Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

The story itself however belongs to me.

Warning: This story contains: F/F, spanking, whipping, D/s, exhibitionism
and hints of incest.

If you don't like that stuff or are not mature enough for it, then I suggest
you don't read this story. If you do, then enjoy.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Phoebe has earned the wrath of her big sister by acting very

Notes: This story takes place in-between episode 1 "Something Wicca This
Way Comes" and episode 15 "Is there a Woogy in the House?" and is dedicated
to Steven Mayer; whose story "Charmed Spoof" sort of inspired the Charmed
Tales Saga.

Charmed Tales Part 3 - Punishment & Consolation Chapter 2
(or "How To Milk A Bruised Butt & Your Sister's Guilt For As Long As Humanly
Possible" by Phoebe Halliwell)
by Oric13 ([email protected])

It was a quarter to three, when a tipsy Phoebe stood in front of the
Halliwell Manor and tried to unlock the front door. After a few minutes,
she finally noticed that she was holding the key upside down. Giggling,
she turned the key around and unlocked the door.

Quietly closing the door behind her, Phoebe listened silently for a while
before deciding the coast was clear and started tiptoeing towards the

Unexpectedly the lights were turned on and she froze on the spot. Blinking
against the bright light she looked towards the living room and cringed as
she saw her eldest sister standing in the door opening, giving her a look
that could singe the paint right off the walls. In fact: it might just be
her intoxication, but she thought she could actually see bits of paint
falling from the walls.

"Where. in the Hell. have you been 'till this late?!" Prue practically

Shooting nervous glances at Prue, Phoebe shuffled her feet uneasily as she
tried to come up with an answer that would appease her angry sister.

"Uhm. fighting criminals, warlocks and other evil with my trusty side-kick

"PHOEBE!! This is no joking matter, you borrow my car without asking and
you come home in the middle of night, I-- " Prue suddenly looked at her
sister suspiciously. "Are you drunk?! Have you been risking your life, the
lives of other people AND my car by driving home DRUNK?!!"

"Awww Prue, come on!" Phoebe whined. "I haven't had that many drinks, just
enough to get a nice buzz. It's almost three o'clock, you're not going to
lecture me about this now, are you?"

Narrowing her eyes, Prue gave her sister a cold smile. "No, you're right:
this is no time for a lecture. I doubt if you'd even remember it by tomorrow
in the state that you are in."

"No," she continued. "It's time for something else now."

"Yeah," Phoebe said in a relieved tone. "Time to hit the sack!"

"Well," Prue replied dryly. "I wouldn't have put it quite like that, but
close enough."

Phoebe looked at her sister in confusion. Suddenly she felt herself being
lifted into the air. "Hey, HEY! What are you doing?!"

Prue walked back into the living room and calmly beckoned her sister, making
her float behind her.

Sitting down on the couch, she used her powers to position her protesting
sister across her lap. "I'm doing what I obviously should have done a lot
earlier: putting you over my knee and giving you a well-deserved spanking."
With those words she lifted Phoebe's skirt and pulled her panties down.

"From now on: each time you behave like a spoiled little brat, I'm going
to punish you like one; with a good, hard spanking on your bare bottom."

SMACK!!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACCKK!!!! "Like this!"


"Owwww!!" Phoebe yowled.


"Lemme go!" Phoebe whined. "It hurts!"

"I'm just getting started, Missy!"


* * *


"Owwwww!! Please! No more!" Phoebe sobbed. "I'll be good, Prue! I promise!!"

After giving her sister a couple of final spanks, Prue ended the spanking.
She'd been spanking her sister now for almost twenty minutes and frankly her
hand started to hurt. Besides, she figured Phoebe got the message by now.

Prue studied her sister's very red buttocks and teary-eyed face, and
considered if she should continue Phoebe's punishment as she had planned
earlier, or instead leave it at this for now. She finally determined that
taking Phoebe drunk driving into account, she'd better make sure that her
sister never act this irresponsible ever again. The best way to ensure this,
is by giving her a punishment she'll not soon forget.

Sighing deeply, she helped her Phoebe sit up in her lap. Phoebe immediately
hugged her older sister tightly and buried her face in Prue's bosom.

"You okay, honey?" Prue softly inquired, while she hugged her youngest
sibling back.

