine so all the cubes didn't clump
together? Now, after putting in a twelve-hour shift of crisis management,
all Piper wanted to do was relax and vegetate in front of the TV. If only
Phoebe would just change the channel...

"This is so cool, Piper," Phoebe tried to get her older sister enthused.
"Just watch..."

"That's it, Phoebes. You've had your fun, now I'm taking it away." Piper
made a half-effort to rise.

"Taking what away?" the oldest Halliwell sister, Pruedence, came in from the
kitchen. Her presence startled her sisters. They hadn't even heard her car
pull up in the driveway.

"Prue?" Piper did a slight double-take. "Where did you...?" she paused. "I
didn't hear your car..."

"That's because I didn't drive, remember...?" Prue flashed a pained smile.

"Oh, yeah, that's right..." Phoebe suddenly joined the conversation. "Your
first big date since..." the youngest Halliwell sister stopped herself.
"Oops..." she shot Piper a nervous look, shrugged her shoulders and mouthed
the word "Sorry!"

"Umm, guys, oldest sister STILL in the room!" Prue snapped.

Phoebe rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Prue," Piper started, "it's just that..."

"You can say his name, you know," Prue interrupted. "Here, I'll say it for
you. Andy. Inspector Andy Trudeau. The late Inspector Andy Trudeau." She
flashed them an annoyed grimace. "He's dead, guys. If I can try getting
over it, it shouldn't be THAT hard for you two."

"I know, Prue," Phoebe pouted. "We're sorry. We mean well." She stuck her
lower lip out.

"Don't give me the Phoebe lip," Prue almost laughed. "I'm lecturing you.
That's no fair."

"Was it fun?" Piper shot in. "Did you and... umm..."

"Scott," Prue finished her sentence with a smile.

"Sooo?" Phoebe whined. "Details. Allow me some vicarious steaminess..."

"You'd be disappointed," Prue winced, her eyes flashing suddenly.

"Not good, then...?" Piper sipped some more wine.

"Try disastrous," Prue tried to manage a bemused smile.

"Oh, baby, I am so sorry," Phoebe crawled up and put her arm around her
oldest sister. "We have wine, though." She raised her own glass of Merlot
and smiled.

"Wine and infomercials," Piper quipped. "Yes, we are the Charmed Ones.
Kneel before our majesty."

Prue slumped down on the sofa next to Phoebe and rested her head on her
youngest sister's shoulder. Phoebe stroked Prue's dark, silky hair. Prue
reached up, took Phoebe's half-full glass, drained it with one gulp, then
offered it to Phoebe. "Hit me..." she humphed.

"Just leave some for me," Piper raised her glass.

"Get your own, sister," Phoebe joked. "It's every Halliwell for herself

"Squatters rights," Prue added with the first real smile she'd managed since
arriving home. "Halliwell rules."

"I'm oppressed," Piper sighed. "First Phoebe's stupid infomercial and now
this. I demand equal rights in this house."

"Hey, you have a guy .. make that TWO guys," Phoebe smirked. "No wine for
you," she curled her voice in a thick accent and imitated Seinfeld's infamous
Soup Nazi.

"Oh, great, that's great," Piper was exasperated. "White lighters and
suspicious next-door neighbors DON'T count, okay...?"

"I'd take just about anything with a penis and pulse right about now," Phoebe
cracked. Prue giggled, and took another swig of wine. She offered Phoebe
her glass, but the youngest Halliwell sister picked up the bottle instead.
She clinked it against Prue's glass then tipped the neck up to her lips.
Prue followed suit, and the two sisters finished the tacit toast.

"No fair... bonding!" Piper shook her finger at them.

"Oh, get a life, Piper," Prue snickered.

"Maybe I will," Piper shot back.

"Would you just look at that?" Phoebe interrupted, a dreamy quality in her
voice. "They look sooo happy."

Prue and Piper could not help but turn to the TV. A woman sat in front of
the infomercial audience. She was young, blonde, in her twenties and
somewhat plain-looking. She was dressed in a plain blue suit and her glasses
made her look like a stereotypical librarian. At her side sat a gorgeous
hunk of man with the most sincere yet sensual smile on his face. The man had
on a flannel shirt, unbuttoned midway down his muscular chest. His dark,
curly hair seemed almost windblown, and his eyes had the same dark, piercing
quality as the infomercial's raven-haired hostess. As for Lilith Magdelene,
she was sitting next to the couple, perched in her chair with an inquisitive
look in her eyes.

