Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

The story itself however belongs to me.

This story contains: M/F - F/F, spanking, belt whipping, humil, incest, D/s,
reluc. If you don't like that stuff or are not mature enough for it, then I
suggest you don't read this story. If you do, then enjoy…

Rating: NC-17 (no doubt about it)

Summary: Piper has a very bad day, which starts with the attack of the demon
Markor and continues with some heavy humiliation & punishment suffered at the
hands of her sisters.

Notes: This story takes place somewhere in-between episode 18 "When Bad
Warlocks Go Good" and episode 19 "Blind Sided".

Charmed: Charmed Tales Part 5 - Piper's Punishment
by Oric13

Chapter 1

It was a bright sunny day and Piper Halliwell; middle of the Halliwell
sisters was busy working in the garden.

With a satisfied feeling Piper looked around in the Halliwell Manor backyard.
Her work was nearly finished and she hoped that when she has completed her
job, Prue would be finished doing their bookkeeping and Phoebe with cleaning
out the attic. Then the three of them could finally relax a little and begin
what they planned to be a long weekend of fun, relaxing and some much needed
sisterly bonding.

'I have a feeling this is going to be a wonderful day,' Piper thought to
herself. 'The weather is great and the atmosphere inside the house is pretty
good too. Prue and Phoebe are getting along great with each other, no
bickering or bitter arguments... and it's been almost a month ago since Prue
spanked Phoebe's ass. In Phoebe's case that's a new record! Yup, I can't
think of anything that could spoil our weekend now.'

Of course, it is usually at times like this that things suddenly start to go
wrong, and this was no exception. At the end of the garden a vortex suddenly

Piper was looking at the vortex with a stunned expression on her face when
the vortex opened and out came an eight feet tall horned demon.

The demon glared at her with red glowing eyes and spoke, "Thou shall be the
first!" then threw a fireball at her.

Piper quickly raised her hands and activated her "freezing" power and not a
second too soon, the fireball stopped just a few feet in front of her.

The demon itself though, didn't freeze. Instead it growled, "Where my
balefire fails, my claws and strength shall prevail! I shall tear thee limb
from limb." Then started walking towards her (effectively crushing the flower
bed Piper just painstakingly planted).

A very scared Piper quickly ran into the manor yelling, "PRUE, PHOEBE,

Prue almost immediately ran into the room and saw Piper running towards her,
with a very tall demon crashing into the room close behind her. Hurriedly
tapping into her telekinetic ability she threw the monster back into the
yard. The demon however, rapidly recovered and stormed back into the house
throwing a fireball at Prue, who used her power to throw it back at him. The
fireball had no effect on the demon, who stormed like a freight train towards
the Halliwell sisters while throwing multiple fireballs at them. Piper
promptly froze them and Prue deflected them back at the demon but they still
didn't affect the demon itself who was now coming very close to the sisters.
He had almost reached them when Phoebe suddenly entered the room and joined
her sisters. The demon suddenly recoiled and growled, "This is not over yet,
witches! I shall return and destroy the three of you… One by one!" Having
said this he leapt into the yard, ran to the vortex and dived through it, the
vortex then disappeared.

"What the HELL was that!" Phoebe cried out while looking into the backyard.

"With "Hell" being the imperative word, I would guess that was a demon," Prue
noted dryly.

Still shaking a bit from her ordeal Piper stood next to Phoebe and checked
out her ruined flowerbed. "Damn it! Is it too much to ask for one little
break without demons, warlocks or other supernatural scum?"

Prue walked towards her sister and put her arm around her. "I'm sorry
sweetie, I know how much you were looking forward to a nice quiet weekend."

Piper sighed sadly.

Phoebe gave her sister a big hug. "Don't worry, Sis. We'll look this demon
up in the Book of Shadows, vanquish him and with any luck we will still have
some days left to relax and do some sisterly bonding."

"I hope you're right Pheebs, but still; why are there so many supernatural
creatures who are out to kill us? Can't they get a hobby or something?!"

"I think trying to kill us IS their hobby, Piper," Prue replied.

Phoebe giggled. "I think you are on to something there, Prue. They probably
have like, a 30 day course with textbooks and that sort of thing, titled
'Killing the Charmed Ones 101'."

"This isn't funny," Piper said, though a small smile appeared on her lips.

"I know, honey," Prue consoled her sister. "But we have to try not to dwell
on this too much if we want to keep our mental health."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Well we better start trying to come up with
something to destroy this latest demon. To the attic?"

"To the attic!" Prue replied.

"To the batmobile!" Phoebe put in.


"Okay, okay, to the attic."

Chapter 2

In the attic the Charmed Ones were standing around the Book of Shadows,
leafing through it. Trying to find the demon that attacked them. After
searching through the book for a long time, the pages suddenly started to
turn on their own. Seconds later it stopped, opening on the chapter about
the demon Markor.

Markor the Menace

The Demon Knight Markor is a former member of an elite group of demons known
as the Order of Gui'tan. The Order of Gui'tan consists of a small group of
elite fighter demons who serve as a bodyguard for the Demon Prince Gui'tan.

Markor used to be second in command in the OoG until through an unknown
occurrence he disappeared from the 7th plane of hell (where he and his kind
are known to reside) and reappeared on Earth, this happened sometime in the
late 17th century.

It wasn't long before Markor became a plague to the witches whom he hunts.
He does NOT kill witches to steal their power like warlocks are known to do;
instead he kills them for their mystical energy.

Markor needs mystical energy to survive, this energy is abundant on the
Mystical Plains of Hell, it is however mostly absent on our plain of
existence (except for those places which contain dimensional portals such
as Hellmouths).

As been mentioned, the demon Markor feeds on the mystical energies of
witches, the more powerful the witch the longer Markor can survive on their

The last that has been heard from Markor was when he killed an entire coven
of witches in England, this was sometime in the late 19th century… their
energy should sustain him quite a long time.

What is known of Markor's powers: He does not take the powers of the witches
he destroys, so the powers he wields stay the same… However the powers that
he naturally possesses are impressive enough. Apart from his great physical
strength and speed and his razor sharp claws that can cut through iron, he
also has the power to throw balls of balefire (which is a lot more
destructive then ordinary fire). He also has the power to levitate and the
power to create a vortex, which can be used to transport him to almost any
place on earth. This combined with his fighting skills, tactical mind and
armour-like skin makes him a dangerous foe.

(In a different handwriting this was added to the bottom of the page)

There is no known spell to vanquish Markor...


"Well he seems to be a cute carebear type of demon," Phoebe sarcastically
remarked after reading the text and studying Markor's picture.

"Yeah, and no spell to vanquish him," Piper put in.

"Which means we'll have to come up with something ourselves," Prue said.

Suddenly they heard a soft chiming sound and Leo orbed in.

"Leo?!" A happily surprised Piper said as she smiled at her boyfriend.

Even though their budding relationship had gone through some rough spots
(when Piper found out that her boyfriend was in fact a sort of guardian
angel for witches called a "Whitelighter"), they had decided to give their
relationship another chance and had started dating again.

The whitelighter smiled and hugged his girlfriend. "Hello, Piper!" After
giving her a big kiss he turned and smiled at her sisters. "Hello girls."

"Hello Leo," they both greeted him.

"So Leo," Phoebe asked. "Come to help vanquish the latest demon?"

"As a matter of fact I am, the elders have send me with some information
which might help you."

"Great," Prue replied. "We're going to need all the help we can get."

"What have you got for us?" Piper said still smiling at her boyfriend.

"Well since none of your ancestors has created a spell against him, it is
going to be real hard to vanquish him." Leo explained. "Other options to get
rid of him are: decapitation and dismemberment, which is not going to be easy
since his skin is incredibly tough. Or option two: sending him back to Hell,
for which you will need a powerful spell. I recommend option two but either
way, it's not going to be easy."

"That doesn't help a whole lot." Prue sighed. "How are we going to stop him
from killing us while we're busy researching a spell to send him back? He can
use his vortex powers to drop in on us anytime he wants."

"Actually there is an easy solution for that: he cannot attack you while you
are all together. Somehow the power of three repels his demonic essence."

"That would explain why he suddenly ran off when Phoebe entered the room."
Prue remarked thoughtfully.

"That's a relief, I was afraid I had bad breath," Phoebe joked.

"So he can't attack us while we stick together? Does this mean we always have
to be in the same room together until we get rid of this demon?" Prue asked.
"I know we were planning for some sisterly bonding this weekend but this is a
bit extreme!"

"Not exactly," Leo replied, "it's possible for one of you to leave the others
for a short while as long as it isn't more then 15 minutes and two of you
stay together. Any longer though and it's likely you will be getting another
visit from Markor," he warned. "But don't use too many of these times apart
and try to put at least an hour of togetherness in between each of the times
you are separated from each other. Because once Markor notices that you are
staying together all the time, he will try very hard to find a window of
opportunity in which he can attack."

Piper sighed. "So we all have to stay in the same room almost 24 hours a day
except from the occasional toilet break… this is not going to be easy."

Leo nodded. "Still, it's not so bad to be together all the time if your only
other option is: getting brutally slaughtered by a demon."

"Only just," Phoebe quipped. "At least we all are free for the entire
weekend, just think how awkward it would be if one of us had to work. The
others would have to follow her around all the time."

Smiling at Phoebe, Prue said, "Leave it to you to find the positive in a bad

Leo told the sisters a few more things he knew about "The Power of Three".
After he finished explaining he suddenly seemed to hear something, as he
listened intently.

"Sorry gals, I have to go. I just got a summoning from the elders. I'll be
back as soon as I can." After finishing his sentence he orbed away.

Piper sighed.

Phoebe put an arm around her shoulder. "Don't worry, Piper. He'll be back
and in the meantime I suggest we go downstairs and start fixing some of the
damage Markor did, if we hurry we can just finish before dinner time."

Chapter 3

Having finished repairing and cleaning up most of the damage in the garden
and around the house, the Halliwell sisters started to prepare dinner. They
quickly noticed that it wasn't easy staying together all the time. Constantly
they had to remind themselves not to walk away alone, or work on their own on
something else.

Phoebe started to put the plates and the silverware on the dinner table.
"Well, at least we're getting pretty handy in fixing stuff or we would be
spending a fortune on repairmen."

Prue who was helping Piper with the cooking replied, "Yeah, we should be
getting good at fixing stuff, considering how many things have been broken
in the short time that we've been witches."

"Besides," Piper put in. "We still have to pay a lot of money to repairmen,
there is a lot we can't fix on our own or that needs to be replaced."

"Perhaps we should work on a spell to fix things," Phoebe suggested.

"Not a bad idea," Prue replied, "at least as long as it doesn't fall under
that pesky "no personal gain" clause that we constantly have to deal with."
Sitting down she continued, "But first we're going to have to work on a spell
to get rid of Markor because this whole staying together thing is only a
temporally solution, we can't keep this up for more then a couple of days."

"I agree," said Piper. "Banishing spell for Markor is our number one priority
right now.

Phoebe nodded. "Let's start working on it after dinner then."

* * *

After dinner, the Charmed Ones had worked for hours trying to research a
spell to banish Markor but weren't having much luck in finding a solution.

Phoebe yawned. "I suggest we get some sleep and try again tomorrow, because
it's nearly midnight and we aren't much closer to solving our problem then
when we started."

"I agree," Piper said.

"Which brings us to a new problem: our sleeping arrangements." Prue brought
up. "Since we all have to stick together we have to sleep in the same bed or
at least in the same room."

Phoebe shrugged. "We have shared a bed together before, I suggest we all
sleep in Prue's bed because she's the one with the king-size bed."

Piper smiled. "We were a lot younger and smaller the last time we shared a
bed together, Pheebs… but I agree, Prue's bed has the most room so that's
probably the best solution."

"Very well," Prue replied, "let's get some sleep then."

As soon as the Halliwell sisters entered Prue's bedroom they started changing
into their nightclothes, except for Phoebe who quickly stripped off all her
clothes and was soon sitting completely naked on the bed.

"I call the right side!" Phoebe grinned. Looking at her sisters who were
still mostly dressed she saw Prue smirking at her and Piper sneaking peeks
while pretending not to look.

"What? I always sleep in the buff, besides it isn't like you never seen me
naked before."

"Well that's certainly true," Prue grinned. The eldest Halliwell was now
wearing only a pair of white panties, and started looking for her white tank
top to wear in bed.

Piper had only taken off her shoes and pants, and held her pyjamas while
looking hesitantly at her mostly naked sisters. "I…I am going in the bathroom
to change, I'll be right back." Then quickly stepped into Prue's bathroom.

Phoebe smirked at the disappearing figure of her sister while lying
comfortable on top of the bed. "She is such a little prude, HER name should
have been Prudence."

"We can't all be as comfortable with our bodies as you are, Phoebe," Prue
admonished her sister. "Though I agree she could lighten up a bit." Finally
finding her white tank top she put it on and walked towards the bed.

"Why did you put that top on?" Phoebe asked, looking a bit chagrined. "You
look great topless. You've got really nice tits, Prue."

"Thanks... I think," Prue smirked, sitting down at the left side of the bed.
"But I always sleep in a tank top."

Piper entered the room dressed in her pyjamas.

"Ready to go to sleep, Piper?" Prue asked.

Piper nodded.

"Okay, then I guess I will take the middle of the bed, Phoebe the right side
and you the left side." She pulled the covers back and lay under them.

Phoebe leapt off the bed, pulled the covers back and dived under them.
"Ready!" she called out.

Piper crawled into the bed next to Prue. "Goodnight Prue, 'night Phoebe."

"Goodnight Piper, 'night Prue," Phoebe chimed in.

"Goodnight little sisters," Prue said then clapped her hands and the lights
went out.

"Hey, who are you calling little!" Phoebe objected.

Piper giggled.

* * *

Phoebe felt herself slowly drifting into a comfortable slumber, she felt
really at ease and protected lying in bed with her sisters. She didn't really
mind that they had to stay together all the time; actually she thought it was
kinda cool. This would be the perfect opportunity for them to get closer.
Even though they tried to do more things together as sisters that usually
never happened because of supernatural or work related problems. This
reminded her of the times when they were still in their early teens and they
used to sleep in the same bed all the time. She loved those sleepovers and
the feeling of closeness it brought. With a warm feeling of contentment she
snuggled closer to Prue...

Chapter 4

The Halliwell sisters were still sleeping peacefully in the early morning
when suddenly a soft chiming sound woke up one of them. Piper Halliwell
slowly awakened from her slumber by a sound that was very familiar to her,
the sound she knew announced the arrival of her boyfriend Leo.

She slowly sat up when she saw an orb of light appear next to her that soon
transformed into her favourite whitelighter.

"Good morning, Piper," Leo smiled at her.

"Good morning, Leo," she smiled back as he leaned over to kiss her.

They soon were softly talking to each other, it was a long time since they
had the time to talk about anything personal because the few times they did
see each other in the last few weeks it was usually warlock related, which
left little time for private talk.

"I am glad we finally had a chance to talk to each other," Piper whispered
to her boyfriend.

"Me too, honey. I really missed you," Leo smiled. "I've got some information
about Markor that might help, so we should wake your sisters now and discuss

Piper nodded. "You're probably right, but could we wait a few minutes. I
wouldn't mind talking a bit longer."

Not receiving any response, Piper prodded her boyfriend. "Leo?" She suddenly
noticed he was looking over her shoulder and started to blush.


Still getting no response she turned around to see what he was looking at,
her breath suddenly caught in her throat when she saw what it was. In her
sleep Phoebe had cuddled up to Prue, or perhaps "cuddled" wasn't the right
word for it. She was practically on top of Prue and had managed somehow to
push Prue's top almost off. The white top was now entangled in Prue's arms,
which were stretched above her head. The covers were pushed slightly away,
uncovering Phoebe's ample bosom and also making it easy to see Phoebe
nuzzling Prue's right breast.

Piper felt a rush of emotions going through her as she watched her sisters.
A combination of shock, embarrassment and arousal flooded through her. She
felt herself becoming flushed and quickly turned around to her boyfriend.

"Leo!" she hissed.

Leo still didn't respond, he seemed almost in a trance like state. Looking
into his eyes she recognized what she saw there. She'd seen it before when
they were having sex; it was pure lust. Feeling momentarily confused she
hesitated, then quickly turned around as she came to a decision. The
important thing to do now was to untangle and cover up both her sisters.

Shifting closer to her siblings she now noticed that Phoebe was actually
nursing on Prue's tit. Still asleep she was suckling on Prue's right nipple
with a contented look on her face, which was actually kind of cute. However,
she doubted if Prue would think it was cute too.

Prue was quite a heavy sleeper but she could wake up any moment, and who
knows what would happen if she saw Phoebe nursing on her breasts. Piper
quickly leaned across her sisters and tried to untangle Phoebe from Prue.
Phoebe muttered something in her sleep and held on even tighter. Piper now
started to panic a little and looked to her boyfriend for help but he still
seemed to be frozen solid.

"Men..." Piper muttered.

