Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Phoebe/Piper/Prue

Keywords: F/FF, incest, Fdom, bdsm, reluc/nc, TV-parody

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Summary: After the Woogyman unleashes Phoebe's darkside, the youngest
Halliwell decides to make her most depraved sexual fantasy come true: making
her two beautiful sisters her bitches. But even with the dark powers of the
Woogyman on her side, will she be a match for Prue?

Notes: This story takes place during episode 1x15 "Is There a Woogy in the
House?" and is basically an X-rated version of this episode. A lot of the
dialogue in the first chapter comes directly from this episode.

Charmed: Charmed Tales Part 4 - Who's The Boss... And The Biggest Bitch Ch. 1
by Oric13


Phoebe was unable to move as the shroud of darkness started to engulf her;
whether this was because of some paralysis power that the dark entity
possessed or simply because being faced with her childhood nightmare had
frozen her with fear, she did not know. She only knew that no matter how
much she tried to call out to her sisters, the words stayed stuck in her

Then, as the dark mist entered her body, her fear gradually left her and she
slowly began to relax. 'Huh? This is nothing to be afraid of... This feels
great!' the youngest Halliwell thought surprised as she felt a newfound sense
of power arise inside of her. The sensation reminded her of the night that
she read the spell from the Book of Shadows, which unlocked her powers and
that of her sisters.

As this new power filled her, she felt all sorts of negative and restrictive
emotions such as doubt, shyness and morality disappear, and being replaced by
a delightful feeling of wickedness. 'It's like I'm being reborn into a whole
new and improved Phoebe,' the brunette considered with a smirk.

Her feelings of euphoria were suddenly interrupted by a whispering,
persuasive voice, "Your sisters... you have to go take care of your sisters

The moment Prue and Piper entered her thoughts, Phoebe's smile grew bigger,
taking on a cat-like quality. 'Yes, my sisters. My two beautiful, beloved
sisters... Mmmm...'

Visions of her sisters naked and in various pornographic poses flashed
through her mind: Piper - sweet, submissive, good-girl Piper - naked on her
knees before her. Gazing adoringly up at her before lowering her face and
licking the knee-high leather boots she's wearing in her vision... Once her
boots glistened from the brunette's tongue bath, Piper slowly started kissing
all the way up her legs towards her wet and ready slit.

Phoebe's pussy grew moist as she watched Vision-Piper's pink tongue entering
her twat.

Then came a vision of Prue... Her proud, intelligent, bossy, charming, but
also bitchy sister, Prudence Halliwell: Now hanging totally naked and
helpless suspended in chains before her. Phoebe saw herself energetically
whipping her big sister's cute little butt with Prue's very own punishment
belt. This mental picture made her so incredibly wet that it felt like her
panties were about to overflow.

Another vision of Piper appeared. This time her sister's tongue was buried
deep inside her asshole and good little Piper was giving out a rimjob like
she's never done anything else.

Phoebe shuddered with delight.

Next came another vision of Prue: Her oldest sister was lying totally naked
on her bed. Both her wrists and ankles where handcuffed to the headboard,
spreading her legs spread wide apart, and fully exposing her aroused pussy
to the room. Phoebe then saw herself standing in front of the bed, whipping
the belt against Prue's exposed slit.

As she visualized herself pussy-whipping Prue, a surge of lust shot through
her body making her cunt-muscles contract.

A new vision appeared, much the same as the one before: Prue was still bound
to the bed with her legs spread apart and her swollen slit on display, but
this time she was also gagged... and Piper was there!

Phoebe felt aroused as never before when the naked Piper in her vision picked
up Prue's belt from the bed, and then started enthusiastically whipping her
older sister's helpless nude body with it. Piper first targeted Prue's
already red behind, raising several welts on the former alabaster globes
before shifting her attentions to her sister's perky tits.

After having properly punished Prue's pink-tipped globes, Piper stared down
at her big sister's wide-open, completely exposed cunt, the heavy leather
belt dangling from her right hand. Despite Prue's muffled protests, she
raised the strip of leather and whipped it down hard into her sister's slit.
As a loud SPLAT resonated through the room, the eldest Halliwell grunted and
thrashed wildly in her bonds while Piper raised the belt for a second stroke.

The image suddenly became distorted... When it cleared up, Piper was kneeling
between her sister's wide-spread legs, gradually licking and kissing her way
down to Prue's swollen and sensitive, freshly beaten cunt.

