Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

The story itself is mine.

This story contains: m/f, first - f/f, f/g, f/gg, spanking, whipping, mild
D/s and b&d - g/g, young, lesb, cons.

If you don't like that stuff or are not mature enough for it, then I suggest
you don't read this story. If you do, then enjoy.

Summary: Certain events that happened during a summer vacation when Prue is
18 years old, Piper is 16 and Phoebe almost 14, are told here.

Notes: This happened long before the first episode of "Charmed" and the three
sisters don't posses any magical powers at this point.

Charmed: Charmed Tales Part 1 - Growing Pains Chapter 3
by Oric13 ([email protected])

Being alone in the house, Phoebe Halliwell decided to go on another one of
her "exploration quests", which consisted mainly of sneaking through the
manor and searching through rooms. Today she decided to check out Prue's
room. A while back, she had found a couple of spare keys in a drawer, and
it didn't take her long to find out that one of those keys could be used to
unlock the door to her oldest sister's chamber.

At a certain point her sister had obtained the habit of locking the door to
her room every time she went out. Phoebe sniffed indignantly as she unlocked
the door and entered Prue's room. 'How totally paranoid!'

Opening the closet, she started looking through her sister's clothes being
careful to put everything back just the way she found it. After she grew
bored of this, she started searching through the drawers. She noticed that
one of the desk drawers was locked. Quickly running to her room and
retrieving her collection of keys, she started trying them on the lock.
After about ten minutes of trying out different keys, she finally managed
to unlock the drawer.

Curiously she opened the drawer and was startled to discover an assortment
of erotic and pornographic literature. Looking through the various books and
magazines she came across such books as "Emmanuelle", "Justine, by D.A.F.
the Sade" but also some very explicit magazines, she leafed through some
issues of Playgirl when she suddenly found a magazine titled; "Mistress and
Slave" featuring a young blonde woman hanging naked from a ceiling in chains,
while a masked black-haired woman in leather - who Phoebe noticed, resembled
Prue a LOT - was whipping her ass with a riding crop. "I knew it!" she
giggled as she studied the cover. "Prue's an aspiring dominatrix."

Lying on her sister's bed she started reading the magazine while fondling
herself. "Mmmm, I love your taste in literature, Prue." Phoebe softly moaned.

After bringing herself to a shuddering orgasm, she put the magazines back and
locked the drawer. Looking around she contemplated what to do next when she
suddenly heard someone at the door. Freezing for a moment, she heard a key
slide in the lock.

Panic gave her a burst of adrenaline, she grabbed her keys and dived under
her sister's bed settling in just as the door opened and her sister walked

Holding her breath, she waited to see if Prue had heard her and would check
under the bed. When her sister locked the door again and sat down at her
desk, Phoebe finally managed to take another - silent - breath of air.

She noiselessly waited as Prue worked at her desk for about half an hour.
Phoebe started to get very impatient and wondered exactly how long her sister
would remain in the room.

Phoebe's boredom was abruptly halted when she saw her sister unlock the left
bottom drawer and pull out the "Mistress and Slave" magazine. Prue tossed the
magazine on the bed and started removing her clothes. 'Holy Shit!' Phoebe
interest was rapidly peaked; she had a pretty good idea what her eldest
sister was about to do next.

Her suspicions were quickly confirmed when her - now naked - sister lay down
on the bed and started reading through the magazine. It wasn't long before
Phoebe heard a soft moan coming from her sister. 'Great minds think alike,'
Phoebe thought in amusement.

Even though she had cummed less then an hour ago, Phoebe started to get
aroused again by the sounds of her beautiful older sister playing with
herself. She slowly let her hand drift inside her damp panties and
swiftly found her slit. Sliding a finger in and out her hot wet hole, it
was suddenly getting hard to muffle her own moans.

Luckily Prue's moaning quickly became louder as she started to near her

Sliding a second finger inside, Phoebe started to finger her little twat
quicker and quicker as she heard her sister moans increase. She rubbed her
thumb across her swollen clit and started thinking about a few days back
when she unexpectedly got a good eyeful of all her sister's charms.

Having just woken up, a still very sleepy Phoebe in her pyjama's padded
barefoot to the bathroom. She opened the door and walked towards the toilet
when she suddenly bumped into her eldest sister who just stepped out of the
shower. Prue looked up in surprise and Phoebe was abruptly jolted awake when
she suddenly found herself looking straight at her sister's wet, naked body.
After inadvertently lowering her gaze towards Prue's firm ample breasts and
her soft looking patch of hair, Phoebe quickly looked back up again, straight
into her sister's icy-blue eyes.

Wasting little time, Prue turned her sister around, pulled her pyjama bottoms
down and started delivering a series of spanks on Phoebe's bare bottom, while
scolding her sister about knocking before entering and respecting other
people's privacy. After Prue had finished the spanking, she pushed her sister
out of the bathroom and closed the door.

Phoebe stood there silently for a while, rubbing her bare bottom, her pants
still around her ankles. 'Oh well. It was worth it!' she mentally shrugged.
Pulling up her pants she walked away.

As this scenario replayed itself inside Phoebe's head, it wasn't hard for her
to imagine what her big sister looked like; playing with her slit, upon the

She suddenly heard her sister groan loudly in orgasm and quickly jammed her
left hand in her mouth as she came herself, only a healthy doses of respect
for her eldest sister wrath kept her from screaming out as she reached her
most intense orgasm ever.

Both Halliwell sisters needed some time to recover from their orgasm. After
a few minutes, Prue got up, put the magazine back and locked the drawer.
Putting on a robe she left the room.

Phoebe listened quietly for awhile then hurriedly slid out from under the bed
and sneaked back to her own room.


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