Piper now straddled Prue and removed Phoebe's hold on her, she then pushed
Phoebe back to her side of the bed and gave a sigh of relief when she saw
her sisters now lying apart and still asleep. She then grabbed Prue's tank
top and tried to pull it down, it didn't budge though since it was completely
entangled with Prue's hands and upper arms, acting almost like a rope binding
her arms together. Piper blushed at the image of her older sister lying under
her with her tits exposed, arms tied together and stretched above her head.
Trying to shake the image from her mind and think of a way to unwrap the top
from Prue's arms without waking her up, she suddenly found herself looking
into the sleepy, yet open blue eyes of her oldest sister.

"Piper? Wha… What? What's going on?" Prue said, awaking to the rather bizarre
image of Piper sitting on top of her. She looked down, saw that she was
topless then looked up and saw her top bind her arms together. "What the
hell? I must still be dreaming," Prue muttered.

She tried to sit up, which went a bit difficult since Piper was still
straddling her. Becoming more awake now, she noticed Piper's flushed face
and her heavy breathing, she also noticed the scared yet excited look in
her sister's eyes. Looking to her right she saw Phoebe still sleeping but
mostly uncovered now, showing a clear view of her youngest sister's tits
and pussy. "What the fuck is this?" Prue questioned rather loudly.

Prue's words finally rousted their youngest sister, who sleepily sat up.
"Prue? Piper? What is going on?" She then looked to her left and saw
something she hadn't imagined in her wildest dreams (well actually, she had
imagined some sorts of similar situations and more in her wildest dreams,
but still... she was pretty surprised). "Holy Shit!" she exclaimed.

"Piper, would you mind explaining this?" Prue now asked with a rather frosty
tone in her voice.

"Erhm... I... We... Leo... That is... We..." Piper stuttered.

"What do you mean: We... Leo...?" Prue demanded.

"Well... I..." Piper now nervously looked back at her boyfriend who was still
standing as frozen, staring at the three (mostly naked) sisters.

Prue and Phoebe both followed Piper's look and now noticed for the first time
Leo standing there.

"What the... Leo?! What the FUCK is going on here!" Prue now shouted.

Prue finally managed to sit up by pushing Piper from her lap with her powers,
and began to unwrap her hands from her top.

Phoebe --taking in Prue's naked tits and tied hands, Piper's flushed face
and nervous behaviour and a blushing Leo, who's staring at Prue and her own
exposed charms with an obvious bulge in his trousers-- suddenly started to
giggle uncontrollably. "Oh my God! I was wrong about you, Piper. You
definitely aren't as prudish as I thought you were."

Piper who grew even more red-faced then she already was finally managed to
stumble out a whole sentence. "This... this isn't what it looks like..."
Turning to her boyfriend. "Leo he... I mean we... Leo?" She pleadingly looked
at her boyfriend.

Leo, who had been shocked out of his trance by Prue's outburst, looked at a
nude and giggling Phoebe, then at a very angry Prue --who had almost freed
her hands from her top and was looking at him in a way that reminded him of
the proverb "If looks could kill..."-- and then back at his now furiously
blushing girlfriend and decided there was really only one thing he could do
in this situation... Yep, a man's got to do what a man's got to do!

And that was to get the hell out of here... "What's that I hear?" Leo said
while assuming a listening position. "The elders are summoning me again, oh
darn!" He quickly pecked Piper on the cheek. "I would love to stay and help
you explain this situation honey, but I have to go, duty calls." His body
started to dissolve in a ball of light. "By the way, to make a vanquishing
spell for Markor you're going to need a piece of his body, like skin or
something similar. Good luck girls!" With a soft chiming sound he orbed

Phoebe was now rolling on the bed in a fit of laughter; then rolled right
off of the bed, which didn't stop her laughter.

"Leo! Damnit! Come back here!" Piper cried out. "Don't just leave me like
this!" Suddenly she looked into the eyes of a very annoyed Prue, who'd
manage to free herself from her top and was sitting with her arms crossed
and an angry expression on her face. "At least take me with you," she
softly added.

"So Piper, lets see if I got this straight... You thought: my sisters have
no problem baring their breasts in front of me so they won't mind if I show
them to my boyfriend?" Prue glared at her sister. "Is that it, or did you
also let him feel them?" she touched her own breasts while saying this.

Meanwhile, Phoebe managed to subdue her laughter enough to climb back on the
bed and started looking on with great interest at the tongue-lashing Piper
was getting from Prue. She had been the recipient of those often enough and
it was quite fascinating to just observe it for a change. Sweet and demure
little Piper never did anything that warranted even a scolding, so this was
certainly something special. She noticed how Piper just blushed at Prue's
question and looked down, avoiding Prue's blazing eyes.

"I think you already had ample opportunity to look at my tits, Piper. I
suggest you look into my eyes now."

Phoebe winced. 'Ouch! That's a stinger! Prue isn't pulling any punches.'

Piper kept her eyes downcast, turning even redder.

Phoebe studied her sister. 'I don't think I ever seen anyone blush that
hard,' she absently thought. Then looked back at Prue, curious how she would
deal with Piper's refusal to look at her.

Meanwhile, Prue was slightly distracted; because of all the commotion she had
only now noticed that her right nipple was erect. Softly touching it, she
felt that it's also a little wet.

Seeing Prue touching her right nipple immediately got Phoebe's attention, she
quickly noticed it was erect and shooting a glance at Prue's left breast she
noticed that the left nipple wasn't. 'Hmm, I wonder where this is going...'

Softly taking Piper's chin in her hand, Prue raised Piper's face to look at
her. "Sister, dear? Why is my right nipple erect and wet?"

'Whoa! This just gets better and better.' Recognizing the soft and steady,
yet cold tone of voice Prue used, Phoebe's eyes grew big. The last time she
heard Prue use that kind of voice was when she got her last spanking from
her eldest sister. She felt herself getting wet as she recognized what this
meant. A tremor of excitement went through her body as she lay down and
watched the conversation unfold. After covering herself with the blanket
she slowly rubbed a hand across her tits and put the other hand discreetly
between her thighs… just to check of course! Who knows what kind of
perversions Piper and her boyfriend had been up to?

Looking a trembling Piper straight in the eyes, Prue softly spoke, "Have
you been sucking on my nipple, Piper?"

"I... I... I can explain," Piper finally managed to stutter.

Prue raised an eyebrow and looked at her expectantly.

Thoughts rushed through Piper's head. 'Should I tell her about Phoebe? Would
she believe me? I hardly believe it! No… if I tell her, she'll just think I
am trying to shift the blame and so would Phoebe. Besides, even if she would
believe me then that could ruin things between Prue and Phoebe and they just
managed to get along... Neither Phoebe nor Prue would benefit from me telling
the truth and neither would I...'

Piper got a defeated look on her face. "Okay, I admit… I can't explain."

Prue nodded thoughtfully. "I thought so..." She moved to the end of the bed
and put her feet on the ground then looked at Piper who was sitting close
beside her.


"Yes Prue?"

"Please remove your pyjamas and lay yourself across my lap."

A soft moan escaped Phoebe's lips when she heard those words.


"You heard me, Piper," Prue said while glaring at her sister.

"B-b-but... I..." Piper stammered.

"Strip!" Prue sternly commanded.

"Y-y-you can't be serious, you can't spank me! I-I-I am twenty-four... You're
kidding, right Prue?" Piper pleaded nervously.

"Do I look like I am kidding, Piper?" Prue retorted angrily. "You've heard
me, now remove your clothes, all of them."

Excitedly, Phoebe studied Piper's reaction. 'She looks like a deer caught in
headlights, the way she looks at Prue with those big brown doe eyes. I do
feel kind of sorry for her… but then, who wouldn't? Who could resist those
sweet Bambi-like-eyes?' Seeing Prue's eyes narrow as Piper still made no move
to remove her pyjama, Phoebe shrugged. 'Well, obviously: Prue can. She is the
one person I know who didn't cry when Bambi's mother died… Hell, she didn't
even blink when they emptied that shotgun on Old Yeller.'

"Disobedience will only make your punishment more severe, Piper." Prue said,
using that motherly tone she reserves for situations like this one.

When she saw that Piper still made no move to obey, Prue sighed. "Very well,
Piper... Have it your way." She slowly reached out and started undoing the
buttons on Piper's pyjama jacket.

After all the buttons were undone she looked Piper in the eyes, who still sat
there as frozen, and pushed her arms to her side. Then she opened the jacket
and gently removed it, leaving Piper naked from the waist up.

'This might very well be the most erotic thing I have ever seen!' Phoebe
considered while she slowly inserted two fingers in her slit.

As her breasts became uncovered, Piper suddenly unfroze. Red-faced she
quickly covered herself.

Prue's eyes flashed with anger. "Considering how you got this punishment in
the first place, I suggest you put your hands at your side and DON'T cover
yourself again. NOW!"

Piper's hands quickly shot to her side.

"That's better," Prue muttered while she studied her sister's naked bosom.

Prue smirked at her embarrassed sister then reached out and gently grabbed
a hold of Piper's breasts.

Piper let out a shocked gasp as her sister touched her breasts but didn't
dare say anything when she saw Prue cocking an eyebrow at her.

Prue smiled when she saw that her sister made no attempt to remove her hands
or utter a protest.

"They are very nice, Piper. Not as big as Phoebe's or mine but a good handful
nonetheless," Prue said soothingly.

Grinning when she saw Piper's nipples becoming erect, she added. "And you
have some very nice nipples." She looked fascinated when they became fully
erect. "Wow, they must be almost an inch long… Very impressive, Piper."

Piper blushed even harder as she heard her sister talking about her nipples.
'I can't believe this is happening, my oldest sister is holding my breasts
and complementing me on my nipples.'

"I think it would be a good lesson for you to show them off, Piper. Please
walk to Phoebe and give her a good look," Prue gently commanded.


"Walk over to Phoebe and show her your tits."

Breathing heavily now, Phoebe quickly removed her hand from her crotch and
waited eagerly.

"I-I-I…" Piper stuttered, then seeing the look in Prue's eyes she slowly
stood up and turned to walk to Phoebe.

"Wait a moment," Prue stopped her sister. "Turn back around, Piper."

Piper turned back eagerly, hoping to be spared the humiliation of having to
show her tits to her kid sister. That hope was short-lived when Prue reached
out and undid the string that kept her pyjama pants up. The pants slowly slid
down her legs uncovering her bare bottom and pussy to her sisters' eyes. She
closed her eyes as a wave of embarrassment hit her.


Piper opened her eyes and looked into her oldest sister's bright blue eyes,
which seemed to project a combination of both anger and strength, yet also
of gentleness and love. The look held her captivated for what seemed like a
long time.

"Honey, I want you to step out of your pyjama and present yourself to
Phoebe," Prue gently ordered her.

"Yes, Ma'am," Piper softly answered.

Piper felt strangely strengthened when Prue smiled delightfully at her
response, she stepped out of her pyjama trousers and walked towards Phoebe.

Phoebe gave her a bright smile when she reached her. Blushing lightly, Piper
put her hands behind her head, giving Phoebe a good view of her assets. She
saw her little sister's roving eyes take in her breasts then lowering down
her body and resting on the small tuft of hair between her legs.

Phoebe grinned slyly. "Nice grooming, Piper."

Embarrassed by her sister's crude comment, Piper closed her eyes again.

Suddenly she felt soft hands on her breasts, rubbing across her nipples,
which became immediately fully erect again. She heard her little sister
sighing softly.

"They really are sensitive aren't they, Piper?" Phoebe said while softly
pinching her nipples.

A soft groan escaped her lips and Piper quickly opened her eyes, looking
straight into Phoebe's mischievous eyes. The blanket that had covered Phoebe
had now slipped down, leaving her big breasts fully exposed. Piper felt a
familiar twitch of envy as she eyed her youngest sister's impressive assets.
Phoebe gave her a little wink, as if she knew what she was thinking.

"Turn around, Piper," Phoebe ordered, "and let me have a look at that cute
little ass of yours."

With her eyes downcast, Piper made a slow twirl. Stopping when her back was
turned to Phoebe then after a couple of seconds continued until she was
facing her again.

Phoebe grinned at Piper then reached out her hand and softly played with her
fingertips across her older sibling's aroused body.

Prue watched Phoebe's playing and teasing of Piper with an amused look in her
eyes but couldn't deny that she was getting aroused from her sisters' erotic
play. Taking a deep breath she collected herself and seeing Phoebe fingers
slowly drift towards Piper's pussy she decided to put a stop to this at once
and continue with Piper's punishment.

"Okay, Pheebs! That's enough for now," Prue called out.

Phoebe let out a disappointed groan and reluctantly pulled her hand back.

Prue smiled at Phoebe's disappointed reaction.

She beckoned her sister, "Come here, Piper."

Piper slowly walked towards her. Prue took in her sisters flushed appearance
and erect nipples and chuckled softly, looking down at her sister's slit she
saw some definite signs of arousal there as well.

Chapter 5

With hands at her side and downcast eyes, Piper now stood before her. Taking
in her sister's subservient attitude, Prue started reflecting on the big
difference between her sisters. Phoebe's attitude is enthusiastic, restless
and usually very defiant even when being punished. Piper is almost the
opposite in many ways: demure, calm, obedient… even submissive at times.

'Well... It's kind of a nice change,' Prue considered.

"It's time for your spanking, Piper." Prue patted her legs. "Over my knee,

"Yes, Ma'am," Piper softly responded and draped herself across her sister's

Prue felt herself getting even more aroused when she heard her sister's
submissive reply. 'Mmmm, little Piper definitely has a submissive streak.'
She took a few moments to steady her emotions. Looking down at Piper's nicely
rounded, perfect little butt didn't make that any easier. She could feel some
dampness pooling in her crotch and her nipples turning erect. Mentally
shrugging she raised her hand and let it crash down on her sister's ass.


Her eyes flew open and Piper let out a little shriek when she felt Prue's
hand coming down on her bare bottom.





Getting into the spirit of things, Prue swiftly began delivering a series of
spanks on Piper's upturned bottom. After about twenty more spanks she saw
Piper's ass turning a nice shade of pink.

When Piper laid herself down across Prue lap, Phoebe had quickly resumed her
hidden masturbation session and was now taking in Piper's punishment with
lust filled eyes.


Prue now began altering the timing of the spanks, sometimes waiting a few
seconds between delivering a smack then suddenly giving a few quick spanks
in succession.

Piper started squirming on her sister's lap and found herself nervously
clenching her bottom whenever Prue paused her spanking. 'I can't believe
how much this hurts! And she isn't even using a belt or hairbrush like she
usually uses on Phoebe, I never knew Prue could spank this hard using only
her bare hand.'

SMACK!! ... SMACK!! ....... SMACK! ... SMACK!!! SMACK!! ... SMACK!

'Oh my god!' Her sister now began spanking her even harder. Piper softly
whimpered, she had promised herself to take her punishment stoically and
not cry out but it became increasingly difficult to keep this promise.
Looking back at her sister pleadingly she saw Prue staring at her bottom
with an intense look in her blue eyes as she brought her hand down hard on
her right ass cheek.




"Ouch!!" Piper shrieked.

Ignoring the cries of her sister, Prue now alternated between the right and
the left cheek and increased the severity of the blows.







SMACK!! ... SMACK!!! ....... SMACK!!! SMACK!!!

"Oh my god!" Piper moaned.

SMACK!! SMACK!! ... SMACK!!! ...... SMACKK!!!!

"Please, Prue!!"


"Please! No more!" Piper begged her sister.

Seeing a naked Piper getting spanked by her topless oldest sister was almost
enough to make her cum without even touching herself. But having already been
heavily aroused for almost an hour, and playing with herself while listening
to Piper beg for mercy, brought Phoebe to the most intense orgasm she had
ever experienced. 'Oh god!! YES!!!' She pushed four fingers rapidly in and
out of her slit while pinching her erect nipples as the orgasm rushed through
her body, moaning loudly as she came… Luckily the sound of her cumming was
drowned out by the smacking sound from the last volley of spanks that Prue


"PLEASE!!! I'll be good, Prue!! I'll never do it again!" Piper cried out.

Her breathing somewhat laboured, Prue rested her hand on Piper's backside
which now felt warm to the touch and glowed a bright red. Hearing her
sister's sobbing, she gently stroked Piper's buttocks and began consoling
her. "It's okay, sweetie. You took your spanking like a good girl and it's
over now." She helped her sister sit up on her lap and softly stroked her
sister's back and backside while Piper softly cried in her bosom. After a
few minutes of this, Piper's crying slowly subsided… then finally stopped.

Feeling her sister's arms around her, softly stroking and comforting her,
made Piper quickly forget about the pain of her expertly spanked bottom. In
fact, as Prue's hand gently rubbed her backside she felt the sharp pain
change in a soft glowing feeling which felt rather pleasant. With her face
buried in her older sister's breasts, Piper felt safe and protected, and
quickly stopped crying. After a while, when her tears had stopped she
looked up in Prue's ­now comforting and concerned­ soft blue eyes.

"Are you okay, honey?" Prue asked, gently smiling at her sister.

Piper nodded. "Yes, I feel better now… Thank you, Prue," she whispered.

"You're welcome, sweetie." Prue gave her sister a firm hug, which she eagerly

"It's time to finish your punishment, Piper." Prue helped her sister off of
her lap and turned her around, after studying Piper's thoroughly spanked butt
she gave it a soft slap. Smiling when Piper quickly covered her bottom.