" what do you think of Lucius, Amy?" Lilith asked the woman.

"He... he's absolutely perfect," Amy giggled like a schoolgirl.

"You just met him, lady," Piper snapped at the TV. "This is so wrong."

"I think it's positively romantic," Phoebe gushed. She was back to hugging
her overstuffed pillow, then.

"It's all staged," Prue chimed in with a skeptical smirk. "They pay these
people to do this. That woman is obviously an actress."

"You two... arrgghh..." Phoebe hissed at her sisters. She waved her hands to
shush them again.

"He likes everything that I like," Amy chirped from the TV screen. "Even the
same ice cream. He's perfect. How did you do it?"

"That's a secret," Lilith laughed. "If we told you all, we'd be out of
business. It's that simple. But you don't have to spend time trying to find
out how we accomplish what we do. Because we've already done that for you.
We've already done the HARD WORK for you," she reiterated. "Because of our
groundbreaking research, you ALL can benefit from our fail-safe program on
how to meet your MAN of DESTINY."

"This such a crock," Piper shook her head in disbelief.

"Well, we'll just see," Phoebe snatched up the telephone.

"Phoebe, you aren't...?" Prue challenged.

"Just watch me!" Phoebe half-sneered at Piper and started punching in the
number that appeared at the bottom of the television screen.

"Phoebe, no..." Piper finally got up from her chair and tried to wrestle the
phone away from her sister.

"Hello!" Phoebe cooed into the phone, pushing Piper away. "Yes," she nodded.
"I'm calling to meet my MAN of DESTINY. Sure, I'll hold..." she put her hand
over the receiver. "I'm holding," she whispered smugly at Piper.

"You are a sucker, Phoebe," Piper pronounced before flopping back down in her
chair. "Prue...?" she appealed to the oldest Halliwell sister.

"She'll have to learn sometime," Prue shook her head and drained the rest of
her wine. She raised her glass, and Phoebe poured her some more.

"You're supposed to be the practical one," Piper crossed her eyes at her
older sister. "You are supposed to discourage this type of... silly

"In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not doing so hot in the romance department
myself lately," Prue went back to her wine. "Who knows? Maybe she'll meet

"Shhh, both of you," Phoebe waved her hands at them. "Sh!"

"...what about in the... you know... LOVE department," Lilith Magdelene's
voice caught the sisters' attention.

"No complaints there, Lilith," Amy giggled.

"Details, girlfriend," Lilith cocked her eyebrows, and the audience started
chanting "details... details..."

"This is so rude..." Piper hissed.

"Sh!" Phoebe snapped.

"...Lucius is the most... gifted, talented, PASSIONATE lover I've ever had,"
Amy gushed. The crowd went "woooo." "He makes me... feel things that I
never even thought was possible. When we're together, it's like we're joined
at the soul. It's not physical. It's totally deeper. Totally spiritual.
When I... you know..."

"Orgasm?" Lilith asked. Amy nodded and bit her lip. The audience went
"wooooaaaa." "Go on, Amy. We're all girlfriends here."

"It's unbelievable," Amy blurted. "It's like he fills my entire being..."

"Ooooooo," the women giggled.

"Not like that," Amy giggled. "I mean yes," she spread her hands apart to
the width of ten or twelve inches. "THAT is part of it." The crowd of
women clapped and wooped it up. "But that's not all of it. He's inside me,
completely, not just my body, but my mind, my heart, my whole being. I
didn't think that was possible. I never even heard a woman describe that
kind of thing before. It's like a tidal wave. It just crashes right
through, and you're totally helpless. Only you're safe, because he's there,
around you, inside you... everywhere. It almost seems impossible. I tell
other women about it, women who aren't in the DESTINY program, and they
laugh at me. But I talk to other women in the PROGRAM, and we all just nod
our heads. Because IT'S TRUE! I mean it doesn't seem possible, but it
is. It's not only possible, but it's real. And it could be REAL for any
woman out there, if she just contacts your program and seriously commits to
finding her man of destiny..."

"I could do that," Phoebe nods her head.

"Get real, Phoebe," Piper rolled her eyes.