"I'm so sorry, Prue!" Phoebe sobbed as clung to her sister.

"Me too, sweetie. I'm sorry I had to punish you, but your behaviour has
left me little choice."

"I know. I mean. I understand. I-I-I shouldn't have taken your car without
asking. and I shouldn't have driven home while intoxicated. I-I just was
afraid to call home and ask you or Piper to pick me up, and I didn't want
to leave your car behind. I... I'm really sorry!"

"My car doesn't mean as much to me as your life, Phoebe. That much should
be clear to you; I understand that you were apprehensive about our reactions,
but that's not a good reason to risk your life and the lives of other people
by driving home drunk!"

"I know... and I understand that you had to spank me. a part of me is glad
that you care enough about me to correct me, and punish me whenever I do
something stupid like this... not the part of me that I use for sitting
though," Phoebe smiled a bit wryly. "But I am glad that you put so much
effort in keeping me on the straight path."

"Good," Prue shot Phoebe a sympathetic smile. "Then you'll understand
that I have to give you some additional punishment."

"What?!" Phoebe looked at her sister with apprehension. "You can't be
serious?! I can hardly sit after the spanking you already gave me, and now
you want to spank me more? I don't think I can take that, Prue!"

"I'm sorry, Pheebs." Prue gave her sister a sympathetic look. "But the
spanking was to punish you for you immature behaviour of the last couple
of weeks and for taking my car without asking. I still need to punish you
for the drunk driving... and that has earned you a whipping."

Phoebe whimpered and tried to squirm of her sister's lap, but Prue held her

"Oh Prue, PLEASE!" Phoebe begged. "I can't take a whipping, not now! Can't
you wait 'till tomorrow, when my ass has recovered a bit?"

"Sorry, sis." Prue sighed. "I'd rather go to bed myself right now, but this
is for your own good. I need to be certain that you'll never do this again."

"And I won't, Prue! I promise!" Phoebe pleaded desperately.

"I know you mean that, right now. I need to be sure you remember it, though."
Prue started gently stroking her sister's warm buttocks. "It won't be that
bad, Pheebs. You'll survive. Besides, you know you deserve it, don't you?"

Phoebe felt a combination of pleasure and pain go through her body as Prue
touched her painful bottom. She let out a little sigh as she felt her
sister's cool hands caress her heated buttocks. Resting her head on her
sister's shoulder, she listened as Prue softly scolded her with that
melodious, motherly tone of voice of hers. Moaning softly as Prue's rubbing
kept sending jolts of pleasure to her groin. Her beautiful sister's hand
coming so close to her hot V, only to eventually move away again and
continue the massage.

It had something hypnotic: Prue's stern words but gentle tone, and the
way her hand massaged her painful buttocks. She found herself agreeing
with Prue's reasoning. Her sister was right! 'I have acted immaturely
and irresponsible and if Prue deems it necessary that I receive further
punishment, then so be it!'

"You're right, Prue." A now determined Phoebe spoke up. "I deserve a good
hard, bare-bottom strapping for what I did!" Giving her sister a look of
utter contrition, she continued, "and I'm sorry I argued with you about it.
I'll understand, if you want to give me some additional punishment for

Prue gave her little sister a surprised look. 'Well that's doing a big 180!
First she's pleading me not to whip her and now she's practically begging
for it? On the other hand: my little sister has never really had much of a
problem with me punishing her bare bottom.' She shot Phoebe a proud smile.
"I'm glad you feel that way, honey. Your willingness to receive your just
punishment is a sign of maturity."

Phoebe blushed a little from her sister's praise. After climbing from Prue's
lap, she immediately started to disrobe under her eldest sister's approving

Finally she stood naked and turned to face her older sister, her hands
clasped behind her back. "So, how do you want me?" Phoebe inquired. "On the
floor? Or do you want me to bend over the back of a chair?"

Prue smirked and gestured around the room. "Take your pick, Pheebs. Surprise

Phoebe smiled and after thinking for a moment, she positioned herself on top
of the coffee table on her hands and knees.

Prue grinned as she watched her sister climb on top of the coffee table, her
grin broadened when Phoebe looked back and wiggled her little butt at her.
'Mmmm, my kid sister really is something special altogether!' Standing up,
she retrieved the belt and positioned herself behind her sister.

"Are you ready, sweetie?"