"Now show Phoebe your well-punished behind," Prue ordered.

Quickly leaping forward, her hands still covering her backside, Piper walked
to Phoebe and turned around, giving her little sister a good view of her

A big smile crept over Phoebe's face as Piper obediently displayed her ass.
Reaching out she gently pushed at Piper's back, making her sister lean
forwards until her hands were flat on the floor. Phoebe felt another surge
of lust go through her as she took in Piper's submissive and lustful pose.
Bending over the way she was, Piper was giving Phoebe a perfect view of her
delicious round bottom, and also quite a nice view of her little slit which
was peeking out between her spread legs.

After taking in the marvellous view before her for a while, Phoebe reached
out and touched her sister's ass. Phoebe cooed softly as she touched the
red glowing orbs. "That sure is one well-punished behind, Piper," Phoebe
commented. "So now you finally have been the recipient of one of Prue's
infamous spankings, how do you feel?"

"Like a bunch of bongo players accidentally mistook my butt for a bongo! I
never knew Prue could spank so hard using only her hand," Piper wryly

Prue chuckled softly. "I didn't spank nearly as hard as I could, Piper. So
consider yourself lucky."

Piper shot Prue an incredulous glare. "I don't FEEL very lucky!"

Phoebe giggled. "Well, Prue did a pretty good job on you anyway." She
continued stroking Piper's red behind. "A very good job!" Softly prying her
sister's ass cheeks apart she grinned as Piper let out a loud gasp.

Prue grinned when she saw Phoebe studying her sister's crack with a
fascinated look on her face. 'Hmmm, my impious little sister is taking things
a bit too far. I better put a stop to this.' Clapping her hands once to get
her sisters attention. "Okay, that's enough, Phoebe. It's time to get out of

Releasing her sister's ass-cheeks with a sigh, Phoebe let herself fall back
on the bed.

"Already? How late is it?" she yawned.

"It's a quarter till nine, so it's time for us to shower and start the day,"
Prue replied.

Feeling very relieved that her youngest sister was no longer examining her
butt, Piper straightened and walked towards Prue. "Um… how exactly are we
going to arrange the shower situation?" she hesitatingly asked. "Will each
of us take a shower while the other two wait outside?"

"No," Prue answered, "it's too dangerous for us to be separated too many
times a day, so we have to pick the times that we are apart carefully.
Besides, a shower usually takes more then 15 minutes. Luckily there is plenty
of room in the shower-cabin for the three of us together." She smirked at her
sisters. "And it's not like there is any need for modesty at this point."

"Fine by me!" Phoebe smiled, and jumped out of bed: displaying her naked body

"Or in your case: no need for modesty at any point," Prue chuckled.

Phoebe gave her eldest sister a quirky smile.

Taking a hold of her sisters' hands, Prue gently led them towards the
bathroom. "Okay, to the bathroom."

Piper looked hesitatingly at her naked body then nodded. "To the bathroom."

Phoebe giggled. "To the batmobile!"

Prue glared and smacked her sister's bare ass. "That remark is starting to
get rather old, Phoebe."

Phoebe smiled impishly while rubbing her bottom. "Yeah, but it's still

Chapter 6

Prue entered the bathroom, followed by Piper and Phoebe, and quickly turned
on the shower faucets --letting the water reach the right temperature.
Bending over she removed her white slip and threw it in the hamper. Seeing
Phoebe checking out her pussy, she chuckled and snapped her fingers to get
her sister's attention. "There's plenty of time to look later, Pheebs.
Let's get into the shower." She beckoned Piper with her finger and they
both followed her in.

As they entered the shower stall together, Prue turned the handle and jets
of water started shooting from the wall and the ceiling. Grabbing the bottle
of body wash, she squirted some in her hand then handed the bottle to Phoebe.
Who poured some out herself and handed the bottle to Piper. Prue quickly
began soaping in her body, her movements being followed by a smiling Phoebe
who then started to slowly rub soap on her own body.

"Want me to do your back, Prue?" Phoebe cheerfully asked.

Sending her youngest sister an amused smirk, Prue shrugged. "Why not, I will
do you afterwards."

Phoebe shot Prue a mischievous look.

"Your back that is." Prue sighed exasperated. "Get your mind out of the
gutter, Pheebs."

Phoebe grinned and started rubbing some liquid soap on her sister's back. She
slowly moved her hands all over Prue's back spreading the soap around. After
a while Phoebe took a sponge and gently scrubbed her sister's back. Taking a
step back, Phoebe took in Prue well scrubbed back with a satisfied look on
her face. Putting the sponge back, she pulled a bottle of herbal oil from the
shelf, poured some oil on her hand and started giving her older sister a
gentle backrub.

Prue let out a soft groan. 'Mmmm, Phoebe really gives amazing backrubs, that
really hits the spot.'

Prue was leaning with her hands against the wall enjoying the wonderful
backrub Phoebe was giving her when she felt her sister hands slide down her
back to her butt where they began kneading her buttocks. 'That little flirt!'
Prue chuckled but couldn't help feel somewhat impressed by Phoebe's daring.
'I wonder how far she'd take this whole massage thing with her own sister AND
her other sister watching…' Still, she couldn't deny Phoebe's hands felt
rather good there.

Feeling rather proud at how much her oldest sister was obviously enjoying the
backrub she was giving, Phoebe decided to try to make this her best backrub
ever. When she was almost done working the knots out of her sister's back
(Prue REALLY needs to relax more) Phoebe took a long look at her sister's
cute little butt and a wicked idea popped up inside her head. 'I wonder if my
controlling, professional, bossy, big sister would allow me to rub that part
of her body too.' Sporting a big grin, Phoebe lowered her hands and started
to work on her sister's ass.

Meanwhile, Piper stood as frozen with the bottle of body wash still in her
hand, looking as her youngest sibling gave her oldest sibling an erotic
backrub. She shook her head. 'I can hardly believe all the things that
happened today… And now I'm standing here, naked! Watching my also naked
sisters rub each other's bodies!' Squirming softly and rubbing her legs
together, she continued to watch her sisters.

Hearing no objections from Prue, Phoebe -somewhat surprised- continued her
back --or better put: assrub. 'Well I'll be… Actually I don't know why I am
surprised, Prue certainly isn't as uptight as most people think she is.'
Shooting a look at a frozen Piper. 'No, it's definitely someone else in the
family who holds the "most uptight" title.' She softly giggled. Letting her
hands drift lower, Phoebe started massaging Prue's calves. Finishing her
work on Prue's legs she resumed the massaging of Prue's firm muscled buttocks
for a while then, recalling her "examination" of Piper's ass, Phoebe got a
thoughtful look in her eyes and slowly spread Prue's ass-cheeks, taking in
her oldest sister's rosette with a delighted smile on her face.

Turning around, a stern-faced Prue raised an eyebrow at her youngest sister
who looked up at her with a wide-eyed look of virtue on her face. Shaking
her head in exasperation, Prue reached out her hand and helped Phoebe to her

"Thanks for the massage, Phoebe." Prue smirked then added somewhat
sarcastically, "Nobody gives a backrub quite like you."

"You're welcome, Sis." Phoebe innocently replied. "So," she smiled, "is it
my turn now?"

"Sure, Pheebs." Prue shot her a grin. "Face the wall and assume the

With a giggle, Phoebe turned towards the wall and put her hands against it.
Standing there, leaning naked against the wall with her legs apart, she
looked like she was about to be strip-searched.

Phoebe let out a sigh of contentment when she felt Prue rub soap on her back
and lower body.

Working in her usual controlled and efficient manner, it wasn't long before
Prue had finished scrubbing Phoebe's back, backside and lower legs. Returning
the sponge to its place, Prue hesitated for a moment then grabbed the herbal
oil and started to rub it on her sister's back.

Phoebe moaned softly when she felt her eldest sister starting to massage her
back. "Oh yeah... that feels so good, Prue."

Prue's lips formed a somewhat smug smile when she heard her sister's moans.

Her sister's hands felt great on her body. Prue gave much more firmer
massages then she did herself, which were just the kind that she loved!
'Mmmm, Prue gives such great massages. She uses a lot of pressure, but
without hurting me.' Phoebe groaned as Prue worked a knotted muscle loose.
'God, yes! She could work on me all day and I still wouldn't grow tired of

Prue kneaded Phoebe's back muscles lower and lower then with a slight smirk
started massaging Phoebe's ass-cheeks. Using a hand on each globe she firmly
kneaded her little sister's buttocks.

Phoebe mouth formed a silent O as she felt her sister's strong hands working
her ass.

Open mouthed and breathing heavily, Piper watched as Prue now took her turn
in massaging her sister's ass. Her nipples were fully erect (and had been
for a while now) and she felt the moisture between her legs starting to
increase. Despite trying to resist the feelings that were coursing through
her body, she couldn't stop feeling aroused as she watched her beautiful
sisters massage each other's naked bodies. And it wasn't just that… this
whole morning was filled with strange, embarrassing and erotic events. Piper
never considered herself a lesbian or even bi as she only had sex with men
(only with a few, but still). She also never had any really strong sexual
feelings for girls before... except... she couldn't deny that she had
thoughts about her sisters in a sexual manner before, which she couldn't all
blame on Phoebe's flirting. Sometimes when she's very horny she would lay in
bed, playing with herself and she'd make up fantasies that would star
sometimes one and sometimes both her sisters in an incestuous lesbian
scenario. Even now, dating Leo, she would still sometimes play one of these
scenarios featuring Phoebe and Prue in her head and those fantasies still
make her cum just as hard as they used too...

Piper felt her arousal increase by the second as she watched her sisters. She
tried to stop watching, to think of something else, anything to keep her mind
of her naked sisters. Yet every time, she felt her eyes focussing on her
sisters and her mind drifting to those secret fantasies...

Suddenly Piper was shocked out of her reverie, Prue had finished Phoebe's
massage and both her sisters were now looking at her.

Enjoying her sister's ministrations immensely, Phoebe felt rather
disappointed when the massage suddenly stopped… she heard Prue whisper in her
ear, "That's it… finished, sweetie," and felt a light slap on her ass (which
she kinda enjoyed). Letting out a deep sigh, Phoebe turned around and smiled
at her sister. "Thanks Prue," she said and gave her sister a quick hug. They
both turned towards Piper, and Phoebe smiled amusedly when she saw ­a still
unwashed­ Piper staring at them.

Prue let her eyes drift over Piper's obviously aroused body, noticing that
her sister hasn't even gotten around to putting soap on her body yet, but had
instead been watching herself and Phoebe the whole time… and judging from her
arousal, enjoying what she saw. She couldn't help but grin a little, Piper
certainly wasn't the only one who was aroused. Giving her naked little sister
a massage hadn't left her unaffected and Phoebe… 'Well, Phoebe is aroused
most of the time anyway,' Prue took in her youngest sister's erect nipples
with a smile, 'and this certainly isn't an exception.'

However, thinking back on this morning's earlier events, in particular
Piper's first steps in the realm of voyeurism and perversity, she felt
herself growing angry again. 'On the other hand, it's probably better if I
don't let Piper get away with this latest example of voyeurism. If I want
to stop my sister from turning into a peeping tom then it's best if I punish
her swift and harshly for each transgression she commits.' Prue took a deep
breath and narrowed her eyes at her sister. 'This is for her own good.'

Piper fidgeted nervously when she saw her older sister stepping towards her
with a stern look on her face.

Prue stopped in front of Piper and shot a pointed look across her sister's
aroused body.

"Enjoying yourself, Piper?"

"W-what do you mean?"

Prue smirked at her sister, she just loved that little stutter Piper got
whenever she was embarrassed. "I mean that you have spend the last half hour
doing nothing else but watching Phoebe and me taking a shower and giving each
other a massage." Prue took the unused bottle of body-wash from Piper's hand.
"While you haven't even soaped yourself in yet." She gave one of Piper's
erect nipples a little tweak.

Piper jumped a little from shock and looked wide-eyed at her sister then
seeing Prue's pointed look at her erect nipples she dropped her head in
shame. "I-I am sorry, Prue. It won't happen again."

"Really? I think I've heard that one before." Prue raised Piper's chin and
gazed into her sister's eyes. "You're turning into quite the little perv,
aren't you Piper?"

Her cheeks burning in shame, she hesitatingly asked, "You… You're not going
to spank me again, are you Prue?" Piper involuntary reached back and rubbed
her ass-cheeks. "My bottom is still hurting from the last spanking you gave

Giving her sister a little smirk she released her chin and lead her towards
a smiling Phoebe. "Nope, I think the first order of business is cleaning you
up and since you seem unable to take care of this yourself, Phoebe and I will
help you."

Looking down, Piper meekly let herself be dragged to where her little sister
stood waiting for her.

Smiling at her youngest sister, Prue poured some soap on her hand and handed
her the bottle.

"Well Pheebs, which side of Piper do you want to wash?" She inquired.

"I call the front!" Phoebe smiled back and quickly squirted some soap on her

With great enthusiasm Phoebe started soaping her sister's belly and was soon
using both hands to rub the soap all over her sister's front. 'Can things
possibly get any better?' she giggled to herself. 'We should have a sister
bonding weekend more often.' Feeling herself grow wetter (and not just
because she was in a shower) Phoebe reached up and started lathering her
sister's perky tits with the body-wash, making circles of soap around her
sister's nipples. She then used her index fingers to rub the soap on both of
Piper's large erect nipples.

In a dreamlike state, Piper watched as her smiling little sister started to
soap her body, fully enjoying the task at hand. As Phoebe was rubbing the
soap in thick layers across her belly she felt strong hands rubbing soap on
her back and a soft groan escaped her lips. 'This is so unreal… It's hard
to believe that I am really standing here totally naked & sandwiched between
my nude siblings who are rubbing soap all over my body.'

She let out a gasp when she felt Phoebe's hands on her breasts, her sister's
fingers circling around her nipples like hawks circling around their prey
before suddenly pouncing on the target. Feeling a mixture of shame and
arousal, Piper silently enjoyed the feeling of her kid sister playing with
her nipples.

Piper couldn't help feel somewhat disappointment when after a few minutes of
this sweet torment, her sister's hands slid down to join Prue's in cleaning
her legs.

Her disappointment quickly vanished when she suddenly felt Prue's hands on
her ass, slowly rubbing and massaging her ass-cheeks. Finally deciding to let
loose a little, and stop fighting the feelings that were flooding through
her, Piper let out the breath she was holding. Bending over slightly, she
placed her hands on Phoebe's shoulders and lightly leaned into her little
sister while enjoying the rough massage Prue was giving her buttocks. Even
though her globes still ached from the spanking they had received, it was a
good pain she felt each time Prue kneaded them.

Looking down, she saw Phoebe had grabbed a washcloth and was now rubbing it
slowly across her shins… then up over her knees towards her thighs...
skipping up to her belly where she started rubbing circles with the soapy
washcloth. Piper closed her eyes, silently concentrating on the sensations
of having both her siblings' hands roam across her body… Startled she opened
her eyes when she suddenly felt the rough cloth rubbing across her breasts.
Glancing down she took in the cute look on her little sister's face, the tip
of her tongue poking out between her lips as she scrubbed her sister's boobs.
Piper moaned as the rough washcloth was rubbed repeatedly against her
sensitive nipples. 'Oh god! I don't know how much more of this I can take.'
The thought rushed through her mind as Phoebe tweaked her other nipple with
her fingers and continued her assault with the washcloth. Moaning softly
Piper squeezed Phoebe's shoulders as her youngest sister manhandled her large
nipples and slid the washcloth down her body...

"HOLY FUCK!!" Piper suddenly cried out as she felt the washcloth being pushed
inside her slit.


Her head shot up as she felt a hard spank land on her bottom.

"Watch your mouth, Piper!" Prue scolded her.

"B-b-but... I... Phoebe is... oohhhh God! Phoebe, you little bitch!" she
yelled as her youngest sister pinched her clit while shoving the washcloth
(and three fingers) deep inside her.


"That's IT young lady! No more cursing and apologize to your sister."

"But… that isn't fair! Phoebe is--"



"Perhaps you'd like to go over my lap again?" Prue inquired.

"N-no... I'll do as you say, Prue."

Teary-eyed and breathing heavily, Piper looked down at her little sister
who was still kneeling before her; staring right into her eyes with a
particularly naughty look (the look Piper and Prue referred to as "The
Phoebe Look") while giving her an expert finger-fucking. 'Oohh god!! That
little vixen! I can't believe she'd… to her own sister! OH FUCK!!'

Piper grunted as Phoebe (sporting a big smile) pinched her clit again.
"Oohhh... I-I... I'm sorry I... oohh... yelled at you... Phoebe."

"It's okay, Piper," Phoebe replied while giving Piper a little smirk. The
youngest Halliwell then added a fourth finger inside the washcloth and pushed
it deep inside her sister's tight twat. "I know you are going through a
"rough" time right now."