"Sh!" Phoebe hissed. "Yes," she spoke into the phone. "I'm still here...
ah huh... okay..." she stuck out her hand to Prue and snapped her fingers.
"Credit card .." she whispered. Prue arched her eyebrows. "Unngghh!" Phoebe
let loose with an exasperated grunt. "I'll pay you back!"

Prue shook her head and reached for her purse.

"Prue, you can't be serious," Piper almost laughed as her older sister
withdrew her wallet and slipped out her MasterCard... "You're both insane."
Prue just rolled her eyes and handed Phoebe her credit card.

"Thank you," Phoebe snapped up the MasterCard and returned her attention to
the phone. "5496..." she began rattling off the number.

"...When I first saw the price, $299, I said 'no way,'" from the TV, Amy
chattered above Phoebe. "I mean that's a lot of money. But then, when I
looked into all the so-called Dating Services out there, and I saw what they
charged -- $800, $1,000, even $2,000 dollars - I couldn't believe it. I
figured if MAN OF DESTINY worked I'd be the happiest woman in the world.
And if it didn't, I still only be out a few hundred dollars."

"And did it work?" Lilith asked. "Did you find your MAN OF DESTINY?"

"Why don't you judge for yourself, Lilith?" Amy giggled. Then she raised her
hands so that everyone in the audience could see a large, diamond engagement
ring on her left hand. As the audience "woooo'd" and applauded, the camera
panned in on the totally blissful look that settled across Amy's face.

"Okay, tomorrow at noon," Phoebe's voice cut above the television. "Great.
See you then. Bye..." She hung up the phone and scrunched her body up into
a ball. While Prue and Piper watch in amusement, their little sister kicked
her hands and feet like a small child and screamed with jubilation.

"Oh, this should be good," Piper went back to her wine with a disgusted look
on her face. "This should be priceless..."

* * *

"And did it work? Did you find your MAN OF DESTINY?" The black-haired woman
on the TV asked the plain-looking woman.

Jenny watched the screen intently, biting into the pillow she hugged into her
body. She hoped her Uncle Dan was asleep and didn't hear the sounds from her
television. She wasn't supposed to be watching TV after 11PM, and it was
past 3 in the morning by now. But it wasn't her fault that she couldn't
sleep. Besides, it was a stupid rule. Who cared if she watched TV after
11PM? Her parents wouldn't have minded, so why did Uncle Dan?

Uncle Dan had a lot of rules - like no TV after 11, and no dates... AT ALL!
In fact, the only place he let Jenny go unsupervised was over to the
Halliwell house next door. And the only reason he allowed her to do that
was because it gave him an excuse to pop in and fetch her. And that meant
he could see Piper... or was it Phoebe...? No, it was definitely Piper
these days.

Jenny giggled when she remembered the look on Uncle Dan's face that first day
when they moved next door to the Halliwell sisters. He had practically been
drooling when they introduced themselves. You'd think they'd just moved next
door to All Saints or something.

Guys could be such dorks - especially her Uncle Dan. Like what was up with
him anyway? The way he'd peek out from the drapes to catch a glimpse of what
the sisters were doing. At first he seemed VERY intent on Phoebe, but she
was WAY too hot for a dork like Uncle Dan. So that's why he ended up
settling for Piper. She was EXACTLY his type - nice, pretty, uptight, ditzy
and SOOOO straight.

Still, Piper owned that nightclub now, the P3, and a lot of cool bands had
started playing there like Dishwalla, the COOLEST band in UNIVERSE, and the
Cranberries, too. So maybe Piper wasn't so hopeless after all, even though
she had TOTALLY ruined that night with Dishwalla. Jenny was going to stay
and see the show and meet the band afterward, their manager had PROMISED,
but Piper had to step in and ruin EVERYTHING. Jenny didn't remember much
else about that night, but she knew she was pissed about it. Since then she
hadn't had much to say to stupid, old boring Piper.

Maybe that's why Uncle Dan liked Piper Halliwell so much. He was straight
and BORING just like she was. Piper probably didn't watch TV past 11PM
either. In fact, Piper Halliwell was probably at home in her bed sleeping
like a good little girl. * BORING! * Jenny whined to herself. * Stuff is
so BORING around here. *

Still, Jenny's living situation was only temporary, just until her parents
finished their work in Europe and got back to the US. They had PROMISED this
time. When they got back, they were all going to be a REAL family FINALLY.
No more getting shuffled around from relative to relative while her parents
were off in Europe or Africa with their careers. When her mom & dad got back
this time, everything would finally be NORMAL, and she could be a normal kid
with a normal family, and she wouldn't have to live with stupid Uncle Dan
anymore in stupid San Francisco. She just didn't understand why Uncle Dan
had to take the whole "guardian" thing so seriously.

