Disclaimer: Charmed and all its characters belong to Warner Brothers. This
story contains sexual content and if you are under the legal age please do
not read on.

Note: This story is set in season five after episode #96 "A Witch in Time",
where it ended with Phoebe being upset that she may not find love again after
losing her boyfriend Miles.

Charmed: Forbidden Love Part 1 (MF,F-mast,magic,anal,oral)
by Ddominiquec ([email protected])

Phoebe had been feeling low for a long time, she felt that she would never
find a man that would make her happy in a normal relationship. She looked
back at all the men in her life, there were many short term relationships
before she finally fell in love with Cole, a district attorney or so she
thought, he turned out to be the powerful demon Belthazor, sent by the
Triad to try and kill the Charmed Ones. Although he was a half demon half
human who in the end help to destroy the source of all evil, where they
were able to marry, their love was not able to last, especially when she
became his queen of the underworld. The sisters eventually was able to send
Cole to another plain of existence and free Phoebe of evil, unfortunately
Cole came back and even though they were divorced Cole was still trying win
Phoebe back, she knew it could not work out. Since then Phoebe had begun a
relationship with a man named Miles, this was the first relationship since
Cole that she felt actually might go somewhere, she felt that she was
falling in love with him, that was until he was taken by the angel of death,
that had been six weeks ago.

Now here she was thinking while listening in to the room next to hers,
Piper's and Leo's room. What she heard only made what she was feeling
stronger. She had been feeling something for the last couple of weeks
that she ife. Now he begun to pull the crotch of her plain cotton white
panties to the side exposing her shaved pussy, glistening with her
juices he dove right in by beginning to kiss her outer labia gently
laying kisses and licks moving between both sides savouring the taste
then laid one long slow lick on the full length of her slit, making his
wife moan in pure lust, Piper wrapped her legs around her husband's
head trapping him in place, it was making it increasingly difficult to
breathe but this didn't deter him from the task.

He begun to gently nibble and suck on Piper's clit while licking her aroused
lips. Within a few minutes he had already pushed her to the edge and with a
final suck she had a earth shattering orgasm, but Leo didn t give up there,
he kept at it trying to make sure he swallowed all her gushing juices, he
didn't want to waste any of the precious liquid he loved. He hadn't finished
there, Leo carried on with the task, licking at this delicate flower he was
getting hotter and rougher as he went on, this drove Piper crazy all she
wanted now was for Leo to fuck her hard.

"Aahh, that's it suck my cunt deeper please, aahh, please Leo just fuck me."

Leo loved it when his wife talked dirty, he was close to fucking her but he
just wanted to tease her a little more. Leo becoming more aggressive grabbed
Piper's panties by the crotch ripped them clean off, making Piper swoon with
excitement. Leo grabbed hold of Piper's ankles from around his head and
pulled her legs up to her chest where she grabbed hold of them giving Leo the
most magnificent sight of his pregnant wife's ass.

He took his hands and placed them on her ass cheeks and spread them ever so
slightly revealing Piper's beautiful puckered arsehole, looking his beautiful
wife in the eyes he mouthed the words "I love you" before settling back to
eating his wife's cunt. He lapped up at her pubic area then began licking
further down until he was rimming her arsehole, this was too much for Piper
to take and she exploded in her second orgasm of the night.

Covered in sweat and the bottom half bathed in Leo's saliva and her girl cum,
she looked at her husband with love, he had given her his all, his guidance,
saved her and her sisters on numerous occasions, given her all his love and
now given two of the best orgasms she had had in a couple months, panting
heavily all she could get out was the phrase that he was waiting for "fuck me
the way I like".

Ever since getting pregnant, they had come to an understanding that when
having sex, Leo was to fuck in the ass, for fear of hurting the baby, after
a while Piper had come to realise that she actually liked to get fucked in
the ass, there was something so primal and dirty about it. Taking his cue,
Leo began undressing himself, with force he ripped off his shirt sending
buttons flying everywhere while Piper had gotten on her knees and began
unbuttoning his trousers, now laying on his back Piper pulled off his
trousers and his white cotton boxers before throwing across the room, on
her knees lying across him Piper grabbed hold of her husband flaccid cock
and began to gently massage it, even when limp it looked and felt massive
in her hand.

Moving ever closer Piper began running her tongue on the under side of his
cock, it started to twitch and grow, she was feeling it pulsate in her hand
as the blood rushed through it, it was now 9 inches and Piper now was ready
to make sure that his cock was lubed up with her saliva. Piper engulfed Leo
cock in her mouth taking 5 inches in while climbing over Leo frame so that
the couple was in a 69 position so that Leo could continue what he had
started earlier, Leo spat right on his wife's arsehole and started licking
with great care while Piper was trying to deep throat his massive prick.