Piper let out a muffled cry. Prue had resumed her rough massage of her sore
behind and Phoebe was shoving a washcloth deep inside her pussy while
occasionally reaching up and tweaking her hard nipples. All these sensations
were just too much... 'Ooohhh FUCK!! I-I don't know… how much more of this I
can… oh! Take.... Oohh Shit!! Before I... Cum!' Her pussy was dripping now
and she felt herself getting closer and closer to the biggest orgasm she has
ever experienced. 'Ohh Shit! Nooo, I have to control myself.... I-I can't cum
in front of my sisters!' Concentrating on all the turnoffs she could think
of, Piper managed to regain somewhat of her control... Starting to breath a
little easier her relief was short-lived as she suddenly felt a soapy finger
sliding between her ass-cheeks and into her asshole.

"Oohhh!" Piper cried out as she felt the finger slowly started to move in and
out of her ass.

'Ohhh Prue!!'

Suddenly she could see herself in her mind, standing there naked, her
youngest sister kneeling before her shoving almost her entire hand inside
her cunt while her oldest sister was practically finger-fucking her ass... It
was too much... she felt a huge orgasm approach like a tsunami and she was
beyond caring that her sisters were watching her or even that they were the
ones who were bringing her to her best orgasm ever. She just had to cum!
Grunting softly each time her sisters' fingers pushed inside her, Piper
leaned over slightly more and parted her legs a bit further to give her
sisters better access. 'Yes, Yes, YES! Almost now… Almost there!'

Suddenly Prue removed her finger and stood up, giving her sister a pat on
the behind. "Okay Piper, I think you're clean enough now."

Phoebe quickly yanked her hand out of Piper's slit as she noticed Prue
standing up. "Yeah Piper," she chimed in, "about every nook and cranny of
you is clean now."

With a disbelieving look, Piper stared into her youngest sister's eyes. 'This
can't be happening. I was so close! SO FUCKING CLOSE!!' Tears were starting
to drip out of her eyes from frustration. "W-w-what?" she finally managed to

Prue helped her youngest sister up and smiled at Piper. "We are finished
cleaning you up, honey." She grabbed the showerhead and started washing the
soap off; first from her sisters' bodies and then herself. "It's time to
get out and start making breakfast... before it's time for dinner."

Looking back and forth at her smiling sisters, Piper almost cried out from
frustration. 'WHY NOW! I was so close… Shit! I don't believe this, I need
to cum so badly!' Rubbing her legs and biting her lip, Piper's hands slowly
drifted to her pussy… Before they reached their target however, her
inhibitions took control again and she pulled back. No matter how horny she
felt, she just couldn't masturbate here right in front of her sisters! 'I
just need to hold out a while until I can steal away a few minutes to be on
my own.' A sigh escaped her lips and she followed her sisters out of the
shower stall.

Prue and Phoebe were already drying themselves as she stepped out of the
shower. Piper walked towards the towel rack but Prue stopped her.

"Hold on, Piper. As soon as we have dried ourselves it will be your turn."

Piper hesitated and stepped back. She gave her sisters a questioning look;
first Prue then Phoebe, who winked at her. Then, resigned, she just stood
there and waited for what was to come next.

After a minute or two both her sisters had dried themselves. Prue walked to
the towel rack and grabbed two fluffy towels, handing one to Phoebe.

Both sisters turned and walked towards her. Piper gulped as her sisters once
again took positions on either side of her and started rubbing the soft
towels over her wet naked body. This time though, Prue took her front and
Phoebe her backside.

Moaning softly, Piper closed her eyes as the soft cotton stroked her breasts
and her buttocks. The sensations of her sisters rubbing her body with the
fluffy towels were so wonderful and sensual and brought the explosive orgasm
she had almost reached a few minutes back, once again closer...

But however wonderful the soft towels on her body felt it was not enough to
bring her over the edge... To give her that one huge magnificent orgasm she
was now yearning for. Letting out a groan of frustration, Piper's resolve not
to masturbate in front of her sisters started to weaken considerably... yet
not enough to break through a lifetime of modesty and propriety. She clenched
her hands into fists and with tremendous willpower kept them at her side. 'If
only I could get my freezing power to work on my sisters when needed.' The
thought of playing with her pussy in front of her time-frozen sisters brought
on a new surge of lust and a small trickle of moisture started to drip from
her slit.

Piper gasped as she felt her pussy-juice starting to drip down her legs. 'Oh
damn! Bad thoughts! Need to think of something un-erotic quickly.' She opened
her eyes a little to peek at her elder sister and saw Prue giving her a smirk
as she used the towel to dry her legs. Prue rubbed the towel slowly up her
thighs higher and higher until she reached her dripping pussy then she
started stroking the towel between her legs removing most of her secretions
as she gently rubbed the towel in between her slit. Piper's eyes shot open as
the towel tickled her clit for a moment… Much to soon however, Prue pulled
back the towel and dried the rest of her body.

* * *

All dry now and their hair combed, the three sisters padded back into Prue's

Prue opened a drawer, pulled out black silk panties and a matching bra and
started putting them on. Looking up she saw both her sisters watching her get
dressed and she shot them a smirk.

Grinning back at her oldest sister, "Nice underwear, Prue. I love those
little silk numbers too." Phoebe remarked. "They look really sexy."

"They are pretty comfortable as well." Prue absently replied while laying out
her clothes to wear. Putting on a pair of nylons, a white shirt and a black
miniskirt, Prue shot a glance at Piper who stood quietly with her eyes
downcast, fidgeting a bit, obviously eager to get dressed herself. 'Well,
then she's is for a big surprise.' Prue thought to herself while putting on
her new black pumps.

"Finished." Prue said and stood up. "Your turn to get dressed, Phoebe."

They walked into Phoebe's room and Phoebe walked up to her dresser and - with
a grin at Prue - pulled out a black silk slip that she put on.

"Nice choice, Pheebs." Prue chuckled.

Giving her sisters a smile, Phoebe took a short little summer dress from her
closet and put it on. Stepping into a pair of white shoes, she quickly
finished her dressing manoeuvre.

"Ta-da!" Phoebe smiled proudly, "how's this for quick dressing?"

"Very impressive, Phoebe." Prue grinned. "Having to put your clothes on
quickly is obviously something you've had lots of practice with."

Narrowing her eyes a bit, Phoebe smacked her sister's behind. "Oh you!"

Laughing they left Phoebe's room and stepped into the hallway.

"Let's go downstairs and start breakfast." Prue told her sisters as she
walked to the stairs.

"Hey! Aren't you forgetting something?" Piper quickly called out.

Prue turned to her sister and raised a questioning eyebrow at her. "And that
would be?"

"Well..." Piper said blushing, while she indicated her naked body. "I still
have to get dressed."

"I don't think so." Prue replied with a smirk. "Your punishment isn't over
yet, Piper," she added, "and because you so obviously enjoyed watching us
naked, I think it's only fair that Phoebe and I get to watch you naked. So
for at least the rest of day, you are going to be walking around in your
birthday suit."

Piper let out a tiny squeak as she heard this, eliciting a chuckle from both
her sisters. 'No! Please no… I have to stay naked AT LEAST the rest of the
day? I can't do that! It's embarrassing enough when we are all naked but to
be the only one naked, in the living room, in the kitchen, for an entire day!
I just can't!'

"Please, Prue." Piper begged her sister. "I can't walk around downstairs
NAKED, not for an entire day! What if we get company? What if a warlock busts
in? What if Leo orbs in?! Please! I-I... I just can't do it!"

Rather amused at her sister's ramblings, Prue replied. "Sure you can, Piper.
First of all, we're not expecting any company today but if someone does stop
by then Phoebe or me will deal with it. Secondly, if a warlock suddenly busts
into the manor then you being naked will provide a good distraction, which
will give us time to react. Thirdly, I doubt that Leo will dare to show his
face here for at least a week, unless it's an emergency, and if he does...
Well, I'm pretty sure he's seen you naked before."

'Oh god! She's really going to make me do it…' Piper thought teary-eyed, 'and
I was hoping that I could get a little privacy when getting dressed, maybe
even enough time alone to finally… relieve some of the tension that has been
building up… but now, I'm not even going to be allowed to put clothes on.'
Biting her lip while thinking furiously. 'Maybe I can still have a few
minutes alone if I ask nicely.'

"Erhm, Prue. Could I please be excused for a couple of minutes, I-I need to
do a few things in my room… alone please."

"Really, and what would those things be?" Prue inquired. "I just told you,
you aren't allowed to dress. What else would you need to do in your room...

Blushing furiously Piper looked down. 'Well, now what? I can hardly say that
I want to play with my pussy because getting my ass spanked and my body
handled by my sisters has brought me to the brink of the biggest orgasm
ever... and I just HAVE to cum!'

"I... err... I want to pla- I mean put on some make-up." Piper finally
replied, closing her eyes in shame as she heard her youngest sister's knowing

Prue gave Piper a smile. "There is no need for that, Piper. You already look
very good as you are right now..." Letting her eyes drift over her sister's
naked body, she added, "Very cute... Besides, this natural look really works
for you."

"B-b-but I-" Piper stammered.

Prue softly pressed her finger against her sister's lip, effectively
silencing her. "That's enough Piper, no more excuses... We all had a toilet
break before we showered so there is no need for you to "be excused", besides
you heard what Leo said: we need to be very careful when we take some time
apart or we may give Markor a chance to attack us. One shot is all he needs."
Giving her sisters a warning look, Prue continued her lecture. "So we have to
use those breaks only when absolutely needed or else we may also have to use
the toilet together… and that's taking the whole "sisterly bonding thing" a
tad to far in MY book." Grabbing Piper's hand, she added. "Now unless you
want to get another spanking I suggest you follow me downstairs and start

With one hand being held by Prue and the other rubbing her bottom in reflex,
Piper obediently tagged behind her older sister to the kitchen.

Phoebe giggled as she followed her sisters downstairs.

Chapter 7

She could feel her sisters' eyes on her while she was preparing breakfast.
Something so common and everyday like making breakfast for herself and her
siblings, took on a whole new meaning when it was done in the nude.

"Piper, could you please hand me my agenda?" Phoebe suddenly asked.

"Err, sure Pheebs... where is it exactly?"

"Right over there where you're working," Phoebe pointed, "bottom drawer."

Somewhat nervously Piper looked down at the drawer and then at Phoebe, who
--she now noticed-- had a rather mischievous gleam in her eyes, "Um, could
you perhaps get it yourself, I... am rather busy now."

"Oh come on Piper, you're right next to it." Phoebe whined.

She hesitated slightly, then seeing Prue glaring at her, quickly bends over
and opened the drawer. Even though she had been in almost the same position
not long ago she couldn't help feeling embarrassed and humiliated as she was
once again bending over at the waist, giving Phoebe a good look at her bare
ass... It also made a big difference that she was the only one naked now.
Blushing furiously she started searching for Phoebe's agenda. She could feel
her little sister checking out her backside… now she was actually kind of
proud of her ass (she has often been complimented on her tight round bottom)
but having her kid sister checking it out, was another thing altogether.
Beginning to hyperventilate slightly, she now started searching more
hurriedly through the drawer... "I can't find it!" she cried out.

"Are you sure? Keep looking, it should be in there somewhere." Phoebe said
while starting on her cereal, meanwhile keeping a close watch on her sister's
frantic search.

Piper, who had started to dig through the drawer with double efforts,
suddenly exclaimed: "It isn't here, Phoebe!"

"Wait! I remember now. I took my agenda to my room yesterday," Phoebe
innocently called out. "Oh well, It's not that important. Thanks anyway,

Shooting a glare at Phoebe, a red-faced Piper quickly put the waffles she was
making on the table and sat down herself. 'Leave it to Phoebe to make a bad
situation worse,' Piper wryly thought. As if she wasn't humiliated enough

"Let's start thinking about a plan to deal with Markor." Prue suddenly said.
"We can't keep hanging out together all the time, so it is important we come
up with some way to vanquish his sorry ass."

Nervously, Piper put some syrup on her waffle and started eating while
listening to Prue's planning. Suddenly, she felt something dripping on her
breast, looking down she noticed a big glob of the syrup had dropped from
the waffle and now covered her right breast. Phoebe also noticed this and
started to giggle.

"Damn it!" Piper exclaimed while looking for a napkin.

Prue took in Piper's antics with a rather amused look. "I guess it is a good
thing you aren't wearing clothes or they would be ruined now."

Feeling herself getting flushed again, Piper quickly started rubbing a napkin
over her breast trying to remove the sticky goo. She noticed however that
even though she managed to remove some of it, a lot kept sticking to her

With a slight smirk on her face Prue handed her a wet washcloth. "Here, try

With a sense of relief Piper wiped the rest of the syrup from her breast,
this feeling of relief quickly turned to embarrassment when she noticed that
the cold water from the washcloth made her nipple turn erect again. With her
large nipples this was easily noticeable.

Sparing a glance at her sisters, she saw them looking while obviously trying
not to laugh. Sighing deeply, Piper contemplated that this was going to be
the longest breakfast ever.

* * *

After breakfast the Halliwell sisters had gone to the attic and were now busy
looking through the Book of Shadows searching for a spell that could help
them against Markor.

"This would be a lot easier if this book had an index of some sort!" Phoebe

"Well you probably already know most of the book by now, Pheebs." Prue smiled
at her little sister. "You have read more in the BoS then Piper and me

Phoebe smiled proudly. "I do read the BoS a lot, but I have the feeling that
I only know a small part of it. I have noticed that the book keeps changing.
Spells are being added and removed, also it seems to have a lot more pages
then possible, given the size of the book."

"I guess that's why it's called a magic book," Piper absently brought up.

Prue nodded thoughtfully. "I think we should forget about making a
vanquishing spell against Markor, even though such a spell is pretty easy to
make we would still need a piece of his skin or something similar and I don't
see that happening anytime soon."

"I agree, it's too dangerous to try to lure him to us and cut a piece from
him, which is very difficult because of his hard skin… and because of the
fact that he'll be throwing fireballs at us while trying to rip our heads
off... Besides, we would have to be separated before he would come near us,
which would make us too vulnerable." Looking down self-consciously at her
naked body, Piper crossed her legs and added. "Certainly in my condition."

Phoebe smirked as she observed her sister's modest gesture. 'You'd think
that after everything that has happened today, she would be a little less
self-conscious. Yet she's still acting like we've never seen her naked

Prue frowned slightly when she looked at her sister and noticed Piper sitting
with her legs crossed and her arms covering her breasts. She walked over to
where her naked sister was seated. "The whole idea behind this punishment is
to show off your 'assets' as to teach you not to be a voyeur and also for you
to become a bit less self-conscious about your own body." Standing behind
her, Prue reached over Piper's shoulders and gently grabbed her sister's arms
placing them at her back. "So I want you to keep your hands behind your back
when you're not using them and to keep your legs uncrossed and spread at
least a feet apart."

"B-but Prue, I-I am already completely naked, can't I at least-"

"Hush, honey," Prue interrupted her sister. "Now uncross your legs and spread
them for your sisters. Quickly now!"

Piper groaned in embarrassment but obeyed her sister's order and slowly
spread her legs.

"Wider!" Prue sternly commanded.

A red-faced Piper quickly obeyed and opened her legs as wide as she could,
fully revealing her little triangle of hair and pussy-lips to her sisters'
eyes. Looking at her younger sister, Piper saw that Phoebe was staring
unabashedly at her crotch.

With a sense of delight, Phoebe enjoyed this little break in their research
session and watched as her eldest sister uncovered her other sister's tits
and then ordered her to reveal her pussy. She licked her lips as she saw
Piper's cunt come into view, studying her sister's crotch with a hungry gaze.
She noticed Piper looking at her with a somewhat accusing look and smirked at
her sister in return, grinning as Piper quickly avoided her look and looked
down at her lap (a place to which Phoebe's eyes immediately followed).

Satisfied Prue patted her sister on her shoulder. "That's a good girl. Now
remember to keep this position for as long as you are seated here, because if
you don't: you will receive yet another bare bottom spanking… Is that clear,

"Yes ma'am." Piper softly replied.

Prue granted her sister a big smile. "That's my girl!" she ruffled her naked
sister's hair in an affectionate gesture and walked back to the BoS.

* * *

Piper sat quietly as she observed both her sisters leafing through the BoS,
searching for anything that could help them against Markor, feeling somewhat
relieved that their attention was now solely focused on the BoS instead of on
her nakedness. Desiring to get out of her shameful display Piper had joined
her sisters in their research for a while but when she suddenly felt a hand
caressing her bare butt, she'd made a little jump of surprise and quickly
returned to her chair, earning her a weird look from Prue and mischievous
look from Phoebe. She gazed down at her lap making sure she was still keeping
her legs the required distance apart. Taking a deep breath she closed her
eyes for a moment to collect her thoughts; she felt vulnerable and somewhat
ashamed at being made to sit in this humiliating position. Opening her eyes,
she gazed down her body again, taking in her erect nipples and the slight
moisture between legs with a wry look; admitting to herself that she also
felt aroused at being made to display her most intimate parts at the order of
her eldest sister. She quickly looked up when she heard her sisters talking.

"…this would probably work." Phoebe proudly remarked.

Prue nodded. "I think you're right, Pheebs. At the very least, it's worth a

"Did you find something?" Piper inquired.