Before this, she had always liked Uncle Dan. He seemed so cool. He was
totally cute, and he was an ex-baseball star with a lot of cool, famous
friends, and he was always dating beautiful girlfriends - actresses and
supermodels. When her parents had told her she'd be staying with Uncle Dan,
she'd been TOTALLY excited. Then she'd arrived in San Francisco and found
out the truth.

Uncle Dan was Uncle Boring - no famous friends anymore since he quit playing
baseball, and no supermodel girlfriends either. Just this stupid, old,
boring house in stupid, old, boring San Francisco where she was like a
prisoner with all his stupid, old, boring rules. What was up with all the
rules, anyway? Jenny was 13, and she was WAY old enough to take care of
herself. She was certainly old enough to watch TV past 11PM. Hell, she was
old enough to watch anything she wanted at any time of the day she wanted.

"Why don't you judge for yourself, Lilith?" the plain-looking woman on the
television giggled. Jenny focused her attention back on the TV. She
watched the plain-looking woman raise her hands so that everyone in the
audience could see a large, diamond engagement ring on her left hand. As
the audience "woooo'd" and applauded, the camera panned in on the totally
blissful look that settled across the woman's face.

"Is that what I THINK it is?" the black-haired hostess of the show asked.

"Yes," the woman gushed. "It's... it's an... engagement ring," she
stammered. "Lucius asked me to marry him before the show, and I said 'Yes'!"

The audience went nuts.

"But you just met him..." the black-haired hostess looked puzzled for a
moment. "...what...?"

"A week ago, Lilith" the woman answered. "We met one week ago."

"Isn't that a little fast, Amy?" Lilith, the dark-haired hostess, shot back.

"He's perfect," Amy, the plain-looking woman, replied. "Lucius is my Man of
Destiny. Why should I wait for the future when it's all right here in front
of me?" She and Lucius, the gorgeous hunk at her side, embraced, and the
crowd went crazy again.

"That is SOOO TOTALLY COOL," Jenny sighed to herself. "I wonder if this club
has guys my age in it?" she laughed to herself.

"I know what a lot of you are wondering," Lilith turned to face the camera
directly now. "How can this work? It sounds to good to be true. Can this
work for me? Well, listen, ladies, this CAN work for you. It WILL work for
you. You just need to get off that fat, lazy, soap-opera-watching ass of
yours and GRAB your Destiny. That's ALL you have to do. Just call the
number, and we do the rest. It doesn't matter who you are, what your skin
color is, how old you are. We have your Man of Destiny right here, and he's
waiting for you, and ONLY you. If you don't call NOW, you'll NEVER meet him,
and you'll NEVER know what true happiness is all about. This is IT, ladies!
This is your ONE chance at true happiness. Look at Amy and Lucius. In one
week, that could be you, too. That WILL be you. But ONLY if you call NOW!
Right now. Do you understand me? RIGHT NOW!"

* What is this doing in my hands? * Jenny started when she realized she was
cradling the phone in her hands. She didn't even remember picking it up.
But she must have, though, because she could now hear it ringing on the other
end. * What did I do? * she began pressing down the disconnect button.

"Man of Destiny...?" a voice on the other end answered.

Jenny froze.

"Hello?" the voice, a female voice, asked. "Is anyone there?"

"Umm... yeah... hi," Jenny coughed and then stammered into the phone. "Is
this the Destiny guys thing?" she asked, suddenly aware how young and stupid
she sounded.

"Yes," the woman replied. "What's your name, dear?"

"Umm, Jenny."

"Hi, Jenny. What can I do for you?"

"I... uh... I'm just calling because I had a... a question," Jenny was
shaking as she spoke.

"What's your question, dear?"

"I... um... was wondering if you had any guys my age to meet," Jenny blurted
out. "Your show says age didn't matter."

"How old are you, Jenny?"

"I'm... um... 16," Jenny attempted.

"Jenny, please be honest with me," the woman answered. "This only works if
you're TOTALLY honest. Now how old are you?"