As incredibly erotic as her vision already was, things got even better when
Phoebe saw herself make a guest appearance. She was naked except for the
knee-high leather boots from before AND a thick 9-inch long, strap-on dildo.
The youngest Halliwell breathlessly watched herself step behind the bend-over
Piper and shove the large strap-on into her sister's - obviously thoroughly
lubricated - cunt with a single thrust.

Without even touching her pussy, Phoebe felt herself come on the spot as her
vision-self started giving her prudish, sexually-repressed sister a good,
hard doggie-style fuckin' that would loosen her up for years to come while
Piper's snacking on their oldest sister's snatch!

"Go now!" the voice whispered again, more urgently this time. "You need to
take care of your sisters."

Yeah, she really needed to "take care" of her sisters. Phoebe wholeheartedly
agreed with the words of the Woogyman, though perhaps not in the way that he
intended... 'This is one vision I want to make come true for a change!' she
decided with a smirk while heading up the stairs.

Chapter 1

Phoebe entered the kitchen not a moment too soon. Seeing Piper being attacked
by the gasman, she quickly jumps to her sister's defence and knocks the
attacker out with a baseball bat that conveniently appeared in her hand.

The moment her attacker is out cold, a very distressed Piper throws herself
into Phoebe's comforting embrace. "Phoebe, he just--"

"It's okay, it's okay," Phoebe reassured her sister while stroking her back.
Having one of her gorgeous sisters in her arms like this, the youngest
Halliwell couldn't resist lowering one of her hands until it's resting on
Piper's tight, round butt. She always considered Piper to have one of the
best butts she's ever seen, and wondered what it would be like to fondle and
squeeze those two perfect globes with her hands.

'Well, I'm about find out.'

After tenderly stroking the object(s) of her admiration, she gave each cheek
a gentle squeeze. This seemed to signal to Piper that it was time to create a
little distance between the two of them, and she quickly stepped out of her
sister's embrace.

Giving her sister a disconcerting look, she said, "I-I thought he was gonna
kill me. I didn't even have a chance to freeze him." Piper suddenly noticed
the bat lying on the floor. "Where'd you get the bat?"

Phoebe followed her sister's look and blinked. She hadn't given it a lot of
thought before, she'd just been grateful that she had a weapon to protect her
sister with, but a bat suddenly appearing in her hands wasn't exactly normal.
Not even a Halliwell kinda normal. "I don't know... it just sort of

Piper's eyebrows raised a notch. "What do you mean it appeared? Like you
opened a closet and found it? Or appeared like you thought bat and there it

"Yeah, door number two. I can't explain it, but something weird happened to
me down in the..." Phoebe's voice slowly trailed off, not sure if it was a
good idea to mention what happened in the cellar. Knowing pessimistic Piper,
she'd probably jump to the conclusion that what happened to her in the
basement must be a bad thing, and insist that they somehow reverse it.

Well, she didn't want to reverse it; she liked the way she's feeling.

Seeing her sister's hesitation, Piper started prodding for more info, "What?
Phoebe, spill. How'd you make the bat materialize?"

"Safety first, witchcraft later. We gotta call 911," Phoebe said, effectively
putting an end to Piper's questioning.

* * *

Standing in front of the living room window, Phoebe watched Andy and his
partner stroll down the driveway talking to each other. Why Inspector Andy
Trudeau and his partner Darryl Morris showed up for this assault case was
beyond her. It seemed like every time the Halliwells had some kinda run-in
with the police, these two would show up.

'For homicide cops, these guys sure get around!'

Well, whatever. Now that the police had taken their statements and placed the
gasman under arrest, things were finally quieting down a bit.

'It's a bitch plotting evil schemes when the police are camping out on your
driveway,' Phoebe giggled to herself.

Her eyes lit up when she spotted Prue's arrival. After shortly talking to
Andy, an obviously concerned Prue hurriedly headed for the manor. 'Good, now
we're all here: let the games begin!'

Stepping away from the window, she quickly sat down beside Piper and affected
a bored expression. Seeing Piper's look of wonderment, Phoebe issued her
sister a bright smile before looking down and examining her hands. 'Hmm, I
could really use a manicure...'

"Hey, Piper. Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Prue anxiously asked the moment she
set foot in the living room.

"No, forget it. I'm-I'm fine," Piper quickly reassured her sister. "He
attacked me and then Phoebe stopped him. Go on, show her," she finished,
looking expectantly at her younger sister.

Phoebe returned her sisters' looks with a child-like pout. "I told you, I
can't do it now."

"Do what?" Prue questioned.