After a few minutes, she felt that he was ready and got off him, he thought
that it was just as well because he didn't think he could last that much
longer with Piper bobbing her sensuous lips up and down on his erect shaft.
Piper got up so that she was on all fours ready to accept her husband's
gorgeous prick into her tight arsehole, Leo got behind and began lapping at
her arsehole again then lined up his cock head against Piper s anus, pausing
for a moment Leo then moved his hips forward slowly inserting his cock head
into his wife's tight recesses. Grimacing for a second while she tried to
accommodate her husband penis she gently began moving her hips in a rocking
motion, both of them getting used to the feeling both started moving with
more vigour until they were moving in unison.

Leo loved the feeling of having his cock up his wife's shit hole, listening
in he could hear her muttering "that's it you stud, fuck me deeper, yeah cum
in my ass." Hearing his wife speak like this got him hotter, he began banging
at his wife, pounding faster than she could match, all you could hear was the
bed springs squeaking, his balls slapping against her pussy and their moans
in unison. Leo could feel that he was close and slipped his hand under his
wife and began stimulating her clit while fucking her. This drove Piper nuts
and all of a sudden she felt her orgasm overtake her making her shout out in
pleasure and shake intensely which sent Leo over the edge making him cum in
his wife's ass coating her rectum in his cream.

While they gathered their breath Leo pulled his cock out of Piper's arsehole
and collapsed beside her, cum leaking out of her hole, Piper turned over
facing her husband and hugged him tightly while he kissed the top of her
forehead and whispered in her ear, "I love you."

While all of this had been going on, Phoebe in the next room couldn't help
herself, hearing her sister and brother-in-law fuck had been so intense that
she couldn't help but finger herself. Hearing her sister have her sexual
gratification while getting fucked in the ass was so much pleasure, that
mixed in with the fantasies that she had been having left her driving her
finger into her quivering quim with such intensity that left her feeling that
she needed more. Taking one hand away from her cunt while the other fiddled
with her clit, she brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked her juices off
savouring her own flavour. Coating them with her saliva instead she then
brought her index finger to her anus inserted it quickly. Feeling the rush
of adrenaline Phoebe began thrusting her index finger in and out of arsehole
while she worked three fingers of the other hand in to her pussy, she
couldn't take it any longer and orgasmed not long before she heard Piper for
the last time that night. There Phoebe fell asleep not long after naked from
the bottom down covered in her cum and sweat.

When she woke, Phoebe was feeling rather refreshed. She had needed that
attention last night but now as she got out of bed she realised that she did
need to clean herself up. Feeling stained and sticky she reached for a robe,
wrapped it around her and turned her door handle to go to take a shower. No
sooner had she stepped out of her room, she saw the object of her desire, the
person that she had been fantasizing about for the last two weeks.

"Morning Phoebe, you okay? Hoped you slept well," whispered Leo. He was
standing there dressed in only his pyjama bottoms carrying a tray with
breakfast and a single red rose on it for his wife.

Phoebe stood there staring at her brother-in-law and his well toned chest
and all she could do was think back to what she heard last night and her
fantasies of the last couple of weeks.

"I said are you alright? You seemed a little distant the last couple of
weeks," he said while walking a little closer, but all Phoebe could manage
was a shrug. "I've left a fresh pot of coffee on and there's some extra
croissants fresh from Paris on the kitchen counter. They're there if you
want them, and listen if you ever need to talk I m always there for you.
I'm more than your white lighter. I'm family."

She tried to show a smile but couldn't help but feel a little hurt inside
that he had used the word "family". Even though he was, she still thought
that she was falling in love with him. As she watched Leo walk into his
bedroom carrying the tray she couldn't help but smile a little. Piper was
a lucky woman, she had found a man that understood them and their power,
and loved her in spite of that, he was always understanding and supportive,
generous and wise, was able to satisfy her sexual needs and bring her
breakfast in bed the next morning. It was those little things that made her
feel like this, which only made her feel even worse, she shouldn't be having
feelings like this for her sister's husband. That was the only thing that
was stopping her from jumping him. She loved her sister too much to ever
hurt her but it still didn't stop her fantasizing about him.