"Th-thirteen..." Jenny stuttered. "Is that too young?"

"Do your parents let you date yet, Jenny?"

"Um... yeah... I date all the time," Jenny was hoping the woman wouldn't see
through that lie, too.

"Well, then, if your parents let you date, we would be able to help you. We
also have Boys of Destiny, just for young ladies your age."

"Cool, how do I sign up?"

"First, you need to make an appointment with us," the woman explained. "And
to do that, you need to confirm the appointment with a credit card number.
We'll also need one of your parents here at the first appointment to sign a
permission slip."


"Do you have a credit card number you can give me now to confirm the
appointment?" the woman asked.

"Um... sure... I'll get it." Jenny set down the phone and crept out of her
room into the hallway. The door to Uncle Dan's room was wide open, and she
could see him sleeping on the bed. His dresser was right inside the door,
and his wallet was on the end where he always kept it. She quietly slid the
wallet into her hands, extricated his Visa card, and set the wallet back on
the dresser. Seconds later she was back in her room with her mouth pressed
into the phone. "I... umm... have the card."

"Great, Jenny," the woman answered. "Can you read me the number?"

"Sure," Jenny replied. "It's a Visa card... 4887..." she began to rattle
off the numbers slowly.

"Okay," the woman cooed after Jenny had finished. "How is one o'clock
tomorrow afternoon for you?"

"1:00 would be great," Jenny gushed. "This is so cool."

"Just remember, we need one of your parents along to sign the permission
slip," the woman reminded her. "We'll see you tomorrow at noon, Jenny. Do
you know how to get to our offices?"

"No." Jenny listened, carefully writing down the directions the woman gave
her. "Great," she said when the woman was finished. "I'll see you then."
As she hung up the phone, she started shivering again. * What did I just
do? * she asked herself. * How the hell am I ever going to get permission
for this? Uncle Dan will NEVER let me do this. *

She flopped back in her bed, her mind spinning with thoughts and images.
Her whole body tingled with excitement. Her privates were even wet, just
like they were when she thought about stars like Matt Damon or the Backstreet
Boys. She was lying in bed shivering.

* Could I really get away with this? * she mused to herself. * Maybe I could
just lie and tell them I have permission. But what if they check? But what
if they don't? What if I REALLY could get away with this? I could like have
a REAL boyfriend. I mean that lady on the TV found her Destiny guy, and I'm
way better-looking than her. Guys would ask me out, too, if it wasn't for
stupid Uncle Dan and his stupid rules. I could start dating really cool guys
in that club. Look at that guy that lady is with. He is SOOO hot. I bet
they could find me a guy my age like that. That would be SOOO cool... *

Without thinking, she lifted her oversized Garfield nightshirt and slid aside
her cotton panties, which were like majorly SOAKED all of the sudden. She
looked to her door. It was closed to a small crack. That was another of
Uncle Dan's stupid rules - she couldn't close her door all the way. She had
to at least leave a small crack. Like what was she going to do in her room
anyway, smoke pot or have sex with some SUPER-HOT guy like the Baldwin on TV?

She let the image wash through her lithe, nubile body - her like totally
crunching with some SUPER-HOT hunk like Freddy Prinze Junior while Uncle Dan
and... and PIPER Halliwell stood at her doorway, peeking through the crack.
*How do you like that, Uncle Dan? * she jeered at him in her mind. * You
like to watch, don't you, Piper? * she started filling in the holes of her
fantasy, a fantasy she'd been like TOTALLY obsessed with the last few months.

Being watched. Fucking some TOTALLY HOT guy while stupid boring Uncle Dan
and stupid boring Piper Halliwell WATCHED. She'd show them what she thought
of all the stupid rules. She'd break them all, right in their faces.

She lifted her Garfield tee-shirt all the way up past her bare little tits,
rubbing her hard, pink nipples with her left hand. With her right hand, she
began stroking her slick pussy, lightly teasing her index finger around the
SPOT! She scooted her legs up so that her feet were on the mattress and her
legs were bent. She lifted her back off the bed with her shoulders and
raised her thin, firm bottom a few inches into the air.