"Phoebe has a new power," Piper answered for her sister. "She thinks of
something and "poof" it appears."

"Really?" Prue stared at her youngest sister with a mixture of fascination
and suspicion.

"I just did it once," Phoebe sullenly noted, putting Piper's claim about her
new power into perspective.

"And it saved my life! I would think that you'd be thrilled," Piper stated
surprised. "You've always wanted an active power."

"Whatever." Phoebe shrugged.

"Wait a second, time out. Our powers are supposed to progress, not grow at
random. And if it did grow, I would think that it would at least be
premonition-esk. I smell the Book of Shadows." Prue shot her little sister
a suspicious look. "Did you do something?"

'Ladies and Gentlemen, here we go!' Phoebe told herself, smiling inwardly as
she thought about the major bitch-fest she's about to start.

"Okay, I just saved Piper's ass. Where were you?" the youngest Halliwell
answered, sounding aggrieved while trying to hide the smirk that was
threatening to appear on her face

"Phoebe--" Piper began.

"No, it's okay, Piper," Prue calmly stated. Looked into her youngest sister's
eyes, she soothingly said, "I'm just trying to rule out the most obvious
possibilities here, Pheebs."

"Okay, did you rule out the obvious possibility that you're pissy because you
didn't get to save the day this time?"

Prue's eyes narrowed in annoyance, which didn't go unnoticed by Phoebe. "This
isn't about who "saved the day", Phoebe. It's ab--"

"Yeah, because this time it wasn't you," Phoebe gleefully interrupted her
sister's speech.

Prue shot her sister an aggravated look. "What I'm trying to say, is that
your new power is the subject we should be focussing on right now... Now
then, could you please try to copy your actions from before and make
something else appear?"

"Nope," Phoebe bluntly said, still checking out her nails. 'I REALLY need a

Prue frowned and looked at Piper, who shrugged and responded with an 'I don't
know what's up with her either' look.

"May I ask why not, Phoebe?"

Looking finally up from her nails, the youngest Halliwell shot her big sister
a condescending smirk. "Because I'm not a trained seal, Prudence. I don't do

Phoebe surreptitiously observed her sisters' reactions: Piper looked slightly
aghast while Prue was plainly pissed off.

"Excuse me?!" Prue questioned with a distinctly frosty tone in her voice.

"You've heard me," Phoebe smirked. "I'm getting kinda tired of you always
telling me what to do. So I guess this is just my little way of telling you
to kiss my ass!"

"PHOEBE!!" Piper called out shocked.

"I'll handle this, Piper," Prue said; her voice now artic and her eyes
ice-cold. Walking over to Phoebe (who's suddenly feeling a tad anxious) she
lowered her head until their faces were only inches apart. "Listen, you
obnoxious little brat, I don't know what the Hell suddenly got into you, but
I'm pretty sure that a good, hard spanking will beat it right out again...

"Hold on, Prue," Piper tried to interfere. "Maybe--"

"It's okay, Piper," Phoebe interrupted her sister. "I'm not worried: Prue
hits like a girl anyway," she finished with a smirk.

Piper gaped at her apparent suicidal sister.

"Why you little..." Prue glared at her impudent little sister. "Make that a
bare-bottomed strapping! I want you to go up to my room, take off all your
clothes, and assume the proper punishment position while waiting for me to
smack some sense into you. Now get upstairs!!"

"Yes, Ma'am!" Standing up, Phoebe gave her sister a mocking salute - which
managed to infuriate Prue even more - before heading upstairs.

Taking long, deep breaths to calm herself, Prue watched her sister leave.

"Um, maybe we should think this over," Piper carefully suggested. "Let me try
talking to Phoebe before you resort to... stronger measures; I mean you've
gotta admit that it's kinda out of character for..." her voice slowly trailed
off when she saw "the look" that Prue was sending her. "Never mind," she
finished with a sigh.

Seeing the defeated look on her Piper's face, Prue's harsh look softened
somewhat. She sat down on the couch beside her sister and comfortingly patted
Piper's leg. "I've been plenty patient with her since she returned from New
York, Piper," Prue explained. "But that girl obviously needs a regular
reminder about proper conduct... Besides, you know as well as I do that
Phoebe used to get into these mischievous kinda moods before, when she's
practically begging me for a spanking."

The two sisters exchanged knowing smiles as they recalled their younger years
and the many times that Phoebe would pull some kind of prank, which would
inevitably earn her another spanking from Prue.