She still couldn't help the way she felt and that was evident from under her
robe, seeing Leo topless had gotten her hot and she was now going to have to
take a cold shower. Stepping into the shower she thought about her situation,
it was obvious that this would happen, she had such a destructive dating
pattern, she had gone for all the wrong men and was sure that it would never
go anywhere but this was the same thing. But thinking about it she realized
that it wasn't her fault. I mean look at this man, it was the only man in her
life that she could depend on. He was always there for her, he was there to
guide her and worry about her. He had saved her life so many times. This was
the only man that hadn't left her. Rest of the men in her life had let her
down in some way, but not this man. Of course that was his job as their white
lighter but he seem to be much more than that.

Paige had just walked through the door after an all night session with one
of the various men that she had tried dating, trying to make as little
noise as possible so not to wake everyone. She tiptoed into the kitchen to
fix something for breakfast when she walked in to find a strange man going
through their draws. He was tall and skinny with a pale skin tone and dark
hair, he was looking for something and that when he found it, a picture of
the family, a photo of the Charmed Ones and their white lighter. Paige
shouted out to the rest of the family, "Guys you better get down here!"

The demon looked up and quickly blinked before Paige could do anything.

Upstairs in the attic Phoebe, Piper and Leo were sitting around watching as
Paige was going through the Book of Shadows trying to find the demon that was

"I don t get it, why didn't he attack you?" asked Piper looking at her half

"I don't know, I think he was looking for something, and it looked like he
found what it was. I'm not to sure but I think it was a photo of us all,"
replied Paige while still looking through the book.

"That must mean that he's either a low level warlock sent by someone more
important or he is a Murad demon?" stated Leo.

"Yep, that's right. His name's Raymen, a Murad demon, a demon without an
active power but is able to conjure strong spells. It says that this Murad
uses his magic to take away his victims inhibitions leaving them distracted
and vulnerable, it says that the demon is an upper class demon so a potion
will need to be made using its skin. In that case two of us should start
preparing the potion and the other two should scry for the demon and then
go and get the skin," said Paige while looking at her family.

Leo chipped in offering his advice, "I think that it is best if Piper and
Paige get Raymen's skin while Phoebe and I prepare the potion just in case
we need Piper's power to blow up anyone who is guarding Raymen and Paige can
orb them out if there is any danger."

While saying this Piper and Paige had already begun to get the scrying
crystal and map but all Phoebe could do was look a little worried thinking
about having to work alone with Leo. Piper saw Phoebe's face and immediately
went to try and alleviate her worries, "What's wrong Phoebe? We've faced more
powerful demon than this and I'm sure we'll get him before he can cast any

"Come on we better get started on the potion!" said Leo taking Phoebe by the
hand and the Book of Shadow in the other downstairs.

Phoebe and Leo began working on the potion as soon as they got downstairs
throwing all sorts of herbs and roots into a pot that was on a heat. Phoebe
figured that if she was just able to concentrate on the task at hand then she
would forget about the feelings that she was having for her brother-in-law.
She was busy ordering Leo to get all sorts when Paige and Piper came
downstairs putting on their coats.

"We think we've located where the demon is but its in the cliffs by Staton
woods so its probably gonna take a long time to find the demon so you carry
on with the potion and we'll be back as soon as possible," explained Piper
while going to kiss her husband goodbye.

"Alright we will and you two be careful, especially you, you got a little
miss in there that needs protecting," replied Leo while giving an extra kiss
to his unborn child in Piper's womb.

Paige took hold of Piper's hand and they immediately disappeared leaving a
blue trail as they orbed away so Leo went back to helping his sister-in-law.

* * *

Meanwhile in the caves near the forest, Raymen had already begun throwing
ingredients into his own pot while reciting a chant in a demonic tongue.
Nearly coming to the end of completing his spell he only had to add his
last ingredient picking up and throwing the photograph of the Charmed Ones
and their white lighter into the pot and there was large bang and puff of
smoke. 'Hopefully the spell would work, the Charmed Ones would be so
distracted with acting out their desires and wishes that they would not be
able to stop the hoard of demons that I'll send,' thought Raymen.

* * *

Back at the manor Leo and Phoebe were busy concocting the potion. Phoebe was
so intent on concentrating on the potion so that she wouldn't focus on the
man that was behind her.

"Phoebe, Phoebe? I asked if you were alright. You just seem so distant,
its not like you?"

Finally Phoebe had turned around to focus on what Leo was saying, "It's
nothing, I'm alright."

"No your not, I can tell. Listen. I'm supposed to be here for you to talk
to, all you need to do is trust me," expressed Leo with concern.