* That's it, honey, * she gasped to herself as her moist fingers now played
inside the tight rim of her teenage asshole. * Lick right there... right in
my ass... while they watch. How's that Uncle Dan? Is there a rule against
having Freddy Prinze Jr. lick my butt? Is there? Well, I don't give a fuck
Uncle Dan, 'cause I'm 13 now and I can do anything I want. So just stand
there and watch me, you and stupid old boring Piper Halliwell. How about
you, Piper? Do you let guys lick your butt? Would you let Uncle Dan lick
your butt? How about suck his cock? Would you suck his cock, Piper? Huh?
Would you? Would you take off his underpants and let him put his hard cock
in your mouth, and would you suck it good? Would you suck him like a slut?
Or are you too good for that, Piper? I bet you've never sucked a guy's dick
before, have you, Piper? Stupid old boring straight Piper... Why don't I
show you how to suck a guy's cock...? I'll show you AND Uncle Dan. Freddy,
darling, pull out your cock now and let me suck it while Uncle Dan and Piper
Halliwell watch. See how hard it is, Piper? I bet you don't even know what
a hard cock looks like, do you, Piper? Well, here it is. Now watch me lick
it. I start licking right on the head here. It looks like a little
fireman's helmet, doesn't it. It tastes so yummy. Cock is so yummy. Too
bad you're such a boring straight loser, Piper, or you could taste a nice
big cock just like this. You see, I lick it so it gets all gooey, and then
I slide it down into my mouth like this, see...? Right between my lips.
It's so big, it stretches them apart, and it kind of hurts at first until
you get used to it and have sucked a lot of big cocks like I have. Are you
watching Piper? Are you watching me suck Freddy Prinze Jr.'s big hard dick?
I bet you and Uncle Dan think I'm a real slut now, don't you...? Well, you
ain't seen nothing yet... *

Jenny had four of her fingers jammed into her mouth now while she furiously
diddled her pussy and bucked her hips. She was almost there. She just
needed something more... the same thing she always needed to get off... the
same images, the same fantasy.

* Look at Uncle Dan, Piper. He's all turned on, isn't he...? His cock is
all hard in his pants. Stick your hand out and feel it. Rub the bump in
his pants. It's like REALLY huge, isn't it...? Too bad a stupid old boring
bitch like you is too STRAIGHT to EVER get that big cock. You wouldn't know
what to do with a big juicy dick like that, Piper, so you don't get any.
Instead, you just have to sit there and peek through the crack in the door
and watch me take that big dick. Come here, Uncle Dan. Take off your pants.
Shit, your dick is hard. Look how big it is, Piper! Too bad you won't ever
get it. You'll just have to watch me. Take your dick and put it in my
mouth, Uncle Dan. Slide it right in my mouth with Freddy Prinze Jr.'s dick
in there, too. Mmmmm, two big hard cocks in my mouth - Freddy Prinze Jr.
and Uncle Dan. How does that feel, Uncle Dan, your cock in my sucking mouth
rubbing up against Freddy Prinze Jr.'s cock? You like that, don't you, Uncle
Dan...? Are you kind of queer, too, Uncle Dan. I bet you are. I see the
way you're looking at Freddy Prinze Jr. He has a nice dick, doesn't he...?
You want to suck it, don't you, Uncle Dan...? Why don't you suck off Freddy
Prinze Jr. while I suck you off and stupid old Piper Halliwell can WATCH!
Look, Piper! Look at Uncle Dan get down on his knees in front of Freddy
Prinze Jr. and suck his cock. Watch me crawl on the floor and start sucking
Uncle Dan's cock again. It is SOOO hard, Piper. Uncle Dan is a homo, too.
You should feel how HARD he is, sucking Freddy Prinze Jr.'s cock. Are you
watching, Piper? Are you WATCHING? *

* * *

* What is she... OH MY GOD! * Dan Gordon stood at the entrance to his niece's
room, peering through the crack in the doorway. The slit was very narrow,
but he could still make out what was happening now. * She's... look at
her... she's... what the hell should I do? Should I stop her? Should I just
go back in my room and pretend I didn't see this? Look at her. She looks
like she's hurting herself. Could she really hurt herself...?*

His niece had practically one whole hand stuffed inside her mouth while the
other mashed into her tender, dewy, peach-fuzz pussy. The site was riveting.
Dan Gordon had never seen a girl REALLY masturbate before, and this was an
eye-opening, mind-expanding experience. The fact that he was being
"educated" by his thirteen-year-old niece made the whole situation even more

* Where did she EVER learn to do that? * he found himself wondering. * What
the hell is she thinking about? What could possibly have her SO turned on
to be doing... that? * Dan Gordon was now conscious of every last square
millimeter of his body. Every nerve ending seemed aflame. Every neuron in
his brain sizzled. His body felt like one huge hard cock stuffed into the
prison of his body, screaming to be released.