"It did seem like she got herself into trouble on purpose, just to get you to
spank her," Piper acknowledged with a grin.

"Right!" Prue smiled back. "And I don't think this is any different; you saw
how she was deliberately baiting me."

Piper nodded.

"So I'm gonna give her exactly what she wants: A good hard, old-fashioned
butt-warming!" Prue finished while standing up.

The eldest Halliwell headed towards the stairs, but halted before she reached
the doorway. She turned towards Piper with a slight smirk on her face. "Would
you like to watch me punish Phoebe?" Prue asked her sister.

Piper blushed at Prue's unexpected and rather embarrassing offer; she glanced
down into her lap. "Uh... N-No, thanks."

Prue grinned. "Are you sure? I'm pretty certain Phoebe wouldn't mind... In
fact, knowing Pheebs, she'd probably enjoy you watching."

Piper made a face at her teasing big sister. "I think I'll just sit this one
out, thank you very much."

"Suit yourself," Prue said in a singsong voice. She snickered. "It's too bad
really, since I was planning on letting you have a go at her little butt once
I'm finished with her."

Piper's mouth fell open and she stared after her sister as Prue mounted the
stairs. 'Whoa! I wonder if she really meant that.' Shaking her head in
wonder, she sighed. 'Sometimes I don't know who's worse: Phoebe or Prue.'

Getting up from the couch, Piper decided to focus her attentions on something
she felt more at ease with: cooking. She still needed to do a lot of work to
get the perfect dinner ready that Prue had ordered. 'If I screw this up, I
might be in for the same treatment tonight as Phoebe is getting now.'

For a long moment, Piper pondered what it would be like to get another
bare-bottomed spanking from her sister after all this time. That
disconcerting, but not altogether unpleasant thought, made her feel ashamed
and aroused at the same time.

'I wonder if Prue would let Phoebe watch, or even participate, while
punishing me.'

Taking a deep, cleansing breath, Piper shook off these disturbing thoughts
that were suddenly troubling her, and went to work on Prue's dinner party.

* * *

Just as she's about to enter her room, Prue suddenly hesitated. Her hand
rested on the doorknob while she replayed her argument with Phoebe over in
her mind. 'Something did feel off... Maybe Piper is right, and I should
handle this differently...'

However, the black-haired witch's moment of indecision quickly passed, and
she shook off her doubts. 'Screw this! Whatever the cause of Phoebe's
annoying behaviour might be, a bit of corporal punishment will help her get
rid of it.'

Smiling to herself, Prue opened her bedroom door and stepped inside.

The moment she entered her room, Prue's smile quickly faded. Expecting to
see a naked Phoebe obediently kneeling on the bed, ready for her punishment,
she was instead faced with the incredulous sight of her little sister lying
comfortably on her bed wearing some kind of leather dominatrix outfit. And
as if that wasn't audacious enough, Phoebe was calmly reading a book and
eating her bonbons!

Glancing up from her reading, Phoebe greeted her by waving the book at her.
'What the Fuck?! Not only is she eating my bonbons, but that's MY diary she's

Prue felt as if her head was about to explode from anger.

"Hey, Sis! Interesting read this," Phoebe called out while waving her
sister's diary in the air. "I especially enjoyed the stuff you wrote about

"THAT'S IT!!" Prue shouted furiously. "YOU'RE REALLY GONNA GET IT NOW, YOU

As Prue lost her temper, her powers were automatically unleashed: Prue's
diary was whisked from Phoebe's hand and the youngest Halliwell felt herself
being lifted up in the air by her sister's power.

This is the moment Phoebe had been waiting for. The perfect opportunity to
use the "for emergencies only" spell she'd found a while back in the Book
of Shadows.

"Those who turn their powers against their kin,"
"Are not worthy of keeping them."
"So let the aggressor's powers flee their host,"
"And enter whoever the attacker opposed."

As soon as she completed the spell, Phoebe dropped back down onto the bed.
At the same moment, an orb-like shape, composed entirely out of light, left
Prue and entered Phoebe's chest.

Prue stood frozen in disbelief. Shocked that her own sister would actually
use a spell on her and steal her powers. It took her a couple of seconds to
collect herself and decide on a plan of action: Punch Phoebe out, then call
Piper for help.

Unfortunately, it was already too late for that.

Before Prue got the chance to do anything, Phoebe threw a handful of powder
in her face and she lost consciousness. The last thing Prue remembered was
her little sister leaning over her with an infuriating, self-satisfied smirk
on her face, saying, "Gotcha!"

To be continued...


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