Phoebe took a deep breath and nodded. "Give it to me, Sis!"






Phoebe bit her lip and moaned as the belt repeatedly whipped her burning
buttocks, each stroke sending a jolt of pain through her body that seemed
to go almost directly to her clit where it was transformed into pleasure.






Never had she endured such a whipping. Phoebe started to sweat and her head
flew up each time the belt whipped into her; making her hair whip up and
down in sync with the belt.

* * *



Prue abruptly stopped the whipping, she was breathing heavily. Wiping the
sweat from her forehead, she noticed that her sister's formerly white and
unblemished butt was now red and covered with welts.

"I... I'm sorry, Pheebs. I got a bit carried away." Prue said, wincing as
she studied her sister's bruised and welted backside. "The whipping is
finished now."

Phoebe looked back at her eldest sister, her hair hanging in sweaty bangs
on her forehead. "More!" she groaned.

"What?" Prue asked in disbelief, not sure she heard her sister correctly.

"Give me more!" Phoebe panted. "Whip me more, harder! I deserve it. I need

"I-I-I think you've had enough punishment, Phoebe." Prue stammered, her
cool and controlled facade momentarily gone.

"Oh come on, Sis! Whip my little butt!" Phoebe wiggled her ass invitingly.
"Really tear into me with that belt! There must be some grudges you still
hold against me? Well, this is the perfect time to work them all out, Prue!
Go on: knock yourself out!"

"Phoebe!" Prue called out, she hesitated for a moment and then continued,
"Your whipping is over now, you've taken your punishment well and--"

"Remember the time that Grams grounded you for a whole month, because she
thought you had driven her car in the weekend without asking. while you
were already grounded?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, you can hardly blame her for suspecting you, since you were the only
one besides her that had a drivers license at that time. But it was actually
ME that borrowed her car! What do you think about that, Sis?"

Prue gritted her teeth. "It doesn't really surprise me, but... it's all water
under the bridge now."

"Really? So you don't blame me for that dent I accidentally made, which you
had to pay for out of your allowance." Phoebe inquired innocently. "Speaking
of dents; you might want to take your car to a garage tomorrow. I backed your
car against a pole and, well... let's just say it doesn't look pretty!"

"That's IT!" Prue hissed. "Take THAT you little bitch!"


"And THAT!"


"Mmmmm," Phoebe moaned as the whipping continued, and strike after strike
sends new surges of heat to her groin.


"How do you like this, little sister?" Prue muttered as she whipped the belt
repeatedly against her sister's red and welted globes.


"Ohhhh yesss, Prue!" Phoebe groaned. "Just a little bit more!"

Prue swallowed heavily, her kid sister was pushing her ass towards her like
a bitch in heat and was begging for more punishment. Biting her lip, she
rubbed her legs together, trying to release some of the tension she suddenly
felt between her legs.

Phoebe turned to look at her big sister. "What are you waiting for," she
complained. "Whip my butt, Prue! Whip it hard!!"

"Very well." Prue lightly rubbed the palm of her hand across the crotch of
her blue jeans. "Spread your ass-cheeks, Phoebe."

"What?" Phoebe looked at her sister through uncomprehending, glazed eyes.

"Open your crack for me."

Now understanding her sister's intent, Phoebe eagerly reached back and
separated her buttocks, waiting with anticipation for the next stroke.

CRACCKK!!!! ... CRACCK!!! ... CRACKK!!! CRACK!!!

"OH!!" The belt whipped right into her crack.


"GOD!!" That stroke landed straight on her asshole. Phoebe panted heavily
and rested her head on the table as she felt a huge climax approaching.


"YESSS!!!" Another on her - now red and swollen - rosebud. Phoebe bucked
wildly, her juices dripping down her legs as she came. "Ohhhh Godddd,


Her head shot up as this time, the belt whipped into her wet and sensitive
slit. "FUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!" Phoebe howled, and then collapsed on the table.