"According to this chapter about demons, every true demon that roams the
earth has a sort of "connection" with the plain of hell from which they came.
This connection can be used to send them back by use of a banishing spell."
Phoebe replied. "Such a "send-them-home" spell is much easier to create then
a vanquishing spell, which is more of a "destroy-their-asses" spell."

"Great!" She responded in a relieved tone. "So we can start working on this
banishing spell now?"

"That's a yes!" Phoebe happily replied, psyched with the notion of defeating
this powerful demon.

"Okay," Prue agreed, "then I suggest Phoebe starts putting together a
banishing spell while Piper and I start working on the potion."

"Sounds good to me." Phoebe closed the BoS and picked it up. "Let's go to the
kitchen and start working."

"That's the spirit!" Prue smiled at her youngest sister who ­filled with her
usual youthful, bouncy enthusiasm­ was impatiently waiting for them by the
door. "You go girl!" Turning, she indicated for Piper to follow her, and
walked to the door.

Piper quickly stood up and eagerly followed her sisters out of the attic,
glad to be at least released from that revealing position.

Chapter 8

Piper stood by the dinner table where a small cauldron was boiling on a gas
burner, helping Prue with adding the necessary ingredients for the banishing
potion. She glanced at her oldest sister who was studying the instructions
while from time to time adding an ingredient into the cauldron. She then
looked over at her youngest sister who was busy leafing through the BoS with
a concentrated look on her face --her tongue poking out between her lips in
an adorable manner-- occasional writing something down on a piece of paper.
Suddenly she felt a sudden draft of cool air making her nipples harden, Piper
looked down at her body and saw her nipples poke out on either side of the
small piece of cloth she was wearing. Letting out a small sigh she adjusted
(for what seemed liked the hundredth time) the cloth to cover her nipples,
meanwhile wondering why she even bothered, since she knew her nipples would
appear again as soon as she moved a little. Still, any covering was better
then none, no matter for how short a time it was.

When they had started to make preparations for the spell and the potion they
were constructing, Piper had once again begged her oldest sister for some
clothes. At first an annoyed Prue had refused her request but after pleading
for a while and pointing out that she didn't want any of the potion they were
making to splatter on her naked skin, Prue finally relented a bit, but
instead of taking Piper to her room so she could put on some clothes (which
Piper had hoped for) Prue pulled a small pink apron from the cupboard and
handed it to her sister. After standing with the apron in her hands for a
while in hesitation --still holding a glimmer of hope that she might be
allowed to put on some clothes-- Prue finally told her to put it on or give
it back, in which case she would have to do the potion making entirely naked.
Hearing that, she'd swiftly made up her mind and put on the apron. After
putting it on she'd soon noticed that it was much too small for her, which
wasn't very surprising since she hadn't worn this apron since her 13th
birthday. The underside of the apron hardly covered the underside of her
crotch, every time she walked her pussy could be seen and the top of the
apron barely covered her breasts, making her nipples peek out each time she
moved. In fact, she might as well be wearing nothing at all, Piper had
sullenly noted. But she didn't voice that thought to her oldest sister, who
at that time was busy fastening the apron at her back, tying a big bow just
above her ass. When Prue made her model her outfit, both her sisters had
smiled and cooed at her and remarked that she looked really cute in her
little pink apron.

Lost in her thoughts, Piper startled when Prue suddenly said something to

"Okay, now add four "Eyes of Newt"." Prue said, looking up from the
instructions she was reading.

With a shudder, Piper reached inside a small container with a pair of
tweezers and quickly pulled out four of the small spheres and dumped them
in the boiling cauldron.

"Ewww! How do they come up with this stuff?!" Piper exclaimed in a revolted

Prue grinned at her shivering sibling. "I didn't write these instructions,
honey." She picked up a clean boiled skeleton of a small salt-water fish and
put it in the cauldron. "Now for the finishing touch…" Prue grabbed four
raven feathers and dropped them in the cauldron.

The brew in the boiling cauldron suddenly started to change to different
shades of colour until it finally settled on a dark purple colour.

Prue noticed this change with a satisfied look on her face. "That should do
it, I think." She looked at her youngest sibling. "How are you doing with
the spell, Phoebe?"

"Great, I'm almost done I think." Phoebe announced, looking up with a bright

"Good work, Pheebs. Let's look it over together."

Prue and Piper walked over to their youngest sister and looked over her
shoulder, helping her put the finishing touch on the spell. Like Phoebe said,
she was almost finished. So it wasn't long before the spell was ready. The
three sisters stood up with a strong sense of satisfaction and began cleaning
up the table, dividing the contents of the cauldron in three glass
containers. After returning the BoS to the attic they noticed it was time for
lunch and walked back into the kitchen.

While Piper was preparing the food for them, her sisters were setting the
table. After their lunch was set out, Prue removed the apron from Piper and
put it back in the cupboard, much to Piper's distress. Her objections however
were quickly stopped by one of Prue's "looks".

Sitting down for their lunch the three sisters started discussing the plan
to banish Markor.

* * *

"Even though we have the potion and spell to use on him, we still have to
get close enough to him to cast the spell." Piper remarked.

Phoebe nodded. "And that's going to be a problem, he won't come near us when
we are together but we need to be together to banish him." After swallowing
a piece of toast she added, "Quite a little dilemma."

"Perhaps we could summon him and then banish him?" Piper questioned.

Prue took a sip of her ice-tea and contemplated this for a moment, then shook
her head. "If the Power of Three repels him then I seriously doubt that the
Power of Three can summon him."

Piper sighed. "Then how are we going to get rid of him?" She looked at her
sisters questioningly, "Please don't tell me that even though we have the
means to banish him, we won't be able to use them?"

The three sisters continued eating their lunch in silence for a while, each
of them working over this problem in their mind.

After about 15 minutes of silence, Phoebe suddenly cried out, "I think I've
got it!"

Both her sisters shot her a hopeful yet sceptical look.

"Well? What's the plan, Pheebs?" Prue curiously asked.

"When Leo told us to that we has to stay in the same room together, he also
mentioned a distance. I think he said that we should not be more then ten
yards apart."

"Yeah? So how does that help us?" Piper questioned.

"My plan is that we draw a summoning circle then form a triangle on the
outside, standing about 15 yards from each other." Giving her sisters a
triumphant look Phoebe continued, "Then when Markor teleports to us he will
be drawn into the summoning circle, when that happens we close in on him
while the summoning circle holds him. That should give us just enough time
to perform the spell."

Piper looked at her little sister in admiration. "Nice work, Pheebs."

"Yeah." Prue smiled. "Good thinking, Sis."

Phoebe stood up and took a bow. "Thank you... Thank you, fans." Then did a
little victory dance under the amused looks of her siblings.

When Phoebe was seated again, Prue said, "I think we should perform this
spell in the forest, we will have more room there and this way our house
won't be demolished if something goes wrong."

Phoebe nodded. "I agree, and taking the neighbours into account it wouldn't
be a good idea to summon demons into our backyard."

Piper, who suddenly noticed again the way she was dressed, or better put: her
lack of dress had certain reservations. "Um, Prue?"

Her sister raised a questioning eyebrow. "Yes, Piper?"

"Since we are going to the forest, I... can I get dressed now?"

Giving her sister a little smirk Prue finished her tea and replied, "I
distinctly remember telling you that you would have to stay naked for at
LEAST the rest of the day."

Piper looked at her sister in shock. "W-w-what? You don't mean you want me
to go to the forest… n-n-naked do you?"

Prue nodded. "That's exactly what I mean… but don't worry: we won't go to
the woods until it's very dark. I don't want to risk running into any hikers
while we are performing the spell."

Piper felt her face turning red again. 'I can't believe Prue plans to make
me go to the without a stitch of clothing on.'

"Don't worry?" Piper replied in a somewhat shrill voice. "You're right, why
should I worry? I mean, just because you'd make me sit naked in the car for
at least an hour while we drive to the forest and then make me perform a
spell against an eight feet tall demon --in the buff!"

"Nope, you're absolutely right; nothing to worry about," she finished

Prue gave her sister a sympathetic look and held her hand. "I know this
isn't going to be easy for you, sweetie. But you know this punishment isn't
entirely undeserved. Besides, I wouldn't make you do this if I didn't believe
that it's for your own good."

Grinning at her frantic sister, Phoebe said, "Also, it's not like this would
be the first time that you are naked in the forest, Piper."

Piper's blush increased as she recalled the "Wendigo incident" Phoebe was
obviously revering to; she looked down and started cleaning up the table. Her
sisters followed her example and soon the dirty dishes and food was cleared

Phoebe put a comforting arm around her pouting sister. "C'mon Piper, the day
will be over before you know it. Then we will continue our vacation and you
get to wear clothes again."

This didn't comfort her a whole lot and she shot a pleading look to her
eldest sister. "Please don't make me do this."

Prue frowned slightly. "Sorry Piper, but I've made up my mind. Now I suggest
you take your punishment like a good girl and don't make it any worse by
trying to get out of it."

Her eyes started to water as Piper continued to look pleadingly at her big
sister. "Please, Prue! I'm begging you."

"Piper!" Prue replied sternly. "Stop it!"

Shocking both her sisters, Piper dropped to her knees and raised her hands
together in a pleading motion. "PLEASE! I-I can't go out naked, I just CAN'T.
I'm not asking you not to punish me, Prue. But PLEASE can't the punishment be
something... anything else!" A couple of tears were rolling down her cheeks
as she looked beseeching at her sister.

Sighing deeply, Prue took in her very distressed sister. 'I seriously
underestimated Piper's modesty and shyness. Even though I still think it
might be good for her if she would be less self-conscious about her body,
this is not the time to deal with that matter. I obviously can't make her
go through with this if she feels this strongly about it.' Narrowing her
eyes slightly. 'However, I'm not going to allow her to get away with this.
She has to learn to take responsibility for her actions and that pleading
is NOT going to help her get out of punishments. Phoebe has always accepted
her punishment without much problems and I'll make sure that after tonight,
Piper won't try to get out of her punishment either.'

"Very well... Since you feel this strongly about it, I won't make you go
through with it. You will however be severely punished, both for your
voyeuristic behaviour AND your refusal to accept your original punishment."
Lifting her sister's chin so they were looking each other in the eyes, Prue
asked, "Is that clear, Piper?"

"Yes, it is. Thank you, Prue!" Piper sobbed relieved.

"Don't thank me yet, Sis." Prue answered wryly, "The punishment I am planning
to give you may me relatively swift but will be a lot more severe then your

Piper gulped a little when she heard this, but consolidated herself with the
thought that at least she wouldn't have to be naked much longer. She figured
Prue planned to give her a second spanking, probably more severe then the
last one. Painful and humiliating that might be, it was still better then
public humiliation. She just knew that people would have seen her naked body
if Prue had made her go outside completely naked.

Phoebe meanwhile was also busy contemplating Piper's upcoming punishment.
Having suffered Prue's wrath on more then one occasion (to put it mildly),
she had a pretty good idea what it's going to be. Her arousal --that had
already started again when she saw Piper on her knees in front of them,
begging and pleading with her oldest sister-- heightened when she thought
about what was to come.

Helping Piper to her feet, Prue said, "Since you are not willing to accept
your punishment as an adult, I want you to think about your next punishment
in a more childlike manner." She guided her sister to a corner of the
kitchen. "You are going stand in this corner, with your hands on your head
until it's time for your punishment, is that clear?"

Knowing that refusing would be a VERY bad idea right now, Piper responded
with a quick, "Y-yes Ma'am." And meekly took her position in the corner.

"Spread your legs further apart." Prue ordered her.

She hurriedly did as she was told.

Taking in her sister's submissive pose, Prue gave a satisfied nod and slapped
Piper's ass once.



"Very good, now remember to keep that pose until I say otherwise."

"Yes Ma'am."

Phoebe watched all this open-mouthed. 'Wow! Now this is what I'd call a Kodak

Prue sat down at the kitchen table and starting reading the paper, Phoebe
grabbed a soda and sat down with her, she took the gossip section and started
reading it. Occasionally one of the sisters would glance at Piper, checking
to see if she kept in position.

* * *

The doorbell suddenly rung, they all looked at the door and then each other.

"I'll get it," Prue said and walked to the door. Turning to Piper she gave
her sister a stern look. "Meanwhile, I want you to keep facing the corner…
with your hands on your head like a good girl." Turning to Phoebe, "Keep an
eye on her and make sure she behaves and stays in position, if she doesn't
then you're allowed to spank her."

Phoebe immediately perked up when she heard this, after watching Prue walk
out of the kitchen she turned towards her older sibling with a mischievous
smile on her lips and slowly stood up.

With growing apprehension Piper had listened to Prue's last sentence and
swallowed nervously when she heard her youngest sister stand up and quietly
sneak towards her. 'Like a panther stalking a prey…' she absently thought
as her sister move behind her. Letting out a slight gasp, Piper straightened
when she suddenly felt a hand caressing her buttocks.


"Nuh-uh, no moving, sweetie." Phoebe softly chastised her. "Keep in position
or I'm going to have to warm up that tight little ass of yours some more."

Phoebe's hand gently caressed her sister's warm bottom. "You wouldn't want
that, would you, Piper?"

Piper whimpered softly as her sister brought her other hand in play and
began kneading her buttocks with both hands.

Her eyes shot wide-open as her youngest sister suddenly moved her left hand
between her legs and dipped two fingers in her aroused slit.

"Phoebe?!" Piper shrieked.

"Mmmm!" Phoebe let out an excited moan when she noticed that the sweet little
pussy she'd just entered was dripping wet.

"On the other hand, perhaps you DO want me to spank you, Piper?" she giggled
in her sister's ear.

"Oh god!" Piper moaned, blushing deeply.

"Oh Phoebe! Please... Please don't! I-I-I am your sister. Oh Phoebe, please!"
she begged.

Phoebe noticed that despite her protests, Piper kept her hands firmly clasped
upon her head. She chuckled softly and continued diddling her sister's
dripping slot.

"Oh Phoebe! Oh... Oh... OH!" Piper groaned. "W-w-why are you d-doing this?"

"Oh! I've been wanting to do this for a long time now," Phoebe whispered
while rubbing her middle finger lightly over her sister's clit.


"And after seeing you getting your ass spanked, feeling you up while washing
your naked little body, watching you walk around the house bare-assed and
prance around in that tiny pink apron." Phoebe breathed into her sister's
ear, continuing her ministrations. "Then seeing you go down on your knees,
totally naked, begging Prue for mercy, after which you are send to the corner
like a naughty little schoolgirl." Phoebe suddenly stuffed four fingers in
her panting sister's cunt and started moving them in and out like a piston.
"Let's just say that Prue or no Prue, I was extremely close to throwing you
on the table and taking you right then and there."

"PHOEBE! Oohh! Phoebe! Oh... Oh... Oh... Nooo... W-we can't... I-it-it...
it's wrong!" Piper managed to gasp out.

"We can, we are and I don't care!" Phoebe replied, she reached her right
hand around and gave her sister's engorged clit a gentle pull, while moving
her left hand faster in and out of her sister's dripping twat. "And don't
tell me you don't want it, Sis! Your little pussy has been wet for almost
the entire day, and those big, fat nipples of yours have been sticking out
like erasers."

"OH! OH! PHOEBE! Oh please! Oh God!!!" Feeling herself getting light-headed,
Piper leaned forwards and rested her elbows against the wall.

Phoebe bit softly into Piper's earlobe and pinched her clit hard. "So tell
me, Piper," she husked, "you want me to stop, or do you want me to give that
tight little cunt of yours a good fucking?"

"OH! OH! OH! OOOH! Oooh... Oh! Oh.... PHOEBE! ...Oh God PLEASE!" She moaned.

"Please what? ... Well?"

Phoebe stopped her movements.

"Tell me you little bitch!" she hissed. "Please what?"

"Please! I... I... I w-want you to…"

"Yes?" Phoebe inquired while giving her panting sister's clit a little flick.

"OH! I-I want you to... c-continue... w-what you've been d-doing," Piper

"Hmmm? And what have I been doing? Tell me, my little Piper," Phoebe breathed
into her sister's ear and started rubbing her tits against Piper's back.
"C'mon, say it honey!"

......... "Y-y-you... you've been f-f-fucking me," Piper finally managed to

"That's it, sweetie!" Phoebe encouraged her sister as she continued driving
her fingers in her sister's hot little twat. "Tell me what you want me to
do to you!"

"I-I... I want you to... f-fuck me! I want you to fuck me... hard!! Oh GOD!!
Fuck me, Phoebe! FUCK ME HARD!!"

"Good! That's very good." She pulled her sister's chin towards her and
kissed her roughly on the mouth, letting her tongue slip into her older
sister's mouth, wrestling with her tongue for a bit before pulling out.
Lowering her hand she played with Piper's nipples for a while before
stroking down her moaning sister's body until she reached the little
triangle of pubic hair she was looking for. Phoebe toyed a little with
her sister's short little hairs and then stroked her hand downwards
again until she felt Piper's big, stiff clit between her fingers. She
pulled at it and rolled it between her fingers. Looking down her
trembling sister's body she marvelled at the size of it; in the excited
stage that it was, it almost looked like a small penis.

"Hmmm, you like this? Don't you, you little tramp?" she whispered huskily.

"Oh god, YES!!" Piper groaned loudly.