Phoebe finally gave in telling Leo some of the things that she had been
feeling making sure that she edited the feelings that she had for him. "Ever
since Miles died, I've been finding it very difficult to remain hopeful that
I'm ever going to find love. I mean that there is always something that is
holding my relationships back. EEither the secret that I m a demon fighting
witch, or I m married to the source of all evil, or the angel of death wants
my boyfriend. There are sometimes when I think about how I see my future.
Before I became a witch I always saw it as a bright one settled with a good
job, beautiful kids and a loving husband but now I don't have that anymore I
can seemyself ending up like Grams, all alone and it scares the hell out of
me. I see you and Piper and it makes sometimes a little jealous because I
wish I could find someone that accepts who I am, understands what I am and
loves me for it."

"Listen Phoebe, it is always hard with what you do to find someone and I have
to admit that you have bad luck when it comes to finding love but you can't
give up on love because it is what makes you so powerful, like I have always
said your power is tied to your emotions. I admit it helps that Piper married
her white lighter and that is why we cope better with the pressures of this
but I believe that there is a man out there for you who will accept this, I
mean why wouldn't he? You're an intelligent woman with a generous and kind
heart, not to mention how incredibly beautiful you are. There hundred of men
out there who would love to go out with you, and I can imagine that one day
you will find one that truly loves you for who you are and that you love
equally and eventually you will have those things you ve dreamt about,"
replied Leo watching Phoebe as a tear ran down her soft tanned cheek showing
the emotion that she was feeling by hearing those beautiful words. In her
mind she had to keep telling herself that this was Piper's husband and
nothing could happen but he was making it awfully difficult for her by saying
such wonderful things about her.

Again they resided to finishing the potion to vanquish the Murad demon.
Suddenly a two bright balls of light came through the window and struck
Phoebe and Leo in the chest taking them back and making them fall to the
ground. It was only a few seconds when they both came to feeling groggy.
Leo stood up holding out his hand to Phoebe so that he could help her up,
getting up as well Leo and Phoebe felt a little confused at first and then
realised what must of happened, the Murad demon must have already cast the
spell on them. Phoebe began looking at Leo in a lustful way suddenly
feeling a tingling sensation in her loins, she realised that she didn't
care that he was Piper's husband, she was going to have this man fuck her

"What the hell, I hope this doesn't take effect before we can finish the
potion," exclaimed Leo starting to realise that is sister-in-law was
incredibly beautiful. Leo went back to trying to finish the potion but he
couldn't keep his mind on the task, it was all too hard standing next to
such a hot woman. He started daydreaming of this woman sweeping her off
her feet and making love to her. He reached out to try and get some
burdock root when he accidentally touched Phoebe's hand who was also
reaching for something, they looked into each others eyes and suddenly
jumped at each, grabbing each other into a powerful embrace. Leo grabbed
Phoebe by the tiny waist and lifted her so that they could kiss properly.
Phoebe wrapped her arms around Leo's neck and let her tongue slide into
his mouth and went to wrestling with his tongue.

While this was happening Leo had dropped his hand from Phoebe's waist to
take hold of her sexy ass, he was kneading her ass so delicately while
sliding all his finger over her fleshy globes into the crack of her ass
and around. All Phoebe could do was moan into kiss receiving something
that she had craved for so long, to be with the man that she loved.
Phoebe pulled away from the kiss and whispered into Leo's ear, "I've
wanted this for so long. I want you to fuck me."

Leo just stared into Phoebe's eyes and knew that this was going to happen,
he moved over to the kitchen counter while holding Phoebe by the ass and
laid her on to the counter sitting over the edge. Leo let go of her and
begun kissing her neck while grabbing the bottom of Phoebe's t-shirt and
proceeded to pull it up over her head. When it was off Leo gazed at Phoebe's
beautifully sized breast encased in purple satin bra that left not much to
the imagination. Leo dove right in planting kisses on her right breast just
above her satin casing while Phoebe begun to undo his belt and undo his
buttons on his jeans.

Leo was beginning to get more into this forbidden act, he went at Phoebe's
other breast while unclasping her bra revealing Phoebe's beautiful tanned
medium sized breasts topped with large brown nipples which was already
hardened through her sheer excitement. Moans was all that escaped Phoebe's
mouth as Leo licked and sucked at her breast occasionally stopping to tease
her by biting on the erect nipples.