Prue froze and the belt dropped from her hand as she watched her little
sister lying on the table: her naked body all sweaty and her ass a mass of
welts. She could see Phoebe's little slit peeking out between her legs; all
puffy and red from her orgasm... and the stroke of the belt she planted
there. Breathing heavily she finally managed to regain some semblance of
control. 'Damn! What just happened between us?! How could I let things get
so out of hand!' Tentatively, she reached out and touched her sister's
welted bottom, wincing when Phoebe shuddered at her light touch. 'Oh

Cradling her sister in her arms, she lifted her up and carried her upstairs.
Going into the bathroom, Prue tenderly washed her youngest sister's body --
much to Phoebe's obvious delight. After taking a quick shower herself - under
Phoebe's watchful eyes - Prue knelt before her kid sister and held her hands.
"Are you feeling better now, sweetie?" she gently asked.

"Uh huh," Phoebe nodded. "My bottom still hurts though," she pouted.

"Oh honey! I'm really sorry that I whipped you so hard." Prue said somewhat
teary-eyed and gave her sister a big hug. "Shall I rub some ointment on your
buttocks before I tuck you in?"

"Yeah, that will be great, Sis!" Phoebe enthusiastically replied.

Prue smiled at her sister and stood up, reaching out a hand to help her up.
Instead Phoebe held out her arms and issued her sister a pleading look.
"Carry me?"

Prue took her sister in her arms again and lifted her up. "Sure, Pheebs,"
she smiled and carried her sister to her bedroom.

* * *

"I'm not hurting you, am I?" Prue inquired, while rubbing some more lotion
on her sister's welts.

"Noooo," Phoebe blissfully sighed as Prue massaged her painful buttocks. "It
feels great, keep going."

Phoebe smiled as her sister obeyed and continued gently massaging the lotion
in her bottom. The massage has already lasted more then fifteen minutes and
she hoped she could keep Prue going for at least twice as long. 'I love it
when Prue fusses over me like this. I wonder how long it will last before the
guilt trip she got from this whipping wears off.'

* * *

"Okay, I think that's enough for now, Pheebs." Prue wiped her hands on a
towel and stood up. "Rubbing anymore lotion on your butt, isn't going to
help. It's time to go to sleep now."

"Wait! Could you also massage my back, Prue?" Phoebe hurriedly requested,
she wanted to keep her sister's magical hands on her body and was unwilling
to let her leave yet.

Prue sighed. "Listen sweetie, it's very late right now and I really--"

"Please! Pretty please!" Phoebe looked imploringly at her sister. "I
think I hurt my back during the whipping, it feels--"

"Alright!" Prue hastily interrupted her sister. "I'm sorry, Pheebs. I didn't
know your back is hurting, of course I'll give you a backrub."

Pouring some lotion on her sister's back, Prue proceeded to give her sister
a gentle backrub.

"Harder!" Phoebe moaned. "I love those firm massages of yours."

Obeying Phoebe's request, Prue firmly kneaded her sister's back muscles,
which Phoebe immensely enjoyed.

'Ahhhhh, this feels so great. I wish I could convince Prue to give me a
massage every day!'

* * *

Much too soon to Phoebe's point of view, the backrub ended and Prue proceeded
to tuck her little sister in. "Now it's REALLY time to go to sleep, honey."


Prue let out an exasperated sigh. "What is it now, Phoebe?"

"Could you please sleep with me? Just for tonight?" Phoebe held her sister's
hand while innocently batting her eyes at her. "I don't want to be alone

After pondering Phoebe's request for a couple of moments, Prue smiled. "Sure
sweetie, if you want me to stay with you, then I will."

Prue unbuttoned her shirt and took it off; she was now only dressed in a
pair of panties.

Phoebe smiled when her sister's beautiful breasts came into view, she pulled
back the covers and Prue climbed into bed next to her. With a satisfied moan
she snuggled against her sister's warm body.

Prue took in her little sister's features with a tender smile. 'My baby
sister looks so sweet right now,' Prue smiled as her sister yawned, 'and so
cute!' Phoebe opened her eyes and smiled back at her, giving her an angelic
look with those big, beautiful, brown eyes. 'Oh! Phoebe never looked so
endearing and innocent as she does at this moment! It makes me wonder what's
going through that sweet, beautiful head of hers.'

'Hmmm,' Phoebe considered. 'I wonder if this is a good time to ask Prue if
I could nurse on her teats.' she looked closely at her beautiful eldest
sister and considered what her reaction would be. 'Nah, I better not!'

Snuggling closer, Phoebe muttered sleepily, "Goodnight. I love you, Prue."

Kissing her little sister's forehead, Prue replied, "Love you too, sweetie.
sleep well."


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