"You like me to fuck that tight little cunt of yours while I play with that
little cock down there?" Phoebe growled.

"YES!! Oh God, Phoebe! Yes!!" Her sister unexpectedly pinched her excited
clit HARD and a dizzy Piper suddenly saw stars dance before her eyes.
"YESSS!! Oh yes! YES, OH GOD, Oh fuck... I think... I think I'm going to

"That's it!" Phoebe encouraged her sister. "Go on, Piper! Let's see you cum,
you stuck-up little bitch! Let's see you cum all over your little sister's
hand! You like that, don't ya? You like getting your ass spanked by Prue,
you like having your older sister put you in a corner and treat you like a
naughty little girl and you LOVE having your baby sister fuck that nasty,
wet cunt of yours!!"

"YES!! I LOVE IT!! Fuck me, Phoebe! Fuck me, you little nympho SLUT!!! Rub
those big juicy tits of yours all over my back and FUCK ME!!"

Snickering softly, her sister happily complied.

"Yes! Yes! Ohhh YESS! I love you, Phoebe! OH FUCK! I'M GOING TO CUMMM!"

Suddenly Phoebe looked up and stopped the fucking she was giving her big

"NOOOOO!" Piper whined, looking like a little girl whose candy just been
stolen. "W-What are you doing?! Don't stop, PLEASE! I'M SO CLOSE!!"

Ignoring Piper's pleas she quickly pulled her hand out of her sister's
sopping wet snatch and with almost inhuman speed, Phoebe rushed back to her
chair quickly sitting down just as the door opened and Prue entered the
kitchen. Looking innocently at her eldest sister, she asked, "So? Who was
at the door?"

Prue stared for a moment at a very red and heavily panting Piper then
turned to her youngest sister and shot her a suspicious look. Frowning, she
answered, "It was Andy, it seems he somehow heard that we had a intruder in
our house."

"Really? How did he find out about that?"

"I'm not sure, I think one of the neighbours must have heard something and
reported it." Prue replied while sitting down. "Anyway, it took me a while
to convince him that we were alright. He insisted to speak with the two of
you." Prue turned and smirked at her naked sister. "Luckily I was able to
convince him there was no need for that."

Phoebe giggled. "Not so lucky for him though. He could have gotten a real
eyeful if he'd walked into the kitchen."

Giving her youngest sister a smile, Prue asked, "Anyway, how did things go
in here? Did Piper behave and stayed in position?"

"Oh Yes! She was a very good girl," Phoebe enthusiastically replied.

"Hmm," Prue looked at her little sister a bit sceptically then shrugged. "I'm
sure she was, Piper usually is a good little girl." She smiled at a still
red-faced Piper. "Aren't you, honey?"

"Yes Ma'am." Came the obedient reply from the corner.

The eldest and youngest Halliwell smiled at each other then looked back at
their naked and demure sister who was still standing with her hands on top
of her head, obediently holding her position.

Prue stood up and walked towards Piper. Pausing a moment to take in her
sister's naked, slightly pink backside.

With Prue being preoccupied with Piper, Phoebe quickly took this opportunity
to lick her sister's nectar from her sticky hand. 'Hmm, Yummy!' she thought,
meanwhile happily contemplating that next time she had the chance, she would
try drinking it from the source directly.

Prue put her hand on her sister's shoulder. "After Andy left, I went to my
bedroom and brought the implement of your punishment downstairs, Piper."
She gently patted her sister's naked buttocks. "So it's time for you to end
your corner time and follow me and Phoebe to the living room where you will
receive your punishment."

Piper gulped and fearfully turned to her oldest sister, keeping her legs
together and her pussy-lips tightly closed (to prevent her juices from
dripping down her legs) she followed Prue out of the kitchen with Phoebe
close behind her.

Chapter 9

Prue lead her sister to the middle of the living room and ordered her to put
her hands on her head and stand still. Phoebe quickly took a seat facing her
naked sister and waited impatiently for what was to come. With both sisters'
eyes on her --one pair curiously and one pair filled with apprehension-- Prue
walked to the cupboard and picked up a heavy leather belt, then turned around
and faced her sisters.

Letting the belt hang loosely in her hands, Prue slowly walked towards Piper.

Looking back and forth between the heavy belt and Prue's stern looking face,
Piper nervously bit her lip. "W-what are you going to d-do to me."

Prue smirked at her frightened sister. "What do you think, Piper? Remember
the last time this was used on you?"

Phoebe looked up surprised at these words and Piper blushed furiously as she
recalled the punishment Prue gave her when she was caught smoking by her

"It's going to be used for the exact same thing," Prue added, "only more
times and a lot harder."

Piper softly whimpered.

Prue put her hands on her sister's hips and gently turned her around, facing
the fireplace.

She studied her sister's pink little backside for a moment, knowing it would
be looking a lot redder soon. After giving it a little pat she stood back a

"Now honey," she gently ordered, "I want you to spread you legs wide and bend
over until your hands reach the floor, then I want you to rest your hands
flat on the floor and hold that position while I whip that little ass of

Piper stood as frozen as Prue's words sank in; she heard her little sister's
muffled laugh behind her. 'Oh no! She can't be serious! That position would
be vulgar enough even if I were dressed, but naked?! And... and still

"Prue, please!! I can't take that position! Not naked!"

"Excuse me?" Prue answered coldly, "you can and you will, Piper."

"Please, No! Why can't I just bend over a chair or something while you punish
me?" Piper exclaimed franticly.

"Because the embarrassment of your position is part of the punishment." Prue
replied while swinging her arm, bringing the heavy belt crashing down upon
her sister's buttocks.



"I am going to give you the same number of strokes as your age, Piper." Prue
said while delivering another heavy stroke.


"Oh God!!"

"But the count doesn't start until you are in the proper position."



"So I suggest you obey my instructions quickly."


"OW!! Please!!"

"Or I'll whip your ass 'till dinnertime if I have to."


"OH!!! No! Please!!"


"Oh GOD! W-wait! I-I… I'll do it." Piper sniffled.

Prue rested her hands at her side, letting the belt rest against her leg.
"Very well, I'm waiting Piper."

Whimpering softly, Piper slowly spread her legs and started to bend forward.

"Wider!" Prue sternly commanded.

With a sob, Piper quickly spread her legs as wide as she could and leaned
with her hands upon the floor. Looking between her spread legs she noticed
both her sisters looking open-mouthed at her crotch. Following their gaze
she rested her eyes on her wide-open labia lips for a moment and closed her
eyes in shame as she saw the telltale moisture dripping down her legs.

She stood there with her eyes closed hearing absolutely no sound for a least
two full minutes… then she suddenly heard a loud giggle, which she recognized
coming from Phoebe.

Piper felt a surge of anger against her little sister --whom, she suddenly
remembered, got her into this mess in the first place. These feelings
however, were quickly replaced with shock when all of a sudden Prue's belt
struck her ass with full force.



"One." Prue calmly announced before bringing the belt down a second time.







* * *

Piper cried out as the belt struck her ass for the fourteenth time. 'Oh GOD!!
I don't know how much more of this I can take.' The pain in her ass was
almost unbearable, but to her shame and confusion this didn't stop her from
being aroused. In fact, she knew that she was wetter now, then when Prue
started. She felt mortified as she considered that --taking her position into
account-- both her sisters were probably very much aware of her increased

CRACKK!!!! "Fifteen."

"Oh Please, no more!" Piper begged her sister; she quickly noticed however,
that her pleas fell onto deaf ears.

CRACCKK!!!! "Sixteen."

"PLEASE!! I can't take anymore!"

CRACK!!!! "Seventeen." Prue droned on.

"Aahhh!!! NO MORE!!" Piper reached back with her hand and covered her

Piper sighed in relief when she noticed that the whipping had stopped.


Piper's eyes shot wide-open as the leather belt whipped into her tits.

"Eighteen." Prue stonily said, resuming her count.

With astonishment and disbelief, Piper watched the belt swing upwards:
hitting her hanging tits from below and lifting them in the air for a few
moments before swaying down.




Sweating profusely and dizzy from confusing feelings of pain and lust, she
hastily removed her hand from her ass. Just as she placed it on the floor
again, she saw Prue bringing the belt down, swinging it once again towards
her aching breasts.

As in slow motion the belt descended, hitting her right across her erect
nipples. She felt what seemed like an electric shock shooting through her
body to her clit.

CRAACK!!! "Twenty!"

"Ooohhhh Goddddd!!!" she cried out, bucking wildly.

Through dazed eyes, Piper watched her sisters study her naked body intently.
She noticed her secretions were running in little streams down her legs now.
To her own surprise: she frankly didn't care at the moment. Prue was standing
silently behind her; arms at her side, her hair tousled and her face slightly
flushed from exertion. On a comfy chair, her little sister sat with one leg
splayed over the arm of the chair. One hand kneading a breast, while the
other was busy under her dress... her face also flushed from "exertion".
While Piper observed this, Prue took another swing with the belt.

CRACKK!!!! "Twenty-One."

This time the belt hit the underside of her ass, hitting her so hard that her
feet actually left the floor for a moment almost making her do a handstand.

"Aahhhhh!!!" she cried loudly.

The last strike had made Piper move her feet, placing them closer together:
putting her in a squat-like position. This position separated her buttocks
more, which probably helped Prue pick out her next target.

With a loud crack the belt landed on her left buttock, the tip of the belt
however curled around and hit her directly on her asshole. Letting out a loud
shriek she hopped forwards a little.

While taking a little step forward --following Piper's movements-- Prue
evenly said, "Twenty-Two."

She paused a moment to inspect her naked, panting, shy little sister (though
she didn't look very shy with her legs spread open like this). Looking over
Piper's red and striped buttocks Prue felt the satisfaction of a job well
done. She heard her youngest sister mutter something behind her, "... the
little slut's pussy is dripping like a leaking faucet." Dropping her gaze
somewhat, Prue looked at the swollen lips protruding between her sister's
thighs. Seeing the juices flow freely down Piper's thighs she had to agree
with Phoebe's assessment: Piper's little twat seems to rather enjoy this
whole ordeal. With a little smirk, Prue drew back the belt... then quickly
swung it upwards between her sister's legs making the tip of the belt land
right where she wanted it: on her sister's aroused little cunt.

SPLAT!! "Twenty-Three!"

"Fuckkk!!!!" Piper shouted out; seeing stars as the belt whipped her pussy.
She felt her arms buckle and slowly fell forwards as she finally reached
her orgasm. Leaning with her arms on the floor, she knew she must be quite
a sight: her ass up in the air, her legs wide open showing her wide-open
dripping slit, which shuddered and contracted as she came…

But she was finally cumming… having the best orgasm she ever had!

Letting go of her inhibitions for the moment as wave after wave of orgasm
went through her, Piper shouted out, "OH GOD!!! I'm cumming!! Ooohhh

SPLAT!!! "Twenty-Four," Prue counted dryly.

With a loud splat the belt hit her twitching cunt again; this time the strike
of the belt covered her entire twat and the tip slashed into her swollen

"AAAAHHHHHIIIEEEEE!!!!!" Piper led out a bloodcurdling scream. "Prueeee!!!"
Her knees buckled and her eyes rolled back in her head as the overwhelming
sensations of pleasure and pain made her pass out.

"That was un-FUCKING-believable!" Phoebe exclaimed in a panting and excited
tone. Just like Piper she had reached her best orgasm EVER when Prue whipped
the belt into her sister's cunt. With a fascinated look she stared at her
sibling's naked body, which was slumped on the floor; still in a kneeling
position with her ass raised up and her legs spread apart. Looking closer she
saw that a puddle of Piper's juices had formed between her legs on the floor.
"Holy Shit!" she sighed.

Prue hesitated for a moment as she looked at her sister's unmoving, naked
body. Fearing she'd taken things a little too far she quickly kneeled beside
Piper, brushing her sister's hair from her face. With a sigh of relief she
saw Piper's eyelids open a little, "Prue?" her sister softly muttered. "Yes
honey, it's me... It's alright, your punishment is over now." She gave her
sister a big hug then stood up and quickly walked to the kitchen.

After a few moments Prue returned with a wet washcloth, kneeling beside her
sister she gently rubbed it over Piper's red glowing ass-cheeks.

Piper's eyes quickly opened as she felt a cool sensation on her buttocks.

"Oh?!" she exclaimed in surprise and swiftly raised herself on her hands.

"Shhh, it's okay, sweetie!" Prue softly said, putting her arm around her
sister's waist. "This will take away some of the sting."

Piper relaxed a little, and let herself enjoy the cooling sensations on her
burning ass.

As Prue continued to comfort her sister's punished bottom, she suddenly
noticed that Phoebe had moved from her chair and was now lying close behind
Piper. With her elbows resting on the floor and her head propped up in her
hands, she was looking on with interest as Prue washed her sister's buttocks.

She gave her sister an exasperated stare to which Phoebe responded with an
innocent look that was almost angelic. Prue shook her head for a moment then
continued with her ministrations.

Meanwhile Piper was kneeling on the floor, her body softly swaying as Prue
rubbed the wet cloth over her burning welts. She let out a small gasp as
she felt Prue move the washcloth inside her crack, letting it slowly slide
down until it reached her slit, which Prue gently washed. Piper shuddered
as the washcloth moved over her still sensitive clit and tried to scoot
away on her hands and knees, which Prue prevented by tightening the hold
she had on Piper's waist. "Hold still, sweetie," Prue softly admonished
her. "I'll be done soon."

Turning the washcloth around, Prue gently cleaned her sister's legs; then
after wiping Piper's pussy a final time she used the washcloth to clean up
the puddle on the floor.

"That better, isn't it honey?" she smiled. Receiving only a soft mutter in
return, Prue turned to Phoebe. "We better help her upstairs so she can rest
a little."

Phoebe tore her eyes away from her sister's slit and nodded, standing up she
yawned a bit. "Yeah, I think I could also use a nap."

Standing beside their sister they helped Piper to her feet and after putting
her arms around their shoulders they helped her climb the stairs.

* * *

The oldest and youngest Halliwell deposited their sister on Prue's bed and
looked at each other. Prue took in Phoebe's and Piper's sweaty and
dishevelled appearance then noticed that she didn't look particularly fresh

"I think we better take a shower first."

Phoebe looked at both her siblings then herself, and giggled. "Good point,

The two sisters disrobed quickly then giving Piper a helping hand, tugged
her into the bathroom. This shower went a lot quicker than the other.
Mainly because all three sisters felt a bit drained from the day's earlier
occurrences, especially Piper who was leaning against the shower wall,
having no problem this time with her sisters cleaning her. In fact, feeling
very sleepy and ashamed, she hardy responded or said anything during the
shower. At least not until Phoebe came up with yet another of her naughty
ideas and aimed the showerhead directly at her drowsy sister's agitated
clit, making Piper jump up with a yelp and leap into her oldest sister's
arms. After a scolding from Prue --which the youngest Halliwell meekly
accepted-- the sisters quickly ended their shower and retired to Prue's

With a sort of weary satisfaction the three naked Halliwells took in Prue's
big, soft, inviting looking king-size bed and quickly dived under the covers,
taking the same place they did the night earlier: Prue in the middle, Phoebe
on the right and Piper on the left.

It wasn't long before the three sisters dozed off...

* * *

Yawning softly, Prudence Halliwell, senior of the three sisters, woke up.
Blinking a little, she looked with some surprise at the warm forms of her
younger sisters, who were cuddled against her naked body. She relaxed and
smiled as she remembered all that had happened today, looking at the clock
she noticed it was 7:22 pm. 'I guess it's time to wake up my sisters and
get out of bed,' Prue thought with some regret as she glanced at her
siblings' relaxed, innocent faces as they slept. 'Can't be helped though.'
Sitting up, she gently shook her sisters' sleeping forms. "Wake up, girls.
It's time to get up."

Piper who was the lightest sleeper of the three sisters, blinked up at her
oldest sister and mumbled, "I'm up... I'm up."

Phoebe however just burrowed herself deeper under the covers. After a few
minutes talking and poking at the little ball of Phoebe that was cuddled
under the blankets against her leg, Prue finally reached under the covers
and --ignoring Phoebe's loud objections-- pulled her youngest sister out.

The Halliwell sisters giggled a little as Phoebe's sleepy face appeared,
looking slightly miffed. Giving her sisters a disgruntled look, she
complained, "Couldn't you wait a little bit longer? I was having a really
good dream."

"Sorry Pheebs," Prue tousled her youngest sister's hair playfully, "but it's
really time to get up. Aren't you hungry or thirsty?"

Yawning a little, Phoebe dropped her gaze for a moment onto Prue's full bare
breasts, which were invitingly hovering above the covers. "Well... I guess I
would like some milk."

Narrowing her eyes a bit as both her sisters burst into giggles, Prue
surreptitiously reached behind her and grabbed a pillow which she quickly
swung around, managing to thump both her siblings with one sweep.