Phoebe in the meanwhile had begun to open Leo shirt and when she finally had
all the buttons undone she slid her hands over his taught abs feeling them
ripple at her touch. Leo had continued to work his way down Phoebe's body,
stopping to gently lick around her belly button generating loud moans from
her. Lust over taking them, Phoebe was in heaven as her white lighter
caressed all of her sensitive areas as if he was reading her mind. Leo drew
his tongue around her taught stomach eliciting delightful moans from the
woman below him. Leo begun opening Phoebe's jeans buttons and sliding them
down her smooth legs, lifting her legs to his shoulders he started kissing
his way down her legs. Stopping at her satin panties that matched her bra,
he could smell her excitement so he dove in licking his way around her panty
covered mound. All that could be heard was Phoebe's gasps as she was trying
breathe. Leo could tell what this was doing her and tugged her panties to
the side and started to lap at her, licking and sucking at her beautiful

Leo was driving her crazy as he slid two fingers into her tight slit. Leo
begun to suck and nibble at her clit while driving his fingers in. As he hit
her g-spot Phoebe came with such ferocity, screaming and bucking up and down
Leo kept lapping away at her making sure he savoured every minutes until her
orgasm subsided. Phoebe had not felt such pure exhilaration in such a long
time, Leo travelled up her body taking her into a deep and passionate kiss.
Phoebe could taste herself on his lips and it drove her wild with lust.

Leo could sense what she wanted as began pulling down his trousers and boxers
freeing his erection from its confines. Phoebe felt her heart swell as she
was finally going to get what she wanted. Looking down at this marvellous
cock, she knew this was how it was supposed to be. Keeping her panties pushed
to the side Leo began nudging his cock into Phoebe s tight slit.

She became impatient waiting for this and quickly shouted, "Quickly Leo don't
do this to me, just fuck me already, stick it in!"

Leo couldn't deny the thrill that he got from hearing his sister-in-law
talking such filth, so he shoved it in hard in one long stroke driving the
breath from Phoebe s body. "God this feels amazing, so tight," was all that
Leo could get out as he became accustomed to her tight hole.

Leo began to move in and out in a steady rhythm going as deep as he could and
then pulling back until all that was left in was the head of his cock and
then repeating this. Leo started to push a little more while Phoebe was
pushing her pelvis back to meet his thrusts. Phoebe rolled over pulling Leo
with her so that she was on top. Now she felt the power and control as she
began bucking up and down on his cock trying to get as much as she could into
her cunt.

Phoebe's action brought her to an earth shattering orgasm that had the wall
of her cunt contracting sending Leo over the edge. Shooting his cum into her
sent Phoebe into another orgasms that left both gasping and sweating all
over. Leo looked up to meet Phoebe's eyes and saw that lust still there. As
Leo started getting up Phoebe pushed back down, "Where the fuck do you think
your going? We're not done, I want what you gave Piper."

Mentioning Piper's name brought Leo back to reality, realising what he had
just done and what Phoebe wanted him to do he tried getting up. "We can't do
this Phoebe." was all that Leo could get out as Phoebe cut him off.

"No, every time I heard you and Piper fucking I just wished it was me. I wish
that it was my ass that you were fucking."

Leo struggled to get up and as he did he caught a glimpse of the doorway and
Raymen standing there with one of his warlock. "PHOEBE!" shouted Leo as he
saw the warlock hurla fireball at the couple, the fireball struck the kitchen
top as Raymen and the warlock saw Phoebe and Leo disappear in a swirl of a
bright blue light as Leo managed to orb the two of them out as Raymen cursed
out loud.

Leo and Phoebe re-appeared in what look to be a derelict house, still holding
her in arms Leo looked into Phoebe's eye once more and saw that she had
finally come back to her senses, realising that they were still naked, Leo
and Phoebe pulled away from each other slowly and Phoebe started to cry as
she thought over what had just happened, "What have we done Leo?!? What I
have done?!? Telling you that I loved you then thinking back to the last
moments before they were interrupted. I nearly forced you to fuck me, oh my
god! I'm a terrible person, what kind of sick person would do that?" Phoebe
said through sobs.

Leo bent down and hugged his sister-in-law, "sshh, its not your fault, we
were under a spell. We both did it. It wasn't just you."

Phoebe replied, "Yeah, but it only happened because I had feelings for
you. You're Piper's husband and I love her. I would never do anything to
intentionally hurt her."

"I know, and I love her, too. We can't be blamed for this." Just then Leo
thought back to his wife, 'oh my god, Piper and Paige, I hope they're ok, I
hope that they weren't hit with the spell.'

To be continued in part 2: Piper and Paige are hit by the spell and live out
some of their dark fantasies.


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