Dan Gordon wasn't aware of anything but the fire raging through him. He
couldn't recall snaking his hard cock out of his shorts, but there it was,
like a red-hot ingot, being forged into orgasm with his strong right hand.
He pulled and pumped his cock with an intense, controlled fury. All eight
inches strained inside his grip. He had never seen or experienced anything
like the sheer carnal hunger that raged through his body. It took every
ounce of his inner strength to restrain himself from bursting into his
niece's room, mounting her tender vulnerable body and bludgeoning his
man-sized cock into her peach-fuzzy, thirteen-year-old pussy. Every cell
in his brain berated him in the voice of his old pitching coach with the
Seattle Mariners - "Get in there and FUCK them up, Gordon! Show 'em what
kind of man Daniel Gordon is. Get in there, FUCK 'em up, make 'em your
bitches, and use 'em like cunts they are!"

He reached out to the doorway, his hand hovering at the crack, every muscle
in his body in conflict - push in or pull back, push in or pull back. * Look
at her. She needs me. She needs a hot hard man's dick inside her. Look at
her. She wouldn't be abusing herself like that if she didn't want it. I'd
fuck her good. I'd fuck that tight, thirteen-year-old pussy SO good. She
should have a MAN her first time. Just look at her. That's not a little
girl in there. That's a young woman who NEEDS a MAN's cock to please her.
Get in there, Gordon. Fuck her up. Make her your bitch. Use her like the
cunt she is .. *

Dan Gordon touched the door and bit his lip until he tasted blood. Suddenly,
he saw his niece convulse and begin writhing across her mattress. She spun
over on her stomach and started hugging one of the big stuffed teddy bears on
her bed. She was gasping and sweating and wrapping herself around the teddy
bear. She was cumming. He was watching his thirteen-year-old niece cum.

The TV set droned into his consciousness now. "...Remember, you are only a
phone call away from your Man of Destiny. ONE PHONE CALL, ladies. It's time
to quit being a couch potato, and start being a BITCH! I don't care WHO you
are. I don't care if you're fat, in a wheelchair, horribly disfigured and
covered with leprosy. We WILL find you your Man of Destiny, just like we did
for Amy tonight. You saw her, sisters. That wasn't Heather Locklear on the
arm of that of HUNK! That wasn't some Fortune 500 executress. That was Amy
Wagner. She works as a file clerk in a MAIL ROOM! She didn't spend
THOUSANDS of dollars. She just had the GUTS to TAKE A CHANCE and invest
$299. You heard me right. $299. That's it. Not thousands of dollars like
all those other agencies charge. $299. So how can we be this cheap? It's
simple. We're not a DATING service. If you want to DATE, go to a singles
bar. We match you up with your Man of Destiny... the FIRST TIME! There is
only ONE man out there for you, and we can find him. We WILL find him -
GUARANTEED! Yes, that's right. If we don't find you your Man of Destiny
within ONE WEEK - yes, you heard me, ONE WEEK! -- we'll refund your $299 with
no hassle. Do you know how many times we've had to do that, sisters? NEVER!
NOT ONCE! We've had thousands of women come through our doors, and we've
introduced each and every one to their Man of Destiny within ONE WEEK!
Circle this day on the calendar, sisters. Then look ahead one week. That
day could be circled, too, sisters, with a BIG RED HEART! In one week, you
could be in the arms of your Man of Destiny. Call now and this could be the

Dan Gordon watched his niece collapse into her bed still hugging her giant
teddy bear. Her body shuddered with the last few aftershocks of her orgasm
as she settled into a blissful, childlike sleep. Dan's piss-hole suddenly
flared and erupted with a geyser of hot cum that splattered against Jenny's
door. * I am SO fucking sick, * he wept to himself, milking his hard prick
for every last drop of spunk. * God, have mercy on my soul. I am so
sorry... so sorry... oh, Jenny, please forgive me. Please... * As quietly
as he could manage, Dan wiped the evidence of his perversion from the Jenny's
door with his tee-shirt. * God, I am so sorry... *


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