"PILLOW FIGHT!!" The youngest Halliwells yelled as they grabbed for their
own weapons. They swiftly started swinging their pillows against their oldest
sister. It wasn't long though before Piper --remembering some of the little
"jokes" Phoebe played on her today-- changed sides and smacked the pillow
full force against her little sister's, big bosom. Phoebe immediately
returned the favour and the two sisters starting whacking each other while a
grinning Prue swung her pillow at both her sisters, choosing her targets at
leisure… After a while, Piper recalled the spanking and whipping she'd gotten
from her eldest sister and began swinging her pillow at Prue again.

The three naked sisters crawled around on the bed laughing loudly as they
indifferently swung their pillows at each other. After a while, Prue dropped
her pillow and held up her hands. "Enough!" she laughed, "We really need to
get dressed now." She pointed at the clock. "It's almost eight o'clock now."

"That was fun," Phoebe giggled. "It's been a while since we've done this."

"I know," Prue smiled. "It's stuff like this we should do more often."

"Are you saying we need to have more naked pillow fights?" Piper interjected

This drew a laugh from both of her sisters.

'I'm glad Piper's feeling more like her old self,' Prue contemplated happily
as she glanced at her sister, who was sitting relaxed Indian style on the

"You seem to be a lot more at ease with your nakedness then you did this
morning, Piper," Phoebe noted approvingly.

Blushing a little as she felt both her sisters' eyes taking in her naked body
again, Piper responded somewhat grudgingly, "That's probably because you both
already seen and examined every inch of my body."

"I'm sorry you suffered so much embarrassment today, honey… but I also feel
you deserved the punishment you got." Prue gave Piper an apologetic little
smile. "You are none the worse for wear though; you already seem a lot less
self-conscious then you were before." She grabbed her sister's hand and gave
it a little squeeze. "No hard feelings, sweetie?"

"Yeah," Phoebe chimed in, grabbing a hold of Piper's other hand. "No hard
feelings, Sis?"

Piper looked at her older sister who gave her a pleading look then at her
youngest sister who stuck out her lower lip and started pouting. Laughing a
little, she replied, "Well, I still have some "pretty hard feelings" in my
ass right now, but… very well, I'll try not to hold a grudge."

Both sisters smiled and leaned over to plant a kiss on Piper's cheek.
"Thanks, Piper!" They said in unison.

The three sisters enveloped each other in a group hug, giggling a little as
their breasts came in contact with each other.

"Okay, REALLY time to get dressed now," Prue said as she pulled back.

The two youngest Halliwells sat back and watched as their older sister walked
to the closet, put on some clean underwear and got dressed.

Prue turned around and gave Phoebe a little nod. "You're next, Pheebs."

Phoebe got up from the bed and looked around for her clothes, then remembered
that while watching Piper's whipping her dress had gotten kind of... damp, so
before showering she had deposited it with her underwear in the dirty clothes
hamper. Now she needed to get another outfit from her room. She put on her
shoes and beckoned her sisters to follow her.

"Is that all you're going to wear, Phoebe?" Prue asked, grinning at her
youngest sister, who currently was only wearing a pair of white high-heeled

"Well, Piper and I would make a nice couple together if I did," Phoebe teased
her naked sister. "But no, I just have to get some clean clothes from my

They entered Phoebe's room and after looking through her closet for a while,
Phoebe finally decided on a navy blue miniskirt and a matching blouse. She
pulled a pair of --also navy blue-- panties from her dresser and got dressed.

"Nice outfit, Pheebs," Prue said approvingly, then turned to Piper who, still
naked, looked somewhat uncertainly back, and gave her a reassuring smile.
"Don't worry, Piper. It's your turn to get dressed now."

* * *

Piper gave a sigh of relief as she looked in her mirror at her now fully
clothed form. She'd chosen to wear a simple outfit, white panties and bra,
a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and soft leather shoes. With a smile she turned
to her sisters. "Ready!"

The two other Halliwells grinned at their sister's sudden enthusiasm.

"Okay, lets prepare some dinner then... It will still be a couple of hours
before it is late enough to go to the forest and deal with Markor," Prue said
while exiting Piper's room.

As Piper followed her sister out, Phoebe walked close behind her and
whispered in her ear, "Too bad Prue didn't let ME pick your outfit, Piper.
I definitely would have chosen that cute little apron for you to wear."

Followed by a giggling Phoebe, a blushing Piper followed her older sister

Chapter 10

"Have you packed all the stuff we need?" Piper asked her youngest sister as
she put the box in the trunk of Prue's convertible.

Phoebe nodded. "Yep, I packed lanterns, the potions, the spell, salt and
crystals to make the summoning circle. We've got everything we need to give
Markor a first-class ticket back to hell."

"Courtesy of Halliwell Airlines," Prue quipped.

The three sisters got into the car and drove off to the forest.

* * *

"So what's the plan if he doesn't show up?" Piper inquired while looking at
the passing traffic, she absently noted that the roads were still pretty
busy and looked with a sense of relief at her fully clothed body. 'It's a
good thing I'm not naked right now.'

Prue saw the exit to the forest approaching and turned into it. She glanced
sideways at her sister. "If he doesn't show up, we go home and try to think
of another plan."

Pondering this for a moment, Piper continued her questioning. "What if he
does show up but not in the summoning circle?"

"Then we hold him off with our powers and try to do the spell anyway," Phoebe
answered from the backseat. "If we can't manage to do the spell, we quickly
come together which will probably make him vanish again."

"In which case we go home and think of something else," Prue finished.

Having her doubts resolved, Piper continued looking at the traffic while
thinking about all that had happened today.

* * *

"We're here!" Prue called out, stopping her car on a patch of bare ground
that was commonly used for parking.

They got out and unloaded the box from the car.

Phoebe looked around, "Where shall we make the summoning circle?" she

Thinking for a moment, Piper then pointed to the north. "There is a clearing
about a quarter of a mile that way, how about there?"

"Sounds like a good enough place to me," Prue responded. "Let's check it

Getting the flashlight from the box, Piper lead the way while her sisters
followed close behind her.

After trotting through the forest for about twenty minutes, they reached a

"This is it," Piper called out, pointing the light beam across the clearing.

"Perfect," Prue said after looking around for a while. "More then enough
room and nobody to disturb us." She turned to her youngest sister. "Pheebs?"
Prue pointed to the middle of the clearing. "Can you make the summoning
circle there?"

"I'm on it," Phoebe smiled. "You light the oil lanterns, while I'll make the

The youngest and oldest Halliwell began to search through the box, while
Piper stood by, pointing the light beam at the box. Prue pulled the three oil
lanterns from the box along with a lighter and began lighting the lanterns.
Meanwhile Phoebe had found the salt and five magic crystals.

Prue had managed to light the first lantern and Piper walked with Phoebe to
the middle of the clearing to light the way.

The youngest Halliwell started pouring salt in a large circle, while mumbling
an incantation.

"...A circle of salt to lure him… five magic crystals to bind him..."

After she had formed a circle of salt, Phoebe divided the five crystals
evenly along the edge of the circle. "Finished!" she called out.

"Excellent," Piper said, giving her little sister a pat on the back.

"Good work, Pheebs," Prue called out to her sister. "Now each of us has to
take a potion from the box and one of the lanterns I lighted."

The three Halliwells stood around the circle forming a triangle.

Looking at each of her sisters, "Does everyone remember their part of the
spell?" Prue asked.

Piper nodded.

"Got it memorized," Phoebe replied.

"Okay, then everyone take one step back and put the lantern down."

Each of the sisters took a step backwards and put the burning lanterns on
the ground.

"Now we each have to take fifteen steps backwards." Prue instructed.

After walking backwards for fifteen paces, the sisters stood still and

"Now what?" Piper questioned nervously.

"We wait until Markor appears," Prue answered. "Then the moment he appears,
we each throw the potion at him and I begin to recite the spell, you then
follow my lead."

After twenty minutes of waiting, nothing had happened yet.

"Are we far enough apart?" Phoebe suddenly called out.

"We should be," Prue replied. "We are at least 15 yards from each other."

"Hmm, let's wait about fifteen more minutes,' Phoebe said. "If he hasn't
showed up by then, lets step backwards a few paces more."


"By the way, what happens if I throw the potion at Markor and miss?" Piper

"That's no problem," Phoebe answered. "If one of us hits him, then that's

"But what if--"

At that moment a vortex of light began to form in the circle and Markor

"NOW!!" Prue shouted, she threw her potion at the demon and began to walk
towards him while her sisters quickly did the same.

As the three witches walked towards him, Markor started wildly flinging balls
of balefire at them, while trying to free himself from the circle.

All his balefire however was being stopped and deflected by Piper and Prue
as the three sisters started to recite their spell.

Prue: Feathers of Raven and bones of fish,
Piper: Molded together in this dish.
Phoebe: Elements from the sky and sea.
Prue: Combine thy might and set him free,
Piper: of earthly bindings,
Phoebe: just like thee.
Together: Take this creature; Markor is his name.
Together: Back to the place from which he came!

As they neared the demon and completed the spell, a new vortex started to
form beneath Markor. While the vortex that Markor used to arrive was a wild
combination of colours, this vortex however that was sucking Markor down -
like an insect in a whirlpool - was a deep blood red.

Markor stopped fighting and ceased his struggles, silently standing there as
he was pulled in deeper and deeper.

With fascinated looks the Halliwells watched the large demon being pulled in
by the vortex. Having gotten used to the horrific screams of the warlocks as
they were banished to hell, the stoic behaviour of this demon surprised them.

The last that they saw of Markor as the vortex began to close was his raised
left fist... As this last bit of the demon was pulled in, the middle finger
slowly uncurled, revealing a large green finger that sported a sharp claw.

The sisters blinked as the swirling red light finally disappeared. For
minutes they stared silently at the circle that was now a patch of blackened

Breaking the silence, Phoebe said, "Is it my imagination or did Markor just
flip us the bird?"

* * *

Prue unlocked the door and she and her sisters entered the Manor.

"Home at last," mumbled Piper as she closed the door behind her.

They quickly put away the stuff they had brought to the forest then went
into the kitchen for a refreshing drink.

"This certainly has been an interesting day," Phoebe smiled as she sipped
her diet-coke.

"To say the least," Prue wryly commented.

"Specially for you, Piper," Phoebe added mischievously.

Piper managed to send her youngest sister a dirty look while drinking her
ice tea.

"But all in all, it has been a very educating day," Phoebe reminisced. "We
learned a lot of new things about demons... A demon learned not to mess with
the Charmed Ones and Piper… well she learned--"

"Not to suck on my tits without asking for permission first?" Prue dryly

Phoebe snorted in laughter, shooting cola from her nose.

"Okay!" Piper held up her hands. "Could we please drop it now?"

"Aww, don't be upset, sweetie," Phoebe playfully poked her sister. "We're
just teasing you a little."

"Yeah, honey," Prue ruffled her sister's hair. "Lighten up. Just remember
that with Markor gone, we can start enjoying our weekend together."

Piper seemed to cheer up to that notion. "Okay, I guess you're right... Is
there anything special you want me to make for breakfast tomorrow?"

"I would love some pancakes," Prue happily replied.

"With maple syrup!" Phoebe chimed in.

"And some made with apple," Prue added.

"Sure, anything else?" Piper asked.

"Well, there is one thing..." Phoebe hesitantly said. "I don't know if you'd
go for it, though."

"I'm sure it's no problem, Pheebs." Piper smiled at her little sister. "What
is it?"

"Could you wear that little pink apron and nothing else while making the
pancakes?" Phoebe asked with a bright smile.

This time it was Prue who snorted her gin-tonic through her nostrils in

"THAT'S IT!" Piper shot a furious glance at her giggling sisters. "I'm going
to bed!"

"Oh, come on, Piper," Phoebe giggled, "It was just a little joke."

"Yeah, Piper," Prue patted the chair next to her. "Come on, sit down again."

But Piper left the kitchen in a huff.

"There goes our breakfast with pancakes," Prue wryly said, shooting a glare
at her youngest sister. "Thanks, Pheebs!"

Phoebe innocently batted her eyes at her sister. "Don't tell me you didn't
enjoy having her prepare food for us, wearing only that little apron?"

Prue smirked a little. "She did look quite adorable, didn't see?"

They both started giggling again.

"She certainly did... She also looked very cute with her pants around her
ankles, when you were about to spank her."

Prue smiled a little, in truth she felt herself becoming excited again as
she thought back to that moment.

"And when she had to show off her cute little butt after her spanking..."
Phoebe began to reminisce again. "Oh! And when she stood in the corner,
naked, with her hands on her head."

Both sisters' breathing became a little laboured.

"Then when you were whipping her ass and she stood there, her legs and her
pussy wide open…" Phoebe licked her lips. "Her juices were streaming down
her legs and then you whipped her right on her little twat!"

They were both red-faced and squirming in their seats by now.

"And then--"

Suddenly Prue stood up. "I... I think I'm going to stop by Andy for a while."
She quickly walked to the door. "I want to let him know we're alright and
thank him for stopping by… That sort of thing."

Phoebe watched her sister leave with a knowing grin. "Yeah, I have a pretty
good idea how you're going to "thank" him," she mumbled, feeling a bit

Chapter 11

Inspector Andy Trudeau had just taken a refreshing shower after returning
from an extra long duty-shift and was relaxing in front of the television
when he suddenly heard the doorbell. He looked up rather disturbed, he was
only wearing a terrycloth robe and wasn't really in the mood for any

Letting out a sigh, he put down the remote and walked to the door. Looking
through the peephole he was surprised to see his (on and off) girlfriend,
Prue. Their relationship had gone through some rough spots the last year
and he wasn't even completely certain if they were still together.

Andy unlocked and opened the door.

"Hello Prue, what can I d--"

His greeting was broken off as Prue jumped in his arms and started
passionately kissing him on the lips.

"Prue?!" He gasped when he finally managed to breath.

He looked on in surprise when his girlfriend pushed him into the room and
quickly locked the door behind her.

"What exactly is going on?"

Prue gave him a wicked smile and started unbuttoning her shirt.

Andy gulped as Prue's black satin bra came in view. A definite bulge became
visible under his robe when Prue shrugged off her shirt and unclasped her
bra, letting both items fall to the floor. His eyes focused on her ample
firm breasts, which were invitingly jutting out from her chest.

Shooting him a mischievous look, she put her hands under her skirt and
bended over a little as she slowly pulled down her panties. Stepping out of
them, she twirled them around on her finger for a few moments then let them
join her other clothes on the floor.

He practically drooled as this beautiful sensual woman - wearing only nylons,
a short skirt and a pair of black pumps - turned around in front of him,
lifting her skirt thus giving him a glimpse of her tight, naked ass. Andy
quickly untied his robe and let it fall to the floor, revealing his
well-trained naked body and his rock-hard cock.

Licking her lips a bit, Prue looked with appreciation at Andy's eight inches
long, proud member. With a hungry look she kneeled down and took him in her
mouth. Letting her tongue circle around the head she began to suck on her
boyfriend's dick.

"Ooohhh Prue!" Andy moaned, enjoying the expert blowjob his girlfriend was
giving him.

Reaching between his legs, Prue took a hold of Andy's big heavy balls,
letting them move around in her hand... softly pulling and gently kneading
them a little... Encouraged by her boyfriend's excited moans, she continued
playing with his balls as she sucked him off.

"Fuck yes, Prue! That feels so good!" he groaned.

He gasped as Prue suddenly engulfed his entire member, deepthroating him...
Andy was proud at his ability to hold back his orgasm for a long time, but
the show that the normally cool and composed Prue had put on, already
brought him to the edge. Feeling his cock moving inside her soft throat
pushed him over. With a loud cry he shot his load down his girlfriend's

Prue dutiful swallowed every drop of sperm... After she milked her
boyfriend's - now soft - cock, she took it out of her mouth and gently
rubbed it across her breasts and rock hard nipples. She looked up and
smiled as she saw Andy following her actions with obvious excitement.
Giving him an impious smile, she stuck her index finger in her mouth
and sucked on it for a while. Then observed by her boyfriend's
astonished eyes, she pulled back her skirt and inserted her finger into
her wet slit.

With wide-open eyes, Andy watched as Prudence Halliwell - a well-known and
respected businesswoman - rubbed his dick on her tits while diddling herself.
The sight before him made him immediately grow hard again. Even though it was
only a few minutes after he shot, what felt like a weeks load of cum down her

Prue grinned as she felt Andy's cock grow hard again, after giving it few
little licks she stood up and looked her boyfriend in the eyes.

"My turn!" she growled.

Prue put her arms around Andy's neck and jumped up, smiling as she felt his
hands supporting her ass. She put her legs around him and moaned in
satisfaction as she felt her boyfriend's dick slide into her hot and eager

"YESSS! That's it!" Prue groaned when Andy began to slide her up and down
his rock-hard member.

"Fuck me! Fuck me HARD!!" she cried out.

Breathing heavily, Andy concentrated all his efforts on two tasks: 1. Fucking
Prue Halliwell as hard as he could. 2. Remain standing while he did this.

Each time he pounded his cock inside her, he heard above the sound of their
grunts and moans; the rhythmic slap his balls made when they smacked against
Prue's ass.

Bending his head slightly forward he took a nipple in his mouth and gently
bit down on it.

"Harder!" Prue moaned. "Oh! YEAH!! That feels so good... It's been too...
fucking... long!"

Andy chewed and bit on Prue's nipple while he slammed inside her.

A thought suddenly popped up in his head. 'I guess this means we're still

* * *

Piper Halliwell was tossing and turning in her bed; despite the busy day
she had, she couldn't fall asleep. Images of this day's earlier occurrences
kept popping up in her mind, leaving her both aroused and embarrassed. She
started thinking again about the spanking Prue had given her and how her
dictatorial older sister had made her walk around completely naked.

Piper let her hands drift over her naked body, softly playing with her erect
nipples. She lowered her hands to her aroused pussy, thinking about the
corner time Prue had made her do and how her little sister had used that
opportunity to feel her up and had almost fingered her to an orgasm.
Inserting two fingers inside her slit, she fantasized about what would have
happened if Prue had interrupted earlier and joined them.

Feeling suddenly shameful that she was fantasizing about her sisters in a
sexual way, she quickly pulled back her fingers and started tossing and
turning again. Sighing in frustration as the sexual build-up prevented her
from going to sleep.

She suddenly stiffened when she heard a knock on the door.

"Piper?" She heard Phoebe whisper, "are you awake, sweetie?"

Piper didn't respond, she still had some feelings of resentment towards her
youngest sister for the way Phoebe had treated her today. Her little sister
had been most eager in adding to her embarrassment and punishment. Having
just fantasized about some of the very un-sisterly touching Phoebe had done
to her didn't make her any more ready to face her sister.

Suddenly the door opened and she quickly closed her eyes, pretending to be

"Piper?" her sister whispered again.

Making sure to keep her breathing even, Piper didn't respond. The door
closed and she thought her sister had left again… until she unexpectedly
felt someone on the bed beside her. She almost startled but with some
effort managed not to show she was awake.

For minutes nothing happened, then her sister gently touched her face.
Piper's breath caught for a moment and the hand was quickly pulled back.

Several minutes went by again, then slowly the comforter was pulled back
exposing her naked body. She could practically feel her sister's eyes roaming
her body, pretending to be asleep was getting more difficult by the moment.
She felt her nipples harden under her sister's gaze.

She heard Phoebe's distinctive little giggle and gasped loudly as one of
her nipples was tweaked.

"I know you're awake, Piper."

Blushing hotly, Piper opened her eyes and quickly drew back the comforter.

"What are you doing here, Phoebe?"

"I just wanted to see if you were still awake."


"Well..." Phoebe hesitantly responded, "I felt kind of guilty how I treated
you today and I wanted to make sure that we're still alright."

"Oh really," Piper shot her sister an accusing glare. "You don't seem to be
feeling very guilty. In fact... I'll bet you really enjoyed the things you
did to me."

Phoebe held out her hands defensively. "Hey! It was Prue's idea to punish
you, remember?"

"But you certainly had no problem participating, did you?" Piper angrily
retorted. "Just admit it: you enjoyed every bit of punishment and humiliation
I had to endure."

"Okay, I won't deny finding… certain parts of your punishment entertaining."
Phoebe admitted.

"Certain parts?" Piper snorted disbelievingly, "Every little bit of it, you
mean! Specially the parts were you pawed me."

Phoebe grinned and shrugged. "Very well, I'll admit it, I had a blast
watching you get punished."

"I knew it!"

"However!" Phoebe interrupted her sister. "If things had been the other way
around, and I had been the one getting punished, I'll bet you'd enjoy it just
as much."

"No, I wouldn't!" Piper quickly denied.

"Really?" Phoebe questioned innocently. "So you never enjoyed watching me
get a spanking from Prue?"

Piper felt her face glow red again and furiously thought of a response.

"Well maybe I did... a little," she grudgingly admitted. "But... you were
playing with yourself when I got whipped, you little perv!"

Phoebe shot her sister a wicked smile. "So what? I distinctly remember a
certain whipping I got from Prue AND a certain sister who I saw playing
with herself when Prue was blistering my butt."

Piper dropped her gaze and started fidgeting nervously with her hands.
"Y-you... knew about that?"

"I saw you in the mirror," Phoebe confirmed. "So get off your high horse,
Piper!" she admonished her sister. "I'm obviously not the only "little
perv" around here."

Blushing hotly, Piper didn't respond.

For a few minutes neither sister said anything, then Phoebe reached up and
stroked her sister's cheek. "Hey, it's okay sweetie," she comforted her
sister. "I didn't really mind much when you were watching me… actually; it
was kind of exciting seeing you play with your little pussy while I got my
bare ass whipped."

Piper blushed even brighter now.

"Look at that lovely blush," Phoebe laughed. "You do embarrass easily, don't

"No, I don't," Piper retorted hotly. "Some of the things you say would make
Howard Stern blush like a little schoolgirl!"

Phoebe giggled.

"Anyway, I don't think that I was the only one who enjoyed your punishment."


"Oh, I am pretty sure she enjoyed it too," Phoebe grinned, "but actually I
was referring to you."


"Ah-ah, don't deny it, Piper," Phoebe said, "We all saw how aroused you were,
especially during that whipping."

"Because you almost fingered me to an orgasm before my whipping," Piper

"And during your whipping you got even wetter," Phoebe continued, unimpressed
with Piper's protest. "Admit it, Piper. There is a big part of you that
enjoyed it."

"Did not," Piper weakly objected.

Phoebe shot her sister an evil grin.

"I'll bet that just talking about this has made those big nipples of yours
all hard and aroused."

With a quick movement, Phoebe pulled back the comforter, proving her point
by revealing her sister's rock-hard nipples.

"PHOEBE!!" Piper cried out in shock as she desperately tried to pull the
bedding back.

Letting go of the comforter, Phoebe allowed her sister to cover herself.

"I thought you'd be less modest after today, Piper," Phoebe said as she
playfully tugged at the comforter. "Besides, you have a tight little body,
nothing to be ashamed of... And both Prue and I have already seen all of
your charms."

"That doesn't mean you get to see my boobs anytime you want." Piper glared
at her sister as she tightly held on to her comforter.

Giving her sister a roguish look, Phoebe replied, "I'll show you mine, if
you'll show me yours."

Automatically dropping her gaze down to her little sister's big breasts, she
quickly looked up again at Phoebe's grinning face. Avoiding her sister's
knowing look, Piper tightly closed her eyes.

"No, thanks," she quickly replied.

Phoebe giggled.

"Are you sure, sweetie?" Phoebe whispered in her sister's ear.

"Uh huh," Piper nodded.

"Wouldn't you like to play with those big juicy tits of mine?" Phoebe

"Oh NO..." Piper groaned as she recalled her earlier words.

"Oh YES..." Phoebe growled. "You remember all those things I did to you while
you stood in the corner? You enjoyed that didn't you?"

Phoebe started softly nibbling on her sister's earlobe (which she knew was
one of Piper's erogenous zones).

"You loved it when I played with your nipples and your tight little pussy."

"No, Phoebe… please! This is wrong!" Piper softly moaned.

"And you loved the feel of my body again yours," Phoebe continued as she
shrugged of her shirt, baring her breasts.

"Nooo… we're sisters!"

"Shhh, relax sweetie..." Phoebe softly stroked her sister's hands that were
still holding on to her comforter. "You know you want to, just as much as

"No... we can't... it's... it's INCEST!" Piper protested.

"I think it was already incest when I stuck my fingers up your slit earlier
today," Phoebe noted.

"Y-y-yes, and it can't... will not happen again."

Phoebe was silent for a while then sighed. "Very well... If you look into my
eyes and tell me you want me to leave, then I will."

Bending over she nibbled on her sister's ear again.

"But if you don't then… I'm gonna have my wicked way with you," Phoebe

Piper opened her eyes and stared right at her sister's big tits, she quickly
closed them again.

"Well, Piper?" Phoebe teased, "What's it going to be."

Piper opened her eyes a little and peeked under her eyelids.

"I…" she mumbled.


"I-I want..."

"You want what? Remember you have to look me in the eyes, sweetie," Phoebe
reminded her.

Opening her eyes, Piper found herself once again looking straight at her
sister's breasts.

"You don't play fair!" Piper weakly protested.

"You're right... I don't," Phoebe giggled. "I'll give you 10 more seconds,
honey... Then I'm going to take you."

Piper felt her resolve weaken and her arousal growing while listening to
her sister's dirty talk.

"Ten... Nine... Eight...Seven... Six..." Phoebe counted.

"No, please! I-I can't do this," Piper stammered.

"Five... Four... Three..."

"Please! Y-y-you have to go," Piper begged.

"Your eyes are still closed, sweetie… Two… One… Zero…" Phoebe smiled
triumphantly at her sister.

"You're mine now," she whispered in her sister's ear.

"Oh god!" Piper whimpered.

Phoebe giggled again.

"Now, I want to see what's mine," Phoebe commanded, "let go of that comforter
so I can inspect your body."

Piper just lay there, not moving a muscle.

"Unless you let go of your covers in the next three seconds, I'm going to
take you over my knee and spank that cute little butt of yours," Phoebe

She smiled in satisfaction as Piper loosened her grip on her comforter and
eventually let go, moving her hands under the covers. 'I knew working on her
submissive side would work.'

"That's a good girl," she whispered.

Phoebe slowly pulled back the covers, revealing her sister's aroused titties.
'First things first,' she thought as she let go of the comforter, and took
one of Piper's nipples in her mouth. She slowly sucked on it while using her
hand to manipulate her sister's other nipple. With delight she listened to
Piper's soft little whimpers of pleasure.

"Oh! ... Oh... Ohhhh!"

"Yeah, you like that, don't ya?"

"Oooh Phoebe!"

"Hmm, I love your big yummy nipples," Phoebe said while feasting on the
little treasures.

Phoebe continued the sweet torture on her sister's nipples until she felt
Piper was on the brink of orgasm… then she abruptly halted.

"Nooo!" Piper protested.

"Relax, honey," Phoebe grinned, "I just want to be tasting that sweet pussy
of yours when you cum."

"Time to see the rest," Phoebe mumbled and pulled back the comforter all
the way. Revealing her sister's hot V. Sporting a big grin she let her eyes
feast on her beautiful sibling's body. With some amusement she noticed her
sister still kept her eyes tightly closed. 'Probably pretending she is
totally helpless, with no other choice then letting me have my way with
her… That's fine by me.' Phoebe mentally shrugged and smiled wickedly. 'I'm
a big fan of a little role-play during sex myself.'

She quickly removed the rest of her clothes and positioned herself over her
sister's naked body with her face in her sister's crotch and her own dripping
slit hovering above Piper's mouth. 'In case she wants a snack,' Phoebe

With a growl, Phoebe buried her face in her sister's steaming cunt. Expertly
licking, sucking, biting and nibbling, giving her sister the best head she
ever experienced.

In a matter of seconds, Piper loudly came, shooting her cum into her little
sister's mouth. Who eagerly licked it up like a little kitten.

Instead of stopping her assault on Piper's pussy, Phoebe doubled her efforts
bringing her sister into a series of multiple orgasms.

"Oohhh... Oohhh... OH!... Ohhh... YES!! Oh Oh Oh... YES!!" Piper cried out,
bucking wildly on the bed. "Oohh Oh… Oooh! God! Oh Yes! Oooohhhh! Please!
I-I can't take anymore! Oohhh!! I-I-It's to muchhh!!"

Phoebe finally relented and was now tenderly licking up every bit of her
sister's juices she could find.

"Hmm, you taste really scrumptious, Piper," Phoebe commented, licking her

She gently used her fingers to open Piper's cunt a little more, then slowly
started to move her tongue up and down her sister's slit.

"Ooohh Phoebe!" Piper groaned as she opened her eyes, which were still
tearing from the intensity of her orgasms. As her eyes focussed, she noticed
she was looking straight into her little sister's snatch! She hesitated for
a while then tentatively reached out with her tongue and got her first taste
of girl juice. Liking her sister's sweet taste, Piper went back for more.

Soon she was enthusiastically licking Phoebe's hot cunt, like it was
something she did every day. Phoebe, who purred like a kitten as she
continued giving her sister the same treatment, obviously enjoyed her

After a while, Piper started putting a little more attention to details. She
started circling her tongue around Phoebe's clit, occasionally giving it a
little flick.

"Oooh Yeah!" Phoebe moaned. "You catch on quick, Piper."

Encouraged by her sister's moans, Piper continued her experimentations with
her little sister's wet cunt. She drove her tongue into Phoebe's tasty hole
and started tongue-fucking her.

"FUCK, YES!!" Phoebe groaned. "Stick your tongue inside my hot cunt, you
little slut!!"

Piper played with her tongue across her sister's clit again and drove three
fingers inside Phoebe's dripping slit, quickly moving them in and out.

"YES!! FUCK ME!!" Phoebe cried. "Finger-fuck your little sister!!"

Piper was getting incredibly aroused again by the cunt licking they gave
each other and the obscene language her sister was shouting. Feeling another
orgasm approaching, she added an extra finger inside her sister's slit,
pumping roughly. As she felt herself cum again, she closed her lips around
Phoebe's clit and sucked hard!

With a loud scream they both came at the same time.

Piper eagerly drank up every drop of cum that gushed out of her kid sister's
cunt as her sister did the same.

She winced a little as she felt Phoebe's soft little tongue explore her -now
very tender and sensitive- slit, fervently searching for the last drops of
her juices.

Feeling spend, they remained laying with their heads in each other's
crotches. After a while, Phoebe turned around and they cuddled in each
other's arms.

"That was fan-fucking-tastic!" Phoebe sighed happily.

Piper giggled.

Phoebe smiled at her sister and tenderly kissed her on the nose.

"Don't you agree, sweetie?"

"Yes… Yes, I do," Piper confessed. "It was wonderful."

"Good, I'm glad you feel that way."

Phoebe passionately kissed her sister on the lips.

"Because, -kiss- I plan to -kiss- do this -kiss- a lot -kiss- more!"

"I-I want too, Phoebe… But… but what if Prue finds out! She'll probably take
a whip to both our butts! And what if Leo finds out and what if-"

Piper interrupted her sister's ramblings, by sticking her tongue in her mouth
and started French kissing her. It didn't take long for Piper to calm down,
forget her worries and passionately kiss her back.

They continued kissing and groping each other for almost an hour before they
finally grew tired and decided to go to sleep.

* * *

"Goodnight, Piper," Phoebe yawned as she put her arms around her sister.

"Goodnight, Pheebs," Piper mumbled, dropping her head on her sister's ample
bosom and utilizing it as a comphy pillow.

Thinking back at how this day had started, Piper suddenly got a mischievous
gleam in her eyes. With a wicked grin she took her little sister's nipple in
her mouth and gently sucked on it.

She heard a soft giggle coming from Phoebe.

As she nursed on her sister's tit, Piper slowly fell asleep.


Stepping out of a swirling vortex, a tall ominous looking figure appeared
before a great fortress, which was known throughout the 7th plane of Hell
as the seat of power for the great demon prince Gui'tan.

The hellhound, busy guarding the entrance barked in surprise. "Markor? Gue
derra?" (Markor, is that you?)

"Sou derra dorno bellata derrat gusto, us dakt derra morta soho!"
(When you never returned from your vacation, we thought you died somehow!)

"A'akol dakt A morta soho… talsa A wer jur ert Terra," Markor dryly replied.
(I also thought I died somehow… turns out I was just on earth.)

"Terra?! Hosso derra tarr to'fital sot law ert sat schist?" the hound
questioned curiously.
(Earth?! How did you manage to survive this long on that dirtball?)

"A'ned to'nuras ert wiccas asto de fital," Markor shamefully answered.
(I had to feed on witches in order to stay alive.)


"Aye... A'war," Markor shuddered. "Es knossa hos mer cholesterol I wicca
holl?! Stat... isso stob ur fro dello."
(Yeah... I know.) Markor shuddered. (Any idea how much cholesterol a witch
contains?! Anyhow... It did keep me from starving.)

The hound raised two clawed paws in protest. "Sa'n'ma! A sis't kalto ar
hongre da nar di'ne." (Say no more! I don't want to lose my appetite this
close to diner.)

"B'se'ro, hosso derra tarr to'beher?" he curiously inquired.
(By the way, how did you manage to return?)

"Soo... A rok xentar dri magni wiccas er verta tro kinne tose ur beher."
(Well... I was hunting three powerful witches and they were nice enough to
send me back.)

"Noshi?! E'rok muco swell o'vertal."
(Really?! That was very decent of them.)

"Aye, t'suc A derna gos'I oppurty to'hono verbal," Markor soberly responded.
(Yeah, too bad I didn't get a chance to thank them.)

"Alu to'raea da hatta t'derrat quest... er Ata helta higha Gui'tan a desir
to'vera derro unos Lieute nosa." (I love to hear the rest of your story...
but I just heard his royal highness Gui'tan is eager to see his first
lieutenant again.)

The black obsidian gates slowly opened themselves.

"Ottar, Lord Markor."
(Goodbye, Lord Markor.)

Markor solemnly nodded to the hound and entered the fortress of his master.

Brightening a little he called back, "A so tarr to'han verbal da Ol'Daemon
Hono'Salute j'pre A dis'to'beher!" (I did manage to give them the
Traditional Demon Honour Salute just before I disappeared!)

* * *

The End

©2001 by Oric13 ­ Email: [email protected]


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